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tv   News  RT  April 8, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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several countries prepared to lift their lock downs but the world health organization says restrictions have to stay in place warning premature steps could be disastrous. european leaders failed to strike a deal on a massive new financial stimulus which would have included joining to e.u. debt for the worst hit nations. and an inmate dies of covert 19 at the same prison where we could leaks founder julian assange is being held while the u.k. court rules that his extradition trial will go ahead despite the ongoing lockdown.
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great to have your company here with your global news update this is art. let's bring about it today with the latest figures on the covert 900 pandemic the number of cases worldwide has now surpassed warm point 4083000 people have lost their lives the united states has the largest number of infections followed by spain and italy and worldwide 390000 people have recovered from the disease. well let's turn 1st to france where the death toll from coven 19 has passed 10000 the health minister was warned that the peak has not yet arrived and that the nationwide lockdown will have to continue and the world health organization has supported that view saying only countries that lift restrictions too early could trigger a new wave of the pandemic on the charlotte dubiously reports from paris 4 weeks
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into lockdown in france and the country's economy is being brought to its knees will probably be more than the minus 2.2 percent in 2009 versus the magnitude of the economic shock. as the pandemics taken a stranglehold on the country's health it's been tightening the noose around its economy too with suggestions that's taken a nosedive of more than a 3rd or normal and annual g.d.p. is predicted to drop by 3 percent for every month the locked down this is a crisis like no other. never in the history of the i.m.f. we have witnessed the world economy coming to a stand still. we are now in recession eat these where you were 6. then the global financial crisis that stark warning
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has whipped up a frenzy amongst global leaders with calls for an immediate and coo warton ated international action to stage the fight back in 2008 to $10.00 the immediate economic crisis could be surmounted when the economic fault line and the capitalization of the global banking system was tackled now however the economic emergency will not be resolved until the health emergency is effectively addressed the health emergency will not end simply by conquering the disease in one country alone but by ensuring recovery from covert 19 countries the world's economy has come to a judge or a halt the question is how does it power up again in china with the virus 1st hit the lock down this lifted with business is going back to work but how to return to some semblance of normality is also being asked here in europe australia is set to
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become the 1st country to ease restrictions but the government there is warning there are still months of restrictions ahead keep to the measures avoid social contacts keep your distance and public spaces germany is also drawing up a war next plan it includes mandatory masks in public and a limit on gatherings but some schools are in shops are expected to reopen in france there have been rumblings about the end of the lockdown which is tentatively scheduled for next week but the health minister has already warned that confinement remains necessary we can see that the worsening of the epidemic is being curbed by containment and the measures put in place but it is continuing so we are not at the end of our efforts for now rules in france are still being tightened with some cities and towns set to make masks come. pulse rate while outdoor exercise in paris
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between 10 am and 7 pm is now banned i return to normality is clearly far from near and the world health organization is also urging not to do measures too soon it's like when you're sick if you get out of bed too soon and start running too soon you risk a relapse and complications governments face tough choices ahead between an attempt to try and keep people safe but not kill off their economies the only thing that is perhaps clear is that 2020 is the door of a very different mortal nehra the whole economy of the world is down for some months and it's only gradually become a peak hour and i think it's going to be much worse than people expect it's not going to last for another month probably 3 or 4 months minimum before things pick
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up gradually for the economy there is definitely a possibility you're saying the same scenario of having a double dip because people get out because it's spring time and people love to go out and go too close to their friends so governments need to be tough and they should stick to confinement at least for the dangerous groups like the senior citizens for a much longer time but for the younger people people who work for schools for example they could probably be really open but they should be tested regionally the forest for example that's what they are thinking about i'm sure the governments are very careful they are afraid that this double dip and they will be very careful trying to do anything. e.u. countries of folk to reach an agreement on a large scale stimulus to keep their economies afloat during the pandemic on tuesday finance minister spent several hours trying to strike
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a compromise. several nations refused to support a plan for shared e.u. debt peter oliver in berlin has more. initially there was huge upset among citizens of spain italy over what they saw as a slow response to the coronavirus from the european union now what we see is the bloc is struggling to come to a consensus over what of being called a bonds these would allow the debts that are be racked up to be sprayed even between member states spain italy and france are in favor germany austria and the netherlands very much against speaking on monday german chancellor angela merkel said that germany's economic future was tied to that of europe it's good. germany it will only do well in the long run if europe is doing well if you just look at how well we could reason to whine we're now experiencing what happens when
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the free movement of goods is not guaranteed therefore the answer can only be more europe and the strongly europe and that europe works well all of its parts that is all its member states. angle of merkel favors using the 2012 european stability mechanism that was used during the previous financial crisis but that has left a brutal demand the french finance minister pulling his hair out saying that some countries will recover quicker than others using that route nothing would be worse for europe them for richard states to get off to a quick starts while those who cannot afford it start slowly we all need to recover at the same speed in order to guarantee the k. he's in solidarity and unity of the eurozone and our common currency to go back to that idea of more europe that anglo merkel was talking about well the european commission president is also a big fan of on the line putting forward
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a. big european fiscal plan to try and tackle fallout from covert one thing many are calling right now for something which is called marshall plan well i think the european budget should be the marshall plan we're laying out together as a european union for the european people getting on side with the wartime metaphor it's been the spanish prime minister better sanches europe has to establish a wartime economy and put in place measures for the defense reconstruction and economic recovery in europe we can turn this crisis into not put unity to rebuild a much stronger european union european politicians are under a lot of pressure right now not only looking after the health of their citizens but knowing that if they fail to deal with this virus or perhaps even worse they're perceived to a failed to have dealt with this it could well lead to the rise of more extremist
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politics mccrone believes that nothing will be quite the same again when there will be a great sober mood for populist war says on both the far and the left the room the european the global but he also believes there will be a desire for proven leaders and in the version to further disruption there's a lot of people focused right now on what will happen after the battle with the virus will we end up with a more powerful more unified european union or one that the set by extremists at both ends of the political spectrum be troll for r.t. berlin. and tell him his story in palo bernardino believes that the tragedy unfolding in his country has revealed deep problems with the way the e.u. operates mr go america is there we need a. strong national day and we've seen a rash of these we need to. use. and within the regions we need
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a stronger. local council because you can act against this plan and be on the name look it's very difficult to direct that informant so i understand in the centralized boy more the real. we would be so i think that we are taking advantage. of these pundits who. at least one inmate has died of covert 19 at belmarsh prison in the united kingdom where julian assange is being held that we can expand the behind bars since last may after he was evicted from their could or an embassy in london and arrested for skipping bail 3 we spoke to kristen harass and the current editor in chief of wiki leaks who's alarmed by conditions on. well 2 weeks ago when she decided to not grant him bail the size of the fact that there was no cases of covert to inside the
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prison in belle mars and she had full faith in the prison authorities in controlling the situation. only a few hours later the same afternoon the 1st instances were confirmed in belmont and they've been growing ever since and i am absolutely certain that the cases are much more than are reported he has not been tested as most prisoners are now spending the time most of the day most of the entire day. in the cells but in some instances they have to share cells of course. they try to move us a little and are forced not to move. in the prisons where they are stripped of all our to vittie food is brought to the souls but the prison guards common go and they are the real danger of reading the call that inside the prison and that is probably what will happen and has already happened. a british court has ruled that
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an extradition hearing for julian assange will go ahead in may despite the current lockdown his lawyer had asked for a postponement argued that he's been unable to communicate with his client for 3 weeks now because of the pandemic and that it will be impossible to hold a fair trial in may he made the request for a telephone conference call with the westminster magistrates court the judge refused saying it's too early to tell whether or not the courts will be operational in may wiki leaks has questioned that court decision. 2 weeks ago judge refused bail to julian assange which saying that he and all other prisoners would be cif in belmarsh prison today the b.b.c. is reporting 1st deaths in belmarsh with many other prisoners infected. it is absolutely absurd to not take into account the situation and not to move the hear in which is planned for may 18th further down the road
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it's not just the situation probably will be still very bad and there's a lot of witnesses that have to fly it's not possible to to continue without their presence in the courtroom also keep in mind that now for 3 weeks the lawyers have not been able to see julian ourselves they have not been able to meet him documents on and actually discuss the case how on earth can you continue as nothing has happened when the lawyers have not been able to confer with their client he was not even able to take part in the hearing of the video link because it's simply not safe to move around inside the prison and to go to a holding cells and then into the booth were other prisoners are using to appear the a video. the united states has the world's fastest growing faith tele t. rate because of covert 19 and african-americans are being disproportionately affected we'll explain how and why after the break.
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i know they mean this is no. incident i don't know yet but i mean don't. you love the. office we've gone. down. some emotions. that's. very uncertain. world cup and the baby had a fever of $38.00 so point $30.00 we're hoping that's. not at all.
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welcome back in the united states suffered by far its worst day since the start of the corona virus pandemic $1800.00 deaths were registered brought the total to almost $13000.00 and the latest findings suggest that black americans all the worst affected demographic because of a whole range of fact is a lot more than explains. someone rich and famous referred to the pandemic as being a great equalizer. it doesn't care about. the great. well the queen of pop was dead wrong as the united states tops the world in terms of coronavirus cases and voices compare it to $911.00 or pearl harbor it's anything but equal and who's being affected we are seeing the disparity because right now slightly more than 70 percent of all of our deaths are among
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african-americans and that's a state where less than a 3rd of the population is black these kinds of disproportionate results are playing out throughout the country in michigan african-americans are only 14 percent of the overall population but they are 40 percent of coronavirus deaths in illinois 15 percent of the population is black but so far african-americans account for 29 percent of coronavirus cases and 42 percent of deaths the mayor of chicago a major city where african-americans represent over half of coronavirus cases and 70 percent of deaths did her best to explain the situation this is not just about racial and ethnic disparities in the outcomes the distribution of this disease is tells a story about resources in any quality a story about unequal health care access job access and community investment it
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would be naive and in fact scandals to ignore the point that the virus there is a disproportionately negative impact of one of the low income and the low income washington in the city and the low income puerto rican community and latino community and a bit of a perfect agreement to boast of all you often sons of afraid to say so that aig. people in a native american old women go to reap the rewards so yes this is a question of a book quiet us and rates but it's not only in terms of direct infection the unemployment rate is expected to go as high as possibly above 30 percent and for many african americans losing a job doesn't only represent loss of income it also represents a loss of health care this is a post from a nurse in new york city that went viral who's going to pay for it last words i'll never forget the response my patient gough's doubt between labor breaths to me and
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my team have to explain that he needs to be intubated and placed on a ventilator. if you test positive for coated 19 and require treatment you could be financially devastated hospital bills for coronavirus patients usually add up to between 42074004 those who are uninsured or for those who get treatment that is deemed out of network by their insurance company and even for those with insurance using in network providers out of pocket expenses can add up to $21000.00 or even 38000 dollars that's not a bill most americans can afford and because of our of for profit health system. hospitals have been closed clinics have been eliminated oh and you have a disproportionate number of core people who like those basic health services and so what we are seeing with this pandemic is that supports the fact that is the
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pandemic itself but the pandemic has exposed the structural contradictions of economic system this is a fake issue that goes across communities it is a manifesto there's dramatic ways in black and brown in the digital communities because of the historic oppression of those communities but it also impacts of 4 whites in the white working class there are real serious. contradictions in the u.s. that this pandemic is is exposing in a very graphic ways growing numbers of observers are saying that the u.s. mishandling of this crisis isn't simply about a shortage of masks and ventilators it's about the long standing inequalities and the irrationality of a profit based health care system ylem up and artsy new york. meanwhile don't trump claims that the costs in the united states is partly the fault of the world health
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organization and he's threatened to cut funding the. w.h.o. that's the world health organization. receives vast amounts of money from the united states they seem to be very china centric they missed a call they could've called it months earlier they would have known and they should have known and they probably didn't and so we'll be looking into that very carefully and we're going to put a hold on money spent to the w h o we're going to put a very powerful hold on it and we're going to see. last year the w.h.o. had a budget of $5600000000.00 the united states come to be did almost a 10th of that sum back in january the organization declared code 19 a global health emergency and has been coordinating global efforts since that they took trump until mid march to declare an emergency on u.s. soil financial analyst wang when he believes the soaring death toll in the u.s.
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is down to policy failures on a national level. if you are comparing china and you know he is being you should see past her tour of the month you can see her very difference of early obviously an early china 1st found. these are both regions grown you wow this and. we are going to china proved that we need an affluent community a community could name in the states and 20 days later china. china claire and after your emergency and dad in the end of the affair or in china basically you can chew the spreading of the virus but harlingen is this you obviously it's at the end of the general the 1st case has been found in the united states but why half did nothing except save the stock market
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and you are done mido much so i was just a was very water arch american people because their white house deep did to all let us in new york a lot of people even know where the. masks china now donate a lot of a mask not on get a call abuse office to not use these i fear. in any future earth in china we will cooperate to fight against. china has lifted the lockdown in the city of will handle. it's where the 1st cases of covert 19 were recorded the region was closed off in january people are though finally able to leave and enter the city freely coronavirus fatalities in china have slowed to almost 0. well as the coronavirus pandemic continues we here at r.t.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell fractional food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with an argument there's a lot of conflict in the game between the teams most of the conflict i would say over balls around money and most of them money is made. close one on each of those he know each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about your so you don't care about anything.
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this is a ridiculous situation right the whole world's gone crazy that's what it seems like and i was supposed to be at work right now that i was actually looking forward to travelling the world again making films because i've been stuck on maternity leave for the past so 8 or 9 months now and i was looking forward to the whole winter coat and clean all day long but i got my mother in law to move to moscow to replace me while i work there she is and now instead of travelling the world i am
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stuck with everyone in this tiny flat here we are happy family happy days. how may i. and this is how we do it these days so in case you're wondering how instrumental this since i'm not going to have a carer and this is how i make things work because i don't even have a sophie stick you know the one who. you know so momo makes. yeah so how are you coping. not knowing paul you did she bought and. i thought if you feel. worried that he's got a. job you family and that's all. they
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care not over is it still going to let me see much of the 1st. 0 that's how the italians are trying to keep your favorite song maybe you're inspired with a few ideas about how to spice up your own time format in a while but 1st let's head to paris. well virtually. 2 2 this is stefan the senate's shop. no he's not an athlete just another person there and isolation and surprise everyone stay loaded.


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