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tv   In Question  RT  April 21, 2020 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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hello there i'm going to your watching in question broadcasting live from our ti american national headquarters in washington d.c. i want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here at tonight's top stories 1st over to new york a state with some 19000000 people will begin aggressive antibody testing to figure out how many people were infected with cold and 19 we'll get you a full report on that coming up plus the 1st sailor from the virus stricken u.s.s. theodore roosevelt has died from cold at 19 in guam where hundreds of sailors are still being tested and quarantined in hotels having some of the locals begin to worry we'll talk with someone who's on the ground to explain then boeing is
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reopening some of its airplane manufacturing plants bringing thousands of employees back to work in multiple states where stay at home mandates remain in place all right it's time to turn news i q. 19 continues to live up to its name of this global pandemic as confirmed cases worldwide top over 2000000 the latest count shows about 2400000 cases with about 168000 deaths and then taking a closer look at this nation the u.s. now reporting over 776000 confirmed cases and more than $40000.00 deaths now a total of $3800000.00 people were tested here in america 600000 of those are all in new york that's still the epicenter of this outbreak where hundreds continue to die. very thing all day but now there is growing pressure to reopen some parts of
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the fate of trinity chavez has the report. 51 days after the 1st case of corona virus was reported in new york to date the state has nearly 250000 infections and more than 18000 people have died but today some good news the question for us is we are are we past the apex we have had a number of days that have seen a reduction the reduction is of course the board. but while the spread of the virus appears to be slowing down the daily death toll still horrifically high 478 deaths reported just yesterday the lowest number of deaths so far many hospital still full with kovan 1000 patients. everybody. oxygen hundreds of doctors and nurses now transferred into city hospitals to help
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because of the lack of demand at the temporary hospital at the javits center then a wall fishel say the york is beyond its peak there is growing pressure to reopen the state we need to. be going to keep my family eating. so we have to take a rest governor cuomo saying before the state can ease restrictions testing of the coronavirus has to drastically increase but he needs the help of the federal government the national manufacturers will say well it's not that easy i can't get the chemicals the chemicals from to come from china i can't make the vials fast enough i can't make the swabs fast enough so i don't know what's right or what's wrong with that national supply chain question but that's where the federal government could help intense conflict between new york officials and president trump growing new york city mayor bill de blasio blasting the president over the weekend the president's been silent to present what's going on cat got your tongue
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you're usually really talkative. you usually have an opinion on everything how on earth do you not have an opinion on aid to america's cities and states how on earth do you think that new york city which has been the epicenter of this crisis can get back on our feet without federal support this says a state rules out antibody testing to help determine how many new yorkers were infected with the disease starting today a sample of 3000 state residents will start receiving tests from the state department of health to detect the presence of antibodies produced by people infected with coded 19 but the u.s. government's top infectious disease expert dr anthony found she is urging caution a few countries have taken anybody tests and found out after buying millions of them that they actually don't work so i give it as a cabbie up because. we need to get a test that works and that's that's reproducible dr that even if there was
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a test that works there are still so many 'd questions that need to be answered including whether having an entire body means that the person who was infected with coded 19 is immune to the virus reporting in new york city each of us are 2. u.s. navy sailor is in trouble with authorities now after he was caught on security cams leaving his room at a hotel in where he along with other sailors were on a precautionary 2 we quarantine after having potentially been exposed to cope at 19 aboard the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt and that sailor was returned to naval base qualms where he is now subject to disciplinary action by the military sailors and guam are currently required to stay in their rooms for 14 days as part of their orders by rear admiral stuart baker so for more on this growing threat on this tiny island i spoke earlier with dr thomas shea he is the president of the guam medical association and dr she
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is also an o.b. g.y.n. and retired navy lieutenant commander here's some of what he had to say. i can tell you that the sailor will be disciplined this is not something i was taken seriously not seriously but i think i once took up and given the order to use fame place you violated order my bit you'll be undergoing chapman's mass or maybe even more as a court martial so hopefully that no more still it'll be trying to escape from the rooms but i think what we'll see what happens yeah i imagine they want to make an example of him so that way other sailors aren't going to try to do the same thing after getting bored being stuck in their rooms and dr b. you were the 1st andy on the island to reach out to the governor of guam to call for an immediate lockdown given that guam has such a tiny population of under 200000 around 12000 of those are u.s. military members how critical are no measure is there now to flatten the curve.
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oh it's very critical i think across the country. but a fragile health care system here we have what we have what we luckily what we have here is a flat and i love our island pretty flat compared to new york city singapore which is charming with 3000 residents in 14 i think it's important to note that kwame just really quickly flat so i think over. that situation but i swore i asked the staff in the curve who have to think over the last few days we had 0 positives so that's a good sign but we're not going to get enough but again across the country we're not just big enough but right now i think we have about 136 positives who tested nearly. ok now as for the navy goes i think that just about 63000 nearly 4300 right now it's going up to 672 just positive so we're
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testing and i think the key is to isolate going to nicely and the lockdown is happening but i think there are some. people bit in across the country as well. and given your experience and expertise and up to tricks how concerned are you about the spread of the virus among the pregnant women on the island and the risk that this virus can pose to the fetus or babies. i know that the china will haunt the school ameri but i think there's a few cases that they say that there is sort of a transmission transmission from the mother to the baby so i think time will tell time will tell 'd what's going to happen here certainly there's no universal testing that we have doing for the mother so i think right now what we still trying to do is trying to some way to cope in 1000. in the emergency room 'd and i.c.u. and also 'd in the urgent care yes i think we're doing a pretty good job as far as isolating it's just and goes and screening i mean right
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now we don't really have any mom's per se that we have tested positive but again 1st of the transmission the deadest preliminary and we're going to see months down the role as what he forms and how do you predict the virus shaking out among the military population as a whole will the numbers match up to the civilian population or will they be higher will they be lower. or i expect. the number to be much 572 if you think about it a ship it's a tight quarters and a u.s. naval ship with 400-5000 sailors on board they have about 2.22.5 percent positive that's $672.00 so far and nearly $4000.00 tested negative know what your view of them were asymptomatic that these are healthy sailors so uncertain is that if you're asymptomatic there's a positive that has a concern and that's the date of this coming out of elsewhere in the state as well but the concern is far as the military in a community i don't think we're dead concerned because the military is doing
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a very good job isolating it pointing them in hotels so we'll see what happens the next week or so because i think it's up to weeks now that the steelers have been pointing yeah absolutely the military can punish everybody for not following the rules unlike the civilians out here we will leave it right there thank you thank you so much for sharing your insight and expertise with beth dr thomas shea from guam thank you. while many around the country are protesting to get back to business as usual today one business actually is are to his fair project is joining us now with more on boeing employees heading back to work area i mean how is this even possible well middle we're actually talking 27000 employees going back to work in washington state which is actually the very 1st state to see the outbreak of covert 19 now this is the very 1st business on a large scale to get back to work but it's not going to be business as usual now during the weeks long shutdown boeing did go through and did
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a deep cleaning at their facility near seattle but in light of the outbreak things aren't going to be as usual now boy will have employees come in and a staggered shift times there's going to be marks on the floor for that 6 foot social distancing workers are going to have to wear face masks and there will also be wellness checks every shift where you'll see voluntary temperature screenings now washington state is still under a stay at home order but boeing's assembly operations are considered essential business making them exempt now monday workers for the 737-747-7677 extension 77 planes they're going to be back at work with most of all of those 27000 employees returning to work on wednesday wow. but now boeing has had a lot going on obviously. in particular with those max jets and those 2 fatal crashes but everybody still remembers fresh in our minds and the planes are still grounded it's been over a year how could boeing bring back these employees when all these planes are
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grounded and no one is traveling so how does that make any sense adding that to that. boeing customers who actually canceled their orders as well we're talking canceling $150.00 jets alone in march and just today company shares fell more than 3 percent after the china development bank financial leasing company they canceled their purchase of $29.00 boeing $737.00 max jets still though well. when did have an order to make 31 jets but those are for military aircraft and actually one is a freighter for 5 x. but then just in the past day you had a big order come in from germany with the country's defense minister confirming their decision of ordering 30 f.a. 18 super hornets and 15 growlers bell ok what about this coronavirus stimulus bill you had many on both sides of the aisle getting angry at boeing that they roughly got what $25000000000.00 or so despite their massive failures especially with those
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max jets i mean they're getting bailout right but that bell out of $25000000000.00 though there are some strict conditions on that one namely that the money can only be used to continue paying their nearly 161000 employees all the way to september they can't have any job cuts or layoffs now when the bill was signed even president he recognized boeing's failures but said it was important to keep them afloat listen here. we have a great plan for the airline it's going to keep the early kill you know. it's a very vital business for the country we live in and they have been devoting. you know so much potential you talk about potential can anything have more potential than that. you know a major industry for the united states now middle of boeing c.e.o. says that as far as reopening and there are new safety measures in place the company is in uncharted territory intended and it could forever change the business and the industry because of this pandemic but that boeing is taking it day by day and hoping that it's going to come out strong and competitive now. fronsac thank
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you for giving us that update what a wild story thank you. and elsewhere around the world german chancellor angela merkel urged her fellow citizens to remain on alert as the country takes its 1st steps in reopening some businesses and restarting public life last friday federal and state officials ruled to reopen non-essential shops but with some hygiene precautions however merkel warns that the country could. returned to a full shutdown of corona virus infections began to rise again. and florida has reopened some of its beaches which immediately began to be swarmed by people but is this the move state officials might regret later and then over in the sports age she rejoined hamm brings us one tennis coach's idea to bring the sport back to the court will see.
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the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person with those words. who dares thinks. we dare to ask. anyone else chose seemed wrong all right old quotes just don't hold. any old if you get to shape out these days you come out to it and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we
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choose to look for common ground. right beaches and jacksonville florida reopened over the weekend raising questions and concern about whether it's too soon as the state continues to see an escalation and coronavirus cases and this as miami dade county is looking at reopening its parks and arenas to articulate one of john hardy takes a deeper look at whether people are at hearing to the mandatory stay at home orders or whether cabin fever is starting to set in.
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it was a beautiful spring day in south florida a great day to be out on the water even though marinas remain closed in miami continues to be under a mandatory stay at home order requiring people to shelter in place avoid large groups and to follow social distancing guidelines still it wasn't hard to find a boat to charter plenty of captains were willing to take a sound on their yachts like henry sounds or whose boat is docked right behind his apartment on biscayne bay despite the inherent risk of going out on a charter boat during a global pandemic catherine henry my photographer and i did our best to follow the social distancing guidelines well basically i decided to take you guys out because it's only 2 of you he said we were his 1st customer since march 22nd when all the marinas were shut down in miami. i think i can i can last for a few months like this but that's not what i want you know i mean there's bills to pay and you don't want to get all of your savings. so it's tough you know i'm
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hoping that by may 1st we can get back to business florida's tourism industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic with public marinas beaches hotels restaurants bars and nightclubs all closed one of the biggest industries in florida the cruise line industry is losing an estimated $92000000.00 a day according to the cruise line international association it reports that. if the industry remains shut down in the u.s. for a year it would result in a loss of $51000000000.00 and more than $300000.00 jobs this is the port of miami here and there are a number of as you can see of cruise ships lined up because the cruise line industry isn't operating right now and by my count there's 123-4567 ships with nowhere to go. several more ships remained anchored off shore from the port of miami and port everglades to the north including the coral princess which reported several kobe
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$1000.00 deaths and dozens of passengers and crew members sick with a coronavirus as we sailed parallel to shore south beach was your early desolate with police patrolling the white sand we spotted a couple boats anchored just off shore with what turned out to be surfers hitting the waves i paddled in to get a closer look and talk to some of them they told me as long as they stay off the beach the police and lifeguards don't hassle them we continued our journey back into biscayne bay where on this particular day we pretty much had the water and beaches of flagler monument island to ourselves 2 months ago. just let it go to the people swimming out aboard like ok right now. we're going to be the only ones here. yet as more people start to feel the effects of cabin fever things are changing in florida and the stan home orders are starting to crack in many areas. grammy winning french d.j. david going to perform the life fund raising concert at the icon building in miami
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on april 18th performing to large groups of people partying on their apartment balcony and on the water party cruises lined up to hear the music in jacksonville florida the beaches reopened for people to walk jog or go surfing a controversial move as the number of coronavirus cases in kobe 1000 deaths in florida continues to grow the hash tag florida mall. moron's the pictures from jacksonville was trending online the mayor of miami dade county carlos jimenez tweeted this over the weekend i've seen a lot of buzz on social media from people who think beaches in my county are opening up this is not the case although we're consulting with medical experts on the future opening of public spaces there is currently no timeline for opening beaches we're looking at 3 phases to orks. all its phase were the medical expenses of. the war. but with that in mind
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voters like henry selzer say they'll just have to take the risk and weather the choppy waters of the coronavirus pandemic in order to survive financially for r.t. john hardy. over to brazil now where supporters of presidential year balsa narrow took to the streets of sao paulo to demand the coronavirus restrictions be lifted on saturday protesters denounce those strict quarantine measures put in place by the governor of south hollow meantime just days after both n r a fired his health minister after dozen greying on social distancing the brazilian president says he wants his new health minister to help protect the country's health while restarting the economy. and right here in the nation's capital the army corps of engineers are starting to build a makeshift hospital at the washington d.c. convention center according to officials the convention center will soon be outfitted with about 1500 hospital beds for coronavirus patients right now the
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district has nearly 3000 cases of infections and about 100 of 5 deaths. and more news from around the world israel's prime minister and his main rival have agreed to form an emergency unity government under this deal if enacted benjamin netanyahu would remain the prime minister for the next 18 months then benny gantz would take over for another 18 the move will lie. clee of a 4th election and keep netanyahu in power while he faces trial on corruption charges. and over to north central africa where a tragic accident involving a military jet killed 5 civilians 3 of them being children the bizarre accident happened at an air base in chad just last week that's where the military jet accidentally fired a rocket hitting the home of a senior chaddy an army officer killing 5 people inside now take a look at this surveillance video that captured the moment the missile was fired prosecutors have launched
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a probe into this tragic accident. and tech giants like google and facebook will now have to pay local media in australia for reusing their content this as advertising revenues take a hit and mid kopechne $18.00 the australian government made that announcement on monday saying it will release draft rules for the tech giants to pay fair compensation for content from news media. ok let's head over to regina hamm as a sports h.q. regina mixed martial arts has you have seen now tennis might be getting an ultimate league of their own what's up with that people are just really hungry for sports and that's fair in this current climate because the a.t.p. end of e.t.a. have put all test related activities on hold at least until mid july however that isn't stopping one stars coach for proposing a tight new type of starting an independent tennis league to play professional matches without fans the name of the ultimate tennis showdown and more the glow
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said it would just start a few weeks in france the coach plans to live through 10 matches per weekend for 5 weekends in may and june with the 1st round on may 16th that magic featured 10th rank david goffin of belgium a 3 time grand slam quarter finalist against 103rd ranked elect the pope and of australia the next grand slam on both the a.t.p. end of u.t.a. tours is the u.s. open in august and the french open in september. or. and baseball is another sport that is worse you know still waiting to get through fans when to get to the field and we are hungry for highlights in china however their league has started the season with quite the bench clearing brawl between the rackets in monkeys and the food on guardians gardens relying on starting right handed pitcher henry sosa to keep the guardian from the slots in the series top 2nd looked promising his garden center fielder shenzhou and trey with an r.b.i. single deep to left field bring it home shen pinching guardians on board with one
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a lot of force all tied up to account 2 outs so for the pitch a little too far inside to monkey 2nd base and who out when and when on fire not happy gives the guardians a warning clearly that doesn't fly and the next pitch hits you when squared is lower back in that's a both teams managers in the umpire decide enough is enough it turns into an all out brawl with both teams emptying their benches and both managers try to get their players to take a step back out guys it's baseballs that you see bottom 5th monkey shin chin with the r.b.i. single to center field so the home lane changing monkeys find themselves up to one and bottom of 7 guard and fall further behind so it's a gives up an r.b.i. double to laotian food scoring u.t. long coming around 3rd put in the monkeys up 3 to one top of the 1000 bases loaded full count monkey closure shen and son right here strikes our guardian 3rd base and least some shan looking and the monkey sweep the series at the $31.00 win. and
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soccer is in very few countries that's actually going on right now and tajiks on there one of them and their top soccer league is already in the 3rd week of play and it featured a tough battle between top clubs is to call and caught on and to say i'm so filled pretty much the whole game but that can suck olen for bringing the heat early on for a kick from beyond the box find its way to stronger part of his back of a clean up and couple on draws 1st blood in the 8th minute of the game to show. not a study and back. with a chip past the goalkeeper it is just a beauty there 31st minute corner to man kitchell of the laws for the equaliser in his tickle they find the stadium filled with just their cheers and no one else's but his quick header is just just the right place just at the right time caught one says another now just before the end of the 1st half a chip shot with music at all shy part of the give them the lead it's a quick dribble from shot below before taking it past the post he is on the end that will end the 1st half 2nd half down
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a man is to call not wasting any time how love converting the penalty to drop even at 2 and that would be all they wrote at a $22.00 draw. and a q. for that ok that does it for us tonight i'll be back tomorrow i'm going to watch him i mean it. has got 20 or 30000000 people unemployed down because why they say why don't they have a state that's a very important question that we need to look at. so
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i may have an assistant climate change on an asteroid could you know a little spot that same day and chew up at your. home with nothing to do and that i desired to know. how much older than herself but. just to. hear them still. show was still a lot. of you put it's not just on thoughts almost and you will not. so nice to stop. this you.
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do no harm and shattered as usual. in this episode we explore the ignorance and greed that led to our current crisis one of the 1st in medicine is do no harm. said that hypocrisy
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is was the 1st to say this and what that means is that the cure for any medical problem shouldn't be worse than the disease that you're trying to treat a big chunk of america is in chronic pain and pain meds back pain pain arthritis minutes real and it affects people's lives and they would like a way to live their lives to take care of their families without being in this name what the brain is trained is that different brains than their normal brain that's not in pain people have it in their head there's a feel for some of them regardless of whatever amount of iranians there's something out there is going to you know there was this new miracle drug it's going to eliminate all your brain inside the company and the drug came out they received so many letters from people who had been.


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