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tv   News  RT  September 25, 2019 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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i can do this. and laughter politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about height it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the bow tie no that is too much. launch a formal impeachment inquiry into donald trump. with the ukrainian but the american president. in the 2020 election from the post leader calling him. president's betrayal of his oath of office of our national security and the trail of the integrity of our elections. will be.
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a major news network on covers his wider plans to fight alongside on extremists in ukraine. to gender stereotypes. they want to give the free. to choose whatever they want to girls and boys are different men and women a difference and there is no problem to be fixed. or run the clock across the world this is r.t. international from the team myself you know me hello and welcome. the u.s.
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speaker nancy pelosi opened a formal impeachment inquiry into. presidential powers during its your life phone call with ukraine's leader. the actions of the trump presidency revealed a dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and the trail of the integrity of our election look is just a continuation of the it just gets it worse which a good political issue if she does that they all say that's a positive for really from the election how can you do this if you haven't even seen before. i was joined by maria flush there for all the details of the case. allegations will be added to what the 6 house committees are already investigating about trump and if they could me to decide that based on their research evidence enough they reason reason enough for an impeachment they will be at the democrat controlled house of representatives and democrats a known for supporting and impeachment are for it in this idea so they are strongly
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in favor of it so we can say that it is highly likely that donald trump will be impeached but you have to remember that impeaching the president does not mean removing the president from the office for that the senate holds a special trial to convict or acquit the president and. 2 thirds majority is needed for the to be done and we know that the senate is currently controlled by the republicans. that they will go against trump but even before that majority leader could just refuse to have a trial and interesting fact. the u.s. history only 2 presidents have been peached one resigned under preachment. threats and no one has been actually moved to don't try allegedly doing some shady things with leader of another country there is a classified complaint from an intelligence community whistleblower we do not know
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. the details on but it is about a phone call donald trump had with the leader in july and allegedly during that conversation donald trump pushed vladimir selenski to investigate former vice president joe biden and it was happening at the time the donald trump administration was withholding 250000000 dollar in military aid for ukraine earlier approved by congress and this is why we hear from the politicians from experts and some journalists. as trump threatened to ukraine to hold these. a bag unless they dig up some dirt on his political opponent there is too much involved in this story and you have to understand how to connect all these dots well trump claims that when joe biden was vice president he pressured ukraine to fire the top prosecutor because that
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gentleman was investigating a ukrainian kompany that biden's son was a board member off of course if this is the case this is a power abuse case at this point these are just claims it is quite clear and predictable he denied all the allegations he acknowledged. that there was a phone call between him and wide mr lensky that he mentioned that joe biden and his son hunter were discussed and there was alleged corruption case they brought up as well during that conversation but he described that phone call as a perfect call and a very appropriate one he also admitted blocking funds for ukraine but he explained that by theories that europe was not participating in and actually later was unfreeze the reaction from the republicans and democrats is also quite predictable no one looks surprised but in their own way president does not comply
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with such a question because he continues to obstruct congress flunked the law. sure but you knew shooting fish in particular incident shows that the president clearly thinks he's above the law now he's admitted to using his office to the country 2020 i fully support the impeachment inquiry they have been investigating this president before he even got elected they have voted 3 times of impeachment on this floor twice they voted before one word the mall report came back what she said today made no difference of what's been going on. i think house democrats have got impeachment fever and the only cure is going to be reelected the president in the 2020 they want to continue this which i try to teach the president because they don't agree with the results of the 26000 election well you can see this is a very complicated case allegations are very strong but i think this is very
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important not to fall into any like speculation mode until at least we see the transcript of that phone conversation. there will the ukrainian president give a lighthearted reply when asked whether he had indeed been put under pressure by donald trump. and then you told them was it disappointed in the show business there's only so many. of you to go. and then. seen the obama she's talking before us diplomat jim joe triss and political commentator john william loud and give us their views on the case. i don't think the republicans in the senate would have just called for something and taken a hostile position to the president i mean look i held office 14 years i've had these conversations there was was definitely back channel discussions they're not going to do something to embarrass the president especially something that that is so groundbreaking is that we don't have whistleblowers that were
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listening in on conversations that the president made with foreign leaders they just released that those discussions that is that is unprecedented lisa in my political lifetime i've never seen that kind of pressure we have what's called you know separation of powers congress has their powers the president has his powers the courts have their powers and to force the president to release a private discussion. and i understand the president is supposed to have some latitude to negotiate with people these are negotiating discussions they don't have the force of law but i think they realize that unless they basically because much disclosure as possible they're going to have even more problems with some of the republicans and that remember that's where their focus they need to i forget the exact number of 12 or 15 republicans in the senate did not to defect to convict the president if and when as i believe when he was impeached and i think that's really
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where their focus is so they're going want to show look we have nothing to hide here the president didn't do anything wrong and then they will argue over whether simply raising the question $100.00 biden is itself a defense or that there had to be something like a quid pro quo just sort of reminds me of what all of tribes defenders kept saying there was no collusion there was no collusion but at the same time it became established a fact for everybody that the russians tried to interfere in our lection i think that's sort of what we're going out here is that there was no quid pro quo yeah but you sought the help of a foreign government that should be. to get rid of you. living on the wrist of a u.s. soldier over his alleged plans to bomb a news network has exposed a wider plot he allegedly also plan to travel to ukraine to fight alongside the infamous ultra nationalist a self battalion with more on the story here sorties double quarter. planning a terror attack preparing to murder and tea for members this isn't
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a movie plot it's the allegations that recently landed jarrett william smith in an f.b.i. cell and authorities say his plans were only confined to the us of a smith had spoken about his desire to travel to ukraine to fight with the ukraine based violent far right paramilitary group as of battalion why ukraine well it's a hotbed for the far right and white supremacy which have a big influence in the country's military the as all battalion for example its insignia features 2 nazi era symbols still widely used by neal nazi groups. smith was dead set on joining up with as of and it's not just him reports say some
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of his collaborators were already fighting with another neo nazi group called right sector it seems kiev has a poll for americans on the far right remember charlottesville. for members of a far right group involved in that riot were arrested and lo and behold they too had a fixation on the eyes of battalion they even traveled to europe and met one of the battalions leaders with so many neo nazis in the us you would think washington would unambiguously oppose their growth but that's just not the case at 1st in 2015 congress unanimously voted against military aid to the neo nazi as all of battalion i am grateful that the house of representatives. unanimously passed my amendments last night to ensure that our military does not train members of the repulsive neo
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nazi azoff battalion but just one year later washington changed its mind and all of the sudden pictures began surfacing on social media of as of and u.s. soldiers striking poses together it makes you wonder if the u.s. even thinks nazi ideology is a threat let alone something negative frankly you now are betting screens for human rights violations not for ideology neo nazis you know can join the us army to looks like the us army will take anyone these days as long as they hate the people washington wants them to hate in this case given the a sieve and a russian. dominated the united states floor at least a decade if not more it isn't surprising that there would be people who were eager to join the military who. are crazy with. russia as i look around leaders and when you have
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a volunteer. military as as the u.s. does it does attract. not necessarily very good people it also attracts people who subscribe to dangerous etiology there should be a bit gross as to prevent people who have these dangerous goes however. probably the us military simply doesn't have the vetting process there so eager to get as many recruits as possible that they will have almost everyone in. politicians and journalists around the world are still picking over the speech of 16 year old climate activists. at the un climate summit while she has been widely praised for her impassioned interests there are those who say she's leaving a cult for the younger generation right because the of looks now at the finish line between activism and fanaticism. the thing with climate change is it's called
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deligated we don't fully understand it ourselves we know it's happening we know some of the reasons but it's all tenuous and the guys who have the best grasp of it scientists and always easy to understand but that's why mother nature gave us climate change activists no need for his meteorology degree there. are many activists it isn't about science or facts policy or debate it's faith but lief and something greater something they don't necessarily understand conics plain and wound comprehend like the judeo christian religion and the world
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is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change we face catastrophe and crisis on this planet climate change but though it's not something that we have to prepare for it is something that is here you know there's a word for that the in a feeling that the world is about to end that armageddon is around the corner schooled eschatology and it formed the basis of early christian dogma but the day of the lord will come as a thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up we should be grateful to climate change activists trying to save our and worthy polluted souls save us from judgment day and as with any faith they have a prophet that you need a college. jesus didn't have
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a university degree now the lord of climate stability has said to his daughter we are not in school today. and this time we are not alone we have some adults one i work today either. the it and why because this is an emergency our house is on cyan faith is for everyone the rich and the poor all genders races and ages this is a hooley crusade and anyone old enough to hold a protest side or throw a rock concert of the holy spirit of the atmosphere.
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brings a tear to my eyes it's exactly like the crusade of the year 1212 what thousands of european children joined up to liberate the holy land of course none of them got them many died along the way but c'mon it's kids doing stuff spies everybody plus it makes the heretics look bad oh yeah like with any were legit there are heretics those who refuse to acknowledge god or whatever you believe in they have a name in this faith climate change deniers is no middle ground either if you're a skeptic you are a denial and climate change deniers a dirty trashy folk the sort who are going to rule. stay in the hell where the
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lights stay on even when nobody's home climate change deniers are a danger to our security the gloves are off predatory climate deniers are threat to our children the depravity of climate change denial it sure looks like climate change is the new 21st century dogma over with god going through to you we in the media we want to save your soul and if you already. we're going to church well online church just open your internet browser and go to n.b.c. dot com confess there confess my children confess you a sins cleanse your polluted souls serious steve they've got a climate confessions page now tell me this isn't a full blown religion. there's turbulence in toy health friends takes aim at play
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tell him with moves to stand by it stereotypes between girls and boys toys sensible or social engineering we'll ask god to longer stories up to the brink. when else seems wrong. just don't. let me. get to seep out just the attic and in detroit equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. up. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president.
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some want. to go right to be this is what. 3 of the people are. interested in the. first. 20 minutes into the program welcome back. to new target in the battle against sexism children's toys ministers are making moves to mix things up so that money factures and retailers don't automatically push dollars for girls on cars for boys a new agreement signed between the french government on toy makers hopes to attract more girls towards science and months it also suggests that money fuck sure is
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obvious tigers and stores should remove certain color schemes on labeling they say the aim is to broaden children nation so that they're not influenced by stereotypes as the quarter we're all looking to work on the creation of tall east and also how they are represented in advertisement and the way their assault fighting discrimination later on requires action right from the very 1st days off from being seen as a welcome move on broadening young minds to claims of gender engineering here's how the guidelines went on when we discussed it on the program. it's really good because they want to put an end to gender death toll is they want to give the freedom to children to choose whatever they want to so we're not forcing boys to play with dolls if they don't want to of course and girls again they can play with adult all and then they can play with other stuff are related to 2 in a computer science maybe math or other things that actually will be an incentive to
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women to truth other subjects in university a psychology professor in cambridge university simon baron cohen has shown that as early as several days after birth female babies show an interest in faces whereas male babies typically show an interest in mechanical items so there's some hard wiring there the idea that somehow you're going to change society by part by by forcing boys to play with dolls and and girls play with trucks is is as is an absolute it's ludicrous. a group of church leaders in britain is calling on the government to ulm the sale of pointed kitchen knives they say the move would help to bring the u.k.'s now if crime epidemic under control. research demonstrates kitchen knives are used in a large percentage of homicides historically we needed a point on the end of our knife to pick up food because folks weren't invented now
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we only need to point to open packets when we can't be bothered to find d'souza is now it's time to say no bloody point. the call comes as another project makes its way around the u.k. a towering sculpture called the knife angel is being displayed in cities around the country it's made of 100000 hives seized on confiscated by police it's described as a national monument against violence and aggression is supposed to raise awareness of the growing rate of knife crime in the country. meanwhile police in some areas of england have stopped publishing images of $900.00 injuring among the states because they frighten or upset the public we asked people about the fight against knife crime so most of the crime we do anyway yeah it's a good it's good and i would not promise a problem i don't really think it's going to solve with you know the stuff about the knife young kids you know they wanted a killer it's like drugs church of england wanted to reach peace organization was
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let's go off excuse the language go back size every basement in the youth of today ok make you run the money taken away from if you're going to spend all the sunday painting. fashions of all the smiley gets in that section u.k. nice is not. such and. he said. it's appropriate. to have people from christ in the 1st place because this is what the problem is you must. prevent carolus in the 1st place then what. they're trying to set up all of the many factors to take place to place oftentimes in max the service of the now with the british house of commons back sitting 10 day after all the procreation drama going on regrowing thought what better time to delve into its history that's next here on
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our teenagers. you know world a big part of the new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has
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been played only implement from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. famously have a supplement goes. down person political battle sun moon the people who come up to the moment the focus of the who story is a new nixon told in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so once in the making the economy of venezuela screed. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person of those. military
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thinks. we dare to ask. time after time to welcome to this going underground special edition on the fight for the commons as the odds on favorite to become next u.k. prime minister jeremy corbyn promises an immediate nationalization program we
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investigate the battle against and pleasure the labor party advisor in a chronicle of a revolutionary struggle in the bow and we go to him on the stage britain won't cover the anti inequality fight and revolutionary so a whole poem jacobin artist william blake author of england's unofficial anthem jerusalem but before we speak historian putin about about his new book red round globe hot burning its title derived from william blake's poem visions of the daughters of albion we go to the tate britain where we began our interview with curator martin maroney by asking him about that poem is that is a big exhibition is over 300 words in the exhibition by plate his prints his drawings and also his illuminated books and with a series of books in the 79 to this revolutionary decade with the revolution in france and the fallout still of a lot of america in britain he created a serious person couldn't visions of the daughters of albion europe or prophecy america or prophecy which are in the exhibition and which show him translating
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current day events into these visionary terms using his invented characters and representing the kind of great power struggles within europe he wants to work so hard on preparing an exhibition like this and be very aware of how both the left and the right of politics try to claim blake for their own many people know the last night of the proms the singing of jerusalem what is what emerges in this exhibition yet as his politics and how it makes an enduring the fascinating figure and he has been claimed by by the political left by the political right by radicals by conserve. everybody finds their own plague on the one hand he was speaking fierce revolutionary sentiments in his poetry and his art he was against capitalism against materialism against many of the features of the modern world but he was doing so really with reference to quite a small circle of people who understood his art or were interested in his art who supported him and they were. what we call having a liberal metropolitan elite but i mean it's a tiger tiger isn't just
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a nursery where i meet any of the even a poem like tiger tiger is and can be interpreted in lots of ways sets up this idea of a ferocious creature the kind of embodiment of raw nature and yet at the design of the bomb that blake has printed on the page is looks like a domestic cat it's a sort of looking cat and you know either that means that they can't or cats very well could if you wanted to or there's something going on between text and images albeit being a revolutionary jacobin symbol yes we'll have this thing that interpretation which is which. are open to interpretation and certainly they've been radical sentiments and there are radicals present radical symbolism in sentiments in place and we're going to be talking later in the program about a friend of. the great british war hero. he's a radical william blake put the same term there's a painting of nelson here a picture of nelson here showing less sympathy for radicalism argument.


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