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it's so so but i do i went down 25 and wasn't so great. welcoming our international viewers live from central london this is our 2 u.k. . the u.k. has 1st stayed on a long down after boris johnson and now its tough new measures to tackle the spread of coronavirus but many continue making the journey to work i'll be talking to d.v.d. m.p. jim shannon. the health services on the pressure as intensive care staff are forced to look after more and more patients. gang violence could be set to surge due to a fall in demand for drugs due to social distancing according to a report that says experts warn school closures could leave children at risk of
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exploitation. and the opposition hits out of the government for breaking their promise to protect renters from eviction ensuring the crisis i'll be discussing this with a housing lawyer. welcome to r.t. u.k. the government has implemented lockdown measures across the united kingdom in response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis but was no clarity on essential work and no help so far for the self employed many continue to travel flouting rules on social distancing while r.t.u. case it was dashed joyce for now with the latest hi there shot here so can you bring us up to speed well of course none of us have ever heard the message quite like here and that is because the coronavirus crisis is a situation that the united kingdom has never faced in modern british history and
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that is why boris johnson the prime minister announced a national state of emergency just last night he initiated a knock down scenario he really felt he had no other choice but to do so and today we've heard from the house secretary matt hancock who stressed that the police will now have the powers to officially enforce these measures no longer requests for orders these measures are not advice there are rules and will be enforced including by the police with fines starting at 30 pounds up to unlimited funds for noncompliance. so the police will be given these powers out on thursday but it's unclear exactly how these measures will be monitored there's an element of common sense that's being presented to the police force and in acting all of these and more of a focus on the social gatherings rather than monitoring who will be walking their dog twice in a day per se the main confusion in all of these measures though is what is happening with the workers who in fact should go to work and what is deemed
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essential of course remember just last night boris johnson sending a very clear message to the public to stay at home to alleviate the n.h.s. from being absolutely overwhelmed and he says it will save lives so just as a reminder then you will only be able to leave your house for very specific reasons including shopping for basic necessities including food and medicine you can go outside for only one form of extra exercise per day gatherings of more than 2 are now banned and you can leave your home for home for any medical reason and you can travel to and from work but that only essential work should be carried out however there is clearly a disagreement about what is deemed necessary and essential is it that key work a list that was presented to the public just last week well it seems that it's a lot more broad to that plus no one is being very specific as to what happens to the self-employed so of course it is just day one of this national emergency situation but it certainly didn't look like that on the cheap services this morning
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in fact scenes looked very cramped and crowded on carriages many of the seats occupied commuters standing shoulder to shoulder as opposed to the 2 meters distance as advised by the government it really did look like a scene out rush hour not on the 1st day of a lockdown similar scenario maybe this is down to be drastically reduced service that was instructed by city con the london mayor many fingers are pointed the blame of him for all of that but there are now reports that the government is saying that there needs to be even more stricter measures when it comes to one of this no doubt at the presser at 5 o'clock local time will discuss all of that much more length. they shadier thank you very much into it thank you. well with bob and still sitting there are growing calls for it to join the shutdown as well some m.p.'s have suggested online voting while the scottish parliament plans to sit one day
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a week from next week and i'm joined by d u p n p jim shannon. jim thank you for joining us i mean when can we expect a shutdown to come in westminster. i think the and the kitchen's at this moment would. confirm that there will be no buses and thursday that the high school fees tomorrow the debate on thursday was a real life on their made up until all their buses coming forward but i think the day confirms the conclusion of the coronavirus. legislation and all the discussion so i think by and large things will come to conclusion to more nature not all probably else until after easter and relation to meeting in parliament on i wouldn't be surprised until you have an extra week after easter you have to give us back to say i mean some m.p.'s have suggested electronic or online voting what do you think. i'm a kid i am an old to dishonest i like the idea of doing
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a vote by by by person and by hand i not sure if we're at that stage yet we do have to adopt a new circumstances but i know it has been mooted by some in the chamber by maybe the green party and by the scottish nationalists but i think we do want to resume business. when it see if to do so are not to go back to the old system not doesn't mean that we may not be called to call them in for a short notice for us who live in the periphery of the united kingdom of great britain and northern it's a bit further to come are dependent upon plans are others not the sea of problems but there may be a cold by some time may probably come at the end of it i suspect well the scottish parliament appearing one day a week from next week coming to the same guy for westminster. s. probably easier for the scottish parliament for the northern aren't assembly for the welsh assembly to make once a week but the parliament they the queen on of all part of the
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ward and the one that we saw the privilege of sitting in comes from their m.p.'s are drawn from every corner of the inner to keep them of great britain and northern and so therefore for also so we've got harder to come together but i think that government wants to resume the normality of government on the democratic process and there's a need to have a democratic process on how about in place in time to the prime minister's time to shut down correctly. i think the prime minister. took the decision he had to take and i think every one of us would probably at the kit when we look at the rest of the word than at 3 in particular which is not too far away the deaths in spain as well which is even closer than that leigh i think we have to take 2 steps in advance that the prime minister stiffened last night was very serious there was no joking there's no room for follow the last night it was very clear that was serious this can kill the not those words world of lane a number of times so i think that the decisions taken hust to be the one and we
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hope to add here collectively to you has instructions on what he wants us to do not so everybody including the parliament turns as well. as. messaging being received in your constituency. i already saw the 1st and the cases of that on monday before i left over here many many shops were closed already took been a set of themselves to do so many shops are open were good she shops on butchers and maybe an old coffee shop car you know it's but even over the weekend but if those carpets were also closed no problems as a murder rate decided not to open for 2 to 3 weeks so i think maybe the movement had already started i think we realise all of us realized the seriousness of the set. we have to respond on a very positive and constructive fashion as not just a bit else here here healthy but those who are not healthy we were supposed to look after them therefore these decisions have to be in day jim shannon many thanks for
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joining us thank you thank you very much scott best take care bye bye well for more on the law enforcement response to the shutdown have now joined by former police officer peter koch and peter thank you for joining us i mean can police officers really police the new measures i mean the force they are forcing people to disperse all day it's really difficult for the police service we know we've had 10 years of coats and we know they were struggling to deliver ordinary policing before all this started and of course old and replacing is still where there are still people being murdered there are still stoppings there are still burglaries and robberies and then on top of that those. virus time demick related crimes frauds and artifice burglaries and such like so they've got an immense workload has just been added to and they've known the people and there's now a sort of anticipation that somehow they'll be patrolling all the streets all the time chasing people back into their houses if they stray out of them with the few
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exceptions that there are simply isn't going to be always very close to marshal lord also are we going to involve the only. the army suffered from exactly the same cuts over the last decade and longer you could fit the whole army into wembley stadium and still have a few street tickets left for the chance to sell outside it we haven't got the person now in the public sector to force the public can do to do anything by force it simply won't work it's got to be something that the public understand why they're doing it and that is a difficulty it's also got to be something in the public eye able to do and for some that is a difficulty if you look at some of the reports you've had over the years about the standard of temporary housing for families moment for kids stuck into a single room in a bedsit or a house al of poor quality say are they really going to be that without coming out
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very much for 3 weeks is that going to be feasible what about the power ships they involve domestic abuse is that going to be feasible there are all sorts of problems especially amongst the less well off in our society and we need to accept that people are talking about oh who are all these people going to work on the chips in the morning well they're probably mostly the self-employed the contractors on the building sites there's 0 i ask cleaners on very very fragile contracts of employment who have not been given any alternative other than if you don't come to work a job you know going to any money paid to me in terms of that we can and we could advise those questions towards the chancellors that's also then look at the police and what's happening on the street so if people don't follow their rules what happens then. well we know exactly sure what the powers of the police are going to be given they're going to come from regulations made under the coronavirus bill which will pass later this week so we're not sure what we can sort of anticipate what they're likely to pay from what government has said so they're likely to be
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the place dealing with gatherings that's going to be relatively straightforward because there's not going to be any excuse for $3.00 or 4 people or more to be together outside and we're already seeing the police intervening with barbecues and search like it's lovely weather for the 1st time in the year so the barbecues come out great you have a family barbecue with the people that live together with you in that household where you can invite the neighbors around as usual so the police will get involved in dispersing those sorts of gatherings if there are premises that are open there shouldn't be open then obviously place and local councils try to standards and socialite can work together to bring those to a close but again we've got this definition of what is you know the government seem to be wanting people to go to work to quote one of the ministers i heard earlier to keep the country going. for what work is that it's more than just work that can be done at home but what t.c.s.
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that that same is ok we're trying to reduce the amount of social contact and contact through work and other things but we're not trying to stop it and tiley other washee close the police service down otherwise the journalists wouldn't be chasing around the with the stories in a big pack and such like so there are exceptions and then it's just not very clear for the problem it is it isn't clarification we don't they thank you very much music i can thank you. well the n.h.s. is under increasing pressure as well as medical workers in intensive ted departments are forced to take on more patients than the rules previously allowed. according to the health service journal intensive care nurses are now being told to look after 6 patients with help from 2 non-specialist nurses and 2 health workers well under normal circumstances one nurse will be responsible for each patient also intensive care consultants are being asked to look after 30 patients assisted by 2 middle level don't to as well guidelines dictate the ratio between a consultant and patient should go beyond 1.8 to 1.15 that will
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absolutely be a lot of concern about this in the profession but it's the only option we've got available we simply don't have the capacity to increase our stuffing levels quickly enough it would dilute the standard of care but that's absolutely better than not having enough critical castoff there's also a massive issue around the ability of critical care nurses not only to care for their patients but also monitor what the non-specialists in the teams are doing well meanwhile the dean of the faculty of intensive care medicine says the measures taken will enable staff to respond in an effective way that says the n.h.s. claims health care workers were not up to such changes sensitively n.h.s. staff are working around the clock gearing up to deal with this unprecedented global health threat and as the professional bodies have said doctors nurses and other health professionals will rightly respond flexibly and compassionately in the
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meantime the public absolutely must now play their part by staying home to stop the spread of the virus and save lives before we're n.h.s. trust chairman roy merely told me that it's inevitable medics will be overstretched . we've seen what's happened in italy we know what's coming we've seen pictures in italy of beds in corridors of people ventilated in warehouses effectively and it's going to happen to us as well there will be more people than we have nurses and doctors to cough using the normal ratios this is why this new guidance is coming and it's not being imposed actually on the doctors nurses it has been has been introduced in consultation with the leaders of doctors and nurses who understand that we're likely to be overwhelmed and by thinning out the have the talent that we have is the only way that we're going to be have to look after people who are going to be very sick looking off to people on ventilators is
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a tricky thing to do ventilating people is difficult to do i mean mechanical ventilation not to sort of disguise it means putting it shoot down someone's throat and inflating your lungs and breathing for them then that's not something that every nurse can do so they have to be trained and in the meantime then royal how about do you think it's going to get another government measures going to work. well as far as the government measures a concern social distancing and all the rest of it frankly i don't think so i think a complete lockdown is going to have to come i think it was food issue jonesy ready to study i mean clearly he's been studying this all the way along we've noted that the 1st step was the 2nd step in the steps i frankly i think yesterday should done a complete calm down i mean we still go building work is going to work on that huge mixing up within i just what he's got it would that you think the way the mayor of london is limited the number of tubes means that more closely closer together it's a policy policy life you so is it going to get worse well yes of course it will.
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still to come up to the break. a report says social distancing could field gang violence due to a foot or a bowl or even in demand for drugs as experts warn school closures could mean more children exposed to it. and critics head out of the government for turning its back on winton's off a promise to protect tenants from eviction during the crisis probably talking to our housing lawyer. when else so seems wrong but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to say proud he's been absent. and in detroit he was betrayed.
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when something and find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . up. over the past 5 or 6 years very aggressively people have sold dollars to buy these emerging market currencies because they can get a better yield on those currencies suddenly when all liquidity disappears during heisenberg uncertainty for x. market schrodinger's cat of markets everyone is then short dollars they have to buy those dollars back because there are losing catastrophic play in all their non dollar plays in the market and this is causing a runaway freight train of the u.s. dollar going higher. welcome back social distancing could increase in gang violence due to
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a foreign demand for drugs that's according to a report that says experts warn school closures could leave children exposed to county lines guns will ease or ali has more on this and joins me live out of the recess so tell us more about how all of this is related to coronavirus. well you see in this report released by the policy exchange think tank it's called policing the pandemic and according to this report the corona virus outbreak could increase gang violence as drug dealers compete over a reduced market now there are some crimes that they say could rise in these instances you could see a rise in things like theft true or to people sending for example online e-mails to try to trick people to send over the details destruction burglary for example we've seen reports of people knocking on doors and telling elderly people that they've come to test for corona virus so it's just some of the things people should be aware of now with regards to for example the closure of pubs and clubs the raids and so on that is to reduce them arms for illegal drugs but it also means that
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those guns will now be competing for all that smaller market and could because of their desperation become more vicious and also of course the police they'll be busy trying to enforce this law down of the prime minister has said he wants to see last night now of course with that the police will be destructed and that might in building guns to commit more crime not what we could also see of course is gangs which deal with drugs jockeying for position now so lots of violence a lot of killing lots of attacks so that when the market picks up when the economy in general picks up they'll be better placed to exploit that and to sell to whoever wants it and of course there are other factors at play as well you see in the past the issue of county lines where young children are recruited in groups to go and sell drugs for city gangs to get places in the countryside now it's not with that situation we've seen last week the prime minister say children stay home that
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schools are closed except for key workers children and for special education needs children so that means that if parents can't keep their children at home they could be little at risk of being recruited into these guns and of course another impact. as the economic boom times seems the economy taking a dive people worry about me comes pressure on household budgets and if again there are some children from different backgrounds pull back grocery market think of this is an easy way to some quick money some quick cash poke out around the house all of these dangers really having to be considered according to this report if we are to avoid a situation where children or as a result of this chronic garbage crisis the israeli psyche very much indeed or to discuss this issue i'll be joined in the next hour by a youth violence activist. now the shadow housing secretary has hit out of the government for turning their backs on renters john he says the coronavirus bill
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that's currently being debated in parliament what give tennis the protections they were promised with this legislation boris johnson has broken his promise to the country's 20000000 renters this is not a big as labor argued for and renters were eventually promised by boris johnson this legislation does not stop people losing their homes as a result of the current virus it just gives them some extra time to pack their bags last week the government said no one would be evicted from their rented property during the ongoing crisis however the coronavirus bill only extends the eviction notice period by a month meaning langlands will now have to give tenants 3 months notice the government maintains that protecting renters is a priority. or to discuss this are now joined by housing lawyer and i'm kinda core attwell i'm going to thank you for joining us this afternoon where in uncharted territory here are the governments doing what it can well the government announced
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last week about a call package of measures to protect renters and manal affected by the crime of virus unfortunately the legislation itself does not follow through well it's taken action evictions that has made the government that is i mean this does nothing for 3 months so at least there is there is a bit of a break. well there are 3 months it's a notice will only last 3 months but there is no nothing in the legislation which would actually say that the land tenure would not be evicted as a result of the renter is being accused accrued by the impact of the crown a virus or how much further do you want the government to go what do you want them to say. well the banning of fiction should be a pattern of diction we do not know how the colts will implement this. landlord issues and notice is only can be locked in for 3 months thereafter possession proceedings can be issued in court what have you heard from tenants who aren't
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about the situation and if so what if they said. well. i haven't seen a lot of inquiries from tenants who can't afford to pay the rent as a result of not being able to work there there is help there they can also if they're not on sick pay they can apply for benefits to help pay the rent there is help out there i mean the only. issue they have is after 3 months and the land you can issue possession sit ins and cool and it also looking at it from the other side as well as we've got to balance that with the needs of the landlords as well also they will have mortgages so if the tenants can't afford to pay due to the virus then one knows could also be in trouble with their building societies and banks as well couldn't they yes well landlords always have protected by 3 months mortgage payment holiday which has extended to buy to let him get use as well so those landless who have tenants who can afford to pay the rent as a result of coronavirus will have less pressure to pay the mortgage due to the new
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announcement by the government and have been for one final question then manjinder we were effectively waiting on the chancellor to make his statement of what he's going to do about self-employed people but a compass is 5000000 people therefore you think after that announcement with policies putting forward it will help ease the situation. well i'm not quite sure how it's going to work it really depends on what the announcer is going to be paid and we're all waiting on that one munching decor at well thank you very much andy thank you we'll see you thank you bye bye. well with the spread of coronavirus many theories about how to stop or protect yourself from the disease have been circulating online but how do we separate truth from fantasy is not unders has been testing some of the viral rumors. you suffering from information overload let's debug some myths and get the lowdown we have to separate the facts from the fiction .
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blelvis will keep me safe but it depends on how you use them because it's all about not transferring the coronavirus your face if you are in gloves whilst in about's and still keep touching your face which we can do up to 20 times an hour that useless while gloves provide a barrier in a medical environment if you don't keep replacing them and if you're not very careful they would help. drinking water will kill the virus drinking water every 50 minutes has been heavily debated on social media the theory being that swallowing the virus will kill it sadly professor treated like at the university of oxford says there's no evidence to back that up you can't wash away or spirit virus while it's good for overall health to be hydrated drinking too much water can also cause health problems to. the piracy is mutating. with 19 will act like all
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viruses in the fact that they all accumulate me tensions over time create a virus is no different a recent published study suggested that it had already me take to twice into one more aggressive strain and one milder form but some experts on convince all viruses might like. people of old over time as you say in the case of viruses life insurance or they need to. change. over the seasons but also even within any given season next year will be variations within a population. and this is this is what the virus does do you mean she walks all over it so she could extract the crude virus will will change. as of tomorrow says do news as he used to. it will be gone by the summer months can mean fewer transmissible illnesses but that's often because in the winter we're more likely to be an enclosed spaces being we can
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spread them but while something also whether by actually kill off the virus it's simply not the case it's true viruses do thrive in colder conditions and covert 90 appears to spread 5 sister $8.00 degrees celsius but the world health organization says that it can be transmitted in all areas around the world including hotter climates like africa and australasia that are in trouble too and you can forget about taking a hot bath so long so it might give you a mental boost. knows myself there are many rumors about self diagnosis flying around the internet so what is the viral self-help check and it's thought to be trusted in a post circulating on what's up on facebook the post claims to be from stanford university the post asks readers to take a deep breath and hold for 10 seconds if you can do without coughing tightness or discomfit your lungs are free from fibrosis and ultimately free of infection it's
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nonsense every 19 can affect people differently the only thing to remember is if you've got a high temperature or you continuous cough stay home and go to the at h s 11 online for more information don't go to the hospital g.p. or pharmacy you might pass it on. that's the lowdown for today be safe because i wash your hands. mean. more wise words from options that i'll be back with more news in just over half an hour see that.
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i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises apologise to the people and promise to be you know we've all bots. lelie revealing for a 00. 000. pretty good bertha now you want to 1st crack that. no. balls be. coming out my yaar.


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