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tv   News  RT  May 21, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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how did the u.s. and its allies find themselves in the city. the u.k. government made a choice to leave carer holden's although tested for corona virus so it could focus solely on the n.h.s. but the admission sparks outrage among relatives who lost loved ones. she. happened to tax. residents in. the past why we need. to why this is. while in france prosecutors open probes into the deaths of some care of home residents relatives lay the blame squarely at the door of those running the facility. also coming up
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ukraine say it will investigate new evidence that u.s. presidential hopeful joe biden wants pressured the country's justice system in a legal case involving his saying it could amount to quote treason. just after 2 pm here in moscow this thursday may 21st do hope this finds you well and thanks for choosing r.t. for your news today. abandoned in their moment of need is the charge facing the u.k. government over the care home sector currently accounts for more than a 3rd of the country's entire coronavirus told i'm greek family say their loved ones were left to die due to a lack of testing and care for the most vulnerable don't hopkins lost her mother and her story. it started with a phone call from the staff to say that she developed a temperature
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a very high temperature so we went to consent at the time because she had had infections before and then and then it was really when the doctor and i asked the doctor the question did she think it could be a bed and she said. possible way more than light clay we asked. they said they were and they weren't given test and. and i also asked the cheap a if she could protest at. they said at that time they were intestine. residents and had homes you know there's always going to pray that question. you know was it definitely code it but she passed away from i am 99.9 percent sure it was. a state she wasn't where they have having
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a task. and if she did have the test it would read and make the decision to ask her what's going tusks. more than $11000.00 people we know are now believed to have died in care homes since the start of the pandemic in the u.k. the justice minister respond died range after admitting officials made a choice not to test care homes focusing instead wholly on the n.h.s. i'm not potentially led to hundreds of vulnerable people going on tested as a result. we needed to make a choice about testing and we did decide to focus upon the n.h.s. and i think that was absolutely essential and robert brooklyn did state though the high number of deaths in care homes was a huge tragedy and a master of great regret here dawn hopkins again speaking about her mother in law. but she was 92 she had a man share book she had
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a good quality m.r.i. and it really wasn't no time to down i thought i think the government the care homes knocked me down and they have not given them clear guidance on how to manage and keep the resident sank in this pandemic and many short have have prioritized their care homes as well because that some of that is more now known like to my children we need to look into why so many residents in care homes have passed away due to their we need someone since rarely as to why this is going on around town. however even with the n.h.s. of the central focus the health system itself struggled a lot of personal protective equipment has been a particular problem for medical staff some are even 100 p.p.
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years past its original expiry date earlier i spoke to markham kendrick a doctor who was on the receiving end of some of that old equipment. been injecting a long time to the you know fact that not only were patients not being tested they were also being distorted deliberately could be a positive indicator holmes it's absolutely ridiculous the thing is that yes i mean i mean you find that you know you don't suddenly it's the liver you look at the box and it has a sticker on it so you only 2022 and then if you learn all which was me it was somebody else underneath it so there's 2017 it's an unprecedented health crisis never seen in our lifetimes do you accept that authorities are doing you know they're attempting to at least do all they can in extraordinary circumstances or not you know we all understand that this thing hit really hard and then suddenly the whole 'd world went to p.p. evil is just not being honest with your stuff you're already you're saying all the
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event that happened and then used to handing out stuff. 'd 10 years probably from the previous wife lou what are you doing you know just and stuff nobody would notice and then you'll all it's all right anyway what it was and why anybody why did you treat us that we were incompetent 5 year olds you can see that my anger is really still really rule. of turning attention to france which sees its revised dollar in its official crawl of virus death toll after some fatalities in care homes for when classified as resulting from other causes however authorities warn that does not mean the virus has stopped circulating in the sector it comes as the country's health care workers continue to demand greater support saying their own lives are at stake. medics gathered in protest outside one of the capital's hospitals on wednesday
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since the beginning of the pandemic health workers nationwide have been sounding the alarm over what they say has been a crawl like luck of safety equipment funding there's also no a legal challenge to any potential negligence in the sector with prosecutors opening a case into death in residential homes charlotte due. we were told from the very beginning the elderly were among the most vulnerable and in the last few weeks we started to get a real sense of just exactly what that meant in false around 40 percent of deaths attributed to 19 have come from one sector to have a national scandal is how it's been described by some others have had to know and they're now taking action. families contacted me they decided that the deaths of their relatives raised a number of questions obviously this is due to the fact that
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a code of silence exists within these institutions they revealed the absence or insufficient application of safety rules as well as the absence of or late testing in some cases we're even talking about concealing information about the actual state of their relatives in these care homes the complaints are not directed against anyone in particular the goal is to hold those in charge of the nursing homes accountable and also quite possibly the regional health authorities the area of responsibility here is wide in relation to the cases for which we file complaints there was not just some failure in the system in these cases we're talking about criminal liability the paris prosecutor's office has now or you print several pullin or e investigations into. to assist the person in danger and be in danger of the life of. this is one of the cat homes in question it was here at the
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ballet that mine be do it live since the end of 2014 back in march of this year during a video call her granddaughter 1st became aware of problems at the home. responsible from a mother and the resident had no protection they were meant to be confined to the rooms but were kept in a cool door i live near says she flagged concerns to the management but was assured that everything was fine however her grandmother's condition continued to deteriorate. potosi just can't show she was in the turner's teach of called 19 he said. she could have been saved following the death of her grandmother livia formed an association it's called collective 9471 a symbolic name which represents the number of deaths recorded in the french care home system on may 5th it's now representing the families who also
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lost loved ones do you to what they believe was a failure to protect them during the pandemic the korean group which runs this home has rejected those accusations. no information has been hidden this criticism which is directed against korean but which is in reality aimed at the personnel is for those who fought day and night particularly painful particularly unbearable but this is not the only cat home that is being looked into elsewhere and their investigations are being opened with more and more families criticizing what they say were problems with hygiene and the lack of protective measures in care homes if these cases do end up being caught on the homes of culpable companies could face a hefty fine or an individual may even end up in prison for up to 5 years but
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neither will bring back those who lost their lives. r.t. to send paris. virus issues to one side for a moment ukraine say it will open a probe into phone calls allegedly made between former president petro poroshenko and u.s. presidential hopeful joe biden the exchange revived allegations that biden engaged in a quid pro quo move by pushing for the circling of the prosecutor general for personal reasons in exchange for u.s. aid the current ukrainian leader vladimir zelinsky has said those calls could be perceived as treason. provided by them and the. yes i heard about poroshenko and biden once i think this is not the last time ukrainians will hear about this issue the prosecutor's office and law enforcement agencies should respond i know that the prosecutor general of ukraine yesterday
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registered a criminal proceeding at the request of a deputy they will investigate i know that this can be considered as high treason but it well the calls were 1st published by creamy m.m.p. the on verified exchange seems to trace back to a legal case led by the prosecutor general viktor sure who was looking into corruption involving the gas company off the time joe biden saw moments payroll prompting allegations the former u.s. v.p. tried to pressure the poroshenko government into sucking show in all allegedly in exchange for a 1000000000 dollar aid package publishing co himself has called the leaked audio fabricated r.t. senior correspondent guess the it has been following developments. this is a filthy dirty story international corruption extortion abuse of power maybe maybe not see there's 2 explanations the 1st one is that
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ukraine's prosecutor general was a bad man who needed to go that spied new proof of him actually doing bad things and him investigating the company that jew biden's son worked at had nothing to do with anything to me. that new government. under general. i am for. 90 of the. 100 hours graduated. for it were quickly repaired every. american my word. now the. borders i mean. $1.00 loan guarantee the 2nd explanation is much
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uglier than vice president joe biden gets his son a cushy job $83000.00 a month a tourist month a ukrainian gas company doing no one knows what this is a fact next the ukrainian state prosecutor apparently launches a corruption probe into breast money and daddy biden abuses his powers of office and allegedly blackmails ukraine with a 1000000000 dollar load and gets the guy potentially investigating his son $5.00 and leave in 6 hours that the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money there's also something weird about an elected representative of the ukrainian people then president par shanku demeaning and luring himself to the slow. level never surrendered. where i would be if over time when i was 9 it's a great pleasure for me goosebumps now i don't know what's with us.
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really eating him self or even folding the bidens dumond's doing as he's told following his countryman despite no evidence of him doing anything wrong because a foreigner told him to. yesterday hire me one of the general prosecutor's. office fire to fire me to carried out some charity without hearing aid from each side he believes are a higher fraction of. who desire. to breed the the. greedy. state. of pieces of news. there's no way to verify this leaks recording no way to tell us if a day how it's being edited can you even imagine another country pulling the saw
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off the conflicts of interest a loon is davening but you know what's an even worse defense democrats do. even after russian intelligence asset doctored that recording it was still a nothing border. yes it was russian hackers it's a pro russian operation the recordings were leaked by ukraine's putin's the russians just want to make biden look bad and even see easy don't it apparently russian collusion again the events have bankrolls of the 2016 presidential election when russian operatives hacked some released e-mails from hillary clinton in what u.s. intelligence agencies later concluded was a moscow directed operation designed to boost from russia indeed you don't need russia to make you look stupid biden making ukraine far the guy that was
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investigating his son was stupid enough. new york's poorest neighborhoods have a disproportionately high or cope with death written better off districts according to the city's health department we get into the after the break. when else should seem wrong why don't we all just don't. let me. get to seep out these days become educated and in detroit because the trail. when something is find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground .
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you can't be both with yeah you. hello again the u.s. remains the country hits hardest by the global cold but 19 a break on the governor of the worst affected area new york city's early results of antibody testing suggest one in 5 city residents have been infected the new york
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health department told released data showing low income neighborhoods have a disproportionately higher death rate than wealthier districts artie's investigative project redfish itself in the city's poorest borrowers to see how things are playing it's at the scabbard people helping to create so-called help communities choose to align. support. the government refuses to provide the resources like food like universal health care universal housing waiting for government agencies to address this no longer viable we have to take matters into our own hands. they say that when the country gets a cold the bronx gets the flu now when the country gets cold and the people of the bronx die the bronx is considered one of the poorest areas in the city of new york
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and states not come. native american reservations the bronx has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the country highest rates of. these are diseases that put people more at risk of getting covered 19 people were put in a position where we have to come in and provide out of our own pockets the things that people need and we don't have those resources like the government has. one thing the coronavirus done that has made a really clear is that in capitalism all that matters is profit thank you so i think it's also really clear when you look at the stimulus talking to the united states it's primarily giving me a huge slush fund to time for the nation's. $43000.00 u.s. millionaires receive an average of $1600000.00 in stimulus while most people i know have got another one which i gave the apply a month or 2 ago to right now mutual aid projects in so many places are doing literally life and death were for me the most visible way that the government has
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responded has to tell us to stop working but still participate in capital still participate and paying 'd still participate and liability i need a system in place where the people are 1st before profits. despite the severity of a pandemic in the country several states are plowing ahead with their reopening programs artie's john hardy reports on the one of the most populous regions plans for a new normal after the lockdown. safe smart step by step that's the name of the state of florida's reopening plan with phase one kicking off monday though many cities and counties statewide had already started reopening earlier this month the fact that florida was among several states to start reopening so early certainly fuel the national debate about how soon was too soon particularly as the number of coated 1000 cases in florida continue to grow currently the state is reporting more
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than 47000 positive cases as more than 700000 people so far have been task that i was one of the residents who had to cope with 1000 antibodies test recently at this urgent care center in miami beach turned out negative miami dade county has had the highest number of covert 1000 cases statewide so there's been a downward trajectory of overall cases so on monday phase one of miami dade the new normal reopening plan went into effect but restaurants barbershops the lines of parks reopening with restrictions the city of miami started its phase one reopening stand up miami on wednesday with some parks and businesses allowed to reopen but mayor francisco swore a says restaurants hotels and beaches in the city would be part of the next reopening phase in another week and that will be contingent upon people practicing the social distancing guidelines and wearing masks let me be clear this is not the beginning of the end but it is the end of the beginning there are 2 paths a responsible power that will take us to face to the responsible path which will bring us back to where we started the pandemic has hit miami
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a city relying on tourism for and with laws like this one and all the big hotels shut down i shot this exclusive video recently from my paddle board on biscayne bay right off the mandarin oriental hotel in brickell key which is usually packed this time of year it's outdoor event space hosting weddings and business functions instead it was eerily quiet and desolate as florida moves into its reopening phases there are questions about whether or not the 1000 figures are complete the so-called architect of florida's code 1000 tracking web page said she was fired after going public with her. about florida department of house commitment to accessibility and transparency state officials say she was insubordinate but the miami herald and other media outlets sued the state over its refusal recently to release data about covert 1000 cases and deaths in nursing homes and other long term care facilities still florida is moving forward with reopening and after 2 months of being locked down residents here are going out to enjoy the warm sun
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perhaps one of the biggest questions now though will the covert 1000 disease cast a dark and deadly shadow over the sunshine state in the weeks and months to come for our t.v. john hardy. well just like in florida there's growing frustration among countries which depend on tourism the big question being how to reopen for business with the pandemic still ravaging the world essentially countries like italy spain and greece one busy beaches again for the summer season but the tide might be against them as. healer reports. missing travel and in need of a break from this crisis well with some thought is now reopened i found myself thinking about a summer getaway so let's try a test run and see what post corona travel joyce awaits us. first stop the airport make are excited already it is the 1st time you've been farther than 20 minutes from your house and what do you see queues socially
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distance of course but they are everywhere queues for the new electronic check it queues of travelers stopping every 20 seconds to sanitize their hands queues for temperature checks queues of people board in groups of 10 and if you'll fly out of dubai you might need to book an extra week off because that during coronavirus testing at some check ins bit of a buzz kill. well that you survived he and this checks in queues so now you're on board and the cabin crew appears to be extras for me black america scene in full has my gear is not talking about something to be worried about well i don't look to the stewards for officers also there will be no pillows no blankets those for luxuries of pre-code that travel a new not true though no middle seat all passive aggressive elbowing or leg room bottles that all rest is yours. so
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you survive to incredibly expensive half empty flight now you are at the hotel and you'll patiently wait in your time to be summoned to check it it is called only from here or there and more often than not you'll be biting off some look down calories on the stats drop the waiting for an appropriately so she distance lift also gyms will likely still be closed but let's be honest it's not that disappointing is. so you head out to your cost holiday adventure to the beach safety funds that you put on. 3 p.'s. now there's something familiar about this speech oh yes and now that q so you wait you wait then finally the code that not
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a joke i'm not joking us as you read and you find yourself in some side if i see what is classmates you now have to weave between tool plexiglas sheets to get to your old designated lunges or elbow to show we've tried to come up with a solution so that people can go to the beach the idea is to use a modular wall has a separating wall for gyms and hairdressing salon between prions corrido as well as for swimming pools and waterparks or an office in our you forgot to book you'll beat slot so no time for you today all he could see at 20 bracelets counting the number of beach coas also if you're hungry there is a strict dress code. and all this just sounds too much for you then that is another option the young industry has used this global pandemic to advertise itself as the safest summer option which would obviously have been
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a full proof plan if i hadn't been for the fact the majority of the wild population couldn't afford a week on the mediterranean waves even before the global recession was announced read the room and the room is sad to say that so many sunday thing and cycles in the middle of a sweaty city is probably the closest we'll be getting to us on a day. some 2020. now you've never seen fashion until you've seen the self done days of congo there are also living in poverty doesn't mean you can't look like a $1000000.00 out doc gets its start in moments. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as
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we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. here's a new cold war is. waged against china one of the terms of. an all out war how did the u.s. and its allies. find themselves in the city.


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