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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 15, 2020 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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in fact you are one of the last living survivors of the nazi past and. yet. to be. close you would never believe that. if you don't do as good a course for 32 years the river that. she told you. when i get out. and sign you know i'm going to take my son to their next this in the hope of the bliss of her. greetings and sell you take this war is money my friends make no mistake about it and that has never been more clear than in the recent military adventures that make
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up the united states foreign policy in the country of iraq take this week's newsworthy revelations that the u.s. government in retaliation to the iraqi parliament is recent non-binding vote to expel u.s. military forces from its lands well the u.s. government is now contemplating cutting military aid to the war torn economically it may see a good middle eastern country wall street journal is reporting that according to e-mails between the state department and the war department sorry the department of defense the trumpet ministration is preparing possible cuts of 250000000 military aid to iraq funds already approved by congress if the government truly expels u.s. troops and the state department bureau of near eastern affairs also has plans to ask the white house office of management and budget whether it can eliminate the $100000000.00 request for fiscal year 2021 due to current optics on the
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ground. current optics on the ground optics like the fact that most iraqi citizens are none too happy with the fact that the united states just assassinated the top iranian general at their airport possibly bringing the world closer to a hot war between the u.s. and iran a a hot war that would most likely end up being fought inside of iraq those kind of current optics on the ground those kind of or the optics on the ground that whole that whole illegally invading and occupying thing the united states did to iraq back in 2003 and is what is ultimately responsible for the nation being in the war torn economically major gaited places was it is today that thing i mean take your pick really from any of the optics and while the e-mails do show that no final decision has been made on withdrawing the military aid a state department official told the media that the united states is quote constantly reviewing our assistance to ensure that it aligns with our policy
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objectives and makes best use of taxpayer dollars. you know i think the best use of taxpayer dollars is not to start and it was needless wars and then and then holding nations we invade hostage to our taxpayer funded age paid packages that's a pretty good use but we can all do that my friends if we start watching all this. you want to go on a cd you straight you want to. play so you'd like to see the prizes you always see. great displays systemic deception is the late show which. brings up the job as. well when watching the box i am in cairo joining me today to discuss the trump administration's recent moves to hold iraq withhold reracked military aid and hold that hostage because well you
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know they don't want our military there anymore as is legal and media analyst a lot of why don't we do thank you as always work on the bank you sir so they're going to withhold this 250000000 contemplating withholding this 250000000 aid which would prevent iraq from buying $250000000.00 worth of weapons from our military industrial complex that's what the aid is for we're going to give you money and you buy weapons from us. because you know they didn't they didn't back our assassination or so money is this good policy this kind of giving aid to these countries when you know military aid like this i'm going to say something right now tie around that i've never said before i think in my entire life. i don't understand any of this and i'm i'm i'm a con i'm sitting here next to you are lending expertise what i can't tell you or explain how any of this is even possible when i was a mere lad vietnam was there and they missed the end of the war by just in high
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school and your father of course thought about this and it was before your time but we thought 3 it now was the most suitable 3 d. keyless i gave him understand that i can't explain why i will be there fear now was crystal clear limpid lucid compared to what we're doing right now so i i i thought the last time i checked that we were there to maybe liberate iraq yet they had nothing to do is go back to the original script the nothing to do with 911 saddam was a bad guy we're going to go through the whole glasby thing and him in a way we got rid of him a new day who say he's done he's finished at the behest of at the invitation of somebody once we remove that particular problem. after we destroyed their antiquities and armed everybody structure everything it was best described as this let's assume you have a hornet's nest in your backyard and you call me and i'm an exterminator and he
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said to me coming in and saying you know there's about a 1000000 hornets and then i'm going to carefully take that hornet's nest off and put it on my truck and drive it off and destroy you know i take a baseball bat and i shatter it causing swarm so after we did this and i kept asking are we still there what are we doing so now work will be and i'm asking you if they don't if they kick us out in a non-binding. ok through something it becomes binding and that's they become this something some kind of a laxative or something if you go by in the nonbinding so if it becomes binding and they kick us out we're not going to give them the money if you say to buy the arms from us so hey it's a deal very 90 percent of their budget i believe comes from their oil i believe it is their oil so can we then do the same thing with afghanistan we work on that with afghanistan which happens to be by the way the greatest. i guess purveyor
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of lithium and other types of so that's another issue i want to throw you to before we read a little time with these because i know you know how do you tell your i mean i am happy that are all your oh you're a great intelligent man and you represent a lot of other intelligent people out of school and we didn't figure it out we're both intelligent we don't know according to wall street journal the foreign military financing program administered by the department of state and defense consists of more than 5b5b with a b. loans and grants to other countries that is used to purchase american military gear right now isn't that essential u.s. taxpayers giving money to foreign countries or foreign militaries to then turn around and buy weapons from us but not use. them against us hypothetical or or or anybody else for that matter does this is the logic of the hard defense. just as it escaped my crazy for thinking that's nuts or you're crazy but not
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because of that ok it's not going to see t.v. the series crazy but what if he's right that with you too you know i don't know this but here here's the thing which is the greatest part and i talked to friends of mine who are devout christians and religious people i said where are you where is i were bringing religion into this book but where were you where is you who is this new patch why there were this new was big but where you went and your god did how do you advocate this this is about death and destruction and nobody do you know what we could do if we walked into a country tyrrell has said we're going to buy wells and pave roads and schools that we would be low then we would be cool. to talk about the hearts and minds the vs the well if we spend half of our money on exactly what you're saying winning hearts and mind building infrastructure in the sky on other countries and then spend the other half building our own infrastructure here in the united states
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right you know exactly what i was still $1000000.00 just to buy weapons i came here today on the amtrak is like that cannonball out of a boater event and i'm in iraq and station trying is talking about mad levin and cycle parallel universe real systems i'm living in this 3rd world bought nothing wrong it's a 3rd world but nobody's ever thought about this what we're now arguing weapon systems you just don't get it i don't get it there lionel thank you so much for thank you for his all the did nothing do you have a lot i think you've helped out always there if you serve our right as a legal cases pile up against oil giant exxon ford's role in climate change a canadian subsidiary of the company is being accused of ignoring its own research into global warming r t america's alex mahela which has the story. fires burning. ice caps melting along with plenty of scientific evidence these are just a couple of factors that have many convinced that global warming is
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a reality in addition research from decades ago also points to climate change being a real threat the source an oil company imperial oil known for its s. o. gas stations attended a is a subsidiary of exxon in fact exxon owns nearly 70 percent of imperial which aside from being in the gasp our business is also a major holder of reserves in canada's controversial tar sands like exxon imperial has been accused of climate change denial and pushing its own agenda instead of facing the potential crisis in response to that and other accusations imperial has been battling anything that may look like environmental ism for a very long time in the 1960 s. and korea oil began actively hiring consultants to combat future public backlash in regards to its relation to the environment documents from the time show the company was aware of the connection between fossil fuels and climate change but instead of
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adjusting its business to fight the threat it viewed the melting of ice in the arctic as a business opportunity knowing what it knew by the 1970 s. imperial oil was aware that resistance to the oil industry was likely going to grow and in response the company took things to the next level surveillance. in a 1906 report compiled to develop strategies for responding to criticism imperial profiled 6 so-called canadian pressure groups it accuse the organizations of targeting imperial over environmental and political issues while politicizing the entire fossil fuel industry itself in coming years imperial would develop its own environmental research capabilities and by the 1990 s. the company's findings came to an alarming conclusion greenhouse gases were heating up the earth and imperials operations were contributing to the problem however these findings did little to change the company's behavior or defense of rhetoric
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former imperial c.e.o. robert peterson penned an article in 1998 for imperials in-house magazine the top executive wrote that there is absolutely no agreement among climatologists on whether or not the planet is getting warmer or if it is on whether the warming is the result of man made factors or natural variations in the climate he also added a thought that is popular most climate change deniers carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but an essential ingredient of life on this planet today and this is ontario orals website. imperial has the same concerns as people everywhere to provide the world with needed energy while reducing g h g emissions well between 20172018 imperial oil ramped up its operations increasing oil extraction from 375-002-3830 extension 00 barrels
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per day not exactly what you'd call hoping to reduce g h g emissions for watching the hawks i'm alex my love each art is going to break cock watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered over social media and be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is now available on spotify apple music and everywhere you listen to your favorite or not but it podcasts coming up we delve into the controversy and tragedy taking place in this is simply prisons as we are joined by pauline and frederick rogers a couple trying desperately to fix the criminally broken prison system in their home state states. as the democrats gear up to officially start their 2020 presidential primary to
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assess donald trump's performance in office a report card of sorts where is he kept his promises and where has he come up short will any of this really matter. to you could actually come up with some of the top of his baby talk about ways we get access to capital and capitalism is important so we could actually have programs that actually help folks who want to do that but when you give everybody a $1000.00 i'm a poor person i'm going to consume that and if you're rich you're going to invest that equity that well the spirit is going to grow because you're not using your money to do it can so you're literally buy more crazy things and then my landlord knowing that i got a $1000.00. and you just go raise by red so then you get your inflation going on there.
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in what has quickly become one of the most under-reported tragedies taking place here in the united states prisons across the southern state of mississippi are in a state of crisis after the tragic death of inmate tearing dams dobbins back and december of 229 the state of mississippi put its prisons on lockdown and since the dawning of the new year 5 inmates have been killed from violence and murders to fires flooding in meeting black mold inmates across the state are facing what some might call a biblical level of strife inside the state's prison system especially inside the state's highest security lock up the mississippi state penitentiary at parchment and while many are quick to blame gang violence among the inmates is the ultimate problem that my friends is not the whole story according to the mississippi center for investigative reporting this problem was long in the making and that the current violence comes after years of neglect by state officials who allowed conditions at parchment to deteriorate when federal courts ended oversight of the
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facility in 2011. so what exactly is going on inside the parchment and other prisons across mississippi a state with the 3rd highest incarceration rate in the country well joining us today from jackson mississippi are prison and re-entry ministry embassador pauline rogers along with her husband frederick rogers who was an inmate at parchment for 16 years thank you for joining me. goodman thank you so i think the best place to begin is what exactly has been taking place inside mississippi's prisons in particular parchment penitentiary since the. out of the new year what's going on out there. is like a volcano i should ask say any roshan and in so. it's not a angus like a cat a cat clothes real fast to get you off that they have to ask their response of
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anger but after you punch your moment it gets infected now that pus is drawing a sound fast sound oh and this is eruption of what's been going on out for me many years. now many are quick to blame gang violence on the multiple tragedies taken place inside mississippi's prisons frederick you were incarcerated apartment for 16 years from the ages of 14 to 31 is this really a gang violence issue like most of the media and state officials are saying or what is really actually going on inside there and what's really causing these problems. i think. a certain degree to do with it but also included. you seem to what is being cruel relates to treatment 20 years use to a result of that. is a lot of state officials would need to be on the town before would be am an.
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inmate because we are they are here on account of the hourly trigona no. let me ask you this who do you feel is ultimately responsible for the for this chaos and what needs to happen to bring accountability as you said to officials who have allowed these prisons to deteriorate who have not taken care of the incarcerated people there you know who should be held accountable and how can we hold them accountable. well for one thing you that give people. this is that this is what has happened in part. and these are the facilities is what has been designed to happen over the years cartoon in one of the now read it before in america in her book when you have to kowtow to 3rd with the 1st female chaplin parrot in the state of mississippi in a book that she art there she cows it part 2 and became
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a role model for the concept of pot. for profit factory and so what has happened when people style that it was for profit just like it was when it was built for plantation now the system the system had to didn't increase with the increase in parole increase in. increases all the things that created this collective system of unfair prosecutors. private prisons and so you have people who encourage family members actually to go to school to become lawyers judges get elected to be judges so that they could create this system that would. you would do is pass the baton to him was what needs to happen now is. not necessarily i hope people account but you've got to go back years to get ever batted as held accountable because this is
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a system. that has been created and designed to do just what is doing now to steal heal and destroy strong words strong neat hope hope and waddles what how do you provide hope in the wild is now a worse going oh it is you've got inhumane conditions where you can't tear a facility down and rebuild it overnight so what needs to happen now is truckloads of help the wholesome food. chicken fish the books and then some out and used to go in and state officials to give an encourage an uplifting message that we hear you loud and clear give us a minute. but if you walk in and their land oh is neat a mattress and a pillow it's the chicken and the pizza while some sad that they're going to need a mattress a pillow and a blanket most definitely product i want to be a definite dad needs to be accountability there has to be accountability and we need to see it fast because there are people suffering right now and frederick what
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we're forms do you feel incarcerated people living in mississippi need immediately right now to help stop this crisis from continuing and what can we do right now to help these people. where we 1st thing we go move this claim of prayer i believe declare their asses off and i also believe it would a person with the costs really well will putera once he's released you need to have a place to go to. have to go back to approve as you know i will improve the age of 30 when i state of the 16 years but i gather momentum or of money and i have a choice whether or not to return it but i hear some people that surrounded me if me alone john and i think the state of mississippi still asleep in my prove this is the moment that we may have to start spending money on the funny and
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the prevent people from going on to 2 proves. that's very brilliant actually that's all we should be looking at i want to ask you this given the overall failure of the u.s. prison system should we as a country start looking at alternatives to incarceration what do you feel are better forms of rehabilitation you know should we do away with the prison system as it exists today in the united states and find something better. yes we definitely need outearning to fail prison system but you'd need to prison system to prison prisons were created by. hard core criminals now is not for corrective. the for punitive behavior we just keep punishing and then we need to revisit and look at how we do victims we keep victims ever to have a person who is eligible for parole go up for parole out the victims that were
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already and we keep people at a place read visited home her just keep revisiting we keep stirring in a place that has already been there has already created damage and havoc and destruction and started to end a lot of victims now are now a part of the system because they haven't been dealt with in a restored it place. restored have been rehabilitated plays with the offender in order to get to help the place a mess and they have to be best friends but pull them away from their place of always revisit in the heart and that was created bast and when they have they take them to a place of hurt and. while the howard hawks classic 1950 s. film book thing taught us to keep watching the skies diligent u.f.o. research years today tell us to keep requesting the boyos because without sending in britain one from asian act requests we might never of gotten this recent nugget
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out of the us navy pertaining to the now famous encounter the u.s.s. nimitz had back in november of 2004 with the infamous tic-tac shaped u.f.o. yes the united states navy has now not only confirmed multiple top secret documents and one video pertaining to the incident but they're saying that releasing the information to the public could cause grave damage to national security grave damage here is our duty america's natasha suite with more. in response to a public information request the navy says top secret u.f.o. files could quote gravely damage u.s. national security and me probably. and according to experts but definitely they really mean extraterrestrial this big you see here is a u.s. fighter jets u.s.s. nimitz in san diego chasing after a u.f.o. department of defense confirms this incident in a public information request say the release of these top secret materials would cause quote exceptionally grave damage to national security of the united states
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this group's person also told the media outlets the date of the 2004 u.s.s. nimitz video is november 4th of 2004 and the video that's been circulating since 2007 is the same length as the video source what it could be is anyone's guess behave permian professor of physics and astronomy at the university of southern california says he does it down there is someone who knows exactly what that meant in a 5 line object was so when i watch the video. you see an oblong object you see me and to me the only thing it does which is out of the ordinary is how it zooms out of view at the end all permian believes in life on other planets he says the day you declassify and this is something regarding national security could mean the u.f.o. is anything from one of the us and for series to other technology in the works i don't think every object we see should be just immediately thought of as an extraterrestrial with the race to the moon and talks of living on mars permian says
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there's no question our fascination with life on other planets is growing and in fact he is teaching a new course this semester called human settlements an exploration of the solar system the class explores where humans could go and eventually settle i think our solar system just presents so many possibilities for humanity to expand into the you know the possibilities are limitless the permian says with a trillion galaxies out there it's possible our idea of what life looks like is far from reality now while the department of defense acknowledges top secret briefings and video permanent counter back in 2004 a. bill clinton made it clear that this information would not be released to anytime soon according to my financial mess and i just threw a tea party. you know what i always say i say release the information because it's about time that we figure out what in the heck is going on when you see that tic tac go flying across the screen you cannot tell me that that is not true fully and
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identified flying object i have never seen anything on earth that moves quite like that and that ladies and gentlemen is our show for you today remember in this world we are not told we love the mob so i tell you all i love you i am tyrrel them and before we go if you want to catch up with anything we talk about on this show don't forget that there is an app for that yes download the new portable t.v. app today on your smartphone and keep up with us anywhere and everywhere keep on watching those talks and of a great thing that everybody. told her. little . or.
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the. lists
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lists lists. lists. playing. and very well might continue watching on since last. leads to the stock market going. to. release the crack money. and the stock market. thank you. so much more people. posted more soldiers. it's called genocide for profit.
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russia's prime minister and his entire cabinet resigned to allow the president to make a series of amendments to the constitution. has now nominated a new head of government to replace. the proposed changes will give parliament to the power to appoint ministers a task which is currently the responsibility of the president. according to the constitution of the russian federation the president needs only. the president appoints the cabinet. ministers. and also the approval.


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