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peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the. 3. level talks between the leaders of russia turkey and iran. over the current state and future of the syrian crisis the president's denouncing saudi arabia's actions in yemen following recent assaults on riyadh dissidents and. the. british prime minister skips his own news conference after failed to bragg's it. in the. news is john for failing to offer anything new . on the disputed territory of kashmir a prominent separatist leader awaits trial in a decades old murder case we hear from his wife. maj and any human being
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locked up in a cage fight by 7 feet in all. it's midnight here in moscow and you're watching our international live from austin. welcome to the program. the leaders of russia turkey and iran have wrapped up their 5th summit over the situation in syria and how to help the country's future our correspondent maria has been following the talks in the turkish capital. it has been a very busy day and now the feast on the trilateral summit on syria is over here and karen before that the leaders of turkey iran and russia had a tete a tetes and definitely they had a lot to discuss and these time the talks focused on 3 major things 1st and number one was the situation in syria is no than province small of the the it is
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a very huge area that is believed to be home right now from $2.00 to $3000000.00 people so it is also conceded to be the last remaining stronghold of anti government forces in syria including. moderate so-called opposition and also al qaida like islam is a very dangerous terrorists very hard to deal with not along negotiate with so of course of the 3 leaders and 3 countries and syria and other regional players and outside players have been facing this big challenge how to get treat of terrorists and this is something all the 3 leaders agreed should be done of course as soon as possible but how to do that without harming civilians in that area and we heard at the press conference today from all 3 leaders from mr rouhani mr added a gun and mr clinton that 1st of all counted terri's operations in that area shoot
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continue for another breakthrough that we actually had today as a result of this summit is constitutional committee this is a centerpiece of the u.n. peace after he's in syria and this is a crucial mcnamee's and we've heard that from mr han and mr going to mr putin to bring peace to syria and to actually establish the entire region and it has been discussed for almost a year already and today we heard that the least of the members of this can. miti has been approved by turkey iran and russia 150 people those a loyal to the current syrian government and as well as opposition figures they are those who are supposed to represent the syrian people and the international arena and held political stability in the country another focus during these talks was
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regarding the territory in north of syria east of the euphrates river and we heard from all 3 leaders that they respect the territorial integrity of syria should be the crucial moment of. stabilizing the situation in that country but at the same time we heard from turkey that they want to create a kind of c.t. of refugees in that area east of your freighters is now under the control of the american troops together with some european nations and turkey of course is involved in that part it's a good initiative but at the same time it kind of contradicts the idea of territorial integrity so i guess there were some breakthrough there were some agreements and major discussions but still the right disagreements between turkey russia and iran on of course how exactly to bring
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peace to syria and we heard that the next 6 summit on syria will be held in tehran and which means more discussions to come. the russian turkish and iranian president also touched on the train strikes on to. refineries have the weekend states claims iran is directly responsible which denies a patrol car reports. it's not even been a week since the famous most stosh was shaved off the face of america's. foreign policy if you know what i mean but even without mr bolton someone else who is actually in charge of diplomacy has tweeted the u.s. will join efforts with allies to ensure iran is held accountable for its aggression and there's plenty of other hawks to explain how not supposed to be done it is now time for the united states to put on the table an attack on iranian oil refineries
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if they continue their provocations were increased nuclear enrichment so this sound of the drums of war is back because oil refineries in saudi arabia went up in flames now after a hit see this island right here that is the kingdom of bahrain as seen from space the fire was so huge that the black of the smoke was almost just as big as you can see right there but who said it was to iran the u.s. state department even though boss might compare didn't explain how they knew the rain ians did it i'll tell you what the who the rebels who are fighting a civil war in yemen even said it was us but for washington that's just a smokescreen. amid all the cool deescalation iran has now launched and i'm president of the tyco of the world's energy supply the damages indeed of men's if you look at it from one side the world's biggest black gold producer says the
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strike cut its crude old supply by around a half donald trump quickly called the saudi crown prince to offer him full support but we know just how much oil and how much cash saudi arabia has riyadh has already called its buyers telling them the disaster is still not enough to disturb its black gold exports plus they've been known as a western darling in the middle east for years and the saudis have been bombing the who theory rebels in yemen with the solid approval of the us and allies. but back to iran the number one troublemaker in the area through washington's lenses i mean lately even donald trump has hinted he's ready to engage in diplomacy
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with their leadership could happen it could have. no problem with the black plumes of smoke from the burning saudi oil have probably clouded those intentions with or without john bolton what to do with iran remains the u.s. administration's toughest puzzle we should really think very carefully and the european view did i think be cautious and really looking at it more why he's come to what usa really clearly wants to do is that take this as a pretext perhaps to ratchet up more pressure on iran and also potentially. go. for war with iran it would be really not why for usa to get into a war situation and perhaps wait a little while i get the information and really analyze that to see who
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was the real perpetrator. talks to get the stalled gregson process moving forward all in flat british prime minister passed johnson let the european commission president in luxembourg this monday but the essentials and failed to provide any viable alternatives and despite comparing himself to the incredible hulk before the talks passed johnson then ducked out of a joint news conference because of a few noisy protesters had gathered by. was the was was it's on. mr johnson. he holds the future of all u.k.
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citizens and every you citizens live in the u.k. he sense it's his responsibility. you know people people count on you but the clock is ticking you see is time twice so last week boris johnson losing a series of votes in the house of commons that would see basically parliament pushing me back the brags the deadline in passing and no deal drags it legislation as it's been dubbed but we've done saw boris johnson's move to suspend parliament coming into play and that's where we are now the parliament still suspended us despite the scottish court ruling that his suspension of parliament was on norful and so boris johnson has been trying to use that time in between to negotiate a deal with the e.u. that would see an alternative to the northern irish backstop but this proved so contentious in accepting any deal between the 2 sides but it would appear if you've
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been depending on who you believe there hasn't been much progress the prime minister says that talks are going along swiftly and that he sees a deal that could be struck between the 2 sides but many on the e.u. sides including the locks and the prime minister who we source speaking on his own at that press conference saying that the responsibility for any alternative proposals for a deal have to come from the u.k. side and the european side say they're simply not seeing that progress taking place and all of this expedited by the fact that of course we're heading towards the top of the 31st deadline and should no deal be struck between the 2 sides well then the u.k. will leave with no deal on the trading relationship on wall trade organization rules that many economists here in the u.k. have said will cause huge disruption and actually in fact even the government's own impact analyses for worst case scenario saying that no deal breaks it could see
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shortages of fuel and medicine food and huge queues at the border at dover so far as many here in the u.k. are concerned work needs to really step up pace if a deal is to be struck. and an armed man has been seriously injured by anti-government protesters in hong kong during this weekend's latest round of demonstrations the man reportedly tried to confront a segment of a rally before being viciously attacked he was left unconscious and required treatment at the scene but his condition being described as serious video of the incident has gone viral online and we should warn you you may find the footage upsetting. i love you. i. know that i will always. water either which i will mark i t z how do i add to. the protest movement in a whole call mark to 100 days over the weekend and once again they clashed with police the demonstrations were initially sparked by
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a controversial extradition back in june since then however the demands of the anti beijing protesters have been much broader and attracted support from the west. meanwhile one of the whole call a protest leaders joshua wall is currently in the u.s. as part of his will talk he's set to attend a congregational hearing on the so-called hong kong human and democracy act of this tuesday wall arrived in the u.s. after a visit to germany where he was received as an honored guest at events concerning human rights. live now to sarra flounders head of the anti war international action center sorry things are coming on to the program now this did start as a peaceful movement so what do you think is behind the violence that we're seeing. well from the early beginning this is a movement that is a very well funded and highly organized over years and years by the national
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endowment for democracy by u.s. and british orson's to create a social movement like the color of illusions we have seen in other countries this is not the 1st time we've seen this in the ukraine re seen it in syria we're seeing it in venezuela nicaragua again and again where there is a force that is actually organized and weaponized against a regime that the us is targeting and certainly in hong kong. since before before sovereignty was returned to china there has been a strong movement in the schools in social media in every possible way to weaponize a whole section of the youth against china and the demonstrations are not just a surprise they really have had the greatest encouragement and support as we can
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see even in the visits of the leaders of this movement to the u.s. to the e.u. countries where they are hurled and fetid and and warmly received as great humanitarian representatives and then you see these awful pictures on the street where a man simply for saying i am chinese is assaulted is beaten unconscious now how did this happen in the young more than it is because young people organized absolutely hate china in every possible way and were raves in ideas that make a separate hong kong and density that's totally hostile to china but you really have to look at who's organizer of this movement and that they are now trying to create. a crisis or provocation so far this kind of violence is seen several cases of journalists and police officers getting injured and properties being
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vandalized in your opinion to what extent does this d. legitimize the movement well it certainly do you would utilize as a moment because i don't think from the start this was a legitimate movement they are not addressing conditions in hong kong which the very way it was set up the special arrangement was set up by the british empire from the beginning is an equal and they're not addressing those conditions or they're blaming china or things that were set for 50 years a completely contradictory condition and situation and they understand that very well the courts and the police and the real estate interests all of that was sent to him and absolutely in place now the government has tried in every way to meet with the protesters they have refused what they and at the same time they address
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the violence of the hoops and yet. we know here in the u.s. there's not a day that goes by every single day there's at least one police in the u.s. enormous violence against migrants we can look at the violence against the yellow vests the violence and the israelis in gaza with those killings every day not one of these protesters has been killed in hong kong and yet only when the publicity is on police violence and so sorry if we if we because we haven't got that much time but if we look at one of the protest leaders joshua wall. is in the u.s. right now trying to drum up support for the movement. is it right for the movement to be getting a foreign power involved. no and that says exactly who joshua is and all of these protesters when they carry us exe and british flags and kalani
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your flags that they want the active intervention of the us against china not just against hong kong they want rules passed and congressional legislation passed that will be used as part of a trade war against china they want to in holmes are very rigid and they are merely leaks folks who are this are so i think they're not only gentlemen for us i think the extreme wing well funded well organized force by their not representing the crying needs of the people of hong kong. for a future and for a better life and instead they're trying to create hatred for the very fact that there are chinese who would have done a fine i mean these are protesters adana with his british colonial war through through the opium i mean really it's like ok fine you should sorry it's our way
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we're going to have to end it there very good to have you on the program to discuss this are flounders head of the and he's the international action center banks are. there a prominent separatist leader from disputed kashmir is set to face trial in india over a murder dating back almost 30 years ago yasin malik is the head of a group that wants the muslim majority region to belong neither to india nor pakistan nuclear our neighbors than both want to claim kashmir in full his separatist group has been banned in india and to a new anti terror law though he is a former militant a quarter of a century ago his group adopted nonviolent methods malik faces trial for allegedly leading a group of militants who killed 4 indian air force personnel in kashmir in 1990 he's been in an indian prison since march under a law that allows for suspects to be. for up to 2 years without charge his wife told us about the inhumane prison conditions she says he's being kept in. imagine
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any human being locked up in a cage 5 by 7 feet with an open lap and to sleep there on the really hard cemented floor without any blanket and with this hypertensive lights on his head all the time he's got blood clots in his eyes because the light doesn't go off and he's not allowed to open the cage even for a minute and in the 24 hours just for 10 to 15 minutes to open the cage and like you know you with a leash you pull out a dog from the dog house and you force them to walk even an animal won't do that because naturally your legs your arms your bourne's they become stagnant and he requires definite physiotherapy which has been recommended by the doctors from that you. tensions increased when in just trip to kashmir special autonomy status last month in the sense that thousands of additional troops
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arrested $4000.00 and imposed a communications blockade on the region by sharm el sheikh again believes india is silencing kashmiri voices. it's basically it's said last for you know just an easy terms like a land grab i mean we're sitting in this house and just imagine if some gangsters attack us and you know this not to be our properties and you know they force us to write the name in the give them the property rights and cut off all the electricity all food supplies and we have no waste no connection to the outside world so we're left defenseless in the same manner that's what they're doing with us right now they're starving us to death. and 1400000 and. i weiss's are not being heard because naturally we have a voice but all there's a clampdown on communications on internet and is a blanket ban on all the political voices and there's no social media there's no mobile networks no radios don't television so we are talking living on another
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planet right now the kashmir dispute remains one of the longest unresolved conflicts since british india partitioned india and pakistan in 1907 and indian security experts we spoke to justify new delhi's actions and as a referendum on kashmir independence is not a viable option. to start has changed the demography. the areas that your daughter plays what we call is pakistan occupied kashmir. and they have also brought in a large amount of the regular presence that is the military service since in the big decision on august fire the more the government big these decisions. and short of that there would be more. wireless. from. the people and all saw that there would be noise damage by pakistan and the support of the terror groups how india.
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at the moment it's not very clear but the political claim. pakistan occupied kashmir as the unfinished part of partition is still there on the indian political spread sheet if you will. to a controversial bill in california which if made law would force universities in the state to provide students seeking to terminate a pregnancy with abortion pills the proposal has sparked outrage. by ensuring that abortion care is available on campus college students will not have to choose between delaying important medical care i have been to travel long distances on these classes the work not on my dime not on my dime taxed me to help the homeless tax me to help social services the don't tax me to pay for this puzzle of human life they should be ashamed to risk women's lives at schools if it has the approval
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of california's governor in 2023 campus health services at dozens of universities in the state will be required to provide students with abortion pills according to the bill there are more than 840-0000 eligible female students at california state university campuses private donations of about $10000000.00 will be used to train staff and buy ultrasound machines but it's feared that eventually the state would have to cover the cost all universities would have to raise to know how things are . a study of adolescent how found that more than $500.00 women at public universities in california seek one to cation for an abortion i think months karen took radio and t.v. host and resurface an attorney and author discussed the development. we have to allow women to decide if they want to pursue their education with the complications of bearing children that would be an economic harm to them they have to be able to be able to make a choice and providing them the tools with the abortion pill is simply just doing
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and doing just that we have to give women a choice but we should also be pushing adoption as an option why do we just want to hand them a pill and say it's ok here take care of your problems you know what the problem is we need to address this before these women get pregnant we need to educate these college students handing them over a pill is not the answer here are we going to say to a woman you know what you had a chance to get an education to create a better life for yourself but you completely ruined that and now that you're pregnant we're not going to be able to complete your studies or there's a risk that you won't be able to do that and so you just have to drop out and a person who doesn't have an education have the ability going to go after high level jobs i now want to add on now you're at a because most women ceasar is not interested in being on government and oh in order to go sailing and most women to shoulder on and off for even having already and more fit only a little more you know we can get we can allow these women to go through with
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a full term pregnancy and allow them to choose adoption but can we actually be honest and discuss the impact of carrying a child for 9 months on a college campus when you absolutely had no desire to be pregnant not only was i an 18 year old mother and did i finish my career and am i here talking to you today but i'm also the product of adoption at adoption is an option and it's an option that seems to be totally off the table in america today why did we stop talking about the fact that you can give me away. get it off they've got a real a.v. that is born in america every baby is born there are 37 families that want to adopt that baby something is very wrong when we're handing out abortion pills on campus we're allowing women to decide for themselves based on what they know about their life experiences and their socio economic status or are they in a position to move forward and currently take one the role of being a mother that is something that's not taken lightly by these women and i believe
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that when we allow them the tools to make the choices they're going to say you know i have to make this choice for me very simply morally wrong it's morally wrong to promote abortion in a way that it becomes the chosen choice where it becomes the number one choice over a life i'm pro-choice i believe in a woman's right to choose i believe there are circumstances where she should have that choice but i also believe that we need to advocate for a life the reality is that going to school full time and having a newborn baby is very difficult and it's a burden that some women have decided that they don't want to take on and frankly who are we to say that they should be forced to go to term with a pregnancy if they're feeling that they're not ready. to meet the pros to renewable energy has had some of the wind taken out of it sails with strong resistance from people that live near power generating to pines don't cotton went
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to meet some of. germany's 2030 renewable energy goals are on a collision course with reality the country's energy sector needs a hero something to save the green agenda before it's too late and to fill those larger than life issues the government has put its face in wind power we are convinced that the expansion towards 65 percent of renewable power on the grid by 2030 can only be. if the expansion of onshore wind is revived for years wind power was a main driving force of germany's fast expanding green energy industry making up almost a quarter of total production so far this year its proponents praise wind as one of germany's most important energy sources creating thousands of jobs and many megawatts of energy while also cutting c o 2 emissions but wind farm expansion has slowed to a snail's pace and these towering mails have cost hundreds of anti wind citizens initiatives to spring up across the country so i drove down to brandenburg task
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residents how they felt about these when mills being built in their backyards and enough but no the aircraft warning lights are flashing so that you feel like you're in the middle of an industrial park on oil refinery and in this individual or in winter months the shadows from the rotating mills create a disco thug to your living room and there are a lot of complains about it. i'm gone talk we've gone to even sit outside on sundays you know open our windows it annoyed because of the noise of the whole landscape licas those are serious problems but noises and shadows aren't the only issues here in fact residents are complaining about other ways in which windmills are hurting the environment. you know renewable energy is a great idea but then needs to be a reasonable approach windmills in the forest we are generally against that it must enough prove that bats and insects are being killed on mass and that damages
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biodiversity by technology that is supposed to be environmentally friendly there are more negative outcomes than positive ones and to top it all off they feel that the government doesn't care who bears the burden on us and or when generating zone was built at a distance prescribed for smaller meals and that was ok but then they built an additional one that is 50 meters high with these regard to the local community we haven't been asked but just presented with the facts since it's been to the 1st 6 mills were installed and we urgently consider it positive now they're getting bigger taller louder people are getting annoyed and now there is a notion that our contribution to renewables has been fulfilled and the expansion should stop and if the government doesn't explore other alternatives in response to this grassroots opposition germany.


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