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hello there i'm going to let you and you're watching in question broadcasting from r.t. american national headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are tonight's top stories u.s. attorney general bill barr now threatening legal action against state governors who ordered a virus lockdowns we've got the details for you then the canadian city of ottawa is spending millions to support its homeless population during this pandemic we'll get you those details next and last but not least scientists discover that microgravity and large is the brains of astronauts returning from space but that's actually not
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a good thing all right it's time to bootstrap i knew. the origin of the corona virus has been a politically sensitive issue for china and a bone of contention between democrats republicans and president trump who refers to it as the chinese virus now to the u.s. states and germany plan to sue china accusing the country of lying and covering up the virus what it 1st appeared back in the fall of 2019 for more on this will bring in our chief. parent how significant are these lawsuits and do they have any bearing so middle of the short answer to that is probably not missouri's attorney general eric schmidt is leading the case and after talking with economists at the university of missouri the state is looking to get upwards of $44000000000.00 and
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now you also have mississippi's a.g. saying that she's getting ready to file suit now missouri is the 1st state to file against china mississippi the 2nd all the seek damages and it could be the 1st of many states doing. this according to the missouri lawsuit it reads quote during the critical weeks of the initial outbreak chinese authorities deceive the public suppressed crucial information arrested whistleblowers denied human to human transmission destroyed medical research had millions exposed to the virus and hoarded protective equipment causing a global pandemic that was preventable now today the chinese government called missouri's lawsuit absurd listen here. usually those who have lawsuit is purely malicious vexatiously to go on which violates the basic legal principles according to the principle of so for an equality you need to snatch a little so from the actions taken by chinese governments all levels in terms of an epidemic prevention and control not subject to the jurisdiction of the us schools.
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no according to legal experts this lawsuit will face a number of uphill battles because of that but the missouri a.g. says that he is one step ahead arguing that the chinese communist party is a non-state actor and that is what gives him the legal argument that they can sue but now you also have both missouri and mississippi as a.g.'s there calling on their states congressional delegations to back a new bill put out by republicans tom cotton and dan crenshaw you see there that would amend the foreign sovereign immunity as act to create a narrow exception and actually allow people american citizens to actually sue china now this bill is modeled after the justice against sponsors of terrorism act which a lot americans to file civil claims against a foreign state for any injuries or death and that passed 4 years ago with 97 of the 100 senators approving at manilla you know and fair and since china is saying that you know what they're being sued for is just false and they technically don't have to respond to these lawsuits isn't aren't just all these lawsuits basically dead on arrival then well middle if you look at it from china's perspective yes but
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if you look at it on a global scale not necessarily all germany is now wanting to file suit claiming that china owes them 162000000000 dollars and china said that was false and even said germany is being is you know phobic but there is however a window in international law the world health organization has international health regulations specifically that a country has to alert the w.h.o. and if they do not china could be sent to the international court of justice however manila in order to be prosecuted at the international court of justice china would have to consent to the lawsuit which as. recalling missouri's lawsuit absurd that's likely not going to happen in the newsroom fair and fronsac r.t. . and as care for those with cope at 19 dominate hospitals around the country some cities are looking to utilize facilities that are currently empty are to correspondent natasha sweet is in los angeles where one medical center is
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looking to reopen to aid in this fight against the pandemic. other angeles county officials are rushing to reopen this hospital to treat coping 19 patients that were closed back in january after the owner declared bankruptcy and officers are using state funding for we opened this hospital a trend that we're seen nationwide hard times are ahead harder than what we saw in 2008 we are today issuing an emergency order. that says toward hospitals you must be in pretty sure capacity by 50 percent that's covered 19 patients flood hospitals throughout the country state governors and city officials alike are looking for ways to serve more people for treatment well hurst hospital has hit capacity and there's about 545 beds a year and they're all filled with cold with patients as new york works to take care of the skyrocketing amount of chronic virus patients city governments in other
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areas have struck deals with owners of empty hospitals city funding will cover the cost to lease the space during the pandemic the state of california is leasing a hospital just south of san francisco to care for up to 220 crown of everest patients governor gave a new sim said set to medical center will be leased for 3 months in los angeles workers are preparing medical equipment as they get ready to reopen st vincent medical center near downtown the hospital is opening in phases and will have a maximum capacity of $266.00 beds some of which will be designated for the intensive care unit county officials say it will operate as a referral hoss. spittal with no emergency room and will not accept walk in patients with each bed cost in roughly $236.00 a night as it will pay a total of $2600000.00 a month in philadelphia one of the largest cities in the country without a public hospital is also one of the poorest the hand of man university hospital
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shut down in september after the owner declared bankruptcy now philadelphia's mayor is in talks with the new owner but reopening the facility with almost $500.00 beds isn't as easy as residents were hoping the owner is looking to make $900000.00 a month for the facility and in new orleans charity hospital sits vacant the hospital never reopened after hurricane katrina hit the area in 2005 and while that facility stands and operated city officials did open up the new orleans convention center for 2000 patients who no longer require critical care but a place for those needed intensive care remains to be seen how these hospitals that are being released through city and state funding are only meant to be temporary until the need to treat those impacted by this pandemic dies down reporting in los angeles to paschal suites r t. canada's capital city of ottawa has turned its focus to some of its most vulnerable citizens that's the homeless population with copd 19 now active in the
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community the city is taking action to stop the spread of the virus amongst those who live on the streets parties alex smile of it has the story opened here yoga classes in delhi india. to dr swapping in the streets of miami florida around the world there are efforts to help society's most vulnerable get through the coronavirus pandemic. in ottawa canada's capitol there are an estimated 950 homeless people on any given night most choose to stay in the comfort of one of the city's shelters about 10 percent remain on the street in usual circumstances the majority are taken care of but culvert 19 has brought new challenges one of the greatest hurdles is the implementation of social distancing auto was homeless often share spaces making it difficult in fact the majority of the facilities have communal bathrooms and kitchens knowing just how quickly the virus can spread out
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of one's home province of ontario and the canadian federal government are investing over $8000000.00 us to curb the spread of the virus among the city's homeless the federal government has contributed over $3000000.00 while the province has put in the rest here's ontario's deputy premier and minister of health christine elliott in some areas there are hotels being rented in other places it's community centers and other areas but every person with covered $1000.00 is there is to be treated and is there is to have a place to say additional beds and shelters are being added to help with the effort in ottawa a local rec center is becoming a physical distancing space for homeless men making up to $140.00 new beds available and the city has reserved 70 hotel rooms and is looking at expanding to 50 more to accommodate homeless families single women and youth in need of emergency shelter in fact about 2 thirds of the money will be used to record for self isolation and social distancing initiatives including activating dozens of new
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beds in what are being called social distancing spaces and local governments across the country will be doing the same canada's federal government is helping communities from coast to coast spending a total of over $110000000.00 u.s. dollars on the effort as mentioned on the canadian government website the funding could be used for a variety of needs such as purchasing beds and physical barriers for social distancing and securing accommodation to reduce overcrowding in shelters. currently in ottawa there are only 6 confirmed cases of covert 19 in the shelter system all the people are in isolation the city credits proactive shelter workers for keeping their numbers low but local officials know that more needs to be done to protect the most vulnerable from the coronavirus for t.v. and i would smile a bitch. take it. right check that out space x.
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just hours ago successfully launched its falcon 9 rocket into orbit onboard or 60 starlink satellites and at beaming broadband from space the falcon 9 rocket also successfully touched back down on the company's drone ship out at sea a smooth landing after 2 previously failed attempts to recover the vehicle and the ocean this is. and space has a lot of effects on the human body and many of them aren't so good a new study shows microgravity actually and large as the brain are to a correspondent john hardy takes a closer look. space the final frontier and a place that can weaken bones increase intracranial pressure and changes an ocular structure translation more fluid in the brain and eye problems for astronauts a new report published this month on the radiological society of north america's website shows that astronauts on long duration spaceflight missions may develop
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changes in the shape and structure of their eyes which can persist for years after return to normal gravity our previous studies have suggested that long space flights could impact the vision of astronauts but this new study shows a change in brain functions as well with m.r.i. results of 11 astronauts 10 men and one woman both before and after they traveled to space showing an increase after space flight in brain and spine fluid resulting in brain and large men which is likely key for. actor for the change an ocular structure space flight has a number of different biomedical effects on the human body and act on all living systems and none of them are good we all evolved here on the earth and our bodies like to be here on the earth leroy chiao is a former nasa astronaut and commander of the international space station who says it's not uncommon for astronauts to have vision changes after being in space so when we go into space pacifically as far as the brain goes and intracranial pressure what we know is that the intracranial pressure does go up and that makes
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sense because when you're not in gravity you no longer have gravity pulling all the fluids down into your lower extremities they are kind of come a bit of your torso and if you look at pictures of as tribes particularly during the 1st several days of spaceflight their faces are really hot and so that's because of all these extra fluid he says during the 1st day in space the human body eliminates 2 liters of fluid and astronauts often feel congestion and sinus pressure and ultimately a majority end up having vision problems and as researchers have found even brain tissue loss because of oxygen deprivation the biological effect of space on the body presents challenges particularly when considering deep space exploration such as a mission to mars charles said for example we don't know if this mission change if it will mean people who are you know susceptible to it will it last so will it stop
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at some point or rule continue the grade so the point where you know you have mean you don't want people arriving on mars not being able right and he says it just shows how much we don't know about a lot of things in space but typically the effects on humans for longer durations exploring the final frontier for our t. john hardy. right there are some angry eyes on chris cuomo of c.n.n. after some say his time as. bornstein was a news we're going to discuss it and then in sports regina hamm shares a bold proposal from one of the tennis a biggest stars will see. the
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world is driven by a dream shaped by our own person. who dares thinks. we dare to ask. people are really remarking that 2020 is a mirror image of 2008 is the exact same problem banks over leverage blew themselves up and are now demanding a bailout at the point of a gun from the fed and other central banks and except this time the dislocation in the economy combined with the coronavirus is so great that we've
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tripped over into medieval ism that's how messed up this. is your media reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson laid. that you. know you good way well you know. what is true. is right. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the debt. or and maybe the shallows.
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the name cuomo has been all over the news lately but not the governor of new york his younger brother chris cuomo the anchor at c.n.n. he was recently ill with coronavirus himself but didn't miss a beat broadcasting live from his basement quarantine quarters deprived of sunlight in the comfort of his wife and kids but today chris cuomo is a free man free of the virus and freed from his base it however some say there is more to the story than meets the eye one of those folks is our fred legal and media analyst lionel so lionel my friend what does this say when the reporter or the presenter becomes the story themself i mean what kind of risk does this pose to
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news. obfuscating a clue and missing the entire bag but let me say this carefully a world wide pen demick i just think that when chris cuomo puts his filter his president is world view. his take is how does it affect me chris cuomo i mean this is on heard of you know i got to tell you we're here especially in new york i'm right over to my right you can see this is the comfort down the street is the javits center we've got hospitals with trucks refreshed you waited trucks that were outside allegedly designed to take away dead bodies look at this there are people. there are somewhat and to think there would have just been here about how he has he was he was had such chills that he chipped to 2 i mean it's it's it's it's not it's
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a system to an extent that is unseemly if you walk me say again injured as you know and demick right there are people actually really really ill and dying from this and like you said he's talking about a chipped tooth and not getting to work out at the gym. what do you make though of some of the other people calling out these holes in his heroic basement confinement story namely mentioning some guy on one of these fat tire bikes. some people were saying that this story did not jive with what he said that when you when you are claimed if or when you're claiming to be in isolation people are going to be paying close attention to everything that you're saying so when you're in this you know basement how are you having confrontations with the people you know menorah this is
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so somebody in the is so distant in the annals of news there was a time years ago when professional or very serious news folks would actually change for the idea of having to do social media and and really have any word on their own personal life they they hinted at their peak oil it was in their contract now there's going to have to be a some time because it says would you please talk about the news but it's not just him george stephanopoulos does here it's because the star power if you will has replaced the news itself i don't know some people would say you know this is true gonzo journalism he's going through the virus himself. yeah well. it's very interesting there's a little bit of an intern nice battle here so to speak you know for the longest time andrew cuomo the governor you don't ran the eldest this is the guy who has a particular speaking style an accent that is shared by literally no one on the
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planet no one has ever heard his or he wasn't exactly considered to be a movie star handsome whereas chris was chris was a guy who was always by the way chris cuomo cannot go without a day without publishing how he's working out yes in his office it's all about him and his body what he's doing so anyway all of a sudden lo and behold here is andrew who not only is a governor of new york but he's a star and they're talking about perhaps him being a nominee right democratic national. and the sexiest. live but even if you leave this you're not. sure could there be some into a familial wible rather sibling rivalry that happens i'm i don't know know. briefly i mean how can somebody compare you know the inconvenience of mr cuomo has hamptons basement retreat with you know what the health care workers who are
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slaving away toiling away in these horrible conditions or some family members who are grieving their loved ones through virtual funerals i mean isn't cuomo being overall just insensitive here. exactly it shows a disconnect a tone deafness because one of the things that you want to do i believe in though is to say look we're sharing this 1st of all well you know when you're one bedroom apartment with 4 kids trying to use coffee filters to go down the hall i'm in the basement of my. manz it's almost as bad. as nancy pelosi and her $24000.00 ice cream freezer and you. have any clue as to how yeah people do not connect with this if it has not normal i will leave it right where my friend lionel of little media always appreciate your insight on the study. and netflix has just announced
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it added almost 16000000 subscribers all thanks to these stay at home orders because of the coronavirus pandemic now this gives netflix their biggest quarter yet and more than double what they were expecting now their total number of subscribers worldwide is at a whopping $182000000.00 accounts so forget netflix and shell this is all about netflix changing. and this year we celebrate earth day unlike any other because of this pandemic and the earth well she's finally getting a chance to breathe a little bit there's less traffic on the road less human activity that means less carbon footprint so clearer skies are being reported throughout the world in fact experts say los angeles saw some of the cleanest air of any major city in the whole world followed by india and china so biologists and friend of the show dr reese halter shared his thoughts on this year's 50th anniversary of earth day. has
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allowed us to pause to reflect on basics breezing access to fresh water give us more than one of every 3 oxygen in the gift 90. percentage of cities with daily drinking water it's time to protect these dripping breezing cathedrals that depend upon it in 6 animals and healthy soils to the earth plage consume less and walk more. the right time to go over the ridge to hammer the sports h.q. regina the a.t.p. and tours both postponed play until at least mid july now there's a shocking proposal for when the season might return it's really interesting and that's all happened the course about the past 4 hours roger federer is like most of his fellow a.t.p. tour players stuck at home but the swiss star is causing some eyebrows to raise with the suggestion that would shake up the tennis world federer took to twitter to ask the question just wondering am i the only one thinking that now's the time for
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men's and women's has to be united come together as one and he also went on to say i am not talking about merging the competition the court but merging the 2 governing bodies. that oversee the men's and women's professional tours there is support for federer that he among the community putting some of its top stars world number 2 rafael nadal or the ideas they know would be a great way to get both tours through the outbreak the idea of merging been proposed before but not with serious intent until the onset of the coronavirus crisis. and the canal and the hot dog eating contest is a can't miss feature of the summer for most of us not all of us and it's regaining its reigning champion is finding a new way to take part in the sport that is competitive eating american joey chestnut when marie in the bed online quarantine challenge them the final the 10 pounds of baked beans each competitor is allowed beverages but there's time they actually spilling the beans the number one ranked in the world be when mary with
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a time of one minute and 56 seconds or 10 pounds of beans just not in our face number one seed in the overall tournament gideon ohio in the finals and it's all for a good cause $10000.00 will be donated to. feeding america even for good causes. and the chinese professional baseball league is the only professional league currently playing regular season games and for the union president to lie as they took a beating during the home opener for the food guardian's 1st inning absolutely do the lions pitcher way lou that's got a guardian challenge for the infield single off the mound to open up scoring guards up to all this time lynch aish 12 left field for a 2 run double move on with a 40 lead things slide into the 2nd their guardians bats go on fire in the 1st this time a 2 run homer to right field from di ping pong home team by me and sells with a 60 lead next inning was a much better bottom 2nd the other 2 on
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a home run at this time a center field lions are 2 winning then in an 80 hole up the 4th the lions unable to get anything going to see a while in striking out from a nasty pitch she paying and she does again get out of the inning with a nother strikeout this time it's catcher linnet you leave the 8 guardians and roll it up 112 and putting icing on the cake with a cow who live to run double to stand her guardians and their 1st home win with a final score of 13 to 2 so it's good to see baseball hopefully major league baseball here in the states will be back to maybe we'll see are a big year for about regina and that does it for us right now but make sure you keep up with everything and question at all times by downloading our brand new really cool free app called portable t.v. you can catch up with the news 24 seventh's and make sure you can follow me on twitter at military go there i'm going to chat i'll see you back here soon.
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levy. has changed many american lives but pharmaceutical companies have a miraculous solution. based drugs talk to people who are chronic pain patients and
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believe that they're ok prescription is working for them on the remedy be sensitive to the price that they pay closer dependency and addiction to opiates to long term use that really isn't scientifically justified and i'll study actually suggested that the long term effects might not just be absence of benefit but actually that they might be causing long term. one else so small seemed wrong all right old old just don't call. me old but yet to shape our disdainful comes to educate and in gains from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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this is the one business show you can't afford to miss and there monteith in washington coming up markets remain low as oil tries to quad back some of its recent law office and more high profile companies move toward declaring bankruptcy . urging us to american tax giants that use some privacy rules will explain with the west coast why we have a packed show for you today so let's go and dive right at. the coronavirus global that told.


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