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hello there i'm fair in front like you're watching question broadcasting from our team erika's national news headquarters here in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and around the world here are tonight's top stories as the pandemic continues to grip the world tensions between us and china continue to ramp up leaving many wondering if we're sliding into a new cold war details on that next and plus researchers are looking to prehistoric dinosaurs to design new technologies of the future and a full report see what drone operators can learn from this 1st in-flight ancient creature and finally the f.d.a. is sending out an urgent warning about the dangers of zantac turns out to give you cancer we'll discuss that all right said it's time to boost your news i.q.
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. tensions between the united states and china are on the rise creating concern that it could be the start of a new cold war and many likely eliminate progress on a trade deal the archies rachel blevins joins me now to discuss all of these details so rachel we can only imagine this escalation has been fueled by the global covert 19 pandemic and the origins of it all right that is exactly right and you know right now in the united states and china we're supposed to be in the process of finalizing phase 2 of this massive trade deal but instead president trump is questioning whether china is fulfilling the agreements it made on phase one and so because of this he's saying that he is now planning to start talking to farmers to question whether those agreements are being fulfilled and as a result of that he could decide to terminate the deal altogether and that could mean more tariffs on china now trump of course was asked about this and here's what
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he had to say about whether or not china is fulfilling its end of the trade deal. do you hopefully they're going to keep the deal will shoot. they may they may not going to find. now the state department has also confirmed that the u.s. is in the process of turbocharging its plan to become even less reliant on china when it comes to their manufacturing supply so there are a lot of moving parts there are so rachel how is china that responded to the latest comments that are from the u.s. what china has denied any accusations that it was withholding information about the current virus in order to hoard hoard medical supplies and we've also heard some comments from secretary of state. claiming that this virus may have originated from a lab in will hon and in response to that a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry said that we've heard conflicting stories from pompei are because he can't keep his story straight and he is quote making up lies take a listen to what she had to say. the reason why he made such self-contradictory
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comments is because he has been making up a lie and covering up a lie by fabricating more lies that is an open secret already it is not only a war between humankind and virus but also a war between truth and lies on the shifting the blame will not solve the problem or the lives lost we sincerely regret for the lives lost in the united states. now china is also calling for the us to present any evidence that it has of where this virus came from and they are accusing washington of trying to shift the blame in order to take away from the way that the u.s. has responded to this virus interesting is there any sign of the u.s. backing down or changing their approach to all of this not at the moment the trumpet ministrations seems to be doubling down and said that they will likely continue with these high tensions until they get the information that they are looking for from china which includes about the origins of the virus and patients 0 take a listen to what he had to say. so they will america's bullying the chinese. are
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demanding of them what we demand of every nation be transparent be open be a reliable partner the very things they say the chinese say they want. the corporate great cooperation is about action. opening up it's about sharing this information so the details of where patient 0 where this began are things that are knowledge it's in the position of only the chinese communist party now there are reports that trade representatives from the u.s. and china could be holding talks on the phone as early as next week but if this current rhetoric continues over the coronavirus there are a lot of concerns about how it will impact the 2 countries and if it could lead to a new cold war all right parties racial problems on the story for us rachel thanks so much for that report. and president trump is beating the trade war drum saying tariffs could be the ultimate punishment on china and this could be a poke in the geo political trade war hornets nest so joining me now for more analysis on this i am joined by stephen innes chief global market strategist steve
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thanks so much for joining us now this past january the u.s. and china signed phase one of the trade deal just this week president trump now threatened to go she the other if china didn't fulfill its promise to buy $250000000000.00 in goods then you have the coronavirus putting a halt to just about everything do you see trump having some leverage here over china and these trade talks. i think they always do i think china is in a corner of themselves right now because they are not only us is putting pressure on them but they're also getting pressure from japan they're getting pressure from australia and also europe right now so they're looking to put out fires as quickly as possible around the globe the geo political far as i'm referring to i think one of the things that we're looking at here i think the blame game around the covert narrative is going to continue it looks to be almost an election grandstanding opportunity with president trump here round the curtain just looking to storm the
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election stage again so we think this is going to continue to be in the news but how harmful this really plays out for the markets really depends on how china response right now things are pretty calm over again. right now the dollar yen the chinese equity seem to be taking this in stride looking at this towards more political bluster than anything else at this stage but if things do escalate if we get to the point where we pull those terrorist back well then china is going to ask a way they're going to weaken the you won and that will send negative signals across the world and that's the fear of all. and you know you're talking about escalating so normally china responds to they respond very diplomatically to fiery rhetoric rhetoric coming from the united states but as of late china actually has been firing back a little bit could china potentially take some of this control back i mean we have everything made in china they could go somewhere else for oil who really has the upper hand then in these trade talks with all of that. it's a good it's a good very valid point i think why we're seeing an opportunist could climb down
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right now is the fact that when you look at consumption engines around the world particularly or as they pertain to china's exports they're not firing ok so that's the one big problem right now so trump wants to ensure if those consumption engines are going to fire well they're going to fire towards the u.s. 1st that's what he's trying to get here i think they know that there's an issue with coal but they don't know the demand is not there in the normal export channels but trump wants to make sure when that demand comes back the u.s. 1st is the obligation that china has to fulfill and then you also stephen have tensions between china and the u.s. particularly in the south china sea that's literally a tinderbox waiting to happen will that play a role do you think in all timidly could china say you know what we're going to walk away from the negotiating table all together could you maybe foresee them doing that. it's a very valid point you know there's security concerns all over the world right now
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as far as the u.s. is concerned especially as it pertains to china's belt road an issue of a low that's been out of the press right now but we've seen those flare up again and we do believe. this is the 2nd phase of how the trade war is going to evolve it's going to have all around security issues and it's also going to revolve around technology issues sort of started tracking these right now because there's a big election risk happening i don't think it's in the us and our other parties or benefits to bring these up ahead of the election but they're certainly going to be on the mandates post election 2020 and i'm glad we're think it on the same wavelength here because you bring up an election we have we are in an election year 6 months from now perhaps the reason for trump's amping up all of this rhetoric towards china do you think it matters who is in the white house when it comes to these high level negotiations you've got somebody like a republican donald trump you also have the democratic nominee joe biden who do you think of possibly do it better does it matter. i don't think it matters i think
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both parties are agreed that they need to do something but for china and this is actually i believe that trump is responding to biden and the fact biden came out last we can suggest that the trump is being too easy on china so we see possibilities here that things are going to escalate regardless of who's in the white house we think trade is going to be an ongoing issue we think intellectual property transfer is going to be an ongoing issue and of course we take security around the globe globe as china experiencer bell wrote in their ship is also going to be an issue for whoever is in the white house all right chief global market strategist steven as steven thank you so much for your time. thank you for having me. here in washington a senate committee is holding a hearing with top health officials to talk about the state of coronavirus testing state slowly reopen this month experts say testing is crucial in preventing another wave of infections plans for accurate and easy to use tests are in the works and
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could be available by the end of the summer so far the u.s. has run more than 7000000 tests over in france it appears that patient 0 may have been discovered suggest. sting the corona virus was circulating in france as early as december when new evidence suggests the 43 year old frenchmen contracted covert 19 a month before france even confirmed its 1st case one hospital near paris retested as old flu samples and it showed positive for the virus take a listen i learned i had corona virus only 10 days after i left the hospital in france the outbreak started at the beginning of march and i caught the virus in december to me it's unbelievable 2 months apart the doctor called me and said mr amar you were lucky that's true because today this virus has spread everywhere and details are still unclear as to how patients are all contracted the virus as he had no travel history speaking of travel
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a cruise ship being investigated in australia for causing the coronavirus outbreak has sailed to the philippines now the ruby princess is docked in manila bay waiting for thousands of crewmembers to get tested before disembarking on the ship has been linked to 19 deaths in australia and 2 in the united states australia is investigating why 2700 passengers and crew were allowed to disembark in city before their test results. a tiny public school in montana will be among the 1st in the u.s. to reopen after being closed for almost 2 months due to the pandemic will create school opened its doors to $56.00 students and 18 staff members contrary to the majority of the united states schools that are closed for the rest of the academic year now the district superintendent acknowledges the risk and says 3 fourths of the parents surveyed want their kids back in school montana also reopen the churches restaurants and retail stores. presorted bird fossils are being used to
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potentially help with modern aviation and drone technology believe it or not r t s a correspondent john hardy takes a closer look it's called a pterosaur and it was basically a flying lizard for more than 200000000 years ago that could be as tall as a giraffe weighing more than 600 pounds and was one of the earliest known vertebrates to have evolved power in flight researchers from the university of bristol published a review in the scientific journal trends in ecology and evolution about how the pterosaurs unique multilayered wing was structured possibly allowing it to launch from a stationary position and then maintain stability in flight dr michael habib is a paleontologist with the dinosaur institute at the natural history museum of los angeles and a co-author of the study pterosaurs had a very unusual winning is unique to them that was muscle and skin and other tissues soft tissue stretched from $11.00 sort of a series of bones we costs far for the from the $4.00 legged base the giant finger
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the 4th fingers huge stretches that forefinger goes back to the hind limb and that means they had to have very sophisticated ways of tensioning this in dealing with this fight gratian problem and they were probably better at any other animal that's ever flop so not only were these gigantic flying dinosaurs able to solve their alas to city problems over evolutionary time but they were also in the size range of modern military and commercial aircraft in particular unmanned aerial vehicles or what are commonly referred to as drones it may seem a little bit weird to go into the fossil record to look at inspiration for 'd human designed aircraft but in fact if you want that size range and you're interested in that kind of problem that's the best place to look dr have bieb says some of his recent research is currently under review by the u.s. army and that nasa. as a project and prototypes drawing from the pterosaurs launch and we need opening
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mechanisms using their legs wings and fingers to launch from the ground into the air an aerial mechanics like that dr habib says could one day be used by a drone or other aircraft to perhaps get out of a crater on mars just one example of the very distant past playing a role in launching flight technology into the future for our t.v. john hardy. so i think at stomach troubles or even some heartburn zantac says not the way to go anymore the f.d.a. is now warning us about the serious risks about this popular medication will discuss it next with rick sanchez and the sports h.q. pretty to have shows us one and all between who took their appreciation for doctors and nurses to the big leagues they call for back in 2.
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this in cabinet because da is telling you to throw this out zantac why well for more on that we go to my friend and colleague host of the news with rick sanchez rick sanchez rick it's doing more than helping with the heartburn. can you imagine i mean it's interesting to be able to just look at a camera and say something like this but the fact of the matter is this is what i must say according to what the f.d.a. is telling me to tell you right now stop taking zantac stop do not take zantac anymore and if you have zantac in your home right now find it and get rid of it this is what they're saying to probably low estimate 60000
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pardon me 60000000 americans who take it according to one study it could be as many as of 3rd of all americans who have heartburn and take some kind of medication many of which say well they take different medications. 16000000 americans say that they have heartburn daily which means they take a medication for it every single day just to be able to deal with this i mean this is no matter how you look at it no matter how you break this down this is a very important story that we're sharing right now if we were not going through the coronavirus situation this would no likely be the biggest story that everyone would be talking about that's just how much this drug this medication is used so here's where it all starts so back in 2019 ferran they did this study where they started to see low levels of something called n d m a it's a carcinogen it's
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a cancer causing agent they found that existed and as a result of that they started asking for voluntary recalls and some warnings then last month just about 30 days ago they looked further and there was another test the pound there were really much more of them safe levels. and this is interesting the longer it sits right the worse it gets the most the more care. causing agents come out and the medication also if you keep it in the heat if you keep it in a and in a place where it's exposed to heat again there is a more cancerous agent that arrives so the f.d.a. has now come out and they've asked us to tell you this stop taking it get rid of it in fact listen to this they're saying it's so bad that they don't want you to just throw it away because they're afraid that if you throw it away it's going to end up in our water supply and then it's there's going to be a carcinogen in the in the environment don't throw it away by putting it in the
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trash they say the best way to get rid of it is to take it back to a form a c. and tell your pharmacist to try and get rid of it. and of course take something else i mean you know there's. there's pepcid nexium. and as far as we know none of those contain some of these agents ferrand now rick you know one of the things and you actually are in the medical field as well is being an excellent journalist but one of the things that when you have these recalls and you have them down the line lawsuits. yeah. what do you know about that little fun fact there. it's already happening as a matter of fact there are at least several complaints and lawsuits and they're not only complaining about apparently carcinogens the lawsuits have already started they started about 5 years ago people complaining about damage livers damaged bladder and cancer concerns because of that novartis sandoz and op attacks
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these are the big o. pharmaceutical companies that have already pulled this from the shelves but because it wasn't required as it is today and now many other of the drug makers didn't pull it a little history by the way why has it taken so long for this to happen well glaxo started testing in 1980 s. glaxo is the company that originally that originated this drug. they did studies they found some problems critics scientists say they really found more problems they should have reported they did and they're complaining that they didn't that they discarded a lot of the stomach contents in the tests and that's why they're saying that this is something that should have been caught a long time ago and there may have been some carelessness glaxo for their part said look we did what the f.d.a. wanted us to do we tested it in rodents and mice and there was no carcinogens found
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in the mice so look fair argument both ways the fact of the matter is right now the f.d.a. is saying again stop taking it get rid of it all right rick sanchez host of the news with rick sanchez my friend and colleague great to see you thanks so much for that report. former new jersey governor chris christie seems to be in the clear from all charges related to bridge gate after the u.s. supreme court throws out the 2 convictions of 2 aides to the former governor and the aides were previously convicted in 2013 for the closure of the george washington bridge that caused widespread delays and best gaiters believed at the time the closures were directed to punish one of new jersey's mayors for not endorsing christie's reelection bed. adela salon owner who kept her shop open defying the state's shut down orders has been released from jail the supreme court of texas gave the order to eliminate confinement as a punishment for violating the order now shelly luthor was initially ordered to
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spend a week in jail and find her $500.00 for every day that her salon stayed open. one of the american mercenaries captured after a failed attempt to overthrow by this whale is nicolas maduro claims he was on a mission to seize control of the country's main airport in order to abducted slater luke denman was one of the 2 u.s. citizen seized by venezuelan security forces this week in the attempt to overthrow in a video from venezuela he details some of the plot listen here. now it is unclear whether his confession reveals accurately the facts of the plot but the state department responding with this quote the united states government was
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not involved in the recent events in venezuela there is a major disinformation campaign underway by the madeira regime making it difficult to separate facts from propaganda to india now where a chemical gas leak from an industrial plant in the southern region is leaving people struggling to breathe many collapsing in the streets as they tried to flee at least 11 people died in about $1000.00 suffer breathing difficulties and other problems the synthetic chemical leak from the l.g. polymers plant which workers were preparing to restart after it was shut down during the coronavirus lockdown. a super flour moon shone brightly in many parts of the world last night it was filmed by many spectators from santiago chile to berlin germany the super flower moon is a phenomenon which occurs when the moon is actually located on the opposite side of earth to the sun it is the 2nd full moon of spring. i mean however now to regina hamm sitting in our sports h.d.
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regina baseball isn't quite back here but once i'm actually is giving back to their fan base in a pretty big way tell us about a really impressive way because all major league baseball parks are silent and due to the start of the season being delayed to the crowd of hours can demick one franchise aside they're going to use that time and their field to honor those doing important work on the frontlines ground spirit fenway park carved out a message that thank those battling the coronavirus the boston red sox use outfield grass to shape a special message on national nurses day staff. the heart with the team logo into the grass is visible from drone footage the $21.00 and all the season is 2 months delayed to the cove in $1000.00 but the red sox are showing that they're giving back to those who cheer them on when that game is back in session. as we have baseball took 7 innings for the game the korean baseball organization 3 in the low take giants in the k.t. whiz to get competitive but when it did it exploded in a pretty spectacular way top a 2nd to. get the giants on the board with r.b.i. still center field of beige a song for
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a one nothing leaves have the inning parker young browns out to short but scores you 100 to tie things all in one later in the inning though song ru this garrett are you going to have an r.b.i. single right field the way it is 8 to one lead easy one but top of the 7 is where things got heated outfitter saunas saw it at the plate a fassel from kim and soon he'd knock a 3 run homer run for the giants handing them a $43.00 lead and it would be a bit of a what given committee for him is here arrived home all of the team is pretty happy for that top of the night though rather to be on 2nd or 3rd came down on the ground understand. the lives of the tag giants up $73.00 in the to run single and bombed the inning pop up from gone his cup shortstop team comes away at the $73.00 win. and some may not consider chess the most athletic sport but the mind of the sport is equally as important so some of those top brains in the world are coming
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together for their latest competition 1st of the world chess federation nations cup kicked off online with 6 different teams vying 1st prize china united states india europe russia and team rest of the world each play the rapid style broadcasted on you tube and the world chess facebook page for those not familiar rapid style chess is where each player gets 25 minutes and you get 10 seconds back per movie players have to play with a computer camera and can't leave their seats so no bathroom breaks between removed on line due to the coronavirus pandemic but the cup. competition is still fair won if id affiliated judges do oversee it to make sure everything is fair the cup is held until may 10th and features a participation of some of the legends in the game clearing senior captain captain garry kasparov and it is really interesting to see all of that are ever going to make so much right so before we go we want to remind you about our new app it's called portable t.v. you can download it from google play and the apple store you can watch all of our shows for free 24 seventh's that's all for now you can always follow me on twitter and balance and always remember that question morning.
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listening to these and this is. just the cue. there's. just so you can. use to describe the it's a live show you know this new look miami and companion for me my siblings sort of do you know for the slow build for them but also acknowledge that. hello and welcome to redact it's an idea i'm your host name we care about any you know well. for that really days of quarantine when we were like hey
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remember bands. well where's those. now we've seen every news anchors unshaven legs they're naked husband in the shower behind them and worse cuomo gym shorts and it's not a drone and more. and it is we have great show proof and i leave camp sits down with the jaipur shot a journalist and an author of 30 books a political philosopher and the executive director of the tri continental institute for social research they talked about the failures of our government to deal with this crisis the demands workers should be making and much more than redacted correspondent natalie mcgill will talk about some mind blowing old news from medieval times the era the eatery then i will go into how big businesses are taking small business support good news for people who like breathing and how the virus is remaking the college process college education process but 1st let's go to that interview between we camp and v.j. . thank you so much revere.


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