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tv   Interview  RT  January 24, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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no. feel. for. the cut. i can link up my you. feel. we'll. deal.
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but we've also discovered that there are genes in our bodies that protect us from a gene we call these longevity genes and there's a set of genes that we work on in my love of harvard called the search to ns and for those to work effectively to slow aging and prevent us from getting diseases they need a molecule called an 80. operations understand that a cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes staffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does on a bipartisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in
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d.c. is corporate influence over government. i'm not sure i get your. thank you for. the story that's right. because the president thank you very much for speaking to at this difficult time for your country difficult period which is what my 1st question is about your
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recent absence during the will cain eruption and people have been worried has been widespread concern about that absence and about your health are you still feat to be president. you know. we stood up believe media special lead up there. and the u.s. . before they made the announcement did they did not go. then i went. when it came back last night i went directly again. so do not believe that. kind of got to be being. we. see a. bin. well they have not
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paid their taxes and. we are questioning them because media must be 100 percent owned by the country philippines. 4 on its own by american and so it does violate because it sees the media. bursts should be owned by 100 percent of the people well while you were there when you went back to the volcano you promised to repeal in the volcano and take eat it's actually is not part of a new government policy perhaps a war on volcanoes one that this one but this one aspect of life which we going to really fight. in this says that we might need to. just of the big. be necessary steps to counter it to meet the
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challenges of the art. and the devastation that. would be with the peoples would lose their livelihood and home well as you see you know this is it's never easy every new day brings brings a new challenge yes one of you lead the challenges is that you got a taste of u.s. sanctions for the alleged mistreatment of an opposition politicians my question is have you learned the lesson the trump was trying to teach you it should be do you is who should learn the lesson from us because do you think that the buckboard. in the video games that are incapable of dispensing justice will have survived. in may and then for the 6 who were declared republic before that before the americans and their occupation. you see. the.
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opposition. and the communists that the good to invent diseases of. receiving money by way of being contributions from the drug. lords in this country. and the american simply do not believe that justice is incapable of receiving money to feel learns. to ensure victory. they wrote on the issue that it was it trumped up charges. by. the year or deliberate. and by the communists and so did they start to believe in the lies of the opposite side. we cannot do in the thing.
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that. the drop of the united states is that. one of the solutions would be a deal would not allow the entry of a knee. connected with the prosecution of secret barry believe. if you do then i will allow i will not allow america. into defeat libyans we don't. get to get the. embassies there as of now they come and see if the only place. so that if you don't. then you have start. 2 percent as if we said before you enter the country one of the staples of your presidency has been a u. turn in foreign policy you've been making a lot of other friends with for example with russia with with china my question is
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what can russia and china offer you the philippines that america can't nothing except that. you will respect the sovereignty. because abetted that one feels to look. state because we were under the americans for 50 years and believe the been learned. before we got their independence we went to war against them. saw. if you do not fight then that get. posture from the america and they can get it from the rest and the. chinese the. chinese government it's because they respect this of the. of the country which america. is totally totally lacking it's not only in the
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philippines but all the door they do not respect so version of well in recent years you've pointed leave shopping for example russian weapons most recently the joint indian russian cruise missile yes but you never got your credit card out you never did the question is why what are you waiting for we had the. we had our. i was buying food. got to go helicopters and you know we are not rich country however real program b. b. funds or government total budget it's all luis this early is not enough to go around we. saw i was sure. we would love to make the down payments and be prompt in our you know just because your brand of the sun
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followed but we do not you know we we have scan or we do not be your dad's so it's still money. and. we're short of it but really we're not that bridge but the. place the order is now. merely a military helicopter kind of google. supper's. how far do you think trade and corp friendship between russia and the philippines can realistically go off the rule there is 8000 kilometers separating moscow and manila what do you want from this relationship is it nuclear energy mining was something else i am sure russia is going to come here and look for a. viable business as. russia.
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and we we do not going to see the. lead this stuns us to limit. our friendship in order. to be. a a. part never. in trade and commerce we do not think that. the distance is. a sort of minus it's a plus i. nothing. really be. in that and if you really want to do it. we've been very. well what one country that's been getting very close to the philippines is is china physio it has been getting very close because unlike say for example vietnam which
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has been very vocal in its opposition to china's south china sea claims you in the philippines they haven't been as vocal in their opposition why is that. not the other said the little one still. stands. and they cannot afford to do it. for a. would be developing my drumming. or. dramas because we cannot afford. a hilly the philippines and the said very dangerous. spratly. islands. proving so ireland's. the local government. just knew. them and so it would be reckless move. if.
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sent out to slick. small vessels only to get a bloody nose and. the response might not be. so. contain if i get to move. because of the so many. american ships here there might just also want a good one. defending the philippines is. full of. out of control i mean. it was. at this time. is of no use. we would just be friendly to some. improve trade and commerce. and
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let. heliot. but there's the moral take it a bit sad. one. leg. changing. and we need an. expense. most people think this is this the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice so the biggest. truth to stand. is just the right questions and the right answer.
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questions. the entire stock market and bond market is being taken by a bit with free money and the result will be medieval as a deal feudalism is clear as day. in the us lead new source why is the keep the slum due for some new the focus on the so few cities. you want. to see in the film or snuff film for the most good movie in. the room or will.
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you come along. and. get on st louis adam there is no one to. trade and investment to become metrics bills to come to economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the invest a chapter of a trade agreement is about something very different but won't when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all ruins the environment. that means if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can be sued multinationals are taking on the whole nation's philip morris is trying to use
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i.s.t.'s to stop glorifying from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting to mess. stix smoking rates french company. egypt egypt minimum wage democratic choice over trump corporate law joining us as we try to find. oh the speaking of the changing times you've been president now you're into the into your 4th year honestly how how would you rate yourself how would you rate what you have done because your war on drugs has divided the world what are your. they
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normally x. as they call them have divided economists will you be remembered as someone who solve problems or someone who created problems. well no need to remember me. in the future but let me say here i know that guy and destroy role. in they will destroy. it. and i told everybody that if you would destroy the. gains. there's a lot of about that i would really. be. veering towards so many. or been your friends with russia we do it. could be a go increase in 3 and glamorous. and maybe if
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we could start. they dealing with pressure. it could be good it could be that. i'm in. america it's not the philippines and if it's not making it. a made me feel still dove the. american foreign policy. they were all loose. they were all race and. the chinese and so on. did it for libyans i just received. an invitation to go to you know the states where there would. have been in the distance i was invited by obama. will you go. didn't you say you wanted to meet
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friends. yeah but you know one time when i was. being. good at this. any press gone for. now he should have realized that there was also a head of software. but he should have cleared this saves me in the proper venue. to brought bikies to. the united nations. just the. president of another country and the press corps so i got my so. but i would never do it because this is a very nice both about this in the. style of doing thing. well. it's not i do not believe that the if you want to work for. hillary he
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maybe he wants to. lead also. how can the philippines stay on the path that you said without you without your passion and without you unique style frankly i cannot answer the question and they're going to even know what was going to succeed it would greatly depend on the people now either india policy shown or with me in my administration. to really think hard about it but if we are improving economically if we have. 40. percent. who have lowered the. drug related crimes here it would mean a lot. i would gladly say. no country can progress with law and order. nor country nor city
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makes we have. lost if if i may why do you think people have allowed you to do and say what you have done and said why is it that you know sometimes you've done things that they don't want and yet still they support you. well because people are a real stew. you know. human being so. when it's to be done and done and done. it it's kind of if. it comes to really an almost a 2nd big. but when they see things when they see good things are raising from discipline. to see improvement or do things. which sort of allowed what. people should do. in my generation.
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during my time that i should be doing things to protect to make them. fight the worse and i want it now. and i want to end communism and drug. problems or at least the build is minimal so that the next generation will not have so many problems of. me if it's wrong to be. defending. he'll run 3. of us that are. that come from the. bomb but. and senior law c├ęcile still coming in with cocaine there has never been.
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so there's been a short supply but now there's an abundant. on the going to come from mexico. and. the. countries. somewhere in. china trying to. close it is not the policy of. the flow. of people. but. the most sophisticated. jets. we cannot afford the high price.
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the drug. the devoted. minister can tell you if. your age what drives you what motivates men older increasingly to go into politics at 70 or 80 because politics it's a fight takes a lot of energy every day it's it's a daily war what moved you to get up in the morning i have got to realize that every day but they do. my all good just the same. we're laying for us. politics in 1008 d. i was elected mayor. then years and never lost an election and they will do but i said it was started in 1000 need. then as a congressman been to see a vice mayor to me doctor. to skip the feeling of success.
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for. it's only good for 3. allowed me to run. for vice mayor then this film emirs your book again. and i never realized i never did call it that new years that it was in politics i was there just to work on the war and work since and i didn't need a. yes a bit i would say physically. in the many hours you go and stay awake. and the number of. base you have in the field. inspecting public or. visiting military camps and on and going to do finance especially during the month
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i was siege i was there almost 10 times. louis and stayed until midnight and if you all so i just heard this thing that they said maybe distress i did be. when you see. born weary. when you're really weary of doing things. and they said because of the fact that you have to stay late and you have to travel and then there's the. amende of. bullets were whizzing around got a hole in the helicopter in one of the helicopter the. president you've been like always very candid and straightforward. thank you very
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much. many call the impeachment trial of donald trump in the u.s. senate a political show well if it is it's not buried entertaining in fact it's quite boring repetitive and tedious clearly this entire process is a blood fest to play for keeps but what about the institutional damage left in the wake of this low energy process. but we've also discovered that there are genes in our bodies that protect us from aging we call these longevity genes and there's a set of genes that we work on in my lab at harvard called the sort to and and for those to work effectively to slow aging and prevent us from getting diseases they need a molecule called an 18. this is
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a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the street. who happens to have family daughters in florida know the mother daughter is very reminiscent of terri it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pen this than him and what happens in court be the . shock shock as far as society we deal. we don't know she'll just brutal. end of this trial unfortunately due to the will still not know childress.
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iran so far so the news agency says its international website has been blocked on the orders of the us treasury also had this out. hundreds of thousands of people rally in paris against pension reforms the measures passed another stage on friday after president presented them to his cabinet. you can nationalize health service isn't being sued for prescribing life changing drugs youngsters to alter their gender leaving claimant to explain why this case is unique. looking up when. young children.


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