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tv   News  RT  April 9, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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russia sees a 15 percent surge in covert $900.00 cases that brings the total in the country to more than $10000.00. tell the doc to slam the government for failure to provide protective gear at the hospitals after a surge in infections among frontline medics. funeral service is inadequate or run out of coffins as the covert 19 death toll mounts the government admits the crisis is far worse than official figures suggest we hear from a doctor inside the country. more than 40 health workers have died in the mix of doctors and nurses this is hidden from the public.
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thanks for joining us here with your global news update this is r.t. international. starting with the latest figures on the covert 19 pandemic the number of cases worldwide has now surpassed one and a half 1089000 people have lost their lives the u.s. has the largest number of infections followed by spain and italy and worldwide 337000 people have recovered from the disease. let's start here in russia where the number of confirmed covert 1000 cases is now past 100-1400 new infections were registered in the last 24 hours most of them in moscow and since the start of the outbreak a total of $76.00 people have died so skeered taylor has the latest. well in his
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recent addresses to the nation flaten akutan did say that neither globally nor in russia had the peak of the coronavirus pandemic past and it seems that today's late because do support that overnight russia has registered 1459 new case says that its highest daily rise and a considerable increase in what we saw just even 8 days ago that brings the total number of infected people throughout the country to around 10000 on the current death toll stands at 76 on a more positive note russia is being very active in terms of testing so far around 1000000 tests have been conducted now on wednesday the russian president spoke for a couple of minutes in a televised conference people meeting with reach your thirties and he touched of course upon the cloak of 1000 pandemic that he essentially compared to his medics on the front line up to quite a career in fire with soldiers on
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a roof front and he said that kind of selfless behavior of course had things awarded so to that end he announced an increase in the salary for all nurses for all doctors will ambulance drivers ready for all medical stop and that salary bump is going to last for around 3 months which perhaps gives us an indication of the kind of timeline that russia envisages in its battle with coke at 19 now as is often the case if the capital city has the most densely populated region in any country that is bearing the brunt and deep must account for around 60 percent of all that 19 k. says but that appear to warrant that all regions throughout rush's vast territory must be prepared for potential increases chase says and so get ahead of the curve and ensure that all medical facilities are ready let's assume at nationals new york motion is there that i will start with an overriding priority common to all regions i mean improving the readiness of the many. all institutions and considerably
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increasing their resources and capabilities it is unquestionable priority no hopefully we will not need all the reserves and additional capacities that are being created in the health care system but now we must be ready to fight for the life of every person in every region which will but gradually we can deduce to say that they are looking very chatty at the other actions of the hate yet in other countries in russia we are not in a lockdown as harshest strict as not european nations but we have been advised of course and requested to sit at home insult isolations that either way whichever way we're acting you need to understand that the next few weeks are the most crucial and let's listen to exactly what was said on the issue of this which you only speak to me as you know yesterday i met with some scientists epidemiologists where carefully studying the experience of other countries that are also facing the coronavirus threat and we see that the 1st 4 to 5 weeks from the start of the
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epidemic are the most difficult this means that the next 2 or 3 weeks will be decisive for the development of our situation this is the period when we should fully concentrate our resources strictly comply with the recommendations of doctors and the preventive measures that are being introduced in every region today the russian leader finished up by saying that russia has undergone serious trials because he made reference to several historical moments and battles yet he said they had all been beaten all these problems had been overcome and coronavirus he said no different than still very strong. italy has the highest death toll from covert 19 with more than 17000 lives lost in front line medics are risking their lives with a severe shortage of protective equipment many are taking to the streets urging the government to step in the other day when he has more. on the frontline of this war against kuwait 19 health workers doctors nurses all putting themselves
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in danger to care for those most in need but they too are being infected. it's been a very hard experience very educational drama for me was to have full knowledge of the risk of being connected to the tubes because i perfectly understood the events happening since the outbreak last year more than 3000 health workers across the world have been infected with the disease at least 100 have lost their lives we believe that the lack of p.p. and the problems of supply is undoubtedly linked to the high infection raged and some of the deaths we have seen as well the world health organization has warned that there has been an alarming failure in the global supply of protective clothing match that to the precedents it workload linked to global stock shortages and this
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highlights just how vulnerable health workers oh yet despite this medical staff are still working without proper protection in the u.k. this nurse quit her job after being told that she couldn't wear a mask up on arriving to work while still wearing a mask you asked me for a birth in your office you outlined to me that wearing a mask wasn't following the truss policy and asked me to remove it. to the request later that day while staking blood from one of our patients they accidentally coughed in my face i told you what had just happened however uniformly i will still unable to wear my mask the problems are not confined to one country lack of medical kit just being almost universal some staff of even taken to making their own improvised mosques from thing. like snorkels are using school science goggles all
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in a bid to protect themselves worried workers fearing for their lives have taken to the streets in protest. i. think the. protective clothing face masks goggles is the very least medical workers expect and should have access to these older men and the women carrying out they do tease in them precedented medical emergency we can cut for those every night we can offer them discounts in shops and though all of this is well meant what they really need to have is access to the basic equipment to help keep them safe but really what it is but you could the problem of a lack of protective individual gear is also a problem on the institutional level and this is something that was caused by the tsunami of cases which hit us which overwhelmed things when we found ourselves in
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a state of war with insufficient weaponry and in particular with a reduced number of masks after a while these masks are becoming available now alternatively instead of a surgical mask the population could wear a scarf or something to reduce the admission of droplets surely there would be a less efficient alternative to a surgical mask but it's useable it should motivate us to continue with this social distancing. euro zone finance ministers will resume talks on thursday ended agreeing on a stimulus plan earlier in the week they failed to strike a deal after 16 hours of discussion italy france spain of the 3 e.u. countries worst hit by the pandemic they are pushing for a stimulus that's based on joint e.u. debt nicknamed corona bonds other countries that have resisted the idea saying each cunt. should be responsible for its own debt they include germany austria and the netherlands spain says the block need to look at the core principles that underline
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the european union. we need the help of other countries and that's why the european community was originally formed at that time after a physical war now we are fighting a war against an epidemic. financial consultant i mean wilson believes italy and spain have a good reason to be frustrated by a lack of support from the e.u. . inherently most nations are selfish they're run by politicians who expect are expected by the people they govern to look after them 1st and put their interests 1st we don't see this happen very often i mean something like a sporting tournament you might see it where when nationalism triumphs over maybe you know other emotions but i think that in a situation like this which we've never experienced before and so understandable it's unfortunate but it's understandable the crisis managers in the european commission of need to the other member states haven't done as much for italy as
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they should have at the start and this is the point when he's announcing more relief for a country. i think the italians will take that very very badly in italy where even the north and south divide where they have one strategy moving in the in the north where the epidemic 1st 1st materialized and that was well underway before that even in the south i think that they will be asking some big questions of the european union about what what happened and where were they when they needed and i think the same in spain they were also be asking questions these are countries that affect the combined total of nearly 32000 people die since the pandemic and that's a lot of citizens to be losing particularly when you feel you should be having help coming to you from brussels. ecuador has now one of the worst hit countries in south america officially just 242 people have died there from corona
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virus but testing is still limited and even the president has admitted that the actual figure is much higher with hundreds dying at home on a daily basis and in many cases relatives know where to bury their loved ones. yeah i was god i came here to look for my dead relatives with the papers i can't find the body one day she days 3 days 4 days 5 days and they call find it. hit me it like this i'm sleeping here outside the building i have fever i'm taking care of seed small my bones hurt and all that because i want to bury my moderately .
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yeah. yeah i know that he was. taken the good and good they believe they did good in 1000 those things but they are worthless and worthless because they put on our relatives bodies it can't be long in there because god coffin. they get when. they go one cardboard gets wet what happens it isn't a great doesn't it imagine transports in the course and it starts raining it will just integrate. hospitals across ecuador are unable to cope with the influx of 1000 patients many people have been refused treatment and died at home he spoke to
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a doctor in ecuador who asked to remain anonymous he said that dozens of medics have also died. shortages in all pharmacies both public. and private hospitals where there are not enough beds no ventilation device is key to saving lives unfortunately we often had to wait for one patient to die to give another his bread and breathing apparatus more than 40 health workers have died in the pandemic doctors and nurses this is hidden from the public it is important to understand that medical personnel cannot work in such conditions so for example on friday hospital when going a quill had to be closed as there were simply no protective equipment the situation with abandoned again bodies will cause the pandemic to worsen due to diseases caused by the decomposition of corpses if i could contact the w.h.o. in the pan american health organization i would ask them to intervene in ecuador and provide this distance to the city of goma quil needs. we heard from ronnie santos an official in ecuador. and control lucas
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a former deputy foreign minister they both think that ecuador was completely unprepared for the pandemic. no one was ready for corona virus but the government should be able to respond to a possible outbreak of the disease that started as an epidemic then became a pandemic it is obvious that the public health system must respond unfortunately many of the hospitals built during the 10 years of the civil revolution were almost abandoned and many doctors and health workers were laid off therefore it turned out to be difficult to confront this kind of situation without hospitals and doctors and in addition the presidential administration has demonstrated its inability to act the reality is that none of the measures that the government took worked since the start the government has acted in accordance with our described development but it was lying reporting no deaths while on the streets leave the bodies of dozens of dead people obviously when a government lies to itself its response cannot be adequate no one of the thunder
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but it may. in fact the situation in ecuador is now disastrous reason for this is that our health care system was almost destroyed destroyed key posts were assigned to people who did not have enough training to ensure the functioning of the system bodies on the streets no one removes no established procedure for the collection of bodies they invent some kind of proprietary protocol according to which you have to wait several hours before picking up the body but the citizens of ecuador did not deserve such a careless negligent attitude on the part of the officials who now stand at the head of the ministry of health we observe a careless attitude on the part of the government which was created to protect the interests of those in power the financial elite in areas of the province of quietus where the wealthiest segments of the population live doctors come to patients houses while ordinary people called 911 in the hope that someone will answer them
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and explain something but no one will answer them people wait several days for them to do the test. and no one cares about that. american farmers a tipping down the. spike of food shortages caused by the long full story after the break. during this crisis the question always ben. jay powell over there at the federal reserve or other central bankers and flavor reflate or pump up. quick enough
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to hurt any downdraft in the stock market i know economically that's got a lot of problems associated with that but that's the big question. the world is driven by shaped by. the day or thinks. we ask.
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welcome back to the united states registered almost 2000 deaths from covert 19 on wednesday that's the highest daily figure for any country since the start of the pandemic brings the total that's almost 15000 high even the spy with unemployment soaring millions of struggling just to put food on the table yet in rural america produce is going to waste a lot more pain reports. sometimes we seem to live in parallel reality across the united states store shelves are empty and food banks are reporting long lines and a shortage of donations at the same time we have farmers across america jumping gallons and gallons of dairy products. saying that they have no one to buy them.
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how is this even possible demand for milk and cheese and other dairy products is high yet they are unable to sell them the pandemic is requiring self isolation bars and restaurants are closed as a result people are running to their local supermarkets and the shelves are quite empty most american farmers are wholesalers meaning they sell to retailers not directly to supermarkets and if you are a farmer who sells to a retailer that supplies restaurants they cannot buy anything so you have to rapidly reorient to selling to supermarkets the problem is the factories or processors who are using products specifically for the retail industry like restaurants for example those little tiny packs of butter that you may get in a restaurant but you can't just take that to the grocery store and sell it to the consumer it's not just melt meat and vegetables are in a similar situation producers do not have enough customers left and supermarket
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chains are unable to restock when they run out lots of food is going to waste in addition tighter border controls are making it harder for producers to hire immigrant workers with harvest just around the corner this presents a big problem it could lead to fruits and crops rotting in the fields with no workforce to reap them many are wondering why all the food that's being thrown away due to market disruptions cannot just be provided to food banks if you wanted to reorganize it to move the milk not according to the market where it will be paid for but to give it to charity you would have to we organize the whole sale of the storage the trends or it and that's precisely the kind of a range. that could only be done if it were planned for in advance at this point it's haphazard we don't have train traffic as we normally do we do not have
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truck traffic as we normally did there is no coordination the major effort of the government is to appear to be in control when it isn't it said a government that is focused on reelection and not on dealing with this problem it's really like the 930 s. the great depression. coming down into the united states economy. the crisis unfolding in the united states seems to be bad for every 100 people cannot get food from food banks consumers ready to buy food find empty shelves in stores meanwhile farmers have to dump their products because they are unable to sell it caleb martin artsy new york. the u.k. has one of the world's fastest rising death tolls from cova 19 with more than 900
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lives lost on wednesday bringing the total there to 7000 and the are growing signs of panic people reporting on neighbors seem to be breaking rules on social distancing part which has the story. the british are found out on tell tales there's even an old nursery rhyme that graphically condemns those who inform on others tilt your tongue shall be slit and all the dogs in the town chill have a little bit but since the u.k. went into lockdown on march the 23rd fia of the coronavirus and frustration at others ignoring stay at home rules mean police stations have been inundated by snitches one senior policeman urged the public to stop it and instead choose a polite disapproval but other british police forces and all sorts is around the world are taking advantage of this trend and encouraging their citizens to watch and reports hotlines have been established apps been developed and online forms
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published for denouncing rule breakers in the us what was once socially condemned is now officially remunerated you know the old expression about snitches well in this case snitches get rewards we want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe as anyone can transmit the disease everyone is under scrutiny in germany politicians have seen reported for not keeping enough distance while scotland's chief medical officer ended up losing her job dr catherine calderwood was caught visiting her 2nd homes twice in a fortnight contrary to her own official advice photos of her were leaked to the press and she resigned but there's already been a backlash to the rise in social censorship. is that and frank wouldn't have lasted a week with all the sneetches the thing they have the moral high ground for reporting on the neighbors activities. an absurd amount of people in this country are going to turn into 1st class snitches and when this ands they'll keep reporting
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their neighbors to the police this is obviously an undercurrent that goes into a company is there so i mean it's sort of positioned in framed as you are doing your civic duty you are protecting everybody but it has deeper ramifications than that we must be very careful it is fear based absolutely people do have judgment about them about what other people are doing what's in your basket is that shopping essential why did you go out how long was your exercise how long were you on that bench for we have to be really careful sociologists claim snitching is based on fear or often surges in times of crisis and historically such as under the nazis when all sorts is encouraged social spying it can bring out the worst in people libertarians argue that look down restrictions hit the poorest hardest and shaming risks inflaming social divisions at a time when unity is needed but the rule followers argue this situation is temporary and a small sacrifice for a much bigger picture this is
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a national emergency is not a national holiday it's important people understand that everyone must stay at home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus this includes people of all ages even if you do not have any symptoms of the health condition before the coronavirus struck the world was becoming more polarized economically and politically coded 19 is also having the global impact not only in loss of life and social disruption but in highlighting humanity's extremes arguably balancing these extremes to target a common viral enemy is the reasonable response and to prevent it a social divide being the legacy of the coronavirus after its physical effects have been conquered hate partridge party love the. coronavirus pandemic continues so we had our tear here. for you with all the latest information bring you coverage on our website and on all the different forms of social media plus of course around
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the clock live broadcasts from our studios in moscow blundered washington d.c. stay informed stay with. because the slowness of the mood of them so moving. to build your school or local
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was before. much of those who heard the preview or was further reduced to c.m. with the north we hope will. move the bulk mobile really. cool show you just look beautiful live i mean it's been a look or a good. move and slow most of his goals will give you forms for good golf. to go to shows a look but look your simu will want me to show the story to you should go. to startups to hold off some to kids who need to do it with the little one wished they'd still get is a. chance to schneider's test just not the mashed old truck to stop the president and please control his project until.
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the 3 of petitions to go through this were to snip them little knew it because that was the cousin with you sir your supporters to your sure as they should shouldn't for you should cook dorothy was deal does the request. i don't trust medical authority at all ever and the reason for that is i had this horrible autoimmune disorder growing up and it turns out it was completely alleviated with very drastic dietary measures and i went to a number of doctors to discuss what happened to me and i was basically laughed at like diet has nothing to do with our immune disorders so my suggestion to people who have health issues they can't figure out if they're going to see a medical professional and they've been going for 10 years and they're still in the same place they should probably take it upon themselves to start testing things out
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testing out diet testing out exercise and try and figure out things on their own. from. greetings and sell you. here in the united states we've lost conservatively conservatively more than 12000 individual souls to the cold virus and that number is only going to rise for the time this tragedy has run its course mainly because our political leaders failed to act when they should have in the wake of
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the tragedy of hard question.


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