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missions or else afghan program by this time in the u.s. role because iran has its nuclear program these are other issues which are also banding solution in july this year russia presented a collective security council framework for the region of the gulf giving the hardly predictable situations this is a very topical suggestion i think that we believe this proposal should see. attention we see that it's possible to go to square one and create of there is a should on security and cooperation in the region which wouldn't collude the gulf countries and also as observers russia china the u.s. india the e.u. another stakeholders. ladies and gentleman with the foundation for. future ari entered political machine relations. between asian countries and been
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asia in other countries. economic operation comic operation with. real prospects for sustainable long term development for everyone and. one of the examples is the transportation connectivity road see the rail road infrastructure without it there is no trade we need to have industry cop aeration and mutually beneficial exchange in other sectors we need to sit down and think about how we can speed up the work on such a transportation framework we have a number of trade routes in place and russia is open for cooperation there is no doubt of that make no mistake we already limited number of joint projects one of them is north self trade route is going to. go from europe to the region of the. do caspian sea our country to run in india then there will be another
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road connecting the yellow sea ports and the borders of the baltic sea. then through the eastern siberia through the central part of eurasia we can construct the necessary 1st so that the north of the ports will be connected to the pacific ocean ports will forge an assyrian links in that new chain the. north of russia is one of the links in the chain and we have a number of projects in place to. finalize the work on these northern sirrah and the railroad highway. in the republic which is in the eastern russia is another link in the chain it can be coupled with one goal in china and other countries. with a future railroad network so that and the other projects are of importance to the
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whole of eurasia and we invite everyone to participate transnational. transportations whom the veins are very similar which should guide us should help us to. operate compete with which to operate and competition should be built on solidarity because if you don't have political economic stability in one country which sees that infrastructure as a bargain then the whole chain would be doomed that's why we should help each other to prosper we should be guided by the principles of carmen's of shared progress and you can this is exactly the way. the rich are going to make union integration ormont zation based on the equal rights of everyone with respect for each other's interests it is a not a closed market no we read a comic union is why. king actively worked for a moment partners we have
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a free trade zone agreement with vietnam. we signed the same agreement with singapore we have an. interim free trade agreement with iran we are in negotiations with asia to leisurely on the 1st round of talks of that issue is due to start with india that we have today the program with. the with china now we have a program for cooperation with our c n n 292020 all these arrangements and agreements are meant to. give us an opportunity to create a new eurasian space common for all which would include d.s.t.o. . than otherwise ations one of the pillars would be the coupling of the region the coming few years with china initiative one belt one road we agreed was china to step up our work on that track which all these examples serve. achieve there
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is one important yet simple idea but if we build relations like that on the foundation of being. problematic i respect all of which i was interest will not be just dreaming about the future will be making the future use. passible already today russia someone showed it to you from the very beginning of the creation. of it as a country has been always has been his multi national motto religious group it is civilization itself which so many countries and the. customs version but still we stand united we are one of the say when though there are many peoples inside russia we live in harmony yeah unique we had a verse and you need it and we are proud of being unique diverse that and
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cherish that we believe that diversity is you know warm and that was it teaches you how to be tolerant and how to be patient when you should be able to understand other points of view others traditions and customs you should not impose your model as the only possible one we believe that our experience can be useful for many partners of ours if we talk about the world in general. all countries are different. we cannot be all carved out in the same way we need a system which would take into account various traditions customs principles so that they would be. complementing each other in the best possible way at the same time highlighting the differences which should be respected in the 19th century there
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was something which you will probably remember about you know what there is because you were deployments an hour for many talked about that. all my colleagues and president of has a son president of the bridge and it was a bridge and they graduated from game or were you russian. desolations institute and prison do their thing and. they are. all or reduce professors. the leading one but it's come see that it would. produce in students for work at the foreign ministry so there was a concept of great powers back in the day now it's time to call another term the concept of tradition culture. concert instruments
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survivors nations of every nation but their music should be played without any foul notes when it should be a true music when all as one would play there do you miss batting each other caring about each other so independent sovereign states can build relations which would be pragmatic respectful predictable and lasting relations only such countries can do that in russia has been historically supportive of that very approach we believe that the international law should be respected at all times we need to build trust and we should respect each other we need to base our relations on just and democratic principles. guided by viewing charter our country. is focused our. stability and security in the world we are focused on
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fighting terrorism another pressing challenges we work towards creating in the world and in asia to a system of shared individual security based on collective efforts of every state. in 3 weeks here in sochi. russia africa summit is going to take place and we at this summit will be offering a diversity gender to discuss which would involve many issues many questions from all areas of the car the me and copper ration and now diverted from the topic a bit. used to it let me tell you something which was. 20 years ago. was when my 30 year before the. year 2000 started my article was published it was called. on the.
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threshold of millenia. and i provided my view of the future and in the ninety's russia. suffered the most difficult period in its life in its history social economic political crises addition to that there was the wave of attacks on the part of asia with international terrorism and russia we were on the brink and then over the brink we saw something most terrible a collapse of the state. that threat was real it hanging in the air. and people felt that as it hangs in the air it will. be and it was an absolutely real scenario we might have spiraled to civil war long as our independence and sovereignty become a country on the sidelines of international relations as one of the new things to
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the work of the russian peoples which we succeeded in making that step. now that from that you bring within these 20 years we might have done better but we now have the experience which is unique and useful but before coming to this whole we discuss one of the most burning pressing issues terrorism. russia believes that there is a lot of problems still to be solved inside the country the whole of the russian people are straining every senior to progress and move forward we reinforce our social and political systems and we are now one of the most responsible and influential countries in the world we are fully implementing our obligations what it comes to maintaining the global order as it is. and that will continue to be the case and the. even more efficient and effective if we work together thank you for
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your attention. especially. to his majesty. of the hashemite kingdom of jordan the 2nd. mother of. my dear friend and. brother we've just been listening in to plot amir putin who is giving a speech at the annual foreign policy discussion forum in sochi he spoke about how that form is used to set aside diplomatic issues and move forward to work together he talked to the number of international topics such as terrorism syria and north korea of course we'll bring you more about that throughout the day.
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and other world news in the u.k. a christian doctor who was sacked after refusing to use female pronouns when discussing a transgender woman has lost his legal fight against his former employers he says they discriminated against his religious beliefs but an employment tribunal has ruled his stance was incompatible with human dignity if more details here was shoddy edwards touched you. well you're probably familiar with pronouns such as he or she and them and respecting them is especially important for the transgender community gender nonconforming and binary people however face it get it right could now cost you your job at least that's the case for one dr he himself was sacked he faced dismissal because he failed to use these pronouns due to his own personal religious beliefs and in a controversial court statement it read to his christian values are in direct contradiction with the fundamental rights of others and lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism in our judgment incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others
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in so far as those beliefs form part of his wind of faith he's going to face also does not satisfy the requirement of being worthy of respect in a democratic society so what's the case well dr david margaret as a christian man who worked for the n.h.s. for 26 years now he was subsequently sacked after a conversation with his boss who asked him how would you respond if a 6 foot tall man came into your office and asked to be called mrs or she well dr makris refused and said he would simply not be able to conform to those requests and he was subsequently sacked from his position now he was completely shocked as to how the story unfolded because he himself believes a person's chosen sex is simply an abstract ideological pledge staff in the n.h.s. even those who don't share my christian convictions or also disturbed as they see their own freedom of thought and speech being undermined by the judge's ruling my
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30 years as a doctor are now considered irrelevant compared to the risk that someone else might be offended now the department for work and pensions argues that dr david mark critz fears are in direct breach of the equality act of 2810 on top of all of that the firm that hired them and. is also being sued for religious beliefs in fact many people online have taken to twitter and that arguing that this is political correctness gone mad and especially given the lack of doctors up and down the country at the moment this is certainly a step too far so the law requires on pain of being sacked a doctor to refer to a 6 foot builded man as madam if that's what he wants utterly bonkers the world is mad we live in upside down land good is bad but it's good poor chap you key to any 19 compelled speeches here christian doctor loses tribunals case for refusing to use made up transgendered pronouns even worse the ruling steeds christian belief is
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not worthy of respect and incompatible with human dignity but the fact remains that the tribe you know did rule of course that has believed could cause offense and in fact many people in the trans community and trans activists say that all of this has psychological damage ramifications is tantamount to a peace not to mention of course that medical health care professionals should be treating people and not judging people in that opinion well anyway dr david is now saying he will appeal the decision. more global news after this short break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this spear in dramatic development only.
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i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. and i think that the. elections will be the most. recent american history because the stakes are incredibly party for both sides for donald trump and the stake is small just implementation of his domestic politics but actually avoiding prison for the democrats. is if we bring even deeper crisis of the party. of the traditional it's the problem. for both.
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welcome back democrats in the usa it's vital a whistleblower is protected after his revelations triggered an impeachment inquiry against donald trump and then on a cia officer alleges the president pressured his ukrainian counterpart to investigate an issue surrounding joe biden one of his potential rivals in next year's race for the white house trump has dismissed claims of improper conduct and brought in the informant a spy. either got a totally wrong and made it up or the person giving the information to the whistleblower was dishonest and this country has to find out who that person was because that person is a spot in my opinion so president probably doesn't realize. how dangerous his statements are when he says he wants to expose he's the whistle blower is and those who may have given the whistle blower that information while democrats are keen to protect this particular whistleblower they've been less so about others who
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revealed uncomfortable truths in the past him up and has been taking a closer look. we are now told that in this dark age of trump ian tyranny one heroic individual has spoken up like a voice crying out in the wilderness we don't know his name or his occupation but we know that he is good i think the whistleblower did the right thing i think he followed the law every step of the way the inspector general of the intelligence community found this whistleblower complaint both credible and urgent i want to say thank you also to the whistleblower for having the courage of the bravery to come forward on behalf of the nation now not only must this gallant hero be held in the highest level of reverence but he must also be protected and the attack on him would be an attack on the american way of life from everything we know and we don't know much this is a experienced person who saw things that bothered him that's what the whole whistleblower blower statue is for and it is to protect their identity and i
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understand he's going to testify and we'll let the process unfold and the you remember how hillary clinton apparently wanted to kill julian assad with a drone well let's not get lost in the details but let's go over some recent whistleblowers in u.s. history. some might argue that this case is different because this whistleblower didn't run to the press but simply followed standard procedure but the record seems to show that a lot of cases have whistleblowers who do follow this procedure so why jail time for some of them so it turns out the law does not actually protect them from
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retaliation they can be fired or prosecuted. so are all future whistleblowers doomed well not quite secure backers carefully protecting whistleblowers who see wrongdoing of any kind in our government is essential so if you're a whistleblower in america take a step back look over what you have an ask yourself get this information benefit anyone powerful in america if not your official complaint will probably be ignored and if you don't shut up after that the consequences could be severe the current whistleblowers case is very different from others. the others were blowing the whistle on the system so these were real real abuses what crimes and abuses of our 4th amendment no this new whistleblower we need to put in quotes what was he reporting of course there are double standards there are standards for
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those who want to put pursue their political aims using this particular whistleblower in quotes and there are other rules for people who really oppose the system and its abuses one of the whistleblowers just mentioned in caleb's report edward snowden has reacted on twitter to calls to protect those who come forward noting the case of x. n.s.a. analyst daniel hale is being prosecuted for lifting the lid on u.s. drone warfare programs meanwhile an article in the new york times suggests that the u.s. house intelligence committee chief might have colluded with the whistleblower according to the report the anonymous cia agent spoke to adam schiff stuff before filing his complaint and how donald trump reacted to that. bryza report that came out just before you and president needed to walked out here that the whistleblower met with the staff member of adam schiff prior i love that question it shows that schiff is a fraud i think it's a scandal that he knew before i go
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a step further i think he probably helped write it this is not the only controversy the u.s. house intelligence committee chief has gotten himself embroiled in as artist explained. if there was an award for the star on cheers tator of president trump certainly this man would make it to the list of nominees no need to remind why all right just watch this for a bit president was essentially trying to coerce a foreign leader to help us presidential campaign there seems to be no floor below which this president can drop serious a level of misconduct about his fundamental betrayal and obviously with that in mind it's a piece of cake to guess what this guy's most cherished dream is impeachment for the maggot man it may be that we undertake an appeal nonetheless that compels us to travel down the road towards a pietschmann slow if you try and properly imagine yourself and mr shifts shoes you would probably say oh yeah what he's up to is totally legit because mr trump is on
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a mission to dig as much dirt as possible on as most dangerous democrat political opponent and for the president all means are good even if it's done through a phone conversation with ukraine's president who mr trump asked to once again hit the trail of joe biden and so adam schiff was like it is illegal improper a violation of oath a violation of his duty to defend our elections our constitution for the president to merely ask for foreign interference in our election well it's time to remind you of a different phone conversation from 27 thing between now not donald trump this time adam schiff and. supposedly the speaker of the ukrainian parliament the nature of the compromise well there were pictures of naked. ok so you have recordings of both so check. where they're discussing the compromising material on mr trump
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absolutely on that meeting told flynn so all those compromising materials will never leave. will can so little russian saying so. well obviously we would. welcome a chance to get copies of those recordings opes i forgot to mention something really important that was a prank although it seems mr shift was so hungry for the trouble he totally fell for it schiff was pretty serious he wrote all of what we said on the paper remembered all the detail surely when you're looking for something to get trump out of there you're good to cross any lines nothing improper or probe worthy by the way speaking of dealing with the russians in some shape or form as we know anyone who gets themselves involved in that could be compromised or a spider on for the rest of their lives mr schiff once spoke to us r
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t r t made in russia get it one of those members of congress a leading the effort is adam schiff from california he joined me earlier you've got thank you should someone put him under a federal probe for that he or his assistants were probably talking to a few russians while the interview was being arranged oh that was long before donald trump showed up in the white house politics should be fine then. shift is certainly a very also a transistor cuse dream of being shifty and shifty i think is a much more apt description of a state he wants to bring down donald trump he tried to do it with the russian gate i mean and i'm sure it was really one of the key figures in russia and so now here is is suddenly you know form from russia gate is moved on to ukraine get a chance to leave which i think is reasonably based that the origin of truck russia
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gate is to be found in ukraine and he was asking since is hell in investigating this and in this case ukraine gate is even flimsier the russian gate so i think that will probably do a lot more damage shifting. that's our global news update for this hour but don't forget you can always had to our website r.t. dot com for the details on all those stories and many more. why a paradise with so much all year round turned into a round the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up at suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in
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the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. when lawmakers manufacture consent instances of public wealth. when the room in closest to protect themselves. when the financial merry go round to lift is only the one percent. that's not doing all middle of the room signals. tomorrow morning real news is really.
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a symbol he's a jew his leg. he doesn't use his hand is no hand it age or his leg there is no point in it people would help the. people who don't know and no legs who gonna speak good brain you must impress people. gave me the stick. you know to be healed of. my bug on the descendants and so on touchability has a justice so he court of the people who are not you with hundreds of. children of course and he made a conscious effort to raise money for their cause to break barriers. that are giving him this room with his head a condition. or you would think. nature of his legs. you see him he couldn't talk.


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