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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 1, 2019 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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now i know what you're thinking like why am i hacked of these massive banks like j.p. morgan chase who holds more than 1.6 trillion in the posits need billions in short term loans if they are sitting on trillions well that my friends is a very good question and just who could seek and demand answers for questions like that in the united states congress for one but tragically they're just too busy campaigning politicking grandstanding and what they do could could the real question is could we be at the doorstep of another 2007 style great recession or much much worse well we can't truly predict the future but we can start watching the hawks. to. get the. real thing. out of. what they like you know that i got. with. the.
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world we're going to watch in the dark side of the times after a while and and i did not get a bill oh you did in the bedroom to spare that's a massive amount of money i mean tons of america be able or at home going you know i could use 500 but yeah give us 100 bucks i could use 50 bucks right now to help and here are these big banks getting billions billions from our federal reserve so we have money. but we're giving it to big corporate banks some of them foreign banks and then some of them foreign banks even i mean this is really incredible according to the research done by wall street of. bank we don't know this if this is true but they are the most likely candidate to burst leaving these funds 'd simply because they've had a pretty brutal history over the. i mean they've failed
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a recent merger they've talked about laying off thousands of workers they've run through. in the past. what are they we work. very good. top of the. share price has lost 90 percent. in the last dozen years. so some trouble for them right before and right after the 2000 a banking crisis so what's interesting about deutsche bank that you have to you have to think about when you think about this you know that they are one of these banks that could be included in this or that it somehow connected to a deutsche bank situation one of those because again as wall street parade reports deutsche bank is really heavily interconnected with a lot of u.s. banks j.p.
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morgan citigroup goldman sachs. family and bank of america. super super great banks one of the things that came up in the story was the quote which said in the article it said if it blows up the potential the spread the kind of systematic contagion that lehman brothers spread in 2000 and seizing up lending between banks because no one knows who has exposure so that could happen is that if it if the reason is that there are some major problem that all these banks needed help with it could be that they keep lending money to banks that keep failing or keep hiding money or you know there is a bend in the middle of you know deutsche bank and others and everything from washing money for cartel. moving money around for ashes lousy government or government who is or whatever like they're moving money around the way that the laws of many many countries frown upon and consider it. legal and
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you know we never we never actually held anyone truly accountable for the 2007 crisis and there were many bankers and many institutions that should have been held accountable for that but we bailed them out and when you see money like this suddenly flowing into the system everyone is going to step maxing oh no it's ok it's ok but. you know this part of the system propping up the repo part of the system the ripple investments that's something that does signal like ok why can't they pay if they're worth 1.6 trillion why can't they make good on base and their excuse. because well it was the time of season where they had to pay a lot of corporate taxes. you know what i don't get to make that excuse well you know what the next time you know what i'm sucking to pay my taxes next year and right i'm a no go will you know it's that time of year when it's really hard for me to pay my taxes so could you just give me the money and i'll give it to you never. know how or why do you not work for everybody i mean. it really breaks my heart and. well
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don't break my heart also makes me very angry but. you know they got away with this the last financial crisis putting anybody in jail bait but over 350000000000 that congress never approved of to doidge brag directly and then the g.a.o. released the one time out of the fed and 2011 the bad loans 16 trillion to the wall street banks up to the last during and after the crisis but that's a low because level the economic system through the mail has put that figure actually not at 16 but at 29 trillion and i want to leave this on the 2 to 3 farms per day are closing in this country because of financial issues and not being able to stay afloat in the trade war and everything else we can't find the money to help our own farmers but deutsche bank to make sure they're taking care of this. investigation into defense contractor boeing and its $737.00 max plane after 2 fatal crashes has many fascinating and alarming look into the safety culture of the
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corporate aviation giant and it seems that with each new sunrise even more information is coming to the service at ronald reagan international airport for joining us our to america's foreign front back with the latest not only did investigators find out that a key feature wasn't installed on the boeing 7 $37.00 max but for the regular boeing $737.00 airliners the wings are starting to crack now boeing has reported this to the f.a.a. or the federal aviation administration and they are on to expect inspecting all other planes boeing says the cracks were found in the pickle forks which connect the plane's body to the wings of these pickle forks they're designed to last for more than 90000 landings and takeoffs well in a statement boeing says no in-service issues have been reported over the coming days we will work closely with our customers to implement a recommended inspection plan for certain airplanes in the fleet this issue does not affect any 737 max airplanes boeing says the. shoes were only found in
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a few planes and there was no indication it would cause any flight issues for passengers now onto the other issue for boeing well investigators found that a key feature called the m c a s or m cas well it was installed in the regular boeing $737.00 and their military tankers but not the boeing $737.00 max now what the m. cas does it prevents the natural tendency for a plane to pitch upwards or downwards the pilots they are able to override the system by pulling on those controls and it gives the pilot than complete control the 2nd they pull well this was designed by engineers nearly 10 years ago but in the 737 max version of the m cas the pilots couldn't override the system when they pulled on these controls in the system would continue to push the nose of the plane down this is what we saw in the 2 crashes out in malaysia and in ethiopia the $737.00 max has been grounded worldwide since march after those 2 crashes within 5
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months of each other that claimed the lives of all $346.00 on board boeing is expected to fix the $737.00 max version of the m cast making it exactly like the versions and their $737.00 and military aircraft each country will make its own decision whether or not they want the boeing 737 max to return to service but many airlines are still waiting on the f.a.a. to approve the regulations and the training for the boeing 737 max a boeing says that they hope to return the airliner to the skies back at the end of 2019 at reagan national airport for watching the hawks i'm fair in front that. i'm not going on long they're not are you don't trust boeing remember you're not getting on a 700 of them in mind some are going to go you know what do you know really gets me is one of the biggest aviation giants in the world right making these planes and what really bothers me is the fact that they let no one now but 2 things cracks to look at those pitched system and these 2 things that now this kind of old now we
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discover this but ok it's ok it's a. if i we got it we got it right so this cracked thing was interesting so it's a support it's called up pickle fork not a snack it's what it is attaches the wings to the fuselage so the body of the plane you have the thing and that's the thing that's cracking you know just the thing that holds the wing on the plane. right so this one part this pickle fork was meant to last the entire life of the plane and now they're starting to crack but there is thing is these are they're saying it's a small number of airplanes undergoing modifications but it's not. they're not saying how many and that it's not cause any problems of planes that are in flight just you know the thing that can access the wings to the plane may or may not be. the same like the other the other 7. you were mentioning something that
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actually was really true you're watching this you're watching this report. just really like i agree with this incredible when you think about it. like the whole idea of this like these planes that are. how do you you know i don't want to get on a plane that has this and why is this not i mean the one thing that's really scary about the. system which is one cause it is this idea that they didn't have any control over it but the pilots didn't even know the system was in the plane thank you they literally were not told it wasn't in the manual that there was this system that would automatically pitch or dive the plane depending on what it sent and also didn't tell them they would have no control over that if it happened i don't know why you would put that in i don't know how that gets passed i mean you can't put you can't add a clause in your home without 70 people coming to your ouse from different departments and telling you it's safe but boeing one of the. largest contractors
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of a military a quite the u.s. government will largest employer in the world they they didn't know this stuff was going on i find that ridiculous and it should affect who because i don't want our men and women in uniform being on those planes and anything they make should be questioned shouldn't take to it seems to get better all right as we get a break cock watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered our social media be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast it's all there was spotify apple music and everywhere you listen to podcasts coming up we will discover just how flimsy the united states constitutional right to due process is with something the awesome power of the u.s. state secrets of the court of law but want to be joining us in the meantime i want your take on a moment to ponder this highlight the world still skimming the trail being shipped to the scotland has said stone skimming championship for the strip and still.
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trail. the moment. when the make this manufactured consensus stick to the public will. when the ruling class isn't protect themselves. in the final. listen to the one percent. in the middle of the room sit. in the. room.
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gandhian by north it's so many people because a cop beat him. that even such a bad cop be sending. i'm not anybody and. i'm here to find that makes the. never get anything done deal fell to feed the dog she went on the attempt. the deflection move or the c.e.o. thing is the deflection what is happening to save. that is going to be that when i got off the mini it's a. lot about. that that you can't buy a gun you get nothing like
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a. long long while and then you know on the bottom line control can not only. handle one new person and a journey move 100 gandhi a new normal gunned. down in the face of christ be able to keep you know to you then to mock you join you. know why a paradise with so much all year round turned into a round the experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up and suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible. while the
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battle goes on the chemicals continue to please in hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. so just for a moment imagine your controversial us foreign journalists working in syria with multiple contacts and curious connections to the al qaeda linked militants fighting there now imagine that in the last few years u.s. air strikes have landed so close to you and with such persuasion that in your mind it's no longer just a case of journalists in a war zone in the wrong place wrong time but near misses that seem to be directly targeting you and that you may have made the most exclusive of lists the u.s.
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government's kill list well that's what freelance journalist bill abdulla kareem started believing after an alleged 5 different airstrikes almost took the man's life but now after successfully starting a civil lawsuit against the u.s. government challenging his alleged placement on the list kareem's case is being dismissed all thanks to the u.s. government invoking the state secrets privilege used to protect sensitive national security information from being made public during trial here to help us sort through what happens when the state secrets trump and due process is the founder of truth and media hi ben. are you. burned this is one of those perhaps the current problems the writer better of them that you know other than him so i want to start we're just reading what the judge wrote the presiding judge in this case u.s. district judge rosemarie call your wrote your dismissal what constitutional right is more essential than the right to due process before the government may take
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a life well. the answer may be none federal courts possess limited authority to resolve questions presented in a lawsuit even when they are alleged to involve constitutional rights that that is a huge statement but how do the state secrets trump the u.s. constitution in this case and are the courts really. are they they are why are they so handicapped by these laws this is incredible to me. well it is incredible i don't think it's correct and listen i'm not a constitutional scholar by any means but it doesn't seem correct to me to state that you as the individual under the constitution of the most powerful entity in the constitution that the constitution is written from the standpoint of the individual's rights trump governmental rights the government does not have a right to violate your due process the constitution nowhere mentions special cases of state secrets it nowhere mentions the importance of fighting the war on terror it merely takes the individual's rights to say all of these rights trump the
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government's rights and when there is a debate about whether or not your rights are being stepped on by the government where do you go you go to that 3rd branch of government the court system and specifically moving up through the judiciary all the way to the supreme court that is supposed to decide whether or not not whether or not you have rights but whether or not the government is violating your constitutional rights that's how the system is supposed to work this judge is actually flipping everything on its head saying you as the individual are powerless to even know if your government is attempting to kill you and not even in a public setting it is so secretive that the super secret of whether or not they're going to kill you is too secretive to even have in a secret court hearing that's how secretive it is and so you have no idea i like how you guys at the beginning you know he claims after 5 near misses he's alleging that they're trying to kill him but he has no way of knowing or proving one way or the other because the court won't even allow him to find out while and we think
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that ever since. 911 there's these lists it's either in our area they're not allowed a no fly list or it's a kill is or and we've seen it with anwar locky we've seen this over and over again and this idea that since 911 we've slowly been made to believe at least i think a lot of the american people have been made to believe that the constitution is there to protect the government in order to protect us and that's not how it works that's you know if you if you actually read what the founding fathers wrote it's not even close it doesn't even come close to saying that in fact it says going down this road is very bad for the very concept that was that was meant to be started so ben help us understand what excuse how is the u.s. government justifying its use of state secrets in a case i mean they're basically saying that if they confirm or deny that karim is on a list that that would be divulging state secrets yes but remember this. officially
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the u.s. government does not acknowledge that it has a kill list so this goes all the way back to 2012 right and i know actually tyrone mention this the other day when i was on but in 2012 i actually interviewed president obama i was the very 1st reporter who had ever asked him to his face about the constitutionality of his kill list and the reason they came up was during the 2012 campaign the obama administration or the obama campaign kept leaking to the media how strong he was on national security issues and 3 dozen 3 dozen of his either at the time current or former staffers have mentioned to media friendly media sources about this kill list that was being used to kill terrorists what we know and more a lot he was on that killed list and so i actually asked the president about this about the constitutionality of any president it doesn't matter if your are already your green party or leave it doesn't matter. any president having the authority to order the death unilaterally of a u.s. citizen with out due process in any other country we call that an assassination you
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know that's what it's referred to and so his response was why don't talk about those issues the very next day he goes on c.n.n. who is you know his lapdog and sits there with them and and essentially c.n.n. when they were asking the question never asked about am or our law it's basically a p.r. to fix what it what i had asked him about and he goes on and says you know these are complicated issues i can't really discuss them but we are you know targeting people who are terrorists and who are dangerous and then the question she asked the only question about the u.s. citizen was well what if there's a u.s. citizen who's one of these terrorists and the response was if someone's on the battlefield and they're working with terrorists we have to stop them that's not what i am or how lucky was he was a muslim cleric who was actually born in las cruces new mexico about 60 miles from where i was born he grew up in new mexico he lived in california he was in d.c. and he was trying to buy the george w. bush administration as being a muslim. who was well right thinking and they actually used him to try to help
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to build their case for reconciliation between muslims and americans right after 911 but when he saw what was happening with the drone strikes in his home country of yemen where his father was from when he saw it was happening with spying on muslims here he became radical radicalized that's what they called him but essentially he just spoke out against the u.s. government and called that being radical and no matter what bet at the end of the day if you're a u.s. citizen your odu process and we need to start at every $100.00 in the sack and everybody going to that matter and we need to start getting those rights back i want to thank you so much for coming on to be a great conversation with you as always burns one truth and media thank you so much sir. guys thank you. in hong kong it is now 17 weeks of on the rest and counting as clashes between police and protesters continue this . meanwhile here in washington d.c. activists gathered to show support for oregon and to call on the u.s. to do more to intervene in the ongoing protests or to america's rachel blubbered
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story activists have gathered here outside of the chinese embassy in washington d.c. and they say their goal is to show solidarity for protesters in hong kong now this demonstration comes ahead of the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china and the activists who are gathered here say that they want to show support for the people in hong kong or striving to gain independence from the chinese government this protest has been branded with the slogan stop china nazi and images that were shared online promoting it show the stars on the chinese flag being rare brings to create a swastika now one of the groups behind today's protests is a citizen power initiatives for china group a d.c. based non-government organization that brenda's self as a pro-democracy grassroots movement that strives to influence policies in beijing i know and culture i didn't crack and don't own cars the group has had ties in the
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past to the national endowment for democracy foundation here in the united states that is sponsored by the us government and aims at promoting democracy abroad now that foundation has been around since the 1980 s. and its own president said that the goal is to influence democratic movements without direct funding from the cia however the citizen power initiatives for china group has denied that today's rally is sponsored with money that came from the us government as the protests have continued in hong kong many activists have been seen waving american flags and holding signs that call on president trump to liberate hong kong we spoke with some of the activists here today in d.c. and we asked them what they think the united states should be doing to intervene in these protests not only do united states have listed. democracies the whole world should stand behind hong kong and try. to preserve freedom it's
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very lonely and it's very weak the hong kong. approach to still protesting and you know hong kong 2 against the tennis court and protests in hong kong have entered their 17th week now and while the demands to strike down the extradition bill that initially sparked the demonstrations to begin with were successful some activists are claiming that he spoke protests are not making enough of a difference in the area and that activists should read doing more to class with police while protests rage on in hong kong the hong kong human rights and democracy act is moving forward here in the united states now this bill would call on the united states government to place sanctions on any chinese officials that they deem is undermining human rights in hong kong the legislation has the support of both pro-democracy activists and politicians like republican senator marco rubio and there are concerns that if passed it could have an unprecedented impact on the
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already strained relationship between the united states and china reporting in washington rachel love and art seeing. if teressa park taught us anything it's that life will find a way but truthfully you don't need a digital tram saurus or an open shirted jeff goldblum to tell you that you can not many way you can simply had down to western australia's dresser formation to discover a perfect snapshot of microbial life fossilized together in rock formation called stroh to light while there has been some debate over just how these formations were formed was a living creature is at work or just mother nature be in fun recent tests on the as a strong and stroke matter so have many scientists archaeology as a research is now believing that life had found a way to make these formations get it 3.51. 1000000000 years ago makes you wonder just what archaeologists will dig up 3500000000 years from now.
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probably some very embarrassing cd collection. and probably not a boeing. they're not going to. show for you to everyone who remembered in the world or about all the build up of upside so you all i love you i offered to roll over and have a keep on watching all those hawks out there and a great. run for from what i know comes out of the cold war you are the set of one among them. a fine after 90 they tell you not the high i my.
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month and the. sun shone. from the front close to. the lock of the. fancy it is someone we did aboard. leap to. paradise with around turned into a round the experimentation field that i grew cultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major here times there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers the. cells be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have
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many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. in 24 to you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it still or here i mean you are liz put video through me in the new bill is that i mean you split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. of those who took. invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure
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a secure and prosperous and democratic. 20 hopeful joe biden's team demolish news network stop giving ad time to donald trump's lawyer thank you thinking that spreading lies about the former vice president well as new yorkers they have rudy giuliani should be banned from their t.v. . chilling on they should be able to speak invited should be able to refute any any charges they try to shut out the other side everybody has the right to be in their view. at least as a spike in my going to rivals off the road overturns full menteri a minister felt a need to fish and so close ports to rescue boats. on social media platform twitter as middle east editor it turns out also to be an officer in the british army's if i.


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