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tv   News  RT  May 19, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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tuesday may 19th in the headlines today several french schools are forced to close again just days after reopening as new cases of the detective. school health organization decision making body meets to work on the next global efforts to tackle the pandemic president trump is now threatening to permanently x. its u.s. funding. belgian health care workers turn their backs literally on their prime minister in protest over the government's handling of a pandemic as the country eases more. coming up then we speak to one of those. at this location where that. was the right occasion show how we disagree with the
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way that. the medical sector. rushes daily infection rate is slowing there are still problem region seeing a spike one such as. this fighting talk from a u.f.c. world champion urging caution for his fellow citizens especially with the end of ramadan coming up this weekend. when my father is in hospital his condition is very severe i've personally had over 20 close relatives hospitalized many of them are no longer with us please don't and don't accept yes. russia life for most internationals will do center in moscow it's cover now and here for the next 30 minutes i do hope you stick around as well as to take us through the latest headlines 1st off and getting children back to school is seeing mixed results in. we can report today even education ministers held
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a video conference on monday to discuss the impacts of the outbreak and said that there hasn't been a significant increase in transmission in the 22 countries where classes have returned but worryingly a number of french schools have had a close again after only a few days open because of new infections reporting next than 1st officer from paris charlotte dubin ski. children had only just started to head back to school in france but after only one week of classes around 70 having to shut down once more as cases of covert 19 have been detected. it is probably a virus that was contracted before returning to school after exiting confinement but you will see what the analyses say. this is what many teachers and their unions had warned about they import the government to reopen schools fearing that they could become a hot spots for the transmission of virus parents had also been raising their
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own concerns they've been asking us if we want to send the kids back and you know we have mixed feelings everything just opened up so we're actually continuing as we were a few weeks to see what happens in the next 3 weeks i personally think we're going to end up back in lockdown i don't feel like everything's opened up though because the danger is gone i think everything has opened up because financially they can't afford to keep it closed and because people are losing their minds and i think it has also opened up because now if a whole lot of people get ill they're out there and ventilators though many measures were put in place to stop the virus spreading it appears that they just weren't enough the government insists the schools that are closing down again only a small percentage. and it says the consequences of children not going to school are more serious however while the number of children who contract it could be 19
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is relatively small there is another alarming trend that's been emerging last week france registered the 1st case of a child dying from a rare complication linked to coronavirus because of it is a child presenting symptoms resembling sakhi disease. magickal tests done within the pediatric i.c.u. unit indicated that he had been in contact with the coronavirus without developing the symptoms the prior week it's a rare inflammatory disease that normally effects children under the age of 5 but since the code pandemic children across the world have been showing similar symptoms in france they have been more than $100.00 reported cases since the beginning of march at present parents in france can decide whether or not to send their children back to school but even with these new cases of
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covert $900.00 scented around reopen schools and the surge in more complex cases involving children many parents just may decide that it is still too risky so what do you can ski auty paris. president trumps renewed his attacks on the world health organization threatening to cut u.s. funding for good he's written to the head of the un's health agency with a 30 day ultimatum to make big changes or permanently lose the united states membership from accuses the w.h.o. of mishandling the corona virus outbreak and kowtowing to china their puppet of china. china centric to put it nicely but they're a puppet of china we help fund the world health organization we use it like everyone else does they gave us a lot of very bad advice terrible advice they were wrong so much always on the side of china china paid 40000000000 dollars last year and we've been paying
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$450000000.00 a year for many years somehow that doesn't work out too well. trump says the w.h.o. it made several inaccurate and misleading claims about the coronavirus and accuses the agency of moving too slowly he described his letter as self explanatory although it doesn't actually specify what the agency has to do to maintain white house funding the letter just calls the w.h.o. to demonstrate independence from china more than 100 countries are calling as well for a probe into the show's coronavirus response thus far and update on that next from artie's peter all of. but this is all taking place against the backdrop of the 73rd united nations health assembly taking place perhaps the most important one of those gatherings albeit even if this one is taking place virtually that there's ever been on a global stage and while it would seem like the perfect opportunity for nations to come together and work collectively to try and establish
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a vaccine to get aid to those nations that need it most what's it's being used for what this platform is being used for by the united states as an opportunity to point the finger of blame firmly at the world health organization and accuse them of essentially letting this crisis spin out of control there was a failure by this organization to obtain the information that the world needed and that failure cost many lives in an apparent attempt to conceal this outbreak at least one member state made a mockery of their transparency obligations with tremendous cost for the entire world u.s. president has suspended funding for the world health organization amid this pandemic. his critics say that he's using them essentially as a scapegoat for his own administration's failings in dealing with the covert 19 pandemic saying that if you look at the united states having the highest number of cases around the world the highest number of fatalities as well and also looking at
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the spiraling unemployment figures in the united states china for their part of the world health organization have denied vehemently these claims that are being made against them by the united states from beijing's point of view they've pledged money to countries that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus they also sent doctors and aid to africa and other developing nations china will provide 2000000000 u.s. dollars over 2 years to help with the covert 19 response and with economic and social development in affected countries especially. developing countries of the world health organization has said that there will be an independent inquiry into how whatley they responded to the coded crisis that director general says that yes there were some things that slipped through the net but that they've learned from them and he stood vehemently behind his organization while it's also being calls
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for unity and a unified approach to fighting the virus from 2 of europe's heaviest hitters cynical noon on a full only food joint forces will would be dis pandemic and we need the w. we true because of its irreplaceable coordinating role here we have the opportunity to provide a unified response to the pandemic that is free of complacency and unfounded accusations that now country can solve this problem alone we must work together that great show is replaceable it needs in the us the resources to provide support to developing got it through which must be our greatest and. we have as strong as the weakest our systems for the world health assembly continues on choose to be looking for more of a unified approach to fighting the fire ascend less of the the fingerpointing that we saw on monday. other news to preform belgium is further easing its law which includes seeing schools museums and beauty salons opening their doors once again
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the number of active infections in the death rate is decreasing there were fewer than 300 new cases and $28.00 fatalities reported monday but that said belgium currently has the highest mortality rate per capita in the world and that's prompted criticism over its handling of the crisis indeed at the weekend health care staff at one brussels hospital protested very visibly during a visit by the prime minister they turned their backs on her motorcade as she arrived look at that well she was there on a bridge building mission calling her visitor message of appeasement hospital workers but it seems it didn't do the trick they say their efforts are not being properly acknowledged and they've railed against unqualified staff being brought in as nurses in this crisis time. we found at this location where the prime minister was going to come and see us was the right occasion to show how we disagree with the way that they're treating the medical sector over 1st aim at all of this is
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that the working conditions seems understaffed and the load of work. the worker is too heavy this was our 1st point where we disagree we had a big disagreement with the politics enough towards the whole health care system should be fine and it's so that you can work properly in the public sector so that everybody. can get the same level of treatment is a bit difficult with the way that hospitals and so we want change on those forms as well as p.p. shortages in hospitals and health centers medical staff would alter the government over what they say is a longstanding lack of recognition given to the nursing sector they're demanding wide ranging improvements in belgium's health care system after the pandemic and urging caution too as the country opens up once again. belgium which is a very small country only what you have a 1000000 we've got 9 ministers for the health so i mean like that's just
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a crazy number and they're not even able to get something right and so it's going. to other ministers to take care of the must or the population so now it's defense which is going to take care of that so we're wondering what what went wrong and how come you can do that so many how can you get it so wrong i think if they do take let's say radical changes in this i'm coming who knows you might change our vision but it's not the case for the moment that's for sure once coverage is over where we'll be in streets. here russian prime minister mccain which used in spain discharged from hospital and is now back to work after his covert 900 treatment it comes as here in russia the daily rate of new infections has been showing a welcome decline over the past week but some parts of the country still struggling to contain the outbreak is daniel hoare control ports next. brakes of that curve of new infections in russia are over all the exponential growth has been slowing down and reaching that all imports
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a plateau that's been trying to cross moscow and many other russian regions and just on the road the trend seems to be going very much in the opposite direction with information coming out of the region which is quite boring that if not addressed the very soon things could be on the brink of a medical emergency this is something president putin addressed and a video conference with officials staying in the situation biggest town is proving difficult new cases of the sickness continue to be reported with serious complications. now as in most places the cloven montini affection a spare no one in
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a video conference with president putin the region's top cleric the man of the law and said he was actually funny for the holidays we've received self-will still ill still suffering from cope with monti and he cool on the president as an action that cyclists warring trends in the republic household names in russia as well as the u.f.c. champion m.m.a. fights a lot about about a went public just over the last 24 hours old updates on his father's health condition is of course been taken only from dagestan to last surgery heart surgery which has now been to be linked in some way to cope with 19 as well and. said that his father is by fall far from the only sad about but to be affected by this terrible illness i think it's. yes i'm in the heart of my needs my father is in hospital his condition is very severe we pray to
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a lot that he will return him to us i've personally had over 20 close relatives hospitalized many of them are no longer with us the elderly have a hard time dealing with this virus in a few days it will be our religious holiday our authorities are pleading with us not to go out to pray at home they say please don't visit anyone and don't accept guests it's a muslim majority republicans mind and very deep historical so traditions that as large families and bolts pull generations living under the same roof and often a sort of mistrust of both or what you know luck since to follow orders but meanwhile specialists estimate that the primary reason for severe complications suffered by those in the region even in our late call is for medical help as well as self medication at home people he said overwhelm medical medical facilities and a shortage of testing kits is what is the shortage of facilities to process those testing it's on the proposed start with
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a shortage of protective equipment but since i'm led of course those disproportionately high deaths among medical staff in the region so the spotlight now is very much on dagestan buddy who isn't the sort of the building or what extra military hospital facility to house specifically a code infection infected patients as well as sending actual resorts is to the region in terms of soft material and medical resources so multiple efforts now underway to try and stem this tide in dagestan which is very much been going against the overall trends over the last few days in the country this is our 2 international from russia we're proud to be here and delighted to be with you that your cheatin to us are these difficult times we're going to stay with it let me tell you what's coming up after the break lurking sarette so did we talk to the director of the stockholm international peace research and. the dangers of terrorism about drones will this while the world's dealing with the outbreak. with i'll tell you more in just 90 seconds.
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says standard united states there's been the unbelievable winner of the global geographic macroeconomic gambling casino with the world reserve currency and really smart intelligent financial engineers and software engineers that. has run up my thought is that this pandemic has exposed incredible wallner abilities in the united states and the united kingdom and that's going to be painful it's going to be a very painful next 10 to 15 years. seemed wrong. just don't hold. me. to shape out to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. again our attentions may have shifted almost exclusively to dealing with the corona virus of course at the moment but that doesn't mean that other dangers are going away it's thought terror groups are working behind the scenes on the next moves while governments are busily devoted right now towards the health crisis says it director of the stockholm international peace research institute so we are some direct where the world is likely to become a more violent place once when the pandemic is over.
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while the pandemic changes many many things it doesn't change everything doesn't necessarily change the goals of political actors or armed groups doesn't change either the short term or the long township and islamic state and others around the world in different places maybe seeing opportunities for themselves in the way that the pandemic might be weakening there or out of the very least distracting their investors into other priorities. the our group is going to pay them and they're going to be able to use some of that communication to support their own finalists then quite often that is enough of a motivation for people to be risking their lives and even also getting involved in really atrocious actions so obviously the worse the social and economic conditions the more there is a pool of that kind of recruits for the isis and other such groups to to draw
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so that's all one has to look firing much not to associate on the economic effects on down there and they are hard to bat for it functions extremely difficult to battle over countries and i'm afraid that can be almost devastating and then possible for war torn and conflict as actually junction. in some sense that you could say everything will death with us there will be less international cooperation because countries have been closing with doors on their own blaming each other for the spread of the virus and where is your chair just on how. this will result in the problems of the race that you know is to say it's going to get worse because the pandemic is going to have a potentially very destructive social and economic impact is especially in the most own countries. the other and you can also see that there are many ways in which for
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example more and more people are getting more and more institutions i think even governments as well getting the point that you really trust souls these operate so you have to work together and if there is more coherence and cooperation amongst especially the hours but also the media hours and so then there's also better chances for resolving the of and further it may be the local all that people realize that well the distance the disease has fixed is no reason at all for those for the fighting to be getting worse in south it just makes us more vulnerable and more weak so i think you can see this is in both directions and this is where we are now in the development of where we are now in the trajectory i don't see the destination the end point it's flip it may be worse and made it better and all the people and governments. story in from belgium knows we grab it attention
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a former miss belgium finalist and their pet kitten at the center of around the police showed up with a hygiene official to kill the cat they claim model selena smuggled the animal from peru bringing with it therefore the risk of rabies is the problem officers couldn't find the cat anywhere is at the moment now a court is going to decide what happens next so let me tell you the back story selena was working as an intern in peru when she adopted the kitten which she called leave the pandemic there all of a sudden no forced her to return home quickly and she bought a new feline friend with her and the problem is a high risk of rabies whereas most of europe is free of this awful disease so taking a tough line to keep it that way the belgian authorities did what you think of this at home not only want to get the cat put to sleep but also demanding a fine of $5000.00 euros for every hour every hour that the cat isn't handed over well ali's lawyer says it's not the animal's fault either which way and officials
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should concede they've caused some confusion here. so now the discussion is how can a life of this get be saved we agree the rules are being followed but it was impossible to follow the rules because there wasn't a big wish or the belgian authority says you should have left the yes. but there was nothing in period where there was nobody to do to take care of the the belgian law also says if you leave an animal unprotected you you can even go to prison but they asked her to do was to commit a crime to leave to get the belgium of their it you know is very angry they want to kill. and they don't give the possibility to prove that this does not have radius and they are i have thousands of euros per hour. so you you understand this is one more than 100000 euros. you understand that this is.
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intimidation this is the intimidation and this is quite by problematic the stricken kittens really support online repetition to save its life has got around 50000 signatures and climbing and the flanders regions animal welfare ministers weighed in but all that said the belgian pet immigration rules clearly state that animals need to be micro chipped and vaccinated up to a month before being brought into country and the government insists that euthanasia nothing less is now the only way to prevent a potential rabies outbreak. 10 years ago 2 cases of rabies were diagnosed in our country when symptoms appeared in the animal that seemed healthy until then months later emergency vaccination and an end to sarah had to be administered to a total of nearly 100 people who came into contact with their emails that is why we're doing everything we can to avoid a new similar situation in belgium it's like in our session we want to kill the cats and it is simply reasonable and not necessary at all according to your opinion
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that. it is also an option the possibility to hold the cat. what we want is we are still so belgians send thousands of emails to the responsible minister of the belgian agency to ask him that. for a this will be a meeting will be humane the problem is now that the belgian food security agency systematically gives and gives beds you're basically risks i mean is the exaggerated you see the big don't believe that the recent obs lucia. you mean. sports events are slow resuming in several countries much to the delight of course millions of fans have been denied their fixture in the lockdowns well they're not able of course to pack out the stars just yet because
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a social distancing so invention here one south korean football clubs found a way around that she was say a set of unusual substitutes supporters has let a lot of people red faced to.
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to help. again. with. the. plastics has taken on a new meaning. and should be treated with respect. so i think. all the. social media networks. around the world.
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as we all get through this together. well. have a great rest of the day. during the vietnam war u.s. forces also bombs neighbor unless there was a secret war and for years the american people did not know. how much his official mouth had rebound country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs
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still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber went on a can of what's happening. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the u.s. making amends for the tragedy and what help do the people need in that little land on. we go to work you straight home.
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my stars are this is the kaiser report. yeah we're on lockdown doesn't matter things are still happening things are still going forward the still newsworthy and what's relevant is relevant what's not relevant is not relevant. well you know as in my headlines i'm going to compare these stories to the chinese finger trap now i used to love that toy as a game and it worked on me every single time the simple puzzle trapped me and his fingers remember if for those who don't know it's kind of shaped like this and it's made with. bamboo strips but you put your fingers on the 2 ends of the hole and what happens when you do that maddow yeah yeah you get on your finger you have paul and you know what happens is it shrinks in size the tube shrinks.


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