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tv   Documentary  RT  April 8, 2020 12:30pm-1:31pm EDT

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one person. a day or so thinks. we dared to ask. this is a ridiculous situation right the whole world's gone crazy that's what it seems like and i'm supposed to be at work right now that was actually looking forward to
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traveling the world began making films because i've been stuck on maternity leave for the past 0809 months now and i was looking forward to the whole winter coat and clean all day long but i got my mother in law to move to moscow to replace me while i work there she is and now instead of travelling the world i am stuck with everyone in this tiny flats here we are happy family happy days. how may i. and this is how we do it these days so in case you're wondering how instrumental this since i'm not going to have a camera and this is how i make things work because i don't even have a so who stick you know. in the right. now
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so momo makes those things yeah so how are you coping no no my boy does she bought a new government bond. that i thought to google. that . word that he's got. to love yourself am i being told. to. leave. they can already been obviously not going to let me see much of. 0 anything that's how the italians are trying to keep their spirits up maybe you're inspired with a few ideas about how to spice up your own time for a night in a while but 1st let's head to paris. for
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a treat 2 2. this is stefan the sadness. he's not. just another person that an isolation to brighten everyone's day the you. 6 know. nice to meet you and. me to know your neighbors probably didn't know that they had an opera singer living next to them right. absolutely not because no money i used. the room you know you're going to. knock at my place you know. you know like. these are not you know i took my phone
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like that and you know i'm sure you know i took me and you know she got my you know my teacher that is a little bit shy and so we're going to see your whole thing. do you still do it every day. each day every day i choose that you should i'm. going to. be the situation of the day for example my song called in the jungle where they lost me over. the. symbol of this window you know drinks timeouts wrong. sharing. some emotion some. because i think my street many people won't be pulled out they
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are absolutely a lot. of people still know about cool stuff on stamps to poor people from. the police officers and. every evil we see some of the pictures from all around the world look at the poor the you guys they get in for a. simple . and that's because this is. a local station this is. the music. hall. at home. the most this is. a huge. how you doing my brother was in mexico when that all started and he threw
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back his job and 2 weeks ago so he's. still songs so what i do now i use a form of your silly. it seems like. what are you doing. all. last. ditch. where you found the v.a.c. . ok so you look so you look or it's only 6. and you lost some weight that's most people put on ladies you know what. reason i am koren is because i want the home crowd i want this rain cold
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at home are so humans and dogs you. know say the. barn. ok. ok i'm joined now by saying all right i am. on inside the car. 1 gets. yes they were brought into the room was full and i was stuck with a bunch of strangers who naturally had lots of questions so i wrap that up quite quickly. i'm going to push them over. the flower. box all right. so. you're left alone do you think.
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it's brilliantly. a farmer in china paid tribute to health workers by organizing thousands of chickens and special patterns of support for doctors apparently it's 4 hours 4000 chickens and around 100 kilograms of chicken which was then scattered so encourage the chickens it's a position. where you poor baby and want to bore you. if you want to we're some we're going to use yeah. that's what some
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more videos. would have i got. he got you. books. he's a good noble golden globe. and here is another key one i got this from a classmate's he's in the u.k. and it's his birthday but because no one can actually visit his family does the next best thing. they have that right here on the floor i don't think you know thank you. guys. i don't think it's holloway and if you thought missing a birthday party was sad and madge and i haven't seen this year all wedding yup this couple in argentina refused to postpone their nuptials though so they did it online and started more when a lot of combat i.e.
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. i don't know who someone who is a fear of the con gave all. the money but then they find out with us on the end though. the last night and the end of their last defeat in san diego the end of the don't you. see no good i mean for yeah he knows it but they have one yeah i don't want to be is and get them those who don't cost a bit off way more you know come on to him they you know he does this one and i thought well yes he did own particular one that the 2nd son wasn't anything else other than or not because you know good timing is everything i come i don't know how i make love with you since i'm in the band and based on no sense. should yes. why no love but if he says no you do write some incident i don't know whatever but how to matter i mean. oh no i also put aside to say see the man is
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a candidate at home doing it in president of the honda look into his you know what i'll do the single missing up at the moment there but i already said and said think i'd already there's no new bar me or her me around for media and say oh no really. for sure and the old. let's see. the last year. it was really sad to be single right now yeah when you're all by yourself isolated have no one to netflix i'm sure with yes call themselves are going through the roof in places like india let's have a look. there may be a world wide condom shortage as factories are forced to shut down when the coronavirus pandemic but after all that isolation and all that good time come the divorces because people can't take it so over 300 people went and filed for divorce
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some say that yes it may be caused because the courts were closed so as soon as they opened those who wanted to file before filed then but there are those who say that it was all that quarantine time. i can imagine. then. you tried clap clap clap. the general of the number of divorces is going up in china yeah and the number of well i shouldn't talk about condoms in front of a child but he can understand that right maybe. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there
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are no jobs and you see the kids. and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflict i would say. is maybe. close one of the children's. is good because the state of california makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some $25.00 where. you don't care. anything. i don't trust medical authority at all ever and the reason for that is i had this horrible autoimmune disorder growing up and it turns out it was completely alleviated with very drastic dietary measures and i wanted to discuss what happened
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to me and i was basically laughed at like diet as not. so my suggestion to people who have health issues they can't figure out if they're going to see a medical professional and they've been going for 10 years and they're still on the same place they should probably take it upon themselves to start testing things out testing out diet testing out exercise and try and figure out things on their own. well if anyone knows how to handle isolation it would be an astronaut's so let's hear from one personally i am very concerned about maybe families need a big family in any way lisa especially with children living in small apartments i think that it is a very challenging international we have of the stations we have a lot of these so that is not so difficult one strategy that we also used on space
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station was to have the books you know you could see every sunday morning for example we are going to turn each other one good thing you know something you do that and really like and maybe something you do that i do not like a very much and it is understood in this time and it can be good is nerves and everybody gets to see this equal you know and then everybody can make an effort. so . yes you. should. oh. so let's see how. times.
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she. thinking. i sneakily coordinated with your roommate earlier to set it up to date was going so depending on how long this quarantine last i might be in a long distance relationship with someone who lives across the street from me ok it's time for my boldest move yet i hope she doesn't burst my bubble i needed to see here but i also wanted to respect the fact that we should be social distancing i crossed the street and texted tori to come outside and look to the left i think
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she'd like. flowers and hand sanitizer but that was a misstep considering i was locked inside this bubble. since the day started with a little bit of a panic because we woke up and the baby had 38.3. we called the ambulance they told us to get some medicine. or ringback see if it's going to work we're holding. he then told my husband now has fever and i'm checking mine as we speak. and watching the news of course you know very reassured about what's happening around the world. but we're hoping that. that it will all be ok. of course where a warrant like everyone knows right then right and you tell me. it's.
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ok i'm starting to clear ok thank god it's all right boo. solution is not cheap either because it by the end of the month for my youngest the most usual summaries i didn't see it would just sit d.s. usually my screen is a model of the streets of the model we are a freshly oh look down people start up a few weeks ago because we had a feeling this was coming essential for the baby and of course like the rest of it would go on our rice small baby food pasta so that should last us for a good month i think i think we're set now i am headed out to meet my brother. in case no one creating gloves and this essence here these days all that and all the resigned so as of course. the mask. their only goal that's got. that. probably don't run into any neighbors because they'll think i'm a she said so my brother that was in mexico and he came back in the abstract i'm so
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he's been absolved isolation for 2 weeks now and don't think we're being there responsible he literally lives across the street from me and his guides who works every way. and one has a go and how is mexico oh i should. i think it's these know how these are really meters so how does it feel to be out. for a good you know it's fine that it's sunny outside and you can't enjoy it always does it will that the 1st time i came out of this bed like 14 days indoors. so that was kind of horrible usenet it must be good to be out there it was great to be out especially a little bit of the year because it snowed yesterday look at. that. you're going to hear it yes i'm going to work use doesn't stop you know that news reporter after
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all. but you can see i've got this mask of gloves gloves they provided all all those things here man for this new god of the money this is. the missing get away from this what is your national message your past here. that you want to bring to the guys who are. not only one of the all they want to well good to see you to be careful the word don't be touchin in saying hello to everyone like everyone doesn't russia. any men today i swear. i'm quite lucky because i can work from home but right now many people have no idea how they'll survive layoffs are very real and there's nothing anyone can do about it airports airlines restaurants coffee shops allsopp's really. suck down. and low income families fear they'll be left on the streets it's a total mess. ok so we have another skype interview to record of affected my family
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to the kitchen as i am heading to the living room i can barely walk as you can see because i've moved everything out of the way i'm running out of locations in this flat. it's quite hammond in here right now so as you can see this is my little self-made broom tripod. yep we get creative and let me see. this is help set up my interview just need to get everything ok i just need to press play here call the show. ok while i call him please have a look at the reminder of who he is and how i know him so that you get to play understand maybe why i'm calling. and that followed in 2014 when i found the series of reports on the financial crisis and agree. he's
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a private chap who came up with some out of the box ideas about how to make money during austerity sievers later i caught up with him again to find out if the situation had improved sadly it hadn't. hey you. i swear every time i talk to you just seems the situation is getting worse and worse and worse. so it's only what's happening in greece right now. it's like it's very uncertain. businesses are closed until the. 30th of april which means. which is like 25 percent of the economy both internal and tourists it's crazy for us here we write or sell something which you can either send a message or download a form and sort it out or get a city like the black civil rights paper and basically give yourself permission to
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go but you could go to the supermarket or you could walk the dog you know basics by the way there are rules and since you mention the dogs there are people pretending to have dogs just so that they can go outside for 10 minutes did you see any of those i'll run for. that seat at high speed so let me say it sounds a bit let's have a look at them that i will get back to the conversation. but sometimes. people are crazy. i was pretty close. why he thought right now i'm expecting
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calls for chopped out solutions that's my main. workload yeah and i had to become a you tube. so i'm going to be cooking for us on mine. right. which are my initials. i'm starting off and rest these with corona beer on line 9. it would be obvious. just like on any online courses everyone because they're bored out of their brains those that are not home trying to learn something or. i'm impressed by the amount of people that i. didn't know i don't know your. mother put it up on.
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pictures of. us. but seriously like right well how are you plan to survive income or. i don't know. there are major. everyone's trying to be creative these days either through boredom or they're simply trying to offset the losses here for example is a coronavirus cake from mexico and germany we have a marble cake shaped like her also point of paper in the me. and why not have someone with that take over in spain they came up with white for its grown up finest buy a bottle get a mask for free bar get one of buy your wife some flowers here in russia a florist has replaced flowers with essential lockdown items that could be
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a better alternative or if you are single track alice walker this year the strip club is offering top less food to every. thing and yet. find some crazy. it's you there that's a good system. yes i am drunk yes i am everyone at home has recovered angle shots become friends has now accepted our until april the 30 so we have known one thing all this. well that haitian to do that is to answer listen to our all friend stefan so let's see what he has say for us tonight.
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or. say say. say hold out for your neighbors and just know that this will end at some point.
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this is a story of women women was troubled histories and complex court cases you know some of us did leave leave. out there. were not. the person that. the cheesiness of the day are considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. all be off 23 hours of the day tell me that it's not enough punishment in the world of women on death row. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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kept. coming. welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is r.t. u.k. . the prime minister is sitting up in bed while in intensive care with corona virus and his condition is improving according to the charts let's see that. it's the deadliest day yet for the country $938.00 deaths in the u.k. from going about this that so the concerns are raised over the role of rob in deputizing for boris johnson and the potential power vacuum and number 2 and. also the u.s. senator bernie sanders and his presidential campaign clearing the way for joe biden to seize the democratic nomination and take on donald trump in november i'll be talking to our u.s. correspondent shortly. the
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prime minister's condition is now improving according to the chancellor but he remains in intensive care with coronavirus says the death toll from the disease in the u.k. hits a record high once more with 938 fatalities in a single day and there are concerns over the potential power vacuum left by the prime minister's continued absence i take a shot it was dusty joins me now with the latest so shot here a grim day for the country yes indeed bell a grim day for the country but good news for prime minister boris johnson he of course spends his 3rd day in intensive care at sutton thomas hospital being treated for 19 but also really worrying few nights and this is the prime as his condition is actually improving according to the charts of russia soon uk it's understood that the private us is sitting up in bed and even engaging positively with the medical professionals on the ground in the hospital people i'm sure will also want
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an update on the prime minister's health he is receiving excellent care from the n.h.s. team that's in thomas's. the latest from the hospital is that the prime minister remains in intensive care where his condition is improving i can also tell you that he has been sitting up in bed and engaging positively with the clinical team the prime minister is not only my colleague and my boss but also my friend and my thoughts are with him and his family. well that was the chance of their taken the opportunity to update the country on the prime minister's health but alongside that he actually announced a fundraising package for the charity sector they've long argued that they've been left behind in the midst of all of this crisis so he's announced a whopping 750000000 pounds for these unsung heroes who of course are also on the front line and dealing with those most vulnerable in the community at the heart of
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this crisis as well now of course in the absence of the prime minister who is indeed fighting off this epidemic in hospital his right hand men are in charge of the government's daily government government briefings so today vs do not officially in charge is actually dominic rob the foreign secretary just to stress though of course that dominic robb does not have the power to make decisions alone and in fact has to consult with the entire cabinet before making any decisions but of course this lack of official structures being put in place is causing quite a lot of concern in fact a tory m.p. peter byrne he's suggesting that they should be a next in line list of successions that is guaranteed by law or in fact to suggest who would replace an incapacitated prime minister of course at this moment in time is boris johnson if indeed dominic robb were to get ill though who would then fill his shoes that's not yet clear and so peter byrne is suggesting there should be a bit of legal clarity when it comes to all of this in the meantime though of
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course the death toll is increasing day in and day out today it's increased by $938.00 which is yet again the highest number of deaths in a 24 hour period since the outbreak began and it seems that each and every single day the figures are getting worse bringing the total up to $7097.00 interestingly there is a glimmer of hope that that is that although these figures are incredibly high there is a situation where we're seeing that curve line is indeed flattening with the drastic accent. beginning to slow down but as we know we're still a long way off from the peak of the virus showed here thank you very much for all of earth's political commentator peter oborne thinks the whole issue of a power vacuum of the heart of the british government has been overblown. i don't think at the moment and that there's a huge problem here and clearly there are interesting conversations but the cabinet
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secretary who i would think is running the country almost as much as mr robert lots of the more so it is still think in business the civil service is still effective and so the machinery of government is still there i don't think too much should be made of the prime minister's absence yes so as you say this isn't a huge problem so why then are we seeing things being stirred up when as you say we've got the civil service and of course the whole machinery of government in action at the moment why are these questions being raised now when there are of course very other serious issues to address. i guess a very nice point be made by some people that it has to be a change of policy i a big decision about a lot done or a major change change in strategy in those circumstances i guess that that somebody has to make that decision and it might be contested inside
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a cabinet the question that arises does domineer rob have the all star at c 2 to make that decision my guess is that it's only a guess that he doesn't even know the answer to that question by the way is yes he does is the acting prime minister mr johnson. is hopefully he said to be in high spirits and joy he would be consulted if at all really massive decision had to be made what about michael go beyond that question who's in charge of the nuclear button here is our national security really threatened surely no one's going to launch a military attack at the moment. i think most ago was as quite often happens with this to go talking mischievously and without proper knowledge and i don't think that there is going to be a in the event in the event of a new killer. i'm sure all these various systems would so there's a motion but to be honest of you i think over the next few weeks the threat is
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coronavirus. earlier i spoke to dr zuhdi harper about the spread of coronavirus across the country and she told me that the latest figures aren't necessarily as bad as they sing we haven't really hit that peak yet and with still waiting for that to happen i think the important thing is what we're trying to do is to make sure that the frontline staff aren't having to deal with more patients than the n.h.s. can cope with it all and deal with it people think it's really just to try and flatten that sure and you talk about this peka and it's a difficult question to ask because nobody knows but just how bad could it get in your opinion in terms of these daily deaths. i mean i think we are sort of following the lines of italy and spain and even maybe even higher than that i think it's really difficult to speculate i think we're doing as much as we can you know doctors and health care professionals and i think that's all that we can do i mean i think the thing is also to try and put it into perspective that's what i think
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one of the things that we're looking at it we're counting the deaths but we're not putting that into perspective of how many people made york that age range might have died at that point anyway compared to last year i think what we really need to be looking at also are you know compared to last year how many more extra deaths that actually have been right now what about the promise to remaining stable but what does that mean that that's good news are you yeah i mean it's good news if better than you know him not being able his condition worsening obviously being in . even though it may just be that he's on oxygen doesn't need to me to say that he's not in the most positive of conditions and he's the crone virus for him you know he has been ongoing now believe it 2 weeks so i think it is really important for us to be aware that he think hopefully he will come out i mean that's when you look at that when somebody goes into i.t. you are the most positive at that 5050 and also is somebody going thought
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a ventilator you'll see your chance of coming off it get lower but he is stable and i think that the reassuring thing. away from the coronavirus crisis senator bernie sanders has dropped out of the u.s. presidential race paving the way for joe biden to become the next democratic candidate artie's u.s. correspondent morgan joins me live now from new york so i say that it's not to be for a 2nd time. indeed bernie sanders came with a message to his supporters and the u.s. public emphasizing the need for unity in the face of the covert 19 crisis and also emphasizing that no clear path to victory for his campaign really exists at this point now indicated that they will still be on the ballot and they would like to collect delegates but at this point bernie sanders is suspending his presidential campaign take
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a listen to what he said in the announcement i wish our could give you better news but i think you know the truth and that is that we are now some 300 delegates behind vice president biden and the path toward victory is virtually impossible so while we are winning the ideological battle and while we are winning the support of so many young people and working people throughout the country i have concluded that this battle for the democratic nomination will not be successful and so today i am announcing the suspension of my campaign please know that i do not make this theirs and widely in fact it has been a very difficult and painful decision. now at this point that makes joe biden the former vice president under barack obama into the presumptive nominee for the democratic nomination and joe biden at this point
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is just drive by bernie sanders and his remarks as a decent man and donald trump is the main targets of the democratic party as bernie sanders emphasized he referred to donald trump as one of the worst presidents in u.s. history one of the most dangerous and urged party unity behind joe biden in an effort to defeat donald trump at the polls now let's remember that the democratic national convention has been pushed back to august has been pushed back by a month and at this point sanders did emphasize unlike most candidates who have dropped out of the race and suspended their campaigns that he remains on the ballot and he wants as many delegates as possible going into the convention in the hopes of influencing the party platform now it's also worth noting that sanders emphasized in his remarks that despite losing the electoral victory he feels that his campaign which is significantly to the left of much of the democratic party in
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recent years has won the ideological battle and the issues like national health care and and education and to student debt seem to be quite popular among the rank and file of the democratic party so at this point we've got a presumptive nomination of joe biden down trump is the defacto presumptive nominee of the republicans and it appears that that's how the race will be taking place however this will be solidified at the party conventions that are expected to take place this summer. caleb thanks very much indeed for that caleb moore pin that. e.u. countries have failed to reach an agreement on a large scale stimulus to keep their economies afloat during the coronavirus pandemic several nations refused to support a plan for shared e.u. dead after a meeting of finance ministers this morning but france reportedly hasn't ruled out a package for a smaller group of eurozone members if a deal isn't reached leaving the entire future am purpose of the bloc in doubt
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because all over has more. initially there was huge upset among citizens of spain italy over what they saw as a slow response to the coronavirus from the european union now what we're seeing is the bloc struggling to come to a consensus over what of being called corona bonds these would allow the debts that are being racked up to be sprayed evenly between member states spain italy and france are in favor germany austria and the netherlands very much against speaking on monday german chancellor angela merkel said that germany's economic future was tied to that of europe. it's good germany will only do well in the long run if europe is doing well just look at how our economy isn't why and we are now experiencing what happens when the free movement of goods is not guaranteed therefore the answer can only be more europe and
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a stronger and that europe works well all of its parts that is all its member states. until a merkel favors using the 2012 european stability mechanism that was used during the previous financial crisis but that is left bruno demand the french finance minister pulling his hair out saying that some countries will recover quicker than others using that route nothing would be worse for europe them for bridges states to get off to a quick starts while others who cannot afford it start slowly we all need to recover at the same speed in order to guarantee that the he's in solidarity and unity of the eurozone and our common currency to go back to that idea of more europe that anglo merkel was talking about well the european commission president is also a big fan of on the line putting forward a big european fiscal plan to try and tackle the fallout from cova one thing many
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are calling right now for something which is called the marshall plan well i think the european budget should be the marshall plan we are laying out together as a european union for the european people also getting on side with the wartime metaphor it's been the spanish prime minister better sanches europe has to establish a wartime economy and put in place measures for the defense reconstruction and economic recovery in europe we can turn this crisis in soon opportunity to rebuild a much stronger european union european politicians are under a lot of pressure right now not only looking after the health of their citizens but now. knowing that if they fail to deal with this virus or perhaps even worse they're perceived to a failed to have dealt with this it could well lead to the rise of more extremist politics mcraney believes that nothing will be quite the same again when it ends
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there will be a great opening for populist voices on both the fire rice and the left the anti foreign the anti european the anti global but he also believes there will be a desire for proven leaders and in a version to further disruption there's a lot of people focused right now on what will happen after the battle with the virus will we end up with a more powerful more unified european union or one that specific by extremists at both ends of the political spectrum be troll for r.t. berlin. professor francesca resume things failure to reach an agreement could see a space between the blocks northern and southern members what it really comes down to is not so much the corona bans that going to be difficult to to deal with but what it comes down to is using the european stability mechanism remember that infamous mechanism that supposedly greece but 1st made greece suffer here the
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bigger argument is not whether one uses that and not because i think there is agreement on using that but on whether there should be conditionality in other words the germans are now on side with the french plan away it's actually the dutch that are holding it and they want real strings attached to using that mechanism whereas the italians the spaniards the venge are saying no the only conditionality is the dark money is used for health purposes we're going to take a set but we're seeing some disagreements here what about the unity of the union then is that at stake because we could we perhaps see a breakaway group led by france. i think that if the northern states are not cathal. we will have a division of europe the north and south specifically the northern germanic states the sudden latin ok division to talk about what about perhaps some countries we pushed into following what we're in is just done exiting the union possible
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possible. we really are in the rooms of speculation because if you put your guest of. a wall and said right will they see what distro not and by the way 3 o'clock tomorrow is the crucial deadline i will probably say yes the real problem is that what comes after let's take a look at how the home nations are dealing with the corona virus outbreak 1st minister of wales mark drake for it confirms the country's lockdown will be extended beyond next week as over 100 medics write to the scottish government to address can grave concerns among health workers over the absence of adequate protective gear cases are found in 20 care homes across northern ireland with one resident confirmed dead after testing positive and globally the number of confirmed cases is approaching one and a half 1000000. over 83000 died and over 300000 have recovered 7
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of the 10 worst affected countries in europe with it's in spain reporting the highest death toll globally and the h w h o's regional director has called the outbreak in europe very concerning. still to come this hour. closing schools is likely to have had limited impact on the spread over crowded bars a study suggesting we hear from an expert in sociology. sixer . join me every thursday on the alex song i'm sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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that emir putin has announced a paying cruise for all medical staff involved in fighting the coronavirus pandemic speaking with the heads of russia's regional governments on a video call the russian president compared medics to soldiers on the frontline of war salary increases for doctors nurses and ambulance drivers will be up to add in some cases over the equivalent of a $1000.00 a measure is expected to remain in place for 3 months. pharmacies in scotland the lancashire have reported an upturn in the booze directed at their staff with some even being spat on industry regulator the general pharmaceutical council said it was receiving increased reports of abuse disorder and even violence from members of the public pharmacists who also requested greater protections for its staff from police community pharmacy lancashire which represents over $350.00 chemists in the
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area said there was no excuse for their staff to be shouted all spat at community pharmacies and their teams are on the front line of the response to the coburg 1000 pandemic across lancashire despite this the challenges rumpel abide by the aggressive and in some cases by lewd behavior of members of the public towards our teams we are today asking patients a members of the public to take some very simple steps to help protect these teams so that pharmacies can continue to carry out their critical roles and then sure everyone continues to get the medicines help and support they need when they need it. chair of the pharmacists defense association marco's ill said community pharmacies needed more funding to help deal with increased demand earned the abuse people used to see their local from city owned because it's trying to reduce the risk of coronavirus it's asking people to sunita intervals so pharmacies
1:23 pm
a little crazy no one wants approach to reduce the chance of infection and this is causing it a lot frustration with ice sheets and the course of use of pharmacy stuff until we're health workers in general it's been spotted around the entire country what we do about it do we need legislation or more policing. well actually we've been talking through the association of chile police officer at the ukraine search because you can see they're helping enormously on making sure that they've got these make their presence felt in community pharmacies you asked about legislation there is already legislation existence that protects key n.h.s. personnel but i think when it's so think that's much too easy to deliver and it would make a huge difference we need public support for pharmacists from ministers when they stand on their podiums in london press conferences that would go work a long way to assist the health minister for scotland for example stood up on the podium and said exactly this to the scottish population please recognise the work of community pharmacies as part of the wider n.h.s. and have patients when waiting in queues for help we're not yet getting that
1:24 pm
support in london and that would go a long way to help with the situation or right it could take a while for that to happen if it does indeed happen more pressure from politicians but what about a moment protecting your members pharmacists and security perhaps would that help increasing security in the premises well some community pharmacies have taken on security to help out especially with this one in and one in a situation and this does help. a study has found closing the schools is likely to have only had a very small impact on the spread of the virus. research conducted by the university college london suggest that shutting primary and secondary schools prevented just 2 to 4 percent of deaths related to the virus is far less effective than other social distancing interventions it also highlighted that keeping schools closed did not help control outbreaks of other coronaviruses in mainland china hong
1:25 pm
kong and singapore back in 2003 we know from previous studies that school closures are likely to have the greatest effects if the virus has low transmissibility and attack rates are higher in children this is the opposite of covert 19 data on the benefits of school closures in the covert 19 outbreak is limited but what we know shows that their impact is likely to be only small compared to other if action control measures such as case isolation and is only effective when other social isolates the measures are already here 2 schools have remained closed since march with the exception for children of critical workers and vulnerable peoples the paper also highlighted economic costs and potential harm to children's learning but the epidemiologist devising the government professor neil ferguson said the closures were important for transmission to be reduced while school closure as a measure on its own is predicted to have a limited effectiveness in controlling covert 19 transmission when combined with
1:26 pm
intense social distancing it plays an important role in severing remaining contacts between households and thus in searing transmission declines professor ferguson's work cause the government to u.-turn on its initial strategy of letting the virus spread through the population leading to so-called herd immunity his prediction of 250000 fatalities that the shift to the lock down ferguson himself is currently self isolating with coronavirus symptoms the government said that such measures are needed to protect the n.h.s. and save lives. the decision to close schools was taken in line with scientific advice on how to limit the spread of the coronavirus we asked most children to stay at home in order to protect the n.h.s. and save lives schools will remain closed until further notice except for children of critical workers and the children who are most vulnerable we will reopen schools when the scientific advice indicated the safe to do so professor of sociology of
1:27 pm
robot told me that school's closure is not in the interest of children. well there was never very much evidence of benefit from the from school closures but clearly the government were also facing national positions with half a 1000000 signatures on which setting created a political pressure to slant the science in particular directions i think the thing about school closures is it's one of those it's one of those actions that appears to be easy and appears to be obviously desirable but with a little bit of reflection and the sort of additional evidence that we're now seeing it realise that it's not really in the interests of the children and it's massively destructive to many other sectors of the economy and society that we are trying to keep going sure not in the interest of the children of course and who rarely get severe symptoms but because they do cats and transmit the virus to
1:28 pm
teachers other staff and indeed parents well it's not well demonstrated i mean there is a big difference between coronavirus and influenza which is i think what a lot of the the early measures were based on the assumption they were broadly similar and it with influenza children do indeed get quite sick and small children in particular what we call super spreaders they shed a lot of virus and they do in fact a lot of other people when it comes to transmitting the virus it's not at all clear that. teachers are any more at risk in the classroom and they are travelling to class going about their ordinary everyday lives. and that's all from auti u.k. our colleagues from america will be taking over at the top of the hour from all of the team here in central london about.
1:29 pm
i'm max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is the hedge fund it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these has flaws are simply not accountable and we're just adding more and more to the. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for
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