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tv   News  RT  September 24, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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no it's true. you. know. moscow accuses washington of violating its international commitments after the u.s. fails to grant visas through several members of the russian delegation to the u.n. general assembly. iran north korea china reels off is usual rivals and as you would address in a speech largely aimed at his home crowd. and britain's highest court rules the prime minister broke the law by suspending parliament the judge as
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you've done with decision means m.p.'s will convene again to morrow take on the move. and the embattled premier. from moscow thanks for joining us here at the international dam hawkins' with you tonight's welcome to the program. where the u.n. general assembly is underway in new york but not everyone got the ringside seat russia's foreign ministry has said that 10 members of its delegation were not granted u.s. visas ahead of the session to travel and called the move a provocation which warrants a tough response joining you know neal earlier in the studio with the details well moscow is absolutely furious because if you think about it that's a huge thing. constant this is a prominent politician and they term and all of the foreign affairs committee all of the upper term by the russian parliament said he's up. to attend the u.n.
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general assembly that is open these days in new york because of visa issues and he wasn't actually denied american visa but what basically happened as far as we understand is that his application didn't go through and he was not to fight about that very very last moment and he failed to protect american visa on time it doesn't sound like anything criminal he can still reapply but clearly there is no time enough. so he's going to miss the discussions he were planning to participate in and the thing is that he was not the only one to put in this unpleasant situation we know that at least 8 other members of the russian delegation's i mean they arrived this morning in one of moscow airports with bags with tickets to new york with plans to participate in important debates and they expected their passports with american visas to be delivered to the airport from the u.s. embassy this is normal procedure but it never happened so this isn't the alchemy aspect of this health situation is that these people were not not to fight about
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what's going on and the only learned about that very last moment and the u.s. side says talks about some technical problems but constant calls it a provocation this is absolutely unprecedented situation the little states of america does not have to determine who. to participate and who is not to participate in the. united nations. will be responded to by the russians no doubt about it you can see is very angry it's not exactly clear what measures constant was talking about what we heard from russian president spokesperson method of discourse also that they will be response from the crowd when there is a furious reaction from the russian foreign ministry as well we know that the u.s. deputy ambassador has been summoned to the foreign ministry here in moscow. over
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some pleasant situation maybe we can expect some clarification later on and we heard from the foreign ministry spokesperson that is the heart of our i mean she described it as an example of huge disrespect from the american side let's take a listen documents that we handed over for pro sassoon earlier a couple of months before departure were returned to us with the word they have been handed in early it's an outrageous example of disrespect by the u.s. to u.n. members as well as an example of a failure to fulfill obligation as the host country of the world are. a good thing is that we hear that. a lover of russia's foreign ministry who is leading the russian delegation at the u.n. general assembly is going to address this issue at his meeting with. his secretary of state maybe there will be some explanations. are there any other cases though when when foreign delegations have problems entering the u.s.
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oh yeah of course you have those thoughts for the 1st time and even during the 74th session we heard from teheran that several members of the rat in delegation were north american so we know that the iranian leader mr rouhani and the foreign minister mr if i go into a time general assembly there delegation is dramatically cut and if you are going to yeah but i mean if you think about it that's a huge thing because the u.n. general assembly is an annual event it's a huge platform and if you do a geisha is cut by have i mean of course you work is a factor and your expectations a lawyer and that doesn't sound fair in the 1st level debate at the u.n. general assembly the u.s. president took the way to walgreens you can address trump speech touched upon issues including global trade the crosses in the persian gulf nuclear proliferation as well as democracy promotion. has the run up. well this is the 3rd time that
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we've heard u.s. president donald trump address the u.n. general assembly at the headquarters in new york now this year he did really emphasize what has been a theme recurring in his u.n. addresses that being national sovereignty and favoring patriotism over globalism he also seemed to emphasize that the way to protect the country sovereignty was to have democracy if you want freedom take pride in your country. if you want democracy hold on to your sovereignty and if you want peace love your nation furthermore it's important to note that trump used the platform at the u.n. general assembly to criticize a number of countries around the world now he did talk about north korea and his negotiations and the potential seeing north korea as being full of untapped potential and who seemed optimistic about negotiations however he singled out the
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islamic republic of iran for criticism he criticized china and said that it's violating the intellectual property rights of american corporations and he singled out 3 countries in latin america cuba nicaragua and venezuela taking specific and met nicolas maduro the president of venezuela the dictator maduro is a cuban puppet protected by cuban bodyguards hiding from his own people well cuba plunders venezuela's oil wealth to sustain its own corrupt communist rule when trump launched his tirade against madeira it's important to note that the venezuelan envoy in the room stopped listening to the speech and began reading a book and that wasn't just any book it was a biography of simone bold barn the liberator of south america the anti colonial hero for which the bowl of varian socialist movement that founded the cry. the
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government of venezuela was names many observers looked on trump speech and heard him boast about his quote pro growth economic policies in the united states which he says are having a very good impact they heard him boast about the u.s. military budget they heard him talk about how the usa will never be a socialist country and they wondered if this speech was really aimed at the international body or whether or not this was the kind of speech trump would give at a campaign rally around the country much of the rhetoric rejecting globalism paling his crackdown on immigration criticizing what he called radical activists to eke uses of being involved in human smuggling and protecting human smugglers a lot of this seemed to be us directed rhetoric directed at voters in the key states i would trump needs to win if he's going to get reelected in 2020 however this was trump's 3rd u.n. speech many have also noticed that it was a little bit less bombastic and dramatic than his previous speeches despite the fact he directed a lot of criticism at a lot of different countries it seemed
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a little bit tamer calmer and less spontaneous so mixed reactions coming into trump's 3rd address to the united nations general assembly. britain's highest court has voted on president to do legal defeat to the prime minister judges unanimously ruling that boris johnson decision to suspend parliament earlier this month was. the prime minister's advice to her majesty was. void and if. this means that the council which led was a little void and of no effect and should be quashed the proof was also void and new. parliament has not been. all of it howls of discontent from m.p.'s and the public the prime ministers a splendid parliament at the beginning of september 5 weeks was widely seen as a move to prevent m.p.'s from scrutinizing his plan to exit the e.u. or october the 31st with or without a deal
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a scottish court later ruled to move on lawful now the highest court in the land also agrees that means parliament can now city again the commons speaker says it'll convene on wednesday morning boris johnson is now returning early from the un saying intends to carry on with bricks it regardless this is a 3rd it did we will respect. the judicial process i have to say i strongly disagree with what the justices who thought and i don't think that. it's right but the most bullies we get a little break to it on october 31st let's get reaction from 4 british m.p. george galloway thanks for joining us good to have in the program was always will speak a bit more about the consequences for boris johnson later but what does this mean for that deadline of delivering bricks that come what may on the 31st of october does that mean it's dead in the water. i'm not sure because dead in the water it's in the water i'm not sure of it's waving or drowning but it certainly father
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complicates the british position in the run up to halloween when we're supposed to be leaving the european union and of course was what the whole thing was about this is a coup judicial coup or our committee of 11 lawyers have burst their way in to the british political system which they were never and paneled to do which they have no parliamentary or thought or to to do parliament never legislated to change our constitution and this is a seismic change in our constitution is not every day that the queen gets found guilty of acting on lawfully is the decision there's a difference in on lawful and illegal which most of your viewers will understand one is will for one can be accidental i play football on the grass not knowing that
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there is no ball games allowed that some law follow if there's a sign saying no ball games allowed to play then i'm acting illegally neither did the court find that boris johnson had lied to the queen but if he didn't lie to the queen then that means that both of them conspired to act on lawfully and believe me in our constitutional monarchy like this and where the person of her majesty the queen is still held in great reverence in the country to find her guilty of acting on lawfully is quite a dramatic and radical shift what does this mean for the premiership of boris johnson he's faced obviously the loss of the working majority resignations he's lost key votes how difficult a situation does this put him in. well the center on the left are demanding that bought a strong must go and i'm one of those that wants him to go the differences i want to take ringback come up on his offer of
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a general election no the others are saying boaters johnson must go but not yet not until we've finally erect bricks it makes them hypocrites in my view of the decisions already been made by the labor leader jeremy carbon that he will not table a vote of no confidence in the prime minister so here again we have a constitutional development if you like people calling for the prime minister to go but not being prepared to actually force them to go through a motion of no confidence in the house of commons what is the next move for a piece in the house of commons they're itching to get back they're going to get back in their small row what do you think will be their next steps. well i'm not sure what else they've got to do or have to do that was one of the foolishness. of foolishness of boris johnson's prorogue ation of parliament in the 1st place because no sooner had he announced the pro to gay ssion parliament rushed
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through a bill in record time which trust him up like a turkey and force them to go to brussels and ask for an extension for another 3 months after which they were prepared to countenance a general election so i'm not sure there's much more than rhetoric that they can do but the devil finds work for a dollar hands maybe the devil will find more work for this devilish parliament to do in the weeks to come you mention the possibility of a general election their polls are suggesting. and still more popular than opposition leaders are in a call by less despite you know him being the least successful prime minister in history arguably what do you think could be the outcome of that where could that lead to with bricks it well no one knows yet what the public really thinks but my judgment would be that the public will see all of this today as for the evidence
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of the as stubler shipment the very richest the very most powerful including deep and secret state agencies being determined to do anything that they can including dragging the queen into such on imbroglio in order to stop breaks it and the danger for the opposition is that people will think well at least boris johnson is trying to implement a decision made by 17 and a half 1000000 british people the biggest number ever to vote for anyone or anything in our entire history and that's the danger that when the election comes they'll be a backlash against the establishment and boris johnson will be the beneficiary of it. got away thanks for your time today and all to you good to have you on the program. organization tossed with digging out this information names alternative news sources as well among the culprits generating
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millions from google ads that story and more after this short break. you know world of big part of. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. bank run and this is when the bank is solvent and folks are concerned about their money so they.
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withdraw the money so here you have $1.00 of the foundation blocks of the global derivatives market and the repo market and it's being bailed out every day by $75000000000.00 a day so it's the biggest bailout for a day for our i'd never seen a bailout on an hourly basis this big ever in history. the international the teenager tomorrow mental activist grabbed a book delivered an impassioned address to the un climate action summit on monday this week he's come painted rebuked world leaders for failing to tackle the destruction of the biosphere. you have stolen my dreams my childhood with your empty words and yet i'm one of the jocks once. people are
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suffering people are dying entire school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and what you can talk about is money and fame or tales of eternal economic growth how did you. 6 also scarlet donald trump when they almost crossed paths with the u.s. president paid 0 attention to the headline grabbing climate activist she then left the room accompanied by security guards as the president arrived at the u.n. headquarters for a separate raising on religious freedoms. now the young activists emotional speech at the u.n. was praised by many with people describing who was inspirational and sympathizing her anger against environmental destruction over the widespread support has been somewhat soured though by a wave of mockery as well the french education minister responded to grettir speech saying she risks creating a generation of people depressed about climate change member of the germany
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germany's ruling c.d.u. party also claim the team's attempting to appeal to emotion without offering rational arguments as been a flurry of criticism on social media as well good german i mean he gave us his thoughts on the speech and the fun fair around the activist. message may be delivered in heartfelt terms but to call it compelling it's not objectionable or what is perhaps objectionable is the hysteria that is being created by the media in relation to every one of her. appearances we have a very complex scientific problem for us here there is scientists are more divided on the issue. of climate change and the reasons for it and we pay very little attention to
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a serious allegation that the scientific evidence but instead listening to a 16 year old as if she were the new oracle of delfi. website spreading this information generate millions of dollars in our level ties in revenue from well known brands that's according to a new study by a british organization the global this information index for the domains cited include those peddling conspiracy theories pseudo science but also a conservative website and r.t. senior correspondent more of goes the of takes a closer look at who's behind the study. in simple terms everything's become automated even the ads you place online they are placed by algorithms you never know what sites will end up on and the algorithms can tell about the good websites with real and honest news and the bad websites with fake news and
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stuff the good guys don't agree with the problem is the real journalists are incensed that they aren't getting enough of your money global dissin from asian index the g.d. i estimate that a quarter $1000000000.00 is paid annually to our database of $20000.00 dissin from ation sites by ad tech companies placing adverts for many well known brands these brands include household names that many of us know already and honda american airlines and office max among others well loud sounds like a catastrophe imagine buoying being advertised on a flat earth or website or a construction company being advertised on a 911 truth as blog it's the kind of crazy websites the report means right the sites in our sample include addicting info dot com r t v dot com twitchy dot com and 0 hedge dot com. oh all
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of. this information websites twitchy fairly conservative gig with are many more mistakes or fake news than c.n.n. or the new york times 0 hedge much the same and of course us where would any list be without r t but enough about us that see the judge's global this information index coalition governments business and civil society based on neutrality independence and transparency. independence or so who funds them a few non-profits and well there it is the ukase foreign office the one that organized journalists to attack british politicians advocated invading iraq on a false premise constantly say to people there are decisions that to be made in
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relation to iraq at all but the reason no doubt that iraq poses a threat in the state of weapons of mass destruction and there is no doubt that this issue is an issue that should be dealt with but state funding aside the advisory panel is a wonder to an apple bomb married to a former polish foreign minister noted for his anti russian stance she herself prominent peddler of the trump russian collusion story which was all fake in seeking russian support not only to become president but also to make money even as he launched his presidential campaign he hoped to receive a major influx of money from a proposed trump tower in moscow so an independent organization who funded by a foreign ministry the noted peddler of conspiracy theories helping to run it and to think it's these people who are angry that they don't get enough of your money
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make no mistake once they nail down an algorithm to do the censorship for them you'll never be misinformed again or well hear a different opinion. that's it for this hour the. most because i'm of the latest global news headlines join us again that. i was. i'm sorry i did. i.
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just wanted to give you. my. close. look at. what holds if you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want. to try to be 1st it's like the before korean the more can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my heart. there should be. helpful but as you live but if she warn you posted by you can i do the dishes at the bazemore those jeans need the speech to see me read to you.
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and about their number when he dies if he. continues i mean that is without infringing ball. a lot of you will see sawing and fuzzy farts about to. to the child the most ardent. but as a little strange as if archer. the. ear in chief of people gathered at 5 am days doing this is. an english lady a few people who recently who saw in new. england. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters i'm sure the mother daughter is very serious and terry it really messes with your head what
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happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court be. shocked shocked as far as society we feel. we don't know still just for the. end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know the actual just. so much for being with us would really appreciate thank you last week here in moscow you had talks with us x. in the system secretary of state mr ritter how would you describe the conversation how productive was that and what kind of trends did it reveal i'm hopeful that we will move forward with
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a very troubling agenda you know relationship which is stuck essentially we were not able to produce any progress nothing to report to her bosses as moral were we have problems. in areas that directly affect interests of people from the main street in both places where deprived of our consular presences for instance at the west coast and we have long huge rows before people waiting for interviews at the u.s. consular missions here this is just an example and it goes across the board from such things further to for instance limitations for normal activities of embassies in both places further over to our economic cooperation and you know arms control and nonproliferation we're just stuck so the beginning of more an intensified pace of our contacts with the u.s. is quite promising but we should deliver i'm hopeful our american colleagues
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including those you know at responsible positions at this state and the sea and elsewhere will understand that it's not sustainable anymore this way as we saw it in recent years while what you describe sounds like a little bit like a doomsday how was the conversation did mr ray care understand it the same way as well they recognize that something should be done about it and i'm encouraged by the message on his part and on the part of some of his colleagues that we should well this is my interpretation but let me tell you so adopt a doctrine of small step progress this is how we want to move from this current situation and we you know heard some promising you know hints if not signals on the part of the u.s. that it might be possible at least in some areas can we expect any changes in
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particular. to john bolton's departure from the white house well persons go persons being a point. we need to see what will happen in practice we should not make the u.s. policy towards russia that personal of course any person has he's or her impact on orders going on the eve he or she is at that level and in this position so my expectation would be there would be no changes since we all recognize there is a what we call here and russian bipartisan consensus in the us but at least we have a need to do something different and in some cases in some areas like i'm scriptural to do it rapidly otherwise we will not just lose momentum but we will face further troubles are they speaking about other countries some experts talk
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