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tv   News  RT  September 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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a report from a conservative watchdog claims that there is a covert multimillion dollar scheme to boost left wing movements across the u.s. . former interior minister matteo salvini faces charges of inciting violence against the german rescue boat captain who illegally docked on italian shores with dozens of migrants. and of us carries out military exercises near venezuela's borders in line with its apparent strategy of surrounding the enemy. by broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our g. international i'm certainly glad to have you with us r.t.
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new report from a conservative watchdog alleges there is a covert multi-million dollar strategy to promote liberal values in the us documents states a scheme to push certain topics from supporting obamacare to slamming donald trump's border wall or tease it goes down of comments. what's more powerful in politics than money a strong candidate with a good program and idealist would see nothing a realist would say but a politician would say dark money dark money is the millions of dollars that behind the scenes donors are spending to send the political train down the track and according to the left leaning media it's a bad bad thing because the conservatives do it because brothers have made billions and want to ensure their government doesn't limit their ability to make more conservative donor david koch as one half of the koch brothers came to symbolize the influence of dark money in america but you know who's even better than
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conservatives that slipping the bills into their protegees pockets. democrats according to this research a group called arabella advisors elfie has been in the vanguard of the leftist money hoes they shelter under their umbrella for nonprofit organizations by their nature they do not have to disclose who they're getting their money from but this research suggests that they've gathered a huge number of very wealthy donors some of the nation's largest grant making institutions including the rockefeller packard and koch foundations the donors to the funds managed by arabella it remains unclear why such large and powerful institutions seek outside philanthropic consulting but presumably a significant part of our bill is appeal lies in its ability to obscure large financial transactions these for nonprofits have been showering and to conservative
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grassroots organizations with their money take this $1.00 with a name so noble it's cloying our goal is to oppose an interim short list yes they get their pockets stuffed by 1633rd an offshoot of our bell advisors another group save my care has been pushing against republican attempts to repeal obamacare the president is sabotaging the system. will be another uncertainty in health care. remember this it led to this. war for again. well their financial bad bone is made up by bills coming from a nother arabella advisers sprout the new venture fund the dark money is not a trick exclusively from the democrat playbook yes it's been revealed they do outperform the conservatives when it comes to the amount spent by more than 20
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percent in fact but pro republican donors. do that too and according to the research media coverage is way out of balance with most outlets reserving a good bashing for the conservatives when you look at the mainstream media which has deservedly declining pop declining viewership both the editorial and the production staff is chiefly in the anchors are chiefly democrats or democrat leaning so of course out of the mainstream media you're going to get that that narrative reality is the independents and the rising anti-corruption anti-crime only part voting populace in united states is against the use of dark body is against the use of corruptly having foundations reality is that a lot of money comes in from unions from particularly from the public sector unions to to their favorite politicians both legally and i think illegally but there has
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been a rise now of dark money and dark money is bad whether it's right or left leaning in the public has a right to know that each individual's vote counts and that it can't be swamped by the activities of partisan. groups that are illegally sourcing and donating money so next time you see a nonprofit ban are stirring up a fight for yet another democratic staple remember regardless of what side of the political spectrum would comes from it's not just people but billionaires fortunes behind it to. a time prosecutors are investigating former interior minister matteo salvini for inciting violence against a german rescue ship captain our 2 children ski has been. well salvini is facing this libel case where he's being accused of inciting violence against a cap in this is a captain of a charity rescue ship in the mediterranean karolyn
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a racket a german citizen now back in july she had rescued 53 migrants in the mediterranean and tried to dock ship this was the sea what 3 on a tally in soil she was told no you can't do that that was one of the policies that any had when he was interior minister of italy and she then continued to try and dock that boat in doing so she actually rammed into a buddha control vessel and she was later arrested for that salvini at the time accused captain rock act of trying to sink that patrol boat and actually accused her of an act of war she was later released then put on the house arrest and later court said that she hadn't done anything illegal or though she does still face charges of helping illegal immigration now salvini during that whole incident discussed it on twitter he said things that the captain was
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a criminal that she was a delinquent that the poor woman had tried to kill 5 italian soldiers and this is why he is now facing this prosecution but salvini says he stands by everything that he said denounced by a german communist drop the good immigrants rounds of one man's gods but. it's a muddle for me i'll never give up. well italy's former interior minister former deputy prime minister. is one of the country's most popular politicians riding high in the polls mainly due to his anti immigration stance and the fact that he closed ports to illegal immigrants while he was in that position now the current coalition which is the make up of the 5 star movement and the left wing democratic party is said to be a coalition that's kind of come together to form something out of nothing and as
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a result many people on tenterhooks at that government itself could collapse in the coming months if not the coming years but certainly many people expecting that before italy's next scheduled election as a result of that the popularity of materials salvini is seen as being a thaw in the side of the current administration so you can imagine that they're certainly rubbing their hands in glee at any attempts to neutralize matea salvini and neutralize the popularity. of u.s. troops have been deployed in guyana which shares a border with venezuela and is part of a so-called humanitarian outreach program led by the u.s. air force providing services to locals but also training for military personnel as well or his blood goes to of come. u.s. military has returned to guyana after many years on a joint military exercise slash humanitarian mission there's nothing quite like a humanitarian mission led by guys who specialize in bombing things it's like
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having a drug rehab center run by drug lords but small details the important thing is that guyana is important to you on a sits in a strategic location on the north edge of south america and on the caribbean and the look what a coincidence it borders venezuela i mean what are the chances of that in the same venezuela that has u.s. bases all around it here here here here brazil is in thing that it's open to hosting a u.s. military base a mile and israel is like the center of a do nothing of u.s. bases same that israel or that the u.s. has threatened repeatedly where it is trying to spark regime change and which it is encircled with guns just in case trump decides to pull the trigger it's over even though frankly could be toppled very quickly by the military or the military. you'd think entirely surrounding nations you don't like might be
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a bit overkill but it's the pressure the psychological pressure that matters the promise is easier when the guys you're negotiating with always have something to fear specifically about their country being burned down if they see the wrong thing and it isn't just venezuela i mean look at iran as no way to check a chewing gum wrapper without hitting the u.s. marine on the news which come to think of it they could well uses an excuse to invade iran few months ago trump even sent more troops to the region just in case they left an empty spot at which iran could through a chewing gum wrapper and china for the faint of heart. art one gets the impression that there are more u.s. troops there around in china than there are u.s. troops left in the united states but don't tip the map fool you for america that isn't enough the u.s.
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needs to develop alternative or prates in locations the pentagon will continue to develop new concepts build a distributed an resilient force posture and field new capabilities to count of these threats honestly the drug metaphor seems remarkably abt the pentagon reason d. boasted that it has luke asians in more than 160 countries absalom sort of military presence in 84 percent of the country's on this planet and yet not enough they just need more crave more 3 former security guards from be private u.s. military contractor blackwater have have there are jail sentences have to for their roles in one of the most notorious chanter is in the iraq war they were convicted of 5 years ago over the deadly shooting of civilians and baghdad in 2007 which left more than a dozen iraqis dead the man had hopes to walk free on a technicality bunt of the judge disagreed in the united states we hold our armed
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forces and a contract is accountable for their actions dustin heard had his sentence reduced the most to 12 years after prosecutors said he was responsible for only 6 of the deaths while evan liberty and paul slow were found culpable for the majority of those killed of their sentences were cut to 14 and 15 years respectively now lawyers had appealed to the judge to let the men walk free having already spent 5 years behind bars the original judge jailed the men under rules governing the use of machine guns in a violent crime which carries a mandatory 30 year sentence but an appeals court rejected that 2 years ago because the men had used government issued weapons in a war zone in thursday's re sentencing of the judge described the former guards as fine young men and praised to their characters the massacre of iraqi civilians became one of the lasting symbols of american abuses in iraq. but i don't have
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a character there are. there were dead bodies everywhere in this argument about the only t.v. who decide to be among the dead bodies of my own history with those who are child was in the middle of 7 years old of. investigative journalist david swanson believes the sentences handed down to the
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guards were too lenient. i do think it is outrageous that the 30 year. sentence for having a machine gun is tossed out if you got the machine gun from the us government what's the u.s. government of the rule of law in another country halfway around the world and i think it's outrageous that another law requiring 10 years for having any kind of gun was tossed out on the basis that this was a war wolf what made the war legal think the entire war was blatantly illegal why should it have a go on with the end that illegal war legalized having that gun as part of your crime so i mean these are technicalities but they tell a larger story about what we sanction as a as a culture. on india in that space mission has run into trouble that's very much more after a short break this is aren't international stay with us. the
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loss of western and gemini that steve globalization and this came in with trump in 2016 that he the idea of monitor ization the global central banks cooperating to put out a currency unit of accounts that was better than gold is a 6070 year experiment that is now collapsing which is leading to dollars a synaesthete countries like russia move aggressively away from the dollar and buy gold and dig globalization simultaneously. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to get us on the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that.
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today there are good dentists and bad at it it's the bad news in yemen the united states deems to be a threat the good. lord in syria the cia and the u.s. military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right away military windows funding an army of death squads there's no any more because there's always a small people really good that's. a profit. you know world big part of the new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each
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other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for washington close. watching the hawks. welcome back this is our to international flight from moscow now space is cool but india has lost connection with a space probe during an intended landing on the moon's south pole mission control and bangalore lost contact with the rover during the final stage of its descent if successful india would have become the 1st country to land a probe on the moon south pole according to the country space agency the trajectory deviated from the target course resulting in a hard landing $145000000.00 mission is called shine that icon to the goal was to conduct a detailed study of the moon's make up including its geology and atmosphere economist
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william anderson believes that despite the setback india is likely to push ahead with the mission until it succeeds. i don't think that we keep say a fairy any time any time you get this far along you had to have had certain successes to be able to get there even if you can't finish. as you know that would something that it's this complicated especially this technologically complicated that you can have these kinds of setbacks and you know we should be surprised about that it's not like this is going to bankrupt india or anything like that i think that they will go back to the drawing board i think that. ultimately they're going to be successful if they stick with this particular program and other words i don't think they'll be a bad at it if they were to just have branded it because of this would be one thing
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and then you would say ok the mission has failed but i doubt that's what's going to happen i think that they've come this far and i believe that they will. i'm just trying to figure out what went wrong and then fix it. the u.s. national rifle association has been declared a domestic terrorist organization by the city of san francisco lawmakers unanimously passed a resolution against the gun group which has 5 and a half 1000000 members the national rifle association ma says his considerable wealth and organizational strength to promote gun ownership and inside gun owners to acts of violence the resolution mean san francisco will curb any dealings with the n.r.a. including the 3 3rd parties politically the n.r.a. is largely a republican leaning group while san francisco is a known democratic stronghold of the activist groups have found themselves in a similar situation in the u.s. including the left wing movement. major considerations being given to naming and
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teeth an organization of terra the group that is called a self and chief organization that is engaged in anonymous violent terrorism this is an extremely violent group i think they should be designated as a terror group that must a terror group there is now a growing list of activist groups being classified as extremists which have not traditionally been given that label in the spring an f.b.i. document revealed it was monitoring border protest groups as extremist organizations another internal f.b.i. paper described a conspiracy theorist's as a new domestic terrorism threat as well former libertarian party executive director wes benedict told us that labeling activists as terrorists allows the authorities to stifle political debate. when you label a group a terrorist organization in america and americans are so scared of terrorists here the effect is that it chills political speech and you should have the right to
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advocate for something you believe and peacefully of course without the government or any government where there is sit in the san francisco city council or the united states government calling you a terrorist organization politicians like to use that word they use it as an excuse to violate our civil liberties to spy on us and when you start labeling everything a terrorist activity of course that just that does the sensitized us to real terrorism. moscow has voiced its concern after a russian executive was detained in italy at washington's request alexander question of his a director at a key russian engineer manufacture he was arrested along with an italian director at g.e. aviation for alleged industrial espionage both men were detained in naples in southern italy now let's take a closer look at those charges. they are accused of conspiring to steal intellectual property belonging to g.e. aviation relating to aircraft engine production the us justice department says
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question of hired staff from the firm as technical consultants those employees allegedly filed a report containing sensitive details lattimer putin has said that the arrest could further harm relations between russia and the u.s. . warship practical this is very bad practice it complicates our bilateral relations and i'm not joking we often see no reason for hostile actions of this kind moreover i have every reason to believe that sometimes these actions are connected with unfair competition including in the aerospace industry if there is some kind of criminal activity here then it's on law enforcement agencies that should cooperate. the united states has made similar moves before arresting foreign citizens in a 3rd country the chief financial officer of chinese tech giant huawei was arrested in canada in december over bank fraud at washington's request and we have been getting reaction from political analysts about the latest move. this is obviously
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fish and i think all major powers now realize that competition for technological superiority in the future will be so will almost be decisive in major power competition the united states certainly adopts a and america 1st strategy and the common ministration and it is more interest in seeking an advantage is position rather and engaging in economic cooperation and the expansion of stray investment and so on it emphasizes the fact that high tech is a serious problem for the united states for china. well russia for every country now because everyone is trying to gain access to every other country's high tech
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and there's a tremendous competition going on and therefore the americans are saying right warning everyone you will pay a price if you don't fight secrets but from the american point of view it's quite difficult for them to prosecute someone. in a 3rd country or gain access to that person who have been who they accused of stealing their high tech secrets. or the dozen from i'll be back in just under 36 minutes with a look at your headlines stay with us this is our teacher asked. you
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know world of big. law and conspiracy. to wait to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's a tall order for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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oh i'm so feet share not same 1st 6 years of enjoyed this awful and honest conversation with global leaders and their crunch issues but today one of the bigger picture what is a catalyst that makes us tick what matters today and what really matters tomorrow welcome to sophie and co visionaries. the 21st century an era of mind boggling breakthrough but among all the solutions are there dangers
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lurking in the unknown how can we grasp all that science has to offer and still stay safe while i've talked to a lowered march in astronomer royal and ever read as a professor of cosmology and astrophysics at the university of cambridge. martin rees such a pleasure having me on our program so we've got all the mic. you know. many of your colleagues are actually wording that technology may help human race advance and thrive and prosper but it can also. hinder many things and hurt humanity many horrible ways so why is it because where evil or technologies are just too dumb to be interested with it well there is a huge and growing gap between the way the world could be and the way the world is we depend very much on technology indeed the population which is double.
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couldn't all be said without the technology that's been achieved the longer life expectancy is much better in cetera so all these things are due to technology and of course we have a connected world. the internet and technology is but of course. many of us is that these technologies are getting more powerful therefore not only can they provide more benefits but they open up new dangers. worried also about the downsides to take an example we know already that cyber attacks. kind of terrorism which can be very dangerous and. biology biological advances they need to know 70 exciting health benefits but also ethically jupitus ways of changing the human genome and also of course potential danger to
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them creating transmissible of. the dangerous technology of those which unlike nuclear energy require just fairly small facilities access to a computer the cyber attacks or access to all be the bar free to do biological. issues so that is why it's very very hard to regulate and even if we have agreed international regulations as already have been developed for genetics and similar technology is forcing those regulations globally it's going to be very hard . just as hard as enforcing the drug laws globally with the tax laws globally we have that much excessive doing either of those and that's why i do worry that we will have a bumpy ride through this century because we can't really avoid having just
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a few people somewhere in the world who will. buy in tension or by misadventure create some a vent which could cascade globally and be a very serious setback but also i feel like a lot of the problems and mishandling of the new technological progress is probably due to the pace of the progress because like before it would take one big breakthrough in technology but it would take a whole generation yes digest and now this breakthrough is happen every day every 5 minutes so it's like we can't really catch up with them we don't whether that's indeed the worry that these changes are happening faster than we can accommodate them and regulate against them that is. there's been a huge surge of developments in both biotechnology. intelligence and machine.


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