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tv   Politicking  RT  October 4, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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extensive nation among young people after that article took off gaslighting for teen vogue there was a conversation about the trumpet ministrations dissin from a nation but also young people do they care about politics do young women care about politics and i sort of started having a lot of conversations about that question which does not tell the full story about who we are often young people's apathy is stated as if it's a natural extension of low voter turnout statistics low voter turnout statistics are real and a problem but it's not that we don't care it's that we've been pushed out of the conversation and made to feel as if we're not qualified and don't have permission and i think what's shifting not only in reaction to trump but a number of major cultural shifting factors like black lives matter the me too movement the gun reform protest led by the parklane students all of these things are contributing overall to
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a shift in agency and self-determination in which young people are deciding that we're no longer willing to wait our turn until we're deemed qualified to take part in the political conversation right so a lot of let me ask you about that because you know traditionally typically typically young people do have a lower voter turnout rate than older people and to what extent do you think that social media is changing that landscape i mean you're very big on social media you've got lots of twitter followers a lot of people you know who are tuning in to hear what you have to say on social media do you think that that is influencing young people's participation in the political process i think that it is definitely having a democratizing force in addition to the harmful forces we've seen of just information and misinformation we're exposed to many more viewpoints without the blockade of the gate keeper and that has had pros and cons but i think what's how what are the cons would you say with the influence of social media. and getting rid
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of the quote unquote sort of establishment gatekeepers of politics well you know i don't think that's one of the problems i think one of the benefits is getting rid of the establishment gatekeepers of politics you know our media and political gatekeepers told us that when wasn't possible and and truly for so now i remember telling them i might one of them actually yes i mean i was that's a lot of what led to my personal awakening and i heard it in so many stories across the country talking to young people it's the sense of who makes the rules you know we've been subscribing to this kind of analyst authority and it was shattered when when this a possible thing was rendered reality suddenly we start asking you know why had we have taken our political media gatekeepers instructions on how to live our lives and how this hierarchy ought to function i think the downside of social media is that we need to further and besides being demonstrative and not just performative
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with taking action and have a push for for it to extend beyond the page online and to take the form of raising your voice beyond tweeting that's a that's a really interesting point about you know being demonstrative which means taking action versus being performative do you think social media gives a lot of people including young people a way out that they can just blast their opinion on twitter or facebook or wherever instagram but then not actually become engaged no i think that there is a show of broader shift in political behavior so actually at the level of our voting statistics there's already been a shift the minute 2800 midterms showed historic voter turnout among young people and that was just the midterm so in terms of the way our sizeable voting bloc will exercise its will power should only increase and what we're seeing is a shift in behavior beyond the bare minimal bare minimum transactional. element of
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voting where people are understanding means of raising their voice that might also mean contacting elected officials donating protesting it's a matter of doing the things that seemed out of reach so an interview i love to bring up is i talked to a ph d. student who said i understood that people could be going to town halls but not that i should be doing that and it's as if there is this understanding of all these actions of democracy all of these actions of making your voice heard and and making your political opinion manifest in the political conversation beyond social media and that our relationship to that and those behaviors has a lot more action behind it and i think that trend is only going to kenya to new to grow and will be emphasized i hope by the organizing powers of social media and and further encouraged as we see that behavior incentivize because i'm hoping to build to a culture where being a good citizen and being a good person are considered the exact same thing let me ask you this lauren donald
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trump won 37 percent of the youth vote and your big teen vogue op ed was about donald trump gaslighting america how do you explain his appeal to this fairly large chunk of young voters well you know i not sure that i understand donald trump's appeal to anyone to be quite frank with you. i guess though i would emphasize that the purpose of my book and the way that i've sought to outline a paradigm of citizenship is not geared towards my belief system so i but i am a queer radical feminist but i believe that it's in the public interest to build towards public power and equality and so as a journalist that's what i'm fighting for public power and equality and i think that that looks like as many voices as possible in the political conversation and i want young people who disagree with me i want all people regardless of their beliefs i have very specific believed them. and i we need to be
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a we all need to be able to have difficult conversations with people who we disagree and i think we're getting so siloed into our bubbles and so it's so easy to cut ourselves off from people who are not connected with but democracy is about building consensus from debate and so i'm hoping that we actually all learn to you better have those conversations and especially on social media so we're going to ask you about that because you know what i don't happening a lot that i think is you know negative trend is the cancel culture where does if i disagree with you i don't want you to exist i don't want you to have a voice in the public square how do we move past that that it is possible to disagree agreeably and be able to have a conversation and find compromise and not be looking at you know mutually assured destruction so i think 2 things one is i feel like from a base level we all need to be conducting ourselves more like journalists sharing things that we verify are true that we've considered and been critical thinkers
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about of before just disseminating information in real life and online and then understanding that we all play a role in shaping the culture that we're participating in and if instead of piling on to group consensus of any kind whether it's cancel culture tribalism or something else we all need to i think follow our guts a little more ask ourselves what we really believe after empowering ourselves with information and express the views that are authentic to us instead of participating in this perverse incentive structure where negativity toxicity and pettiness are analysts lee rewarded and my suggestion is and any time you have the urge to send someone negative online why not instead send something positive to people who are doing the kind of work that you do support and want to encourage there's just really we are tearing each other down and i think kneecapping not only the political conversation but the total scope of human potential and there is so much
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harmful harm being done and we could all be part of the change in creating more positive healthy compassionate honest dialogue online and off. so after asking you to be so high minded i'm going to ask you to be a little bit partisan ok when i have a democratic when you're looking at the democratic field particularly nancy pelosi speaker of the house and how she's trying to you know grapple with. the squad do you think the current democratic leadership really speaks to young people you know i think that there is a mis understanding from the democratic establishment about how to reach out to young people and from all of our elected officials quite frankly what alexandra ocasio cortez is doing that is most stunning to me is the way she's trying to reach people with information she's doing policy proposal breakdowns right next to showing beauty tips on her instagram stories and what's so special about that is
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that's just that's how we consume information that's how we talk to each other and there's such a conspicuous lack of that among all of our elected officials and when we talk about young people not caring but if you really look at the way the average campaign is run the average income and recreates the situation that allowed them to be elected in the 1st place they don't try to expand the electorate at all to reach out to their full scope of constituents and especially not young people and that's their democratic duty and i think that the thing that we could even talk about in a nonpartisan way about the squad and i do actually happen to align with a lot of these part politics but beyond that is different methods of reaching people and conversational ways using pop culture using the things that we're excited about that we're passionate about and fusing them together so that we can have the kinds of conversations that we'd have with our friends about politics let me ask about that i mean do you think that deserves to give donald trump a little bit of credit because after all donald trump very famously and he's even
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said so use twitter to you know directly reach the american voter to communicate very directly to the voter without you know a lot of the mediating media i mean media being mediating. and of course has use that tactic that technique instagram twitter to great success well i guess what i would say is maybe they are both reaching people directly but i think what i.o.c. is doing is making intricate policy proposals that are typically quite dry or insider e very digestible and accessible and seeking to empower people with information and appeal to voters to give her power and certainly no one kind of. so learn who do you like on the democratic side in the 2020 field right now i am very transparent about being extremely excited by elizabeth warren and i would also say oh i think this is an exciting period for there to be a conversation of ideas and we get so caught up in the rat race and the polling and
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just the binary of wins and losses and this is a moment to talk about what is the greatest possible future that we can build for this country and i think i would encourage everyone who is following the primary campaign to to engage in that conversation as as a matter of ideas rather than figureheads but i love that elizabeth warren is interested i think in a similar way to see in appealing to voters to give her power and then speaking to people in a way that they can digest and understand and trying to reach them where they're at and i do very much appreciate the way she's diagnosed a system that has moneyed interests completely outweighing the voices of the public and that's the place i need believe we need to get back to where the wealth and power of this nation are more firmly in the hands of the collective lauren thanks so much for your time today we appreciate it again the book is how to start a revolution young people and the future of american politics that's out in available everywhere including for download more politicking after the break.
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aeroflot russian airlines. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now
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we're watching closely watching the hawks. aeroflot russian and light us. senator chuck schumer famously said shortly after trump was elected to take on the intelligence community they have 6 ways from sunday at getting back in line to the failed russia gate hoax and this nonsense with ukraine this characterization
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appears to be spot on should be all fear the deep state. welcome back to politicking everybody i may be holmes sitting in for lou. support for donald trump's impeachment is growing according to several recent polls so how worried should the president be well let's talk about this and more with our political panel they are michael trujillo he's a democratic political political strategist he was also part of the draft bedo effort and he joins us from los angeles here in new york city we have john kearns she's a g.o.p. strategist and a former spokesperson for the california republican party ok guys we are in the middle of this impeachment inquiry you know it's the news 247 and several recent polls including one from political politico morning console so that support for impeaching the president is growing the political morning consul poll has 46 percent of voters saying that congress should begin impeachment versus 43 percent who say they should not well we know the president is
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a fighter but jen how worried should he be about these numbers they only seem to be going in one direction it's not in his favor. well i think he ought to actually be very concerned and this might surprise you to hear me say this but i have no issue with some of my republican colleagues who were practically dancing with glee last week they saying oh great he's going to be impeached now we raced $15000000.00 in the 1st 48 hours and this is going to increase his poll numbers i actually as a strict constitutionalist think this is a very serious matter posing the president and it's one hell of a take seriously this is a serious impeachment probe no matter who is leading it and this is something that could ultimately result in the president of the united states being impeached and also removed from office so i think that's very important as for the polls let's remember there is a 10 point bias built in the silver 538 told us that after the 2016 elections that
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there's about a 9 point by s. against conservative so i think that the real number is really around 36 percent and that's nationally if you look at the top 10 congressional districts and i've overlaid the map of the top 10 seats that are going to be up for grabs in 2020 that support for impeachments only in the low twenty's in those states so i think that's actually going to make the biggest difference when you. look at the map and how it looks for 2020 right so michael what about that john is pointing out in terms of where the support for impeachment is do you think the democratic party is perhaps risking the electoral map and their congressional majority in the house with this impeachment in korea for well i think they're doing their job and you know when you do your job sometimes you at least in politics things are at risk but these folks you know you know we're we're willing for you know for democrats to risk losing house seats you know red red districts that they flip to blue in 2018 because you
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think they're doing the right thing these folks put their hand on the bible took an oath to do their job and it's all the constitution and this is their this is their job and if this is what they want to do this is what image. the house wants to do to go down the road and do the probe then you know so be it it's written in our constitution this is one of the tools in the tool box to to sort of keep donald trump accountable and this is what the house members still like they have to do then so be it i'm i'm all in favor of it and you know as this happens you know we've seen one whistleblower sort of crack and start this impeachment movement who's to say there's not others once one comes out there i don't really agree with the blower in quotation marks. so jenny i've actually discussed some of this polling data with donald trump's own pollster john mclaughlin and he finds that in their polling when they weren't the question should congress work with donald trump with the president to solve the nation's problems they get a 66 percent you know yes answer on that but that's not the message that donald
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trump has been sending i mean we just saw this very wild press conference that he gave with the finnish president and he called joe biden and hunter biden stone cold crooks does donald trump have the discipline to stay on a message that will serve him through this impeachment inquiry that is the 64000000 dollar question amy it's a great one i think what you see is donald trump in these early days playing to his base i think he feels that he has to shore up his base 1st we may see sometime later through mclaughlin's polling. t.v. ads radio ads that speak to the points you just brought up and i think that would be very wise but i think in the meantime president trump feels that he has to talk to his base but the good news for the democrats here and again this might surprise you to hear me actually say this i'm watching the end appendant numbers pretty closely in those numbers actually do worry me so if you look at the polling there
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was a c.n.n. poll out yesterday that showed the support for impeachment among independents and republican leaning independents. has grown exponentially and back in may that percentage was only about 9 percent it grew this week to 22 percent that's more than double and those are independents and republican leaning independents you also look at republicans the support for impeachment according to that poll is also up to 14 percent that cuts into the very big popularity that donald trump is tad among republicans around 84 percent 89 percent so i think these numbers are troubling for him and that's why i think the white house has got to take this very very seriously so michael you're hearing jen say that president trump should be worried he should be concerned about how the polling is moving against him we've also seen reporting that house speaker nancy pelosi thinks that the impeachment inquiry and impeachment effort should be narrowly focused on the president's phone call to the ukrainian president mr zelinsky do you think that that's a good strategy because there are
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a lot of other democrats who just want to throw in the kitchen thinks think emoluments you know lawless president etc how should democrats proceed well i mean as a democrat i'm the 1st to admit that organizing democrats is kind of like organizing what stray cats it's really hard. but i think with speaker pelosi i trust her she knows what she's doing she knows that building she knows where the votes are she knows what her chairman and chair women want to do well right now it seems like his her chairman and chairwomen they all want to be on you know cable news network and have their own committees you know diving into all these different aspects of the presidency and nancy pelosi is trying to keep them focused also on this on t.v. right now it is a lot of fun so i don't blame them. but you know look this is her job i think as things progress and as this probe moves forward perhaps the sort of what they're looking at will expands but i trust your pelosi and i'm sure most house members do
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and you know but when you have a camera and a microphone put in front of you and you're a politician i mean those are those you do not want to be in between that and i don't blame these electors for. trying to get on t.v. i mean this is what they do right so jen we were talking about them on with poll we reference that earlier and it has joe biden and senator elizabeth warren with the highest favorable favor billeted ratings among voters 56 percent for biden 42 percent for elizabeth warren we also know that the president does not have high fever abilities and in fact his personal favor bill it is a much lower then approval of his job so again donald trump does he have a steep hill to climb for 2020. well i think some of the head to head match ups again have a lot of bias built into them versus biden or warren i think i'd like to see the polling as we get closer as we narrow it down to who will be the ultimate nominee and here's the interesting thing the calendar is counting down pretty quickly actually a lot of people saying oh biden's not going to make it look
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a biden only has to survive 120 larry more days yes he only has to survive until february 3rd that's the iowa caucus then soon after that is nevada other states and then super tuesday where i think then the nomination for the democratic party will basically be sewn up so i think it's between biden and elizabeth warren at this point and it's possible that elizabeth warren set out to be very interesting to watch well she's generating huge crowds you know very unexpectedly considering the way her campaign was launched with that d.n.a. test but michael i want to ask you democratic candidate andrew young he reportedly raised $10000000.00 and the 3rd quarter of this year ahead of cory booker and others although cory booker has done very well very recently raising money are you surprised that these sort of dark horse candidates are still in there and fighting and getting democratic support no not at all i think you know that you know primarily most donors are online and small donors they can fuel their search their
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favorite candidate for as long as they want to just in a way of going to a hotel ballroom and the whole you know having a. rubber chicken dinner and having those donors fund your campaign that's long gone and so if yang has a passion a group of supporters across the nation they can keep him funded for as long as he wants to do this so michael let me ask you about that i mean there's also a lot of criticism that the democratic stage is way too crowded and splitting up a lot of you know democratic support when right now is the time to be coalescing how long you know i mean do you agree with that or do you say hey everybody you know go for it well you know i think my republican friend had that same issue during 20162015 with a republican nomination and it seemed to work out ok so i think for democrats having a wide field is fine you know this pressure to coalesce is you know from insiders and others and that happened on the republican side too but they won their their when they got the presidency and so we're happy to have
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a large field happy to have them discuss their ideas and disagree and agree but it means that all these folks that they've turned on to voting and inspired him to be a small dollar donor you know if we do this right whoever our nominee is gets to suck up all that energy and take that into the campaign between donald trump and our nominee bottom line guys donald trump do you see house democrats or even prepare haps even some republicans voting on articles of impeachment michael i see that vote happening i would assume he gets impeached and then it goes to the senate and that's where you know there's a lot of pressure on these senators and we'll see how leader mcconnell handles it and goes forward michael do you think that there's any chance that donald trump will be removed from office by a republican controlled senate you know he can either be removed or he could be barred from running for office again and you know if you're a republican who doesn't want to remove donald trump you can bar him for running for office again and you know have the nomination of mike pence and that that's
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a scenario that's possible as well but if i had to put an odds on him being removed today i'd say the odds of the mean being removed are about 10 percent and. what what are you expecting do expect to see articles of impeachment voted on in the house i do think ultimately there will be a vote but i think it will be awfully difficult for those democrats in those top 10 targeted seats some of those districts donald trump won from anywhere from 16 points to $1000.00 points so the be very hard for those democrats to vote on it but i do think there will be a vote i don't think he gets removed from office i don't think it gets quite that far but again the fact or even talking about that is a very serious matter that the white house and the president have to take very seriously all right guys it's a roller coaster as it has been since 2016 i really appreciate you joining me good bye to michael trujillo and jan kearns michel gent thanks for your time thank you things and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking also many thanks to larry king for letting me sit in his chair today it's always an honor remember
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we love hearing from you so join the conversation on larry's facebook page and as always you can share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at kings things and using the politicking hashtag i also invite you to follow me on my twitter feed at real amy holmes well that's all for this edition of politicking. aeroflot russian and lights. in a world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to
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dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. aeroflot russian and lights.
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who will ever situation little grandchildren her little children ask their great grandparents. is it true that all these cars used to have people driving them. crazy crims. so that's what we do. in 2040 you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know lawyer i mean your list put video through the . school and you go to the ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. of those who. had invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. paradise
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with some around and into around the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up and suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel
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they can get away with this because the people have less political power. north korea and the united states is set to resume stalled nuclear talks in sweden with both sides testing ballistic weapons in the days leading up to the meeting. christian doctor in the u.k. failed to get his sacking overturned at an employment tribunal coming after his refusal to use female pronouns for a transgender woman a hearing that was incompatible with human dignity we hear from a doctor involved. with the group i desire. to do something with. freedom. and once called the world's most popular politician jailed former brazilian president lula da silva gives an exclusive interview to r.t. spanish from his present. world cannot be healed.


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