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tv   In Question  RT  April 23, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hello there i'm going to let you and your watching in question broadcasting from the national headquarters of our team america here in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are tonight's top stories along the california coastline there is an unusual flight taking people by surprise the unexpected arrivals all tied to the cold and 19 up next we'll show you the exclusive footage. the latest unemployment numbers are out bringing the total of unemployed americans to about $26000000.00 and all the while there are reports dead people are receiving stimulus checks and last but not least scientists make a breakthrough discovery that could save dying coral reefs all right it's time to
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boost your news i q. very usual sighting off the coast of california in fact it's so rare that we here at r.t. america wanted to get a bird's eye view of the unexpected arrivals along the coastline you're looking at here exclusive drone footage of dozens of massive oil tankers sitting idle along the pacific coast with nowhere to go because these oil tankers have a gird due to the global demand for fuel collapsing all due to less driving and less flying as millions of americans are being forced to stay home during this coronavirus pandemic correspondent tosh sweet is in long beach with a story. with people flying and dr weil. the oil industry is taking
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a hit and as you can see there are dozens of oil tankers up a coast here in southern california but the line of work there was far north as san francisco with simply no place to unload in this exclusive video you're looking at 20000000 barrels of oil floating off the west coast roughly 3 dozen ships scattered throughout the waters from long beach to san francisco with nowhere to go as facilities for storing crude are nearly full these tankers are acting as floating storage for oil these oil tankers up and down the california coast are carrying roughly 20 percent of the world's daily consumption of crude with stay at home orders lingering for almost 2 months the need for oil has sharply declined and across the country oil storage facilities are at their capacity which is why oil has been pushed on to takers to float out at sea pumps are still running extracting oil from the ground and all that oil has to go somewhere so brokers were betting that storage would be more valuable than oil next month leading some on monday to
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pay potential buyers to take it off their hands marathon petroleum corporation's refinery in martinez california has been idle chevrons also going to refinery has cut back on their processing in as well oiled gained ground in financial markets wednesday and thursday more than 40 percent after reaching record lows on tuesday u.s. benchmark crude was trading as low as $650.00 a barrel tuesday more than 80 percent lower than the start of the year however oil strength over the last few days has done little to make up for crude enormous 75 percent loss this year there coronavirus pandemic has drained about a 3rd of global demand with so many refineries here in california the big question is when will they stay at home borders be lifted noticed by california being past the peak of kobe 1000 cases governor gavin newsom saying today that he still cannot give an exact date as to when things will get back to normal reporting and long beach the taj a sweet r.t. . there is no doubt the u.s. economy is in peril the latest on a. numbers are out bringing the total number of americans out of work to 26000000
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meantime many americans are still waiting for their government stimulus checks to arrive all the while there are reports now that dead people have already gotten theirs. joining us in studio she's been following the story so far and how i don't fill me in here how is this even possible dead people getting checks right so on the surface it looks really bad but there's actually a whole thing going on here and what that is is that dead people yes again have already gotten their stimulus check the government has even admitted to this happening but it's a double edged sword because the i.r.s. is trying to send out these payments as quickly as possible as everybody is suffering but each state keeps track of death records which are that reported to the i.r.s. but while the coronavirus is killing tens of thousands of people there's obviously going to be a time lag and that is ultimately another development. do we know how many how many deceased people have received money so we do not know that number right now but we
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do know that the i.r.s. has issued 80000000 payments and ultimately some 170000000 people will be getting paid but unfortunately this is not the 1st time that we've seen this little fiasco happened back in 2009 during the great recession we had 52000000 people they got a check for $250.71 of those people were dead which was a good 17000000 dollars and one percent of those payments given out now you do have president trump saying that you know hey sometimes you give the bad check to you give a check to the wrong person we're going to try to take it back but then you have a legal experts monella saying that if you were alive when this stimulus plan passed and then you die legally you are entitled to that check so it would go to next of kin maybe possibly this is all new territory so ok since we're on the subject subject of checks there are alive people that are also not getting their checks so what about those unemployment numbers so it is not looking good at all. all the dow jones actually predicted that last week there would be 4300000 new
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jobs or new unemployment claims it was actually little higher than that 4400000 but you can see by looking here at this chart the only good news is that last week there was a decline of 810000 but that still it's $4400000.00 that is would be the equivalent to everyone in the entire city of chicago and phoenix filing for unemployment now the department of labor comes out with their new rate calculation in 2 weeks but it's projected to be around 23 percent the rate during the great depression was 24 percent of the grand total over the past 5 weeks 26500000 this has protesters continuing to take to the streets in some states not following the social distancing roles and calling for the country to get back to work arguing that these stay at home orders are destroying the economy by employers look how those go and those up are struggling up that are working we're struggling because we don't have the other one i'm looking to with family members that i know that have been
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impacted. their business. interesting story longer so i have friends and neighbors and businesses. here daryn there's a lot of businesses of my being able to you know. now the house is expected to vote and approve the $484000000000.00 coronavirus relief bill which the senate passed on tuesday so it's now the house that will be sending it over to the president's desk which president has promised to quickly sign it now this bill is geared toward small businesses and hospitals and another big ad is the $25000000000.00 for coronavirus testing in manila this bill follows a similar one approved the last week however that one actually ran out of money so fast it was scooped up mainly by restaurant chains and national hotels so that resulted in this latest bill having to be put forth through the house still a lot going on there aaron friends i thank you for filing that report. other.
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making headlines around the world fireworks were literally on display in one pair suburb as police clashed with residents it all happened after a motorcycle collided with an unmarked police car riots soon followed resulting in protesters setting off fireworks and then police using tear gas and this latest incident comes as residents abiding by lock downs during a pandemic are growing restless. and the trump administration is installing surveillance cameras at the us mexico border in response to cope at 19 even though the number of people crossing illegally has were sent to the border this month pay says the cameras are manned by the military and will be removed after the pandemic has ended. and the world could soon face shortages of biblical proportion within the next few months that dire warning coming from the united nations food agency who point to covert 19 as the major part in the global problem here's artie's alex the highly bitch with
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a closer look at the impact being felt in north america it was not the news that world leaders wanted to hear it's the same town while we're did was go the night. addressing the un security council the executive director of the world food program david beasley made it clear $135000000.00 people around the world are headed toward starvation with the coronavirus potentially taking in additional 100 $30000000.00 down that path in a workstation area we could be looking at salmon and about 3 dozen countries and in fact you know these countries we already have more than $1000000.00 people per country who are a little verge of starvation in a number of nations that already have difficulty feeding their people it's not only covert 19 that is making things worse but also locusts from africa to south asia swarms of the destructive insects are disseminated crops millions of acres of
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vegetation have been left barren by the bugs in 23 countries it is thought that the current locust population could grow up to 400 times its current number by summer potentially spreading to new areas. add that to the strains of covert 19 things do not look good for these already hurting nations you know their parts of the world the question many are asking is can covert 19 affect food supplies in highly developed countries like canada and the us this is what the u.s. secretary of agriculture had to say last week gets cova 19 is impacting food processing facilities as you know for americans to be maybe worried about access to good food because of this i want to assure you the american food supply is strong resilient and say this week however things don't seem quite as certain work in at least 7 major u.s. meat plants has been halted this week in iowa tyson foods pork processing plant
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that employs 2800 workers was closed after at least 180 of its employees tested positive for covert 19. approximately $20000.00 pigs a day are handled at the iowa location and combined with a tyson plant that has shut down indiana together they account for a boat between percent of the u.s. has hog slaughtering capacity. a usa today investigation found that $150.00 of the nation's largest meat processing plants which includes pork poultry and beef or in counties where the virus is spiking when it comes to beef the u.s.d.a. has said that production is down 19 percent from last year at this time meaning that there will be less beef and that it will be more expensive adding to the problem 2 out of 3 of canada's biggest beef processing plants are suffering from covert $1000.00 outbreaks when combined the 3 facilities push up 95 percent of all of canada's beef the country is looking at cutting exports of meat to the u.s.
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to boost its own supply the u.n. says while time is running out if we put our minds together and act immediately a global catastrophe can be avoided for our t. i'm alex smile of it. and a time of so much bad news here's some good stuff out of florida the florida aquarium in tampa announced this week that it's scientists have made a breakthrough discovery that qur'an one day help saving coral reefs are to correspondent john hardy has more. it's called america's great barrier reef the coral reef system off the florida keys on the coast of florida the 3rd largest in the world it's being ravaged by an outbreak of what's called coral tissue loss disease that started in 2014 well scientists that the florida aquarium in tampa announced that for the 1st time ever they've successfully reproduced rigid cactus coral and human care and it could provide the necessary help to keep the florida
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reef system alive and healthy the aquarium released this video showing fully developed coral larva swimming immediately after release the next step is figuring out exactly how long the corals larva swims around before settling down and growing into adult coral roger german president and c.e.o. of the florida aquarium said quote our resolve to say florida's endangered coral reefs continues and this historic breakthrough by our coral experts our 2nd in 8 months provides additional hope for the future of all coral reefs in our backyard and around the globe scientists hope to one day release the human grown coral back into the ocean assuming it continues to grow and even flourish hoping to replenish and restore the diseased and dying coral system last august researchers at the aquarium announced they were the 1st to get atlantico ocean coral to spawn in a controlled laboratory environment but before this latest discovery not much was
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known about how this specific type of cactus coral reproduced so it's a huge breakthrough for scientists essential providing a much needed window into the creation of this very delicate coral life now it's all about sustaining it coralie ecosystems protect coastlines from storms and erosion providing food habitat and nursery grounds for fish and marine wildlife and a source of income for fisheries and ters i'm so protecting these ecosystems is essential in protecting earth's oceans and seas for our team. john hardy. all right so are the anti quarantine protesters getting their fair shake among media outlets to discuss that next and then over at sports regina hamm shares how one volleyball star found a way to keep up his training all it took a little creativity. back.
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when almost seemed wrong. just don't hold. any you get to shape out. come out to play and in the game equals betrayal choose to look for common ground. so he. was that once you got infected then you'd get a nice one with any response and so that. it was softly protects you against reinfection. and with this new coronavirus is sad it's a very cold case to trace many patients get mild disease any and.
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this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to plan this than him and what happens in courts be. shocked shocked as far as we feel. we don't know this is from. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know chill just.
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across the country protests are popping up demanding local governments reopen their communities signs saying all jobs are essential becoming a trend crowd saying they don't want to handout but they do want their jobs back but coverage at. these protests are viewed very differently depending on where your politics align so here to expand on this is ruben navarrette he is a syndicated columnist at the daily beast the washington post and a whole number of other outlets ruben good to see you so let's operate in it seems that the overwhelming majority of these protests and you know like lansing michigan
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phoenix arizona other cities are white truck supporters do you think that is an accurate assessment or is the media somehow skewing what we're seeing out there. militancy thanks for having me i think it is an accurate assessment as follows if you are pro-business pro commerce if you believe that the restrictions or too much and that we all need to go back to work then you are more likely to be in the trump camp than the anti trump camp those are trump supporters those are republicans or conservatives it doesn't change the fact that this is impacted by the fact that you have many democratic governors like governor cuomo in new york and governor newsom here in california who've taken the lead in imposing some of these restrictions so it does kind of become a blue and red issue in that regard so i think if you characterize these protesters as trump supporters and mostly white from supporters of that that's fair. and a lot of media so are chiding those folks condemning them for not keeping social
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distance not wearing their mass or what have you but is that a distraction if they are they missing the point of these protests. you hear all of agree with you i think it is not fleshed out enough what is it the bothers me personally when i see protesters going around without masks here's what it is i have a set of concerns people who believe in these restrictions and don't want to open up the economy have a set of concerns and it comes to spreading germs and the very fact these people could be so dismissive of our concerns that they would protest without masks on really tells you where our politics is broken down i don't mind at the protesting i . i don't mind they have their signs if they have their point of view but it would help their cause a great deal i think if they at least pretended to take seriously the concerns of the 60 percent of americans who in a recent poll by the a.p. said that they thought the restrictions were just right yeah there are several states where a lot of these governors are are pulling
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a lot higher than even president trump during this time so that i mean that's i guess up for debate again depending on where your political views align and speaking of republicans the republican georgia governor brian cab was entertaining the idea of just basically for being the light switch on getting everything back to normal as a pig you know because people need their massages and their manicures and their haircut but even president trump weighed in on that and said whoa hold your horses but you know ultimately he said it's going to be up to the states so where is the fine line when leadership is giving mixed signals. you're right the optics are not good right georgia decides it wants to open up the economy it says the very 1st things we're going to do is bowling left bowling alleys and tattoo parlors because that's just where you want to be in a pandemic that's where you want to go next week they're open up restaurants and movie theaters all the way customers in georgia will decide whether they feel comfortable going to these places they'll decide whether we're open for business in georgia or not but i think the brain kept the governor of georgia played right into
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that stereotype of a tone deaf pro commerce republican who doesn't really care about the safety of his own people by making some of these comments basically said if you don't want to go out there you can stay in that is do much for a public health debate of so again he was a caricature he played well the media the media took hold of it i don't think the treatment of him was completely unfair but again these are complicated issues they're complicated issues and we should be much more respectful of each other at least here in the going out and correct me if i'm wrong ruben is he also the same governor who was unaware that people could. asymptomatic with cope at 19. that's correct very late in this drama about 3 or 4 weeks and he said amos lee that this just came to our attention that you could be asymptomatic and the rest of us you and me and the people the media knew this for 3 weeks going into that so again not a good look for brian canton georgia he's probably not the on the line in the short list to be the next surgeon general of the united states but as governor of georgia
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governor of georgia i think the people of georgia will decide ultimately whether he's on a wise thing or a foolhardy thing an open economy so soon and when you have been very fair about all of this i think sometimes people classified you as a conservative writer but it sounds like you're kind of right down the middle here not taking right side one where the and the other because science is not political right it shouldn't be it should be a political topic so with brian kemp wanting to open a massage parlors nanny patty play it is and tattoo parlors these are businesses that are direct skin to skin contact in the midst of a pandemic i mean that's the last comment on that but also sounds just crazy well i'm also g.m.c. want to open up gyms because you have people sweating in gyms people are not good choices ok i don't so even if he was right to open the economy at the wrong choice in terms of which which outlets he's opening and the fair i've had drugs my tension recently that the governor of colorado is also pursuing some of the same sort of
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attempts to various businesses in that state and he's a democrat so it is fair to point out that you know the contempt for both parties a healthy thing to both parties are making the mistake of trying to open up this economy way too soon i think you find republicans and democrats on both sides of this issue but again it is a very sensitive subject i tend to err on the side of caution and i agree with you we should let science make the call and not politics when we have it right there great last words there ruben navarrette thank you so much always enjoy having you. thank you. elsewhere around the world a house of worship in haiti turned into a house of horrors after a children's home run by a us base church went up in flames the incident took place back in february killing a lot of kids some as young as 6 years old but it hasn't been until now that haitian authorities have begun to investigate the event as possibly criminal investigators could soon determine if members of the bible understanding church
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should be held responsible. and the trumpet ministration plans to invest around $12000000.00 in new aid projects in greenland according to officials the move is tackling chinese and russian influence in the arctic and the news is if you recall this comes less than a year after president trump expressed interest in buying greenland which is part of the danish greenlander say they welcome the idea but the $12000000.00 has to come with no conditions. or take a look at this researchers have finally mapped out the entire surface of the moon for the 1st time in history and this paves the way for more effective future moon landings for other nations who choose to take up that challenge now the images were put together by the u.s.g.s. astro geology science center in collaboration of course with nasa and the lunar and planetary institute. that's going to regina ham at the sports h.q.
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we're starting to see that a lot of professional athletes are finding themselves without any place to train so what's an athlete to do when it's a growing trend that they need to turn things around in their house to make these makeshift gyms entrained centers and sports like beach volleyball usually require interaction with another person usually a coach or teammate well one dutch athlete is finding a way to fix that in the age of social distancing beach volleyball star alexander brower got creative to maintain his training a little he simply set up a net in front of a you know great. to volley back and forth for our use this radiator screen in his backyard doesn't have as much sand in the beach but it will have to do for hours one of many athletes who find themselves if they need to change how they work out and keep up their training will a big bronze medalist is under a lockdown in his hometown of that hog it looks like a bit of a tough workout in pretty noisy so brower might not be converting any of his neighbors into family. science dealing scandals involving both the houston astros
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and the boston red sox rocked the baseball world now boston finds out what its punishment is for major league baseball the $20000.00 world series champions are stripped of their 2nd round pick in this year's amator draft for breaking the rules during their championship season that will be commissioner rob manfred concluded red sox replay system operator j.t. watkins revised sign sequences repliers he suspended without pay for the train to oppose it and barred from the replay room for 2021 this carrier former red sox manager outs also suspended through the 25 postseason who are who left houston for the boston job after the 27th season usually parted ways with the red sox in january after he was implicated as the key individual in the astros science dealing scandal and check this out one long time a resident get a chance to do we wish we all could do was going to be a lifelong jogger robert kraft not the owner of the new the patriots has been given the green light to jog on the beaches of miami dade county the county is still under lockdown due to the coronavirus and crafts as he's been running 7 miles
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a day on the beaches freak years and had risen to pavement during quarantine however neighbors started positioned a petition to help him get back on the sand and that was he was granted a special permit so it's nice to see people getting out and about i think manila that gives us a little bit of respite from being in our homes all the time around everybody and good for not new england patriots owner robert kraft other robert kraft on for dinner or getting a permit to get out there because you know i'm jogging on pavement bad for the knees and you know he was he running for another 510 years so. god save those knees good for him we're looking good all right thank you for that regina ok that's all for us right now but make sure you download our brand new free really cool app it's called portable t.v. you can catch up on all the news you might have missed there i mean ellen chan we'll see you back.
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you. as the u.s. economy was booming doing numbers of people need homes. you can work 40 hours in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of it is the we're not financially quantity in the neck affordable housing or living minimum wage believe many people neutralise the rest been a problem with the city knows turn limits on call the stay way only for twosomes of the for the for is no answer because yes that requires resources the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible cliques.
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one on one with economic advisor to president drum stephen war on this edition of politics. well go to politicking on larry king economic adviser stephen moore says the time to start reopening the n.i. to stage for business is now he recently shared a lot of controversy when he compared social distancing protesters to civil rights activists rosa parks we'll find out what he meant by that as he joins me for an end every one in addition to advising the president mr moore is a member of the white house panel on reopening america stephen thanks for joining us. the center here.


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