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tv   News  RT  March 27, 2020 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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i've taken. this camera pulls with you. u.k. prime minister boris johnson is the 1st world leader to contract 19 he is now in self isolation. u.s. finds itself at the center of the covert 19 pandemic with more confirmed cases than any other country york accounts for half the national total with a 40 percent surge in hospital admissions in just a single day 911 was nothing compared to this we were open waiting for patients never to now. they just keep coming. by dealing with a health crisis on home soil the u.s. has ramped up pressure on venezuela accusing president maduro of narco terrorism and offering a $15000000.00 reward for his capture. coffins piled up
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in crime authority with hospitals also overwhelmed as italy struggles to cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. those are joining us with your global news update this is our internet. well 1st let's bring you the latest on the scale of the covert 19 pandemic more than half a 1000000 cases have now been registered world wide with almost 25000 lives lost so far 128000 people have recovered from the virus a growing number of countries have been forced to either a partial or complete lockdown in a bid to control the spread of the virus an estimated 3000000000 people that's more than a 3rd of the world's population are under various forms of restriction. the
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british prime minister has tested positive for covert 19 boris johnson who's 55 is the 1st world leader to catch the novel coronavirus r.t. correspondent. prime minister boris johnson he's been really at the front line in times of updating the public assimilates on the pro virus issues been holding daily briefings to the media slants usually either by this minister was all interesting lead by his chief medical 'd and chief scientific adviser but this morning the prime minister taking to twitter to release a video announcing that he himself has now contract the disease i developed marginal symptoms over the coronavirus that's to say a temperature and
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a persistent cough and on the advice of the chief medical officer i've taken a test that has come out positive so who i am working from home i'm so fice waiting and that's entirely the right thing to do. but be in a dot that i can continue thanks to that was removed technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against corona bars prime minister has been coming in for quite some ridicule because of course we know that the u.k. has been telling people that they have to self isolates in telling people to stay away from others well 3 weeks ago the prime minister visit a hospital where he said he was happy to shake everyone's hands i was shaking hands can decide that i was at a hospital the other night i think there were a few that are actually if you create a virus of patients and i shook hands with everybody you'll be pleased to know that i continue to shake hands so that might be a clue as the pups whether prime minister constructed it from now either have also
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been major criticisms in the country towards the prime minister and other prominent figures about how they able to get testing and yet sunline n.h.s. staff who all working to combat this disease still aren't being tested many doctors nurses others feel like they're putting their lives in danger without having being taken serious. having being considered by the government when it comes to resources and trusting now that all columns over the past 24 hours with a group seen a rise of the death toll to 578 people dying in the u.k. now that's a 24 hour rise of over 100 deaths previously the previous state it only risen by about 2024 deaths and so people were thinking that possibly that u.k. had managed to get on top of it and the deaths numbers were dropping however these late signals showing that the u.k. very much still in the groups of this corona virus outbreak. the united states is
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now at the center of the covert 900 pound make with the largest number of cases global it almost 86000 americans have tested positive for the virus and more than 1300 have died york city has been by far the worst 'd hit with nearly $40000.00 cases that's around half the national total $466.00 people have died in new york state there was a 40 percent surge in hospital admissions on thursday according to the governor andrew cuomo and there's a severe shortage of hospital beds and ventilators with more from new york his turn to teach us. today hospitals in new york struggling under the weight of the pandemic people come in to get into bed it they die the cycle repeats elmhurst hospital in queens the bureau with the most coronavirus cases in the city in the center of the outbreak the hospital confirming at least 13 patient deaths within 24 hours right now it's every day it's nonstop
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literally and. unfortunately it's my get to suggestion you have to pick and choose what you're going to do how you're going to do. as the doctor say a lot of people calm did not to be survive to expire but you put the same machine another person as medical staff operates out their limit hundreds of more people wait lining up outside to get tested for kill that 90. but officials say the 545 bed hospital is overrun and in desperate need of medical supplies you know the system's overwhelmed all over the place the shortage of safety gear out one new york hospital so dire nurses have resorted to wearing trash bags the situation in new york worsening by the hour the state accounting for roughly half the cases across the country this grim video shows teams setting up a makeshift morgue outside of bellevue hospital something that was done during hurricane sandy and 911911 was nothing compared to this we were open waiting for patients the column will never come. ok now they just keep coming however
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a small sign of hope governor cuomo announcing that for the past few days the rate of hospitalizations is slowing although he cautions that the peak of the crisis could still be about 20 days away the governor adds that while only about 15 percent of cases have required hospitalisation the state into supports 140000 people will need to be hospitalized warning that he does not have enough beds or lifesaving ventilators and as medical personnel remain on the front lines we are learning that a member of mt sinai is nursing staff who has been treating coronavirus patients has passed away from cove in 19 the hospital saying in a statement today we lost another hero a compassionate colleague friend and selfless caregiver meantime the hospital system initiating a procedure called plasmapheresis where they transfer antibodies from patients who have recovered from co the 19 to those who are critically ill from the virus the
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procedure could be life saving reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . the containment measures in place across america forced businesses to close the doors and to layoff stuff jobless claims hit 3300000 this week that smashed all previous records the numbers 5 times higher than during the peak of the $982.00 recession meanwhile the senate has passed a 2 trillion dollar stimulus plan to keep businesses afloat. while the u.s. battle to contain the spread of covert 19 the state department turning its focus elsewhere and suffering a multimillion dollar bounty for the capture of venezuela's president supposedly the charges of narco terrorism has more. how they want to get rid of him they condemn didn't work they sanctioned blockaded venezuela hooping that people would rise up and overthrew him then work they organized dressed up and
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paraded the opposition and still nothing the only thing left this to plan drugs in him were not acting as the world's policeman were acting as policeman for ourselves and people rather gave it to protect the american people keeping americans in america safe from venezuelans in venezuela only in washington does that make any sort of sense or in the wild west where gun slinging cowboys went out hunting for bounties that they found on wanted posters this is an extreme vulgar and miserable action from donald trump's administration different least a set of false accusations and slander acting like cowboys racists of the 19th century they put a price on the head of revolutionaries but we are ready to fight them wherever they are the charges themselves are almost comical they include possession of
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machine guns you don't say the commander in chief of the venezuelan armed forces possesses machine guns why didn't they charge him with possessing and army jets artillery tanks. but it's only funny on paper u.s. sanctions have turned venezuela into hell on earth strangling the venezuelan nation in the middle of a pandemic the problem of medicine and food of essential just to get. out of office and the venezuelan people are under no illusions there's no light at the end of the tunnel. it is ascension they have always had what more sanctions have they given to venezuela look at what is happening here in venezuela the epidemic affects everyone and everyone is suffering now they come with more sanctions look how this country is more sanctions for what enough of the sanctions
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that they're giving to venezuela and then there where donald trump is not the judge noise here the world's prosecutor whatever has to happen happens really because already i say we can't stand this much longer it's a farce from start to finish america doesn't recognize him as president the guy that controls the country the military the ministers enjoys the support of millions and sits in the presidential palace isn't president and the parents when he isn't busy running a country of 30000000 he spends his free time acquiring illegal machine guns and selling coke we heard from venezuelan historian miguel think he thinks that the latest threats against caracas during a global health crisis in his opinion are pointlessly craw. so obvious that this administration feels that it can do whatever it wants the fact that bill barr has
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to start his conference by saying we are not the policeman of the world in fact speaks of the fact that this action is highly political and really reinforces the notion of the us as an imperial power able to dictate policy able to order the arrest of world leaders heads of states as it wishes so this is very much a clearly a political more moment a cruel inhuman action at a time in which the country is reeling not only from the pandemic but also from the low prices for oil and also dramatic shortages created in part by the sanctions imposed by both the obama administration and now that trumpet ministration. italy has suffered the largest loss of life of any country because of the pandemic more than 8000 people have died and there are 80000 confirmed cases north of the country's been hit hardest this video shows a local climate or in that has been simply overwhelmed by the outbreak it is
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overloaded with coffins additional refrigeration devices have been brought in as workers were unable to clear the dead in time and hospitals are also swamped with doctors and nurses in law but they are under immense pressure. all of the. 4 months ago they were. great to face you. know no we almost.
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this. is where the money for all the free. simply. for these is the most. the most is the slaves so. he was different countries come to italy's aid more voices there are questioning solidarity of e.u. members this video shows an italian entrepreneur replacing the unions flag with a russian one of the entrance to his factory it's a video that went viral and spoke to the owner about his gesture. we received you for a mission to show people that you need really. full off month period. instead of you gloss everything we. don't want to or political question i'd
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prefer to change it. to we for sure where you explain very lovely. only we want only to give birth. why. you want to choose to work for a very firm direction if you need to. ok some more breaking news coming out of the united kingdom the health secretary about just tested positive for covertly 19 this announcement comes just a matter of a couple of hours after prime minister boris johnson also announced that he is contracted the coronavirus and like the prime minister hancock broke the news in a twitter video. i've been working from home over the last couple of days because everybody who can work from home should work from home i've also had some mild
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symptoms of coronavirus and palm medical advice i was tested and that test has been positive sabi self isolating here until next thursday but i'll be continuing to do everything i can to get our care is the support that they need and i'll be doing that from here but with no less gusto.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond shill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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french police are threatening to stop and forcing the nationwide lockdown in the country that's been in place for almost 2 weeks unions are accusing the government of failing to provide protective equipment that after an officer died from covert 19 on wednesday auntie's correspondent in paris charlotte dubin ski has more. during force when agencies have been particularly hard hit of this latest news that one of their own has lost their lives to cozied 19 what we know about that individual is that they were young dom 51 years old and as soon as they felt ill they were placed into self confinement but unfortunately the condition worsened on wednesday before the gendarme who's only been named as patrick g. in the french media it could reach the hospital he had passed away you know that latest development has ratcheted up the threats from police unions that unless they are given the protective gear that they need that they will stop enforcing the law
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down this is what the unions had to say in a joint statement to the ministry of interior the eater union is issuing a solemn warning to the minister who the means of protection are lacking police officers who carry out urgent missions and will no longer and force the lock down the lock down in françois has been going on since march 17th and since that around 800000 finds have been given out by the police officers and john dams across the country there are around a $100000.00 have been deployed to do just that but they have been angry now since the beginning of that lockdown over fears of the lack of protective masks that they've had many police unions have talked about the fact not just that they fear because they coming into contact with so many people to issue these fines to check the permission slips that we need to be out on the streets in france that they could be liable to catch the virus but also then could be a vector of transmission so this is something that's really been consuming the
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union since the start now the ministry of interior is infuriating police officers and the unions even further in the last few days after it requisition the f f p 2 mosques these the highly protective mosques took them away and said the police officers had to give them to the health workers now we've been talking to one police union in the last. week about some of the fears that they have for their members. security officers police and other people who are pulled in the country need to be protected this forest does not distinguish between police medics and of the citizens we're not even sure that we police officers not potentially taxing people when we do our checks so we need masks and other pretext for equipment to keep our safe and others well laura nunez who is the junior interior minister says that the government is its policy is to pass those highly protective masks to the health workers and that they are working to provide the police with other mosques
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and are working on alternatives for the situation but this is a lack of mosques isn't just a problem for the police it's been described by one nursing union here in france is akin to a state scandal and that's because france doesn't have enough mosques for its emergency workers and this is just the latest headache for the french government in the last few days we also know that a group of medics filed a complaint of negligence against top officials here in france that includes the prime minister edward felipe saying that they didn't do enough to avert the pandemic of the virus pandemic here in france and this comes of course as france is trying to battle against 19 as the numbers of infected and the numbers of those who have apparently died 1000 continue to rise. ok let's get back to our breaking news story coming out of the u.k.
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where 2 cabinet members have now turned positive for covert 90 the latest is the secretary called made his announcement in just the last few minutes that soon after prime minister boris johnson said that he also has the virus let's go over to london and speak to r.t. correspondent. worrying times 2 members of the cabinet in short succession saying that they have contracted the coronavirus. yes absolutely we've already seen earlier this morning the prime minister announcing it and now the health secretary apologies to the health secretary. saying that he too has contract to the corona virus and he took to social media to explain what sentence he'd been suffering i've been working from home over the last couple of days because everybody who can work from home should work from home i've also had some mild symptoms of
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coronavirus and medical advice i was tested and that test has been positive salvi self isolating here until next thursday now as i mentioned that's following on from the prime minister boris johnson also announcing this morning in london that he was working from home because he too had tested positive for coated 19 i developed model symptoms over the corona virus that's to say a temperature and a persistent cough and on the advice of the chief medical officer i've taken a test that has come out positive so i am working from home i'm so fice waiting and that's entirely the right thing to do but be no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with technology to communicate with all my talk team to lead the national fight back against coronavirus now perhaps there might be some clues
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as to where the prime minister got the largest from just a few weeks ago he was announcing that he had visited hospitals where people patients had contract virus and that he wasn't following his own advice about keeping social distancing by shaking hands can do so i was at a i was at a hospital the other night i think there are a few that are actually if you create a virus a patient and i shook hands with everybody you'll be pleased to know that i continue to shake hands. so perhaps no prizes for guessing where the prime minister might have got the corona virus from although of course that isn't confirmed but the prime minister continued working after that visit to that hospital so it remains to be seen who else in his team in downing street other workers have also contracted that disease as a result now all of this comes in the wake of somewhat of public opinion and public outrage that people like bars tons of them out how caucus being tested for the
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corona virus but still those n.h.s. national health service workers who are fighting on the front line of this virus and fighting against it are still not being tested and still many of them are not being given the adequate safety and protective equipment and gear that they need all of this coming as the death toll has now risen to 578 people from the coronavirus here in the u.k. that's a rise of over 100 in just the last 24 hours the previous 24 hours so a rise of only 24 deaths or so so many people were hoping that the u.k. had overcome the peak but these latest figures showing that there's still a very long way to go for the country to get on top of the virus so our correspondent lisa ali reporting that thank you. and i head out a we can tease a bring you round the clock coverage of the corona virus outbreak and indeed any other major news stories from our studio here in moscow as well as our centers in
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the u.k. and the united states do stay with us as we hand over now to our to u.k. that will be here with the latest news updates for you in half an hour. you know when i'm going to be out there so i don't think about. romania this roman not new dorp or. i kind of were on the. course if i'm not big now i think it's higher than our. members of the africa mafias promos them safe and creek passage to europe but once they arrive. they are in sleeves they count speech util. will not some of them maybe a mom on and off and you know if this unit can get it out to him.
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from the chief of the the soil the. lead it's all on court of the import data because the persona that a kid even thought all the scabby the normal a new. trade and investment of become magic spills to conjure economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investment chapter of a trade agreement is about something very different but what one investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys secret sites all grew into the environment.
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that means local communities that are being poisoned if they approached philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop tour of the way from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt resists minimum. a democratic choice trump cool person will join us as we try to find out. as the election cycle rages on the media highlights or even invents what they deem to be important even radical what they don't tell you is how the political center is collapsing in today's campaign is what voters think about the status quo. i can't show you my face but i'm going to teach you must store in 9093 this man was
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sentenced to death. they get charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for the week with the scent of a $23.00. i doubt that had to be. confined within 4 gray walls he fights using. to help him to leave this room. greetings and sally you take those here in the united states of america things are definitely starting to get heavy not only on the numbers of infected rising steadily each and every day but this week also saw a drop of both state and federal governments in the form of unemployment claims
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according to a recent labor report from the labor department more than 3000000 people filed for unemployment benefits in just the you were in the united states just last week. breaking all previous records including the one set back in october of 1902 but while millions of u.s. citizens and thousands of industries are facing massive economic turmoil and hardship there is of course one industry that appears to be immune to the economic followed to the code 19 pandemic i am talking of course about our good friends in the military industrial complex yes the washington post is reporting that while stores and factories around the country are shutting down and millions are teleworking from home defense contractors have.


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