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you never forget. to be close you would never. want. to be. at all she's a lot tougher by your side. when i get out on the farm saw you. hope for the bless my heart hurts. my young is a mighty i'm not one. more you. can come. along.
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and. in. his. own way. only if.
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i mean in the sub. monica i will not again. but i'm not ready. to why didn't god. dominate our. family is such. a massive massive limited pull it took both. to take on the. night before what the. obama. sounds some of the soap. operas are now. demanding as it was an event. and i wonder what a number of. the ones with the. idea were dead saying our way. it was a knuckle can it be smothered was
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a movie. that 90 day you. know the rules are for dead. moments sunday on source random woman. by the time before that on monday maybe up in minnesota. and it isn't clear yet that these dicks also say that uganda is one big countries with the highest the rate. of. the just the last the last one being the only uganda. experienced sexual violence yeah so it is it is the child in marriage it is bringing mousy. then ensign got it that happened and they don't see any problem with the.
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you will get him out there today and people brings produce but they also bring politics so in northern uganda in their district wanted to leave iraq in i looked over their markets they out why did he bring. home the one. who isn't my reason. they're cowards crimes leaves little market to be a part of. is giving away i've no time so ordinarily will miss these people these days in their markets as these people are really buying and selling but he has also become the one way out of a transaction and. maintain
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was it a bad name was it wasn't it down in the centers of. playing the smug to buckle in the leg in the loss of misogyny money. and is that. going up with c c. every fall women that you see. every fall. without i've chatted for the may. they go through really. to find themselves demands yes' and they can't even say i've had my 2 children so that isn't enough for me to. hide them. it's the same value as an intuitive sound and.
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you know that i'm all for. want that one. man's art is on the 2nd then from the one i'm. a warm sell. but it's a local. monster. and is. so likable nobody will definitely moves in by the cause of. death among. the teacher named when you walk. down the body a time when you. need a buffer a little but will be soon over novel. magazine
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. that we are number guilty of the one. and one when the more you misread the. scene the following you can buy them before both of them but i. bought one that was really going to the. classic. and bear down for a bus full of huge. this one. local big. one single. because then the question mark of one of the people. call me last. night all of you singing remember on this was when a woman. it suits you. well
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maybe. but i didn't believe. that it was found outside of that good it wasn't you know i want to come. to you. you know you feel very badly that i know you know that. you will never go where you see if you are. going to be with me that he will. be even. saying that you don't overdo it it will be going to be you if you leave. this food. for me that last. bit.
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more than. that i want more of the. people we. meet that. was the old. the one who will. come the next. you know. scummy he'd. love to speak out. about this it's. oh. and soon. i'm passing. into being. who i think you know the name. is sam or nickname.
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scenario you had. to learn that it was a huge. kind of man and i don't quite see the f.o.c. . enough to know the routine in make it out so. mean a book so much from the left. stand acts like a teenager and. so you know very well that when they are giving back and many of them don't even give birth in the hospitals so you find that valley they have up chads were good for you still i'm just always one of those very painful ways to live because you keep believing in your blood that god all they you're in so as a young girl you know very well that no man would even want to muddy you when you have face to them. in the. in.
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infamy need to get. the message it. sends you in knowing you've done that just like in the make. is that the tree out wasn't really. there i really. thought of male supremacy then mine is that all that mine is the baby and that their money is their one of. them our need to get free where elu mine is valued in this same way that we why do you demand.
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sasa muscle and. deflate the only assume that. this is. not. the mean time. the last time they wanted. the stud just one magic bullet you could actually come up with some of the top of these baby bonds talking about ways we get access to capital and capitalism couples important so we could actually have programs that actually help folks who want to do that but when you give everybody a $1000.00 i'm a poor person i'm going to consume that and if you're rich you're going to invest that equity the wealth the spirit is going to grow because you're you're not using your money to do it can so you're literally buy more crazy things and then my
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landlord knowing that i got a $1000.00 and you just go raise my writ so then you get your inflation going on in their. wisdom is the application of practical knowledge you know where you wait in novel caught but if you learn a particular scenario could be in a class could be a variance and you encounter that exact same scenario knowing what to do is just memory that's not wisdom that's not learning it's just memorizing some wisdom comes when you are facing a brain new context and you can draw on schools didn't learn in other contexts systematically to know what to do. what. slate do you still school biased know good sheep the slimed if you force me
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to focus on domestic abuse the least the plan to get what you see in the just a job wish not budge print most good moby the young fellow the nothing else to loose shipping will hear them that and you know want to live with the to good book is who a choke so much you come to a we needa to sin ting wounded dalla the name male us to missed something out well who me about you and up with its owned a saint in this one day a town to this one day be the name by yes that level in the send this is him as
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a there but ben and of us a mangled his a swimming time did when level to mom langen you know some miss out on that blind this mean now that i lost so that nobody ends tonight is after shabby a for meg we did men numb tape so let is a we nasa got a day oh so will die for you but i'm abduct wasn't of the gave them one that you gain not how and why view what was it no one novel what i've always tsonga was a saucer muck when i 'd was. writing with the
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sort a lot of us were going to you know that bad it did that only. that's how some of the loons. out we're going we're going to be. it democracy. when i'm with. all of you tell them oh no my. brother left but walk a maybe a really make a remark in the last one i want to call my mom when i'm with him. but demi moore game by game as a. game and not one of them come i mean when you're. one of them that. they made a mustang and i saw so much. that i knew not more. so of getting kind of on my kid and i'm a new man in fact i stuck in the news
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a little. meaning to. the gun in that detain kind. of when. i was in the lower 9th. ward bending the sit down a little while i didn't bore you in the mood for nda came from the white house in fact i bring it. up with 30 minutes in my. name before. pollution in the attic i'm disappointed because i love music. and god didn't i didn't remove . the one i would on. the bank i'm going to look as close as. the only time i come back to new york and i don't want to talk with him and i want to get one little bite of double. treat me as long as. my mom probably both. when will you invent it for me to.
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where you would say they would. you know my hands on. form visa less money. now would you lose a toy. or mia. on the c n n i c nightly news i'm weird. ball game. if one did. not make it or that you know your mom. will name a man. if.
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not. what i'm wondering is a better. way to get. into cable c.m.'s mean i'm old or. i didn't find their way into being told when i. was a 20 naked woman or. a day or. how long. have these. men moved out of oil into an old mining. you make a good deal of buddies who will board into. town. to begin. the pull ups truck now welcome. unembodied you mean demi of whom did warn you said they were nothing but i
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mean to know that i have it all down but that isn't. the missing guy and i'm just what i need to get a. motel with it i'm not going well beyond that as in sit down no more no one comes down what i've. seen that may indeed open a sign you know me want to. be here i am and i will not want you to low down on the actually then. that was a little bit of that is the result of it deceit that's hidden form all the load it didn't hurt holy shit. all over the week. it all. i did
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ok let it be known well it. will well ringback if. it can hopefully be in the day i was. willing to. eating low but that's all. we get. so so when you get those guns give them back to you to save social package to boost their mind and tell them from diseases and then when it is god's way and. training it because you need this comes to be for them. and it's through them being you're going to get involved in that when they resist and i don't mind that when they are we when they're still young people for situ devices that need that kind turned into a cheap event that evening. we'll continue down my understanding that they
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did something which was meant to smoke dope right and it was. what. it was. in the sun. the name. of. this of a new restaurant in the exam rooms. suited me from the. mean clown the want to. tell you wanted to. put it out on the ground when you're not quite on the time of the move. or the right to. get to know a little son of a known good morning nothing could turn down the memory long enough. to get
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them to move through the mud in the rooms it's. consumed when the. libyans. will it. will be of interest. to the not we know manly and. closer. to move god if you. mean the middle and the right on the coming out on the our. mobiles hoboken i guess it will but what would you do not. call it enough money on . poor little with. this world we. may have made
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big manifesting our backup group it. will cut. into the open i. have an argument looking. good no no. yes no. there intended to be longer should be no will not. be for you see. we get more people on the way how you will sympathize with a younger guy getting very late to. playing
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when it was business as usual now you out to muddy young man a course yesterday because you know they know is also following them in 2017 big governmental buganda also launched their nationals truck to do on ending child to marry down teenage pregnancy so this it was when i was was. 34 years before it was very bad much now i eat it it is moving on the young those themselves empower what they have beginning to be had are for out front they are beginning to be mindful of their rights not a child with that was our. ally mello yello was it it was a shooting at the bridge. for me. to get up a war goes. quite ends. up in the mud.
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when i came out or deciding to make so much. nobody. got it before they walk by the phone with what is this you know when i wake up i'm going to work . with a movie and then i will when i'm home pointing. it out round the corner in town. but who enough clear. so as i just assume that i just want to give what i. had to say this with because it's the scene kind. of women's one new novel and. to pursue me in television is a sign of my being voted out wanted it was indeed a new listing a move again to move. you know what it is up what was it. 20 in the city to see 90 take up
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a lot. of stuff in the school fees. if i did well i'm. glad you have one you want. to say that the scene i knew what i mean when is up when you need one when the room. description summed up the tasting even for the owners so how to choose just pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us the most necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be the.
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this people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders they catch allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to fairy simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets less treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it is meaning messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with
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a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court p b b i am shocked shocked as far as society we feel. we don't know childress froogle. the end of this trial unfortunately due to the will still love no childress. getting. 55. not a. good. thing . there was
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a. murder in the. libyan peace conference is underway today in berlin but talks will see the warring sides sit down together at the negotiating table in the hope of finding a solution to years of war in libya. changing of the guard and russia sees a new prime minister on constitutional reforms proposed by president putin if approved the changes would hands parliament's greater power yet the west sees it as a hootin power grab. alone confirms donald trump threatened tariffs on car makers if it didn't distance itself from the wrong nuclear deal germany the u.k. and france this week triggered a motion that could lead to the.


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