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and later we are back on the ground in las vegas where 20. 3rd day friends of moore is there and will bring us up to speed on the latest developments in the auto sector so much to get to today and so little time. china has formally accepted the invitation to washington and confirmed by spring nearly all will lead the delegation from monday through wednesday. at the invitation of the euro zone. member of the political bureau of the communist party of china committee do you support among your state council and chiefs are you trying the side china u.s. . economic dialogue will lead to the delegation to washington from january 13th to fit you know they will sign the phase one frequently with the u.s. and china and us are in close communication over the arrangement of agreements signing. now details on phase one have still not been released and china has yet to
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confirm any changes or the size of purchases of american soybeans and other exports note that while this was pumped up as a victory and a major progress in america beijing has been more measured in the public statements ahead of the signing china appears to be flexing back openly purchasing soybean cargoes in brazil and dashing hopes for big american sales this also highlights china's discipline only purchasing americans applies when they are cheaper than elsewhere makes perfect sense why pay more when there's better deals to be sourced elsewhere this is the basic law of competition that the u.s. is always telling but they don't seem to be too thrilled about competition when the shoe is on the other foot brazil is forecasting a record soybean crop bring prices down and while china as part of this phase one trade deal has to buy up to $40000000000.00 in u.s. ag year this remains a moving target as china has not officially confirmed or committed to this quote up there is heavy doubts over phase one where cha ching wall one of beijing's top
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foreign policy experts reiterated in a recent panel saying that the ad quantities were very unreasonable he also pointed to the ongoing tech war initiated by the us to deny microchip sales to china this makes it almost impossible for the 2 countries to interact and mutually benefit from interaction in the meantime president trump has switched tactics from pumping up phase one agreement to teasing a face to all to continue this great political theater. 20 twentieth's kicking off with a bang and not in a good way the world has become increasingly unpredictable volatile and dangerous there's conflict all over the world and extreme political parties are gaining ground how do we come to this and what can be done about this to help us answer we welcome back our favorite author and international investor from singapore thank
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you so much for being here so 1st let's talk about the most immediate conflict between u.s. and iran now aside from some of the safety assets like gold treasuries and other safe currencies rallying the reaction in the markets has been pretty muted most would think that we should be in some sort of risk off * mode but thus far it's dismissed the news now the only reason i can think of for this complete and see is that the market believes that the fed will save the market and will do anything to prop it up is this a dangerous mindset to have and what are the long term consequences of this attitude. is delighted to be here again beside nice to see you you're exactly right everybody assumes rightly so in my view that the central banks around the world or going to print money as long as is necessary the japanese have said they will the europeans the english you know the federal reserve i mean this is bad we're all going to pay
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a horrible price some day but in the meantime there's a lot of for a lot of people so what are these long term consequences of what's the price of this. oh myside never before in world history of interest rates been this low all the central banks in the world have driven interest rates to historic lows they're negative in some some countries this is never ever happened in world history what will the consequences will be for as i can say with a. never happened but in my view what's going to what is dead is going higher and higher and higher everywhere in the world american central bank increased its balance sheet by over $500.00 less than a decade i mean these are astonishing statements and astonishing facts that every day the japanese central bank prints money and buy. bonds this is insanity that's not the way cell of economic systems are supposed to work and when it all
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crashes around just you know in 2000 we had a problem because of too much debt since then the everywhere has skyrocketed everywhere and it's going higher and higher we're going to have a horrible time when this all comes to an yet i don't know what is coming to an end i guess you should watch r t to find out what it's coming to and then when that comes to an end it's going to be the worst in my lifetime now we just talked about this continuous money printing and the amount of liquidity that the fed has now injected into the market today all the previous injections i am massive proportion just over the past week the fed pretty much monetize $4100000000.00 in debt this is essentially helicopter money and the fed is now actively monetizing that debt that the treasury just sold days earlier so why is this happening and what caused this liquidity crunch to happen. it's happening because the bureaucrats in the academics in washington know what
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else to do they're afraid for their jobs and all they know to do is to print money . that's why it's happening i wish that there were somebody in wise who didn't do new sound economics or tokyo or london or lots of other places but the federal reserve started this experiment 11 years ago and it's still ongoing and nobody knows how to stop it i mean i know how to stop and some people go out and stop it but it would cause pain to stop them. and so they're going to keep going it's dangerous when those in power don't seem to know what's going on or how to fix it and the repo market also continues to be paralyzed and power is pretty much held hostage by the repo market these days have been oversubscribed yet again despite expectations that the liquidity was supposed to be normalized after the new year the fed is now growing the balance sheet at a rate of about one $100000000000.00 a month so how can we possibly sustain this because the music's going to keep on
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play but what will be the catalyst that will bring this entire party bus to a screeching halt. this i if you could just read those statements again the world would be shocked but they happen to be accurate they haven't to be correct $100000000000.00 a month as just a month these guys are never going to stop going for billions and trillions but i want to emphasize it's not just washington is everywhere what's going to stop at a venture really the market is going to say we don't want this to we don't want to play this game and the more we don't want your garbage paper anymore when that happens then the fed will do everything the central banks will do everything they can to control it they will print even more by even more but at the point the market's going to say we're not going to play anymore you know your garbage is garbage now you're on your own and that's when we have serious serious problems so until that happens where something is just going to get a market melt up as long as the fed continues to play ball but what happens if
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tensions between china and the u.s. once more the market rallied to all time highs at the end of last year as the 2 sides kind of sort of reconciled and announced a phase one is supposed to be signed imminently in january but now we have reports out of china saying that it will not be increasing its u.s. ag purchases nowhere near the amount that the president trump had promised so are we going to see other deal fall at the 11th hour. what we all know you shouldn't listen to while. but your sources of information not that you should listen to most governments. we do have good news weekly coming it's going to look good it's going to sound good everybody is going to be relieved for a while but then later this year or next when the american economy gets to trouble mr trump is going to come back and blame it on everybody you will blame it on germany and china and korea mexico you'll blame it on everybody and then we'll have a very serious resumption of the trade war and that's when things get really really
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bad nobody has ever won a trade war no trade wars ever been good for anybody mr trump thinks he's smarter than history will find out and this comes as president was supposedly said that quote trade wars are easy to win so what was behind that statement. oh yes mr trump i think he really believes that he's been saying your for many years he actually thinks that trade war is a good he thinks he can win a trade war he thinks he's smarter than history. will find out as history seems to be to be pretty clear that trade wars are not good for anybody in the middle trump and his people think don't worry we can handle this and it's going to sound is going to be good news for a while then when he starts his trade war the markets will think it's good for
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a while but in the end it's never worked i don't know all of the in the trade war in the history of the world that has been successful it's completely arrogance that makes us that keeps us from learning from previous mistakes and keeps us from learning from the mistakes made in history so despite the u.s. conflict with china and the conflict with iran and a conflict with europe and it's only quit the problems out home the market on the other hand has done spectacularly well last year and last we spoke we said that things on the surface looked. be jolly fine but the fundamentals were awful with slowing growth declining trade and now as we close the books on 2019 the decade old expansion looks to be alive and to continue on the surface analysts now point to the eye as i'm reading the job numbers consumer spending all which are pretty positive so do you still think that there is a recession looming and if so what signs are you seeing. if you give me a 100 trillion dollars i'll show you a very very good time we'll all have
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a wonderful time until it comes to an end and that's what's going on all over the world i don't know of any central bank could showing restraint it's impossible to show restraint when to put the big bailout funds around you are printing money. then surely the market's not going to take it anymore but in the meantime this is a lot of fun for a lot of people. know. you know sound economists and maybe there are no you sound economists anymore maybe this is the new we're all everybody wants a free lunch everybody wants to you know just print money print money and something called modern monetary theory i mean don't worry this will never end we can do this forever and never well it's never happened that way in history but maybe it is going to happen that way maybe we're going to every year for the rest of your life you're going to talk about bull markets. but that's what some people think we'll
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see how this all ends international investor jim rogers a pleasure having you here as always. time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return questions continue to swirl in the wake of a major plane crash in iran that more than 170 people dead r.t. correspondent john hardy is digging in for the latest developments coming up on the investigation later here on the ground in las vegas where 20 twentieth's and summer . day. of war is the. and will bring us up to speed on the latest developments in the auto sector and as we get a break here the numbers at the close. to
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cabinet 5 days of doing it. in english maybe a. new. reality has mandates of its own that go beyond what our wishes and preferences are . and our utopian. visions maybe we're going to get a new deal but it may not be the green new deal that people are expecting will get the green new deal that we have we deserve rather think we are going to get a green new deal because the green you're dealing compass is things beyond just right infrastructure healthcare's in the new deal there are other elements if you go back to when it started in 2006 that we are going to get and that are popular in this country.
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are iran is being blamed for the a train in jetliner crash with various reports today that it was shot down by a missile all a 176 people on board the flight were killed including 63 canadians are to correspondent alex mahela bitch who is in toronto describe the reaction there. and then when you come to canada as we mentioned 63 dead here so the canadian prime minister justin trudeau you know he sent out his heart warming your heart heartfelt condolences i should say to the victims of the families but he was quick to add that people should not speculate at this point in toronto nathan phillips square which is a square in front of city hall has dimmed its lights and flags are half mast at a number of sites throughout the city and that will be that way until at least next
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monday. for more on the reactions here in the united states and worldwide and the ongoing fallout from the crash and they contain that investigation of it let's turn to our funding john heidi with the latest so john there are reports that iran may have shot the plane down what more do we know about that. kristie u.s. intelligence officials along with ukrainian government officials are saying today that they're confident highly confident that iran accidentally and those are the words. are using shot down the craney and international airlines boeing 737800 any hours just after oran launch that missile attack on a u.s. air base and iraq well today a ukraine secretary of national bit security and defense along with various media reports quoting u.s. intelligence officials said that fragments of an essay 15 surface to air missile which is a russian made system used by iran going back to even the cold war era is also it's also known as the tore air defense system had been located near the play now there
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been some pictures posted the social media coming out of iran purportedly showing missile fragments they'll i should add that we've not been able to independently verify the source of those pictures none the less it's believe that iran's air defense system was activated and that a missile did bring down that playing killing all as mention 10776 people on board their of also been other theories about what may have have been including possibly terrorism a drone strike or collision but those are just at this point the theories that are being put out there but the washington post reports that ukraine has dispatched a team of 45 experts and search and rescue or search and recovery anyway now personnel to tell ron to participate in the crash investigation along with identifying and repatriating the bodies of the 11 ukrainians on board including all 9 crew members there are also reports today that iran may allow officials would the
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u.s. national transportation safety board of the and t.s.p. to assist with the investigation as well though we're waiting for more details and confirmation of that that would be very difficult and all explain a little bit more on that coming up but the ukrainian plane just some background here was bound for kid of it went down early wednesday morning it was reportedly in flames before hitting the ground but i had according to you even iranian officials did not send a distress signal now asked about the disaster a today president trump would not say stop short of saying that the plane was shot down only that quote i have my suspicions and then adding that somebody could have made a mistake on the other side the other side being iran kristie so what is iran saying about the crash has toronto taken any responsibility or even made any sort of statement. while iran has refused to turn over the airplane so-called black box which is the flight data recorder and kong cockpit voice recorder to turn that over
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either to boeing the plane's manufacturer or u.s. officials but iran civil aviation chief described the plane initially heading westward or westbound to leave the airport zone and then turning right following as he said on a quote unquote problem and then turning back to the airport he had initially dismissed claims of a missile hitting the plane so that's basically what we've received from tehran are the international media anyway as far as any statement or information as far as those killed let me go let me break down the numbers here 82 or any and 63 as alex mentioned canadian 11 ukrainian including all 9 crew members 10 swedes 4 from afghanistan 3 british citizens and 3 germans and sadly 15 of those killed were children now canadian prime minister justin trudeau said that 138 people on board the flight were in route ultimately to toronto he promised that the crash would be
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thoroughly investigated adding that canadians have questions and they deserve they deserve answers but as alex said in that intro he also you know caution people about not speculating though also trudeau said today that it again appears likely that the plane based on intelligence was shot down by a surface to air missile strike. you know and that apparently came from trudeau a little bit later this afternoon. in an ottawa christie. art a correspondent john hardy thank you so much for the report. and welcome. the presence of automakers that seems to be growing every year and 2020 show is no different concept cars are on the sleigh in las vegas this week with auto giants like. mercedes-benz and audi making huge announcements must brenda boars on the ground in las vegas where he is digging into the latest developments in the sector he magic catch up with the representatives of some of the major players in the
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field such as thomas frey of audi brand began by asking about the pressing concerns of a lot of thomas vehicles and whether or not they are safe for consumers. as we think so we think that it's going to work but you do have to make some prospective we're missing in niggas that this is this was over so you go in and drive just really safe. that special lanes for it and see if it's too dangerous you would drive by yourself thomas also gave us a demo inside the vehicle showing a limited amount of the things the enemy does while driving itself and of course showed off that retractable steering wheel and i'm going to look to the terminals. and while announcing a partnership with film director james cameron mercedes benz revealed the abt are which is inspired by cameron's film avatar it's a completely autonomy and doesn't even include
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a steering wheel or pedals but does have a series of biopic flaps that look like scales meanwhile sony shocked the world as the electronics maker unveiled a concept car of their own called the vision s like the vehicles from audion mercedes this is truly a concept car with sony having no intention of releasing it to the public but open up the possibilities of what their tech can do sony worked with auto manufacturer magna to engineer the concept vehicle which according to their specs can go 0 to 60 in 4 point. 5 seconds and reach a top speed of 149 miles per hour thanks to $2200.00 kilowatt motors with many of the concept cars on the show floor being mostly about proof of concept rather than selling them to anybody it's refreshing to see something like the fisker ocean which will be hitting road soon and at an affordable price so the fisker ocean isn't all electric it should be and our aim was to make the world's most sustainable electric we are the most exciting thing for me is that all the carpets
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are made out of recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets from the ocean i do beach cleanup every month and that's how i got the idea of the name but the question remains how does a car designer like henrik fisker the man behind the b.m.w. z a nested martin d b 9 keep the price of the new vehicle under 40 $1000.00 if you have no dealers no dealerships not even dealerships so we will just have a few experience centers and then we deliver the car directly to you and by taking all this cost out we can actually offer just a tractor price so just short of $7499.00 and then there's the hyundai as a one urban mobility concept and as you can see it's not grounded well it's not grounded at all it's a flying car built in tandem with super and it looks more like a drone than the traditional idea that you think of as a flying vehicle but our main goal is ovoid the condition to the mega showroom to the moving time our vehicle is flying over to the 62 miles and
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a cruising superior to go since speed is going to be a $150.00 and the maximum course speed is a 180 the partnership with her was out of necessity as one dive says they can produce the vehicle affordably due to their expertise in the auto industry while the ride sharing giant provides a massive platform for the essay one when will we see this vehicle taking to the skies we developing to the tranny 2425 time phantom. thank you both for the problem there and the real planning to do. commercializing the chinese training mine. there is always drama in the us when a no filter child gets his hands on twitter but for once the spotlight now shifted over to the u.k. and the royal family where prince henry and meghan merkel dropped a bombshell by resigning as a senior members of the british royal family on instagram so did you know that you could resign from the royalty like that kind of like putting your job just like
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that in a confusing statement loaded with doublespeak prince harry and meghan indicated that they want to step back as they work to become financially independent now as critics point out they are abandoning all aspects that they hate the scrutiny the rules the protocol while continuing to reap all the benefits they will continue living in the frogmore cottage this state gifted to them by the queen which they then spend another $3000000.00 in taxpayer funds renovating this also comes on top of the 3000000 spent on the royal wedding what a bargain now i love meghan margot big fan of hers on suits but this is a bit much the hypocrisy here is that the couple have announced a quote step back rather than a complete abdication going forward they made no secret of their plans to monetize and trade upon their status this includes trademarking quotes sussex royal and slapping their brand on anything and everything from clothing to accessories to books and shoes buckingham palace has now been blindsided and it will be interesting to see how megs it will play out and makes bragg's
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a crisis and prince andrew's disaster. that's it by this time you can catch a boom bust on direct t.v. channel 321 dish network down to 8 or streaming 247 put a t.v. the free t.v. on his i mean or as always has about you to dot com boom bust our take xanax on. the rise the but if she warned you the buy you're going to do the dishes at the bottom or those jeans new speech and she me we didn't you. know about that when you guys yuki s.o.b home in the news i mean guys without
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infringing ball. a lot of you will see sawing during fuzzy parts about 2 kids each other both. as a little strange as if. these. photo days doing needs to. be a thing people who simply. to manipulate in. so these terms inflation and deflation they tend to hint at the connection between the finance economy and the real economy and sometimes the finance economy gets out of hand and you have crashes and sometimes the real economy gets out of and then
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you have stagflation because wages are too. but sence 2000 and getting even more pronounced since 2008 we have 2 separate economies there bifurcated there's the privately owned central banks who print money for private the top 110th of one percent of private citizens and then we have the service class or the neil futile class and these 2 don't interact and in. this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's lived so is personal don't. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move sailing yachts and flying in a croft that is not. known for
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his own. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. with all that's happening now most all. our associates going to busy doing nothing is going to do the population not remote is going to people on. coop. the to the front. of. all of.
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us the both of us loathe. the. the u.s. and other western powers accusing iran of accidentally shooting down the ukrainian passenger jet on wednesday killing all on board iran says the claim is scientifically impossible and invites foreign experts to take part in the investigation. donald trump imposes yet more sanctions on iran saying the restrictions will stay in place in till iran complies with washington's demands on top of the us president placed the idea of a new military alliance in the region. nato late and then you have to meet middle east. oil they told me i should what a beautiful name. police used tear gas to disperse crowds in paris as protesters gathered to join a major nationwide strike.


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