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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 14, 2019 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we should also be a bit cautious with you similar well he told his treasury department you know prepare for it we're also told north korea they should expect fire and theory about you know a few weeks later expressing you know how they fell in love so it is you know he does go a bit back and forth now but it is interesting with nato you know states. nato because at the moment we have turkey wanting to self according to this emerging distribution of power which means don't necessarily want to only align with with the u.s. or russia or or iran or china and when they want to be a little can you can you play their game with they need to and that would be unique and i think nato would have to adapt a bit because. throughout the bipolar and you know polar air to us meant to align with the united states you know you're fall in line i think at the moment we're going to have to accept a bit more deviations because turkey will it demands to pursue its turkey 1st so
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there's a national interest in place to me like a little bit pregnant it's not going to. particularly. because it's only a military audience with members of different enemies for instance or for the french people the enemy is people killing in the streets of paris for the pullen for the polish the enemy is supposed to be russia as well for the for the greeks. and for the government the enemy could so it's not a military alliance to be to be honest it's a political audience it's a way with using used by washington to control to politically reside the they really do need to get down to the 2nd most powerful military in need which is to and they don't want to play the same tune then deem or. there's
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something going on in the alliance here glenn things that can it out i don't think you can. just add to some past here it's not just 2 members of the same alliance these are 2 countries that tried to destroy the syrian government just you know and i can call to you had a line from the washington post from 2012 when the turkish fighter jet was dumped by the syrian air force. nato or one syria against approaching the border with turkey draws defiance from our site so at the moment nato was all on the side of turkey. they said stupid things like syria may make an aggression against to syria which was in the red just over civil war you know a country blinded by the by the walk brought from old sight they expected it to attempt to and who is now who is now taking the kurds who are the bad date free
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syrian army now the turks have renamed it cream national army the just read the papers you know make its internet search of the new york times and the washington post them but they move the guys to the freezer you know you look at anywhere to happen here ok again when we look at the the u.s. in turkey and with each other in syria it's still a. self-defense ok you come it's mutual defense what happens what happens if something happens in the in the in syria gets involved in this parley here are they going to invoke article 5 do you think any other member of nato is going to come to turkey's aid that's what i mean it's not going to change it's either one way or another you could argue that this is to some extent an evidence that they have reached a bit of a compromise it's a lot of talk about america withdrawing but they haven't actually withdrawn from syria they're just pulling out and opening up for a turkish invasion or to go in want us to use the word we're. words have meaning
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and from the perspective of syria it is an invasion use the word right now i would agree that they are entering us foreign territory there isn't an invasion no one invited them so but obviously the americans gave well on the trumpet this gave a green light to marla's a green light so pulling back so the turks who come in so it looks like there is some times to go to harmonize the interest over crazy let me just be clear a minute can you keep it under control everything about the syrian conflict. started there were ever and you know the turks have crossed the border then they support the rebellion not only the turks but the united states the european union everyone and also the want the the terrorists are going to threaten these countries and indeed you know in turkey there were several more terrorist attacks in 2015 so . the scene in the terrorist danger here is not so far from the truth you know
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hundreds of but. here is danger. to the point is we needed. to fight against this or to fight against islamist it's because we don't want to send some in front of the. we send some support. from france special forces but as long as the west want to continue. they need to use in infantry and the problem in the in the western narrative. people we're supposed to rise again. and what is this point is that there are people out. we need an infantry to fight the monsters we created i mean the islamists on the west on the east and this time we needed the issue in front of to be honest and the point is any serious expert 4 years ago when we start. to
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these people everybody perfectly knew that some knowledge. for country these people the insight we agree to this truism is that you have to do the last 3 so there is no surprise and i'm going to get well again to. only quote quote unquote abandoning the turks know the turks made a bad historical decision again demijohn yeah well i mean i would remind you of that basically who started the whole war this is the point that made which made all of that mass media all the mainstream media angry but you said this is all because of obama well yes of course course started the whole war in 20112012 of course not only a bomb it was also the european union but remember nouri al maliki at that time the iraqi prime minister he said the war would speak to iraq you know there is for mr operating on also in iraq and the american media was dismissive of him he is
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a car but he is our substitute when the ice is started to parade in syria and in iraq and they never apologized you know they never agreed that basically what i also said that there is that they can other countries was true what nobody had money that was spinning or were to iraq was strong and now you know i don't cotton to you there was no the goods and the syrians syrians too can nearly all the ground casualties in the previous fight against the kind of fight why would they do so again after trump abandoned them against the turks and came up with the quote the question is here in the u.s. and bands in syria against. the train left the station can the kurds in the syrian government come to terms because over the last couple weeks the number of experts in the decision to split what do you think went well i think the kurds have less of an option of this i think there would be they were they had. they hear more
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leverage not too long ago now they have only good give it up so yes so. difficult to predict causes to many and circle variables but i do think that the turks now saw the current greater pressure now to kind of. closer towards the syrian government and words have to abandon the united states because that's the that's it ok you have to choose well if you start really into the syrian government then guess would hope would be for the muskets and i to sit down and the kurds who would be in the go. through that on agreement of $98.00 i think that would be the main format to resolve this issue so yes i think if that happens the u.s. would have to be squeezed a bit out of it however as i mentioned americans have actually left syrian territory so there might still searching for that mission in syria but he said in my opinion there will be some revenge against a goodish people because look at what happened. in the with use the.
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fighters to take up city and to completely destroy it and so in my opinion and again which was to happen that the living in. or in jena soon as they will see that the fighters we lived would leave it would be it would be a bug but time for the for the good people and one minute we were going to mean that main point for me is that their western narrative physical action. then they're afraid of us that we've been told all these years that are so these are the worst and now we desire out there the kurds are more afraid of turkey which used to be a key element in the west and also want to get us out and you know aragon in 2012 when he was prepared an invasion because of that fight that was don't ever go on said i am not giving weapons to the rebels but i will for all possible support to liberate the syrians from dictatorship and of court and then the west will support if yes he wants to even write. syria from dictatorship to know their same i took
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only as a lie i began as a dictate that when did he pick up my life how will the good thing is that on this program with you gentlemen we have a sense of memory and a sense of history we could go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion with some real news stay with r.p. . i. thought this. was oh. not. to have a heart to talk about it will discover that up not only not enough
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but. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want to press. you to do like the press was like before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. things should be more. the world is driven by shaped by one person or those great.
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no dares thinks. we dared to ask. the slowness of the mood of them so a moment. was before. much of those who heard the preview it was few other movies to see him with the north we will. move. move. move show you the look beautiful the immediates is going to look very good the. more muslim also his girls will give you films for good girls. to go to shows a look but look your simu belonging to show it's good to go. to starts
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to. get to meet until it was the littlest they'd say look it is it's. just ashton understand statistics not so they mashed old. destructive friendship can please control this project until. the 3 of petitions to those lists were to snap them up when you have because that is the cousin with you swear your supporters to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook door for one whose job is the request to. welcome back across all things are considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing some real news.
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ok let me go back to glenn here and stay with the turkey u.s. the real story here its foreign and military adventures we've learned over the last couple decades they're easy to get started ok the law of unintended consequences are always in play but when you're putting in your troops are not thinking about what could go wrong what could go wrong for turkey with their ak their escapade in northern syria do they plan to stay. it's hardly their their their their strategy will go changed over the over the long. long years of this war so i think at the moment their ideal scenario i guess if they could do what they want will would be to cleanse the border regions of. irene e.u. member is going to commit ethnic cleansing and no one's going to stop possibly you know even repopulated with the syrian refugees within their let me go there yeah no it's well again it's not a well thought out reply and you can my very point thank you that was the point of
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the question but i want to be surprised if we would have preferred zone in. on this site with an equipment between. on the. lot of off hours a lot of work ahead and you know i truly was such an angry man to ten's tense years ago between affairs that i saw. as well saw. that there was a really meant if you look at the reaction of the russian reaction refused to vote against. the u.n. and if you look at. the take takes. i won't be surprised if there is already an agreement on the. so that there's if you were to use the monopoly game is there is an analogy that's to get out of jail free card. we just heard about russia's possible involvement of the enemy putin
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speaking to arab media all foreign powers should leave syria and eventually russia would like to do exactly the same thing it's not an open ended commitment. i think this would be their ideal solution about also russia pushing for the renewable the 1998 agreement between turkey and syria the question is how is this possible if i'm sorry let's call a spade a spade or a gun try to kill us they have our friends they've baseband together syrian and turkish cabinet you know just even to kill during meetings you know in the beginning of the state all the states are called monsters. you know i just can't imagine how after everything that happened they can return to business as usual but the main problem when you have this is usual to move but you know how do you open hostilities i'll take that any day of the week we have looked at but also you know
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there was a very good article in the american conservative about the u.s. has too many lives yes by daniel and then let me just call it very quickly the border issue for you what happens when the u.s. commits to unnecessary and unwinnable wars and gives local partners on reasonable expectations of support and protection well basically this is hollow provocative acts they get into a country they don't understand to create and russia or syria and turkey the produce that if you rise up against you know. you're going to get support from these when there is a civil war and then they just retreat and we have i think lisa some of that tragedy let me remind you that no one talked about and i think greenstick convincing in 2015 but what i'd seen here were very close to extinction they were in a war that the kurds are you know now what they're talking about the kurds please. occurred. it hit him in the face you know well just do think turkey will have
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a lot of incentives to be more measured in this military and they should know because well 1st of all the whole region is supportive of this they're all of it having very bad relations with the u.s. over this but possibly more importantly if they go too hard and neglect it will fail to coordinate at least a little bit with the syrian government they would not just some problem between. them that have gone but you would also have a problem with russia in the wrong and if you want to have a if you want a settlement other day it's you know you need to talk to moscow and tear on like you this is for my so i think that's the main reason why i have to go all have to sit with assad and they have to sort out the kurdish issues problems without. going to. moving the with in the beginning no political plan if you remember 5 years ago when the start to we involved how did the. peace.
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plan which work knew. that there was one to find the peace solution in syria they need to talk to russia and. if the west wants peace in syria that if you look i. know the idea that i haven't heard much about that i want to switch gears just real quickly here i don't want to go into them around called american domestic politics but you know it much to my mind donald trump will be impeached he will not be removed but he will be impeached by the democratic congress to decide if american foreign policy well again they should call the show on predictability because it's very difficult to many variables and there well do you want to call him well i think well no although that i think probably 3 major areas one will be did they think they're going to isolate the u.s. within i notice this but they're also going to isolate the united states and iran.
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fears i think from trump we're going to see possibly more brazen foreign policy because he would have he would really need in order to win the election under pietschmann he would need some big win and want to win means does it mean striking a trade deal with. china being a peacemaker or. bombing venezuela like if he can go both ways yes yeah it's very unpredictable. i mean this speech he made to 2 days ago said something very true we know to discuss with any u.s. president as long as you know that maybe in 2 months is all the discussion will be published on the on the newspaper so really the democrats know that they're destroying the destroying the u.s. foreign policy by you willing to destroy trump it's. stupid and. there is a very interesting site that if trump to publish the commiseration resiliency it means
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that he doesn't care of ukraine because in my opinion you will ever refused to publish any conversation with putin and the chinese authorities anything like that to talk about you but from the outside from the outside looking in i mean i think it's a fair assessment the elegance community is undermining this president and everybody knows that ok i mean if you look at russia again ukraine where it all comes from the intelligence community here so i mean donald trump is a toxic character on the world stage at this point in time i mean in portland is going on with north korea. regarding iran and all these things are own resolve they need to be resolved i agree with agree with glenn i mean he could be the master art of the deal and pull a rabbit out of the hat and be a peacemaker but it looks like the intelligence community and the democrats in the media don't want him to do that well let me be. very clear about that i have
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a strong one for trump but i want him to stay in power simply because he is the 1st president in the last years of us history who did not start a big war yet during the. going to the no don't worry i'm a skeptic i'm sorry but i mean the reason why he won't start that i think until 2000. because he's checkmate it you know the united states starts wars when there is a consensus inside the lead that they need to take a certain country that was the case with iraq that was the case with going to stand with libya and in that sense their election in 2016 will stick it will for the united states it destroyed the tuition of elections both sides especially the democrats used a very nasty greeks you know they destroyed the instant you could get a little more of those strings. but but trump was checkmated the congress and the media which has enormous power when the united states they didn't
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want him to become a winner in iran if he wanted to start a war in iran iran would be in shambles no they would go with the middle east the same story i'm sort of in this situation i want him to stay not because i like him personally but because these create tension inside us i mean and it won't be because this is a real world alone you know there's a reason why i don't want that you would be in union to speak with one voice i think it's stupid you know what russia says we want the european union to speak with one voice they will be able to resist the united states not the europe spoke with one voice on the heater and the other in a portable and that means even though he was working with one voice that there's a cleansing in northern syria actually witness what i just want to mention with the trump impeachment is the domestic component is interesting though because this is a massive massive gamble on the democrat side because yes on one hand this might discredit trump enough for you know the american system to take a step back saying oh this is too messy we can't work for him a. however it can also be seen in
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a very different way that as trampy position itself he won the election especially as being this populist leader going against the establishment because of the divorce himself too far from the public now since he got elected they tried to take him down with this russia hopes that in the work in the using the use ukraine thing so it could appear. not to defeating at the ballot box but rather using this a peach but it looks like there it looks like to start trying to use various means through legal means to cure the solution to be to bring about a little time to me you know what it looks like to me you know we could look at these forced regime changes around the world particularly since the end of the cold war regime change that game plan has come to america you know if this is what they're having their own my god right now yes. the last 2 3 years are ready because as soon as they licked it started. the gate against him it failed.
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after. collapsing you report and just want to go on with. getting away with it but it's taken on a momentum of its own i mean i think i've said this before on this program is that you know in russia gate there wasn't much russia but in ukraine gate there's a lot of ukraine a lot of americans and there's a lot of damage there is going to use it very so use because if you look at. report it's a prosecutor. fired by biden he made a statement to what exactly happened it's very. well you know the media just isn't interested in that you know i don't know i would like to work ok you know 150 grand . you have to go to think about oil and dad said look at the language don't even add a little there just the. last word of the program i don't think so my guess. moscow
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and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time and remember across 5 girls. playing the 1st. place. to. live. plenty. of. leg length.
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leg . length. play. play. lists lists length. list. playing. and very well might continue watching on since last. you know world big partisan movie lot
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and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. will make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. in the whole middle of the room signal. room real news.
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you really get the. real to known so somebody needs to step. up. to the digits of. this. little to the finish so smooth over. the. long. lists.
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president putin touches down in saudi arabia to meet the king and crown prince mohammed bin solomon on a highly anticipated state visit will be there to appalling about. bosco is bringing plenty of presents which include russian movie rooms everyone is sure about the homes one of the of surprises ready for mr bush and co but for now what that will be has remained the secret. video. shows the syrian army entering. in northeast syria and kurdish officials said they had struck an agreement with damascus.


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