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but in a putin says russia will interfere in the 2020 us presidential election he was only joking. secretly yes we will indeed do that so we could cheer you up properly but don't tell anybody ok. tell us the truth the plea from locals in the french city of rwanda after a massive fire at a chemical factory and fears of a cover up over the threat to the health. of the scientific journal with jools a study challenging the claim the syrian government was the blame for a chemical attack in 2017 that's after the article attracted fierce anti assad criticism ruptly video spoke with the author of the research. i was accused of
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being. biased toward the assad regime well i'm not biased toward your side regime i just think that we ought to understand what happened here. yet you know exactly where you want this is our teens are national great to have you with us. russia fully intends to meddle in next year's u.s. presidential election that was the tongue in cheek responsibility putin has answer to a question about plans for the upcoming race for the white house is russia. alleged attempting to influence the 2020 lections united states secret. secretly yes we will indeed do that so we could chew you up properly but don't tell
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anybody ok well that's quite a statement coming from the russian president but you have to take it with a pinch of salt because he was obviously joking but on a more serious note he was addressing probably what might become russia did it his area of volume 2 now after all the numerous investigations that we've seen into russia's alleged meddling in the us presidential elections back in 2016 all the media hype that we've seen in the past 2 years pretty much every single quarter someone screamed that it was russia that meddled in the us presidential elections russian meddling in the u.s. election russia did meddle in the 2016 election for united states to still vulnerable to russian and political interference russia's blatant interference in the united states 2016 presidential elections this is actually the crime of the century. if you think about it is you have any doubt that russian interference.
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is driven by. no doubt about. the same answer no doubt. no doubt. and almost 4 years since donald trump has been elected there was a number of different investigations conducted by the american intelligence agencies the moola reported that made they had planes and many other articles that were written to prove the existence of the hounds of the kremlin behind the american elections but moscow has always said that it never meddled in putting all joking aside lattimer important has once again stressed that. you know we have plenty of problems we could all reference in to resolving them to do. above everything else didn't prove that we colluded with president trump in 2016 but expressed fears that it might happen in the future this is ridiculous or rather it
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would be if it wasn't so sad because all that we see in us internal politics is about destroying ties between our countries and i'm certain that holmes the us itself. people in the french city of rio are demanding the truth after a major fire at a nearby chemical factory and they fear a cover up and dispute claims by the authorities that the air there is safe to breathe other dubin ski has more. almost a week ago the chemical plant just across the water that was a blaze afic plume of black smoke billowed into the sky as firefighters battled almost 24 hours against the flames.
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in the dark goodies with i'm not saying that the smell isn't pleasant i'm just telling you what the results of the tests are namely that the air is not harmful since then there has been growing anger over what some say is a lack of information over what was put into not fire and the impact that could have on people's health. you can talk to any firemen but when you have any type of contact with the smoke it's dangerous it can be lethal because of the camera mounted sight and in this case when the smoke went into the sky we don't know what was in it we don't know exactly what is in the year and we worry a lot that in the future it might bring cancer or something else. i have 4 kids and they were impacted by the smell and my grades i thought about having test done before was with absolutely no information about what we should be looking for i could take blood samples but what are you going to tell them to look for i know
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they could be cancer thyroid problems but the problem is that we hear lots of rumors nothing concrete. i think there is a risk for health and i can feel it because i have an e g throat and i'm continuously coffee we worried about the how to march children in the future will they have cancer or something we just don't know around the rule some people are also taking that proportions some locals have also experienced nor . vomiting whilst others have complained that the tap water is black and then there is the stench you can smell that the air is foul it's a bit like rotting eggs but with a chemical tinge and despite the initial denials that there was no health risk the french health minister has admitted that it's clearly polluted. it is a factory that produces hydrocarbons even if not in large volumes it is never good for the population to come across these kinds of products i cannot say that there
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is no danger the city is clearly polluted several schools were closed off to the fire and though some have attempted to reopen many teachers are refusing to return to work. colleagues from schools near lubrizol who have refused to work until they receive information about what was burnt and the risk because they are just a few 100 metres away from the site they did so to protect their health and that of the children who are under their responsibility and that's why there has been a demand that the original school 30 acknowledged their right not to have children attend school under this condition. while health concerns are immediate what's perhaps most telling about the danger people here are facing is the fact that food sales 100 districts around ruin have been banned any produce that may have been exposed to contamination has to be destroyed that even includes milk.
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hybrid carrots and worked closely with milk produces dioxins are measured in memory grams and there are a problem for us because they become highly concentrated in milk and are toxic so they render it unfit for consumption it is vital for us to know as soon as possible whether there are any dioxins in those burning materials what's going on who term us what to do with our produce so that you don't love my advice even reached as far as belgium and the netherlands raising concerns. the impact could be even the line reaching flags have also been released for the health of the police and the firefighters who were on duty during the fire protests like this have now are formed to pressure the authorities to outline any risks they make space they demanding answers but are afraid that even if they receive and that the danger is as a result of that place may not image for months or even years from now charlotte devinsky
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r.t. . scientific journal that specializes in arms control has withdrawn a study that casts doubt on the claims the syrian government was behind a chemical attack in 2017 in the town of can't shake the author of the report a retired mit professor told artie's roughly video agency the claims of an accuracies in his study are groundless. this article that my colleagues and i are publishing has come under attack and the very interesting thing about this attack is that nobody who has any technical expertise has provided any criticisms at all the criticisms are all from people who have no technical expertise and the criticisms have to do with strange arguments for example i was accused of being. biased toward the assad
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regime well i'm not biased toward the assad regime i just think that we ought to understand what happened here the only thing that matters is is this article technically correct this is a science based journal and if there's any technical errors in it then they need to point them out because there they have they've actually in several conversations said they are not aware of any technical errors so the problem seems to be that there are accusations being made from the outside which have no scientific merit that it appears has caused them to take pause. professor postals article pointed out being consistencies in the official version of events but it's come under intense criticism i guess the explains. where the sun revolves around us or us around it where the earth is flat who is god is greater or more
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recently whether we should question why every chemical attack in syria were to magically gets blamed on the government that the syrian government committed chemical weapons acts against their own people it is highly likely that the regime was responsible for a star an attack on conscious assigned rita rita the violations of the cease fire and the violence through treated by heeds armed forces on civilians now usually science is the answer it is resolved some of our biggest arguments but this question seems to have a strumpet science and global security respected journal based out of princeton university decided not to publish a study that questioned the official version of events that assad's government was behind the harm she hoon attack in 2017 it all went something like this
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a former pentagon employee mit professor ted postol together with respected scientists conducted a study u.s. presidential candidate gathered mentions it on her campaign web site 13th september belling cat noted anti asaad website blasts the study science and global says it will publish it anyway and will judge it on narrow it soon after the journal now says it's canceling the publication is why officially. these questions included concerns about the technical merits of the analysis in this article as well as the value of publishing the article given the sensitive in contested issue of the use of chemical weapons in syria yet it is take these masses very seriously this review identified a number of issues with the peer review and revision process strange isn't it that no questions about the veracity of the study were asked when it was submitted or
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when it was given the green light for publishing concerns only appeared when belling cat and its followers attacked the study and the people behind it we've asked the journal for comment but no clear answer yet then again as statement may have said it all sensitive and contested issue that caused your mind back to 2017 within 2 days of the alleged chemical attack america declared it knew everything there was to know on tuesday syrian dictator bashar. launched a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians even beautiful. babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric. attack and so trump ordered a barrel of cruise with cells to be launched at syria now any doubt about as ads
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with a matic guilt would make the missile strike a war crime or an international war crime which could be why the scientists behind the study of facing such intense pressure abuse even and surprisingly were the loudest voices of condemnation is coming from elliot higgins founder of belling cat and opponent of everything a sad is web site which he likes to call an investigative outlet that has received funding from u.s. government run operations mr higgins is a rabid supporter of the official pentagon line he is debating the issue with dr post or well the opi slow your dogs he doesn't agree with you well that are they lying they be fooled i think there is aid to address the technical points in my instead of being nonsense because i showed that none of the forensic evidence fit
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the findings you need to show that what i'm saying is technically inaccurate i took your research and hex i mean i gave it was someone he said 40 years of experience as a chemistry expert i'm not interested in other people you claim are experts i want to know why this is not it's not in place the full debate is up on dr postals you tube channel but his study will be appearing on science and global security anytime soon seems twitted criticism has won the day to day where science is told to shut up because it's inconvenient its former us secretary of defense famously explained there are some things you just don't know you don't know. there are reports that there is no evidence of a direct link between baghdad and some of these terrorist organizations there are known knowns serious things we know we know and we also know there are unknown
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unknown that is to say we know there are some things we do not know but there are also unknown unknowns the ones we don't know we don't know excuse me but is this is a no no. i'm not several unknowns and i'm just what i'm noticing the not going to say which it is the surgery is going to leave here if you're going to hear the irony is sometimes those unknown a new preferable it's better for america in this case for bending cats if no one knows what happened and they won investigative journalist which sterling says that the withdrawal of the article has nothing to do science and everything to do with politics the article was authored by 7 scientists who are experts in the field they ruled out the the fact that. that it was definitely something that could only have been caused by
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a bomb drop from the from the air it was respected to analyzing the hole in the ground and modeling whether it 122 millimeter. projectile missile could have caused that and they determined that it could have caused the criticisms mostly have come from nonscientific people what say is that a journal that supposed to be dedicated to scientific inquiry and that is supposed to be dedicated to disarmament and arms control is apparently being bullied or allowing itself to be bullied into political censorship and bias. middle east conflicts that take the center stage at a policy forum in russia that story and more after this break.
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on the surface this is not reported because it's too hard trying to speak out that the fact that a credit markets reach such a state of just just repair. that's. causing. it and i think that impedes the elections that will be more. recent american history because the stakes are incredibly party for both sides for donald trump this stake in small just implementation of his domestic politics but actually avoiding prison for the democrats. is if we doing even deeper a crisis of the party. of all of the traditional elites it's the problem. for both.
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welcome back russia's approach to the middle east is among other foreign policy issues up for debate at a major forum this being held in the black sea resort of sochi the country's foreign minister sergey lavrov is there along with other top officials. has been following developments. wednesday's gathering of valdai discussion club based international think tank is held him base absolutely stunning place in the mountains outside russia's black sea resort of sochi and discussions here today are just as hard as the weather the east has been announced this year is major topic asia and the middle east the latter is in the spotlight today high ranking
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politicians x. birds influencers are discussing current challenges and respects 10 ways to bring peace maintain peace has well as boost stability and developments in these regions syria was mentioned to many times russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has taken part in the conversation that last of the wrong 2 hours he has talked about iraq afghanistan libya as brothers set examples of global peace efforts blaming usas approach that he has described as interfering to influence stressing this should be avoided in the future. so that is the middle east is a cradle of many civilizations and world religions of course today when it's been transformed into a laboratory for reckless experiments that have led to tragic consequences this topic is very urgent if you look at american interventions aimed at forcing relevant parties to do what washington requires washington usually considers it useful to maintain
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a certain degree of turbulence in the region because the us has military bases that they can only support one side if it's beneficial or the other depending on where the oil flows where the gas is where to sell their weapons. minister lavrov has said that instead of this toxic and dangerous interfering to influence strategy every international effort should be aimed at stopping the violence and bringing peace and stability and as an example he has talked about 2 regions in syria where 2 different approaches have led to absolutely different consequences proving which one is more. effective. in syria's aleppo we were able to return the city to normal in the shortest time possible we didn't mind it in record time as well we provided the entire population with essential skill and people started coming back nothing even close has happened and record with the u.s. led operation for terrorism with carpet bombing 2 years on and not even all the
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corpses had been buried not to mention demining operations. foreign minister lavrov has also expressed his concerns about american and european approach towards iran iran that lover of his stress never violated any article of the joint comprehensive plan of actions adding he hates any unnecessary and unexplainable pressure on to here and will soon stop and just remind you of all the discussion club will continue its work on thursday lightman putting russia's president is expected to join well coverage for your course europe's wrecking is over how to preserve the around you clear deal and make its trade relations with tehran work several e.u. countries have joined the payment scheme known as instincts set up to bypass u.s. sanctions against iran and stocks were set up in january by france germany and the u.k. it allows firms to avoid using the swift boat system which is largely reliant on the u.s. dollar washington withdrew from the iran deal earlier in the year and reimposed
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sanctions a former foreign minister of austria told us european powers are determined to maintain a trade ties with the gulf state. the whole instrumentalists developed in order to create a sort of trade between a european union member states and iran in order to make. a work which means open the market for european businesses we will face for a short term perspective still some sort of limbo stalemate lots of uncertainties lots of trying limits how far to move when it comes to the european union we have 3 major actors. which are also involved in to making of statistic you aid this is the united kingdom france and germany i've been observing in particular the efforts of france in order to make something happen in order to move out of that
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stalemate in such the european union is of course also to it's not so much creation as we would like to have we have countries which share much more rigid point of the united states and we have countries which are much more open to more diplomatic efforts. and fun and this our young african-american girl who claim that she was attacked by white schoolmates issued an apology for making up the entire story retractions of raised questions about a trend in hoax reports killem open house the story. was a crime so verandas that everyone was talking about it a young african-american woman held down as 3 white guys cut her dreadlocks and insulted her where were ministry where were any party to protect her. from this heinous crime the tears in the eyes of the grandparents came from righteous outrage now questioning the claims of a crying girl is not
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a good look for anyone especially the media which most americans already hold distain for but maybe they should have well it turns out the incident never happened her grandparents have written an apology to those young boys and their parents we sincerely apologize for the pain and exhausted see these allegations of cool to the administrators and families of manual christian school we have sorry for the damage this incident has done to trust within the school family and the un to school and it has brought to the school to the broader community who rallied in such passionate support for adults and we apologize for betraying your trust now of course actual hate crimes do happen we can recall how recently there was a high school wrestling referee in new jersey who forced a black athlete to cut his dreadlocks he was shamed in front of the audience outrage was everywhere but we see another disturbing trend in us society that's people faking hate crimes against themselves in order to get media attention and sympathy who can forget just the small let could only go off of their words. i mean
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. says. this maggot country. all those celebrities who rallied around justice watts case and filled the airwaves with their outrage and indignation well they look pretty bad now remember that crowd of high school boys from kentucky who were shown in a video wearing trump pats and confronting an elderly native american veteran remember how it turned out that he had actually walked up to them and that the boys had already been met with a tirade of anti white slurs from the nearby black hebrew israelites named escape i want names shamed them if you think this wooden box you know hard beat think again honest question how do you have the scene will put you will face in this kids with the overall crime rate in the united states on the decline actual hate crimes are increasing and that's what makes these hoaxes so vile it feeds into the idea that actual victims of actual racist atrocities shouldn't be taken seriously and your
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fortune is being used you know and just sometimes he performs do occur and when they do occur i think did this kind of a hoax does a disservice to the victims of legitimate hate crimes when something like this happens you know it's going to make it harder let's say for the next victim to be believed you know because there are so many instances of these types of hoaxes popping up i think that a lot of you know editors quite frankly have lost their soul you know especially now in america strong they're always just looking for the most sensational story the story the piece that will see the start is and you know most negative picture of america unfortunately it seems like we have a lot of self-hatred in the american mainstream media nowadays. ok this isn't a national thanks thing with. the whole that and all for now.
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when the old may just manufacture consent instant of public wealth. when the running clubs is protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. of the time we can all middle of the room signals. tomorrow morning real news. how why a paradise with some all year round turned into a round the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise
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why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people where one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental racism going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. what politicians do. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president. some want. to write the press was like before you know more can't be good. i'm interested in the water. first so. they dug it up. and then he. and i on the. beach it made that odd it had that odd icky the halley's a but. enough.


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