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tv   News  RT  February 29, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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pose for peace in afghanistan is the u.s. and the taliban sign a deal to end america's longest war washington expects to remove all of its troops from the country in the next 14 months after almost 2 decades of conflict and thousands of lives lost. with greek police on the country's border with. ankara night would no longer prevent refugees from heading to europe and researches at mit say a report alleging frauds during the bolivian election does a thing short on evidence presently the morale is left his post amid mass protests over supposed regularity.
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get even just going 11 o'clock here in moscow you watching r.t. international now the u.s. and the taliban have signed a peace deal which is expected to finally bring washington's longest ever water an end but the agreement is already finding itself on shaky ground while president trump has even said he won't hesitate to send u.s. troops right back if necessary. bad things are happening will go back. that people will go back it will go back so fast it will go back with a force like nobody's ever seen under the peace deal the taliban's pledge to prevent terrorists from operating in the areas it controls and they've also promised to enter into talks with the afghan government in march as for washington is promising to review sanctions on the taliban and will begin withdrawing their troops in stages if all goes well in a little over a year no u.s. or nato forces will remain in the country. looks now at how much america has lost
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in the war and what is achieved in the. back in 2003 u.s. officials were telling a story of success when it came to afghanistan listen to donald rumsfeld we're at a point where we clearly have moved from major combat to a period of stability as to blues asian and reconstruction activities the bulk of this country today is permissive and secure it is clear that that is the case by virtue of the fact that we see people returning to their country from all across the globe in large numbers but 17 years and 4 presidential terms later one of the great powers of military history sinus peace deal with the taliban warlords they've been fighting all this time and the peace treaty looks an awful lot like outright surrender so 1st we have to be realistic and proud of our gains but our generals have determined that this war is unlikely to be won militarily without tremendous additional resources all sides are tired of fighting for the past years you've
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heard nothing but reports of progress u.s. officials we're seeing a happy song and also replacing one another we're making progress right now an array of areas that are critical to our combined success with afghanistan the progress is real and importantly that progress is sustainable make no mistake the progress there i think is very roles my cessna mistake and it's very substantial 2016 has been a significant year for afghanistan and progress has been made but this was all just hype documents reveal interviews with people that were actually on the ground and the material ironically labeled less than warrant seems to present a narrative of the u.s. defeat in afghanistan the operation is described as a self looking ice cream cone u.s. officials giving reports of progress we're telling bold faced lie the problem is there is a disincentive really to tell the truth we have created an incentive so almost to
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require or for people to law there is an odor of mendacity. throughout the afghanistan issue and i know congressman connelly has heard me talk about this years ago mendacity and who bruce the original plan was to defeat al-qaeda in afghanistan and overthrow the taliban that was sheltering al qaeda all of that was arguably achieved but then washington moved on to the nation building phase at a cost of billions of dollars and at that point it starts to look like no one had a clue what they were doing would trying to do here we didn't have the full goose newsham that would ruin the taking there is a fundamental gap in distancing of the front and the stated objectives. in the military and the lack of understanding of the resources necessary and then the drone started flying many instances of success were recorded on that front but in many instances things also went terribly wrong.
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somewhere along the way it seems like some folks have just had enough in the coming months all announced the next phase of our drawdown and by the end of next year america's war in afghanistan will be over needless to say it was not over a trillion dollars spent and over $4000.00 u.s. military personnel and contractors killed and at this point the taliban still controls a little less than half of the country and under the new peace deal the taliban will be part of the new government they'll be in the government just like they were you know before the u.s. invasion caleb mop and artsy new york however there are a genuine concerns that some of the criteria for the plan went met to discuss the
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issue with the research analysts at the center for conflict and pay studies in afghanistan. i am like other optimistic but in the mean the same time cautious about it because you know they are actionable things on all sides that the americans and the taliban need to do in the afghan government has to do in if you look at the timeline it just really seems some point and realistic for example releasing up to 5000 taliban detainees from the afghan custody by march which is 10 days from now or preparing the afghan government to sit across from from the taliban in negotiate and start the interim one dialogue while we don't even have a proper negotiation team on the other side like if you talk about taliban going after transnational elements in jihad this that are seeking safe thing trees in afghanistan that also seems unrealistic because there are elements hard core
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elements within the group that will not allow that to happen so i think the deal is in the deliverables really difficult at some point to meet but the fact that it's signed is a success. well the deal does follow a weeklong reduction in violence that was agreed between the 2 sides however many afghans do believe that pace should have been reached years ago. if you still like it was me hope this peace deal will be permanent it's not like before i wish this peace deliberately signed 10 years ago thousands of our people were killed many more wounded disabled and also many women were widowed. girl differently we're happy about the u.s. dollar bill and peace agreements but i wish this peace deal had been signed when the u.s. came to ghana stern but now it is also not to wait we called the tower burn to stop the conflict you want the us to leave our country as soon as possible. push out into the us we will be happy if that deal brings peace but i wish this peace deal
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had been signed 10 years ago because back then most of our brothers and sisters hadn't lost part of their bodies and they were well i myself lost my leg in a bomb explosion. were gone by the and the conflict so that we. can live in peace we were born in war and we don't want to be huge by the war anymore by the us invasion of afghanistan was launched in response to the 911 attacks and it was aimed at the fatal al qaeda and toppling the taliban which harbored terrorists but 18 years on and it is the longest war in u.s. history 1st though the campaign did seem to be victorious within a month the taliban and al qaida had been mostly defeated there and the afghan interim administration had also been established however it took 10 years to track down and kill al qaeda is founder and leader washington still has the troops
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deployed in afghanistan which accounted for a half of all international troops there we spoke to a 911 survivor who believes the long lasting war is not the so-called justice they wanted. well mixed feeling number one because as a survivor of 911 we when they're looking for osama we. actually with the taliban was basically they were supporting al-qaeda both at the same time you know we killed osama bin laden many years ago we should have been having this occupation for so long as a survivor i didn't need these actually we didn't have remember when we were going to war we went to places we were in you know afghanistan and then we went to iraq and iraq didn't have anything to do with 911 and they try to solve the idea that the the racket people would walk with that he was in so all of this scene way of what we're doing right here in afghanistan we won't be here with your main purpose
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that main purpose was a change of attitude viber i want the award to end and not only because of the people that we lost but of the people that were killed in the process because there were many civilians that were killed in afghanistan during our occupation of the contrie. greek police if i take ass against migrants the country's border with turkey is thousands of people gathered just one desire getting into europe or refugees have been seen throwing those stones at officers through the turkish border. they have brought 4000 painful from illegally entering their country and they come shortly after the turkish leader announced his country would no longer keep its doors to the you. know up to a couple who did what we did is we opened our borders because you promised us assistance but you did nothing and we will not close these doors because the e.u.
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must keep its word. we are strengthening our forces on land and at sea the distil pull you tsunami forces are being transferred the government is determined to do whatever is necessary to save god. it. was referring to is the 2016 deal with the e.u. to stop the refugee flow to europe in exchange for financial aid he has since repeatedly accused the block of failing to honor its part of the deal it is only now that he's gone from words to action the president took action following a spike in tension in series last remaining terrorist stronghold in the province and crick lamed 33 turkish soldiers were killed in an air raid this week by the syrian army well that as the region is engulfed with intense fighting between the turkish backed militants there and the syrian army supported by russia moscow claims that turkey failed to separate the terrorist from the moderate opposition furthermore says to initially confirm his forces were not in the area something
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that turkey later denied let's digest all of this with the meters like a couple this is a writer and journalist joins us now very welcome thanks for coming on what you think good ones motives are you think he's trying to win support for exactions in need labor or as he's a man said look i'm actually complaining about the fact you haven't kept your side of the deal are ye in 26 thing. i think peter i don't. know your. you know your last outfit she is getting mad i don't know if she should go over to fish or was mr travers going. to coretta's but here she is doing strange. as far as. gross are concerned i have to remind you that 1st of all hugo. is not the only stock to.
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beat them to come to greece. to show how cheery pushing them to this is all the information with. sound or over efficiency in the garden. mr pedagog i have to put pressure on the european union in order for the european union to get to doing to stop for human being he said aid to eat do for those who wish to syria and russia on the other hand. the european union pretends that nothing is happening. it is not taking any position because it out of their opportunistic i compute and hoping that it is going to solve the problem by accepting or was there ever a condition to me the answer but simply this shit is not the capacity to do it greece has already received an enormous number of refugees and immigrants and it is
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a very bad shape because all of the big programs which were important needed by its european partners at the i.m.f. . can provoke the huge economic and social disaster now we have sent to also all those refugees and immigrants yet contineu would not want to see just a guide you to insist it will not be he will be aggrieved by. it or and this is there something nobody government can accept or that i know some point where one side had to me trust is going to have to back down are they i mean. the siloam i presume stop all these people trying to cross its border but the same time you know how long can a sensitivity policy reaction warning at with your. to show them. in the long run what we need to do is just have a lie the situation that we will probably need a new master plan and will really need to still or foreign intervention in the.
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last. because it has not seen any way the team already in those. wars that is now gone can be gone. again and done it and. now it was time to stop that it was to provide probably a part of my son brandon for that was. to go back to their countries because after all it's just good or for them countless. of them just enough to tailor their scientists to their people to be valued out of the more active and educated than the great anyway greek did not accept those. thousands of them while coming in i'm up to very much for the security of this people. made everything they could to expose it is something that if you go into the human beings want to begin
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that all of the war but they do not pay the price increase it can on the much. more population wage this is something that the international community must understand look at the european union. how do you think you will react then to this situation. so the band saw on on our government on our show i mean that depends on the pressure they were put up on them but i hope for they want to do it because they want to put the pressure up on the europeans and that will put the pressure on the americans because. governments tend to do to make a lot of concessions to the united states and people interviewed everything we were asked or they don't ask anything in town mr towns who seems to be the best friend of them don't go on at that point into becoming funny because for many years
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we were discussing if timepiece an agent an action agent but it seems she has been that he's our kind of being and pushing and go around in interviews who are with russian but anyway. so even with a kind of sense good relations with the united states and will do everything they asked us to do then in the greek people what they say asking for me to go to me is to be more calm but even more and to ask more things from the united states and from there you know if you're because huge this is a good if you know the future of this county at stake nothing bad and after all i say don't do the 4th. of the european a france has a duty and you see but it did because you intervened in syria has intervened in syria a united states is threatened they actually so why do these would be restrained and of course it also is one should be ready because he was a very good friend of mine said and if you decide to change sides and to to try to
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topple asad. or sort all to a policy of mr and all that we thought that. she changes policy but now she does to the older music over the united states and. ok to me just when i have to say there are enough to get your thoughts to say even that's me chris constantin coppola said journalist and writer thank you. the research is that america's mitts university say a report that claimed to believe these elections were full of irregularities wasn't backed up by sufficient evidence the allegations of election fraud did spark mass protests which them forced president evo morales to quit the report was made by the organization of american states to the live in general election results of november and claimed the election results were not accurate one of the myths for searches jack williams explained why it was wrong that they jumped to that conclusion. we. wanted to specifically look at the portion where they claimed there is
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a significant difference in the results following the interruption and then also in the last 5 percent of result of the unofficial vote count. during this process me and my colleague were unable to find the evidence of the created here results are out there and. having an effect on the world without any metalogic or even like even just the code that they used to produce the results that are created we find it extremely difficult to naturally find the breaks that they found and then used for their results so really we would really appreciate if the oas would share their. both their methodology and then also if they could share what they used to produce this report that had such a large effect following the release of the report some media outlets did speak of the election fraud as if it was a proven fact. and audit indicated there was a clear manipulation in the country's elections last month accusations of
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irregularities in last month's presidential election result of american states put out a report. that originally agreed to hold if you would actually. like williams again believes the media and opposition use the oas report for their own ends. the statistical claim was the one that was able to be tied to the results and to claim the results that were being presented were illegitimate and that's what the opposition party and that the media is also used to justify those people knew that there was problems with the oas research but maybe didn't have the technical expertise to would center for economic and policy research had released a report prior but it had not gained much traction among especially the media so i think that they really wanted someone to evaluate this and take it seriously. come the sound of his call to move us troops in. any case centering around free speech we'll have the details of the stories to yourself.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the world is driven by shaped by.
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the day or thinks. we should ask. hello again now saying the wrong thing on social media these days always seems to trigger a backlash. takes a look now at some of the and that rage that happened this week. diary what a wreak of distressing stories there's new evidence suggesting that back in the seventy's buddy was a loony rate from to assist
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a disappointment on his visit to india donald trump managed to vote but he must cut every single engine that came his way and alexandra because there cortez were $500.00 sequined dress during the day but the thing that really got my anxiety levels peaking was this tweet to be so. that someone somewhere is joining the shoe joyousness of these people who seem to hold these pilots. should be kept as far away from cultural power as possible joylessness is this a joke this is a classic case of conservative debbie downer is raining on our parade there's also literally no evidence to support it. yes ok the university of arizona is basically begging students to run each other out effect being aggressive triggering insensitive well you've gotten i know some would say that fosters an environment of
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paranoia censorship and soul sucking depression but i just don't see it and yes a school in seattle said easter egg should be renamed spring spears a spring spare hard to count me in my past i think it's got a real fun ring to it. but you're going completely out of. it isn't fun. i'm sure i did read about how now it's not ok to expect people to turn up some time because in some cultures time is a fluid concept who knew i just hope for the people who signed up for this lesson and witness in time to get the most out of it also they could have the d.c. . tell mr robertson enough to walk up such a sweat and. then they also flight telling the bible while fashionistas
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a company down on bearings no longer for white people apparently so gone of those carefree days we sauntered along hearing the gentle worship yahoo and when. ok not the best news for me argent applauses out bad because oxford university did can't focus on paying but why are people making such a big deal about it there are notes of other ways to show your appreciation like. jazz hands super fun but wait on the culture appropriation. we've got a problem. what's been dubbed a landmark case an appeals court in the us is ruled in favor of you tube and its parent company google in a sense a ship lawsuit filed by the conservative media company praga university. addressing the 1st amendment claims the panel held the despite you tube's ubiquity and its
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role as a public facing platform it remains a private forum not a public forum subject to judicial scrutiny under the 1st amendment and it also a proxy kind of actually violate the 1st amendment on free speech when some of its videos were deleted from the platform prog e.c.g.'s d.g. was guilty of false advertising for presenting itself as a platform for free speech the company believed these clips were banned because the conservative nature of the content but the court rejected those claims said it had restricted access to some of the group's videos because they were inappropriate for younger audiences and of course decision he jeeves parent company google stressed to there was no political bias involved and prog claims were there at this prague emain times the tech company has become dangerously powerful. sadly it appears as if even the 9th circuit is afraid of calliope google we're not done fighting for free speech and we will keep pushing forward this is
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a significant decision because the effect of it is that the court of appeal is stating that social media companies such as google and facebook have a ride to make a decision. what people are going to be exposed to the reach of those companies is unprecedented but we ducked reach there's not been an equivalent in position of responsibility there rescore false these days those companies will be able to control the political agenda so in order for this to change the rules be a need for additional laws to be to be brought in in order to ensure that social media companies are not placed in a position. where there is. really controlling the entire political system.
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currently celebrating the end of winter the so-called muslim it's a holiday which marks the start of spring often includes the burning to a stroll ethic and this year they're one 3rd of all in a time a few as from here moscow has taken things a bit further because this bridge made of wood and straw was the winning creation from an international competition and after months of preparation it was consumed by flames in just a matter of minutes russia's muscle and it's a festival nobody lasts a week and sees people across the country enjoying a range of festivities while eating a lot of traditional cakes the orthodox tradition of lent follows a signal. that's how things are looking this evening more more stories for you and the headlines at the top.
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thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision lotos shattered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was raped be instructed here you know told to shut up what they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and you graham my arm and he write me to his birthing area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished than the offender and almost 10 year career or chose very invested in and i do. up to report a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is
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simply an issue of power and violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or woman. what holds its institutions need to. be put themselves on the laws. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to. have to be right to be 1st this is what the 43 a boy can people get. interested always in the waters about how. this should. be. done.


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