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tv   News  RT  September 8, 2019 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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think i may give. you some of the top stories of the last 7 days here in nashville the united states could potentially be smuggling tons of weapons and ammunition that ends up with militants in the middle east according to league documents obtained by a bulgarian journalist i may be right thank you. barbara. for britain's prime minister suffering a string of humiliating defeat so there's no deal wrecks of the gender in parliament. prime minister should simply follow his convictions on a resigned who doesn't leave for. good i could see that.
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it's a cynical move from a cynical prime minister. prisoner swap between russia and ukraine held by the country's leaders is a vital step in restoring relations. good morning no no one of the morning here in moscow right now life from artie's world news center is kevin with you with the weekly roundup of the big headlines of the last 7 days as reported by us 1st that in the week we described millions of weapons made in serbia reportedly fall into the hands of islamic state fighters in yemen and syria after they were purchased by the united states and its allies it's according to documents seen by one bulgarian investigative journalist. this is not a more serious. blow document of the hour i am here with the man on.
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back. and it was that i am tracking oh though whether it was the war and out there is progress i was able to see by one particular lot are left in there and that is the theory in their propaganda video or even a man washington allegedly purchase weapons from 2 serbian state owned arms companies apparently for the police in afghanistan but those arms were then seed in islamic state propaganda video showing militants in yemen numbers of the mortar shell they're referred to a lot of 04 year production 2018 the league shows that the item in question was part of a deal between the serbian state arms manufacturer crew sick and the pentagon contractor and then there's these photos showing some of the serbian made weapons and ammunition produced by the same companies this time in syria well the 2nd part of the report we brought you in the week claims the weapons procured by washington
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have also been handing ending up in the hands of rebels and terrorists there to this accusations mounted r.t.c. goshdarn of took a closer look at the evidence. from the start of the war in syria anti-government factions have been enjoying well a gun before all inclusive some pieces fell into their hands as spoils of war where the others came from nobody knew it seemed until now because apart from me de blowing hatred towards assad all these rebels i saw and self-governing jihadists they could have another thing in common a big wealthy arms dealer lurking in the shadows. able gary an investigative journalist has claimed to have exposed and along the serbian manufacturers and shipping them to the middle east the journalist managed to get through a labyrinth full of fake trails and dead ends designed specifically to cover the
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tracks to the network's command center the pentagon. in one instance an american company 04 industries used a british broker as its middleman to buy mortar shells from serbian manufacture acoustic and this e-mail says to learn or is a direct proof of that and it was business as usual up until the moment one crew sic was about to get paid because none of the companies that dealt with wanted to wire the money instead they wanted to finish the transaction and through a nother 3rd party british company and this raised all sorts of red flags. bearing in mind that the payment will be affected by the company that is not the buyer according to our law and foreign exchange operations we will need the consent of the serbian government i.e. the ministry of finance in order to be able to apply at the ministry of finance we
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necessarily need to try a part time agreement verified and signed by the buyer sierra 4 industries the seller holding corp crew sick and the legal entity that will affect the payment charles kendall and partners limited. it was so suspicious the serbs even questioned if the final destination for the armaments would indeed be the pre-agreed location which was no not the middle east but harmless innocent romania. the draft in jesus is to pick it states the following place of delivery. to china and a base rumania according to the above it should be clearly mentioned that the goods will be used in romania including the purpose of use and the goods will be shipped to romania they weren't used in romania it seems once the money was finally wired of washington's memory was wiped clean instead the ammunition was flown to qatar
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and ended up in syria according to the journalist the banks are gone so far there are private american companies or your company is. very far off to you from bikini if they feel so you know are they still think. these are me they really like you like. using different place after the websites like this that people are like you problem finding information because they are oh oh you think the things i think are a like this even if you think you. and you might like the berthing the weapons by up there are proud to be our. nation would be syria or react to americans these 2 they even visited
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crusade to troubleshoot any potential insurgence on behalf of the seller i also can't buy or you are and that amount of the united states the european that are in what is not is a government officials and proud that there is this is the serbia back in the or the black box and. and laying around. organizing their ship much less than a year on this same 2 men were awarded for. arming rebels in syria. the little affair with the serbs was far from a one night stand type of deal for the u.s. they shipped tens of thousands of munitions into syria drowning the country in arms for years we've worked to stop the civil war in syria and all the leave the human suffering we wanted to reach out to syria for industries remember the american
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company that initiated the deal with the serbs and imagine our surprise when we found out that the company barely even exists it has no listed phone number no email and just 5 yes 12345 employees not exactly a shock. he goes down for that in the wake of the pentagon crusade he had to give us a comment on the allegations meet time for british army officer charles shubert told us there's no reason to doubt the authenticity of those lee documents. it's an impressive piece of journalism by any standards i think to produce what share the traveler she's produced and apparently convincing evidence if these documents are genuine and so far at least there's been no indication whatsoever despite the opportunity to given to people so far to show them as not genuine if that genuine these documents are indeed as deadly on herself suggests they are indeed explosive
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in a revelation it's really what it shows it's long after we all know of course or many of us know about this operation timber sycamore that was launched by the us was run by many years by them a covert arming and training project for syria's rebels supposedly moderate rebels . but of course invariably many of these weapons and it up in the hands of what even the us deems terrorists in syria that was all supposedly ended in 2017 when it was finally disclosed that it's actually publicly acknowledged that it existed and so now we've got evidence quite clear evidence if the documentation is true and again there's nothing to indicate that it's not that actually this program in another form has continued. in a rare interview since resigning in january former u.s. defense secretary jim mattis couldn't resist touching upon the russian meddling issues we're going to have to recognize they mucked around our elections we're
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going to have to deal with the putin that is not the putin we wanted meantime the daily beast news websites published an article arguing that russian interference doesn't just mean putin's russia but that it goes way back in history our senior correspondent world goes the of once the clock. there are a few legends as obscure and my dear as this one seemed leaguers the freemasons u.f.o.'s the loch ness monster and big foot there is russian meddling and with every retelling someone nods and the little twist i mean who is going to disprove them the russians have been attacking us for 100 years but moscow mich still doesn't get it now it's the daily beast turns out russian meddling is ancient lenin who already targeted western capitalism and specifically britain for a long term campaign of infiltration and subversion. you scared yet well you better be lennon himself was a bit of a medlar says the daily beast though they do say
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a lot of things but with every telling as i said a little something gets added in this case another 50 years to russian election meddling plus the 50 years that mr secretary of state pompei you added when it was his. of course and the one before that and the one before violent didn't stop at 2008 you can go back to the seventy's i decided to investigate these claims and fortunately they wouldn't let me play spooky music didn't take long though to discover how all this meddling was literally here is russian octopus depicted in 2018 its tentacles reach far far back into the past same octopus seen in the 1950s who were incidents i think not it's the same one cited again in 1970 russian octopuses
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do you know there's only one and we'd never have known if not for british imperial propaganda no matter how deeply buried the truth is out there and the new york city forgotten passageways where the monk covered more evidence of russian meddling that you know the russians interfered in the us civil war sent warships to support the north abraham lincoln so fixedly did they meddle with the americans actually welcome those warships potentially the russians not only lost the election for hillary clinton but the war for the confederate states now this is the part where the spooky music would have been really good found. fathers were infiltrated and recruited by what would or wouldn't become the k.g.b.
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benjamin franklin himself $789.00 was elected to the russian academy of sciences for his quote scientific contributions others say he passed on early manuscripts of the us constitution as russian handlers the proof is in your wallet look at his face on the $100.00 bill it doesn't smile and it's well known that russians never smile it was difficult but we tracked it back a 1000 years we found russian meddling before russia even existed. anyway millennium ago the ruler of kievan roost married his daughter to the french king and surprisingly the king died very soon and she ruled france for decades a 1000 years of russian meddling proved beyond doubt back to you
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daily beast let's see what you can dig up about jesus christ and his ties to the k.g.b. . of the dove and back into history now explain his new prime minister is sticking with his do or die strategy to take the u.k. out of europe on thursday boris johnson emphasized his reluctance to extend briggs it. i'd rather be dead in a ditch. course a 1000000000 pounds a month in achieves absolutely nothing earth is the point of no further i think it's totally totally pointless well nonetheless the bill designed to block the u.k. crushing out of the european union without a deal was passed by both the house of commons and the house of lords the legislation requires the prime minister to ask the e.u. then for another extension if a deal isn't agreed by parliament by the 19th of october johnson also failed this week to try to force a snap general election because he lacked a majority in the house and people vote once again on monday a norm whether or not to hold boris yeltsin expelled 21 m.p.'s 2 from the
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conservative party after they rebelled against him and voted in favor of legislation to block a no deal breaks it the list includes several former cabinet members and winston churchill's grandson no less a nicholas soames throughout the week parliament frequently erupted in anger over the course that bracks it was taking. the prime minister is acting like a dictator the public simply shape to see. what is going on in this place the prime minister should simply follow his convictions on the resign. there's only one car in a cage that i can see in this house i think it's a city called movement from a city called prime minister so what lies ahead of the brakes in our new k politics . get the snap election but he could also quit as prime minister might also be delayed to january next year europe love a say in that of course louis stedman bryce bracks it party m.e.p.
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for scotland shared his thoughts on what's happening with. we find ourselves in a situation where parliament is no longer serving the people of the united kingdom parliament is serving parliament think it's about time they started to be honest it's not about stopping their due process about stopping any type of breaks so these people are held back on frustrating this process for as long as possible until bracks it for take is so strong that we kind of just give up on this but you know in the united kingdom 17400000 people 5 voted for this it's time to enact democracy it needs to happen now of course derek organ is very reluctant now after several years of calling for. an election now he doesn't want one but but that's possibly because we can see from the polls that they wouldn't fare very well in a general election i would like to see be able to take control of this process of reform with this but my fear is that the parliament will continue to work against him they will hand over control to your. 917 the morning moscow time they good
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morning we have you watching around the world this is big news with me yesterday months of talks paid off as russia and ukraine traded prisoners making a vital step in restoring relations between the 2 countries to talk about that when we come back. what politicians do. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to write to the press it's like i'm a 43 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of maui. question.
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compared to centuries of chinese history 2 years is nothing unless budgets 2 years of donald trump with us another round of terrorists being added to the us sign no trade war this last week news china's strategy of waiting out the enemy likely to work with the current american president. again good morning thanks to cheering tarts international this morning so that highly anticipated prisoner swap between russia and ukraine took place yesterday each side returned 35 people but the 2 countries' leaders then spoke by phone saying the move will help to normalize relations and solve the civil conflict in eastern ukraine among the newly freed prisoners that touched down in moscow was the
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russian journalist clear of a chin ski he'd been jailed since 2018 on treason charges and is accused of backing the breakaway self-proclaimed republics in the east of ukraine which in ski firmly denies all the charges insisting that he was targeted for simply doing his job as a journalist though meantime president violet emir zelinsky welcomed the 35 returning ukrainian prisoners that and as their plane landed in kiev some of their relatives are also there to meet the really emotional the trade involved 24 ukrainian sailors seized for violating the maritime border with russia and also the ukrainian film director league sense of convicted of plotting terrorist attacks in crimea the exchanges rekindled hope then that a solution can be found to settle the long running ukrainian crisis. we see the agreed mutual release of people detained in russia and ukraine as a positive signal which should see another important step to breaking the deadlock in the current russian ukrainian relations russia and ukraine just swap large
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numbers of prisoners very good news perhaps the 1st giant step to peace congratulations to both countries are ukrainian president for dimmers alinsky and russian president vladimir putin have done everything we have promised and did not change our agreement this is. pretty. easy to get your ship but this is the 1st time for about 5 more than 5 years close on 6 years that russian ukrainian face the region and i think that could be seen as a positive i mean the decision also been made at the highest level between. the new president there in ukraine. and the president in russia so it seems that the 2 presidents are decided upon it's a very high profile prisoner swap isn't it well received by france and germany in particular who were you know emanuel my corn and anglo american i've been talking about trying to get the peace talks we started this month i mean they basically they fell apart in the poroshenko years and poroshenko simply didn't want to
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couldn't or it didn't have the mandation internally in ukraine it wasn't strong enough but he definitely was unable to move the peace talks a lot of anybody that wants to see peace between in eastern ukraine and normalization of relations between russia and ukraine after this you know 5 and a half years of of a bio and i still if he understood this long interregnum period where there's been no progress whatsoever we'll be like should of course. him or use the weak region of belgium passed legislation that bans traditional ways of slaughtering animals for the muslim and jewish faith and kosher slaughter requires the animals to be alive and healthy at the time and killed in their throats cut pretty stunning isn't always used which is why the practice is being banned in several e.u. countries the new law in belgium now prompted much debate though but animal welfare groups say the law is not about targeting religious. it is absolutely not a ban on religious slaughter not at all it is a ban on slaughter without stunning even if you follow all the rules and use
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a very sharp blade and you do everything according to religious tradition even then the animal will suffer i think the bounds of more to do with the 2 legged animals than with the 4 legged ones if there is one positive thing that comes out of this latest attempt to curtail religious freedom it's the bringing closer together of the jewish and muslim communities everyone will just do our home or in some corner hidden from view i don't think that's what they want to achieve here on this channel our panel looked at what the new law what neither for religious freedom and animal cruelty. it is the horton debate the issue to see. whose death is quicker historically for millennia jews have been more busy merciful towards animals to eat well i'm sure no one really is cruel to animals on purpose but the fact remains that killing an animal when you really don't have to is always going to be cruel so no matter how you're going to
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kill the animal there is no nice way of taking away or alive which we don't have to take away well from if you're going to spect of a cause if it is a step in the right direction to be a bit less cruel then to be more cruel if you like but the fact remains that we don't need to be doing this all together so it is it is progress you know it's about it out there animals are stunned before they die but slitting anyone's throat you know it can never be done in a kind way. a standard in arabic it's how law is what is lawful and clean and they have a standard for you to call it organic in our days so we need to have better standards for production of eggs out of the husbandry animal welfare animal slaughter we can't have that on regulated use of slaughter and industries we have people who have been incarcerated for mass killing coming out and then becoming swordsman just to get their kicks out sorting animals well i think there are issues in the way how i killed and a lot of slaughterhouse workers you know they come from poor backgrounds and they have no other choice but to do a job like this i mean even of us us children if you were asked what do we want to
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do as adults no one would say i want to kill an animal after animal for 8 hours every day it's just not a job that anyone wants to be doing so by eating everything that is actual of fascism thing that is a form of fascism is not up to you to tell religious minorities and one or 2 groups around the world how to live ultimately this is a test of tolerance and well liked in telling me freedom the freedom. of religious beliefs. fine then don't eat animals but those who want to should but those standards should be of the highest order to be the more humane the most deaths the animal is going through and you can only say something is humane it would be willing to swap places with these animals but i don't think any of your interviewees or any of us in fact would like to swap places with do these poor animals whom we kill by the 1000000001 3rd of the chickens coming to stand sort of process makes them for good and for people that muslims and jews to eat even some practicing christians now the question is religious freedom are you ok with
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religious groups having the freedom to kosher or not. i would come say she went on talking to each of the brakes on a boy because they were the latest worlds apart and so watching. i'm. ready ready ready ready ready sure to stop at the continuing to grow. i just never know very good about the idea of bringing children into the world because i didn't feel like things were in very good shape that a life was just going to be a lot of software programs. there's no reason the more. you take
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things that are to me the. there's no reason to make something else that. everybody's scared to talk about is certifiable is truly dependent on us addressing this issue and if we can even talk about it every chance even have a conversation or that it then. we're in trouble. ready as it is is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which zooms millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are trying this way industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. stickle capsules excuse. demand that seems cool sets for some new plastic. and are you staying at
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a special projects funded. on the new. that is the end event for the city but for now the mountains of waste only grow. their. own welcome to worlds apart but the centuries long chinese history 2 years is nothing unless perhaps it's 2 years of donald trump but the up in the the south of terrace being added to the u.s. side the trade war this past week is the chinese strategy of waiting the adamy out
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likely to work in the case of the current american president to discuss that i'm now joined by odds are in their west a professor of history and global affairs at yale university professor west that it's good to talk to you thank you very much for taking time to talk to us it's a great pleasure to meet you now i know that you've long been preoccupied with china's relationship with the world a few years back you had the grade book on the twists and turns of chinese history over the last 250 years placed on that he story canvas how big of a new sense is the trump presidency to china is that just a bump in the road or is it something that may indeed change the trajectory of this great nation it's a little bit like what premier joey lawyer used to say about the french revolution it's much too early to tell i think it is a severe challenge in many ways to what is happening in china at the moment but if you compare it to the media's parts to a century of wars and civil wars and invasions i don't think most chinese would see
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this as a major challenge now one of them. quoted chinese philosopher is in the west this sounds too who is sad that if you see by the river long enough you will eventually see the bodies of your enemies floating by do you think that's what the chinese are trying to do with donald trump to some extent i think that's what they're trying to do though i think the current leadership in beijing is aware that they don't have endless amounts of time and they have to look after their own economy 1st and foremost on it there is no doubt that what is happening now is very damaging to the chinese economy mainly for the reason that it comes together with a slowing for other reasons that had already been taken place before the trade wars with you know it's begun so i think what they're trying to do at the moment is to wait and to see and to get better conditions in terms of some kind of deal with you know the states but there is no doubt in my mind that they all seeking such a deal that's what they want to achieve i'm not sure if that has had
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a chance to read sounds but i think he also tends to believe that the chinese perhaps playing the waiting game with him in fact just this past week on twitter he wanted them against waiting for a new administration off to 2020 perhaps because he wants to stay in the white house but even if he has to leave do you think things will average go back where they used to be trade wise between the united states and china no i don't think they will i don't think they will go back to where there were trade wars i don't think they will go back to where they were security wise i think on a whole new specter of us china relations there has been a profound change and only a post of the out how to do with donald trump and his tariffs it also has to do with china's policy within the eastern nation region i did has to do with developments in saudi you not the states.


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