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thanks for joining us in our. welcome to the program. u.n. general assembly is underway in new york but not everyone. russia's foreign ministry has said that 10 members of. the head of the session the kremlin called the move a provocation which warrants a tough response. with the details. well moscow is absolutely furious because if you think about it that's a huge thing. constant in russia's prominent politician and diploma a term and all of the foreign affairs committee of the upper term for the russian parliament said he's not going to attend the un general assembly that is open these days in new york because of visa issues and he wasn't actually denied american visa
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but what basically happened as far as we understand is that his application didn't go through and he was not to fight about that very very last moment and he failed to protect american visa on time it doesn't sound like anything criminal he can still reapply but clearly there is no time enough. so he's going to miss the discussions he were planning to participate in and the thing is that he was not the only one to put in this unpleasant situation we know that at least 8 other members of the russian delegation's i mean they arrived this morning in one of the moscow airports with bags with tickets to new york with plans to participate in important debates and they expected their passports with american visas to be delivered to the airports from the u.s. embassy this is normal procedure but it never happened so this is an alchemy aspect of this health situation is that these people were not not to fight about what's going on and the only learnt about that very last moment and the u.s.
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side says talks about some technical problems but constant calls that provocation this is absolutely unprecedented situation the latest states of america does not have to determine who. to participate and who is not to participate in the. united nations. will be responded by the russians say no doubt about it so you can see is very angry it's not exactly clear what measures across and was talking about what we heard from russian president. spokesperson also that there will be response from the crowd when there is a furious reaction from the russian foreign ministry as well we know that the us deputy ambassador has been summoned to the foreign ministry here in moscow over some pleasant situation maybe we can expect some clarification later on and we heard from the foreign ministry spokesperson. i mean she described it as an example of
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huge disrespect from the americans let's take a listen documents that we handed over for pro sassoon earlier a couple of months before departure were returned to us with the word they have been handed in early it's an outrageous example of disrespect by the u.s. to u.n. members as well as an example of failure to fulfill obligation as the host country of the world are going. well good thing is that we hear that. russia's foreign minister who is leading the russian delegation that the u.n. general assembly is going to address this issue at his meeting with. his secretary of state maybe there will be some explanations. are there any other cases though when when foreign delegations have problems entering the u.s. oh yeah of course you have those thoughts for the 1st time and even during the 74th session we heard from teheran that several members of the rat in delegation were
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north american so we know that the iranian leader mr heinie and the foreign minister mr is going to attend general assembly there delegation is dramatically cut and if you are going to yeah but i mean if you think about it that's a huge thing because the u.n. general assembly is an annual event it's a huge platform and if you do a geisha is cut by hov i mean of course your work is a fact and your expectations a lawyer and that doesn't sound fair. global affairs analyst patrick anything but he was washington's attempting to hinder the work of international organizations such as the u.n. this is just beyond diplomatic games and chess is something else the broader theme people need to look at here is that this administration the trumpet ministration is actively trying to undermine and dismantle multilateral
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institutions wherever they can find them and so you have unofficial sanctions and official sanctions those people on the lists of course are using that to maybe impede their ability to travel that includes diplomats but on officially they can do this via bureaucratic red tape and games by using the state department as a kind of political instrument in this way to harass certain countries that the administration believes are perceived as being enemies of the united states and right at a very crucial time with between saudi arabia iran and we also have the kashmir crisis going on china and hong kong the i.n.f. treaty being abandoned we have syria right now an impasse and it live but tension is such an important time all diplomats need to be in new york need to be attending all of these important meetings and for the u.s. to do this it really draws into question what the real agenda of this administration is in terms of its relationship with the world on the day of the
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high level of the bites at the u.n. general assembly the u.s. president took to the stage to make a raging address speech that's the one issues including global trade the crisis in the persian gulf. and democracy promotion with the round up a little bit. well this is the 3rd time that we've heard u.s. president donald trump address the u.n. general assembly at the headquarters in new york now this year he did really emphasize what has been a theme recurring in his u.n. addresses that being national sovereignty and favoring patriotism over globalism he also seemed to emphasize that the way to protect the country sovereignty was to have democracy if you want freedom take pride in your country. if you want democracy hold on to your sovereignty and if you want peace love your nation furthermore it's important to note that trump used the platform at
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the un general assembly to criticize a number of countries around the world now he did talk about north korea and his negotiations and the potential seeing north korea as being full of untapped potential and he was seemed optimistic about negotiations however he singled out the islamic republic of iran for criticism he criticized china and said that it's violating the intellectual property rights of american corporations and he singled out 3 countries in latin america cuba nicaragua and venezuela taking specific am at nicolas maduro the president of venezuela the dictator in the douro is a cuban puppet protected by cuban bodyguards hiding from his own people. well cuba plunders venezuela's oil wealth to sustain its own corrupt communist rule when trump launched his tirade against madeira it's important to
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note that the venezuelan envoy in the room stopped listening to the speech and began reading a book and that wasn't just any book it was a biography of simone bowl of bar the liberator of south america the anti colonial hero for which the bowl of varian socialist movement that founded the current government of venezuela was names many observers looked on from speech and heard him boast about his quote pro growth economic policies in the united states which he says are having a very good impact they heard him boast about the u.s. military budget they heard him talk about how the usa will never be a socialist country and they wondered if this speech was really aimed at the international body or whether or not this was the kind of speech trump would give at a campaign rally around the country much of the rhetoric rejecting globalism paling his. crackdown on immigration criticizing what he called radical activists weak uses of being involved in human smuggling and protecting human smugglers a lot of those seem to be u.s.
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directed rhetoric directed at voters in the key states i would trust needs to win if he's going to get reelected in 2020 however this was trump's 3rd u.n. speech many have also noticed that it was a little bit less bombastic and dramatic than his previous speeches despite the fact he directed a lot of criticism at a lot of different countries it seemed a little bit tamer calmer and less spontaneous so mixed reactions coming into trump's 3rd address to the united nations general assembly among the range of topics donald trump touched the point during his speech in new york he didn't let the escalating tensions between washington and tehran slip by u.s. president condemned iranian leaders for a blood lust which he says is isolating the country all nations have a duty to. know responsible government should subsidize iran's bloodlust. as long as the runs menacing behavior continues sanctions will not be lifted they will be tightened. iran's leaders will
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have turned a proud nation into just another cautionary tale. of what happens when a ruling class abandons its people and embarks on a crusade for personal power. and riches the iranians don't really take anything that trump says about its evilness very seriously but with when it comes to negotiations your ideas are saying that look we have negotiated with the united states the iranians have said repeatedly that if trump goes back to the nuclear deal if he abides by us commitment then negotiations can start again. trump was at the negotiating table rex tillerson was at the negotiating table boehm left the negotiating table so it's for them to come back and those are the conditions they have to accept their own commitments it's very hard for the americans support any more sanctions on iran because there's nothing really left to
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sanction there's a joke going around in iran that where people say i have a cousin somewhere in some village that hasn't been sanctioned yet so all these sanctions are rip repetition of older sanctions the central bank has been sanctions recently but it was already sanctioned before so nothing really new is happening. britain's highest court is they'll find i'm president of legal the feet of the prime minister and judges unanimously ruling that boris johnson is the citizen to suspend parliament earlier this month was unlawful the prime minister's advice to her majesty was unlawful void and of no effect this means that the order in council to which lead was also a little full void and of no effect and should be quashed the probation was also void and of no effect. parliament has not been for rope amid howls of discontent from m.p.'s and the public the prime minister suspended parliament at the beginning of september for 5 weeks was widely seen as
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a move to prevent m.p.'s from scrutinizing his plan to exit the e.u. on october 31st with without a deal a scottish court later ruled to move on lawful now the highest court in the land agrees it means parliament can now sit again the common speaker says it will convene on wednesday morning boris johnson is now returning early from the un saying he intends to carry on with brick sets regardless. this is a bird it we will respect tunes we respect the judicial process i have to say i strongly disagree with what the justices who thought and i don't think that. it's right but the most bullies we get home and leave a brick sit on october 31st a former british m.p. george galloway believes that while m.p.'s will celebrate the court's decision voters may think otherwise. our service dead in the water it's in the water i'm not sure of it's waving or drowning but it certainly father complicates the british
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position in the run up to halloween when we're supposed to be leaving the european union and of course was what the whole thing was about this is a coup judicial coup were our committee of 11 lawyers have forced their way in to the british political system by judgment would be that the public will see all of this today as for the evidence of the establishments the very richest the very most powerful being determined to do anything that they can including dragging the queen's into such an imbroglio in order to stop breaks it and the danger for the opposition is that people will think well at least boris johnson is trying to implement a decision made by 17 and a half 1000000 british people the biggest number ever to vote for anyone or anything in our entire history and that's the danger that when the election comes
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they'll be a backlash against the establishment and boris johnson will be the beneficiary of it. france has a new target in a battle against sexism and children's toys ministers are making moves to mix things up a bit so that stores don't push dolls for the girls and cars for the boys you've got lines all suggest manufacturers advertisers and stores should remove sexist color schemes and labeling shops would also be told to ask a child's age instead of their gender when helping customers choose the aim is to broaden children's imagination so that they're not influenced by stereotypes as they grow up. we're all looking so worried in the creation of new talisa and also how they are represented in advertisement and the way their assault fighting discrimination later on requires action right from the very 1st days. let's get some more perspective on this joined live author and women's rights activist paula
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and the leader of the british political party justice for men and boys white person and thanks for joining us both great to have you on today marc if i can just start with you perhaps what is it you find objectionable about this initiative it's a voluntary set of commitments designed as we heard there to mix things up break down barriers break downs there are types what is wrong about this initiative. what's wrong is that it's basically a feminist it's all based on fairness myths fairness of always claim that gender is a social construct so so so you can somehow by changing things like the toys that the children have you can somehow mold them into in into different beings but it's complete nonsense that there are known to be hundreds of differences between male pattern and female pattern brains and the psychology professor in cambridge university simon baron cohen has shown that as early as several days after birth female babies show an interest in faces whereas male babies typically show an
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interest in mechanical items so there's some hard wiring there the idea that somehow you can change society by part by by forcing boys to play with dolls and and girls play with trucks is is as is an absolute it's ludicrous but then every feminist narrative is ludicrous. all i can see you are smiling memoire certainly got into quite a bit of sword to fit clear rivero you love something because. yeah no i don't agree with mike of course let me say something he use the verb for saying is completely wrong so low that they want to pass in france and i hope i would do something similar in the u.k. doesn't want to force anyone especially our boys or our girls so it only wants to be free so we need to boys and girls to be free to choose which of the toy that
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they think is the best for them unfortunately girths are always pushed by something that is being t. that is related to the kitchen or it's related to baby care and this is completely wrong because of course we might like to do that but we might also like to do something different or we might choose you know something related to science or something related to i don't know martial arts in the sample so we need to leave gurps free to choose whatever they want to i remember as a baby girl you know i was in the kindergarden and the only toys so that i could play with that they were only stuff related to becoming an hour dresser becoming in a city sion become in a house keeper a gas or and a housewife or because i could cook i could make everything and hoover in the house of course in the little you know fake house that we had and this is so wrong because i would have loved to do are the type of a toy to play with other toys but i couldn't because actually i was forced by the
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gender stereotype toys to only play with that type of toys so what this initiative that it is a sign of civilization it's really good because they want to put an end to gendered toys they want to give the freedom to children to choose whatever they want to so we're not forcing boys to play with dolls if they don't want to of course and girls . again they can play with the dollar and then they can play without the stuff related to 2 in a computer science maybe math or other things that actually will be incentive to women to choose other subjects in university because of this you know. gender gaap that we see in university it starts when we are young so it's only about civilization mike what would you make of policy point you know french authorities claiming marketing you know particular science related toys as particle rightly says perhaps you know plots that mark that idea in girl's mind that there are
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certain jobs certain courses certain you know parts in life that are for for men others or for women excluding goals from you know becoming scientists engineers etc i mean isn't that a valid point. but no it's not because i mean for decades. you know girls and women have not been excluded from these things move the reality is that when they when they when they look for lines of work women to this day still look for lines of work that has to do with working with people so 70 percent of medical students in the u.k. today are female but only 5 percent of of students of engineering a female. the you know in countries where women have the most freedom to choose their lines of work they go for very traditional gente gender typical roles and in scandinavia for example the swedish feminists are tearing their hair out because
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there's probably no country in the world where women have more freedom as to what lines of work they go in and they're going into exactly those traditional ones caring. you know caring. and medicine and nursing and so on so it's just complete nonsense to be basically what what powell and every feminist who's trying to sort of mold human nature. away from how it is that they're trying to push water uphill with a stick and decade after decade you know we are the evidence that males and females are born different just accumulates. power like you do it 1st saying that i'm a feminist you know go ahead paula yes and no i was just yeah i was just wanted to say that i'm proud to be a feminist because i think it's the most amazing thing that a woman and a man could be not nowadays because feminism only wants equal opportunities for
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everyone and we never say that to be rubbish equal absolutely not to so we definitely know that we're different. we know about that and i personally study a lot of neuroscience because it's one of my passions in life and i can promise you that even there are scientists that they know that the brain of a human so i mean even though they're different they can be definitely. forced to think something when they're youngest so we can become the manipulator doing their work especially early years so that's why it's very important to put and and to gender toys. because they can have very bad consequences. absolute nonsense absolute nonsense when we last met in these studios 5 months ago paula i pointed out that there are 20 areas where the human rights of men and boys in the u.k. today are assaulted by the state's actions and inactions and i asked you if you could come up with one area where the human rights of women and girls specifically in the
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u.k. today are assaulted you couldn't come up with one you know had 4 or 5 months more to think about it are you able to tell me one today. no and i mean i'm sorry that you have all this problems with women but i promise i have no problems with women i have not problems with feminists and men the man that they have no men they have no problems i mean it's not the women they meant we know promoters of we are in a box where an absolute you are in a battle with yell feminists are in a battle with men no we're not. we're not we're not and class here we're talking about something very serious we're talking about our children and their freedom to choose it's all about freedom it's very important i really hope one day you know you were just talking about manipulation. you were just talking about manipulating and this is what you want to do you want to manipulate boys into becoming girls
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more like girls and girls into becoming more like boys and it's one of the reasons we're not just like this is one of the reasons why only 9 percent of british women today identify as feminists because they know that feminists are evil. quite a big big stable that from your think i think a lot of people worry about white feminism you know with progress with moving forward with giving women equal rights little patooties role though they'll be running then because the history says otherwise or perhaps you thought i did a lot of question of that how you might already generously i think if i get back to you just with a question paula you mentioned you know this is this initiative is to stop children being forced to play with certain types of stereotype toys and colors etc. nobody stops children walk into a shop nowadays and a boy boy doll house saw adults or a girl buying you know toys trog toy soldiers or toy trucks so i mean do you think this is making
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a big lead out of nothing when perhaps there are other water issues that are more important to be tackling than deciding which toys to promote to kids. of course there are many other issues saying that in order to and the discrimination against women and. we have to change and many other things not only toys but this is something very important to so we have to do whatever it takes in order to create a reform you know structural reform and change so once and for all that this protect society because it's not fair that we men especially girls in this case that they're only you know pushed to. to do something that maybe is not in their nature because no one said that to women they only have to be you know housewives so they only have to be caretakers they only have to be childcare so women can be everything like men you know so we just want to have this is of course. then if someone wants to be and how wife it's perfectly fine we're not just in that but
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we're talking about for that we don't and equal opportunity is this is very important to understand the power you have equal opportunities for decades and you talk about discrimination against women again should be one area where in the u.k. today women are discriminated against because i don't know of one i've been asking feminist as because color for 5 years to tell me one area where women are discriminated against in the u.k. and not one feminist has ever come up with one not one. i can i can definitely help you trying to send that to so we can talk about the discrimination against mothers not only mothers who are children and mothers who could become the mothers because when you look for a job unfortunately nowadays a man in h.r. manager someone intrapreneur said they still prefer men because they don't go on maternity leave because they think men we commit to more with you know their job
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and this is very unfair because you know many times so women eventually they don't even want to have children or even if they have children they should be flexible in order to take care of their children and also have a job and not being fired or being put in part time roles or maybe in certain roles that and their careers forever then we have the gender pay gap but that is so wide as a huge problem and here we have data and then we have domestic violence and we know that 98 percent of the victims of domestic violence and not only in the u.k. but we're rod unfortunately are women i don't know who you are you are a lawyer. only you are lying you are lying there is there are there are still i see a series of a 100 or a 100 miles i'm not a story i'm sure i didn't interrupt you power but there are many there are hundreds of studies which show that women are at least as violent towards the opposite sex partners as men and the gender pay gap has been deep aren't thousands of times were
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women in the u.k. are not paid less than men for the same work and the idea that you would still put forth that lie after all these years is that is just unbelievable let me just jump in here mike i mean you raise a valid as far as i would like and i would just have to estimate many many would say that you know that there are issues in society where women are still discriminated against and surely tackling them at an earlier age would help to prevent some of these you know like i said in the workplace gender based violence etc is it and is that not something better that we tackle those stories domestic violence is not gender based that's the entire point hundreds are going to go back to the point hundreds of studies and show show show this is the show that show that domestic violence a's death and you believe you are and i'm sorry how are your how i know you are a feminist and therefore a lawyer that only your lying know i mean. and all your lying i suggest you to read
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an amazing book about neuroscience if you want to write down the title is the anatomy of violence this book is there a very interesting and it tells you the regions of violence that are there not only social on them but are mental but they might be also genetic and he also or who is in the claimed you know scientist or he also talks about the effect of to start certain level in. him being more aggressive or less aggressive and he talks about and writes about the fact. that unfortunately is the majority of violent perpetrators especially related to domestic violence crimes are man this is the fact that this is just a fact no it's not a fact i think how it is that i don't. actually love i he wasn't like that i wish he wasn't like that is i don't like that it is not
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a joke his crime. it is it we're having we have so much everybody we have we have you know order to fight domestic violence has it right in my book saving the war that we also have to start to to empowering women more and to give them financial independence hall and michael just want to go back in time is another topic you are discussing out of the question run away from an abusive a marriage you're part of don't you know judy i just want to go back to this is the time to sort of nation with with this latest initiative just getting back to topic with these toys i mean children have the choice already seemingly to boy toys they want to play with the toys they want why create legal guidelines be they've all of true or not you know to force you know you also you don't want children to be forced to play with some toys isn't this effective doing the opposite to achieve some sort of aims ok ok i understand so let me try to find something.


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