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a terrible life between though and. live from the world headquarters of r t america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez. oh yes everybody i'm rick sanchez it is tuesday here in washington d.c. and we want to welcome those of you watching us from warsaw to wellington and around the world whether you're tuning in by satellite on t.v. or on portable t.v. the app we thank you for joining our global conversation today we learned the united states has surpassed china in the number of deaths from a coronavirus pandemic and on this very day interestingly enough perhaps by no coincidence the united states and russia united states and russia believe it or not have agreed to
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a deal that would allow russian medical supplies and assistance to arrive in the united states the agreement would be historic and it comes at a time when u.s. and russia have been at odds on sanctions nuclear treaties and many other issues but we're going to begin in india. now remember this remember this video we showed you yesterday of police beating curfew violators in india to persuade them to go so isolate in their homes seemed harsh at the time until you look at some of the new projections for india according to a model created by johns hopkins researchers it's a big number but this is the top end i guess 302500 1000000 people in india 302500 1000000 people could be infected with the covert 19 of those about 110th that would be what 30 to 50000000 will be in serious or critical condition and need to be hospitalized but here's the problem you know many ventilators they have over their ventilators essentially
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a breathing machine for patients who can't properly breathe for themselves when they have coronavirus you know how many ventilators india has about 20000. $20000.00 it only has a total of 100000 intensive care unit beds. so if you do the math you really do begin to understand what india might be up against and if you i mean go ahead let's let's look at the numbers even if only 10000000 people get seriously ill just 10000000 member there's 1300000000 people in india 10000000 of a good seriously ill and they only have 20000 men to later years. that means 9000000 people will go without or could have the outlook is grim it means hospitals will have to choose who lives and who dies without a ventilator this is why the modi government is getting backlash with accusations of waiting perhaps too long to act. here's another piece of information that you need to know about india studies are trying to suggest that many people with hypertension which is blood pressure or diabetes these are those likely to succumb
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to get really sick or even die from the virus about a 3rd of india's population is hypertensive one in 10 adults are diabetic. ok this is why india with a population of 1300000000 people is a focal point for the coronavirus and when the entire world needs to know that and why we're emphasizing it this is the news with rick sanchez where we really do believe it's time to do news again. here is the list of the questions we think you'll be asking them are will they need to be able to slow it's death it's death toll which could reach tens of millions how should we react after the death of the 1st infant from coronavirus and could go bad t.v. spread to and cause devastation in well migrant camps all over the world including
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syria. all this week we're going to be bringing you this special coverage of the corona virus with updates from around the world and everything you need to know to protect yourself and your family. so what we're learning today is that even supposedly the most sophisticated i mean the most sophisticated health care systems in the world in some of the richest countries on earth like the united states for example and the u.k. even they are not really set up to meet the challenges of this virus so then you could imagine how difficult it's going to be for countries that have even bigger challenges to deal with here's what we're going to be doing for you throughout the day we have correspondents set up in key locations john hardy breaking news to the child as ground 0 the. west coast alex my love educating our asia desk out of toronto all of that for you but we're going to begin in india this is where we're
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being joined right now by photojournalist reshad garba who joins us by skype to bring us up to date on what's going on there can you put a story behind some of the pictures of we've seen we've seen day laborers crowding in places where they look desperate and more apt to spread this infestation is that what you have seen. basically. just with. just what you have seen about to leave the. homes as they don't have any solution come these. just. to the early and small amount of money and. back to the home eat food and sleep that you should process for them but as now everything is locked up and it's tough.
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i mean to us and treat people. basically locked up in their homes they have basically stalled and sound. and the and not going anywhere out of their homes they're just. 3 shopping in all these sections of the off site the. it could be life have been locked up and you know in a district of. 200000 people. around india and government has to take strict action and all that. and. basically create shadows on the border. because. i'm wondering though these numbers that i just shared with our audience about the situation in india it seems startling startling the think that india's health care
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system is simply not prepared it's not prepared to deal with this 2 things y. and b. should president prime minister modi have prepared the country sooner are saying he should have. basically. i can see that action could have been taken. regarding the log even if. some industry like. on their own big. market in india. supposed to happen in india 99.9 percent of the population is $65.00. and 65 so basically i think this could have been and. you have to log on means strong on the economy and india as
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a struggling right now. from the point of economic and. view on this and i think the action he has taken is good because people have supported him and. have. to show his support and decorating like. so i think. if everyone comes together thank you so much we appreciate that let's stay with this story now joining us. he is the director of the center for disease and dynamics and economic policy in washington d.c. and he's joining us now from new delhi i want to start with the numbers once again let me make it very plain if there are only 20000 ventilators in india and they have let's say even just 5000000 people in critical condition
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sounds to me like some very difficult decisions are going to have to be made about who lives and who dies in india correct. the situation with 30500000000 cases with prior to the literally the entire country. that should be epidemic wait a bit and. even before that were a huge number of cases and so what we expect to see is probably about 50 to about 80 percent of that number. depending on the compliances with this shutdown so we are looking at a smaller number but still as you said. really the capacity of the system to take on. i believe that the government is now working on ways to expand that capacity very quickly you know. you know a lot like what china did to be
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a little bit in all the. when it does it right but it's smaller than what ford is the character of the indian people and are the is the government of india comparable to china to be able to do what china did in 2 months and that is get on the other side of the curve do you get my drift professor. i do i do but you have to remember you know india is a population has done lots of things working against india. system india does manage to do things like you know the biggest elections you know conduct really. you know campaigns and give us feedback at any other country so you can pull off some amazing things and you know remember india's got full most of the country many other countries so i think the better to come together to do it but only if
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everyone takes it seriously and says the lockdown is done but we still are going to have to deal with some cases here how concerned are you about this model that i read to my audience that was put out by johns hopkins. researchers that really does have some very inflated numbers. you know if you think of $300000000.00 in the context of india you talk about a country of almost $1400000000.00 so you're talking about a 2025 percent you know infection rate which is roughly in that range of what and remember these models you. oh $10.00 days old yeah and you know and of course now those projections probably come down to under $100000000.00 ok which still is a lot for india or should be for india a lot of those cases will be mild and without some. relatively young population 100000000 people infected with corona virus that's still a startling number and you sir are a great guest thank you so much for joining us and sharing your expertise professor
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law. and from india we continue our coverage around the world this is the news with rick sanchez you're watching our special coverage of my team and we're going to be right back. they're just taking off all the alternative all cutting taking and as i say the stage so that there's no what's called real choice it's binary choice and only choice is if you say. i'm going to finery think is not a chance for the states to swell to provide a new architecture revive the cold ted and start negotiations with. israel then on
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invited to negotiate them by to think about what's being put on the table. your government and our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to and when it's going to. but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't though. imagine something as big as the earth. is going to cause tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes are going to read it and it's going to tell. so very well right. my great grandfather's. nobody would care about the wall or prison so you'd have wallace the shoot of. a
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terrible life between the and the. book it's time to find out what's going on around the world we call it our global coronavirus update desk and john hardy has been manning it doing yeoman's work for us all day long trying to bring us up to date on all the new developments that are coming in from around the world and around the country john take it away. there were 770 new deaths today right here in the united states the most in one day as the coronavirus pandemic worsens and will likely continue to do so president trump was joined by members of the coronavirus task force during a news conference at the white house. with the president saying that the next 2
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weeks will be quote very very painful and according to various models and graphs that were shown during this press conference the rate of deaths in the united states will likely peak in mid april despite the ongoing efforts to contain the spread of the virus there could be as many as 100-002-2000 extension 00 americans who die from the corona virus as the pandemic stretches into june and possibly even july faced with this sobering possibility the trump administration extended its federal corona. safety guidelines through april 30th with more than 75 percent of americans under mandatory stay at home orders in the various states now there are more than 184000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the u.s. the highest in the world with the death toll now climbing to more than $3700.00 here in america making it the worst death rate since the attacks on $911.00 this as
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the c.d.c. is reviewing its guidelines over whether the public should wear masks to see if there's additional value for individuals that may be infected or maybe asymptomatic and on the international front rick china announced more new coronavirus cases people who are a symptomatic though ended up testing positive and were not included in the country's overall coronavirus case total raising concerns about how many more people in china are indeed sick in spain $849.00 new desks were reported today the worst in a 24 hour period now close to $8500.00 deaths there only italy reported a higher national death toll would now as the latest number stand close 212500 deaths on a more positive note if you can say that amid all these grim stats and models and projections the rate of coronavirus cases in italy has seemingly dropped it's a basically flat now it's not dropped according to trump administration officials
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clearly in response to the intense mitigation efforts that are ongoing there the question here in the united states will more states that are not taking this intense mitigate approach and adopting these efforts such as florida will they change course and do so those are the latest headlines back to you thanks for bringing us up to date on everything girl and we certainly appreciate it meanwhile tonight subset of news reports the very 1st that has died in the united states after testing positive for the corona virus who happened in chicago a baby there's much that still needs. we learned of this case but it certainly has the medical community talking more on this hero correspondent natasha sweet. the cook county medical examiner's office is undergoing additional tests seen on the infant to state and city health officials say contract code 19 and died last week according to a spokeswoman for the medical examiner's office the testing could finish within the next few days the governor admitting how devastating the news is saying quote upon
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hearing it i admit i was immediately shaken it's appropriate for any of us to grieve today its expression sorrowful for the family of this small child for the years stolen from this infant we should grieve we should grieve for a sense of normalcy we left behind just a few short weeks ago the shocking death isn't the 1st one to take the life of an infant according to a report published in the new england journal of medicine a 10 month old with the disease died 4 weeks after being admitted to the rouhani children's hospital chicago respiratory therapist brady scott says he feels overwhelmed by the crown of iris pandemic this pandemic is as is overwhelming and it's not just overwhelming where i'm at or i work it's overwhelming in hospitals all across the country and we know that in other countries the same is just so many people that need the breathing machines that just simply haven't been there since haven't been. manufactured yet well the announcement of the infant's death remains
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incredibly tragic health officials say the majority of deaths are still being seen among the elderly in illinois 85 percent of patients 65 and older are dying from code 19 the state has 3491 confirmed cases 47 deaths and the ages of those infected range younger than one year to 99 years in the u.s. 31 percent of patients with a chronic virus are age 65 and older this age group represents 45 percent of hospitalizations 53 percent of admissions to the intensive care units and 80 percent of. yeah. there is more proof that there are confirmed cases of corona virus among refugees trying to avoid war torn areas of the world the united nations has now called for $1500000000.00 for places like gaza mian bar syria south sudan and yemen you see something in common in all those countries joining us now to revisit this situation is former pentagon official michael maloof
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i imagine you caught the the similarities right away michael as i maimed off those countries right. oh yes it's you're talking about a concentration where we have some 25000000 refugees and some 40000000 i.d.p.'s are in the internal displaced persons and they all are focusing concentrated in the middle east africa europe asia pacific and the americas just just in the in the middle east so alone you have the concentration the palestinian refugee camps that have been there forever in jordan west bank gaza syria lebanon. and in oh there are about 1500000 of these camps just in that region but officially but i'm officially you just double that 3 to 4000000 so what we're talking about here is are areas of concentrations of people that are
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already are living in very squalid conditions they have no access to medical hardly any medical care whatsoever they're in very crowded and densely populated areas so that it's impossible to do any kind of spacing out as socially distancing yourselves from anybody and and the fact that they cannot get these these vital necessary personal protection equipment. let alone ventilators tells me that if this if the if the virus is to these areas these concentrations it's going to be catastrophic but cataclysmic catastrophic cataclysmic you did me one better pardon me for being mr obvious but these people did not displace themselves that they. know in many cases no i mean these are
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these are all mostly war torn in the medically frozen political. conflicts. that's what we're that's what we're looking at today and what we're going to be an invasion here is that the 918 spanish flu killed from 50 to 80000000 people we're talking we're talking numbers upwards of 6570000000 people here that cannot get any kind of assistance whatsoever and indeed where they're located those countries themselves are having it's impossible for them to get get access to any of this kind of assistance i mean i see it in lebanon right now they are in dire straits right now and they're way behind the curve and as a consequence they're they're not going to be able to get get the kind of assistance that they need i think that even the industrialized countries are having trouble you know how pain themselves there cannot they cannot come up with the
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necessary. equipment in a timely fashion how are these people going to be serviced whatsoever so we're looking at maybe tens of millions of people attentively dying from in these conflicted areas among the refugees and the and the i.d.p.'s here if if they don't get that kind of assistance now that 1500000000 that's going to is it is a drop in the bucket but then how do you how do you try to get things in a timely fashion i think that the answer is that the g 20 countries need to really make a concerted effort to go ahead with production of this equipment and get it to the ng and get it out as quickly especially not just to meet our needs but world needs and maybe that will mean that the united states looks more like a humanitarian supplier rather than a killing machine michael maloof with strong words we thank you michael for joining
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us and sharing all you know about the situation it really is a tough one thank you michael oh thank you but i got official tonight we revisit the issue of civil. eddy's when does the government have the right to tell a pastor that he simply can't hold a service with his parishioners and is this the right time a pastor in tampa florida gentleman named robbie howard brown he was arrested yesterday after being warned by a sheriff's that he should not congregate people together because he was putting the population at risk that's a quote from the sheriff the pastor did it anyway and they arrested him does this should this concern you joining us know why no of little media to share his thoughts on this situation this is complex is a tough one little what are your thoughts. well we talked briefly recently the issue that we have to look at is simply this in the in the constitution and you can refer to what it says specifically that congress shall pass no law that prohibits
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the free exercise of religion now that that's the 1st thing and congress and states and counties and cities apply as well the question rick is is this a violation this is prohibit this pastor's ability to freely exercise now what a very quick this is rick sanchez con law one o one this is your basic law school course you're the 1st question about any statute is is this religious lee neutral does this apply to everybody or just his church or churches in general number 2 does it target sri speech the free exercise of religion or a behavior that is a part of someone's faith and the most important issue is is there a compelling governmental interest here for the state to tell him now rick you know when i know that this church has fire laws you have to have certain exits you can't have 25000 people well they have to follow laws but let me but i'm glad you said
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fire because as you know there is a certain clause in i think it was brennan's ruling the supreme court ruling on this where the famous argument we've all heard of yes you have absolute right to free speech in america but you still can't write you can't yell fire in a crowded theater right when this be. similar to yelling fire in a crowded church so much. couple of things it was just as holmes i think a number 2 you can't yell fire in a crowded theater unless it's on fire and that's to what people forget but you know rick let me give an example sometimes it has to deal with do we like these religions let me give an example in hialeah there are people in florida right who involve themselves in animal sacrifice on the supreme court and others have said you cannot involve yourself an animal sacrifice even if this is part of your religion however if you are greek and you have the pascal lamb or if you kosher
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cattle or if you do something to consume it we're talking about here splitting and it may sound display be awful but it depends upon who is this pastor are these people and what are the circumstances in totality the circumstance you know don't let's admit this is a fascinating conversation i knew you'd love this one as soon as i heard about this yes i love it i immediately thought of you because it's complex and these are the kinds of decisions that we have america as americans should be tussling with and i'm glad we had a great stuff lionel appreciate you having on i think that's our news we want to thank you so much for being with us always want to remind you that some friends looking for a newscast that's not like the other newscast tell you more here tell them or are you to tell them to go to portable t.v. and then make it take us with us with them where ever they go. i'm rick sanchez.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. dares thinks. we dare to ask. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to eat this up or accept food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments and there's
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a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams close to the conflict i would say overall this around money and most of them money has made. us one of the children to go see each other there's good business the state of california makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just gets a life where. you don't care anymore no wise cares about your so your care mind anything. on that made there the medium on jelly being there the new me i'm on
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clean however we don't have a medium want to have trinity why not so that is what i'm pushing pushing society to create. it will be a lot of them really. it's museum will actually have the where you can go a sit down in the prison through the house no not with you for what. you know that we're there for that's the ideal. and it's a given that i want to do you have one minute left a thick chair i lie in you take your.


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