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and if we can even talk about it and reach and even have a conversation of that then. ready i. really thought that mr sharon. ruling party rebellion and threats of a snap election are blockbuster drugs that showdowns been playing out in the u.k. parliament then please voting right now to take control of commons business in an attempt to block a no deal breakers it. as a us media outlet claims that moscow has been interfering abroad for a whole century look at whether the russian meddling could have been used for events a 1000 years ago. bushing the boundaries between religious freedom and animal welfare a belgian region bans kosher and halal slaughter methods we hear from all sides of the debate.
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this is joining us this is our team and to nasht. british m.p.'s are voting right now to seize control of commons business in an attempt to block a no deal briggs it has been a day of high tension as parliament got back down to business following the long summer recess and at times tempers were a boiling point. everyone in this government wants a deal with you thank you. we do we do but it is a reality that the house of commons of rejected the car with broad agreement 3 join us and it simply cannot thank you that is why. that is why i wrote to president older mr sherman i know to you as a senior and distinguished elder statesman in the house to set an example of good
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behavior whilst gone mad for bracks it today even more so than usual why while the house of commons came together the fos time since the summer recess and it was not short on trauma in fact in just the fust few minutes of course johnson's address a conservative m.p. philipp he stood up and actually crossed over to the benches of the neutral democrats have take a look at that moment ok very rigid it's all the verge this to speak of taking back control of our trade policy and restoring our independent seats in the w t a for the 1st time in 46 years now this is important because it leaves johnson without a majority making it very difficult for a government to try and pass any type of legislation but the prime minister continued and in fact reiterated his commitment to tonight on price and by the past of october come what may and surprisingly probably what followed was really the train taking all through clones and blame this house were to decide. that it was
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simply impossible for us to leave without a deal that's what they want to ask you to force us to pay for yet another point this delayed he isn't winning friends in europe these are losing friends at home this is a government with no mandate no morals and as of today no majority. eric st these are very timid and every single piece of e.u. legislation the voted against lost pretty big against these big car who's trying to harm the prime minister is acting more like he turned port dictator than a democrat was the prime minister still playing with people's lives and still bricks that. enough is enough the country wants this done and they want the referendum respected all this tension is in the run up to
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a very important moment in parliament on tuesday evening remain at m.p.'s will try and take control of the house of commons agendas that tomorrow they can try and push through and no deal nor the nor effectively would postpone yet again this time until january 2020 unless of course force johnson manages to get a deal before then so it's got him particularly riled because he has consistently said that he will not go back to brussels with his tail between his legs begging for yet another extension which is why there are indeed rumors to swirling around westminster that he might in fact trigger a general election which would of course allow him if he triumphs in the polls as he's expected to do go with a fresh mandate to brussels to renegotiate so 3 years and 3 days was still pushing for a 4th and m.p.'s seemingly still doing everything they can to delay on delivering
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not result of the 2016 referendum of the host and former m.p. george galloway believes westminster has been acting on democratically all along. 80 years ago this week britain declared war on nazi germany which had on the 1st of september 1939 invaded poland within months britain stood alone with the hitler forces at the channel ports an imminent invasion feared expected by everyone 80 years later our borders johnson calls a 5 day extra holiday for parliament and the british bourgeoisie goes into hysterics and i'm talking bourgeois leftists as well as rightists the mass media the parliamentary labor party virtually all of
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them the liberals the guardian the e.u. fanatics triggered by a 5 day prorogue ation they've gone to court they've threatened to block bridges occupies streets even called for a general strike they call it a coup but in fact the coup is then they see that their government has pulled a coup over parliament but its parliament that has been operating a coup against the will of the british people it's quite simple really it's no longer even about bricks it it's about democracy if people vote not knowing if their vote is going to count or if it's going to be stolen from them or if they win if that victory will be robbed in front of their eyes democracy no longer means anything at all that's why i say you can campaign to rejoin
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the european union if you like and you won't have much by way of political traction if you do. you but the decision of the brics referendum to leave the european union just must be implemented and anyone who stands in the way of it is not a champion of democracy but is in fact an enemy of democracy and you can watch george galloway's full take on briggs it on the graham page. seems barely european trip by u.s. officials can go by these days without some criticism of russia and in line with that vice president mike pence is again warned of russian interference this time during a visit to poland. now is the time for us to remain vigilant. about the intentions and the actions being taken by russia. as we stand together. and as we
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see other nato allies follow your lead president to. meet their obligations to our common defense in nato we know their efforts will fail. those remarks come as a daily based article frames historical events going back 100 years as russian interference but as artists have now argues why stop there. there are a few legends as obscure and my idea is this what seems leaders the freemasons u.f.o.'s the loch ness monster and big foot there is russian meddling and with every retelling someone now adds another little twist i mean who is going to disprove that the russians have been attacking us for 100 years but moscow mich still doesn't get it now it's the daily beast turns out russian meddling is ancient lenin who already targeted western capsule isn't and specifically
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britain for a long term campaign of infiltration and subversion. you scared yet well you better be lettin himself was a bit of a medlar says the daily beast though they do say a lot of things but with every telling as i said a little something gets added in this case another 50 years to russian election meddling plus the 50 years that mr secretary of state pompei o added when it was his. of course and the one before that and the one before that i hope i didn't stop at 2008 you can go back to the seventy's. i decided to investigate these claims unfortunately they wouldn't let me play spooky music didn't take long though to discover how old this meddling was literally here is russian octopus depicted in 2018 its tentacles reach far far back into the
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past same octopus seen in the 1950s who were incidents i think not it's the same one cited again in 1900 how many russian octopuses do you know there's only one and we'd never have known if not for british imperial propaganda no matter how deeply buried the truth is out there and the new york city of forgotten passageways where the monk covered more evidence of russian meddling that you know the russians interfered in the us civil war sent warships to support the north abraham lincoln so infectivity did they meddle with the americans actually welcome those warships potentially the russians not only lost the election for hillary clinton but the war for the confederate states now
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this is the part where the spooky music would have been really good the founding fathers were infiltrated and recruited by what would all wouldn't become the k.g.b. benjamin franklin himself 789 was elected to the russian academy of sciences for his quote scientific contributions others say he passed on early manuscripts of the us constitution as russian handlers the proof is in your wallet look at his face on the 100 dollar bill it doesn't smile and it's well known that russians. never smiled it was difficult but we tracked it back a 1000 years we found russian meddling before russia even existed fishery anyway millennium ago the ruler of kievan roost married his daughter to the
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french king unsurprisingly the king died very soon and she ruled france for decades a 1000 years of russian meddling proved beyond doubt back to you daily beast let's see what you can dig up about jesus christ and his ties to the k.g.b. . ok here's some breaking news just in the british parliament has voted to take control of the gender away from the government in a bid to block a no deal bragg's it and the voting results have just come in the house speaker john bercow just announce the results 328 and p's voted in favor of the motion 301 against a few rebel can 3rd that have m.p.'s clearly involved it's a landmark defeat for the government prime minister johnson expressed his dismay at the results saying that it will hang control of briggs in negotiations to the european union meaning did the delay and confusion currently britain is set to
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leave the e.u. on october 31st that could as a result of that vote soon change. as the world marks the 80th anniversary of the start of world war 2 the british pm has weighed in on moscow's role suggesting the soviet union was essentially as responsible for starting the war as nazi germany. 80 years ago. invaded poland and triggered the 2nd world war. as pows defended their country gives the nazi old sort soviet forces attack them from the east slapping poland between the hammer of the bill of communism statement and go unnoticed by the russian embassy in london diplomats noted it was absolutely unacceptable to equate the actions of the soviet union with hitler's aggression also expressed regret that the soviet british alliance during world war 2 and their joint actions against nazi germany seem to
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have been forgotten by the prime minister among the most prominent cases of soviet busy british cooperation during world war 2 the arctic called the operation so british nationals deliver essential supplies to the north of soviet russia braving heavy bombardment by the nazis in the process but lost schools of merchant and navy vessels more than $3000.00 casualties historian and author michael jones told us earlier johnson's comment is an insult to all world war 2 veterans not only from russia but also the u.k. . well that's a political sound bite where it goes very wrong to equate. nazi germany to the soviet union there was only one threat to european peace in 939 and that was hitler from 941 through to 945 the soviet union's role was the most important rule of course there was an
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alliance between the soviet union the united kingdom and of course the united states that of all those contras it was the soviet union that made the greatest sacrifice and we're talking about 27000000 and broke the back of the german war machine and then the bigger picture these comments all very much and then fell to. those who gave their lives fighting in common cause against fascism. the 3rd day of commemorations is being held in the southern russian town of beslan marking 15 years since the deadliest terror attack in the country's war in history which took place at a local school this tuesday evening a vigil was held at the beslan memorial cemetery the so-called city of angels relatives and friends of those who died in the massacre released paper lanterns in the victim's memory earlier in the day schoolchildren released 334 balloons one for
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each victim and hawkins reports from a sworn you may find these images now disturbing. 334 balloons released into the sky. 334 lives tragically taken away 15 years ago. the 1st days of september of course russia celebrated as the start of a new academic year the start of new lives when you school children even though the memories are etched in tragedy islamic terrorists took over a 1000 people hostage keeping them without food or water for 3 days on the final day i caught a gun battle with security forces meant $300.00 plus people never made it out alive . today marks the 3rd and final day of the remembrance services for those who lost their lives at school number one or what's left of the left of it a bell was rung symbolically to symbolize the start of it that never happened for those children just earlier today at the memorial the names of all the victims were
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read out as the people here still and silent. many here today lost friends relatives and loved ones even more were directly involved in the tragic events of 2004 even those who have little memory or no memory of what happened are still deeply affected and you had to stand by just because now you're. going to. reform the world. it's now. is now it's done your job but people don't come believe you are not us because of all you do it again could. go on if you called or email pleasure. shouted out in your skies of it on purpose you. did it just stop when you were proceeding on legend so for you mom or. dad it just goes just so you want.
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me to humor. the opinion. is written by then i don't wish to hear more about the given it. just acknowledged i do don't wish. to. impose margin i took it up tonight probably out she was not quite sure of all mr smarmy yet you could call and then you. write in. this cemetery was built specially for the victims of the beslan siege at the time the small town just couldn't cope with the numbers of dead locals don't call it that they call it the city of angels where the portraits of the victims are carved out and they had stones the children forever in childhood the adults forever young. hundreds of lives lost thousands of lives shattered. will never forget.
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iran's foreign minister a surge the you to prove its commitment to the international nuclear deal and says that tehran is ready to stop the enrichment of uranium within days even hours and comes after iran announced plans to further reduce its compliance with the treaty starting this week tehran earlier raised its limit on the iranian enrichment saying it would breach the deals restrictions further if no one proves eager to save the accord iran's foreign minister zarif told r.t. why reaching an agreement with the e.u. is key and you can see this interview on artie's worlds apart program coming up in just around 10 minutes time if you can't make that you can't wait to head to our website r.t. dot com and watch it that for now though here's a taste. i'm not preaching anybody i'm simply talking about the realities you see
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all of us when we went to primary school and high school we had bullies in our class and bullies would not stop if people just look at them why did beat another student once they beat the 1st student or go to the 2nd and the 3rd and the 4th do parents must know that the appetite of the united states for breaking international law when ever and where ever it set of them really not stopped with case appealing as it has not ins. unesco the climate change is to be honest with you at the end of the days not even in the interest of the united states in the long term if you have a lawless international behavior you cannot have predictability one state being unpredictable will bring other states to the state of unpredictability and then we will have chaos so it's not in anybody's interest you will not have any rule of law respected if one country starts to break them basically as
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a matter of habit unfortunately the europeans have not been able to put their money where their mouth is they have been stating their support for the case of pure way but they have not been prepared to take the risks and to invest in order to maintain a great achievement of diplomacy i can only say that that's what they need to do how they want to do it they want to convince the americans or they want to defy the americans it's their decision i believe the americans will not be convinced unless they see a determination for the from the rest of the world to uphold principles of international law as i said a bully. appetite boost simply only grow if d.c. the lack of reaction to negotiating table is this is a ticket to get to that because she can keep it and that's poor compliance with
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j.c. puring. ok let's get more now on our breaking news story coming out of london where the british parliament has voted to take control of the agenda away from the government in a bid to block a no deal bragg's it in london for as our correspondent. it's a different prime minister but now finding out just how difficult it is to try and push through bragg's it was the latest. absolutely he's his government of last out vote this evening by 328 votes to 301 meaning that some more or m.p.'s will take control of the legislative process in the house of commons and they'll be looking especially those and see johnson m.p.'s those and brags that m.p.'s be looking to add bills to essentially firstly push back the breaks that date from october 31st to another date in the future and also to try to block
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a no deal gregg's it from taking place the indication from boris johnson in the wake of that result this evening he was just peaking a few moments ago in the house of commons is that he would be willing to go to a now the general election we've already had a general election in 2017 that ended up in him being a hung parliament and indecisive result either way that to a large extent has brought us to the point we are at now where no government really can get a majority for any way forward with regard drags it whether that's leaving with a deal without a deal counseling briggs it or any other option there's simply no majority for any of them and so mr johnston saying in his speech that m.p.'s will have to go to the polls and the public will decide who they want to take up the negotiations with the e.u. there's a big summit to be held in brussels on october the 17th and we could be facing yet another general election and it could be
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a jeremy corbyn led labor government who lead those negotiations there are no words to describe the arctic chaos that is braggs it and it continues east ali bring the details from london thank you. so the friends now are local councils been fined 90000 euros for failing to comply with the gender equality laura that employed too many women on the show the d.b. schema explains. if you thought gender bias was becoming a thing of the past you'd be wrong over the years much work has been done to quit my job so when it comes to gender quotas have been put in place with a view to make sure that women have their voices heard and get some of the top jobs but what about when the scales tip well that's exactly what's happened in one french council progressive town just north of leone and it's being fined $90000.00 euros for appointing too many women for the 5 senior jobs went to the fairer sex
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breaching france's public sector gender parity nourse the cancel is got smacked i think is comical to be punished for this reason not only do i stand by our appointments i'm proud of having so many women in our management teams french law states that the ratio between men and women can't be more than a 6040 split what many public institutions fail to grasp is that the more applies to both sexes meaning that men can't be underrepresented either but the whole concept of employing people just because of their gender and not potentially because of the skills has set twitter alight this proves that in forced parity stupid the commune has to pay a fine of $90000.00 a year is because they have too many women in the management team if you are dumb and lazy guy you can get hired. the case of brougham breasts hiring more women than men demonstrates the total absurdity of the parity rule it was inevitable that this
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would happen one day it's time we looked at people skills before looking at their gender it seems bald on press isn't the 1st council to fall foul of this in 2017 the city of lille was also sanctioned for having too many women at the helm if this point the hoo ha around these particular cases the reality in france is that women are still lagging behind in terms of being represented at the top across the country only 34 percent of women have management positions in local government fines have also been slapped on those who failed to employ enough women including high level government positions the french finance minister was fined 1700000 euros while the foreign minister responded 450000 euros gender equality may be one of my calls top aims in france i have made a quality between women and men the great cause of my 5 years' time but it seems no
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matter which way you look at it from it's cold quite seeing on the right side of it this. party carries. the quick recap of our breaking news story from london the british parliament has voted to take control of the agenda away from the government in a bid to block a no deal bragg's it the result 328 m.p.'s voted in favor of the motion $301.00 against it's a defeat for the government to defeat in the 1st vote for prime minister barak's johnson who expressed his dismay at the result and said that they will hang control of the regs at negotiations to the european union meaning quote did the diddler and confusion the pm confirmed that he'll table a motion for a new general election the opposition leader jeremy corbyn says that he will not support an early election unless a bill to prevent briggs it. is passed 1st as things stand and nothing's really clear here the u.k. is set to leave the european union october 31st but that really does seem
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a long way away at the moment. so that's our breaking news story we'll of course we bring you are more developments on bats when i return in half an . the temperatures are rising sea levels are rising. and there's a lot there's a few ways to play it if you want to make money on the apocalypse of course there's a couple of great trades on the table but without a doubt this is as we said the last generation.
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clone of welcome to worlds apart the point one of part famously said that there are only 2 forces that unite. and interest the choice between which is becoming increasingly more difficult for the european countries including france as they are just seeing their policies in the ear of trump and argue we know where it is more visible than in the rainy and nuclear issue getting europeans have enough interest to overcome fear and salvage they deal with. to discuss that i'm now joined by iran's foreign affairs minister zarif who is in moscow russia the 7 visit
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france minister it's good to talk to you again thank you very much for it's good to be here with you now on the eve of your visit to moscow your spokesman announced that you were going to discuss among other things the latest developments in the. implementation and some would say that sounds overly optimistic many people believe that these deal is dad and barrie is a no it's not because i believe it was an important. complement of the come see and it's too early to talk about its demise as mark twain said the news of its demise are greatly exaggerated but unfortunately the europeans have not been able to put their money where their mouth is they have been stating their support for the j c p o a but they have not been prepared to take the risks and to invest in order to maintain a great achievement of diplomacy now we talk about europeans because russia and
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