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yes of the world the public school those those i'm sure both of those oh so you the . 6 hours of talks between the presidents of russia and turkey resulted in a new plan for northern syria one that sees the removal of kurdish y.p. g. forces from a border buffer zone. meanwhile the u.s. defense secretary arrives in iraq to discuss baghdad's objections to american troops relocating there from syria you just come from saudi arabia which has been a far more welcoming even agreeing to pick up the cost of the u.s. military there. also this hour fears rise that the mistakes of the 2000 and. 8 and as economists accuse us ratings agencies of going easy on big firms that are heavily in debt. and the 1st ever russia africa summit is now underway in
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the resort city of sochi with a host of leaders in attendance. here watching our 2 international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 4 pm welcome to the program. more than 6 hours of talks between the turkish and russian leaders have resulted in a breakthrough on the situation in northern syria the ceasefire there was extended by 6 days with kurdish forces expected to leave that area within the time both leaders hailed the deal. syria should be free from unlawful foreign presence long term stability of syria can only be achieved by observing the sovereignty and unity of this country mr putin and i concluded to historic agreement to fight terrorism insurance serious to restore integrity and political unity and return refugees these talks were very tough and you have to remember the turkey initiated the
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meeting with putin after they launched an offensive against the kurdish forces that and crises as terrorists at the turkish syrian border the operation known as peace and gird actually many or maybe even too many including damascus moscow washington mr the gun came to me in sochi showing he lost his patients and he is ready to continue the military operation in syria's north and basically he was threatening at the same time asking a lot including i guess a total control of a so-called safe zone along the turkish border east of the euphrates 30 kilometers deep into syria russia is the massacres of major l. i could not allow this to happen and russia's logic always has been that only those legally in syria meaning syrians of course and russia invited officially by damascus have the authority to stay in syria so under this logic turkey is not legally in syria but at the same time it's really dangerous to ignore it negotiate
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and you always have to remember that the resteal the province also in syria is north home to from 2 to 3000000 people not controlled by the syrian government where. turkey bag forces all over including some limits are in charge and that situation that crisis and that there should be resolved and cannot be resolved without turkey. cisterns what exactly just going through the main points that they have agreed on oh here they signed a memorandum with 10 points number one and most important is that both turkey and russia agreed to respect political unity and territorial integrity of syria which is very important i mentioned there are areas in syria's north not controlled by the syrian government and you cannot talk about successful ending of the crisis unless damascus is full control of all syrian territories is restored then next turkey led military operation against the kurds if they mentioned is basically now over because the sides agreed to in fact eliminate the reason all of these operations the kurds should leave the so-called saves on the turkish border and
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take their weapons with them and for that purpose the syrian border guards and russian military police will enter the syrian part of the turkish syrian border and they will monitor the withdrawal and once it is confirmed and we already are now hearing reports that the kurds have left but once it is officially confirmed they will be joined russia turkey patrols along the border and that is also a very good thing because the control 1st of all that would be shared between turkey and russia and turkey is not the country i mean judging by their relations and their actions that you can 100 percent trust and 2nd that territory will be secured and also both russia and turkey confirmed their commitment regarding safe return of refugees to syria and fighting terrorists on the syrian territory talking generally you look at good news generally for syria as a whole in its quest for long term peace all year because i think this is one of
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the major achievements of this meeting is that the milter operation in syria is north is now over or it's too early to talk about peace brought to that part of the country but it is definitely a step toward that direction and maybe in some near future we indeed may see refugees coming by. including internally displaced people. within syria coming back to these territories that's a very good thing another thing is that with america now out of the picture we can see that there are less parties left on the ground to negotiate these and this is it. goes along with russia's position that only those who are legally in syria can actually negotiate over how it's going to end although we still hear hear from americans that this is there to have been thanks to the strong leadership of president donald trump we have an opportunity for a permanent cease fire we may well give the international community an opportunity
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to establish a safe zone between turkey and the kurdish population in syria that will ensure peace and security for all the peoples of this war torn region we heard from russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov saying that americans are americans they have their own position that by the way tend to change very often. especially regarding the syria crisis but what matter is is there a stab at the raw aphorism the reason will from russia turkey and syria to end this crisis and to bring peace long awaited peace to syria. russia's defense ministry has confirmed its military police are now heading to the turkish syrian border political analyst you said am believe the deal on the conditions ankara had agreed earlier with the u.s. . it's a very important deal and while both sides to get everything that they wanted they got enough where to leave that they were happy these were.
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from a turkish perspective turkish was able to make the diplomatic gains it made at the table with the united states by having them reflected onto the field by dealing with the russians because the glow in reality the u.s. presence is weighty in the last real power brokers in syria are turkey and russia so the deal with the americans to have a meaningful consequences. be affirmed by the russian president that's exactly what the president did today get this deal we are for and we see that he does or he's not dealing directly with the regime through russia you see that the regime is happy with this deal that the opposition is happy with this deal. with this deal and the russians are happy with this deal so it's a win win for everybody from my point of view. meanwhile washington is moving its troops out of syria and across the border into iraq the u.s.
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secretary of defense mark asked for is currently on a visit to baghdad he's discussed objections raised by the iraq too to the deployment excuse me iraq's defense minister says the troops will stay in the country for a maximum of 4 weeks on monday a convoy of around a 100 u.s. vehicles was seen crossing into the country meanwhile washington is also moving troops to saudi arabia artist and explains why that deployment could prove profitable. amid widespread criticism of his recent moves regarding syria donald trump sticks to repeating a pretty strong commitment when it comes to foreign policy it's time to bring our soldiers back home now one would think that back home means back in the united states but if you think that you would be wrong now there's an old saying that your home is where your heart is and u.s. troops have been in iraq since 2003 so they've had plenty of time to get furthermore 2000 troops are being redeployed to the kingdom of saudi arabia we are
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sending troops and other things to the middle east. but are you ready saudi arabia at my request has agreed to pay us for everything we're doing now the troops in saudi arabia i'm not coming for free the kingdom is coughing up the cash to cover the expense so perhaps donald trump meant back home unless someone pays us but is a rocket going to pay for its troops iraq is a lot poorer than saudi arabia but perhaps having your country invaded and having your infrastructure destroyed gives you a discount in 2019 the u.s. military budget amounts to roughly $693000000000.00 u.s. dollars so perhaps having countries pay for the presence of u.s. troops is a way to balance the books right now the u.s. military currently has a presence in over $160.00 different countries if all these countries started paying perhaps the american taxpayers could start making money rather than losing
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money on the u.s. military budget perhaps the deal maker in the white house has an exciting new business model that is already in the works. to truth. to be. president. the troops. to bring. presumably. the united states but what job is doing these redeploying given the current structure of the united states government given the current system that it's given its imperial interests i don't think it's possible for u.s. troops to be pulled out internally from either syria or the middle east you know. economists have criticized u.s. credit rating agencies for again going easy on heavily indebted companies and one
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example is firms growing debt was seemingly ignored for 4 years and a row it's created fears the lessons of the 2008 financial crisis haven't been alert at all carter has more. trillion dollars that's almost half of the entire u.s. economy is worth it's not a small number but it is the total debt of all u.s. companies combined except for banks and rating agencies should be sounding the alarm right about now the basic function of the rating agency which is an independent corporation is to assess the credit worthiness of the government that borrows money or of the corporation that borrows money in other words the idea is if the company issues their prints of on good borrows money and gives to the lender of bond it is typically expected that the lender wants to know how safe it is to land just on a ration or indeed to
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a local government or a state government or even the federal government take newell's brands for example it's a mega manufacturing us company that's been in deep debt for years but in august the 3 major agencies passed the company with flying colors on their investment report moody's recognizes newell's moderately high leverage with pro forma debt. around $4.00 times however the rating agency expects leverage to steadily approach 4 times in the year ahead through a combination of debt repayment with internally generated cash and proceeds from divestitures and english that means the company has a lot of debt but promise to fix it so it's ok which they also did in 2018 and 2017 and 2016 and 2015 but hey there's nothing to see here definitely no debt problem does this remind you of something 2008 perhaps is going to be one
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of the water should be punished more through 3 it was a manic monday in the financial markets. the dow tumbled more than $500.00. point 2 pillars of the street tumbled over the weekend lehman brothers a 150 year old firm filed for bankruptcy just one week before the bankruptcy both moody's and s. and p. gave lehman brothers the highest possible investment grade days later the u.s. economy collapsed with lehman brothers bankruptcy being one of the main catalysts back then there was no mercy for the rating agencies the major rating agencies have done a terrible job of catching financial crises talking about you moody's standard and poor's fitch come on what planet are you guys living on this conflict of interest has cost american investor investors and pensioners billions of billions of dollars
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11 years after that and it's business as usual again the grass is still growing the sun is still shining and the rating agencies are still inflating the reputation of big business if you have the receiver of the evaluation paying for the evaluation the notion that the added value we should use it and it is reliable is simply stupid and yet it has continued for many many to work that way and even in the crash of 2008 even though there was some talk about changing this relationship both corporations and the rating agencies were able to evade any change at all. development in the u.k. where 39 bodies had been found inside a truck and it entered the country on sunday i having travelled over from bulgaria
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partridge's reports. their investigation is now underway after those $39.00 bodies were discovered in the back of a lorry in craze in essex in the south east of england having a ride from bulgaria in what appears to be but is not yet confirmed as an act of people smuggling as we know a 25 year old man from northern ireland a lorry driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder prime minister barak's johnson has given this response this is an arm imaginable tragedy and truly heartbreaking i know that the thoughts and prayers of all members are with those who lost their lives or their loved ones. are receiving regular updates and the home office who worked closely with essex police as we establish exactly what has happened look at the events themselves what actually happened oh 1 40 in the morning so in the early hours of the morning the ambulance service actually alerted the police to the situation and it was the police that confirmed that $39.00 people have died of those $38.00 of thought to be adults and there's one teenager now we
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don't yet know what caused these people to die and we don't yet know that their identity is the police are saying their identification is the top priority but they anticipate it being a lengthy process and these people are not sort to be from bulgaria from where the lorry came from as log area is in the e.u. and therefore these people would have had free movement to have come to the u.k. let's also look at the location of where the bodies were found the watergate industrial park apparently is very large and has lots of multinational companies based there it's also not far from the m 25 which is the motorway that services london but also the route that the lorry took as well when i arrived from bulgaria but it came into the u.k. through the welsh port of holly head which some horses have said is a very odd orthodox route to take as it takes a long about way it would add an extra days journey to be able coming into the u.k. that way rather than coming through the more also dogs which were to go from cali into dover but apparently security and checks have been tightened there so perhaps
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this might explain why. that route was taken when also it harks back to it to a different time 2008 june 2008 when 58 chinese immigrants were found dead in the back of a lorry the following year a dutch lorry driver was jailed for them manslaughter in the meantime this is still an ongoing investigation and police are appealing for more information particularly about the routes taken by that lorry and also the time that was taken what they were doing in between arriving in holyhead and also what's happened before this discovery today this tragic incident. still to come the president of chile apologizes after 15 are killed in riots triggered by his public transport hikes details after the break. in a world of big partisan looting law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to
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dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. seem wrong. why don't we just don't call. me. yet to see how it does they come out again and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back the chilean president has apologized and announced new social reforms after 15 people were killed and deadly protests there were triggered by a hike and public transport fares for them 5000 people were arrested and the tensions but chile is not is just one of the number of the latin american countries currently facing serious on the rest. of.
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the country's gripped by protests have governments with very different political leanings and people are angry with the decisions of right wing leaders in akron or bolivia and venezuela its left wing policies that are provoking fury and former u.n. officer told us overall inequality is the root cause. i mean you can have. this should corruption. you're going to have. transparency is the words of piracy is fine but again it would look so inequality if the. proper fear distribution of rarity and resource. welcome back to the
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truth you know can be heard in very close to the truth. to. be. trusted to do. so. that the social the social he was. the 1st ever russia africa summit is being held today $43.00 leaders are taking part with the aim of boosting cooperation. the list of deliveries is expenditure with the share of process i can coach real products increases russia is one of the top 10 largest food supplies on the african markets we are exporting more agricultural products there than when. we cross live now to go who's following the summit for us big projects are being discussed there
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aren't there. well what you just heard means that russia 1 is now sorry africa is now russia's guest in order to make sure that russia becomes africa's guest more often maybe in some cases permanently as the russian africa economic forum and summit that's what it's officially called are well underway i have told you that the invitations were. sent out to all the african leaders and nearly all of them made it here and that is more than 40 leaders taking part here i can tell you that the economic and geopolitical giants such as the us the e.u. and china have to thrown such events in the past but someone saying that they do have a reputation of being very eager to get this slice of africa natural
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resources and other benefits that they can get out of it in fact more than 30 percent of reserves of the earth's natural resources that's really something that sounds quite tempting but now it is russia's turn although the officials that i have a hard from keep saying that russia is approach is completely different moscow is far behind western countries and china when it comes to their ambitions for africa and also they keep saying that the spectrum of what russia has to offer a for the african countries is something that is really. needed required in these nations and in the corridors of the summit i managed to catch up with russian minister of economic development and here's how he explained this concept to me. he's showing we you know business who is looking in when you put
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them are not imposing our service this we're not trying to pressure you with one of the working on bilateral projects which would help improve the quality of life in africa you said you're not going to push a product but the offering government loan it's why it's not pushes compared to foreign competition some good in china. if it's a complex approach to the promotion of goods and services in relation to a specific country but each country wants to get a specific product at the end which requires financial and construction parks so a variety of different projects that should be packed into one. so of course big infrastructure projects come with financing. well i can tell you that on the other hand president vladimir putin had some very strong statements to make before this summit about the western countries approach and mostly he was talking about the former colonial powers according to the russian
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leader in some cases they have put on a new face to continue to exploit african countries these are the words that he used however according to mr putin this is not the plan for russia what really russia is looking forward to is partnership on an equal footing based on trust and respect of course apart from doing business with african countries russia does have geopolitical interests this is what will be discussed. some of these leaders will have a chance to meet directly with. the some of the most important meetings that are on schedule are the ones between the egyptian president and the russian president and also the leader of from south africa will get to talk with one of our pool and so we'll be bringing you all the updates from the form especially when it comes to possibly any statement on the difficulties in the region whenever we hear from
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these leaders are to the other potential reporting live from sochi thank you. that's a global news update for this hour thanks for tuning in. now imagine are times when we're going underground on the 3rd anniversary of wiki leaks is julian assad revealing to the world how the d.n.c. has chosen presidential candidate hillary clinton advocated plans in libya that would benefit is the missed terrorists targeting europe coming up on the show is british justice equivalent to collateral murder legendary journalist and filmmaker
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john pilger claims what happened to the world's most famous political prisoner in a london courtroom in the past 48 hours is an atrocity and why is julie innocents being targeted by u.s. and u.k. government the germy called an allied politician fighting for a songe in parliament chris williamson m.p. plus with the u.k. general election looking inevitable we examine the voter i.d.'s boris johnson's latest attempt to subvert democracy all this more coming up in today's going underground a 1st rate to a decision made in london by u.k. thora g.'s in the past 48 hours to refuse any delay in extradition proceedings against the most famous publisher in the world julian assange of wiki leaks joining me is legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger who is at monday's magistrate's court hearing in westminster jon what happened in court it was one of the most searing. events side i i don't like calling a vent but it wasn't a vent it was an atrocious affair. in the courtroom
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presided over by a judge she's a mere magistrate actual magistrate with love able to charge. it which she said imperiously to dribble saw and have a way to think. and he stored. and. she was. a dictatorial gestures. to this sick man through the whole thing or just scrapes full. and he stood up and his lips moved and nothing came out and still nothing came out and i strained to hear what he was saying that he said. for 10 years he said this very full for me for 10 years the superpower. has had all this time to
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prepare a case against me i am did not hide the opportunity i paraphrase him now i have been denied the opportunity i can't even have access to my writings as he calls it he means the documents his defense document his defense documents. he can seize defense documents to say it was surreal is not an off is truly appalling. you're saying the judge was biased in favor all the extradition yes attorney acting for the united states yes i go she was last biased all the judges i have the previous one lady arbuthnot. whose husband lord bothwell. was revealed in wiki leaks cables to be up to his neck in in in the national security state and companies and so on and so forth.
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and she should have never been sitting on the bench for this one was candace and. i've never said i've sat in a number of courts all over the world i've never seen done nothing like this it belonged in the in the in. in a show trial in the 1950 s. . bosco prague your name out. and they call this is this is london so they know what's happening to justice here of course stalin's show trials will broadcast what you want a. broad broad cost there's no reporting of they didn't make gentle villain news here tonight you know it'll be a heads around the world but here in the deliberately entry there.


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