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greetings and sell you taishan. as another week comes to a close and a new one begins here in the early months of 2020 the year of coded 19 i think it's important we kind of take a moment to see where things stand is as of the taping of this broadcast around the world covert 19 is infected over 2000000 people as quickly closing in on 3 resulting in close to 200000 deaths that we know of and if that wasn't bad enough now david beasley the head of the united nations world food program told us on tuesday that covert 19 has exacerbated the hunger problems around the globe 'd and
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that if we don't prepare and act now to secure access of void funding shortfalls and disruptions to trade we could be facing multiple famines of biblical proportions within the next few months well here in the united states of america while we may rank 27th in the world in education and health care we do hold the distinction of ranking number one in coded 19 infections and deaths with close 290-0000 confirmed cases and roughly 50000 deaths. if that is an american exceptionalism at its finest that i don't know i mean hey we might not be good at math and science and all that but you know that whole reading thing but you know we can we can wreck up some covert 15 recovered 19 numbers thanks to our for profit health care systems. so with us citizens near and far battered and beaten down by this virus we now turn. turn to our great and powerful elected officials to find
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out what ideas or plans they have in place to help stop and protect us from this rampaging virus supposing we hit somebody with a tremendous whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful late. and i think you said that has him a check but you're going to test it and then i said supposing you brought the lead inside the body you can which you can do either through the skin or. in some other way and i think you said you're going to test the sounds interesting very good right and then i see the disinfectant it knocks it out in a minute one minute and is away we can do something like this. injection. or almost. yeah yeah that was the president of the united states of america pontificating on whether extended tanning bed sessions or injecting our lungs with lysol will be the best
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option to save us all. let balancing game for a moment. and then realize that most of the united states congress including nancy pelosi and her ice cream filled refrigerator the cost more than most of our educations are the ones making decisions for our future and wellbeing. lysol. well it's start watching law. if you want to know what's going on on a cd you st you want to see. the missiles which see you see the prizes you always state also you are always told rice mass graves suggests least systemic deception is the late show which would be so but no big deal as. well we're going to watching the entire robot and i'm in the chicago and joining us
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today from baltimore to discuss the current state of the united states and the world of the cold and 19 pandemic is author and editor at large at salon dot com the one and only be walk ins thank you for joining us. thank you i miss you guys. did it's been quite the week 1st off i've got to ask what are what are your thoughts on u.s. president donald trump's public ruminations on the effectiveness of u.v. light disinfecting injection in curing the the virus. why go down with troops it is that he's a genius and he says that he has this and that what i hear any also says that he's the best leader we have are ahead so maybe he should go 1st he should call a press conference take a jug of bleach and he should drink it and if it works for him then you know we dissidents is going to follow suit that's what i think of it. that that is the one
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thing we should have is not going to. peace or go 1st he said like you know it's not some weiss. we say. you know he said he should go 1st he's only there. i mean there is a real danger of the right image shouldn't be but you can't just have a president or a leader kind of just pontificating loosely i mean i get a pretty behind the scenes and like you're asking somebody what about this but you shouldn't be doing that during a press conference right. he has a bright light. you should anybody would have brain known and even behind i don't want my president to be behind the scenes talking about this trip you know i saw it's ridiculous it's beyond silly season and you know to his loyal followers and to the people who thought it was a good idea to elect him to be president of anything like of anything you know i just doesn't wake them up enough they will and i guess you see was gone along with the protests and people are still finding it still when they're make america great
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. you know it will be really cool of those people with those protests who still believe in it if you could and if they contracted the fiver's that they could you know go to hospitals and be treated because they're black people who are here who are really being affected by who are trying to socially distance who are trying to take on a cross at work who are really want to front lines trying to make us get through this thing. absolutely and the i know that you've written about this you've talked about it as well communities of color specifically the black community has felt the biggest wrath from the virus for example the washington post reported that while 14 percent of michigan's population is black 40 percent of those deaths that call it 19 are among black people why do you think these communities are being hit the hardest. well number one is access to health care number 2 is of if you're a black person you're more likely to be poor and a community with poor air quality that would lead you to have underlying conditions
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like asthma and things like that and there's a lot of black people on the front lines actually working those amazon workers those postal workers those people who are collecting trash are people who who are they don't get paid how they should be paid sudden opposition whether it's nor who are right now we are relying on them to survive to get food and products and other things to our homes and they're risking their lives every day so you really have a choice put. you know and that's just how it happens and then if you also have for housing. and you don't even know social distance is kind of a luxury of a lot of people don't you know that some people pack this 15 people in a house you know and a group of those people have to go to her just to survive because they're being paid what they should be paid you know it's interesting you brought up earlier the protests this week you know we saw folks across the country. take to the streets in protests or you know hide behind their wheels of their cars and create gridlock protests saying that their liberty to earn
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a living was being taken away from them due to social distancing and the stay at all borders. that brings up the biggest question the country faces right now with the with our economy in shambles and you know what's 26000000 people now while abroad employment you know should we be putting the health of the economy over the help of our citizens how do we solve this. you know it's crazy how so many americans. every day working americans are being shamed for not having an emergency savings account but all of these cool reasons that are being bailed out these 1000000000 dollar corporations don't have a savings account these corporations never billions quarterly don't have any money put up and they get bailed out instantly people get in trouble is no question we've got to get this through the lens of brits can ever speak about the risks let's pay them but the everyday working citizens who are fighting to survive you know for us to get like a little teeny bit of allow it has to be like a news conference in
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a president has to stand the checks in we have to be reminded over and over again know how good our government is working for us and is not is just ridiculous. and b. as an author and teacher editor you have a lot of jobs how is this buyer's impacted your work and others in your profession and how vital is the need for the work of creatives during this time. so you know i'm blessed and informed. in that we have all this technology actually connect with my students aloud but you know it's a luxury i'm not going to i'm not going to lie i would rather be in the classroom because i thought the most effective at the same time my students have been very understanding and we understand what's going on right now and then i would rather be with them and give them that they're in person face to face and tension at the pain for a book but we just can't as a writer and an interviewer i'm i think get out into the air and i like to talk to
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people understand what's going on and staying home is more important in anything anything personal so i am able to write and i have been able to connect the most with my students but at the same time. my heart has just been with people who don't have the luxury to stay home or who don't have. enough money because then they were freelance and something like that just to try my best to be there is support everybody a kid then i'm not a billionaire or now just got it right if i can work hard and try to make these connections to government that can almost like do nothing it's just these billionaires can do nothing and these people these postal workers in these amazon employees aren't getting what they deserve it's just it we selfish for me to worry about myself no one at that point the way more you know it's interesting because i think a lot of people are suddenly looking around and saying you know how is this country breaking down to such an extent but you know we we should have seen this coming and
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we've talked about it let's show a we're not at many many instances about you know code like things really kind of hold back the curtain and really expose the united states for a lot of the problems that we've been harping about for a long time do you see a real change coming after this as soon as we can start putting this back together or are we too far gone down the road at this point. we're going to have to see some type of change like it would be hard for me to see here believe that. the amount of people from the poor to the rich will throw in. back there if this prophecy is going to lead to still in the same way it's we do this scared of the future like you does doesn't change us then nothing nothing will. you know i don't i don't know but it is the guy out into the day i hope i hope that if by the end when's the lection he's smart enough to hire the smartest people to get it he's difficult problems and i think he can figure out the actual answers on his
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own. and the worst thing some interesting comments that comma sell more like they would come from liberals coming out of conservative streams particularly around the effects of unemployment on mental health the effects of unemployment when it comes to your marriage is they and your other relationships these are arguments that the left has been making for a very long time because we do see a large population of people. who were working low wage jobs who were basically fighting to have a fight and have a fair wage fighting for housing now that it seemingly strikes a much larger platform of people now we see the right taking on the things that people on the left and those who are you know in the socialism movement have been fighting for very long time. the right is whole command. next to you know you don't see us see rush limbaugh. talking about the protests. this is saying that these problems exist and you only care about them when they
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affect you my but you say you love this country anybody who is who can only have empathy for some of these issues when it happens to them they're just people who don't really love this country you know i love thank god i've never had cancer with the thing but if i if i bet a person with cancer and i can support them i'm going to support them but i'm going to do what i can do you know if that person needs me out what i would do what i'm not a doctor but i have i would do what i can do to try to help. when people see these problems that we just don't do anything hopefully you know that's why city people are going to be forever changed after this because people are starting. to wake up and understand america is not as great as it pertains to be and i think that's what the importance of having folks like yourself and others out there is offers of journalists and things like that and people who are documented these issues as they come up because you know we need those voices out there i know there were some pushback wouldn't part of the part of the recent bailouts you know went to kind of
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support artists and support creatives we need the artists and creatives the kind of keep the documentation and keep the feel of the spirit and document all that in order to keep us going with it and so the i want to you know i got to thank you for all the work that you're doing out there and lastly you know how is the city of baltimore handling this. we've been trying to know best to encourage people to. stay home as much as possible and. be directly go into communities and spread the message of the partnerships including getting food to families in elderly people who who are who are the most vulnerable and just work hard to make sure they will take him have put this it is a strong bottom was different again. america's different you have to adapt and figure out ways to try to make our city better is you know it's not easy but at
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the same time if we love our city and we love our families and we love. who have put into it that we most certainly do thank you so much do walk ins author and editor at large at salon dot com. thank you guys you guys stay safe. as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on demand for the brand new portable t.v. app which is available of smartphones through google play on the apple app store or you can stream us to your t.v. by battle loading the portable t.v. app on apple t.v. or portable t v. this app will be available on more devices coming soon i am coming up we'll take an in-depth look at the if i'm a global family for the folks who took over my team the member for some finally good news coming out of florida i will shock the state to the water before.
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we go to work. straight home. i guess you know we're going to talk about more about tao and jobs are not really needed you know other part of this lockdown people assume that millions and millions of people to use in their job would have something material impact on the fortunes of the economy as a whole but now it only effects the surface the clubs as
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a. matter of fact it's a great opportunity this year in the banking only again we see stocks trading higher and bank stocks will mean higher workers are needed taxes are needed when you can. confer money or to go over the only gusta. you're sitting. in a seat on yes. i was on the floor some days in my bathroom you know trying praying . yes it's time for western worms i was having chilling fever i didn't have any sense of snakes the smell of them in the most you know. world with you.
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recently she you know sometimes old just used to. live on some of the song sounds of the research. i have heard and. push myself how close are they for me in the 5 am local time. california is known for many fantastic and interesting sights the hollywood sign the card action family franchise alcatraz and now in the time 19 oil tankers yes these massive oil tankers are sitting idle along the pacific coast with nowhere to go with people around the world now staying at home due to the pandemic the
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global demand for fuel has essentially collapsed leaving these tankers and their holes well the oil no place to go r.t. correspondent natasha sweet is near the port of long beach in california with this story. people fly in and drive the last of the oil industry is taking a hit and as you can see there are dozens of oil tankers up the coast here in southern california but these line of rigs go with far north as san francisco with simply no place to unload in this exclusive video you're looking at 20000000 barrels of oil floating off the west coast roughly 3 dozen ships scattered throughout the waters from long beach to san francisco with nowhere to go as facilities for storing crude are nearly full these tankers are acting as floating storage for oil these oil tankers up and down the california coast are carrying roughly 20 percent of the world's daily consumption of crude with stay at home orders lingering for almost 2 months the need for oil has sharply declined and across the country oil storage facilities are at their capacity which is why oil
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has been pushed on to tinker to float out at sea pumps are still running extracting oil from the ground and all that oil has to go somewhere so brokers were betting that storage would be more valuable than oil next month leading some on monday to pay potential buyers to take it off their hands marathon petroleum corporations are finery in martina's california has been idle chevrons also going to refinery has cut back on their process. seen as well well gained ground in financial markets wednesday and thursday more than 40 percent after reaching record lows on tuesday u.s. benchmark crude was trading as low as 650 a barrel tuesday more than 80 percent lower than the start of the year however oil strength over the last few days has done little to make up for crude enormous 75 percent loss this year there coronavirus pandemic has drained about a 3rd of global demand with so many refineries here in california the big question is when will these stay at home orders be lifted at this point california being the
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peak of hope at 19 cases governor gavin knew something today but he still cannot give an exact date as to when things will get back to normal in long beach the toughest weeks r.t. . as i mentioned at the top of the show the united nations announced this week that the world could face crude shortages of biblical proportions within the next few months and r.t. america's own alex mahela bridge of the story on this very very dire news. it was not the news that world leaders wanted to hear but at the same time while we're did was go overnight and then be addressing the u.n. security council the executive director of the world food program david beasley made it clear $135000000.00 people around the world are headed toward starvation with the coronavirus potentially taking an additional $130000000.00 down that path in a workstation area we could be looking at salmon and about 3 dozen countries and in fact you know these countries we already have more than 1000000 people per
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country who are all the verge of starvation in a number of nations that already have difficulty feeding their people it's not only cope at 19 that is making things worse but also locusts from africa to south asia swarms of the destructive insects are disseminated crops millions of acres of vegetation have been left barren by the bugs in 23 countries it is thought that the current locust population could grow up to 400 times its current number by summer potentially spreading to new areas. add that to the strains of covert 19 things do not look good for these already hurting nations you know their parts of the world the question many are asking is can covert 19 affect food supplies in highly developed countries like canada and the us this is what the u.s. secretary of agriculture how to say last week it's go over 19 is impacting food processing facilities as you know for americans to be maybe worried about access to
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good food because of this i want to assure you the american food supply is strong resilient and say this week however things don't seem quite as certain work in at least 7 major u.s. meat plants has been halted this week in iowa tyson foods pork processing plant that employs 2800 workers was closed after at least 180 of its employees tested positive for coated 19. approximately $20000.00 pigs a day are handled at the iowa location and combined with a tyson plant that has shut down indiana together they account for about 18 percent of the u.s. has hog slaughtering capacity. a usa today investigation found at $150.00 of the nation's largest meat processing plants which includes pork poultry and beef or in counties where the virus is spiking when it comes to beef the u.s.d.a.
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has said that production is down 19 percent from last year at this time meaning that there will be less beef and that it will be more expensive adding to the problem 2 out of 3 of canada's biggest beef processing plants are suffering from covert $1000.00 outbreaks when combined the 3 facilities push up 95 percent of all of canada's beef the country is looking at cutting exports of meat to the u.s. to boost its own supply the u.n. says while time is running out if we put our minds together and act immediately a global catastrophe can be avoided for r.t.e. i'm alex mahal of edge. but while the bad news has been dominating our headlines we can't forget that there's still a lot of good news in this world even in the great state of florida the florida querrey i'm in tampa announced this week that it's scientists have made a breakthrough discovery that could one day help say dying koreans r.t. correspondent john hardy has more. it's called america's great barrier reef the
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coral reef system off the florida keys on the coast of florida the 3rd largest in the world it's being ravaged by an outbreak of what's called coral tissue loss disease that started in 2014 well scientists that the florida aquarium in tampa announced that for the 1st time ever they've successfully reproduced rigid cactus coral and human care and it could provide the necessary help to keep the florida reef system alive and healthy the aquarium released this video showing fully developed coral larva swimming immediately after release the next step is figuring out exactly how long the corals larva swims around before settling down and growing into adult coral roger german president and see. do you know of the florida aquarium said quote our resolve to say florida's endangered coral reefs continues and this historic breakthrough by our coral experts our 2nd in 8 months provides additional hope for the future of all coral reefs in our backyard and around the
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globe scientists hope to one day release the human grown coral back into the ocean assuming it continues to grow and even flourish hoping to replenish and restore the diseased and dying coral system last august researchers at the aquarium announced they were the 1st to get atlantico ocean coral to spawn in a controlled laboratory environment but before this latest discovery not much was known about how this specific type of cactus coral reproduced so it's a huge breakthrough for scientists essential providing a much needed window into the creation of this very delicate coral life now it's all about sustaining it coralie ecosystems protect coastlines from storms and erosion providing food habitat and nursery grounds for fish and marine wildlife and a source of income for fisheries and ter isn't so protecting these ecosystems is essential in protecting earth's oceans and seas for our team john hardy.
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little bit of good there's them this really devastating week of bad bad salut like we've got to find something to redo redo if the pipes are going to line up for injection of disinfectant or oh absolutely not but. look all right everybody about as i would show for you today remember in this world we are definitely not told that we are loved about the soul i tell you from above my heart i love you i am tyrone ventura and i'm lisa cross people are watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night everybody and we'll see you in another week. yes
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look they're sort of in the group before the meeting with google or birth. mom other words when she said that's. just going to get it. cleared definitely walking into the word don't you know we no longer know what we're walking into the hands on march she will show what she needs to break she what about that he's. not. he said
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he is a nerd. who shakes possible sensible so. join me every thursday on the alex island show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. the world is driven by dream shaped by the time person of those.
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new day or. we dared to ask. jesse. what. the world according. to david we discussed or called global. right of most heals of the carolled of virus. and the show starts. live the world. i am pretty to santos for our top story today the united nations food relief agency says the global food supply is in grave danger of disappearing due to the economic fallout from the coded 1000 outbreak the agency had previously south.


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