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tv   News  RT  March 21, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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at least as its deadliest single day during the pandemic 620 lives lost. maybe france police officers threaten to quits unless they're provided with better equipment to protect them from the. fog and become the latest car giant a whole production of it the pandemic is the health crisis it's ever more jobs of us. senate is the refuse of insider trading are they sold off their stocks by the head of.
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that thanks for joining us mid day here in moscow this is art. we'll start with the latest news on the pandemics the corona virus has now claimed more than 11000 lives will white with the number of confirmed cases hitting 275000. italy suffered its highest number of coronavirus deaths in a single day on friday with 627 people losing their lives in all the pandemics now killed more than 4000 italians and the pitch ends in region one of the worst hit provinces the large scale loss of life has put a strain on funerals and some trauma toria said that they might not even be able to take any more coffins because the lack of capacity. and obviously this situation creates an abnormal amount bringing us to an emergency phase making us very likely
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to hold for a few days in order to be able to recover some space. for us to use our premises dedicated for the final farewell as you can see this farewell room has become a provisional space. as it really remains on lockdown soldiers been patrolling the streets of palermo insisting they were deployed that see how local police other cities and regions of also considering calling in such army patrols the crowd and infectious disease specialist says of i'm not down and needs to continue to prevent a full blown. the epidemic is a dramatic and we are facing a very big epidemic we should keep very strict measures. down in order to reduce delivery still spreading the virus at the same extent that in the central banks in the in this one part that of so us remember is
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pressuring the north the reason a shortage of 1st shown such as a physician nurses able to face of these that demick very few infectious disease expert our available are now a day and that is a hole so the fact that a considerable number of health care worker has been contaminated and they are not working optimistic view is a defective that day by day that he's a constant percentage of the result of the new cases in respect of the total number of our target our goal is to reach as soon as possible the level all below 10 which means about the transmission as the. celebrated that in weekend look it did if you share it with a little more whole. prisons paid tribute to the
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doctors and nurses on the front line of the battle against the deadly virus applause was heard from balconies across the capital on friday night. over 12600 cases have been confirmed in france 450 that all regions are now thanks to despite a nationwide lockdown meanwhile the police officers who were enforcing that. they have their own safety concerns there even threatening to strike all of these he reports. as millions of people in from own saw in confinement there is a core group of workers who are continuing the daily grind including police officers.
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yet many continue to fill out these regulations despite hefty fines and the risk of being locked up in jail i'm not. going to give you. the authorities are tearing their hair out over france's citizens normal compliance with the confinement restrictions . there are people who think they're modern day heroes by breaking the rules while they are in fact. when i see people still going to the park to get together or heading to the beach or to open markets they seem not to understand the message from the authorities a lot of our fellow citizens are still taking this too likely but as they blame
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people for not abiding by the rules the authorities themselves are being accused of not taking proper care. of those they placed on the frontline unions or fewest that the ministry of interior hasn't provided officers with basic equipment such as face masks so much so the biggest police union has warned its members will walk out unless such things are made available there is no reason why we should be victims of a government failure to plan we want to carry out our duties to their fullest but need to be able to guarantee our own safety if the police themselves become contaminated all strike who will monitor the streets seducer security offices police and other people who are. in the country who need to be protected all this farce does not distinguish between police medics and other citizens we're not even sure
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that we police officers not potentially infecting people when we do our checks so we need mosques and other pretext quitting and to keep us safe and others. if the police get infected who will be able to keep the peace to morrow as force is quarantined drags along each day the list of what citizens can do is being tightened the police are cool part of keeping order here if they walk out or if an infection takes hold within the ranks phones could face an uphill battle to carry out its plans in the war on code 19 so much even ski r.t. powers. the world's biggest carmaker fox fagen is suspending production world wide the company which owns brands like skoda audi portion but 110000000 vehicles last year more than any other car producing given the present significant deterioration in the sale situation and the heightened uncertainty
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regarding parts supplies to our plants production is to be suspended in the near future at factories operated by group bronze. of target's decision follows similar moves by other carmakers toyota b.m.w. red no fear and more have all shut their plants during the global health crisis in the e.u. alone the sectors responsible for around $14000000.00 jobs pandemics causing huge problems for the u.s. job market to the country's unemployment rate seeing one of the largest spikes on record u.s. labor department has reported several $100000.00 claims filed geoffrey took an editorial director at the american institute for economic research agrees the global economy is under severe strain because there were internet i don't even think economists have that but it's not recession start fresh and it's it's it's own imaginable levels of of shock and the data are going to it's like that. and give you a clear prediction what the unemployment numbers are going to look like that we're
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going to be seen soon but i almost certain that millions have already lost their jobs and this shift cannot go on much longer without dismantling everything we call civilized life it just it just cannot go so the pressure is growing by the day by the hour by the minute for for the politicians to line up their decisions public policy decisions with the actual documented health risks which are becoming ever clearer as testing has is going on. u.s. senators have been accused of exploiting their privileged access to information about the pandemic to make a quick buck that's after they sold off a large number of shares right before the markets plunged among them richard burr head of the intelligence committee who sold stocks with up to $1700000.00 but he denies accusations of foul play amid calls for him to resign him or been as
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a story. richard burr u.s. senator and head of the senate intelligence committee reassured everyone that the u.s. government had the coronavirus situation completely under control here's what he said back in march luckily we have a framework in place that says put is in a better position than any other country to respond to a public health threats like the coronavirus his words sounded quite calming especially from someone who receives daily briefings about the spread of the coronavirus although a few days earlier he was telling a group of wealthy donors and constituents of a very different story here's a secret recording of richard burr speaking at the capitol hill club. she was. probably. even offered some advice to his wealthy friends every company should be cognizant of the fact
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that you may have to travel you may have to look at your employees and judge whether the trip they're making to europe is essential or whether it can be done on a video conference why risk is needless to say accusations are now flying that richard burr used his capitol hill inside info to help out his pals financially you remember when the stock market tanked right and tonight stock market futures are pointing to a higher open after the biggest point drop in history the dow losing more than 2000 points today and lot of investors repriced that a little shy of the crash we start in markets in the 2000 point swing on the dow fears over the coronavirus leading to the biggest point drop in history today well richard burr was pretty well unaffected because he on loaded up to 1700000 dollars of u.s. stocks just a week before the plunge now he says this is not because of any insider information he had overnight solely on public news reports to guide my decision regarding the sale of stocks on february 13th put richard burr is not the only capitol hill do
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well or to make some slick stock marc. at just the right time. as into tam and sent to bergen private briefings coronavirus weeks and then you know how bad it would be to tell the truth to hansbrough sometimes showing the public that we were fine that she sold off 1006 men in the film he needs to resign senates a bush should resign and prepared to spend some quality time with a federal grand jury that maybe there's an honest explanation for what he did if there is he should share with the rest of us immediately otherwise he must resign
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from the senate and face prosecution for insider trading now all of them are saying they had no control over these investment decisions they're also emphasizing that this was just good luck they had no insider knowledge well looks pretty bad especially for senator burr and laughlin who are pretty well connected of course senator byrd the chairman of the senate intelligence committee he was privy to you know secret briefings on the coronavirus and what the response to the coronavirus was going to be and how bad it might be all of that would be a big problem for him as for the senator from georgia she has a nother problem and that her husband is the chairman of the new york stock exchange presumably pretty well connected and she's on a committee that oversees the health industry the bigger picture here is that we have public servants we have members of congress who are using their power and position not only in stock trades the problem is that the u.s.
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government has too much. it is to give out so it's impossible for some of these people to resist a minute ashville crisis americans want their political leaders to be solving problems managing the issues and getting things done it seems like they're certainly doing that but on a more personal level caleb martin r.t. new york. u.s. secular state might pompei or has accused several countries including russia of spreading false information about the pandemic. issue of disinformation is there any particular locus for this does it for missionaries or diffuse is pretty diffused unfortunately but we've certainly seen it come from places like china and russia and iran but there are coordinated efforts to disparage what america is doing an activity to to do other things at present trying to set in motion here because there's well accusations against russia for disinformation and takes about the coronavirus present in europe and the whole world are a big disinformation and fake themselves let's take
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a look at the presumption of innocence is there argues asians you need evidence with no evidence there can be any claims miles where it can be used as a part of such an aggressive informational campaign earlier donald trump place the blame for the spread of coronavirus of china store that into the situation would now be better if he'd known about the virus earlier the president added that the world was paying a very big price for beijing suppose that inaction joined in the blame game accusing china of putting lives at risk a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson took to twitter to lash out at those accusations demanding bumppo stop lying she noted china's if it's actually saved lives citing the world health organization. and the war activist can stone things washington's accusations follow a long running pattern of blaming others for their mistakes. while the whole world's been looking at with that admiration at the way socialist countries such as
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china and cuba have handled this and. the us administration has been exposed completely as an apt in dealing with the corona virus trump has discovered that the easiest and most least controversial way to deal with a problem in the us is simply to blame that on russia or china. so to come if you're looking forward to a binge watching lots of shows stirring quarantine you may be in for a disappointment while they both are explains and even.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallowness. welcome back while people around the world are trying to figure out what to do
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during quarantine these police checks out where the populace streaming service is ready for the anticipated spike in demand. self isolation if we're being honest is as much about spending time with netflix as it is about saving your grandma or from coronavirus. catching up on your favorite shows that am getting quality content guilt free. in the highest definition but as we're all settling in to this warranty. stream of thought on brand which are our animal videos. it's netflix and you tube have let us all down there's some concern that the volume of netflix and chilling which is about to take place will break the internet very reducing less streaming quality by 25 percent just when we needed the most guys pornhub is
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offering its premium content for free now that is customer service. for those of you who prefer a little light reading marvel isn't joost a new comic book series supposed to be representative of the times the reaction online most been less than positive and some readers taking issue with what they see as the satirical level of woke nurse in the new characters skitters her thoughts in the latest diary entry. diary it's day 756 of my quarantine i have cleaned every car but looked out of every window and watched every and i mean every film and series on netflix so i've been left with no option but to turn to comic films not my usual thing but desperate times and i'm so glad i took that leap because in these times of life threatening pandemonium model
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house welcome to the wild exactly what we all need snowflake and save space are the twins and their names are very similar to screen time fast off how imaginative all those names snowflake unsafe space must have taken a serious brainstorming session so these twins are black or white nowadays is so passe that both. morton culture i mean who is a snowflake with cropped blue have our matching near todd is non-binary of course they are i'm saying space is a a big burly man and little hot pink shorts why not the part of a series called new warriors so obvious between shooting out snowflakes and creating full fields to protect against unkind enemies these twins would leave the enemy quaking in its boots but apparently not everyone agrees with me the marvel new warriors are so badly designed i genuinely thought they were parodies of stuff
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as many p.t. minority characters in the main cast as possible series oh good lord snowflake in say space actually part of this crew marvel even the ninety's is way better than what you're bringing out now for the new war at least marvelous producing toilet paper during this corona crisis with the new warriors now these 2 are just the latest jewels marvels added to its growing diversity crowd with my sisters and i. arms are you also herald the decision to cost a woman as captain marvel back that paul thing had a real rough times of child in all the flashbacks we see there's a horrible mom telling this and then one even told to smile. about small. smile. i don't know about you but violent as a result for any unpleasant situation it strikes me as
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a very positive and empowering message in real life the actress bree lawson is super malou to i do not need a 40 year old white dude to tell me what didn't work for him about a wrinkle in time rival d.c. comics also isn't lagging behind they went big with the. odds of prey and lighthearted film that delves into fun topics like misfortune e tazz old man down and day of 5 women even one that clearly unstable. i'm shocked that it flopped at the box office but i mean we all know whose to play . you expect me to believe that birds of prey is doing poorly for any reason other than sexism everyone keeps blaming the marketing but nobody dares to name the real culprit sexes than of course for us having a gender reassignment batman's cost you will need
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a nip and tuck and while no one has a clue what form bond james bond will take on next time so many exciting changes chip for to what we are i know most about this whole vocal movement is how gammick it is i mean i don't know about you diary but to me it doesn't feel forced at all there's no wisp of political agenda. here it's just hollywood really caring about diversity and appreciate thing with us here not international law don't forget to check out more stories available on our website to r.t. dot com.
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a fairly super cool for sure but a little slack there was a news new york at the sun instrument to start with you shirtless with a cheerful yes look you feel and i'd ministry's for war for your clothes or now don't i do it is moving for bush but i will push just so for the sure meticulous no . solution is. to make us. seem wrong why don't we all just don't call. any old belief yet to say proud disdain comes to advocate and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. trade and investment have become magic spells to economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the in a fast chapter of a trade agreement as opposed to something very different but won't when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys secrets into the environment. that means if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can be serious. nationals of taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i yes yes to stop oracle by implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic
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smoking rates a 4 inch company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage democratic choice. to join us as we try to fund don't want to. kind of financial for vinyl john today was all about money laundering 1st to visit this issue the 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up something to do something in america something overseas or the cayman island to do all these banks are complicit in the kleptocracy to decide if they did look over to them bernie to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. bill again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal here for
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a bunch of guys record. as the democrats gear up to officially start their 2020 presidential primary it is fitting to assess donald trump's performance in office a report card of sorts where is he kept his promises and where has he come up short will any of this really matter. a. lot. but.
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we're watching you straight and as soon as we. moved in. but. this is a state that was it's open to. be able to deal with all of the cuts. here and our lead in the mission so that each meeting that. the minimal. yes the bill could you least. move as much wishful to sway you from the as i but i to a notion which. managed to get me through are filming a possibility wallace liam chilled out by the lead. and there were no law questions there will bring. a lot of the natural that you don't want where they would side.
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they have to fish not stand god but he's just on the move. because it's all of this just in the most of that we're just there as much it's a chance to hold the furnish me. with them to put on the. emotional she had to put to me that since creatures dania doesn't look that old. they're doing this to. them when i'm in a car with mushed on the edge in a chief utica more from the beach the couple who have moved from each he said to me that it's indeed some shops not only just the produce hordes of. africa so iceman that the but us of me says i need.


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