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the youngest part of the earth's vast visible surface the renewed. these islands were unique alone apart. an authentic natural paradise. of all the growing things that existed in these islands 95 out of a 100 or else in the world. a mere. there was there as there is now no police known on earth that even begin to compete with these islands in their capacity to encourage natural life to develop free and radically up to its own potential. from the ocean home plate to visit and fight most boring.
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today these islands face an uncertain future and the survival of this natural paradise is being threatened. why me a valley. was my school. this is the way i learned to hunt and fish. to enjoy. this whole valley. i used to go hunting from here writes. and. to the valley.
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valley was a very. a lot of the people were. some were fishermen a lot of them had small businesses of the. lot of the people were farmers. agriculture because. all of the farmers up here were all. so we all had to work hard we all had to respect each other the values that were given to us by our family he taught you all do scenes that you need in your life to survive and. i was raised by immigrant. to appreciate what. has given me. but some of.
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the establishment of a large sugar plantations was kind of the colonial force that really hold these islands into the chains of global capital production and left behind a legacy of consolidated land ownership control over water rights and really the disenfranchisement and marginalization of indigenous people and their homelands. my home is located. in a place. on the west side of. 6 years ago. was that i had annoyed i would be surrounded by a few years after moving to that neighborhood the late 1980 s. with a lot of the sugarcane plantations shutting down and with economy overly dependent on tourism policy. makers in both hawaii and washington started conversations about
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making hawaii a center of biotechnology research both to diversify the economy and to take over some of the agricultural economy that was being lost we had the highest number of open air field test sites of anywhere in the nation we've had over 3300 permits issued for such testing sense that began in the early ninety's. so they're very fruit in these fields and big spectrums with seniors and i'm just starting to wise climate means multiple formulations can be tested in the same fields will you know it's all about the chemicals and the reason it's all about the
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chemicals is that the g.m. seed companies are also the chemical companies and they are breeding seeds that then depends totally on the chemicals that they also manufacture. in genetic engineering unlike what happens in nature where you have sex and you have mating of organisms in genetic engineering you're doing it in a test tube where you're transferring genes from one organism into another organism or you're editing the genome of that organism using cut and paste techniques let's say you have a tomato and you want to make the tomato resilient or impervious to cold and much more durable you could take the genes of a flounder and transfer it into the genome of the tomato. they're not interested in feeding the world there is dead and feeding their bottom line and the bottom line
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is selling more and more chemicals disaster to make that's what the shareholders want feeding the world was always a greenwashing of a technology whose aim was to sell more chemicals chemical companies are experimenting in hawaii with these g.m. seeds using many many times allowable limits of pesticides using pesticides that are banned in europe. because of their potential danger both to the environment and human health. restricted use pesticides are or those that have been banned for residential use by the federal government because of evidence that they are harmful to human health in 2000 the e.p.a.
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bancorp pyra fos in many household products like insecticides after research showed it cause nausea in dizziness especially in children who later studies found children exposed prenatal lead to the past decide how to increase odds of developmental and attention disorders. is however authorized for use for agricultural purposes and it's still used massively for that reason basically the federal government has granted syngenta and pioneer the right to test test sides here on this island outside of what the label mandates states including hawaii started to pass some of their own laws to regulate these open air field tests and as this kind of patchwork regulatory framework came into being they said oh we better go out to the feds and design something that works for us when you look at what's happening on the west side it's mainly made. and working communities of color that are being most impacted and
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a lot of the lands that these chemical companies operate on are state lands which are lands that were stolen from the overthrown kingdom of hawaii and are contested still and are supposed to be held in trust for the betterment of native hawaiians whether it be doing a sugar era where they would be doing a pineapple arrow we are in the biotech era. they're exercising this corporate profit over the welfare of the people right now koa is ground 0 for 4 of the largest chemical corporations in the world for their experiment production . and they're and. they're doing their experiments and. we're live approximately 500 yards away from where to turn because in the dust come from.
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has a great effect on us it took away our lives. you can't see it in the yard and enjoy your yard that you worked hard for. drift is relevant in real so between these chemicals and transport through the environment there's no telling where these pesticides will end up some of the chemicals they last couple of months after life 10 months they don't want to. put out fumes so now you're moving particles put in a few fumes will travel straight as the wind my neighbors there experimented with corn did during gym or experiments they're testing different that's the side cocktails. nobody knows what these chemicals will do the elements they have never been tested no. nobody has ever proven them safe and this is
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a huge guinea pig experiment and it's clearly a violation of the nurnberg code that says any kind of human experimentation is illegal and the last there's an informed consent. and that there is a clear legal capacity for people to opt out if they choose not to be experimented on those people know i are living daily under violations of the nuremberg code. our state agencies are violating the civil rights laws of our country by completely ignoring the fact that their actions are putting at risk predominantly native hawaiian populations they are leasing lands without requiring any kind of protections for the people that live near these operations and if you look at the populations of people that live closest to these fields what you find is that
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there is a larger predominance of native hawaiian resident near these particular areas. you know world's big partners and lot fees and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time. we're watching closely watching the
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it's the mashed old trick to stop the president and he's been trying this morning to. those we have producers to produce for to snoop to come up with new it because that is the girls are with you sir your supporters to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook door for one whose job is the impulse to. 6 guys or financial survival guide. when customers go buy your supplies. in elf well reducible our. that's undercutting about what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. the world is driven by dreamers.
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thinks. we should ask. genetic engineering is a discipline and the product is a g.m.o. b t corn is a corn plant that is a g.m.o. now when they genetically engineered this bt corn they had an objective the objective was to create a corn plant that would be resistant to insects so there's 2 ways they could do that one is you take
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a piece of corn and you pro pesticide on it the other way with genetic engineering is you take corn you extract the genome of a bacterium and you insert it into the genome of that corn and what you've got now is a new corn in this case is called bt corn and every cell of that corn plant creates its own internal insecticide. in the early eighty's monsanto found a bacteria that was stans their herbicide roundup they were let's take d.n.a. from that bacteria put it into corn and eventually soy and cotton plants they said now we've got it you can ariel spray those crops with these toxic herbicides kill the waves and the crops survive we have not done adequate testing are going to see the issue is the chronic effects the long term and it's important. because people are chronically exposed so much so that irrespective of whether or not it accumulates they carry a load we. no it's in the mother's mouth whether or not it crosses in neutral to
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the placenta barrier i don't know but the issue was raised with the e.p.a. . why didn't you look for the chronic effects of guy for say a constant exposure and they said because it never accumulates 1st of all accumulate means you keep building it up like money in the bank but it doesn't matter if it accumulates or not if you're exposed to it every day or everywhere. to grow g.m. most that they're doing is they're just dumping copious amounts of poisons and chemicals on thousands and thousands of acres of these experimental crops extort schools sure ames waterways that lead right into the ocean animals are getting sick
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people are getting sick the federal government hardly regulates experimental genetically engineered crops in any meaningful way it essentially allows the companies to grow what they want to grow allowing open air field trials of these very biologically potent crops. the state of hawaii has a hands off attitude towards this industry. we live on and i didn't. we live on an island that has finite natural resources one of our natural resources is our drinkable water 40 years ago the were chemical companies that farm but molly use d.d.t. spraying chemicals onto the pineapple feels these fields leach into the land got into our water aquifer and tainted our drinkable water if you want to have an
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experimental plot to test a new chemical should be mandated this be done under controlled circumstances closed systems not. making the world your test tube the world your laboratory. the chemicals that they put under the ground are going to infiltrate through this oils into the water they're going to wash off the rivers and streams and they will accumulate the air and it will by amplify and concentrate in the food chain up the food chain into human beings and. they'll cause illness no and they'll diminish quality of life and the ménage the potential of these children we would wake up and my daughters would sometimes have really bad headaches and prior to moving. into our home we had never experienced things like that so one has to ask the question whether there is
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a form of environmental races going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power yes it's racism it's clear to be that native hawaiians and others who are socio economically less advantaged are. taking the brunt of this industry when you look at the history of the chemical corporations that we're talking about we're talking about corporations that created the nucular bob p.c. b.s. dioxins d.d.t. agent orange and many of the top 12 percent that are going to pollutants that destroy our world. rachel carson said it in a book silent spring about how it said in his book agriculture testament that industry that had gotten used to making chemicals the wall they got so addicted to profits that they then retooled and redesign agriculture to make
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a dependent on these chemical. a neo nicotine oid is a neurotoxin for an insect so when an insect ingest noid it actually disrupts the nervous system of that insect so no it is an insecticide which is used to kill an insect in a recent set of publications which are nearly over $800.00 papers they've shown that nicotine oids are actually showing up in the pollen of wild flowers which are then being consumed by b s so the sun. is fond of the design of the use of police.
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what's different about noids is that they're present all the time this seeds were coated with the new year new it's noids and then the seed was planted the new nicotine oid is water soluble so it goes into the soil the seed sprouts and those seed root tips then take up the neo negative noid into the plant so the entire plant all the cells all the tissues all the contained noise and that's how they repel insects and they're in the food because they're systemic pesticides same is true for glyphosate they're not on the surface of the apple or the peach sure the whatever it is they're in the fur you can't wash them off. on the island of kuwait where we have the most information out of all of what you do to activists struggle lawsuits freedom of information requests we know that in
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2012 at least 800 tons of restricted use pesticides were bought and probably sprayed on the island we know that pesticides like has application rates probably 10 times the national average. the intensity and frequency of pesticide usage on quake is so high that it led one award winning journalist to call it one of the most toxic agricultural environments and all of american agriculture we know from a lawsuit that pesticides are sprayed by at least one company 250 to 300 days a year 10 to 16 times a day the post decides they're really. we should be very careful. introducing chemicals that affect the nature of life itself in. the unintended consequences. are already affecting human health in a long term way. and the number one thing
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is for me as a mom. change. observing those changes i had no idea what. was so i just started to do research on my own and what i found was very disturbing the studies are very clear the. county pediatrics the american cancer institute they all say that people that live and work around agricultural areas where there's heavy pesticide use have higher incidence of cancer of. disease. after 17 years of the doctor here in hawaii i'm completely convinced that we have longstanding chronic effects of the sides i have no doubt in my mind any longer. my daughter is as mad and she's been to. emergency many of.
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my grandchildren one of them as. respiratory. is developing asthma. yeah i mean asthma respiratory infections they're almost the norm on our side of the island and the more i spoke to people the more i discover that it's just kind of a way of life. in the environment and can and is aerosolized it does get into the air that we breathe and when it's taken into the lungs and into the smallest air exchange units it can move from the l.b.o. into the bloodstream especially a pregnant mother's blood stream and we know corporate reforms can cross the placenta and from there it gets into the baby circulation and then crosses into the brain we have looked at the relationship specifically organophosphates
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and respiratory problems in children and what we found is that it wasn't just prenatal exposure but it was postnatal exposure of the child that was related to their lung function i started work at whole of the law which is the community health clinic the pattern that i saw was mostly respiratory illness rashes fatigue severe headaches dizziness also times that you would see what's has the side exposure almost all the patients from the fields would come in with their work clothes on their dirty soiled shirts work boots their dirty pants the frontline of all the impacts of these pesticides are the farmers so they're the front line and their children are in the front and they often live very near the fields so whether it be the cancer's whether be the birth defects whether it be children getting asthma having cognitive problems these are can be thought most intensely by those
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workers. we have met the effects of organophosphates on the brain particularly the organophosphate pesticide called core pyra focus the findings in the sample were very striking we 1000 areas of brain in large men's across regions of the brain that are involved in higher order cognitive processing those regions of abnormalities seem to relate very very tightly to cognitive problems especially in measures of i.q. or intelligence of these children so that the bigger the abnormality the lower their i.q. so it suggests a fairly tight causal link between the exposures and feed all the way with abnormalities in brain structure and those abnormalities in structure we think produce after maladies in intellectual functioning in these children you can't treat a developmental disability that's structural you can't change that brain function
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of that brain structure that didn't get to develop from utero age one age to age 3 . i'm often asked where i'm seeing the clusters of disease and developmental problems and to be frank i'm seeing the mancow i was seeing him in the very places where the chemical companies are doing their year round studies. on the. issue. but just.
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in this connection to the almost last chance to ask for the last 70 and seeing and on them today for the diets promotion commission. birds who just shoot on disc in the. ocean coming on the long. beach it mom. you know i'm going to go sit on the open much to the mama just back. and. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell for x. food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids . and as a parent. i can come up with arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the most of the conflict i would say revolves around money and most of their money is made. close one of the children goes he know each other this could be just the state of california alone to make $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care and one of my cares about you so your care might anything. big.
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u.s. turns its back on its kurdish allies in northeastern syria turkey threatens military action in the region plus. tear gas petrol bombs and beatings hong-kong pro-democracy protests take an increasingly violent.


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