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tv   News  RT  September 8, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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that was. millions of sound being made weapons reportedly end up in the hands of terrorists in yemen and syria after they were both upon the us to under its allies we to leaked documents obtained by a police gary i'm sure that. i did a right and a very fine thank you and if you don't mind that is being made. that you don't work that they are all thank you. for and businesses looted in the south african city of johannesburg in a wave of anti immigrant i think of one finding made that andi hope will be in big big big trouble they did both upload it inside and to stand by your plates to be in south africa for your schools. under us president council so-called secret peace
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talks with the unscom leader on the taliban after the militant group admitted to every single terrorist attack. a very warm welcome you watching the weekly here on r.t. international with all the latest world news and a roundup of the stories that shape the week but 1st millions of weapons made in serbia have reportedly fallen into the hands of islamic state fighters in yemen and syria softer they were bought by the united states and its allies well that's according to documents seen by gary an investigative journalist. this is an anonymous interesting i blog document about i am. not actively receive and that you are mom tracking all the way on the floor or so on the contrary i will say able to identify one
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particular out lot of leptons in the sand language they hear it in their stuff again the video e.m.f. if those documents prove to be genuine then weapons being on the islamic state video in yemen could well be serbian made after being sold to us military contractors our senior correspondent ron county have explained how the weapons could have ended up in terrorist hands. it's a remarkable trail from the arms factories of europe for the hands of isis terrorists in yemen in the span of barely a year we knew this courtesy of concerned citizens who leaked the e-mails the memos the contracts between the u.s. its contractors and weapons manufacturers and the g. harvests gave it away propaganda real from isis showed in their position
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82 millimeter mortar shells which the reporter was able to identify for 18 read the numbers the cipher it is production lot for manufactured in 2018 k.v. stands for the arms factory v. for value of a place in serbia where the arms factory is and thanks to those leaked documents it appears the us military purchased a lot for from cruising military factory last year then it was a matter of following the paper trail how those shells were brought transported marked for the afghan army and ended up with isis in yemen report that discovered all this is certain in her findings. or at least. where. there are the claims you've made damaging of course is true for the us government that based on these documents
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that you got hold of how hard was it to get them and how certain are you that they are genuine. i was that i have had from the beginning. i don't know or the people or of the earth some will send this word or walk but that very thankful to them because. they are in the shipping government. and on the labor. market or show this there is the name of the company are there for you have a government or birth to birth the weapon on behalf of the imam and there is also the shipping of that so it's not a 0 to track. kids like he
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back to the us government also there is indication that information about the us thank you know. this were ensured the documents speak for themselves the arms factory made the shelves alien tech systems and contractor for the pentagon purchased $10500.00 of them for $8000000.00 it was transported to bug area coincidentally it was isis fighters were also holding a bulgarian made sold rifles next shipment was flume via silk way west lives and is it by johnny airline licensed to transport weapons for the pentagon to us bases next thing we know within the year shells are in isis is arsenal you need question all of this is how and who handed over those arms to extremists there and minded the just isis that we've seen in possession of
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munitions made in but also. the way in syria various other jihad scoops. remarkable coincidence for them to accidentally stumbled upon all of these weapons reportedly paid for by u.s. taxpayers now we've sent many many requests for comment to the pentagon to its contractors involved in all of this the airlines the basis but so far nothing for former u.k. army officer charles ship bridge gave us his insights on how happened to end up in the hands of terrorists. paper system itself and not just me many people since 2011 and before when this was being muted as we can supply we were told to moderate rebels as they were caught in either libya or syria with weaponry that would help overthrow gadhafi or for example assad it was obvious to those of us who've got really any military backgrounds and told that it would be impossible to control
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where those weapons would end up and indeed much research a lot of it by academics and so on has proved this to be the case again and again are that moderate rebels so-called selling or handing over these weapons to these groups or these groups can capture them in the field if they have pockets or or disputes themselves of course it could have been and i don't think this is necessarily the stuff of conspiracy theories it could have been so obvious of course that this would happen that it would end the weapons would end up in the hands of these extremist groups that that was the intention right from the start these are all possibilities. in south africa's biggest city johannesburg foreign owned businesses of being looted amid a wave of anti migrant crime across the country last monday become trees police minister describe the situation as a national emergency paula slater reports. here in johannesburg which appears to have seen some of the worst violence against foreign is south africa as you can
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see yet up taking what they can to stop us by non stop because what they are not aware of that it wouldn't be any moment now could the entire building can come tumbling down because they believe hammering the structure now the mood on the ground it's a little bit edgy we don't go on to the same comfortable filming we've been told the show no is no way to be seen and no doubt he is trying to stay as far away from these kind of scenes as possible because one still gets missing that beat situation that's not going to be complete because i know it's hard to believe but this. was a bottle store one of the cashiers working there was who comes from zimbabwe what actually happened make up one family and made to have around 8 told me when they break bishop they did north up was that you said monday night the big gone by then they'd been. a month being away from a job well no means to be taken to bring them to school. across the road here is
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alan who owns a hardware store and when did you ever think that you would see these kind of scenes happening so close to a business own for you on green fluid before we do that often. the sun will move through the instant chemistry can become anything or even. for most of last the wonder of film and what do we do with it in the life of the little book for believe that we've read from bush or do you think showing your south african identity protects your kid is going to give you this week with why what happened are you going to go look close though most of them are the only little other police in the government doing enough not they given that we're not doing enough or don't know which big name we would believe when the government we're going to play with the nobody wants both of whom was unfolding before it's not just foreign owned stores that were targeted here you can see a 2nd hand car dealership that was broken into and the cars sitter lice not the result has been offered by the nigerian foreign ministry for any nigerians living
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in this country who feel unsafe to be able to fly back home for free this is the worst bait of them a phobia of violence that south africa has witnessed since 2008 police ista mr jay said some 8 people have been killed and more than 300 have been detained as we say the violence a sad reflection on what where he is and and tenable situation. where you from the world trade to be in south africa the flow your schools the girls the people thought the good will last sunday and no good for having me. 5 mil the ones you're given to be given the list and how many years even from a good idea is to say you south africa your school. and now you have no business no move this finish it is feeling how you can handle the cost of family all the you know that now this shop here which has been completely boarded up was owned by nigerians and there is no way here to be seen of course they are very afraid the
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shop is completely solid but this shop too has been looted also owned by nigerians lock on the door completely sealed up the people here definitely afraid that the violence will continue you welded up the shops why played with the quality wood and did they take everything that goes with them. and where all the nigerian owners in the foreign owners always on the world are they thinking to be for country they wrote your book orders talk to other great britain what. ever quest went out today for nigerians in the country who want to be free of charge i able to do so and there is at least one flight today leaving at this stage the situation is extremely untenable unstable and i continue being on the streets there's a lot of uncertainty so we meet what what will happen remains to be seen in our team johannesburg while the head of the province where his bike is located insists
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the situation is now under control if i am confident that the police on top of this situation. i have said that if the police. hoping i would have asked that the south african defense force must reinforce the police but so far they are dealing with the situation in india the entire province is caught. president trunk council sunday's secret peace talks with the taliban in the us the thoughts of the group admitted carrying out thursday's explosion in the afghan capital in which an american soldier was killed. they admitted to an attack in kabul that killed one of our great great soldiers and 11 other people if they cannot agree to a ceasefire during these very important peace talks then they probably don't have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway the u.s. and the taliban have been in negotiations for months with the militant group demanding with it with a trawl of all foreign troops from afghanistan while america wants
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a guarantee is about the country's security a draft accord was weeks to last week however its future is now in question. the taliban didn't take well to the talks being council's warning that the decision will lead to even more u.s. losses affect the country's credibility and expose its anti peace dance despite the threats the taliban claimed is committed to the path of negotiations while that and demanding the withdrawal of foreign troops here's some of the reaction we got to transfer decision from people in afghanistan. that the outside of the heart because one of their soldiers is presumably that general was killed in a suicide attack abdul haq square he called off the peace talks while so many afghan army forces and civilians are killed on a daily basis they do not think about that. since the peace talks began with the suicide bombings and attacks have increased in our people have been killed and they had accepted peace they should have announced a cease fire and then the talks should have moved forward
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a lot less than commentator one believes chance consolation has more to it than just the peace negotiations but i cannot accept that the reason to cancel these secret summit in camp david that day that one american soldier definitely there are other reasons but presume look i mention it. it means a president that i actually realize that he was liked by gallup our president graham is this trip for this deal he committed himself and his election campaign that he will pull out all that many of the troops from afghanistan and he want at least troops to be pulled out before that because then should elections and taliban realize this kind of distraction from the american side from the president's side so that's why actually they are trying to improve their position and milk concessions from the american administration it's been
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a turbulent week for the british prime minister suffering defeat after defeat all rags it will tell you more after the break. you know world's big partners through a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the barbarians the vandals on wall street are now actively plundering your bank
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account with a negative interest rate in astronomy comic policy there and there's no economics behind it that would cue to any school of economics that has ever existed as dr michael hudson said since the bronze age it's just out right barbarianism. welcome back no questions prime minister is sticking to his duo dice strategy to take the u.k. out of the european union on thursday power stones and emphasize his reluctance to extend. course a 1000000000 pounds a month absolutely nothing. is the point of delivery i think it's totally totally pointless the bill designed to stop the u.k.
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leaving the block without a deal was passed by both the house of commons and the house of lords the legislation requires the prime minister to ask the e.u. for another extension if a deal is not agreed in parliament by the 19th of october mr johnson also felt this week to force a snap general election because he lacked a majority in the house and pays will vote once again on monday whether to hold a national poll or not additionally this month the prime minister expelled $21.00 m.p.'s from the conservative party after they rebelled against him and voted in favor of the legislation to block a no deal break says the list includes several former cabinet members and tory grandees including winston churchill's grandsons the nicholas soames throughout the week parliament frequently erupted in anger over the course brags it was taking the prime minister is acting like a dictator the public simply shakes it dismay at what is going on in this place the
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prime minister should simply follow his convictions are now resigned. there's only one car related that i could see this time. it's a city called movement from a city called prime minister was there what late lies ahead for brakes it on you k. politics let's take a look boris johnson might get that snap election but he's also already under pressure to quit as prime minister our options are to get a deal done with the e.u. before the deadline of the 31st of october or delay it once again to january next year let me step in bryce briggs that party m.e.p. for scotland shared his thoughts on what's happening. we find ourselves in a situation where parliament is no longer serving the people of the united kingdom parliament is serving parliament think it's about time they started to be honest it's not about stopping their due process is about stopping any type of break so these people i hope frustrate in this process for as long as possible until breaks
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that fatigue is so strong that we kind of just give up on that but you know in the united kingdom 17400000 people voted for this this time to enact democracy it needs to happen now of course jeremy coburn is very reluctant now after several years of calling for. an election now he doesn't want one but that's possibly because we can see from the polls that they wouldn't fare very well in a general election i would like to see course be able to take control of this process and move forward with this but my fear is that the parliament will continue to work against him they will hand over control to europe. going on to beijing protests in hong kong have taken place for 14 straight weekend and turned violent this sunday and he has taken out against more radical groups and demonstrators that broke away from the main rally thousands joined in a peaceful march to the u.s. consulate appealing to it all trying.
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the sun. the star spangled banner are being heard as protesters gathered waving american flags and shouting slogans in english like resist beijing and liberate hong kong they called on u.s. lawmakers to pass a bill protecting hong kong's democratic freedoms and human rights fires were allegedly started in a subway station while protesters barricaded roads and classed with your thorazine before that police had rearrested leading pro-democracy activists joshua wall for breaching his bell conditions the bill protesters were calling for is making its way through the u.s. congress introduced back in june it would require annual checks on hong kong's autonomous status if passed it could see chinese and hong kong officials hit with sanctions if they undermine the region's autonomy or human rights u.s.
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lawmakers have described it as a commitment to democracy we must take action to demonstrate to president g. the united states senate stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of hong kong in u.s. congress we look forward to swiftly advancing the bipartisan hong kong human rights and democracy act to reaffirm u.s. commitment to democracy human rights and the rule of law and a feast of beijing's crackdown. some of the us are still so obstinately sticking to the wrong course they threaten to push the relevant hong kong related legislation wantonly criticized on conifers and grossly interfered in china's internal affairs once again i advise certain u.s. politicians to immediately stop pushing hong kong related legislation cease interfering in hong kong affairs at once and make efforts to enhance mutual trust and cooperation between china and the u.s. hong kong based investigative investigative journalist andre walczak thinks the protesters are already receiving help from washington. actually the protesters
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threw it all to probably expect any direct help from the united states or united states is long gone are force and the troops are doing anything got to to help them out however they are counting fully on the direct. media and propaganda support from the us the united states. the model says so call them all going to sit movement that's the cause or hitting the ball this was actually about it if they reduce anyone who is against them is being either intimidated or a direct china is. keeping cool at this so far between the home grown boys horsemen and the local protestors but how long the situation can last that of those with those entire cities but all eyes stations are being destroyed and the main avenues absolutely dropped from that us to the city. thanks
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for joining us here in r.t. international we're back in 30 minutes with all the latest we see of the. well you know the pirates they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in this small ball it's next to the hard pool of ships and it's scary. but sometimes. the little self to be told fish already 90 percent of it are not and he won't recover and. qantas 15 scoops 75 tons and they do it several times a day with a big fleet so now you get an idea on why ocean before. we have to
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understand we can not stay still and just. be witness oh he is the only boy in his arms. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future can generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have. with the old make this manufacture consent instant of public will. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the flame and cleary go around to listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. going to the real news is.
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the world. the world is driven by shaped by phone person. dare's thinks. we dare to ask. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were employed. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively than day but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the 10
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principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solid doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. so for even a little. dilbert seclusion you served him.
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would get you to me what. it was more of your. president. said. that. if. there's a good. you have a dull eyes. or you see. the face to face n.b.c.
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which quite a long. time . in the investments. you know the. books. you read it was worth a shot you were of the world. if you missed it was the words. put them to dr spira for refusing to be. arguable that he's that the it's a studio surely. september
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the 1st 200-4915 am school number one beslan north of 300 was attacked during a festive assembly marking the start of a new school year terrorists took 1127 hostages forcing them into the main school building the gem of the county they fired shots into the air and at the ground in front of their feet. as i would what are you waiting loved to fish taught them god only a boy laughs as the last nickel got a rush corner of syria. boy oh boy yeah when my mom on my special ways specialist dr yet i inferred i struck a thundershower mom i think she's tough i knew. yes.
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the shades yes don't see him do you see these middle. or. were supposed to see a book that. you . leave. on the kitchen floor you. have to watch. it.


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