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tv   In Question  RT  March 27, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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hello there i'm manila chan you're watching in question broadcasting live from our ti american national headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from all around the world today our top story of course coated 1000 continuing to take the world by storm. or cope with 19 infections now reported in at least $190.00 countries and territories leaders from around the world are racing to respond to the global
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pandemic with some leaders already contracting the virus themselves over in the u.k. prime minister boris johnson revealed that he has tested positive for cope at 19 after experiencing mild symptoms as a result he says he'll isolate and continue to lead from 10 downing street and britain's health secretary matt hancock also in self isolation after contracting the virus and of course earlier this week in a surprising announcement from the royal family prince charles also testing positive for the virus now back here stateside the u.s. now ranking number one in the world with the most 1000 cases navy hospital ships are being deployed to help local hospitals in the most hard hit states the u.s. navy medical ship mercy is now docking at the port of los angeles to help with the coronavirus response there then on this side to norfolk virginia where president.
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trump is expected to see off the u.s. naval ship comfort headed to new york city which now is considered the new epicenter of cobain 19 the world's largest hospital ship is expected to arrive at the big apple on monday and will start providing relief to the overwhelmed local hospitals there we have coverage from all angles and 2 reports from both coasts artie's natasha sweet starts us off from the port of los angeles. good afternoon mineral the biggest hospital here in los angeles and the newest one this one right behind me here at the port of los angeles the u.s. and its mercy is said to have at least 1000 hospital beds and some 1200 active duty medical personnel to treat patients who are free of cope with 90. as many people are avoiding hospitals right now in fear of getting the crown of virus the u.s. in a smirky will be a safe place to get medical treatment this will also free up medical equipment so
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that crown of iris patients will have all the ventilators they need right now 90 percent of beds across the country are already taken there are only about 200 beds left available in the intensive care units. we are not the point to treat for you patients are taking corrective measures to ensure anyone coming before probably 319 to mitigate the risk of a keystone. gov given you some initially asked president trump to send a ship to the port of los angeles as the number of covert 1000 cases in the state continue to climb according to john hopkins there are currently some 1200 cases in los angeles county and more than 20 deaths related to covert 19 right now the governor is calling for the closures of parks and beaches as he says it's difficult to practice social distancing among the crowds when you're out there and you can find parking at a beach it suggests you're not going to practice social distancing it may suggest you may want to find a new location. but to make it easier for you we're going to shut down all state
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parking lots and that will go in effective immediately but california residents say while it's not easy to practice social distancing to a t.v. getting outdoors is essential for our health i would just say i have no judgment for anyone trying to get outside it's a really stressful time i'm also a doctor and i understand why people can't cluster at the same time so you know i think it's a difficult balance. well the good news is that most people do work compromise on a virus so keeping these people on the ship away from those would cope at night to help lessen the exposure of the elderly and those who are. busy. and fabricator and it just breaks hearts and. i'm sure that each of us reporting in new york where the navy hospital ship comfort is expected to arrive on monday the main body will arrive at joint base mcguire decks like hearst tomorrow they will set up at the
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javits center this weekend and they will be operational for non coverage patients beginning monday president trump traveling to norfolk virginia to send off the 1000 bed vessel to america's biggest city all in an effort to help hospitals in deal with the drastic influx of patients as new york remains the epicenter of the outbreak so the idea here with the corps of engineers with thema. and with the state and local officials is to work in collaboration so that we can provide skilled medical professionals. to take some pressure off the local and state health care system without with our army professionals the situation in new york worsening by the hour the state accounting for more than a 3rd of coronavirus cases in the country hospitals being pushed to the brink i've never felt so. easy clean and emotionally burdened in my life i've never. so deeply sad and distraught governor andrew cuomo estimating new
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york hospitals will need at least 140000 hospital beds and more than 30000 ventilators the state now allowing hospitals to treat 2 patients with a single ventilator we have approved a technology that allows one ventilator to serve 2 patients what they call splitting which is where you add a 2nd set of tubes to a ventilator to do to patients it's not ideal but we believe it's workable the shortage of safety gear at one new york hospital is so dire nurses have had to resort to wearing trash bags meantime hospitals are preparing for the worse take a look at this grim video of teams setting up a makeshift morgue outside of bellevue hospital something that was done during hurricane sandy and 911911 was nothing compared to this we were open waiting for patients to come home never came. ok now they just keep coming this as new
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york city remains on lockdown to slow the spread of the virus i am sure different ships have said. it's going to fix the perfect take it from the shipping. mayor bill de blasio sending a powerful message oring the removal of basketball hoops throughout the city saying group activities must stop. the mayor also closing baseball fields and other parks this says a white house coronavirus task force aims to ease nationwide guidelines meant to stem the corona virus outbreak that will be presented this weekend the president a range of recommendations and additional guidance. for going forward the president's made it clear that in his words he wants to open the country up. all the global coded 1000 pandemic has proven to be indiscriminate from royals like prince charles to the minister of health matt
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hancock to now even the british prime minister boris johnson. i develop tomorrow symptoms of the corona virus that's to say a temperature and a persistent cough and on the advice of the chief medical officer i've taken a test that has come out positive so i am working from home i'm so far isolated and that's entirely the right thing to do. with infection confirmation is growing many brits are growing frustrated in the government's response and the optics created from the prime minister being able to what's perceived as cut the queue for a coronavirus test former u.k. m.p. george galloway is here to weigh in so george many brits are upset that the prime minister who seems to be displaying little to no symptoms at all was able to obtain a test people view him as a queue jumper when the commoners who are very ill in hospital can't even get to
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test themselves how do you view the optics of all of this. well as donald trump a week or so ago i mean though. of the world the people who are running things people who are in charge will be able to jump queues the problem is not so much the the prime minister of britain can get our coronavirus test but the other people cannot particularly the doctors and nurses who presumably administer of the test to the british prime minister it is a scandal of monumental proportions that not only can our medical stuff not get a test many of them are without even the basic p.p. either personal protection equipment were working without masks or working with the reuse mollusks in
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a way that it clearly has stumped on the product that you must not do that's the big scandal not the boris johnson and the health minister and also the chief medical officer by the way all 3 of them no down with corona virus today this bug is seeking out politicians like a heat seeking missile all over the world the political leaders are there was in our circles are being somewhat disproportionately struck down another tells you one of 2 things mother in law either of something really dark and mysterious is going on or are the millions and millions of us have already got this and it's just being tested and we're not you know i think i'm with you on that one george i mean there's no way to tell because it seems this global shortage of the task now given that george it seems though as the wealthy the elite the lawmakers they seem to
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have no problem finding those tasks we know it's not fair it's not equal but for these world leaders like boris johnson and for leaders like donald trump should. they be given preferential treatment because of their roles in this world their job . well not in the world as i would design it but in the world we have of course that's going to happen and by the way some of them are being tested when they have absolutely no symptoms of thought senator ron paul we talked about a week or so ago absolutely no symptoms but able to get this that the drop of a dollar or 2 and the way of the world the drum described it but it is a remarkable thing that countries that go around the world invading and occupying other people's countries projecting their military power are everywhere aircraft carriers nuclear missiles cruise missiles everything they've got except face
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mosques for their own doctors and nurses go figure you're absolutely such a shame that i mean those are the people they're going to that are going to pay for it now george mr johnston says he will still be working from his home office at 10 downing street he's taking every precaution to conduct his duties while self quarantining he says documents dropped off at his doorstep video conference and what have you though mr johnson is only aged $55.00 george does the u.k. have a backup plan in the case that the prime minister falls too ill to carry out his duties. well speaking personally i wouldn't boris johnson out to buy a loaf because i wouldn't be sure that it would come back as i had gone down to or in the state has left the shop and so i don't think we're going to be much worse off if mr johnson stays home for
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a week or 10 days maybe 2 weeks the real work of combating this is going on in the hospitals and in the medical prefer. of course war is too important to be left to generals fighting a virus is too important just to be left to doctors and we have a backup plan but i'm sorry to tell you the backup plan is dominic rob didn't know that most of our imports came across the channel from cal they do a do over but he is our foreign secretary but there's a lightly loved emerging the chancellor of the exchequer young mother of us knew a couple of weeks ago most of us can pronounce his name is rishi so knock he's the next prime minister of britain mark my words interesting where we're putting the predictions way out there george so thank you for that you can come back in mention
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this when that happens lastly i want to touch a little bit on the royals the royal watchers are bringing up queen elizabeth and the duke of edinburgh now now that we know that prince charles has tested positive now given the queen and duke's advanced ages are there concerns for their well being. yes i mean they're obviously well corseted in a big consul with presumably the best store of medical equipment and attention around them but they are exceedingly of the layout mongst the oldest people in the world. well into the ninety's the juke is almost 100 years old i tell you what the last thing britain needs right now god forbid is the perishing of the king of the duke of edinburgh and her majesty the queen. people are definitely concerned all right we'll leave it right there george galloway always appreciate
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your insight thank you. all right with me writing number of coronavirus layoffs there is a worldwide effort to coordinate our brant strike so what's being done. we're going to discuss that coming up and then over the sports h.q. regina hamm shares part one of her interview with the guinness world record surfer don't miss it very fact. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. high salacious little community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led so. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallows. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape our disdain comes to the ticket and in gains from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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i don't know maybe. just after the coup was. told. that's why. i was told was yes measures. all good measures. for the. likes of breaking news coming out of washington the house has just passed the 2 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package overcoming hurdles by one g.o.p. lawmaker that sent furious lawmakers across the country racing back to d.c.
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to move the emergency legislation to president trump's desk the enormous package approved by the senate late wednesday night provides hundreds of billions of dollars for industry small businesses unemployed workers and health care providers as well as direct payments to u.s. citizens hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic which has devastated economies around the world. and the economic impact due to the corona virus has resulted in a record 3300000 americans signing up for unemployment benefits just last week so to keep people in their homes during this pandemic cities and states have responded by placing moratoriums on evictions and utility shutoffs however some tenants say that's not enough and have responded by calling for a statewide rent strike so joining us to answer that question about what to do pulitzer prize winning journalist and host of r.t. america is on contact chris hedges is here chris so. inside this stimulus bill that
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was passed in the senate now just the house. is this federal is a relief for federal loan mortgage holders we already know that but there's no relief it appears for renters who actually make up 36 percent of all american households 65 percent of those households are under $35.00 and the majority of renters are black and latino people across the u.s. so what does that say about the priorities of the lawmakers. well we know what the priorities are the priorities are to bail out large corporations like airlines and it looks like there is a loophole so even trump businesses will get bailed out money given a percentage trist which can be leveraged $10.00 to $1.00 to large banks and a pittance tossed at. the rest of the population who if figures are correct are about to endure 30 percent unemployment so a rent strike there may be
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a de facto rent strike just in the sense that people won't have any income only one in 4 people can work for home from home and those who especially in the lower working class who make up the service economy have been tossed out of work with. get a check for $1000.00 or something which we have funneled right back into the credit card company so i think we're headed into uncharted economic. catastrophe in some ways even worse perhaps than the 1930 s. after the 1929 crash because 70 percent of the u.s. economy is based on consumption we no longer manufacture much of anything other than weapons which is part of the whole crisis in that we have this desperate shortage of the kind of vital medical equipment even to even in terms of gowns and
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gloves and masks that a country of our size and well should have stockpiled and produced so there will be economic pressure without question that will force tens of millions of americans to respond in radical measures and i think this talk of a rent strike is an indication of the kind of. desperation and and desperate responses that are going to be inevitable as we roll forward in the. weeks and months now chris i mean let me just put this out there do you think capitol hill are going to hear the voices of renters as loudly as they would hear the voices of home homeowners we have seen what happened in 2008 that was the housing bubble of homeowners but there's a whole lot of americans who are renters are their voices going to be heard. sure their voices will be heard as soon as the landlords don't get the rent. and that
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will of course deliver another jolt perhaps to sassed ryssdal 'd to the economy along with all the other jolts the dysphoric has engendered so the response of the runners will be heard what the response of. legislators who are beholden to corporate power will be. may as we saw with this stimulus package that was just passed maybe to. bail out people slumlords like the. not not to actually address the. economic freefall that is going to be visited especially on. members of the lower working class or the working poor and i certainly think there's a lot of work to be done there but it's not going to be taken care of in this current stimulus bill we have to leave it right there chris chris hedges always appreciate your insight on all of this thank you. thanks milla.
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all right let's head over to the sports h.q. with regina hamm regina so the laureus sports awards back in february gave you a chance to talk with some pretty big names we got to meet tony hawk we got to meet now to come in next but in action sports surfing is actually growing across the world with men and women alike taking to the waves in droves but for brazilians or for my get the air she went down in the record books for her latest accomplishment i had a chance sit down with her at the. sports awards and i asked her how she felt after making the guinness book of world records it was a dream come true really after so many years in my sport and thinking about that record and trying to figure out how to accomplish it not only. in performance wise by surfing that wave and completing it successfully but also politically how to start the platform and get the guinness and the douglas out to recognize not only
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a world record but also a woman's world record so it was quite surreal when it all happened how have you seen women surfing grow since you started i mean you were a teenager when you started you've seen it explode all across the world what is your perspective on that yeah it's pretty amazing another level of performance from the girls and. through the roof from in their surfing so they're very young they're coming with a lot of professionalism of koch is and parents are very involved in their 2nd or 3rd generations and to surfing so their level is amazing it's amazing to watch their their very professional dedicated athletes which is very awesome to see and it's very inspiring and i think in a way of surfing also we have had a huge huge movement coming from girls in hawai and you know proving and eyes are
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as well and told surfing scene we just had our 1st competition there right oversell told surfing and we had 2 women myself and just in the pond. representing in the middle of a field of the best big wave riders in the world and i think we weren't really behind then you want to were just competing pretty equally and in and out was to me the 1st in our sport the 1st time i've seen a field that didn't have much of a difference and just furthering on that the judge yourself made headlines because this year now they agreed to that last season really that men and women are going to be equal prize money what is your take on that and has this been really long overdue. i don't think it has been long overdue i mean if you look at other sports you know how the n.b.a. is salaries for a woman and man are a very different number i think it has a lot to do of the business behind of viewer numbers than and how much you can regenerate towards the business of the sport and that will translate to the woman
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or man in the sport i figure was a very bold move. the money is not equal you know the viewership is not equal but for some reason they felt like that was the right time to to make that statement and to elevate the prize money and to make it equal and to give to that opportunity for the female side it's amazing to be able to bring home the same kind of prize the male in your sport is also doing but i never thought it was it was overdue i think it's a lot more about the opportunity to the woman have than read it trying to match the prize purse wisdom and i don't i don't see that as the biggest importance and sport . she was really fascinating you know it is women's history month manilla so there's a lot of interesting things that you see in sports like that where you have equal prize money and she's right the n.b.a. and the n.b.a. you know there's huge huge areas they're huge and so for her to comment on that for
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her to give her opinion it's really interesting because we have sportscasters we can comment on their comments but to hear from the source themselves it gives a lot more perspective in a lot more weight well i mean her opinion though is certainly very different than say that of meghan rypien oh it is i think it comes from different settings as well where in surfing you do have a little bit more of an equal footing you're not you know consummate compared to all you're playing less than the men you're playing kind of yourself and you know your skills are kind of the same it's i think the mechanics of soccer is why there is that disparity you have that difference and you know very outspoken yes you don't see too many women like that so absolutely still we've got more of that interview coming up right we do we got part 2. at 3 pm our right thank you for that regina and we've got a lot more news coming up for you at 3 pm eastern the house has passed that 2 trillion dollar spending bill and sending it over to president trump where he's expected to sign very soon and new rochelle's contamination zone now removed we're going to talk live with an official from that county all that and more coming up
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today at 3 pm so that's it for now i know it had a few back here had we can check out our new app to. know what i'm going to be up there so you can think about a lot of potential menu roman not new dorp or. i kind of were on the. course of the now i think it's higher than our. members who are sick of mafias them safe and quick to europe but once they. leave they are in sleeves they count util. some of the. off and you know if this unit can get it out to him.
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to the chief of the the soil the. lead it's all on court of the import data because the persona that a kid even you scabby the normal. i can't show you my face but i'm going to teach you must. 9093 this man was sentenced to death. they get charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the. if you didn't intend to kill anybody magically be your best for the week he said of the 23. i doubt that i deserve to be. confined within the 4 grades. choosing. to leave
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this room. welcome to the 200th episode of redacted namely caravan e. well what a time to be alive guys we're all experiencing the same thing right now everyone sitting at home either working or taking care of their kids and wondering the same thing why do we ever wear pants it's never been fully explained to me well pants or no pants we still have a great show for you tonight we're going to cover the quest to find a vaccine a few of the reasons why the country wasn't prepared for the virus and how the relief is.


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