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tv   News  RT  October 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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this hour's headlines stories north korea and the u.s. are set to resume talks in sweden with. weapons in the days leading up to the meeting. ecuador's president declares a state so. the country is. soaring fuel price. leader attempts to end the turmoil triggered by dissolution of parliament we speak to jill former brazilian president. about the crisis. i think is see. this happened to south american countries
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we keep seeing. one minutes after 5 pm in bangkok 8 am in melbourne just after 1 in the morning here in moscow this saturday october 5th welcome to our to international our top story north korean negotiators have arrived in sweden to resume talks with the u.s. it comes just a few days after pyongyang said it had successfully tested a new sea launched missile in a move that caused alarm in western capitals. the search area had a call with japanese minister of defense where they discussed north korea they both agree that the north korea tests are unnecessarily provocative and do not set the stage for diplomacy and that north korea should cease these tests well north korea . its missile is capable of being launched from a submarine which would represent
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a major advancement of its weapons capabilities some analysts are calling it the most significant test since the country enter into dialogue with washington and 20 . well just a few hours later the u.s. carried out its own launch it fired an intercontinental ballistic missile over the pacific saying the test was for national security purposes kill them up and takes a closer look at the plane. north korea and the united states are headed back to the negotiating table this weekend says president trump will see their wanted soffit will be talking to will see so we can all just relax and anticipate one step closer to world peace right well no a missile was launched on wednesday the u.s. state department burned with outrage we call on north korea to refrain from provocations abide by their obligations under un security council resolutions and
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remain in gauged in substantive and sustained negotiations to do their part to ensure peace and stability on the korean peninsula and as you do nuclear is ation now to prove their point about peace and stability the united states launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from the coast of california on the exact same day but they say it is not a provocative move according to the pentagon brass it's all about peace and security this visible message of national security. interests when a potential aggressor so let's recap shall we this is the pug 3 it's endangering the stability and peace of the entire region and this is the minuteman 3 i.c.b.m. it's just making the world a safer and happier place in august the united states once again conducted military drills in south korea rehearsing for an all out war against the north but they say it's nothing provocative about it simply a measure of security north korea didn't. it that way into korean contacts will be
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difficult unless they put an end to military exercise or give a plausible explanation in a sincere manner that is worth mentioning these drills were scaled down a bit compared to the ones done in the past we are working very hard to make sure that it is not perceived as provocative to go as far as to modify even the name of the exercise and to modify the scenario to take out all the offensive characteristics it's all about perception if we do it it's understandable for security purposes think of the i.c.b.m. as a jolly little kite bringing joy but if they view it it's a provocation putting the entire region into danger yes it's one sided attitudes like that that are sure to bring peace on earth they fired off an i.c.b.m. missile. you know like 4200 miles to the marshall islands as wasn't a small underground or underwater test so the us is. wants to be able to behave one way as
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a military might with its military might around the world and the other countries do the opposite and so unfortunately we are left with these types of instances where very few people question the power of the military of the united states very few people question why the united states is testing the nuclear deterrent if you will. let's bring you in the program to ecuador who's president as the 3rd a national emergency following a wave of violent protests over the authorities this isn't the end fuel subsidies the move which came into effect on thursday is expected to cause the price of petrol diesel to double workers in the transport sector launched a national strike in response taxi bus truck drivers blocked roads in major cities students and indigenous groups all to join the protest paralyzing the country's transport network. in the capital demonstrators clashed with riot police who fired
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tear gas and made hundreds of arrests but the turmoil president let him out i know has said there is no chance that the 40 year old subsidy scheme will be reinstated . there is no possibility of changing those things related to the perverse subsidies who are causing so much harm to the country they were distorting the economy but above all else allow for important national resources to fall into the wrong hands to try to ensure the safety of our citizens and avoid chaos i have declared a national state of emergency and you know let's go through what we know about this the ecuadorian government scrapped the fuel subsidies in order to meet targets agreed with the international monetary fund no as part of a billard deal signed in march ecuador agreed to slash public spending you know it tends to reduce its deficit from 3600000000 dollars to under $1000000000.00 by next year. largely shared among analysts is that economic restructuring is going to be
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a painful process for the country and its people. the i.m.f. is giving a credit to a country is under certain conditions on the. day they control the economy and they're going to go because of the country so the goal of i.m.f. what they are really following this trade to open the economy of whether just to make the. ecuadorian people in the future but not get access to a different kind of private services that. they don't have it at the moment but the thing is what is the cost of this kind of breast ration of the economy and either my government is saying in this report and open their markets we basically is the main advice that i am of these given we're going to give to you launch we're going to give you credit but only under certain conditions then they're doing that we know they're going crazy inflation we know they've been increasing employment rate at the moment but in theory yes in theory there whether in the future going to be an economy similar like the u.s. economy or mexican economy let's say but obviously with the high like i say with
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the cost of history and that's going to be there because he's basically that part and all the economies got it right now it will never stay latin america now in fact go to neighboring prove who's president appointed a new cabinet on thursday will purchase govern without opposition until elections in january it comes after martin this cover took the dramatic step of dissolving parliament earlier in the week in order to break the impasse over his anti corruption drive. yes yes 2. while the president's opponents have described the move as on coastal cish know there's been a crisis for popular support from across the country since $26.00 the many leading officials including most of the country's living former presidents have been implicated in corruption leading to a spate of convictions and frustration among peruvian. thing the president
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is no easy job this stress pressure responsibility for the entire country but being president of the room also adds joe you time to at least get changed if mitt said this had always been the vice presidency defeated and still the difficulty. is facing him no i am temporarily assuming the presidency of the republic at least a response to the fact that in president his car has failed but just hours off to be sworn in he resigns i have decided to resign from the position of constitutional vice president of the republic the reasons are explaining in the attach letter i hope that my resignation will lead to the convening and general elections in the surest term of the country. that's up to the current president didn't discover that dissolved congress which plunged the country into a political crisis massive protests and his resignation from the nazis this week
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interesting the this got himself elected he took over from federal public he resigned over corruption charges just out of a concert in the government palace with a view to a brick from a bunk in a cell for 3 years get it was the 9th yeah we want to denounce in the name of our family the injustice that has been committed against our father. in scheme has been given 3 years of preventive imprisonment. his previous this or young the mother was also arrested on allegations of money and here he is watching his property and freedom being taken away before him up there was a lot and. it won't come as a surprise that he too was arrested on the same money on drink charges the only reason he escaped prison time is because he committed suicide before trial i handwrote also enjoy this time in the woods
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a bit before him already guess where he is in jail to 2031. we weren't joking when we said being perused presidency jinxed perhaps miss that this was made a wise decision resigning so quickly it's a safe. some analysts have drawn parallels between that crisis and the situation in venice well or the opposition in caracas also rejected the dissolution of parliament appointed its own interim president however unlike venice where the u.s. embassy in peru chose to remain somewhat neutral political analysts we spoke to say that the spite the similarities between the situation improve unfairness where they're treated very differently by washington. if we compare bin is clearly and we compare peru indeed i mean in this occasion the united states had decided to ringback step back and see what will happen what is going to be. a role of the
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united states if they would be ally doing exactly the same as they have done before you know you would have expected or as we say they would support if they would be more like you know inclined to do the same things and to be more coherent in their in their political stances the united states has played like a kind of a double a rule that's not very clear right you apply some criteria in the case of some countries have the not different set of criteria to this the 2 asian or prices in another country wage that shows probably a double more all. along the reaction we bring giving to the peruvian crisis or to spawn a channel spoke to jailed former brazilian president lula the sopa. i think peru is seeing the same thing that has happened to other south american
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countries we keep seeing new ways of staging a coup. a keyboard you know no one has to accept foreign interference in the affairs of a sovereign state i do not support american brazilian colombian or any other interference their attempts to control another country by promoting their own candidates by creating a fake figurehead like one guy joe i'm totally against this there are situations that a democratic country has to deal with on its own. you brazil is a very big country it can be fully sovereign it could become one of the main actors on international policy i admire the role that president putin plays in the modern world it shows that the world cannot be held hostage to u.s.
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policy to trump's craziness the craziness of a u.s. president who believes that he can invade any country kill any president somebody has to stop him and brazil concluded that. deadly violence and curfews in iraq over plummeting living standards on her up to the law to change on some other stories that.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. let's start back with the situation in iraq which has seen yet more deadly unrest
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popular protests against corruption and low living standards continue for a 4th consecutive day security forces opened fire on demonstrators in friday bringing the number of those killed in this week's turmoil to $65.00 the violence comes despite calls for calm from the prime minister on assurances that protesters grievances are being heard. clashes 1st erupted on choose they when the army stepped in to defend the heavily fortified green zone and were government offices and foreign courts with sort of hated police the ploy tear gas rubber bullets and life fire against protesters
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internet access has since been cut to most of the country and curfews imposed the chamorro has led the country's opposition to call on the government to resign peace campaigner so we are on a dolly told us though he fears iraq's problems are near insurgent. sadly i don't think the country is going to overcome these enormous problems caused by the invasion and occupation of iraq the us led invasion occupation of 2003. because the problems have become so deep the destruction was so massive and the political elites that the u.s. installed in iraq where almost all the very corrupt and this has added to the problem of trying to recover from that destructive occupation that is the problem with the with iraq that the problems are so deep and there are so many
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corrupt senior politicians it's very difficult to implement a lot of the demands of the people things like eliminating corruption getting rid of massive unemployment among young people housing problems poverty problems. the british show. he has caused the 1st among members of all of the minority groups it's been trying hard to woo into its ranks it tweeted that black history month which it is marking is now is being expanded to include asian people too saskia taylor takes up the story for us there are some battles you can't when you just ask the british army no i'm not talking about iraq or afghanistan even the fuss the war i'm talking about the fight to win over the hearts and minds of each and every citizen of us old blighty black history month has kicked off in the u.k.
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this week in the british army to tell it to keep its finger on the pulse has dedicated the next 30 days not just to black people but to all the asians who have served in its ranks still haven't got over that colonial guilt that we missed a trick here we didn't explain that black history month has expanded to include the history of asian people and their contribution to hence recognition of our historic partnership with the indian army but in the minefield of political hypersensitivity the initiative might just be a flop it's been slammed by the very communities it was supposed to ingratiate yourself with unless these asians a black i don't want to see it to be honest there are 12 months in a year black history month to go one months of the 12 but they wanted to be black asian and minority ethnic moms w.t.f. pick another months and make that asian history month i'm sure
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a lot of asians will appreciate it come on don't be stupid it's bloody black history month why is that you can criticize the army for its lack of manners for the move very thought point for the british so thank goodness for the good old in the bottom because the tweet in question was removed not before had fired up the haters of course and even the odd lonely voice of support. the contribution of sikh hindu and muslim communities can't be ignored if they consider themselves politically than they are i can't even pretend to know what politically black is but i can tell you what black history month is initiated violence across the pond the us decided to give up a month every year you know to repent for all those centuries of slavery and segregation and it's part of a growing trend of affirmative action that might just be backfiring take world famous harvard university for example turns out it's got racial quotas twin show a diverse community something that didn't go down too well with
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a group of asian americans who filed a lawsuit saying they were being human lies to gays in favor of their fellow black applicants despite having far better entrance schools and indeed multiple studies have shown that if the universe to based its admissions process just on academic factors what a bizarre notion asians make up over 40 percent of harvard's classes that's more than twice its current figures. the course conclusion the harvard has shown that its admissions program serves its compelling interest in diversity but assume racial categorizations are necessary to serve the interest and while the court might have backed harvard this time it's opened a can of worms an increasingly divisive issue affirmative action might find that its heyday is over so there's a huge amount of marketing executives and only sort of social media advisers you know in places like the british army and you're completely detached from reality and society and that sort of started to use only social awareness kind of term
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means things like work history month just for marketing and this entire social awareness kind of you know progressive stuff should probably let the people who are actually experiencing racism probably left to look older people who are actually out there on the streets variance in these things rather than you know. who are sort of defining and sort of deciding they're what they're being i think that by providing a lower standard for a certain race of people and a higher standard for a different race of people certainly 1st of all creates a lot of conflict between different races of people that would not have existed otherwise but i think it also demotivates. certain people you know who probably would have been more motivated to go out and do so based off of their hard work and absent which now they're not being rewarded for and i think that it provides unfair advantages soon we're going to run out of months and seeing any action one takes to piece one minority were aggravate and not that you've got twit
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met it's tough out there on the front line of political correctness. let's turn attention to hong kong where a fresh round of demonstration homes are up to there are thousands of people gathering to condemn the local authorities decision to face must the emergency measure which is now in effect is aimed at putting a stop to the semi autonomous territories for a month long anti beijing protest campaign. protesters have frequently cover their faces while taking part in rallies calling for universal suffrage official say that makes violence escalate because people are less afraid of being caught and a mob mentality essentially takes over the emergency law comes after clashes turned particularly ugly 70th anniversary celebrations of communist party rule in china. or russia is helping china builds a warning system for missile attacks it was revealed by. the annual international
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affairs conference the volga discussion club currently underway in russia. we are now hoping no chinese partners to develop a missile attack warning system is a very serious thing rather clean hands china's defense capabilities because at the moment only the united states and russia have such a system or political scientist who is in chiang i'd line to us the ways in which he believes the arrangement will benefit china and russia. both sides understand that there is a lot of company mentality between the 2 countries in weapons development time no probably has more research money it can support research and development programs and russia certainly enjoys consider a vote can go not to go above digits you can deal off that kind of logical superiority and abundance is on the part of russia it is in
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a position to make office 2 countries good and china and cooperation with china may yet. be used as a kind of small though the united states will certainly be very unhappy about this but it is say limited to what it can do what the whole of the united states is self has been engaging joined by because development of countries like japan and india and so on. all of his or longed for another shoals here at the top with all the latest news opiates but to stay close not for great r.t. programs getting their start in a few moments. whoever's
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situation. grandchildren are living children ask their great grandparents. is it true that. these cars used to have people driving. to. mention. but just look.
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at us can last a moment last chance and ask for the last 70 and seeing and on the rest today are the facts for who should commission. branson ships. shoot on disk in the. legion mom. i know you care so said i'm not going to much to the mama just back. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delicacy you watch kaiser report.
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comes out of the cold war you can get on the set of one among what i would them. it's aid we have. heard behind me a lot will have given to me what little. little. thing you left of it on me as i deal with this film. and still read through already. looking at. it will. never see it. i won't go on setting mood what and the odd. thing is that a lot of i'll have seen. what i would have been in just about up in the haiyan has shown. that i am when
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