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tv   News  RT  September 29, 2019 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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us democrats kick into impeachment mode with an official probe launched into president trump but the basis for it all realize that a single whistleblower with a 2nd hand knowledge of events. you have stolen my dreams my childhood with your empty words. environmentally it's quite a fun bird flams world leaders over there in action on climate change with the public divided over activism. france goes to war on gender stereotypes with a new directive aimed at children's toys but the decision has activist song giving about choice and difference. they want to give the freedom to children to truth whatever they want just girls and boys are different men and women are different
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but there is no problem to be fixed. and austria's former chancellor who lost his seat in a scandal is projected to make a comeback in the country's ongoing election. a very warm welcome to you you're watching the weekly here on r.t. international with all the latest world news and a roundup of the stories that shaped the week but 1st in the biggest news from this week there's been a sense of triumph among u.s. democrats now it's off to an official impeachment inquiry was launched into president trump on tuesday this latest chapter is being brought about by his alleged attempts to undermine a key democratic rival in the 2020 presidential race and with claims trump leaned on ukraine's president to investigate joe biden son's activities in the country in exchange for u.s. support for kiev artie's a goshdarn of takes a look at the democrats as obsession with impeachment. democrats have always seen
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impeachment as donald trump's kryptonite a swift and effective way of ending his political life and they've been promising to pull that switch since he got in office the walls feel like they're closing in on the truth of this racial right now i'm not sure the figures hold them off for much longer the walls are closing in and everyone is freaking out the walls are closing the wheels come off. the walls are closing in on president trump the walls are closing it will trouble the walls are closing in on the trump white house. all of the walls are closing in at this point the walls are closing in fast and talked about it so much in fact it almost became too much some would have been forgiven for thinking it was all bark and no bite yet this week to the surprise of some and delight of others house speaker nancy pelosi announced that they're pushing the red button the actions of the trump presidency reveal which just sound more fact of the
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president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and the trail of the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry the launching of the inquiry signals the very start of the proceedings that could eventually end up with impeachment and even trump losing office so what was that thing that was convincing enough for the democrats to finally buckle up take a deep breath and say. an anonymous whistleblower sounded an alarm with the national intelligence over donald trump's conversation with the ukrainian president . during the conversation trump suggested that his counterpart investigate his most likely rival in the 2020 election joe biden and his son hunter over their business
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in ukraine. apparently as vice president at the time biden sr might have blackmailed the previous ukrainian administration into closing a corruption investigation into a gas company his son had an executive role that i said you know i get the 1000000000 i will be leaving here i think it was about 6 hours or longer isn't really a 6 hours and if the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money or son of a. you're fired trump seems to be in all sorts of trouble following pelosi is announcement is openly accused of extortion as well as of asking a foreign state to meddle in america's presidential election sounds familiar nobody knows for sure though what exactly trumps words were but the democrats put all their trust in that whistleblower expecting a bombshell collusion story and then trump releases the transcript there's a lot of talk about biden's son that biden stop the prosecution and
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a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do would be great biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it it sounds horrible to me. the issue of the investigation of the case is actually the issue of making sure to restore the honesty so we will take care of that and we work on the investigation of the case i would kindly ask if you have any additional information that you can provide to us it would be very helpful from the investigation no matter what side you're on that was hardly a bombshell a firecracker and best it gets rough for both camps the transcripts not word for word but rather a recollection of events by witnesses it's vague to the point of a rorschach test anyone can interpreted the way they want to and so they do like any mafia boss the president didn't need to say that's a nice country you have it be a shame if something happened to it because that was clear from the conversation
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there is no quid pro quo necessary to betray your country or your oath of office even though many read this as a quid pro quo i'm not concerned whether it is a quid pro quo or not now every side's got a lot at stake in this game but it's the democrats who have gone all in there's no way back and normal chips in the bank the impeachment bazooka can fire only one round so they apply the whole arsenal of political stunts in this video for instance democrat adam schiff is giving a monster clause in reading between the lines in the transcript that everyone's seen want you to make up dirt on my political potent understand lots of it. on this and on that and by the way don't call me again i'll call you when you've done what i asked and sure enough there was no way in hell hillary clinton the person with the biggest bone to pick with trump could have remained a bystander in this this argument occupant of the oval office poses
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a clear and present danger to our future to our democracy he's endangered by putting his personal and political interests ahead of the interests of the american people as for the woman who announced the impeachment in the 1st place she seemed keen to invoke the memory of the russia saga and the hysteria that went with it as we saw with the russian interference and by the way i think russia has a hand in this by the way democrats have backed themselves into a corner and the impeachment will fall as of now is a make or break situation the democrats are desperate. they are terrified of losing the election joe biden. is a disaster as a candidate if if he is the nominee he will i'm almost certain he will lose to trump and the democrats are hoping to bring trump down through this whole impeachment process this idea of. finding
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a scandal and running around hysterically where there really is no criminal offense so they're hoping to bring trump down but i just can't imagine it will work. this week saw fresh wave of global climate protests think looting in canada west thousands took to the streets in cities across the country among those taking part in the rally in montreal where the canadian prime minister and teen activist grettir found berg as a meeting between the 2 she urged justin trudeau to do more to save the planet on monday thunder delivered an impassioned address to the u.n. climate action sun it's the swedish campaign a rebuke to quote leaders for failing to tackle the destruction of the biosphere. you have stolen my dreams my childhood with your empty words and yet i'm one of the jocks once. people are suffering people are dying entire school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of
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a mass extinction and what you can talk about is the money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth how did you. 6 guess well she's been widely praised for her impassioned address but all those who say she is leading a cold for the younger generation were aghast looks at both the line between activism and fanaticism. the thing with climate change is it's called deligated we don't fully understand it ourselves we know it's happening we know some of the reasons but it's all tenuous and the guys who have the best grasp of it scientists and always easy to understand but that's why mother nature gave us climate change activists no need for his meteorology degree there.
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are many activists it isn't about science or facts policy or debate it's faith belief in something greater something they don't necessarily understand conics plain and wound comprehend like the judeo christian religion the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change we face catastrophe and crisis on this planet climate change that though is not something that we have to prepare for it is something that is here you know there's a word for that the in a feeling that the world is about to end that armageddon is around the corner schooled eschatology and it formed the basis of early christian dogma but the day of the lord will come as a thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with
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a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up we should be grateful to climate change activists trying to save our and worthy polluted souls save us from judgment day and as with any faith they have a prophet that you need a college. jesus didn't have a university degree now the lord of climate stability has sent us his daughter we are not in school today. and this time we are not alone we have some adults one i work today eva. with the him and why because this is an emergency our house is on the cyan faith is for everyone the rich and the poor
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all genders races and ages this is a hooley crusade and anyone old enough to hold a protest side or throw a rock concert of the holy spirit of the atmosphere. brings a tear to my eyes it's exactly like the crusade of the year 1212 when thousands of european children joined up to liberate the holy land of course none of them got them many died along the way but c'mon it's kids doing stuff spies everybody plus it makes the heretics look bad oh yeah like with any willage it there are heretics
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those who refuse to acknowledge god or whatever you believe in they have a name in this faith climate change deniers is no middle ground either if you're a skeptic you are a denial and climate change deniers a dirty trashy folk the sort who are going to run. in the hell where the lights stay on even when nobody's home climate change deniers are a danger to our security the gloves are off predatory climate deniers are threat to our children the depravity of climate change denial it sure looks like climate change is the new 21st century dogma overthe gotten through to you we in the media we want to save your soul if you already think we're we're going to church while online church just open your internet browser and go to
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n.b.c. dot com you can 1st their concerts my children confess your sins cleanse your polluted sols seriously they've got a clone with confessions page now tell me this isn't the full blown religion. children's toys were in the crosshairs cheers day as the french government find an agreement to combat gender stereotypes trying to ensure toy makers and fellows don't automatically push dolls for girls and cars for boys the new directive seeks to attract more girls towards fine thanks if it is a stating that gender divisions in stores are a thing of the past and should be scrapped before christmas the aim they say is to broaden children's imaginations so they're not influenced by stereotypes as they grow up where looking to work in the creation of eternity and also how they are
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represented in advertisement and the way they are sold fighting discrimination later on requires action right from the very 1st days well while some are welcoming the move others claim is a form of gender engineering here's what our guest said on the matter. it's really good because they want to put an end to gender death toll is they want to give the freedom to children to choose whatever they want to so we're not forcing boys to play with dolls if they don't want to of course and again they can play with adult all and then they can play with other stuff are related to 2 in a computer science maybe in math there are other things that actually will be an incentive to women to truths are the subjects in the university a psychology professor in cambridge university simon baron cohen has shown that as early as several days after birth female babies show an interest in faces whereas male babies typically show an interest in mechanical items so there's some
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hard wiring that the idea that somehow you can change society by part by by forcing boys to play with dolls and girls play with trucks is a is an absolute it's ludicrous bills and boys are different men and women are different and there is no problem to be fixed. coming up with an imaginary villain from a hollywood film takes on an all too real for the us military is warning the screenings of the new joke a film could end in a bloodbath why a lot off this very short break. you know world a big part of their lives and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we
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need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round if that be the one percent. we can all middle of the room. during. the.
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welcome back people in austria are casting their votes in a snap parliamentary election the country's been ruled by a catholic a government for months out of political scandal brought down the conservative coalition the main contenders are sebastien kurds is all straight and people's party on the right and the social democratic party on the left with most projections putting the conservatives in the lead however the winner is unlikely to get the majority needed to form a government and will therefore have to enter into coalition talks with other policies possible kingmakers include the right wing austrian freedom party and the green party the previous government with sebastien kurds at the helm fell in late may after a vote of no confidence this was triggered by. exposé showing kurds his coalition partner offering political favors to a wealthy woman claiming to be from russia in exchange for donations to his election campaign the incident became known as the affair as the video was shot on
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the island ahead of today's vote we gauge people's expectations illustrates the vienna. i think the worst outcome would be if everything stayed the same as it is and of the coalition went on why this and we were confronted with. some point i am excited about the response the 2nd place it will be and in the 2nd place position in the past one and a half years under the black and blue has already been a shock and you have the feeling that the country is going completely in the wrong direction and when to be for happened it was kind of a relief like somebody pressed a stop button on your heart lung got a professor of political science at the university of innsbruck told us that they told us there's a good chance kurds will manage to resurrect his old coalition despite the it be thick and scandal. i think that sebastian could be sticky to lead in the polls he's leading by about 12 percent of the social democrats so evil be to clear in their of
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today's snap elections and he will be given the right by the federal president to form a new government which most likely will have to be a coalition government because of all the criticism about his previous coalition if the far right party the 1st try to enter into negotiations with other parties particularly the greens however i don't think that build the coalition between these 2 parties because there's a great deal of difference particularly on migration and pressure to policies between could speak as party in the green party so what you might see sebastian could steer into the far right freedom party to reach the installed look like blue coalition of the far right and the conservative party. tensions have been flaring once again in hong kong as protesters marks the 5th anniversary of the un broiler pro-democracy movements. large groups of demonstrators unhappy with the city's communist party rulers in
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beijing blocked roads and caused damage to buildings on saturday with police deploying tear gas and reportedly pouring blue dye on protesters as they can later identify and arrest them further protests are planned ahead of the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china on tuesday continuing more than 3 months of unrest. a cinema chain in the u.s. has banned movie goers from wearing costumes masks and face paint during screenings of the new joke a film is there it is just a week before the premiere. yet you just use joker. or the band comes amid fears of possible violence during screenings concerns were raised by families of victims of a mass shooting at about one movie back in 2012 when
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a dozen people were killed or backbend that were claims that the killer may have been inspired by the joke a character the studio distance itself from the violence denying that the dark knight rises movie influence the perpetrators actions the latest release won't be shown at the venue in colorado where that massacre happened earlier this week the u.s. military issued warnings to its service members about a mass shooting threat at showings at the joker phil as off the intelligence officers discovered several worrying posts online bruce and social media have made reference to bowl interest soul but extremists replicating the 2012 theater shooting in the rural killer screenings of the joker movie a nationwide theater this presents a potential risk to department of defense personnel and family members though there are no known specific credible threats to the opening of the joke on the 4th of october. so the threat apparently comes from the so-called in-cell community this
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is an online group consisting of men who describe themselves as an in voluntarily celibates they blame society for their fairly to find a sexual or romantic partner with some even promoting violence as a form of revenge or thought phillips the director of joker has rebuffed the claims that this film may provoke violence saying critics simply don't know what they're talking about. it's a little troubling when people write think pieces without having seen it and even in their think piece is right i don't need to see it to know what it is to me that's you know i find it astounding to be quite frank how easily the far left can sound like the far right when it suits their agenda i think the reason for that is is somewhat hypocritical the concern over the joker movie is warranted because according to the f.b.i. they have been picking up chatter on some dark web websites that indicate that there is talk about a possible incident that could occur somewhere at a movie theater that's been undisclosed the united states especially right now we
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are in such a fractured society in terms of the view of you know racial politics and how everyone views each other there is a huge concern about this idea of white males being a threat to the society in general i don't think that's an accurate assessment in terms of the actual belief that white males in general are a danger to society but this is a needy a narrative that's been playing out for some time now we can say your thoughts on this story and everything else by following us on social media well back at the top of the hour with the latest we'll see them.
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throughout the day no to play just one game so there's somebody comes and the president of egypt and they don't know what to do with it you know get a bistro just to temporize and they could gin you on to the next 7 to 10 election. just drop is all would be decided over at least because the democrats are disposed towards these never to publish them so you know maybe try to go back to the old james. quietly give you consistent as i quietly you believe the impression that i'm not. the buzz but if she warn you posted by you and i did the dishes at the balls more than those jeans nudist beach and you see me.
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as and about that come up when you guys e.t.s. will be home in years i mean that is where that infamous involve. a lot of you will see sawing during fuzzy fights about to kids out to both sides. and she simple doesn't need a list of. the. last . cabinet 5 days doing this is. an english lady a thing people who simply knew. she would include in. the world is driven by shaped by the person.
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. what mr ford. greenwald on the side of those nations tensions for us and destination was there a huge search one of the foremost yes was a good job and correct nugent in some nurturance teens who. grew certainty when there. was an interview on the side on july the 20 points he never approximately 30 can tell you that a. usage without folding for it's a good time to use consisted of 3 covers the courage or a bit of privacy or were you able to establish where the phone was across.
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the $24.00 to the generation system to ration you say that just comes with time. and. playing an economy has and i read the reports from scientists from south africa nation. internet in fact it's well it's. no total nonsense it's. been to your r r. you're still on the road you have mr brace post. to testify that part of why there are more is a number of pretenders there. and. you don't have any role whatsoever of the investigation of this case that involved a. murder of genesis recall right and you have no personal information whatsoever with regards to how this murder took place if. you weren't
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there where do. you need cease fire shots fish know nothing for us. to call or. let's talk about any of your arrested on september 21st 2015 for the distribution of a session if you intend to distribute drugs crack those cases still. and you just now been resolved it was another pending charge you were arrested on july 6th of 2016 percent carol breath. that's not yet been resolved i guess as you sit here today testifying on behalf of the scape those 2 pending charges have not yet been resolved is that correct to. perth starting his arrest 57 you recognize that don't let your statements of the police probe do. what you say that. he said
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that you were sweeping up a little bit correct. but the fact is your sweep to do or selling drugs correct it'll blow up on. for the part. of this it will be through the home you're not going to through this information names on the record. how many you see hope it will resume 6 showpiece in oregon you know leaders want to do the 3 accounting for a noble good month it could have been so good i'm not depressed. it was really hard to go piece of these found the scene you were never able to connect the loose showcase leaders with any specific goal or. i don't know if a company or the recovery. of the for our part.


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