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with one out of the way because they don't all be intended targets here the suspect is chasing the victim around the vehicle. and he's just waiting to kill him. here the victim tries to run the sussman shoots him in the hand. he falls. and then he comes up and finishes among. you puts the gun in his back we're going to somebody and then just slowly walks away he has nothing really to fear here in the neighborhood because they're all great street crip gang members and he's banking on the fact that no one's going to go to court and testify against them. and you see that nobody's really shocked about it nobody's talking about it nobody chased down the suspect. and then they just go about their daily activities in the and then obviously homicide will come in and start their investigation. the 1st time when i was shot 3 times i mean i really didn't realize until my stomach start burning stomach start burning i knew
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something wasn't right so. i went to spit and i want to spit the spitting come all the way out of my mouth there must i still have burned even more that they call an ambulance basically and i got shot the 10. it was early in the morning i was actually stranded somewhere somebody walked up with his hands behind his back came from behind his back and called me by name and shot me in my face 1st as when he shot me my face i turned and went to try to run the shot in the back of my leg it like to go to make me spin like michael jackson would let me go nowhere as so after that the 2 shots with 38 i don't know who had the 38 but i saw the one with a 45 in my face and i got 8 with a 45 into it 38 at that point and the humorous part you see when i was laying there i was saying your brain steals we work it so when i'm laying there and i pay is gayest i thought i was going to die because you know he said you do with before you die and. out of life and go out of this i was stretched open like. oh.
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i could really see out of. this after we get out of the sad face so i just had this one open like. the and once i got to ask that it was another scary feeling i went through because when i was back there the doctors were really rushing to do not it was like they will sit nobody in a huddle and i'm sitting i'm trying to say how do i look back and really open to the feel like my jaw was broke from when a bullet hits they had a look so now my brain saying. you know i was kind of glad that doctors came in at last or really kind of feeling myself and getting around the collapsed me beg zone but right as i'm raising my shirt up and seeing with all this that i'm feeling oh my intestines on i want out i had a heart attack the doctors had walked in right when they walked in and it was like a whole another. just went through my you could you could actually see. and you know that was the experience with bed right there.
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until some 2530 hoods militant groups were all working together on the same page in the same model to restore community to save lives so what happens is that they get a shoot in a community. community sense this is a good issue to my community and it was the shooting was done from one of the guys i collaborate with at the table he would call me the same in one of my home. is that they have the father. in law we would deal with come to the table and listen to go and defuse the situation try to make peace bring this went out on these to keep the peace and keep the violence. did not times out of in this new generation to take place behind girls. and just for the. we don't know their bodies the killer behind this so what we do is we
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step up and he feels that it was more. and we tell them we give the answers that we don't lay this down and we both watched this being you know. before you begin to pick up the phone call somebody call the minister in advance just call a victim support group call an ambassador most days can be talked down they could be told they can be resolved we can get your i pod back we'll get you 50 bucks back can't get you like we got the night. you know now. that was 2 different realities a reality where we get involved in gang bang the various reasons we could be here all day but the reality for the system is good business. us working on each other he know each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex system if you can figure a way to make
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a 7 plus trillion dollar debt to peace you have global peace tonight. you stop the wars not only in the streets but internationally this is more money and. that's why this reality exists. for any office of the firm hold least walking point let me the point that matt always pointed people. this will make the black community bare when officers arrived people community jobs pointed people i don't even know him might want to you know want to. do police officer haircuts man you are going a little stronger man showed me that you've been eating a lot this week and i just seen already go by little i mean enough. already need man. you know are you going. to do some of the trick. we're going
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to show your. money up tomorrow you can enjoy and we instantly smoke all the money up in one week. you smoke all the money that you made made it one week. and it's hard to do like trishul work and money come come hard man and blog the money for. our way by he looked like he used to weigh like a 100 pound man already you know we weigh like a big chain mail. order know the room so you close it all down so we're going to have fears turners and assume you were as close as close as wearing him or. were. one of the reasons i became an attorney was to help people because you know when i was a little girl i noticed then there were a lot of drugs in the community a lot of gangs in the community. i found 2 bodies dead bodies that have been overdosed on heroin they were in the alley all run to the 1st and we can leave and
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i knew who they were because my cousin was a heroin addict and i knew that one of the women i knew her little girl and i knew her and i had seen her when she was alive so i was in 3rd grade when i saw these bodies and then fast forward a little bit farther in the future and then crack came into the community and my little cousin was a victim of that and so just seeing what that did to the community i decided to not open as a disability. or use drugs they can't get a job maybe mother been tagged with melanie's for a low level offenses when she jam with a felony you're serving a life sentence on the installment plan basically you are going to go in and out of jail because you've got to come out and be faced with i have a felony so i can't have public housing like imperial courts i can't be with my family because i am a felony you stand on the streets trying to figure out how to get a job you can't get a job because you have to check them out. and if you're
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a felon you know most people won't employ you you can't get public housing public health you can't get medicare medicaid if you have a melanie move. games in any one car serene and actually it's drug related again as we're finding and that's why these prisons are so overcrowded now because of drugs so what we're finding is when they come out they can't get treatment because my facility is based on medicare and i can't serve the money and melanie's so it's a catch 22 and it keeps bringing people back around to the same place where they can manage our they can't find housing they can't get medical 3 man they may be depressed at this point and it won't be able to get any treatment for their mental health issues and so therefore it just becomes a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself over and over. male black and a. neuron are becoming you know a. little bit about what a lot of. narcotics
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is doing surveillance on non-narcotic so you're minimizing gardens which is running out of blood which is why going for the last 15 years. or so we're going to try to take down the cell right now to. make let's pick up the very start you know. so the body on a blood from one of the largest and most violent gangs in the country. may make tremendous profits on selling or. at any given time inside the water carrier and using these 3 to 5 to narcotics you know selling them for a day and you know the handful of just what are called perp sellers which this gentleman story is just selling on the streets to locate it going to local transit roger. what
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a. lot of relief. the war in syria seems to be winding down with some syrians returning to their homeland but going back to a normal life now seems like a pipe dream after almost a decade of proxy war this syrian old dooms to use of proxy piece.
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of us can last a moment to laugh and ask for the past 70 and seeing and on the day today for that promotion of christian. branches just shoot on disk in the. legion mom. and i'm going to go so said i'm not going to much fame the mamma is just back. and.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see if. i why paradise with some up all year round. turned into a round the experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while
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the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. yes. scott here i don't know if it's really for me. to have that one 0 man oh most certainly with my oldest son we live it was a lot. going on. you got to keep this place through nobody's very innocent or your album don't know how long you've been sitting here obviously one of those couple minutes lying. you know they haven't checked did you say it's in
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his. ear but i think that's that's where he keeps it. yeah let me let me check with these guys right now. and see red sneak is the jacket has read everything is consistent with gang activity. this is their territory bonnie on the blogs nobody else's territory you better have a mission to be in here if you can rival gang and if you're not. this gang has a different sets of cliques to the gang and they're broken up into crews they got you shooters they recruit you don't deal as a recruit your robbery suspects a cruise gentleman here is part of savage squad it's a click of the body on a bloods that responsible for street robberies home invasions look at store robberies. and they take pride in that any tattoo themselves they take the legions to each other and that crew you see arms so this is from their christian gardens this is $112.00 street that's his clip me h.w. for bonnie on a watch. and then this is b.
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ip instead of rest and peace it's bonding and peace and that's his home. there rival gangs crave street so they'll have $107.00 which is the pinnacle for murder. street with that she crossed out. you're telling everybody that you killed a great street and. everybody comes out to check on these guys in their report back to other gang members so why they're being stopped as you can. see behind us 120 i think it's 127 our luck is a unit that's selling our cocks so as much as a concern about these guys i'm more concerned about the money inside of me with his hand guns and narcotics inside so they'll move this location right when they can set up shop somewhere else. all these guys are here a customers whenever you see a group or transients hanging around you know that there's a narcotics location within 50 to 70 feet and they set up camp here and that's all they do is smoke all day long but these guys again it's everything's full circle so these guys now are your car thieves your burglarious because they have to feed
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their habit and a gang members know that so it's just a revolving door here. is enough from bad enough to take. the other suspect into custody for sales a narcotic so tyson's going to bring him back to the station people for sales. i. i. i i live. in a bible case no pastor is extremely difficult i work full time as a special agent for the u.s. department of justice office of the inspector general and that is. a position in
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which i investigate f.b.i. agents the agents u.s. attorneys and others. it's difficult to to handle both jobs well and i've been pretty successful of both areas. i believe that it's imperative for me to continue in my career in the federal government because. as a role model in both areas of life so people when they come to our church and they found out that number one i am bi vocational. that's impressive because they want to know how i can hold it all together and secondly because i am a man of god and i treat everyone fairly that. i believe that is our. responsibility. to god that we serve as a god of 2nd chances and i am so pleased that we have so many people.
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that have been rehabilitated people been formerly incarcerated former drug addicts former prostitutes gay members and we accept everyone as they are and we let them know that hey they may have made mistakes in the past but they are god is a forgiving and a merciful god we're here because. what happens with so many people there wind up being homeless is that they've had opportunities that. maybe they haven't been able to take advantage of it. oftentimes they shut down. for me. i had a brother became homeless and eventually died on the streets and it's very difficult to deal with someone who has really given up on life. when you think about the sheer numbers of individuals who find themselves homeless in los angeles
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we're talking about estimates 38 to 45. on a nightly basis find themselves. 4 door. exists between south los angeles and downtown. on skid row skid row's community you know folks. see guys that i know you know it's their group your role in the mission and they go to jail and they end up in a county jail for 7 months by the case but i always said you know they go to court the case is over the side oh i wasn't you usually go. you know what happens if a guy have a job you know lost a job i know we all pay a rate you know it's very few people have their own home you know so by the time you get out your apartment is gone you know all this stuff is in your apartment is
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going to go to 90 days to come pick up your property you know as their music so you're into music every day. so you get out you have nowhere to go you have no money you know what do you do you come to skid row to get a road is the only place where you could come see you roll. you something to get some clothes and hopefully you know design is not to go. to be you know is going to get into a program. to hire an estimate of disconnection from the labor market for african-americans is around 60 percent for african-americans between the ages of 18 and roughly $45.00 so think about think about you have a population in 2012 about 500000 african-americans who reside within the city of los angeles which is 459 square miles and a large percentage of them the greater number of are not connected to work in los
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angeles one in 18 african-americans own homes the actual homeless population in this 50 square block area it's about 4500 but when we talk about south central los angeles combined south central los angeles homelessness combined with downtown los angeles homelessness we're talking about 20000 people skin. role. exists within the center of power in los angeles and i think it's important to note that skid row thievin in los angeles california is a well kept secret this is the epicenter this is the epicenter of poverty and if you can't fix it here you can't fix it any. of. the largest amount of homeless people are african-american children because of you render why and why many homeless and she has 3 children what happens is there's not a lot of housing for women and children so the woman goes into transitional housing
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by herself and those 3 kids usually get split into different foster homes and at that point they may never really see each other as a family again and and that's the most one of the most heart wrenching things because the kids will tell me i had my little 16 year old boy and you know boys are supposed to cry and i saw a tear about to form a design he said mistakes and i didn't do anything wrong i don't understand why this is happening to me and. it was very sad and i was like you know me you didn't do anything wrong but his life had been turned upside down and and i can't tell him that his life is ever going to get better. or ever since time when the kids are going to get the kids ok in the teacher spends time with the teacher gets the kids and the parents spend time they get the kids in it the gang spends time they get the kids more often than not the gang is the one that spends a time when the kids and so they do get that sense of community from them because there's a very dysfunctional family unit there's you know they're not everybody needs some
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kind of support and nurturing and some sense of belonging and appreciation so they're going to go wherever they can get it. really is. a. good. reason to. use it. yeah. i do oh. i. already do.
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you. thank you. thank. you. it was a. pretty
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good. place for. from the mother from. mum. mum 11. am able to. lead. me to. believe. ily.
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ily. ily ily a. bit. we've got a crumbling infrastructure roads bridges tunnels are not working we've got students that are and massively in debt and probably will never add to the productivity of society all because of this. propaganda that debt doesn't matter we just know it to ourselves. a paradise with around turned into a round experimentation field cultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have
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consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with those because the people have less political power.
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but. alas should ask for the last company and seeing endemol today today for the rights . and the vision. ready to shift children to school in the. ocean coming on the mommy i'm zoe leachate mom. and i know because i said i'm not going to much fame you mama just are. and have.
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good politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted over checked. so when you want to be president injury. or something i want to press . it to the right to the press but what about for the 3 of them or can't be good to . have interested always in the waters of our. question. i know you. got it wrong. but. don't.
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talk on the record much. more of. a journalist accuses his former network n.b.c. of trying to impede his pulitzer prize winning exposé of harvey weinstein's alleged sexual abuses he also names hillary clinton among those attending in that way. the man suspected of murdering a 9 year old girl was taken into custody hundreds had rallied in the central russian city of surat off demanding the death penalty he spoke to the girls at. least it wasn't ordinary sweet detoxing and gymnastics just a ski child. as u.s. politicians celebrities and media express their sympathy for the kurds really defending against a turkish offensive look at whether the group is really valued by their supposed american supporters.


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