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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 10, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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that's unnecessary costly. and doesn't social good at all. greetings and salad you take issue with another we could down another about to begin we have to sit step back and ask ourselves where do where do it where does everything stand auk watchers this week saw the end of the bernie sanders campaign for president of the united states after the man himself took to the airwaves wednesday to announce he was suspending his campaign and in a final showing of heart and true to the character of the amount senator 5 secure sanders campaign manager also announced this week that campaign workers would remain on the campaign's health care plan through october and if you think that's not really
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a big deal just ask all those laid off bloomberg campaign staffers who are now having to sue the former new york city mayor claiming they were promised jobs and health care through november regardless of whether he won the democratic nomination or not so with sanders now gone that leaves us with the all inspiring history making amazing stories is a sitting president trump or the former vice president joe biden yeah donald trump and joe biden. wow i mean wow what a what a testament to the intelligence originality and trailblazing leadership that we've come to expect from the 2 party dictatorship that brought us a crippled infrastructure neverending regime change wars an economy based on 21st century indentured servitude and the biggest prison proper relation in the world not to mention the now over 400000 didn't over 16000 deaths from coded
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19 but fear not my fellow americans because at the rate at that at the rate we're going our elected officials are her calling him combating this pandemic most of us might not even live to see election day this november on thursday after being asked whether a nationwide testing system for the virus is necessary before sending people back to work our great brand name in chief donald trump said simply no. in response to the donald dr david robb davidson an emergency position in the executive director of the committee to protect medicare told the media quote if he tries to open things up without adequate testing we are doomed on this donald trump is totally wrong and is setting us up for a 2nd wave of cases so with covert 19 breathing down our necks in an election featuring joe biden and donald trump on the horizon i think now more than ever my friends we need to start watching the hawks. if you want to go on
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a city street. that are so slick see that as this you always state i'll see a. great city displaced systemic deceptions so which i will so when the bill is. welcome everybody to watch your entire over the internet i'm mr coffee and joining us today to talk. presidential politics in the state of u.s. leadership is the host of the world according to jesse former governor former minnesota governor jesse ventura thank you for got on jesse always a pleasure. good tyrrel after listening to that opening it sounds like you're setting the table for me to jump in and run. well i mean if after seeing the 2 candidates that we're stuck with i think a lot of people might look to
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a 3rd party i want to ask you with what sanders suspending his campaign this week you know that means that the 2 parties are essentially giving us the choices of one donald trump and joe biden this november for president one of these 2 choices mean for the future of this country as a 3rd party candidate like yourself. well it means the same thing as usual they'll be polarization on both sides they won't come together on issues that really affect the people i'm sure they'll get along fine when it comes to waging war throughout the world with other countries unfairly and you know supporting the military industrial complex which they both are highly into will do that i absolutely but for the present 3rd party candidate it shows me right now that it's wide open i firmly believe a 3rd party candidate could do very very well in this election because as i you know i'm not traveling about now but when i did travel around before before we were
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put in our houses people would come up to me all the time and asked me please run them so i have somebody to vote for i think it's really a situation right now where 50 percent of americans don't vote because they don't feel they have anyone they can vote for yes they can vote against someone but you shouldn't vote that way you should vote for someone i remembered 2000 i voted for ralph nader because i wanted ralph to be the president i might add i never vote for democrats or republicans and i certainly. this started they are the problem not the solution. and just think in the response to this pandemic we've seen a contentious battle emerge between state governors and the top administration over the distribution of medical supplies and support the new york times of their governors who criticize the president would put their states at risk of getting short shrift from the federal government as a former governor how it should respond to the trump administration's praise us or will punish you at its towards federal assistance to the states. it doesn't
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surprise me because that's the way he's operated from day one anyone who criticizes him gets called names gets called their son matt and truly gets shoved aside you're either with him or you're against him there's no middle ground in between and there doesn't seem to be any negotiating that a lever take place donald trump backs more like a dictator probably than any president that i've seen in my lifetime and i'm 68 years old i go all the way back i don't remember harry truman but i was there for one year and then i was alive during the white eisenhower and of course the greatest president of all time john kennedy you know why i call him the greatest president of all time in modern era because they allowed him to serve the least. that statement so let me ask you this this week there was once again talk of
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sending people back to work before there was actual adequate testing for the virus at least across the country are the elected leaders this isn't just on donald trump but on the elected leaders of the united states essentially saying that our economy is more important than our own safety. you know in essence that's what they're saying there they're weighing bolts and they're putting them on the scale and they realize that the economy's going to suffer it's going to suffer it's going to suffer the longer this goes on and so by sending people back to work early it will boost up the economy but there could end up. more fatalities and things like that you have to remember government in high places looks at these deaths as just collateral damage for the big picture they always look at the big picture it's like some little children are adverse to these vaccines i went to i went to a thing in chicago once where i met 15 children who were not were normal who are now drooling in wheelchairs because of vaccine they were required to get to go to
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school well they they have no nothing they could do they can't go to court no doctor will say the vaccine caused it they're just listed as collateral damage people need to understand collateral damage is big in the big picture of government they look at it if a few people die oh well that's just collateral damage. you recently traveled from mexico back to minnesota driving across the country doing early weeks of the coronavirus lockdown what experience what was that experience like and how are people in various states reacting to the virus and the lockdown. well i'll say this it was very unique to travel across the country because number one i never saw the people so friendly and willing to help out there was a comrade to read that was forming their of what can i do for you what can we all do for each other which is a good thing another good thing i'm travelling was the hope the hotels and motels
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were very you could get your pick of where you wanted to stay now as far as eating went fast food probably is thriving right now we did stop at some of our favorite restaurants and what it required we went and put our order in came back and got it have basically ate as room service now the big war on gas is going on so gas prices are the lower slave revenue 20 years ya gotta love that when i can fill up my pickup truck for 20 dollars an hour 25 dollars. you know it used to be $50.00 to $75.00 to fill up and so there are a lot of good things about traveling now but i urge people not to do it because the bad outweighs the good if you go out there and travel and you get sick you're going to be more worse off doing mad than travel only if you have to right now i know the governor of minnesota waltzers just extended hours we're now to may 4th stuck in
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our houses you know it's interesting just to talk about that camaraderie and you know i get this kind of real sense and looking at how you know washington d.c. and wall street are responding to this virus and then how every day folks across the country can say mainstream responding there's a virus you know what differences do you see that give you hope in terms of how us common u.s. citizens are trying to beat this and trying to get ahead of this. it shows them becoming active it shows them participating it shows them you know being vigilant i see it on the end of my show be vigilant people we need to be vigilant now more than ever this is a world epidemic here looked at the prime minister of england is in critical condition right now it knows no barriers rich or poor granted the poor are going to get hit worse because they're probably congregated closer together and they don't
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have access to rich people health care and all that but this knows no limits you and that's why i think it is ridiculous i do it on my show today talking about the united states is still setting out to go to war with iran and they're still holding up the embargo with iran can't they set aside politics when you've got a machinable disaster like this and people start working together we can get along with our enemies they're only enemies because it's political. statement in a van and a true statement and you know it you know it is. you look at the situation that day you know you have to ask why why are we still feeding a war machine when when the real war is with the microscopic or german you know not our neighbors and if we can get along state to state and person to person neighbor to neighbor why can't we get along with the rest of the world right now what is the incentive. we can that's just it we can but they don't want to stew they want to keep up their trivial war to keep the economy rolling tell you gotta remember
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world war based economy and how it's going to take drastic measures to change that you have to create jobs in a different element now keep people working but don't keep them working for the good of war that's what they've done to us it's taken them 5075 years do white eisenhower the president back in the fifty's warned us of the military industrial complex take over it's happened i mean we look at people now as heroes you're a hero if you travel halfway around the world and kill people you don't even know for a reason that really doesn't even affect you and they'll call you a hero for that you're not a hero for that i hear always someone who saves a life not takes it i'm a former navy seal i don't consider myself a hero because i was never trained to save a life i was only trained to take them. just to get to say always a pleasure having you dad and thanks them happy that you got back up safe and i
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know that your heart goes out to everybody out there for inviting through this disease we're at now thank you so much for coming on today. you're welcome always a pleasure and everyone keep the faith and space vigilant. all right as we're going to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on the man through the brand new portable t.v. which of the one smartphones through google play on the apple app store by searching portable t.v. or stream most to your t.v. by downloading the portable t.v. after an apple t.v. and online once again a portable t.v. be this app will be available onboard the vices coming soon speaking of coming soon r.t. america correspondent john hardy brings us a look at how latin america and south america are good project the pandemic and our 2 americas 3 chavez breaks down the latest in the u.s. virus epicenter in new york that's coming up next so stay tuned to watch in the hopes.
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the. humanity is on the edge of the precipice thanks to continuing destruction of the natural world. you just seem laid out a lot of bills that's a cool thing to see could losing myself and only to. the people who make. less than nothing you can hold up. but then you. got all of the 30 or the.
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dealing in the muslim world as a little book you sit around and stuff it and shit them see that is a ruse the. human activity has brought us to. the brink of the world's 6th major extinction event and the people in this film just can't take it anymore. with the coronavirus now with fish we declare dependent makes the world faces the additional burden of an oil market collapse this comes at a time when demand for crude was already some her calling this the ultimate perfect storm. is because. i don't trust medical authority at all ever and the reason for that is i had
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this horrible autoimmune disorder growing up and it turns out it was completely alleviated with very drastic dietary measures and i went to a number of doctors to discuss what happened to me and i was basically laughed at like diet has nothing to do with our immune disorders so my suggestion to people who have health issues they can't figure out if they're going to see a medical professional and they've been going for 10 years and they're still on the same place they should probably take it upon themselves to start testing things out testing out diet testing out exercise and try and figure out things on their own. many latin american countries are steeped in the war on poverty families are
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struggling in a path to economic success is wishful thinking at this the economic commission for latin america in the caribbean highlighted the proper proportion of people living in extreme poverty and to no surprise it's risen to the highest levels since 200-8191 1000000 latin americans don't have access to clean water food or health care now with the coronavirus adding more pressure latin americans many struggling areas find themselves at their breaking point party correspondent john hardy has more from miami. in ecuador's coastal city of y a q a cardboard coffins were stacked up outside the more the country of 17000000 people has more than 4000 cases of corona virus and at least 200 deaths ecuador's health care system is having a hard time keeping up with the rising cases and increasing fatalities particularly in some of the poorest rural areas where bodies like this one sometimes lay in homes for days before being removed many latin american countries are seeing
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a sharp increase in corona virus cases adding stress to the already fragile economies in mexico social distancing is required as streets are sanitized and neighborhoods disinfected mexico has close to $3000.00 cases of coronavirus and rising. in peru the military is guarding the country's borders with ecuador and chile to prevent people from illegally crossing over peru also has close to 3000 cases of corona virus and more than 100 deaths chile has the 2nd highest number of coronavirus cases in south america with more than 5000 at this point and 43 confirmed deaths brazil has the highest number of cases more than 14000 a number that continues to soar 3 weeks ago brazil a country of 212000000 had less than a 1000 cases of corona virus a brazilian president. has been one of the world's skeptics when it comes to the
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deadly virus at times disregarding his own health department social distancing and isolation orders. there have been daily protests against full sonora by those quarantined in their homes banging pots and pans as a sign of anger and south paulo open graves remain ready for what will be an influx of bodies as the country's death toll has increased 30 percent since the start of the pandemic there to more than $700.00 meanwhile in the central american country of nicaragua the country's president daniel ortega. hasn't been seen in public for more than 25 days now not even attending the funeral of a close friend recently ortega has also been one of the more vocal skeptics of the corona virus allowing schools and businesses to mostly remain open in his country nicaragua is only reporting 6 cases of the virus and one confirmed death some say perhaps this is strategic by ortega laying low staying out of sight and then reappearing just in time for easter sunday for r
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t john how to. end the coronavirus plague cities across america with death tolls in new orleans chicago and the virus epicenter new york city making daily headlines new york's working class is the hardest hit these low wage hourly workers are on the front lines and cannot social distance daily they take public transit pray for their own families and go about their lives trying to make ends meet working in your local grocery stores pharmacies dropping off your insta cart and. thousands of low paid workers simply cannot afford to stay at home and their jobs put them face to face with coping 1000 every day often with little to no protection recent reports indicate that dozens of transit workers have lost their lives to the virus and for all of president trump's outrage with china new research indicates that new york's outbreak originated in your party's tranny shop is reports. that i'm going to bring.
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you. here today the coronavirus continuing to take a dramatic toll on new york it's like a battlefield behind your house the number of coronavirus cases and now more than 150000 with more than 7000 deaths. the virus having the biggest impact on some of the new york city's poorest areas the disparities that have plagued the city this nation. that are all about fundamental inequality are once again causing such pain. and causing people innocent people to lose their lives it's just abundantly clear it's sick it's troubling it's wrong new data showing jackson heights elmhurst and corona queens have higher numbers of coronavirus cases than in wealthy mostly white parts of manhattan. people.
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oh it's terrifying here because we're downwind of this of a hospital that's a percentage of the death of the national crisis while queens the epicenter of the outbreak in new york city accounts for more than 3200 factions many are still forced to continue to go to work. want to. keep. many low wage workers on the front lines from grocery store employees to public transportation workers all deemed essential working around the clock during the pandemic right now everybody who are here receive a large if they still work in the m.t.a. confirming the corona virus has claimed the lives of 41 transit workers in 5 weeks and more than 6000 have fallen sick or self quarantined this as new research shows
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that the novel coronavirus likely circulated in new york for weeks undetected with more new york infections coming from europe and not asia critics pointing out that the findings contradict president trump's argument that his ban on travelers from china in late january delayed the arrival of the virus to the u.s. reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . wow it's incredible seeing you know the differences between you know what's happening in the u.s. and the similarities between what's happening in the u.s. on what's happening in. south america. i'm just i'm still angry that this is happening in the 1st voice and i think that we all should be a think that it's important to consider some of the similarities like you mentioned the populations that are the most affected ironically look the exact same there are people who cannot social distance they are your low wage workers they are the people who are trying to make ends meet the same people who are affected in latin american countries are the ones who will be affected in new york chicago new orleans the only thing the huge difference is our american infrastructure is the
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post to be built to decrease the the offsets of things like this you're supposed to be able to have certain safety net programs you're supposed to be able to have certain levels of access to health care to clean water and what we're continuing to discover as this pandemic goes on is that thousands of people across america don't have those basic things either no i mean it really i think if anything what we've learned over the last few weeks is the i think world we're a 1st world country in name only and i hate to blame your country's 1st 3rd world you know but when you look at like how we've responded and how our infrastructure has responded it's not the infrastructure response that you would expect from a supposedly great nation on the hill one of the beacons and big superpowers of the world no i think we're a superpower because what we have more bells and whistles the by. no i think that's absolutely correct because what we see is that there is such a great difference between the haves and the have nots and people like bernie sanders you know he's since dropped out of the presidential race but people like
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him have spoken about this for a very long time and right now i think that this is something that america gets to see on a grand scale in new york you're seeing those that it may head and those who you know are making 67 figures and they're going to be fine but you're seeing those who live outside of that area who are struggling every day and they were struggling before coronavirus but now they are there waiting for someone to come in and save them and we're not seeing that happen america can't stand as the shining beacon on the hill and we're literally watching our own people die you know we cannot have 60 . valen is probably going to be more as each day progresses and i just don't see an end in sight because i don't see anyone no no political leader the medical profession has come up and said here is the exit strategy ultimately we have to ride the virus out until we can get treatment or vaccine but you don't see a lot of political leaders in this country actually stepping up in a very few stepping up saying ok because this is what has to happen next this is what happened have to next because they're all too afraid to upset the donor party
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right they're all too afraid to upset the upper crust and say hey guess what you guys are going to lose money and that's just the case in order to save lives absolutely we're actually seeing them take the total opposite stance and try to push forward a stop date to send people back to work knowing that this is going to not be alleviated any time soon quickly actually we're seeing a spread in some cities and some areas particularly low areas that we didn't see beforehand i'm going to ask you a quick was to the fore we go but do you think we're going to see a political revolution in this country kind of spring forth from all of this crisis at least ideologically i believe we're going to be forced to see your father's point earlier there is now a growing call for some 3rd party leadership i think people who haven't really paid attention to 3rd parties before are starting to pay attention now there is also the piece that they don't believe that the left or the right is handling this extremely well and they're not because they're the ones who brought us to this point you can't you know they can't they can't say oh we didn't see it coming because you guys all had advance knowledge and the country should have been prepared for this whether you knew a virus was coming or not a boy
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a boy lost the talk about we will be back in a week with brand new episodes but for right now that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are told that we are loved not so i tell you all i love you tyrone but and i'm going to keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great night everybody. this
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is a story of women and women with troubled histories and complex cold cases you know some of those deadly really awful lives out there. where not. the person that cares if she's innocent be they are considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. body off 23 hours of the day tell me that it's not enough and it had welded women on death row on our team. because the swarms of them so moving. and good your local was before. much of those who heard the breed you. see him with the north we go we're going to. move. move but it.
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will show you that look beautiful live look i mean it's a good look or a good. move just like most of these girls will give you films for go go go. go go to shows so look i do the same you belong in. the story moves or you should go. to starbucks to get to meet until it was the middle of the mist. they'd say look it is it's. complex not distance just need a master stroke or something that it can be controlled as much. as we have produced because listening to sniper come with a mule because that is the cause of it for his supporters to go she shouldn't
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striation the door for one whose deal does the impulse to. the war. today we discuss why the u.s. and iran are inching towards a military confrontation in iraq we also reveal what europe is doing to go around us sanctions to help iran fight the corona virus outbreak sit tight the show starts now. i'm just a bit turd. what. i would call. the world according to justice. i am for you to fantastic are our top story today we.


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