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tv   Eat the Press  RT  May 15, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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hello everyone let's take a look at today's menu to see what we're serving up on the press i was struck peggy by the cynicism of the answer did n.b.c. chef todd purposely added an answer given by attorney general william barr to c.b.s. news and then played on meet the press to make barr look bad and i obviously am very sorry for that mistake todd says no we'll let you see it and decide for yourself as the d.o.j. drops their charges against general michael flynn and new revelations surface about the role of the obama administration in unmasking him much of the media is silent or blaming the attorney general we'll discuss and a big congressional pick up for republicans in california but you wouldn't know it
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as the mainstream media has nothing to report you're telling me you're 100 percent certain and exclusive with project veritas founder james o'keefe he has the latest on his exposé on c.b.s. news and that fake coronavirus testing line in michigan. and finally saturday night live slur as they claim the winner of a vile miss hitler contest is this israel miss israel. i'm steve malzberg let's meet the press. go. easy. by. all right folks let's start with something that happened last sunday on that n.b.c. show that kind of sounds like ours what's it called meet the press chuck todd
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aired a clip from a c.b.s. news interview with the u.s. attorney general william barr and he was discussing his decision to drop perjury charges against retired general michael flynn. when history looks back on this decision how do you think it will be written well history's written by the winners so it's largely depends on. who's writing the history. i was struck peggy by the cynicism of the answer it's a correct answer but he's the attorney general he didn't make the case that he was up holding the rule of law he was almost admitting that yeah this is a this is a political job. but folks here is bars full answer to that question how do you think it will be written well history's written by the winners so it's a large it depends on. who's writing the history but i think a fair history would say it was it was a good decision because it would uphold the rule of law and hope to the standards
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of the department of justice and it did what was an injustice. so you would think that of tata just let the video run to its end he would have known exactly what bar had said and edited video right well not according to todd who addressed the situation on tuesday claiming that you needed anything that there were 2 separate clips that c.b.s. put out watch we should have looked at both and checked for a full transcript in the state that i wish we had made and one that i wish i hadn't made the 2nd part of the attorney general's answer would have put it in the proper context and had i seen that part of the interview i would not affirm the conversation the way i did and i obviously am very sorry for that mistake. so was it an innocent mistake or something more nefarious we'll discuss with adam
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to lead of accuracy in media coming up and from the the more things they change the more they actually remain the same file the president took this question from we just showing at a coronavirus press conference watch said many times that the us is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing yes why does that matter why is this a global competition to us every day americans are still losing their lives and we're still seeing more cases every day where they're losing their lives everywhere in the world and maybe that's a question you should ask china. don't ask me has china that question ok when you asked them that question you may get a very unusual answer yes behind you please let's oh and folks here it comes to my you saying that to me basically i'm telling you as i'm not saying it specifically to anybody i'm saying a debt he would ask goodness to question i said
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a nasty please go ahead which led to the predictable hysterics from the likes of joy bay har he's a racist he's a disgusting racist we merely when he attacked mexicans we knew it when he got when he defended charlottesville people and we know it when he goes have to china and he goes after chinese american girl he is a racist he throws rape me to his base on a regular basis and anybody who still supports this guy needs to look at america and ask themselves if they are racist also that's all i have to say about him i've had enough and. you got it folks so if you say shine and address the issue of china to a chinese american reporter your racist that's if you are donald trump. all right folks joining us now is the president of accuracy in media adam kalat adam
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welcome aboard i want to start with the the chucks chuck todd story that i had in my appetiser meet the press their handling of that video clip the answer given by attorney general michael barr to c.b.s. news regarding his decision to drop charges against general flynn now the president has weighed in on the whole incident calling him sleepy eyes chuck todd saying he should be fired by con kasdan for this fraud he knew exactly what he was doing fake news what do you think should should todd be fired his apology or explanation acceptable to you well we don't know what's in his heart we don't know what's in his head people do make honest mistakes but it's funny how all of their honest mistakes consistently push the same narrative they never seem to make an honest mistake that goes against the left it's only honest mistakes against the right funny how that works out it all the time all the time all right i want to
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stay with the flynn decision you know when it came down that the justice department was dropping the charges well let's just say that the media didn't disappoint pretty dark place on social media of the very 1st to come out after the story broke that i saw on twitter was progun if you're listening high 5 your assets and there are russian flags and russian means popping up and now we see the bar really just doing donald trump's dirty the collapse of the justice department caught my breath with the collapse of the justice department this is a case where the fix was in the fix is it. oh the fix was in all right and now of course adam the judge refusing to acquiesce and drop the charges and the revelations now that so many people in the obama administration were involved in flynn's unmasking but it's more of the same from the media i wish i was taken by
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a brian williams russia russia or you know who should high 5 somebody that they can't get off this they can't get off it they can't be fair and honest it's just not in them you would have thought they would have been tired of the russia story all year ago 2 years ago they played that card for so long and it's gotten so old i've got to imagine even the audiences are tired of it at this point what they still keep pushing it will they show us the clip again of where obama told putin after the election he'll have more room to negotiate you know they will soon bring that one up will they talk about whole bamma use the justice department to go after americans know they want to talk about that instead they just have this endless ridiculous fictional narrative that they keep trying to force down people's throats get over it. or how obama pardon they general charged with perjury lying to the f.b.i. on his way out the door and i was 17 i got 2 special elections adam took place this
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past tuesday with historic results in california's 25th cd where for the 1st time in 22 years a republican mike garcia flipped the seat held by a democrat and in michigan republican tom tiffani he held the 7 c.d.c. for the g.o.p. now according to fox and others none of the networks gave this any coverage the night of the election the next day the next night i mean this. doesn't get any more blatant fake news by omission. well it's unreal because you'll recall that when a democrat won or a democrat leaning judge won that wisconsin special election for their supreme court well they treated the thing like a presidential election it was wall to wall coverage look in scott walker's old wisconsin we flipped the judicial appointment soria judge seat will in that same state a republican wins a congressional seat cricket's and then as you said for the 1st time this century
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in california republican flipped the democrat seat once again crickets where are the stories on that you would expect a democrat to win a seat held by a democrat in california the opposite happened the media is missing absolutely i want to applaud go daddy dot com they recently took down a website running a miss hitler contest believe it or not something very high in the poll garraty scale i think most would agree but that didn't stop saturday night live last week from topping the contest itself in my view watch go daddy has sudden a web site that hosted a miss hitler beauty pageant coincidentally miss hitler beauty pageant was the working title for the grooming go by a column if you're wondering who the winner of the miss hitler pageant was this is real. all right saturday night lives michael j. with a blatant example of your face anti-semitism and there has not been adam
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a whimper from the media not to be honest with you and i watch pretty much a lot of stuff i haven't seen any body coverage except what we're doing right now outrageous. it's been entirely cricket's and let me say i never get mad or morally outraged when comedians make bad jokes that fail their jokes not all jokes are going to win i totally get that and i'm not personally bothered by it i'm jewish and i'm not bothered by it what i do occasionally get irritated by is the fact that their narrative always goes after one side they never would have made a mis palestinian joke if they just open themselves up to actually consistently making fun of all viewpoints all groups that might allow themselves more opportunity for funny jokes yeah and the way they sing laura ingram in there too is a whole nother story altogether adam thank you so much my friend adam got that ladies and gentlemen a check at accuracy in media
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a i am dead or thank you sir thank you always for having me. my folks stay right where you are james o'keefe of project veritas is next to update his exposé on c.b.s. you're watching of course eat the press. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that murdoch fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics as a species of endless and needless political theater politicians have morphed into celebrity are 2 ruling parties are in reality one party to corporate power and
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those who attempt to puncture this vast breathless universe of to make news and to sign the push through the cruelty and exploitation of the neo liberal courts are pushed so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche of sweet we must. take a live news anywhere you go plus an elegant link to read it online and video library with a built in search engine it will sit right in your pocket it's free interactive digital are syntaxes stars will talk to $8000.00 the president's text or videos uploaded every hour so what are you waiting for blast off to the polls if you.
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how to read out of read turn on the t.v. on the about the world what's happened in the around me i see shills on the screens in last everything because the fake news narratives the steady state to maybe cool little to no christmas with the farm after the plum brick by brick the cool is that they could play me off it in the school but i've found a network that question. she misses having a hard time but then i getting it straight in trying to get less not already where they did a false report all right well a lot last week we told you about it investigation a situation involving a c.b.s. news cherry health medical center in grand rapids michigan and an apparent partially staged coronavirus testing line some manned by employees of the medical
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facility to make the situation look more newsworthy than it really was the story was broken by project their it's us and their founder and c.e.o. james o'keefe who spoke with an informer you're telling me you're 100 percent certain that c.b.s. news c.b.s. news corporation national staged a fake event they fake the news they take the reality and broadcast of that to all of their audience last friday on c.b.s. this morning. and that was confirmed by a site supervisor. with . joining us now is james o'keefe founder and c.e.o. of project very tough james welcome back to the show so there's been many updates since we address this situation last week on the need the press so let's start at
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the beginning when were you made aware of this whole story by your insider. well see we had an insider contact us. just a few days before the episode there and we shipped them a hidden camera they are greek or in some other colleagues admitting. this was faked in this was staged so we sent them a camera and they got some more mentions this was actually prior to the thing being aired the thing aired and then and then and then and then the c.e.o. of the hospital issued a statement c.b.s. issued a statement confirming this was a staged covert coated mine in michigan and the president talked about it you know law office last week so it's i think it's a real example of think news and then in fact he can down the broadcast because at least run more than one person was taking a line. right well well as you mentioned 1st you know c.b.s.
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did not any involvement and said that the facility had admitted to staging one employee as a patient in the line of touch a black man the c.e.o. of the facility also claimed to be unaware of c.b.s. staging anything at all nor did she instructs he said any staff to get in line for the testing but as this local grand rapids news report indicates things changed jerry health now would mimic that staffers were in the line of cars presented to the c.b.s. network in that story on national t.v. and cherry health c.e.o. tashi blackman just e-mailing a statement that some staffers were in the line to provide a visual backdrop showing how busy the tests i can get and james they also said that they did it to protect patient privacy which was a bizarre claim i think you know that doesn't make a lot of sense to me it actually hurt the patients who were trying to get the tests
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they were actually folks in the line maybe one or 2 of them and they were being delayed from being get in treatment because they were patients and you saw the video there in the car if you can't see through the glass you don't see that the people behind the steering wheels are medical personnel and in fact patients and by the way you know nobody would know anything about this but not for project. and this insider so they hide at the press tends to hide behind the scent demonio 1st amendment but again they have to be able so police and and steve they don't so it's important that people reach out to project so james c.b.s. did at this story as you mentioned after the fact so where the end they issued their statement to where right now is their culpability in all this would you say. that's that's to the $64000.00 question steve because there is inconsistency is between what the c.e.o. of the hospital said and the president of the board of directors the c.e.o.
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of the hospital saying a saying something slightly different and identifying there was in fact someone who orchestrated this is again coming from the hospital and then another person saying no no we don't know if anybody was behind it so they can get their own story straight and if there was someone behind it we'd like to know that person's name is that the c.e.o. of the hospital now also steve this hospital hosted a political advantage joe biden who was in attendance that the governor of michigan has a connection to this hospital so this is a very significant place this is probably why c.b.s. had the show there to begin with for this morning show 2 months ago. well it's interesting because now there are calls for an investigation into cherry helpmate michigan a state representative steve johnson writing this letter to the governor quite an impact and kudos to project veritas is reporting where what do you think the find
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out there through this investigation i think that nobody will ever admit anything unless they're forced to admit something i don't know why brian stelter of c.n.n. is not covering this i don't know why shows call reliable sources not talking about c.b.s. retracting their entire broadcast so the moral of the story is that the only way you're going to get them to be accountable is by catching them any act even when you do so they deny it and contradict themselves so contact us at project. backslash grave if you're one of these insiders and you have a tip even in grand rapids michigan or wherever we'll tell your story james were a good work great talking to you again sir thanks. hi folks we've talked a lot about the double standard exhibited by the mainstream media when it comes to coverage of the sexual assault case brett kavanaugh the supreme court justice during his confirmation hearings and of course now the presumptive presidential
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nominee former vice president joe biden there is quite a difference in the coverage but it's not just the news media it runs much deeper and ortiz that touches suite is here to tell us much more natasha yes stephen on the left is certainly exhibiting a double standard as you said when it comes to believing in who they call survivors of sexual assault after top celebrities back dr christine ford when supreme court justice brett kavanaugh was for getting sworn in as a supreme court justice the silence has been deafening when it comes to backing joe biden accuser tara reid and fact instead of supporting her reid says there has been nothing but backlash for her coming out the mainstream media had no problem offering day night coverage of dr christine blousy forward on capitol hill with her claims of being sexually assaulted i was not at the party described by dr ford. this confirmation process has become
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a national disgrace after brett kavanaugh pleaded his case in with a calendar as evidence. the left still had no interest in hearing cavanagh story the constitution gives the senate an important role. in the confirmation process but you have replaced advice and consent with search and destroy the hash tag i believe her even trending on twitter but when terrorist came forward with claims that democratic presidential nominee joe biden sexually assaulted her she says the same celebrities who supported ford did not do the same for her when coming out with her story but there is a measure of hypocrisy with the campaign saying and say it's not to say you know my social media has been hacked all my personal information has been dragged through every person that maybe has a you know a great against me an ex-boyfriend or an ex landlord or whatever it is has been able to have a platform rather than me. talking about things that have nothing to do with 1903
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like you have in the whole thing with being called a russian agent that in particular. that incites people people actually i'm going to duck from from that because they thought i was being a traitor to america. actress alyssa milano had no problem coming to washington d.c. to watch kavanagh's hearing in person even having never met ford. you know happy to be in there standing by her side. in her quest for justice so it was important for me to to to be able to support her and to support survivors everywhere but read feels that support does not extend to people like her who have claims against those on the left even comedian james corden who was extremely vocal about backing forward has not said anything about reid before go i had said i want to say i was so inspired. i'm humbled by dr ford's testimony today i felt the bravery in the face of intimidation and abuse and i
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called you comedian jimmy kimmel was also passionate in his praise for forward and distaste for justice cavanagh hear me out of this so cavanaugh gets confirmed to supreme court ok well in return we get to cut that pesky penis of his off. you know that's what i did even though there was 0 evidence against cavanagh kimmel still felt the need to get involved in the conversation because he clearly is all about empowering women only in my pants and you're allowed to. on the outside of the pants you have 10 seconds to then guess what is here and why you should use 2 hands to have. more. if you put your mouth on. so when we hear about the media wanting to support women the need to move appears to have a bias they only seem to believe women who have allegations against conservatives
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and not liberals steve. i felt that that camel thing is still in my head no that's not true the question has to be. made. reconcile the hypocrisy and you know and survive it just because it's the same hypocrites running it if you will the answer is probably yes. yeah steve i mean it's a great point because the hypocrisy is so apparent here as you say even a liberal actress like rose mcgowan pointed it out but of course the mainstream media is it covering the allegations against joe biden as they were for brett kavanaugh but i guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise unfortunately all right thank you natasha great stuff. hi folks it's not unusual for self-proclaimed journalist don lemon to you know spew his anti trump views on his c.n.n. show in fact it's become a staple of his schtick but even even by his low standards what he did the other
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night was i guess it was weird he started with the clip of former president barack obama from his april video message on the coronavirus watch michelle and i hope that you and your families are safe and well if you've lost somebody to this virus or if someone in your life is sick or if you're one of the millions suffering economic hardship please know that you're in our prayers. and then came lemons response. boy a boy. that's the leadership. that's compassion. it's too bad that president trump can't show either. at a kind of what you'd expect and then lemon starts addressing president trump as if he's watching. what is it about president obama that
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really. gets under your skin. is it because he's smarter than you. better educated. made it on his own didn't need daddy's help. wipe is more accomplished. better looking i don't know what is it what is it about. his wife is better looking and more successful than maligne trump we could run a poll on that and see where we come out i mean talk about tone deaf good job judging women by their looks real classy don what the heck was that all of that i keep saying lemon is not the brightest bulb on t.v. and all you have to do is watch him and that's our show for today i want you to stay curious and stay hungry because the show really airs sunday morning 10 30 am
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eastern time and you could watch all full shows right now on the portable t.v. app go download it right now at the app store if you don't have it i'm steve walberg thanks for watching the press. max geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside artificially low mortgage truth don't get carried away that's cause report. is your media a reflection of reality.
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in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson nation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that. way. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallows. the dropping of the f.b.i. case against michael lynch reveals when so many of us have long believed russia gate was a proved and slot beach invention undermine the oakum of the presidential election irrespective of how you feel about the current occupant of the white house it was an attempted coup tellingly the corporate liberal media someone who can spare.
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you. a lot from rhode island where i live as we are broadcasting remotely during the crisis this coronavirus pandemic is an assault on public health is also an attack on our freedom let's ask the author of battlefield america the war on the american people john w. whitehead is founder and president of the rutherford institute a nonpartisan nonprofit group committed to the principles of the constitution and the bill of rights john you're in for.


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