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thank you. when i get out. and some of you will take more songs with. this in the hopes of the less hurt. hello there i'm the one chance you're watching in question broadcasting from our team and national news headquarters in washington d.c. i want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are today's top stories 1st up where it has all that stimulus money gone and how soon can the government reopened you know those are the questions u.s. lawmakers are asking as they grilled the treasury secretary and federal reserve chairman today plus president trump is threatening to defund the world health organization discrediting the organization and calling china calling them china centric rather then can the f.b.i. access your computer browser history without a warrant parents they can't and now privacy activists are trying to put
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a stop to those surveillance powers all right it's time to boost your i.q. . ever since the coronavirus pandemic forced stay at home orders which ultimately led to the shutdown of a lot of businesses congress has passed several relief measures aimed at getting americans back on their feet but after trillions of dollars got rubberstamp prove the country as a whole is nowhere near reopening and americans are becoming impatient with elected leaders and today the u.s. treasury secretary and the federal reserve chairman were grilled by members of the senate banking committee wanting to know where all that money went artie's rachel blevins has been monitoring the hearings today and she's joining us now. what is
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the current status of these loan programs for businesses and local governments so today's hearing mark the 1st time that officials were questioned by the senate banking committee on that $2.00 trillion dollar cares act that was passed and the hearing was held remotely in order to abide by social distancing rules now there this comes after a report from the congressional oversight commission which found that out of that $500000000000.00 that was put aside for loans for businesses and local governments very little of it has actually been spent and i'm sure that treasury secretary steve said they plan to spend all of the money they just haven't done it yet and he was also questioned about accusations that the government has moved to help large corporations while many small businesses still need help take a listen to his response companies such as boeing that i had expected would need to borrow from us on a direct basis we're able to borrow 25000000000 dollars in the primary markets so i would say in the best case scenario the markets open up and we don't need to use
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these facilities in the case of main street facility the municipal sicilia which we expect both to be up and running by the end of the month we expect these to have a big impact on both those markets. now that means street lending facility program he referenced is a $600000000000.00 program that was set up for small and midsize businesses that don't qualify for other programs of it even though it's supposed to be up and running by june it's still not clear exactly when those businesses will see the funds they desperately need and what unemployment we are seeing record numbers right now nothing like we've seen since world war 2 right how did the officials respond to the concerns that americans that are out there that can't pay their bills right we've seen more than 36000000 americans who have fallen through unemployment and members of the committee expressed concerns about how those who no longer have an income will still be expected to pay for their bills such as rent and to that federal reserve chair jerome powell said that the major goal right now
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should be getting americans back to work to close what he had to say. long periods of unemployment. can really affect people's ability to go back to work because they lose their networks they lose skills lose contact with the job market so i think anything that people. intact is probably it openly in their job but in the meantime keep them out of solvency and things like that if should that should the expansion take start leader or take take longer to get going. now it's important to know the nesta made 44 percent of americans who have fallen for unemployment are either still waiting for benefits or a been denied and what about essential workers are there any provisions for that right while lot of these service to industry workers have been expected to stay on the job because they are essential and members of the committee expressed concerns for those who are still making low wages but at a much higher risk and there was quite a fiery exchange over that take
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a listen. put their lives on the line for very low wages and they're still worried about their paying the bill so see is that fair well mr senator i just want to thank all the essential workers whether it be the health care people the guys take a thanking is great but these are these are people what is it fair that our economy pays the essential workers so little in such work conditions. now as for that 3 trillion dollar stimulus package that was passed by the house recently the focus appears to be on allocating the funds that have are already been passed before they move forward. all right obviously this is going to go on for a lot longer today. thank you for that update thank you for. taking a look now at the coronavirus numbers worldwide cases are now topping 4800000 with about 319000 reported deaths and right here in the u.s. there are now about 1500000 cases and 90000 deaths these are the highest confirmed
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numbers of any single country so far. and president trump says the world health organization made several inaccurate and misleading claims about the coronavirus and accuses the agency of moving too slowly on monday night truck tweeted the letter he sent to the agency and in it he said the only way forward is if the w.h.o. quote demonstrates independence from china and commits to quote improvements in the next 30 days here's our peter oliver now with the story. this is all taking place against the backdrop of the 73rd united nations health assembly taking place pops the most important one of those gatherings albeit even if this one is taking place virtually the being all the global stage and while it would seem like the perfect opportunity for nations to come together and work collectively to try and establish a vaccine to get aid to those nations that need it most what it's being used for
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what this platform is being used for by the united states is an opportunity to point the finger of blame firmly at the world health organization and accuse them of essentially letting this crisis spin out of control there was a failure by this organization to obtain the information that the world needed and that failure cost many lives in an apparent attempt to conceal this outbreak at least one member state made a mockery of their transparency obligations with tremendous cost for the entire world u.s. president suspended funding for the world health old. ation amid this pandemic. his critics say that he's using them essentially as a scapegoat for his own administration's failings in dealing with the covert 19 pandemic saying that if you look at the united states having the highest number of cases around the world the highest number of fatalities as well and also looking at the spiraling unemployment figures in the united states china for their part of the
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world health organization of the night be imminently these claims that are being made against them by the united states from beijing's point of view they've pledged money to countries that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus they also sent doctors and aid to africa and other developing nations china will provide 2000000000 u.s. dollars over 2 years to help with the covert 19 response and with economic and social development in affected countries especially developing countries of the world health organization has said that there will be an independent inquiry into how they responded to the code crisis there director general says that yes there were some things that slipped through the net but that they've learnt from them that he stood vehemently behind his organization while it's also being calls for unity and a unified approach to fighting the virus from 2 of europe's heaviest hitters. on
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a full. join forces would be disciplined damning and we need the w. we true because of its irreplaceable coordinating role and here we have the opportunity to provide a unified response to the pandemic that is free of complacency and unfounded accusations that now country can solve this problem alone we must work together. the great show is replaceable. and that is the resources to provide support to developing gun cities which must be our greatest. we've got a strong because all systems well the world health assembly continues all and choose to be looking for more of a unified approach to fighting the fire a sin less of the the finger pointing that we saw on monday. and china's foreign ministry is mincing no words saying the u.s. is trying to smear china with finger pointing over the cove it outright by
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threatening to what hold funds from the w.h.o. listen. be willing that the above mentioned open letter of the us leader is full of language like maybe and it tries to mislead the public in this possible way to slander unionism suspension or control launchers and shirk the us his responsibility i know for incompetence in its own mentioning draw this is few to me and here to weigh in with an international perspective former u.k. m.p. george galloway so george what do you think of the chinese foreign ministry spokesman for the language there. well blistering indicates that china is rapidly running out of patience with those mounting the scapegoating campaign they have just as predicted would started with retaliate against australia sometimes insultingly referred to as the gum on china shoe they have placed 80 percent target on all australian goods and services coming
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into china which will of course have a devastating impact on australia's economy which relies very heavily on trade with china and the will shortly i predict do the same with canada and both are a warning shot to the united states and to britain for about martha that china isn't going to put up with this for an unlimited time the truth is mandela you and i can delude ourselves into imagining that your country and mine which have by far and away the warst record on the coronavirus pandemic the greatest number of cases the greatest number of deaths we are rapidly catching up with you with a mere fraction of your population but you and us are the worst in the world now we can delude ourselves that is
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a mere coincidence down to the fact that both of our leaders. are stunning blogs or we can be a little more thoughtful about the under marjoram is our model our model of capitalism that we share in common and our contempt for international organizations and cooperation on the edge on the national level our believe in unilateralism on the boule in the china shop and little john bull trotting along behind and uncanny similarity george between the u.s. and u.k. numbers but george i mean this is is clearly a finger pointing exercise i mean we have the white house contending that china had the original findings of the virus then china saying the u.s. simply didn't do enough to contain the outbreak at the end of the day why does this matter at this time george i mean can we compare it to those infamous hillary
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clinton sound bite heard all around the world when she sat for 13 hours before congress about libya saying what difference does it make. well it doesn't right this moment make a difference on the european spokesman you just go to late are making the point in the middle of unimagined say let's compare to as many do to the 2nd world war for people to be quarreling amongst each other this kind of base level on this level all on disability can only weaken any alliance can only weaken any fight against the next or stensholt threat which it grew up with 19 obviously is but of course the day will come when what everyone done when they did it will be germane and will have to be properly on the lies and the w.h.o. have conceded sure that they made some mistakes there or as i hope and small
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mistakes but. complete and in a week to the blunders that your country and mine have made now george for the record for the viewers here this is a rare time that you will ever hear me quote hillary clinton but the president wraps ultimatum to the w.h.o. has sent the organization scrambling to reorganize there's a mad dash by them to review their member state response to coronavirus could this perhaps george be a good thing brought upon w.h.o. by trump's threats the same way that we saw movement at nato and they started upping their payments once trump threatened to withdraw the us. wish you would withdraw the us i don't think the w.h.o. will miss donald trump i don't think they'll miss the united states government's. affairs they'll miss some of the finance but that will be made up i think that the
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united states will be the loser from this this cost of isolation doesn't have any validity in the face of a virus that quite obviously knows no boundaries doesn't recognize boundaries or national flags and so you can withdraw into your own council but when your council is as bad as britain on america's council as you have in britain they are falling apart today blaming each other the reality is we're all going down the plug and i think that the british and american people are probably going quickly to cotton on to the are we got to leave it right there always appreciate your time george galloway thank you for those insights. by privacy activists want to stop the f.b.i. from getting access to your web history during this global pandemic we're going to discuss that and then over at sports we're going to have shares 2nd round action
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go by. i like it when the hosts ask a question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and then react to that as a folks dennis miller here i've got a new show. you know it doesn't really matter where you've been but batter's is where you're going right will future generations look back at the establishment media as the lead in the water pipes that drove the romans mad do you find yourself watching t.v. to turn your brain off to relax i want you to watch t.v.
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to turn your brain on i'm rick sanchez. it's time. to do news again. listen up here turns out the f.b.i. is not going to need a warrant to look at your internet browsing history the u.s. senate failed to pass an amendment to a package of surveillance laws that would have prevented the f.b.i. from searching through direct internet browsing and search history data without a warrant so joining us now to discuss the west coast investigative journalist
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vance one so ben this all just barely passed the u.s. that at how close of a vote are we talking about here well we're talking about is about as close as you can get miller we're talking about one vote that's how short these amendments came from being passed and the frustrating thing about it if you are a privacy advocate as i am if you're someone who believes in civil liberties it's pretty disappointing when you had 3 different sitters who didn't show up including bernie sanders a senator from vermont nebraska senator ben sass and then patty murray patty murray had said that she would have voted for these amendments had she been there but she wasn't there and so we came we came short on this what's fascinating about it is essentially the laws that are now in place allow the f.b.i. and cia to run amok on the internet and signatures did not stop them when they could have all my gosh bad i mean so basically while this pandemic is happening americans are you know out of work they're probably at home on the internet
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a lot how does this translate to them to the average joe you and me. well it well it translates in a couple very important ways you know it's important for people to remember that this is all part of the continued surveillance of the patriot act this goes back to the patriot act in that it comes out of that continued surveillance of the american citizens so just give you an idea of what this means it essentially means that if the cia or the f.b.i. want to go through your browsing history your eye of history they want to see what you've been looking at what you've searched on the internet what you've read they were able to do so and they don't have to go to with judge and get a warrant to do so and that's pretty significant because this really is and it's fascinating that the u.s. senate even has a voice in it this really should be a supreme court issue it's an issue of a 4th amendment unlawful search and seizure the unlawful search of your personal documents on your computer and essentially that's what the f.b.i.
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and cia can do any time they want and the thing is they don't have to have a suspicion that you've done anything wrong you don't have to be accused of a crime there doesn't have to be any reason for them to say there is there is probable cause that in the military and did something wrong therefore we have a process in this country by which you go to a judge and get a warrant they don't have to do that they can get out there and go through anything they want looking for something on you but i mean we got to play devil's advocate here ben i mean there are some who would say. you know what you were just talking about if you are doing anything wrong then you've got nothing to worry about plus people are going to ask then why would the f.b.i. even bother to look at yours or mine ok maybe yours and maybe mine but maybe somebody else has a random my neighbor why would they look at their browser history unless they actually suspect criminal behavior well there's a lot of reasons that they could i don't want to speculate and all those well look we just went through a series of documents that have come out in regards to you know general michael
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flynn and all that the f.b.i. was doing in regards to him and trying to essentially. frame him for a crime get him to lie so now he's committed a crime because he was considered a political enemy of higher up people at the f.b.i. the bottom line is that when the reason that we have protections is not to protect the you know guilty people and give them a way to hide is to protect innocent people who are attacked if you are an f.b.i. or a cia agent and you want to find something on someone go through their internet search is free and you can find something you know democrat ron wyden from oregon put it really well he said this is akin to essentially going through someone's thoughts and trying to derive a crime based on their thoughts what are you thinking about what are you interested in and are the things you're interested in do they lead you somewhere because essentially if law enforcement wants to create a crime it's pretty easy to do especially if they're using your internet search history to be able to devise some some way of doing that the bottom line is do you
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trust them to not do that i mean the short answer if you're asking me monella chan directly no obviously what you're saying you're saying they can just randomly pick a person go through their browser history and start connecting these dots and say ok one day you're looking up bleach another day you're looking up chloroform another i mean. it's a weird search history but so happens and it happens all the time that is the way that many tons of informants help to build cases they go and find people in the plants the faults of crimes in their heads and then the f.b.i. comes in and offers to do something for that person of and that person is then. yeah you know just not cool the same way you don't want to peeping tom looking into your bathroom window same thing same thing then just absolutely well we'll leave it right there i always appreciate this kind of update bents want people to pay attention thank you do little things. right elsewhere around the world french
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president emanuel mccrone just lost the majority in the national assembly 7 defectors from his own party broke away to create a new group in france's lower house of parliament the new ecology democracy solidarity group as they are now known hope to put pressure for more left leaning policies and staying in france clashes broke out in a paris suburb for the 2nd straight night between officers and protesters this after the death of an 18 year old on a motorbike protesters claimed police for that accident. and back here in the u.s. officials in arizona say high winds caused a brush fire near phoenix to nearly quadruple in size overnight 132 homes had to be evacuated luckily no structures have actually been burned yet but the fire did come within $100.00 yards of some houses. so that ended well all right let's head over to regina hamm over at the sports h.q. were you know sports organizers are scrambling to find ways to hold more
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non-official events during this pandemic so what are they doing we're trying to keep everybody active right and these governing bodies are finding interesting ways to hold competitions for their athletes to help maintain their competitive shape that concept brought us all the ladies in the 2nd leg of the world athletics ultimate guardian clash the trio was pretty significant with talent competition featured renie. big champion catarina stephanides u.s. interest champion katie as yet and commonwealth games champion alicia newman all 3 athletes had to clear a 4 metre high bar about 31 feet as many times they could in about 30 minutes unlike the men's round on may 3rd the ladies competed with their try at their training base with the help of friends and family last 10 seconds had really intense competition it came down to the wire but it was the greek olympic champion who took top prize of 34 successive vaults and only 2 failures but the u.s. to reflect on the difficulty of the challenge afterwards take a listen maybe in this situation as i was getting towards the end and feeling like i was going to throw up and i could really see straight maybe wasn't quite. but i
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mean it's just. you get so high they're very there's really nothing else that you can compare to so i think it's well worth going out and trying. and speaking of fun baseball's fun and there was a need to return to the winning ways for the twins as they headed down the road to hopefully come or at the w. against the stamps on lions the 1st in r.b.i. single off the bat it turns out bitter shape and song breaks up the score and turns up one not the late an entrance for space and roberto ramos send the ball deep to right field seats for a 3 run homer and twins up for nothing the twins are on a rampage it's only the 1st time solo home and right off the bat of 0 he won $50.00 lead a samsung in a deep hole entering top of the 4th a gets worse another r.b.i. single by you song and leave barely out of the tag 8 not that bottom of the pit a small sign of hope wiser than artistic like himself through putting his team on
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the board. they chipped away at the visitors late with a 2 run home run by regular caught. in the lines make it $104.00 but bomb of the 9th lions at bat on route a 3rd sets up a double play and that's all she wrote folks twins right the shipping come with the $106.00 win. and speaking of sporting events we have live baseball we're going to have live course for. singh and you and it's typically the last jewel in the triple crown the belmont stakes it will actually be running on june 20th in new york but with no facts so it's not in our virtual racing no real horse is on a track it'll just it'll are now be the 1st of the jordan set of the last of the jewels very good hopefully that goes well thank you for that update regina hamm and you don't go anywhere when we are back at 3 pm with a lot more news for you russian leaders and even one american institution say relocating us nukes from germany to poland and a bad idea when i tell you why this move could be pretty problematic and dangerous all right that's it for now keep up with everything in question at all times by
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a mate in the shallows. you cannot be both with the yeah you got. one on one with chris christie the former governor of new jersey and one time
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g.o.p. rival of donald trump on this edition of politics. was the politicking on larry king he says more americans are going to die no matter what the u.s. does about coal the 19 the challenge is deciding how to balance the situation so where's the balance find out was chris christie former republican governor of new jersey one time g.o.p. rival of donald trump who went on to serve as head of trump's transition team he joins us from new jersey governor thank you in the united states has about 4.5 percent of the world's population but 29 percent of coronavirus deaths how do you account for that and i think a few things are a 1st off it's great to be back on this you would say this.


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