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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 8, 2020 10:30am-11:30am EDT

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ris without protective equipment or adequate testing going underground speaks a legend rejoined the filmmaker john pilger about new liberal destruction in a time of you in the book play plus what does the coronavirus pandemic mean for imprisoned wiki leaks founder julian assange and major nation imperialism using coronavirus as a cover for covert and overt was all around the world only small coming up in today's going underground but let's go straight to jump ilja his film the dirty war and the n.h.s. arguably predicted the kind of crisis today at the heart of britain's response to the cove in 1000 pandemic he joins me from sydney in australia john thanks so much for coming on before we get even just specifics millions of people watching this will know that your films your work costs doubt on nato nation governments and other governments can we trust our governments in what they say to us about coronavirus no we can't absolutely not but this virus
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has managed to spread through modern developed societies especially britain is a crime you know in 2016. a drill cold exercise sickness and that was a drill to practice for a pandemic happened in london and the very the whole the whole drill was was laid out to be the result of but was but the health service was overwhelmed there weren't enough beds. there weren't enough i.c.u. beds there weren't enough ventilators. there there weren't enough clinicians in the right place the whole system which had been the health service which had been battered by cuts and privatized sation for years failed and the
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chief medical officer then in 2016 asked the government to heed the warning of walked played demonstrated very clearly and yet the department of health in london suppressed the documents which had the conclusions of this drill they kept them from going public now that is only 4 years ago. so they knew the whole preparedness for this short of being in place but of course they knew they couldn't put in place because the government had devastated the national health service since the 2012 health and social care act privatized sation had subverted the health service to the point where it couldn't possibly respond as a short of to the pandemic we've seen what's happened not enough ventilators the whole why the whole concept of mass testing which has been so successful in other
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countries especially germany and should have been right across britain. didn't happen in britain. so. that's that's where that's where the skits more than the scandal in terms of what this corona virus has meant to the societies that it is ravage and especially to britain it's a crime i want to get to their world in a moment but over here the queen the prime minister the government they're all praising the national. health service in fact. every aspect of this is science including the media is praising the national health service what evidence no mention of privatization in the media here not even that the new labor leader is top adviser used to work in private health care law being what evidence do you have that privatization is even an important context in which to understand britain's
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response to coronavirus well of course they should praise it it's a it's beloved in britain and when it began in 1948 it was set up as a niren been made clear to give the british people and i quote freedom from fear isn't that ironic we now have a state of fear due to this virus and the national health service was set up to give it to the people freedom from fear it's not the the health services not the people who work in the health service it's not the clinicians it's not always the the support people in the health service it's not those who are at the very moment saving the life of the prime minister but it is the those who have undermined the health service particularly with legislation in 2012 but allowed in privateers that that that devastated whole areas of it and
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also that the. whole social care system in britain which was an extension of the health service was privatized almost entirely both by labor and tory governments beginning again in the 19 nineties and for 4 for the government then to stand up with its theorists it's a model those who keep changing their mind for one at one moment. according to the imperial college people 250000 people are going to die in britain no no wait a minute it's only 20000 but no it's not really 20000 because they're going to die anyway i mean this kind of bizarre. response public response to something but the health service at its peak fully funded not cut back. driven by by its clean clinical staff and not
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by bureaucrats that would have it could've cope with that i do believe i do believe on earth only a gas problem my own knowledge of investigating the health service over several years that the n.h.s. would have coped with the onslaught of this virus. i do believe that there would have been mass testing that the all the the intelligent application of medical expertise that would have happened in britain it didn't happen it didn't happen because the governments. both tory and labor allowed the health service to to to be subverted over this time as i say it's more than a scandal it's a law it's a crime. before boris johnson was sent to intensive care it seemed thomas' all
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spittle just near this studio he was giving press briefings flanked by sabbatical vallance who used to work at j.f.k. i just wondered what you thought of the influence of big pharmaceutical companies on the context in which we understand coronavirus i know your most recent film. points just to simon stevens the boss of n.h.s. england is as being suspect because of his work in private health care in the united states welsh simon stevens knighted by the tory government. spent 10 years as a senior executive promoting private health care in the united states for one of the most infamous private. health insurance company united health whose. chief executive officer was involved in the biggest share scandal in in in american corporate history that had nothing to do personally with stevens
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of course but that was that was the letter that stevens was climbed before he was plucked out of there by david cameron's. coalition government. and i think from 2014 made made head of n.h.s. england and under stevens watch. as of november last year vet capacity in the health service had dropped 212-7000 the lowest ever when you think that when the health service began in 1948 it was well over 400000 beds but bed capacity dropped to the lowest ever and the lowest in europe the health service was always proud and rightly so of that its bed capacity was one of the highest in the world. but cut away.
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cutting to such a degree that the just the usual the 4 percent increase in the health services budget just to keep it on track was cut back to one percent had a devastating effect and that's why there was a political reason why people are suffering from coronavirus many of them may not want to confront that but it's. the reason is that the national health service the visionary national health service the world's 1st public health service was decimated over a period of time and if you read the factorize documents by stealth that's the word they used by stealth sarap tisha silly since the 1980 s. speeded up through the years of new labor but especially accelerating from
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2012 under the david cameron led coalition government. we all hope that fewer people will die here from coronavirus than austerity which the un special rapporteur said was a political decision here in britain do you think that consciousness about coronaviruses only been created because it is affecting elites because obviously there were reports of a $100000.00 or more dying at least from a stereotype policies after the bank bailouts of 2008 well your if you know professor dani dollar go a very reliable source and his colleagues. at at all would got into trouble for some thorough research that showed that something like 120000 people lives were cut short as a direct result of
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a stir tea and they put their finger on the cut in the cuts in the health service now those are actual lives. cultural investigator but we've had so far is a lot of speculation from these modelers that is as i say gone from the extreme of i think half a 1000000 was one down to hardly anyone know dole. why why is why have we why have we depending on these they told most the shore on the statistics when in fact it's very clear from the countries that have succeeded in if not seeing off the coronavirus in dealing with it successfully such as germany south korea taiwan even impoverish vietnam certainly in china or itself. why why why why we know it seeing mass testing across the country yes that's
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happened in pa pockets and it's happening belatedly but also it's happening belatedly the ventilators a finally arrived now in that drill exercise in 2016 i mention one of the issues that arose was that they want enough ventilators that's 4 years ago there weren't enough ventilates is the way invited obama developed on the program john i'll just stop you then go from john pilger after this short break. this is a story of women women with troubled histories and complex court cases you know some of.
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the person that. she's innocent be considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. 23 hours of the tell me that is long enough and it. will do for women on death row on our team. welcome back i'm still here with john pilger you point to austerity privatization privatization scientists inaccurate or. modeling by scientists the government before boris johnson was taken to intensive care was briefing that china is the real reason why the world is facing the coronavirus
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crisis that china should be considered a pariah nation your previous film before the dirty war in n.h.s. was called the coming war on china why do you think downing street was briefing that china must be made to pay for coronavirus because the propaganda campaign began. in earnest against china. in 2011 when president obama announced what he'd call the pivot to asia and that meant the biggest build up of u.s. naval forces in the pacific but in terms of policy and this applied to all of them all of the west but you asked for not. including britain but china there would be a propaganda war against china the us was desperate to reclaim its dominance. it's economic dominance it has military dominance but china has risen to
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a point where it was threatening the whole notion of the us having control over so much of humanity that the scot used that propaganda which of course is a story could goes into the 19th century in what the early 20th century in the 19th century is what the chinese call the century of humiliation when the west. colonized china. and the chinese were literally humiliated one has one can only spend a short time in china with with open eyes and open ears and you understand very quickly that this is a country that has risen out of the ashes of this history but like whole societies it feels it's history very very deeply and the propaganda aimed at china is
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is to offset what is a reality china as an economic power has risen and for johnson and others to to start blaming china whose own. conquest of your like of this. coronavirus. has been. probably one of the great spectacles of this rather melancholy awful period that we're going through to blame china for not giving them information when it's quite clear to anybody who has studied. governments in this country tory and labor new labor and tory governments and their attitude to public health care that the responsibility lies right at their feet well despite what the world health organization say media in this country which doesn't call itself propaganda
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says china was lying about coronaviruses lied about statistics and they've lied about a whistleblower apparently why is it that for you and there's been no coverage as far as i can see of the case of julie innocence of wiki leaks in the past 24 hours a publisher of whistleblowers why this apparent mismatch between the emphasis here of the whistleblowers in china but not the publication or the publishers of whistleblowers here in britain but we understand something about government after 2 days and so-called policies towards the crisis caused by the coronavirus when we look at the terrible suffering of julian us on you know a few weeks ago at a bail hearing. a magistrate refused to give this man bail he has a longer nish and he is a perfect candidate if you like for the for. falling
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victim to a corona virus which is which is ravaging through britain's prisons they're not telling us the real figures like so must there's some of the lying going on about this just simply on a humanitarian basis the fact that a sounders name is not on the rather short list of prisoners who are being released temporally on humanitarian grounds is an outrage. how can how how how is such a cruelty applied to somebody who's committed no crime who the convicted of no crime whose only crime is journalism. it's there for everybody to see the u.s. wants to extradite him on concocted charges of espionage is of espionage
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charges so ridiculous that they should have been ridiculous in law but they should have been thrown out on the 1st day of the hearing in february but they won't so. my view is if you want to stop understand how power is misleading people let's just use that would misleading people use during this whole coronavirus crisis look at the case of julian assad a government that can treat a man with such with such cruelty with such cruelty a corpse that can treat him with such cruelty. is quite capable of a form of that cruelty and that's how the policies. well it's not only form a journalist boris johnson who appears to back the legal process regarding julian
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asylum stickiest ahmed the former boss of the crown prosecution service and edge to have been involved in a conspiracy against design says we must allow the proppant extradition process to follow its course well that's fine let's have a proper process there isn't a proper process and he should know he's a q c there isn't a proper process anybody who was witness to the number of hearings last year and certainly this year in february well no there's no process. that that that the the court has become a kind of it's become a kind of show trial i mean people without without a preordained view to have have been so shocked by what they've seen there is no process so yes let's have a proper process but more than that keir starmer as the leader of the opposition
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opposition is needed more than ever today in britain invade that's what democracies are about and this government and the government sort of gone before it have to be called to account on a number of issues but especially especially on the treatment of julian assad on the whole world and i would be here all day if i described all the jurists organization the united nations bodies distinguished people united nations report on torture doctors latest 115 doctors. i've called on julian i've called on on the the government to let juliana sounds out at least while this coronavirus. crisis is on there are so many of them but they are
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not in the media and the media of course is a major problem is a major problem for songe in that it's suppress the truth about a songe it's a major problem for the coronavirus crisis so much of this crisis has been media led by a form of a stereo and and worse than that simply an echo of whatever government wants to say of whether whatever its latest model wants to stand up behind a lectern and tell us no critical thinking no understanding i mean was no it. wasn't robert peston who who told the nation in a tweet that the government was considering i think his words worth before stein's solution the forced isolation of people over 70 we learned that in
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a tweet and other words something slip to this reporter. that in 2012 there was. a landmark report done by university college about the killer disease in britain what was that killer disease it was isolation not known anus they distinguish that it's an extraordinary piece of research. it was published both in britain and the united states or forgotten one of that's characterized as a war on the poor you're known of course for your coverage of lies about wars until you get here is over the united nations once a global cease fire during the coronavirus pandemic in the context i have to say of the labor the shadow foreign secretary who's just been appointed here he said then he's saying israeli atrocities must not be condemned because it would be anti semitic to do so what do you make of the bombs flying around the world during this
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time of great a virus israel bombs syria in the past few days and of course saudi arabia has been bombing yemen and u.s. warships headed towards venezuela saudi arabia doesn't give a damn about coronavirus it doesn't give a damn about so-called world opinion because it's backed by the united states and britain britain is in there not only supplying it with much of its equipment but helping to. identify targets in the one of the poorest if not the poorest country on earth a country that has had been ravaged by. a cholera epidemic. where most children suffer extreme malnutrition saudi arabia continues to bomb this country with our when i say our i mean u.k. and u.s.
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assistance more than assistance they wouldn't be able to do it without the planes the bombs and the expertise that come from our countries but you know a coronavirus hasn't stopped. the the war the war on the war of sanction the war of blockades rather a quarter of the world's population is currently under american sikes sion that is its blockade in one form or another one of those countries worst hit by coronavirus is iran and the united states has continued to turn the screw on this country a country that sat down with all the states of the e.u. with the united states with russia and signed an agreement it was donald trump that tore it up and now this country. iran can't get the medical
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supplies it needs it can't get particularly cancer drugs. this kind of almost medieval siege of countries venezuela was another one and yet do you know that venezuela was actually coping with the coronavirus it's extraordinary. they i can't remember what the statistics are but they're not high and they've managed to test widely to track the pattern of of the disease and so on while they're on the blockade from the united states while american naval ships are sitting off the coast of venezuela and i remind you of course they don't have to that venezuela is actually the source the greatest source of oil. on earth. these wars go on.
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one could say that they extend to a war on the project protectionists own people. look at the on holy mess that the united states is in with some states locked down and no testing and and the and the disease running like wildfire in a country where. probably some of the most extraordinary medicine and drugs. have been practiced for a few there was no you're not unified public health service that's a war on their own people we an enemy of my own governments that's a question it's an interesting question if we hadn't ought why has for example the most extraordinary institution in britain why has it been treated so
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miserably why has it been on the cop shows up when we need it most it struggles jumping jack thank you that's it for the show and for this season we'll be back on the 22nd of april with a brand new series going underground in the meantime we'll be sharing some of your recent favorite episodes of children wherever you are in the world people say that you can join the underground by following us on you tube twitter facebook instagram and. world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person who goes but.
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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. people. to. look.
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welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is. the deadliest day yet for the country 828 deaths in england alone from corona virus as it concerns have been raised about a potential power of vacuuming up to 10 after it emerges that the foreign secretary doesn't have total control on the prime minister who remains in intensive care different political commentator peter oborne and also will be hearing from a frontline medical doctor. european leaders fail to strike a deal on the massive financial stimulus front suggest it could break the law i'll be speaking to an expert in european law very shortly. schools closures and like you did have a limited impact on the spread of the virus the study finds with others suggesting the government was too hasty to get reaction from an expert in sociology who would
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like to see them agree open. the pharmacy school for greater protection to stop for abuse but the am physically put here from the can to. the death toll in britain hits a record high once more 828 deaths in just 24 hours in england alone this is the prime minister is in a stable condition responding to treatment as he remains in intensive care at a london hospital and concerns are raised over the potential power vacuum left by his absence i'll take a shot it was dashed he joins me now with the a latest so shadi a grim day for the country well the latest figures for england show that the death toll has increased by 828 that is a huge increase it marks the highest number of deaths and
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a 24 hour period since the outbreak. began and in fact false apostles yesterday's u.k. widely off $786.00 now of course all of this comes as the prime minister spends his 3rd day in intensive care at the sun thomas hospital in central london of course being treated for covert 19 the latest though from downing street via the medical professionals on the floor at cent thomas is that boris johnson is being monitored closely he remains in a stable condition and he's receiving standard oxygen treatment rather than the invasive ventilator systems and much like yesterday the prime minister is said to be in good spirits still so anxious hours ahead then for the prime minister but very difficult days in in front of those that are in charge of the government in the absence of boris johnson of course the man standing in his place is dominic rob the foreign secretary challenging messages again to convey to the country yesterday was the last time we heard from the foreign secretary and he reiterated that the
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prime minister he believes is confident that he will make a full recovery his main message though was about suppressing the peak and therefore then refer to the lockdown measures just to remind you then just a few weeks ago on march the 23rd the prime minister addressed the nation every television set was addressed and he said at that point these measures would come under constant review there's actually a legal obligation to review those emergency legislative measures that were put in place then the government must at least once in $21.00 days review them and that would then bring us to next thursday so we do expect some form of review to take place before that date suggestions from dominic rob that they will rot remain quite the same for that amount of time because they believe to be working quite well just to stress the dominic roberts deputizing for the prime minister has no power to make any decisions alone he needs the backing of companies but the lack of official structures in place are causing quite a lot of concern one tory m.p.
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peter bone said the next in line less. should be guaranteed in law to replace an incapacitated prime minister such as the prime minister because imagine if dominic robb went to get well then who would then take and fill his shoes the talk of the town as it could be richie soon out but the sentiment and essence of everybody remains that there is no legal clarity on all of that plus it's causing all sorts of problems further afield not just when it comes to corona virus but we've also seen the various other government levels being looked up to particularly when michael gove us also about who could authorize a new can a strike i simply can't talk about national security matters there are a well developed protocols which. they use of which have been just over town. well tory m.p. and chair of the house of commons defense that act committed to bias doesn't think that this is good enough and he wants that to be 100 percent clarity as to who is
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responsible for national security measures as this global vulnerability could be an opportune moment for a vote state to parents so many concerns when it comes to government matters especially in the absence of an elected leader running the country as for today though as normal normal we will see a presser at 5 pm local time where hopefully the government will be updating us on the coronavirus if not further afield to shadier thank you very much indeed for all of that political commentator peter oborne things the whole issue of a power vacuum at the heart of government has been overblown. i do think at the moment that there's a huge problem clearly there are interesting conversations but the cabinet circle sri who i would think is running the country almost as much as mr rob and lots of the more so it is still a good business the civil service is still effective so the machinery of government
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is still there a little bit too much should be made of the prime ministers absence as you say this isn't a huge problem so why then are we seeing things being stirred up when as you say we've got the civil service and of course the whole machinery of government in action at the moment why these questions being raised now when there are of course very other serious issues to address. i guess a very nice point been made by some people that it has to be a change of policy i a big decision about a lot done or a major change change in strategy in those circumstances i guess that somebody has to make that decision and it might be contested inside a cabinet the question that arises does domineer rob have the all star at c 2 to make that decision my guess is that it's only a guess that he doesn't even know the answer to that question by the way is yes he
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does is the acting prime minister mr johnson. is hopefully said to be in high spirits i'm sure he would be consulted if at all really massive decision had to be made what about michael go beyond that question who's in charge of the nuclear button here is our national security really threatened surely no one's going to launch a military attack at the moment. the i think most ago was as quite often happens with this to go talking mischievously and without proper knowledge and i don't think that there is going to be a in the event in the event of a new killer. threat. i'm sure 'd all those systems would sones emotion but to be honest of you i think over the next few weeks the threat is coronavirus. spoke to talk to she's already harper about the spread of coronavirus across britain and she told me that the latest figures aren't necessarily as bad as they seem. we haven't really hit it with jill waiting for that heat to happen i think
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the important thing is what we're trying to do is to make sure that the frontline staff aren't having to deal with more patients than the n.h.s. can cope with all and do it people think it's really just to try and flatten the shore and you talk about this peka and it's a difficult question to ask because nobody knows but just how bad could it get in your opinion in terms of these daily deaths. i mean i think we are sort of following the lines of italy and spain and even maybe even higher than that i think it's really difficult to speculate i think we're doing as much as we can you know as doctors and health care professionals and i think that's all that we can do i mean i think the thing is also to try and put it into perspective that's what i think one of the things that we're looking at it we're counting the depth but we're not putting that into perspective of how many people made york that age range might have died at that point anyway compared to last year i think what we need to be looking at also are you know compared to last year how many more extra deaths that
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actually have been right now what about the promise to remaining stable but what does that mean that that's good news are you yeah i mean it's good news if better than you know him not being able to work his condition worsening obviously being in . even though it may just be that he oxygen doesn't need to do me to say that he's not in the most positive of conditions and. the krohn virus for him you know he has been ongoing now believe it 2 weeks so i think it is really important for us to be aware that. hopefully he will come out i mean that's what we look at that when somebody goes into i.t. you are the most positive it that the $5050.00 and also if somebody's going thought of ventilating us your chances of coming off it get lower but he is stable and i think that the reassuring thing. you countries have failed to reach an agreement on
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a large scale stimulus to keep their economies afloat during the pandemic several nations refused to support a plan for shared e.u. debt after a meeting of finance ministers this morning france reportedly hasn't ruled out a package for a smaller group of euro zone members if a deal isn't reached leaving the entire future and purpose of a block in dealt people over has more. initially there was huge upset among citizens of spain italy over what they saw as a slow response to the coronavirus from the european union now what we're seeing is the bloc struggling to come to a consensus over water being called corona bonds these would allow the debts that are being racked up to be sprayed even the between member states spain italy and france are in favor germany austria and the netherlands very much against angle of merkel favors using the 2012 european stability mechanism that was used
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during the previous financial crisis but that is left bruno demand the french finance minister pulling his hair out saying that some countries will recover quicker than others using that route nothing would be worse for europe them for the richest states to get off to a quick starts while those who cannot afford it start slowly we all need to recover at the same speed in order to guarantee that the he's in solidarity and unity of the eurozone and our common currency to go back to that idea of more europe that anglo merkel was talking about well the european commission president is also a big fan of on the line putting forward a big european fiscal plan to try and tackle the fallout from cova one thing many are calling right now are for something which is called the marshall plan well i think the european budget should be the marshall plan we are laying out together as
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a european union for the european people but also getting on side with the wartime metaphor has been the spanish prime minister better sanches europe has to establish a wartime economy and put in place measures for the defense reconstruction and economic recovery in europe we can turn this crisis into not unity to rebuild a much straw. european union european politicians are under a lot of pressure right now not only looking after the health of their citizens but knowing that if they fail to deal with this virus or perhaps even worse they're perceived to have failed to have dealt with this it could well lead to the rise of more extremist politics mcraney believes that nothing will be quite the same again when it ends there will be a great opening for populist voices on both the fire rice and the left the anti foreign the anti european the anti global but he also believes there will be a desire for proven leaders and an aversion to further disruption there's
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a lot of people focused right now on what will happen after the battle with the virus will we end up with a more powerful more unified european union or one that specific it by extremists at both ends of the political spectrum be troll ferrante belin. for some reaction to the ongoing disagreement on joined by professor francesco. francesco very good to see you this pandemic doesn't distinguish borders but it does seem like the e.u. isn't dealing with it well. well saying to. one or 2 problems in terms of sharing medicines not so and that has been compounded over the last couple of weeks by the failure remember this started 2 weeks ago of the finance minister. to con to an agreement on how financially we were going
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to do with the with the problem sadly this is continued. there has been agreement that they will spend 2cbcb on keeping jobs 200000000 in the european investment bank and so on but what it really comes down to is not so much the corona bans that that going to be difficult to to deal with but what it comes down to is using the european stability mechanism remember that infamous mechanism that supposedly help greece but 1st make greece suffer here the bigger argument is not whether one uses that or not because i think there is agreement on using that but on whether there should be conditionality in other words the germans are now on side with the french plan away it's actually the dutch that are holding out and they want real strings attached to using that mechanism whereas the italians the spaniards the french are saying no the only conditionality is that the money is used for health purposes but
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don't take a step but we're seeing some disagreements here what about the unity of the union that is at stake because we could we perhaps see a breakaway group led by france. i think that if the northern states not cathal. we will have a division of europe north and south basically the northern germanic states and the southern latitudes to look at the vision and talk about what about perhaps some countries we pushed into following what britain is just done exit ing the union. possible possible. we really are in the rounds of speculation because if you put me against the. a wall and said right will i still want this tomorrow not and by the way 3 o'clock tomorrow is the crucial deadline i will probably say yes the real problem is that what comes after italians for example are now completely fed up with the european union not only over the closure from tears and being left to
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their own devices the spaniards but now the european union appears to be not even willing to help them deal with the consequences of the coronavirus the italians actually do turning government doesn't want the rest of the european union to write off italy's past tense and this is what really is annoying actually did the italians really want help as did the spanish as recognize the french and one or 2 others that really it's dealing with the present crisis and so really it's public opinion afterwards even if they agree to nurture that is going to be a very very tricky thing to deal with. whether one or 2 states leave i doubt very much though i could see the bloc fracturing into 2 or 3 person francesca reserve tell you thank you very much for your time good to see you live here and i think a. still to come of this our leaders a split on a push to pandemic bailout package for members and we just been hearing about that
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of course a little earlier what we will be hearing about in the next part of the program is that it's closing schools is likely to have limited impact on the spread of the coronavirus and studies suggesting an opportunity to an expert in sociology. join me every thursday on the elec so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to get us to the world of politics all those lives i'm sure both of those. i don't trust medical authority at all ever and there isn't for that as i had
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this horrible autoimmune disorder growing up and it turns out it was completely alleviated with very drastic dietary measures and i went to a number of doctors to discuss what happened to me and i was basically laughed at like diet has nothing to do with our immune disorders so my suggestion to people who have health issues they can't figure out if they're going to see a medical professional and they've been going for 10 years and they're still in the same place and they should probably take it upon themselves to start testing things out testing out diet testing out exercise and try and figure out things on their own. in.
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the future there's an ounce of preschool or medical staff involved influencing the coronavirus pandemic speaking with the heads of russia's regional governments on a video call the russian president compared medics to soldiers on the front lawn that will sew on the ring creases for doctors nurses and his drivers will be up $200.00 some cases over the equivalent. a $1000.00 the measure is expected to remain in place for 3 months. pharmacies in scala the lancashire have reported an upturn in the blue star rated at its staff with some even being spat on industry regulator the general pharmacy who council said it was receiving increased reports of abuse disorder and even violence from members of the public for business of also requesting greater protections for staff from the police community pharmacy lancashire which represents over $350.00 chemists in the area said there was no excuse for their staff to be shouted or spat at. community and their
11:20 am
teams are on the front line of the response to the coburg 1000 pandemic across lancashire despite this the challenges rumpel abide by the aggressive and in some cases by a learned behavior of members of the public towards our teams we are today asking patients a members of the public to take some very simple steps to help protect these teams so that pharmacies can continue to carry out their critical roles and then sure everyone continues to get the medicines help and support they need when they need it share of the pharmacist defense association marc said community pharmacies needed more funding to help deal with the increased demand and the abuse a lot used to see the local pharmacy owned because it's trying to reduce the risk of coronavirus it's asking people to intervals so this is a little crazy you know what you wanted to reduce the chance to do for action and this is causing it a lot frustration my sheets and of course abuse of pharmacy stuff until we're health workers in general it's been spotted around the entire country what we do
11:21 am
about it do we need legislation or more policing. well actually we've been talking through the association of chile police officers throughout the ukraine search because you can see they're helping enormously on making sure that they've got these make their presence felt in community pharmacies you asked about legislation there is already legislation existence that protects key n.h.s. personnel but i think we need still think that's much too easy to deliver and it would make a huge difference we need public support for pharmacists for ministers when they stand on their podiums in london press conferences that would go work a long way to assist the health minister for scotland for example stood up on the podium and said exactly this to the scottish population please recognise the work of community funks he says part of the wider n.h.s. and have patience when waiting in queues for help we're not yet getting that support in london and that's go a long way to help with the situation or right it could take
11:22 am
a while for that to happen if it does indeed happen more pressure from politicians but what about in a moment protecting your members pharmacists and security perhaps would that help increasing security in the premises we know some community pharmacies have taken on security to help specially with this one in and one in a situation and this does help. a study has found closing schools is likely to have only had a very small impact on the spread of the virus research conducted by the university college london suggest that shutting primary and secondary schools prevented just 2 to 4 percent of deaths related to the virus as far less effective than other social distancing interventions it also highlighted that keeping schools closed did not help control outbreaks of other coronaviruses in mainland china hong kong and singapore back in 2003 we know from previous studies the school closures are likely to have the greatest effect if the virus has low transmissibility and attack rates
11:23 am
are higher in children this is the opposite of covert 19 data on the benefits. school closures in the covert 19 outbreak is limited but what we know shows that their impact is likely to be only small compared to other if action control measures such as case isolation and is only effective what other social isolates the measures are already here to. schools have remained close and small much with the exception for children of critical workers and vulnerable people so the paper also highlighted economic costs and potential harm to children's learning but the epidemiologist devising the government professor neil ferguson said the closures were important for transmission to be reduced while school closure as a measure on its own is predicted to have a limited effectiveness in controlling covert 19 transmission when combined with intense social distancing it plays an important role in severing remaining contacts
11:24 am
between households and thus in searing transmission declines professor ferguson's work cause the government to u.-turn on its initial strategy of letting the virus spread through the population leading to so-called herd immunity his prediction of 250000 fatalities led to the shift to the lock down ferguson himself is currently self isolating with coronavirus symptoms the government has said that such measures are needed to protect the n.h.s. and save lives. the decision to close schools was taken in line with scientific advice on how to limit the spread of the coronavirus we asked most children to stay at home in order to protect the n.h.s. and save lives schools will remain closed until further notice except for children of critical workers and the children who are most vulnerable we will reopen schools when the scientific advice indicates it is safe to do so. to discuss this further not joined by a professor of sociology robert thing will very good of you to be with us here did the government k. then to political pressure on schools rather than the science well those now are
11:25 am
very much evidence of benefits from the from school closures but clearly the government were also facing national positions with half a 1000000 signatures on which setting created a political pressure to slant the science in particular directions i think the the thing about school closures is it's one of those it's one of those actions that appears to be easy and appears to be obviously desirable but with a little bit of reflection and the sort of additional evidence that we're now seeing it realise that it's not really in the interests of the children and it's massively destructive to many other sectors of the economy and society that we are trying to keep going sure not in the interest of the children of course and who rarely get severe symptoms but because they do catch and transmit the virus to teachers other staff and indeed parents well that's not well demonstrated i mean
11:26 am
there is a big difference between coronavirus and influenza which is i think what a lot of the the early measures were based on the assumption they were broadly similar i mean with influenza the children do indeed get quite sick and small children in particular what we call super spreaders they shed a lot of virus and they do in fact a lot of other people when it comes to transmitting the virus it's not at all clear that. teachers are only more at risk in the classroom and they are travelling to class going about their ordinary everyday lives. we have suggested is slightly for eversley but only slightly frivolously that the biggest risks maybe the concentration of parents at the school gate rather than anything that's going on within the school itself and of course we saw other countries decided to shut down schools as well so no wonder there was pressure on the government to follow suit public pressure of course. well we've had quite a lot of actions by the u.k.
11:27 am
government which have been based on public pressure souce social media pressure pressure from a particular group of celebrity journalists who go to downing street press conferences you had to copy what other people are doing without seriously thinking whether there is an evidence base for it or whether it's appropriate in u.k. conditions do you think we should get on an open schools then bearing in mind the the long term impact of closure that it has a long chain of mental health and education. well i think if we clear that the contribution to reducing transmission is ranges somewhere between 0 and very small this provides us with a justification for reopening schools as part of the strategy of returning to normal life and that of saying this is one of the only things that we could be doing because reopening schools is in the very much in the interests of children
11:28 am
not just in terms of their education but also in terms of keeping them out of quickly faired and also protecting them from harm in an earlier part of my career i did a lot of work on child protection and i know that people in that community are very worried about the rates of child abuse charge neglect child sexual abuse which they're picking up are nice anecdotally as a result of this lockdown and i think we should start to worry about that a bit more and it is a very brief point then we have had these closures now for this resident short period of time has there been damage done already just briefly on children's mental health and education oh undoubtedly we have to try and pass against the very small contribution it's made to interrupting transmission really interesting to talk to you on this matter professor robert thing well thank you for joining us here and i see coming. and that said i'll be back with more news in.
11:29 am
this community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell for excellent food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the conflict i would say over balls around money and most of them money is made. close one on each other. each other is good because the state of california alone makes 6000000000 dollars
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a year of prison complexes you get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about your so your care might anything. hello and welcome the cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle what is the difference between embarrassing gaffes in elder abuse joe biden so.


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