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tv   News  RT  October 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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people in syria's northern regions celebrate a reported agreement between the local kurdish authorities and the government in damascus and that is as turkey continues a military offensive against the kurds in the area. more than a week of violent protests continue in ecuador with the president refusing to cancel cutbacks on fuel subsidies. and environmental action group extinction a rebellion has been rallying in cities across the world in the u.k. alone more than a 1000 people were arrested. while this generation seems to be saying is you've
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messed things up for long enough you don't really think the only way we can actually get your attention is by civil disobedience extinction rebellion is without question britain's fastest growing religion. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team international i'm sean thomas good to have you with us as we recap the week's top stories. syrian state media is reporting that government forces have begun moving into the north of the country where turkey is carrying out an offensive against the kurds these are images from the northern syrian city of. syrian media says locals are celebrating in agreement to their between damascus and local kurdish authorities our middle east correspondent policy or has. just received reports that the kurdish
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administration and the syrian government have signed an agreement that will see the syrian army deployed along the whole border with turkey nasr in state media is reporting that the syrian army forces are making their way to the north of the country in an effort to stage off what they call an offensive by turkey on syrian territory at the same time we're hearing from lebanese television reporting that some of the syrian forces have really interested in more than just the in town of money bish and that they were able to do so because kurdish fighters simply let them pass through their checkpoints lebanese television also reporting that damascus and the kurdish that syrian democratic forces have signed an agreement that will see the syrian forces into another key town called bani within the coming hours and that right now the syrian army's soldiers are really just preparing for that now on this sunday there was concern expressed by the u.s.
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defense secretary mark that the kurds and the syrians had struck a deal to work together at the same time the united states has announced that it's a thorn some 1000 troops from northern syria out of concern that they could get caught in the crossfire between the kurds the turks and the syrians and all of this coming as american president donald trump tweets and warning to turkey that he will impose a powerful sanctions against ankara tough we heard any more information any reaction to those reports of multiple prison breakouts by isis militants while hundreds of islamic state fighters have been fleeing from numerous detention camps that were previously controlled by the kurds in northern syria the kurds have been retreating from their positions since ways day when turkey launched what of course an end to her wrist operation now a number of european countries particularly germany and france have exposed concern that this offensive will result in disastrous humanitarian situation and they've
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also. said that they are extremely concerned about islamic state finances escaping on mass now they have already said that they have halted on sales to turkey and there are questions of whether or not they would impose sanctions at the same time the turkish president added one has said that all these reports about islamic state finances breaking out of prisons are fabricated and that they are all aimed at creating fear in the face of the turkish offensive which he continues to justify. joshua landis a professor at the university of oklahoma as a college of international studies and director at the u.s. center for middle east studies told us that the area's rich resources are crucial for damascus. well i think we're going to we're seeing a scramble for the northeast of syria in the same way that there was a scramble during the collapse of isis state and. the resources of the area are going to be the 1st to be taken as we saw with the oil fields
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around areas or and i think what we're going to see is the syrian government is going to try to go across get the oil fields the gas fields that are so crucial for a serious economic well being also this is prime agricultural land the euphrates river flows down here the dam that the dam it which is so important to the flow of the euphrates which america and the kurds have held the syrian government's going to want to take that back as well so what we're going to see is a scramble for resources in the area and and turkey is going to be come under intense pressure we'll see what air to one and assad can negotiate in a way to deescalate so that there isn't war between turkey and syria. talks between indigenous protest leaders in ecuador and the government scheduled for sunday are now postponed that is according to the united nations office in the country and austerity protests in ecuador are now in their 12 day the death toll has increased
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to 7 people the local ombudsman office says now earlier the country's military lifted a curfew in the capital quito but for now it could dorian's continue to show their discontent on the streets. earlier some of the protesters attacked government buildings and a t.v. channels office demonstrators have been seen picking their way through burnt tires and debris cluttering and the road more than a week has passed since people 1st came out to oppose government cuts on fuel subsidy. martin spanish correspondent of course sanchez a document o'donovan reports now for you to. my. i've heard.
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this is what they're doing look these are real goods real bullets against people of their own place to protect themselves from cardboard and sticks to drop the explosives found out and did to his people who sleeping cost conscious during sleep that's what the current boss. happy. to. have. the most recent updates on that right now in an absolute chaos there is thousands and thousands of birds i says let's try and get
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thanks incident from the line just the just a few feet so why it's the presidential palace it's heaven the god part military and police forces these protesting thoughts again. there's 10 minutes ago while i was there in the live shot in our spanish version we don't hit by. the character right from friday night and that's what we've been seeing all right the protesters are using lots of cut sales stones bricks just like. they use. and police firing back with tear gas with sound bombs it's a situation of extreme tension in the streets. just to give you an idea. a place suspended any activity in the city center they say it's not safe for doctors and for ambulances instead we've got crews all volunteers that are just taking the dozens and dozens of wounded people to bus stops and train them there
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it's actually pretty shocking and here fluency measures that were implemented by the government included scrapping the subsidies for diesel. gasoline and that has triggered these protests the monday we had the students then on tuesday we had been degenerates communities today they will move together they join together in the same tens of thousands of people who are taking over the streets of quito president lenin moreno well he's going to see what he's going to hit is a message. certainly repulse so his government his ministers and say the measures that deal with the i.m.f. $4200000000.00. that struggling with that not the people who say that the government is going to save the banks and big business instead of the people and
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that's why with these people here protesting this is a national strike and it's heavy takeouts with smoke it's practically on bearable a tragic day and we're told history. when fuel subsidies that high prices reportedly rose by 120 percent leading to knock on inflation on other products the decision came as part of a deal made by the president with an international monetary fund in march in exchange for another loan to the country moreno has so far refused to describe the cuts but on saturday said he would have a 2nd look at them. human rights lawyer dan vala told us that public discontent with president brain of policy is growing. i think there are some really for a compromise. between the 2 sides but i do think it may be a revolutionary situation where not just the indigenous peoples but the working
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class and or want to live in reno because of these i remember all the cities which amongst other things have doubled the price so domestically although well i think we see time and again that the sign after. 4 hours while they provoke some immediate relief to the country one day come with strings attached which often require austerity measures which are kind of measures the rayno was put in place but also horse are they their country internet i think that this may not certainly in the long run help ecuador or help this study survive. environmental action group extinction rebellion rallied in cities across the world this week on monday it launched a 2 week protest campaign to draw attention to the problem of climate change protests turned violent in brussels on sunday. 1000.
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there was. was. was more than a 1000 activists were arrested in london demonstrators trying to shut down t. sponsor like westminster bridge and city airport rallies were held across the globe as well from north america to australia where numerous people were detained for blocking a major intersection. among extinction rebellions key demands our governments declare a climate emergency hold the loss of biodiversity and drastically reduce carbon emissions by 2025 however their actions that have divided opinion here's some of the reaction we've been hearing. rebellion is without question britain's fastest growing pagan religion and the reason i refer to as a pagan religion is just as all the classic hallmarks of
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a group of religious fundamentalists a belief that their view is the only view that's acceptable a desire to shut down everything that does not talk to their worldview they fundamental belief that they are in charge and everybody else also go to their beck and call how do you resolve pollution the result polluted by technological advancements the technological advancement the extinction rebellion oppose what this generation seems to be saying is you've messed things up for long enough you're not really listening the only way we can actually get your attention is actually by civil disobedience in the footsteps of mahatma gandhi and martin luther king jr and malcolm x. and rosa parks and people who decided that peaceful nonviolent public protest. displays of public outrage but tamed and controlled because don't forget the extinction rebellion and anybody who is involved in political activism or any kind
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of change agenda they going to use your actions and activities against you look extinction rebellion of demand effects we have returned to the stone age removal of economic progress a commitment to not grow the economy so essentially the british government for example has committed to being 0 carbon by 2050 which i think is nominally said suppose you can't or shouldn't trust all words that come to our service we had our city contrast because our numbers in the names become clear every single year if i can see directly into the camera my 11 year old son who was at home with the band hello guys and we had a debate before it came on tonight about does he want to. leave school. take a break for an afternoon or a day to go and protest he was worried about the consequences at age 11 he understands that the climate is suffering and that rapid change is needed we do need to tackle pollution but i will tell you something you regret you reverse the economic advantages that have lifted a 1000000000 people out of poverty and you do not make the earth
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a better place extinction rebellion are lying to you. in hong kong tensions remain near the boiling point after a government ban on protesters wearing masks that story much more after a short break this is or. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. you know world of big partners. and conspirators. to wait to dig deeper
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to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. right broadcasting live again from moscow this is the week we are to international and meanwhile in hong kong protesters are continuing to defy a ban on wearing a face masks and have set up a 4 meter lady liberty statue on top of the iconic lionel rock the statue they say
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represents an injured female protester and aims to boot. the fighting spirit protests are as strong as ever masked activists vandalized metro stations across the city over the weekend using metal bars to smash ticket machines for saturday's riots a petrol bomb thrown inside one of the station's city's transport services are the only victims of the so-called peaceful demonstrations for. hong kong's chief executive kerry lam earlier said 'd it was too early to say whether the anti-magic wall had failed adding that it usually takes time for new legislation to get the desired result of violence erupting in hong kong and the atmosphere there is even being beginning to resemble a certain horror film is actually saskia taylor. hong kong has gone from being the economic power of the orient to the face of the fight for democracy but the faces
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of those trying to wrest control from beijing's crossed a mosque and the democratic means they're using wouldn't be out of place and hollywood horrify the pudge. the film's premise is that once a year for 12 hours only crimes are allowed mogs a fact also rate you name it you've got a freepost and that because of this small window to release all your rage the country becomes crime free for the other $364.00 days it's a small sacrifice for the wider peace and stability and in scenes eerily similar to
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the film's opening. hong kong apparently had a pudge of its own. currency broker. and you look for. the merchants the service is suspended for 12 hours. remember urged us to find just like oh ok ok it was a hopes but it was a hoax that actually wasn't that far from the reality of the chaotic mania gripping the streets of hong kong. hong kong had a very dark night because of the extreme acts of the rioters the city's now cemetery lies to everyone is worried her even afraid. shops looted buildings burned the metro disrupted for the fast time in over 20 years shopping centers food shops and banks closed down fearing wolf islands from the vandals a city which was renowned for its efficiency and convenience is now ma it in
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confusion and to sorta the instability has spooked the markets and seen hong kong's retail sales suffer the biggest drop on record and while the city's 1000000 as a packing must suitcases for those who can just rustle up a 1000000 euros to get a fosse truck residency abroad the options are limited bill you can go anywhere we came from mainland china and we didn't know the stations were close so now we can there is a big problem for public transport is for everyone a decision to open or close the station cannot be politically if it's everyone's daily life but if you save it situations it's very good for your situation not so many people use the phrase and because of those. retrieve media friends i'll be there i suppose their entire their entire thing anyway so i think that's kind of ridiculous now there are those who will say the film shows scenes of senseless violence while the protestors are engaged in
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a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience. and what of course no image shows the full picture but this undercover police officer who was beaten and but with petrol bombs by and incensed mob the line is probably a bit more blood with the lenses of the international media zoomed in on the region there's no shortage of scenes just like this and don't worry if it's up slow day but i'm more than willing to lend a helping hand to spice up the show i don't think the out. with. god. was as businesses are crushed as fires by and of people are forced to pick sides claims that it's all in the name of peace and democracy are increasingly wearing thin
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these protests is no longer a pro-democracy protests it is turning to rival that the protests the moves the engage in violence are young people it is because for the past. decades. the home call government the north. have a strong policy measures to ensure. that the young people after they graduated from school or university they would have high quality jobs the porters start our lord will organize they do not have a hierarchy to come into the store forty's to put a star of running around doing whatever they like leaving the police nor toys bus tour due. to or past then it's likely that the whole situation blew necessitate our biggest external.
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to come in and just see not only do i can anticipate the reach and. the short run. took a swing around the globe to look at some other stories making headlines this hour a powerful typhoon has torn through japan with at least 33 people reported killed and almost 200 injured every rain and strong winds have led to landslides and the power cuts rescue operations are underway with some 1000 people still missing. in new hotel being built in new orleans has collapsed killing 2 people and injuring 20 number of people are thought to still be missing authorities have cordoned off the area as a further collapse in the. city of stars that recently added another to its constellation remember that almost singer from los angeles with an impressive operatic voice well she is now performing on stage here is her story.
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and uh was the coupon. but there are those who think that's when you got it all the while it just turns people's experiences with the music it. was. was. 4000000 people calling home 4000000 stories 4000000 voices sometimes you just have to stop or listen to one to hear something beautiful. that i've just got evicted because i could not have a new source or a source of income maybe my violin was broken when i wasn't playing it was looking for a really big. 2 2 2 2 6 6
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spikes you know. telling people the real be who i was the whole time you're going to be very wrong when given time those to me of the closest trains anywhere. near what. i think of him when you see a star and i think that. he will just go right to the top of the charts. and there's a from we'll be back with more the week we have top the hour stay with us. world is driven by
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a dream shaped by one person or those but. no dares thinks. we dare to ask. why a paradise with so much all year round turned into a round the experimentation field the agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in
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the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. just. that. it's all over the. world oh. yeah no. political will of our lord our god is going to get ahead of god that god did not.
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this is a murder that was caught on video the murder was committed by the great street crips it was an in-house murder meaning that a street crypt killed another street crypt oftentimes gang members killed by cold and one of the code says to never commit crimes against your own gang members in this particular scenario or murder investigation there was a. transplant that was a narcotics user he went to purchase narcotics from 3 crew members on the narcotics was either bad or he was somehow slighted on it as a result he went to another great street cred gang member in got a gun with a gun the transience shot and killed a gang member at the time of the shooting there was another great street gang member with each person that was killed the victim of the murder and according to the game code he asked to make amends for allowing
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a gang member to be killed on his own watch. if he doesn't act toward take. some sort of action against the shooter that he will be disciplined by his own gang so. in this scenario that particular gang member. carries out the murder against the great street gang member who provided the gun to the transit and it's all caught on video. this is inside jordan downs it's mid day and you can see there's about 10 to 15 gang members loading the parking lot. just going about their daily business. ok here's the group here of the game members several of them loading you going to see the victim of the shooting come running. to this area with the suspect shooting behind them. here you can see all the gay members scatter. and they kind of hang around. because they know what's
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going to be a great street on great street or who's disciplining another member so they sit. around and watch were of a similar so rival gang shooting all of them with one out of the way because they'd all be intended targets here the suspect is chasing the victim around the vehicle. and he's just waiting to kill him. here the victim tries to lobby the suspect shoots him in the hand. he falls. and then he comes up and finishes a mom. puts the gun in his back we're going to somebody and then just slowly walks away he has nothing really to fear here in the neighborhood because they're all great she crips gang members and he's banking on the fact that no one's going to go to court and testify against him. and again you see that nobody's really shocked about it nobody's talking about it nobody chased down the suspect. and then they just go about their daily.


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