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a new report. at. 3.
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247 news. this is a. welcome to the program or top story this hour a newly released report by conservative watchdog alleges there is a covert multi $1000000.00 strategy to promote liberal values in the u.s. the document scheme to push certain topics from supporting obamacare to border wall . takes a closer look at how it all operates. what's more powerful in politics than money a strong candidate with a good program and idealist would see nothing a realist would say but a politician would say dark money dark money is the millions of dollars that behind the scenes donors are spending to send the political train down the track and according to the left leaning media it's
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a bad bad thing because the conservatives do it because brothers have made billions and want to ensure their government doesn't limit their ability to make more conservative donor david koch as one half of the koch brothers came to symbolize the influence of dark money in america but you know who's even better than conservatives that slipping the bills into the prodigy's pockets. democrats according to this research a group called arabella advisors little feat has been in the vanguard of the leftist money holes they shelter under their umbrella for nonprofit organizations by their nature they do not have to disclose who they're getting their money from but this research suggests that they've gathered a huge number of very wealthy donors some of the nation's largest grant making institutions including the rockefeller packard and koch foundations the donors to the funds managed by arabella it remains unclear why such large and powerful
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institutions seek outside philanthropic consulting but presumably a significant part of our bill is appeal lies in its ability to obscure large financial transactions these for nonprofits have been showering and to conservative grassroots organizations with their money take this one with a name so noble calling our goal is to oppose an interim short list yes they get their pockets stuffed by 1633rd an offshoot of our bell advisors another group save my care has been pushing against republican attempts to repeal obamacare the president is sabotaging the system. will be another uncertainty in health care. remember this could lead to this. war
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for again. well their financial bad bone is made up by bills coming from a nother arabella advisor sprout the new venture fund the dark money is not a trick exclusively from the democratic playbook yes it's been revealed they do outperform the conservatives when it comes to the amount spent by more than 20 percent in fact but pro republican donors. do that too and according to the research media coverage is way out of balance with most outlets reserving a good bashing for the conservatives when you look at the mainstream media which has deservedly declining part declining viewership both the editorial in the production staff is chiefly and the anchors are chiefly democrats or democrat leaning so of course out of the mainstream media you're going to get that narrative reality is the independents and the rising anti-corruption anti-crime only part
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voting populace the united states is against the use of dark body is against the use of corruptly having foundations the reality is that a lot of money comes in from unions from particularly from the public sector unions to their favorite politicians both legally and i think illegally but there has been a rise now of dark money and dark money is bad whether it's right or left leaning i mean the public has a right to know each individual's vote counts and that it can't be swamped by the activities of partisan. groups that are illegally sourcing and donating money so next time you see a nonprofit banner stirring up a fight for yet another democratic staple remember regardless of what side of the political spectrum would comes from it's not just people but billionaires fortunes behind it to. say let's turn attention on the program to southern africa
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where a wave of deadly attacks looting in the country has sparked a boycott against the nation led by celebrities across the continent the violence has targeted migrants from other african states who have flocked to one of the continent's most developed countries policy reports now from johannesburg. ha ha ha ha i was think you want i was. i. was i was beat the vines was treated last week in the country's capital pretoria when a south african text to driver was i lived to have been killed by a nigerian drug dita now as part of a protest against a south african texan drivers who took to the streets but city soon that protest evolved into a demonstration against all foreign is inspired to add the same to around the
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country and the result has been violence hundreds of foreigners have been days to toot off to the businesses were attacked the police were forced to use white controlled mazes such as tear gas and rubber bullets and the situation is still rather unstable now because of the nationality of that alleged drug dealer being nigerian a lot of the focus has actually been on nigerians now south africa has temporarily closed its diplomatic missions in a boucher and lagos in nigeria full field effort against it stop south african businesses and also close their doors temporarily in nigeria and the south african foreign minister has said that this is an embarrassment for south africa and she has expressed with great violence against foreigners nigeria has pulled out of the african economic summit being held in south africa and the nigerian foreign minister has also expressed concern. received signon and depressing news of
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continued burn an illusion of nigeria shops and premises in south africa by mindless criminals with the in effect of police protection enough is enough we will take defensive measures the last time they was used in a phobia outbreak like this in south africa was back in 2008 but this is a country. haven't any point of 29 the same time which means that very often the distress of people who don't have jobs turns against foreigners often instead of actually being directed against the government and its lack of delivery the 2011 same says is the last official same says in terms of how many foreigners are in this country in the pits the figure of 2000000 dead at the waist i'm it suggests the figure is closer to 5000000 out of a population of 56000000 who have the south african president has also expressed alarm over what is happening saying that there's no place for us in a phobia in south africa now i'd like to condemn the violence that has been spreading out around a number of provinces in our country in the strongest. i've been talking to
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a lot of foreigners here in south africa who are very afraid of what is happening there is a lot of fake news that's been spreading on social media with pictures that are not actually even south african showing people being burned people jumping out of buildings with the caption foreign is it leaves south africa's so we're in the process of verifying another the media along with the experts but the situation certainly is dire at the moment. to another culture that no washington seems to be improving its relationship with the latin american nation of borders in this way like it has launched a so-called humanitarian reach program they had a force there that provide some services the locals but also conduct training for military personnel the move has now seen neighboring venice will encircled by american bases just months after the u.s. backed opposition failed to achieve regime change in caracas our senior correspondent examines washington's doctors. the u.s.
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military has returned to guyana after many years on a joint military exercise slash humanitarian mission there's nothing quite like a humanitarian mission led by guys who specialize in bombing things it's like having a drug rehab center run by drug lords but small details the important thing is that guyana is important to you on a sits in a strategic location on the north edge of south america and on the caribbean and the look what a coincidence it borders venezuela i mean what are the chances of that the same venezuela that has u.s. bases all around it here here here here brazil is in thing that it's open to hosting a u.s. military base a mile and israel is like the center of a do nothing of u.s. bases same venezuela that the u.s. has threatened repeatedly where it is trying to spark regime change and which it is
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encircled with guns just in case trump decides to pull the trigger it's over even that frankly could be toppled very quickly by the military or the military. you'd think entirely surrounding nations you don't like might be a bit overkill but it's the pressure psychological pressure that matters the promise is easier when the guys you're negotiating with always have something to fear specifically about their country being burned down if they say the wrong thing and it isn't just venezuela i mean look at iran as no way to check a chewing gum wrapper without hitting the u.s. marine on the news which come to think of it they could well use as an excuse to invade iran a few months ago trump even sent more troops to the region just in case they left an empty spot at which iran could through a chewing gum wrapper and china for the faint of heart. one gets the impression
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that there are more u.s. troops around in china than there are u.s. troops left in the united states but don't have the map for you for america that isn't enough the us needs to develop alternative operating locations the pentagon will continue to develop new concepts build a distributed and resilient force posture and field new capabilities to counter these threats honestly the drug metaphor seems remarkably apt the pentagon recently boasted that it has luke asians in more than 160 countries absalom sort of military presence in 84 percent of the countries on this planet and yet not enough they just need more crave more. now amid the ongoing trade war between the united states and china many bundle
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lines have been drawn on boundaries set and now a former fox news host is being accused of colluding with the enemy after her line of patriot gear which she says stands for american values was found to be made in china. absolutely we don't want to be into dillard's to the chinese we don't want to be this servants . and again someone needs to make trying out playing the ongoing discussions about russia russia russia what we really should be looking at is china during the running them out of business so they can buy cheap foreign beat the american consumer deserve better. whether or not they're going to put it down to one another and put their phony it really doesn't matter if it's about freedom it's about the bill of rights it's about constitutional freedoms and that's what this whole line about that the box of those ballots inside was one spread for
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a long time for him. to . look at we are back in moments with plenty more including allegations follow you about some of the world's largest oil companies are spending fortunes to undermine projects targeting climate change issues stay with us for a. it's
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a dangerous illusion to stick with a mistake those from. terrible simple. and simple to deal with climate change as compared to making the triple tariff so is it dangerous to lose interest in the truth and if the risk of those people is going to do the focus here.
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just approaching 60 minutes into the program welcome back some of the world's biggest oil corporations have spent $50000000000.00 on projects that on climate goals that's according to report by financial think tank carbon tracker and wind climate activists insist large companies and government should come up with proper initiatives to tackle the problem it seems some experts proposals are pretty radical.
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the main initiative though is the 2015 min agreement it was rough of falling by 185 states measures countries should take to limit global warming but most of the signatories have failed to live up to their commitments quarter discussed the issue with a puddle of experts. the cold war is not legally binding there was no reason for anyone to stick to it they can do what they like and they carried on doing what they've like. i'm afraid we're in the grip of a series of systems which are putting profit before everything they're going to wring the last drop of profit out of all the old world industries such as the
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fossil fuel industries we've known about this problem we've known about c o 2 we've known about me thing we know about the feedback loops we've known about the effect on the ice sheets capitalism is have plenty of time to solve this problem but i'm afraid it hasn't dealt with it so we have to start dealing with capitalism and the only way we're going to do that is by taking radical action on the streets i've been on the streets myself with extinction rebellion and the people come up to us and they're with us u.k. for example there was a lot of activism. in the last 20 years in running up to 2008 when a law was passed called the climate change act that was supposed to deal with the problem and hold the government and all future governments to hold their feet to the fire in terms of doing what's required. and that was certainly the result of lots of different you know different environmental groups and you know hundreds of thousands of people marching repeatedly so i think you know we have seen change but
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it's just nowhere near enough to tackle the crisis at scale do you as a climate scientist feel that the activists play a serious role in the in the development of towards a solution for climate change problem with extension of the extinction barely again is. not what i want now is agent to make change it means the government the public and the need to make massive changes to make this happen we've got ourselves into a situation scientists say they want about. and this isn't going to be something that we can just make it quite clear that it's. it's going to be a long haul we're going to need it was this is i. can she is less consumes differently we get we think a lot of economy and that does not need night that without some impacts
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i think that people the public and politicians are quite aware of the drastic changes we need to start reducing our carbon emissions and one of the things that i think we need to consider which is nothing more to many people in the green movement is that we we increase our use of nuclear and i know many in the green movement don't like this but really the only country that ever successfully decarbonise to. put is france and did it in the 1960 s. and 1970 s. by by going for nuclear power why why worry is that i don't think people are ready to cut their energy use worldwide since 970 we've seen worldwide energy use increased dramatically and. that we're not going to be able to persuade people to reduce their energy use and one of the only ways i think we're going to combat climate change is to to for both renewables are nuclear is to to provide
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alternative sources because i just don't think people are ready to to cut energy use were to addicted to our our lifestyles. stories making headlines around the globe starting in the southern african country of zimbabwe person robert mugabe zimbabwe's former president has died at the age of 95 he led the country for 37 years until he was forced to resign in 2070 in parts of africa he was renowned as a fighter for freedom being among the founders of a free zimbabwe however in the international community became notorious for a brutal human rights abuses corruption and running a dictatorship. in rushes for is told it's all the urgency workers have been taking part in ongoing rescue operations severe flooding continues to hit the area surrounding the amour river in the. region heavy rains have fallen there since early august more than $100.00 residential buildings remain
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a water the weather service says whoever things are improving but only slowly. on the program cuts in social benefits in argentina triggered yet more protests in the capital demonstrators camped out overnight and set fires outside the social development ministry their political instability has worsened economic uncertainty in argentina following a presidential primary last month. with the country's opposition leaders. or right to a glimpse of her space and a quick plug for all of our programs coming up in minutes is there life on mars british cosmologist and astronomer royal morton reese talks to sophie shevardnadze about the possibility of living organisms there on future missions to the red planet we could have a wound that provides a decent life for all the 7 and a half 1000000000 people in it and at the moment we have a couple of 1000000000 in abject poverty and some people immensely wealthy and the
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fact that the richest 2000 people in the world have the resources to double the income of the bottom 1000000000 in the world and this is not happening is an ethical indictment i do think that by the end of a century there will be a few wild crazy adventurers who may be living away from the. us and of course they would be ill adapted. to that habitat and so they would be the people who would have the incentive. at the opportunity because their way through the regulators to enhance themselves and adapt themselves so i think if we imagine some species emerging which is different from he would be it will. those crazy people on mars we now know that most of the stars in the sky orbit should by retinues of planets just as the sun is orbited by the earth and health of millions planets and we certainly know that many of those planets are going to be rather
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like the earth in terms of temperature and sides. now and to their potential opposed to life. and indeed develop interview can be watched in full right after the shortest of breaks don't go anywhere. we put them so. big it is so little reject. so when you want to be president
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and you. want. to go to be close which he wasn't before 3 of them or can't be. induced or was in the water. i'm so feet shevardnadze for 6 years enjoy it's awful and honest conversation with global leaders and their crunch issues but today the bigger picture what is a catalyst that makes us take what matters today and what really matters tomorrow welcome to sophie and co visionaries. the 21st century an
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era of mind boggling breakthrough but among all the solutions are there are dangers lurking in the unknown how can we grasp all that science has to offer and still stay safe while i've talked to a lowered march in greece astronomer royal and ever read as professor of cosmology and astrophysics at the university of cambridge. pleasure having me on our program. so we have all of the questions you know. many of your colleagues are actually were knowing that technology may help human race advance and thrive and prosper but it can also. hinder many things and hurt humanity many horrible waits so is it because where evil or technology or we're just too dumb to be interested with it well there is
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a huge and growing gap between the way the world could be the way the world is we depend very much on technology indeed the population which is double. couldn't all be said without the technology that's being achieved there's a longer life expectancy much better in cetera so all these things are due to technology and of course we have a connected world. the internet and technology is but of course. many of us is that these technologies getting more powerful and therefore not only can they provide more benefit but they open up new dangers. were it also about the downsides to take an example we know already that cyber attacks. kind of terrorism which can be very dangerous and. biology biological
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advances they need to know 70 exciting health benefits but also ethically juby is ways of changing the human genome and also of course potential danger. creating transmissible of. the dangerous technology of those which unlike nuclear energy require just fairly small facilities access to a computer for cyber attacks or access to all the the bar free to do. issues so that is why it's very very hard to regulate and even if we have agreed international regulations as already have been developed for genetics and similar technology is forcing those regulations globally it's going to be very hard . just as hard as enforcing the drug laws globally with the tax laws globally we
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have that much excessive doing either of those and that's why i do worry that we will have a bumpy ride through this century because we come to really void having just a few people somewhere in the world who will. by intention or by misadventure create some a vent which could cascade globally and be a very serious setback but also i feel like a lot of the problem. and mishandling of the new technological progress is probably due to the pace of the progress because like before it would take one big breakthrough in technology but it would take a whole generation digest and now this breakthrough is happen every day every 5 minutes so it's like we can't really catch up with them we don't whether that's indeed the worry that these changes are happening faster than we can accommodate them and regulate against them that is. there's been
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a huge surge of developments in both biotechnology and. intelligence and machine thing and these are the ones that are hard to deal with but of course. all technologies advanced. and it was only 50 years between the 1st transatlantic flight. in 919 and the 1st man on the moon in 96 you know that was 50 years but in the 50 years since then in terms of space size in aviation things haven't changed no as we back to the moon. the jumbo jet 1st flew in $96.00 you know so it could be that they go into a sort of on that level off again so we can't assume the sauce just evolving technology will continue to evolve its breakneck speed. he once wrote a book with a very optimistic tile our last century. 16 years on.


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