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if i'm a kid. when i get out i'm going to find somebody you know i'm going to take my son to their next you so he can piss in the hope for the bliss of her experience. live from the world headquarters of r t america in our nation's capital this is the new. rick sanchez. hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez to all of you watching us from all over the world either on a regular t.v. or on portable t.v. app we're so glad you're there we're learning today that a 9 year old boy has died in france from a disease believed to be linked to corona virus if this is confirmed he would actually be the very 1st child to die of this illness which has now been found in children in england in sweden and france and new york and california and now we understand in italy as well so what i want to do today is i want to start by trying
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to answer the questions that you may have about this right 1st yes yes the c.d.c. is officially linking it to covert 19 but here's the issue that link is not yet fully understood this disease this illness that we're all talking about it's called pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome and i'm going to take you through how it was discovered just a minute but before i do that what i need to do is tell you that this syndrome in children is being compared to another rare childhood condition you've heard about this that was called the kawasaki disease now because saki disease does indeed share some symptoms with this new illness that we're talking about it's not the same disease but they share some of the symptoms in fact should we go and show some of these symptoms to see what they look like what's true that let me let me show you what some of the symptoms are because i think this is important if your child presents with
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a fever that last 24 hours plus if your child has abdominal pains and diarrhea and vomiting if your child has a rash or changes. in skin color see some of these are different than what we've told you that are the symptoms for 19 right if your child has trouble breathing that one is similar to cope at 19 if your child seems confused and he's suddenly overly sleepy those are the signs of this new illness that people are talking about this pediatric inflammatory syndrome so let me let me show you now how this all got started i want to take you back to april 27th and april 27th doctors in london suddenly noticed that there was this this is inflammatory condition that a lot of children were getting and it was affecting so many of them because what was rare was the same children apparently had earlier presented with covert 19 so they started seeing the track that they want to see there was
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a pattern so they sent an alert out all over the world to all the doctors all the children's hospitals all over the world it got picked up in new york city with some health department officials in new york city said hey we're seeing something similar here too so then next step let's go to may 2nd may 2nd in boston at the boston children's hospital one of the most renowned children's hospitals in the world they convened a teleconference where they joined people from all over the world and doctors so they could share notes with each other what do you know what do you know what are you seeing where you are this included experts in pediatric fields and pediatric intensive care pediatric cardiology pediatric rheumatology infectious disease experts in the kawasaki disease so all these x. rays from all over the world are doing a teleconference together and what they conclude is that this syndrome in children is distinct from other illnesses so it is different and it seems to present in children so far that i've also been exposed to coven but it's very rare it's still
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very rare that's important there's something else i want to tell you let's go back to talk about the kawasaki disease because again it's a difference disease we're hearing now. from the u.k.'s kawasaki disease foundation these are people who've been working on this for years decades and they're putting out a statement to all parents around the world where they want them to know that although it presents like kalas saki this disease that we're talking about they're not seeing a direct tie between cold 19 and kawasaki the disease itself you get that they're not seeing a direct tie in fact here's the numbers they put out they say that of the $11000000.00 children in the u.k. including many who have been exposed to kovan $1000.00 so far only 20 have tested positive there for kawasaki college saki itself and that's down from how many children they see with kawasaki on a normal year see that that's good news right that's good news so we're giving you everything that we can get the syndrome. is it an offshoot of kawasaki is it an
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offshoot of code 19 or neither or both will it become more prevalent as we move forward these are very important questions and many of them remain unanswered folks this is new stuff but we believe it's important to keep asking we believe it's important to report to you what we know because that's what we think is important here because here on the news the rick sanchez we do think it's time to do news again. let's go over the questions questions we think that you're going to be asking tomorrow what do we know or need to know about how cold it affects children do the death toll trends really substantiate are suddenly opening stores and restaurants all over the country will greed profit get in the way of the development of a covert vaccine. once again in case you didn't
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hear this news the very 1st case of a child dying from this covert 19 related disease or syndrome that we've been talking about has taken place it's happened in france and it's been confirmed that this little boy he tested positive for corona virus he received treatment at a hospital for 7 days and then he died saturday this 9 year old boy went into cardiac arrest and the doctors were not able to pull him out they were able to save his life with more now from new york where they're dealing with us as well this rare illness here is our t. correspondent attorney charges. that the c.d.c. officially issuing a health advisory in 2 thousands of doctors across the country warning to look out for a troubling new syndrome that may be associated with co the 19 most commonly we're seeing present with high fever it's been going on for 3 or 4 days
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typically a rash and it's a very disseminated rash the illness called a multi-system implement tory syndrome being seen in children across europe and at least 18 states plus washington d.c. the reality is that we're still going on. isn't i think. doctors in the u.k. 1st sounding the alarm to this and jim in april since then physicians in other countries including italy in france. have reported clusters of similar cases. and what we're seeing in the children it suggests that in some children be that rare small number of kids they have a hyper. inflammatory response it happens the state of new york accounting for more than 100 infections and 3 deaths a 5 year old boy a 7 year old boy and an 18 year old girl we thought initially bad it didn't affect children we're now dealing with an issue that's very disturbing the illness which
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affects blood vessels and other organs has similar symptoms to talk sex shock syndrome and callous saki disease the main thing about how psyche disease that worries pediatricians is that it can lead if it's untreated lead to something that we call coronary artery aneurysm and those can be fatal and they oftentimes develop after the symptoms of. the disease which is most commonly found in children under the age of 5 was named after japanese pediatrician thomas saku koua saki after he described 50 cases of infants with persistent fever rash redness and cracking of the lips in 1967 and the 1st cases outside of japan were reported in 1976 the callous saki disease occurs worldwide the highest instance of infection is in japan for every 100000 children between 132140 kids under the age of 5 get infected most
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often affecting boys meantime estimates indicate that at least $3000.00 cases of the illness are diagnosed each year in the u.s. with less than a point 5 percent mortality rate experts say the illness in most cases can be treated with aspirin reporting in new york trinity each others are to what we say once again. what i think is a really important point here a lot of this information is brand new a lot of really. smart people are still trying to figure it out and calculated we happen to be lucky enough to have a really smart guy who's joining us now. i mean this guy invented the term network health reporter he was one of the 1st health reporters for n.b.c. news for many many years he and i worked together as a matter of fact we're joined by none other than dr bob are not talking about a very very serious story that we're still trying to come to grips with right dr bob have you what is your sense of this thing what does it's leading you to think is going on. so rick what's so interesting about this is that you know we have seen
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in the very severe cases this hyper inflammatory syndrome i don't just give you a sense of this you know we look at these markers c.r.p. opponent ferritin d. dimer so you might have you know while 6 score a c.r.p. score you know 50 or 100 they're seen in the thousands so the main thing when you start to see the you know the respiratory collapse and the severe shock in adults is you have this tremendous and planetary response so you gave an excellent count of very symptoms those with kawasaki disease and this you expect to see the redness in the eyes you have a rash perhaps on the face you have the lymph nodes the raspberry tongue you know the peeling of the hands and feet what's different here is that you have this very severe abdominal pain and diarrhea and the cardinal sign the one that worries all of us so much is that effects the cardiovascular system and you're actually reporting there were saying that look it would kawasaki disease you expect many years later that they may develop an aneurism of the quarter arteries they are
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coming in shock as you saw 3 of them and they couldn't they couldn't revive we're starting to see this adults too with a comedian flavored shock and it's leading some thoughts about a new technology rick which is called movie a for this. extra kapoor ial membrane oxygenation basically the heart lung machine they're starting to roll some of these cases so extremely troubling and anybody who's cavalier about sending kids back to school has to think twice or more with the center of much this valving yes and here is what so confusing. we have color saki disease we have this pediatric inflammatory syndrome that we're talking about and we have coded 19 all 3 are different diseases different situations conditions if you will and they're trying to figure out how they interrelate right but it seems to me from all the research i've spent the morning on they haven't quite figured out yet. well rick i got to i was listening i'm really impressed i
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have to go to a doctor at the really you know your stuff i was really and for all by reporting there so you know what's interesting is of course is that you know not all of these kids who come down with this new syndrome are positive for co but at the time that they come into the hospital they may have antibodies from the past so we know about kawasaki's diseases that there are triggers and that there may be a genetic component with the covert cases it doesn't seem there is that genetic or familiar component but they do have in these these cases with the disease this terrible inflammatory is in rome and i'll tell you you know i have been dealing with a lot of the i.c.u. is around the world i do a call almost every day with various i see what they're seeing and they are starting to see the heritable terrifying cardiovascular collapse in your own younger adults and now in children so you know what is it we don't know some cross
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where the kawasaki. symptoms obviously but also you see that some of these kids you know don't test positive for cope and so tricky and bottom line i always said when this disease hits our shore and you look at all of the medical talent here we're going to find a lot of very surprising new aspects of the disease wreckage and here 1st that it in terms of bringing the viewers around the world great job probably the best doctor and the key word here is rare so far and let's just cross our fingers and hope it stays that way thank you doctor. welcome back you're all right there's the news that rick sanchez you're watching our special coverage and we're going to be wiped out so what. will be a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you. what is true. is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows. that's right here. is the ticker symbol for here it's a closed and fine and you can buy all of the care. that we feature here on this episode of kaiser report it's currently trading at a market cap of about $3900000000.00 but we're expecting the fed to come in and
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front run the market and take us up to a much higher capitalization possibly 7 or 9 trillion dollars. they welcome back those of you watching us from all over the world we welcome you whether you're watching us in india or europe we're so glad that you're there on portable t.v. here on a regular on a regular t.v. channel on this day the united states is accusing china of creating a pandemic maybe on purpose on this day the united states and china warships that are facing each other in the south china sea on this day bombs are still going off in afghanistan in a war that we began decades ago on this day our state department is having to explain for what appears to be another aborted coup in venezuela on this day the united states and france are arguing about who will keep the money rights to
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whatever. and she will vaccine for covert 19 wouldn't you think wouldn't you think that with the entire world in peril right now given this coven 1000 coronavirus situation that we would somehow find a way to put our differences aside to address this issue we're joined by the legendary pink floyd founder roger waters lyricist composer all around big thinker good enough to join us now. what is it about us roger is it something about us as human beings or is it the politics in the governments that were led by that just can't seem to be able to get their act together even in times like this. yeah days you know i've got the elephant in the room behind me of my shoulder you can see him to and and and the elephant in the room sadly is near liberal economics i believe that the truth you know clearly at what what covert 19
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has told the school is that in order to face a common enemy like a virulent fire a sling this we need to have to cooperate to act together to what could he said flee as acute but as a community at global community in order to defeat the common enemy. it is the sick sri me difficult when we are driven a lot of us anyway in the western world by a motive which ca's to max mind maximize the bottom line of profit for the corporations that run out trying trees so that so that suit that's what the elephant is telling me anyway and if we don't cooperate we're all dead the planet so we're where we're heading for the cliff of recycled destruction of everything. so will this be a wake up call i hope so i'm so glad that your having these conversations with people will not see on your t.v. should we try to do this because sometimes it seems like you're you know pushing
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against the wind and you can't move anything and you wonder how do we do that roger otto we get people together to stop thinking about just getting through their day and thinking about what the days are going to be like for the generations we leave after us. we refused to shut up we were issues to be quote we continue to rebel. we say no this is bullshit this is just not good enough we do not want to go back to got normal what was that normal hey what did we do today i know let's print trillions of dollars and give it way to rich people but it could ideas at the bankers amounts what they did and then cover it 19 came along and then went when we can and do in the face of this new terrible pandemic that is facing the human brilliant idea let's print billions trillions of dollars and give it away to very very rich people right so what's changed nothing still no real
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cooperation between you know people in this community in north america where i live is probably a lot more cooperation between people in china because they at least have a health service and they have a social system whether you agree with the rest of their politics in politics is neither here nor there but the whole new china gate thing could not be more destructive than it is and all this nonsense with compay is going back to venezuela with this particular little attempts to movement touro is so destructive of any possibility that we might move forward you know the venezuelans are trying to help the cubans and many others to face this could really serious medical problem sorry i interrupted you no no i was just thinking as i was listening to you talk to because i think you're saying things that make a lot of sounds roger and unfortunately you're a lonely lone voice in the wilderness our media our government leaders our business
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leaders the people that for traditional elites we depended on to help us they're not there for reasons that sometimes we don't understand we can't understand so what are we left with who do we follow how do we create the exit gens to find some kind of commonality and find some kind of answer to these things that you're bringing before us. well luckily luckily without without the constraints of the mainstream media there is a community on the internet of people who are interested in the truth who are interested in human rights who are interested into crecy who are interested in liberty who are interested in curing people who are interested in paying the now sits in the cab drivers of the lorry driver snow all the essential workers who have the world to live in which who are interested in their city and we do communicate one with the not the other and the main focal point to focus ation often days how
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do we come back the huge propaganda machine that has persuaded most about brothers and sisters that this is normal and that it's ok it should that be street today had to be chipped paizo some muck suck up a cup of other people and everybody else is on the branch line at the end of every month for the 1st of every month we're all scratching you know polk it's trying to figure out how could we make disk add up they don't pay his son off to pay rents we're living we're living in and i think that is part of the take me at the propaganda that we're faced with every day is don't worry about that just leave it to us to leaders need it should reduce will trigger after what's important is that we have a war with the chinese with the russians or the irregular that's what affinis wait until the nick or i wouldn't well whoever it might be because that's not that you
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know that's the propaganda the hard sell sadly the real manny we are many there are many many many of us now and people are slowly waking up it's a slow process all over the. rot you're in waters wall near you're you're a thinker i thought you were you are you proved it and it's been on a pleasure to have you on to share these ideas i hope to be able to get you back my front. come back anytime and thanks so much pain shit thank you rob. meanwhile there's this the weaponization of outer space is a serious topic that is why the us air force embarks on a secret mission many are asking. why we're not being told what it's being used for and while many question the motive flight officials are sure a sort of but that allowance by pointing out that it will be dedicated to the victims of covert my team this mission is that i'm out of more than simply an ironic twist or 2 john hardy has the story. like most of the troops involving the
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x. 37 b. spacecraft this next mission also remains top secret in classified but air force secretary barbara beret said this week the x. 37 b. orbital test vehicle will take off may 16th from cape canaveral air force station in florida for its 6th mission and incorporate tasks for both the u.s. space force and nasa this latest mission comes after the x. $37.00 b. spent 780 days in space completing that mission last october the flight marked the spacecraft and longest mission yet in space all together it's already spent a total of 7 years and 10 months in orbit what we do know about this latest mission is that the x. $37.00 b. will be bringing quitman and various technology to conduct experiments along with reportedly deploying a falcon sat 8 satellite randy wald in the director and program executive officer for the air force rapid capabilities office said in
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a statement quote this will be the 1st x. 37 b. mission to use a service module to host experiments the incorporation of a service module on this mission and enables us to continue to expand the capabilities of the spacecraft and host more experiments than any of the previous missions and along with a very sick quick man in the satellites carrying the x. $37.00 b. also has a special tribute to those affected by the kobe 1000 crisis a written message on the side of the atlas 5 rocket reading quote in memory of covert 1000 victims and tribute to all 1st responders and front line workers lift off is scheduled for 8 24 am so. saturday weather permitting for our tea john honey . we have is joining us now i want to touch on this a little bit this report by john hardy which seems to if nothing else certainly leave us with the impression that we're weaponize in space with us oh i think it's great i mean we've done so well with weapons everywhere else i mean i think oh it
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is in your cheek. i think we've done so well with weapons really around the world that it's about time we get them up in space you know and then if there are aliens out there they'll see what's going on they'll be like let's not mess with that because it looks like a well to me or just this week we did a report just 3 days ago about the trumpet ministration wants to mine the moon like we're literally going to mine for minerals in the moon and we're also going to create a state space defense force so those 2 things alone sound like the ramblings of a lunatic but they're not these are legitimate news stories that have reported this week i had similar proposal which was take all 'd of the coal mining c.e.o.'s and send them to the moon so i don't know if that maybe we could work together on that because because i'm down. can you find an argument i mean literally sometimes as a journalist i find myself having to put myself outside myself to create
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a yang yang to create it out of some story can you help me figure out a logical argument for why we should strip mined the moon and put weapons in outer space the logic there logic is we just have to win everything right it's a very nationalistic patriotic patriotic cry no like jingoistic we need to win we need to beat everyone and he's doing that with a vaccine right right a.j. we need to beat every one of the vaccine and they're going to steal our vaccine and it's very similar and so i mean i just think it's the opposite of let's create a world of peace you know it's the opposite and we of course is militarily you know you just said something that's important because i was watching the news conference today from the white house talking about the vaccine and the future of legacy and the guy was having it was the secretary of defense and that's were you know the defense lawyer and they've said that oh you know china is going to steal our vaccine we should be working together on this it should be a cooperative effort to save and that i should not be led by a scientist yeah that of yeah yeah it makes you wonder i mean i did drink some
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bleach yesterday and i feel pretty good so trump may be on maybe we don't need scientists i'm done with science just have to go there. should have a great we can do that sort of section much for being with us we'll be looking for your right here check it out on portable t.v. download it and by the way we'll see you want to once again. to do that.
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we go to work so you straight home. yeah it. used to be a new you got you could get you to go we just told you if you could. see any. physical somewhere in the telescope that this was just one of. those who sure means ladies including this is focused on just the cute little it's the new clean thing you sit there still glow on the floor listening to the sleep if you don't sweat for curtis or you clenched. his new you through the couple the notes alone sure you got this new book my man come venue for me why is that a good thing for to do you know for the slow but also did not place.
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good food descriptions sound up the even for the owners so how to choose just bad food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out pet food may not be as healthy as people believe and we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders they can't allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not for. interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research.
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time after time if you're going underground as coronavirus stops protests all around the world forcing ballasted meehan's to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of america behind closed doors in what's called the world's largest open air prison camp guarded by u.k. weapons coming up in the show a dissident israeli historian and author of the ethnic cleansing of palestine ilan pappe a gels going underground why palestine is still the issue especially during the coronavirus pandemic cove it comes from climate change can the global elites bioengineer their rescue professor on the dollar even on how the war on climate change will be owned by nationalism all the civil war coming up in today's going.


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