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someone could see from the. machine live in the little you know kind of. thing to. them not to come to you in those 2. soldiers. because we. were in a moscow has become a political statement in the us pretty good how the country's divisions are deepening due to protective face coverings. quarantining brits are craving pints though while some businesses are set to reopen soon some of spirit will struggle to comply with the new post quarantine regulations images like this 1 may make you wish you were here for many pop landlords a future as bitter as for many they won't be able to reopen again. with european
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countries poised to lift some travel restrictions the world health organization warns that a 2nd peak in the pandemic could be round the corner. and while many children are getting their education online during the pandemic kids in a remote village in peru are having to climb a nearby hill radio lessons. there's a brand over the old problem of students is that there is no communication for mobile phones nor is there any communication through the internet. a very warm welcome from our team here in moscow this is r.t. international great to have you with us now to where all not so where that's the question this dividing ever more americans especially off the president donald trump shared a tweet mocking his democratic rival joe biden for sporting a mosque. you know biden can wear
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a mask but he was standing outside with his wife perfect conditions perfect weather there inside they don't wear masks and so i thought it was very unusual that he had one on but i thought that was fine i was in criticizing him at all why would i ever do a thing like that he's a fool an absolute fool to talk that way i mean every leading doc in the world is saying we should wear a mask when you're in a crowd meanwhile the u.s. remains the world's worst hit country the number of fatalities has passed 100000 caleb maupin in new york takes a closer look at us after 2 days towards face coverings. as if americans weren't already divided enough we now have a new trend called mass shaming the centers for disease control recommends that americans wear a mask in order to quit getting infected in and now whenever some people have decided that if you do that your big sister also got store owners refuse to allow
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their customers to wear a mask the governor of north dakota seemed like he was on the verge of tears as he urged state residents to have empathy for those who have to wear a mask because of my wrists somebody wants to wear a mask there should be no mouse shaming you should look at them and say a person's wearing a mask because for them there are additional risk in their life apparently to some people wearing a mask is a political statement however in other parts of the country you can be chased out of a grocery store for not wearing a mask. but it was. ok polls show that the decision of whether or not to wear a mask is linked to one's political ideology this is in the context of republicans and from supporters who desperately want the economy to open up once again despite health warnings to the contrary you know i'm right or you know. i
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think i yes i was a bad guy blue states with democratic administrators are opening up more slowly than red states governed by republicans and democrats are more likely to wear a mask then republicans are and it's playing out in the media at this point we've got divisions between the networks take a look at liberal and this and you see bigot say here. nobody is where no nobody's ever going to go. to. striking images cowper ery cow thank you very much conservative fox network has a different. call people out for not wearing a mask when one of their own team is not where i want either what we need to ask our friends on the press to be responsible how bloomberg news and fox news had quite different interpretations of the vents and statements by president donald trump and his democratic contenders and their decisions about whether or not to
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wear a mask in public this is not about politics this is not about whether you're liberal or conservative left or right republican democrat we were the mask and it's been very clear what the studies are showing you where the mass not to protect yourself so much as to protect others in the middle of a crisis which $100000.00 americans have already died you would think that the country would pretty much be on the same page but the american elites have gotten so good at blaming each other and the public has become so divided that it seems amid a public health crisis the finger pointing casting of suspicion and polarization and not be turned off it will mop and artsy new york. as the u.k. moves to reopen some of it up some sectors of the economy look like that have to wait a little longer i think it's going to be very very difficult for us to return to any of us standing at the bar or any of us mingling in a cafe indoors in
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a way we have in the past so i had with dusty in london explained how pubs will operate post confinement. so as britain adjusts to this new however free of reality government officials suggest to try and spell out last month's sparking fears for the future of many of the u.k.'s near 50000 local pubs ministers have begun to drop plans though to relax outdoor seating licenses so the pubs can reopen in july in theory but their bosses say it will be impossible to make sure those on the things crews maintain social distance the voice provided to the to meet us was a sensible and save distance to dr that is what we have done and i'm not aware of any plans to change it and it's backed by some pretty staggering stuff the government's advisory board for emergencies or sage as to mates that's 6 seconds of exposure at one meter house is exactly the same risk as a minute or 2 and a cop from 2 meters is as dangerous as talking for 30 minutes at the same distance
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or one minute at one meter but the science is brewing up a storm among the specialists sage is supposed to focus on the summons which does not support the to me i don't see a problem with changing the message all that there is necessarily any likely confusion and while keeping to me it's a part may be doable in office went on to the influence keeping the distance may be hard to balance. if it's 2 meters without any additional government support you're probably looking at only 20 percent of bob's being able to operate while images like this 1 may make you wish you were here for many popular the future as bitter as for many they won't be able to reopen again on a busy friday this is past the 60 bar but across the course of us we'd probably see. 120 people come through i think with social distancing is measures in place that would be cut to about 20 or 30 patrons. that over. time
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constraint on each table. because i mentioned the month the titles were because of a series seem like quite a high level of local support. but i think you know that sort of. the main thing for. me there is that is just not going to generate enough revenue in order to me of monetary requirements this is an industry that operates on very very small profit margins as it is. so i mean you're beating into the immediately. and i think most businesses like this for cross that they'll be operating at a loss if there were 3 of them with social distancing measures in place it seems as though there's a glimmer of hope for those gasping for a bad as britain's bruises could see big gardens reopened for the summer but all in all for brits it seems this pandemic has really been the last straw cheers corona shouted stashed away r.t. london. education during the pandemic has mostly moved online
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many poor children all from learning as they simply don't have access to the internet one remote village in peru is relying on radio and closes a hell where the best think now is up on a nearby hill. but how to teach our children our children can learn there's no internet signal no cell phone signal we have nothing left of the never the dozens of problem most students use there is no communication for mobile phones nor is there any communication through the radio or the internet. but as all of us we have to be for 2 or 3 hours because the children don't know. so we never arrive at the same time but. it exacts times.
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listen but almost all of us with forgotten by the authorities and we are worried because the jury's communication channels don't exist the radio signal barely reaches. european countries are gradually relaxing their lock down restrictions with cross border travel bans that to be lifted the world health organization though warns that there could be a 2nd peak in the pandemic if point teams are ended early paid to all of it looks at how states are having to decide between stopping the spread and saving their
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tourism industry. as we head into the summer the european tourism industry is crying out for coronavirus travel restrictions to be lifted they being given a boost by angular merkel's cabinet they backing a decision that would see germans able to travel to 31 different european nations from the 15th of june italy for its part isn't waiting around to open up to travelers june the 3rd is the day it is set aside senior figures in the rome government see the possibility of visitors heading to the shoals as much needed relief for the tourism industry after some really dark times we are working so that on june the 15th we can all start anew together in europe for tourism in june the 15th is a bit of a european d.-day however there are serious concerns coronavirus hasn't gone anywhere and the lifting of lockdown last weekend between milan and naples showed
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people aren't all that keen on social distancing after having being locked down at home for 2 months. you know i would like to void close and blazes to protect those who are working but it's equally clear that this weekend has not been peaceful and a repeat of that. criticism as things happen which can't be ignored never in the local police went to the beaches to sanction the rule breakers who are not respecting the measures designed to stop the spread of the virus span wants to see a set of rules for travel and checks set up across the e.u. to stop holiday makers becoming the catalyst for a 2nd wave of course at 19. i announced that starting from july there will be the opening of foreign to risen to spain in safe conditions this will now resume in foreign tourists therefore can now plan their holidays in our country we have already decided this time on the horizon in july we will be. working with our
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european partners to find these common rules that rule ours to resume freedom of movement on european territory by the world health organization which warns against accomplish and see those areas seeing a decline in the virus the disease can jump up at any time we can make assumptions that just because the disease is on the way down now that it's on a it's going to keep going down and we're going to get a number of months to get ready for a 2nd when we may get a 2nd ph in this with all of this leaves european nations in a quandary to open up and face a potential 2nd wave of the coronavirus or remain locked down and see the tourism industry so crucial to many economies facing potentially terminal decline peter all over r.t. . we did ask if you don't know lockdown strategy during the pandemic in
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a bid to keep its economy going but is paid a heavy price all the say at $1.00 registering the highest it covert mortality rate in europe the country's former chief epidemiologist who supported it no lock down at 1st now say sweden should have imposed greater restrictions to save lives i think that we needed more time for preparedness if we had shut down very early we would have been able during that time to make sure that we had what was necessary to protect the vulnerable so we did has lost over $4000.00 lives to covert 19 per 1000000 the death rate is higher than in neighboring countries and the week starting may 12th sweden recorded the highest number of deaths per capita in europe this way this government appears on concerns though saying its strategy is a long term one sweden did not quickly get higher mortality rates as some other countries did nor will we get quickly read it carefully low numbers. our
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strategy is not based on a week by a meet week measurement of mortality. it is based on a long term perspective. well sweden has the least restrictions among developed countries citizens were advised against fishel gatherings but businesses and public places have not been ordered placed paul franks professor of epidemiology at lund university thinks they'll pay more attention to the existing data you can look to our neighbors in norway for example and see how their actions that they were very different from the swedish public health agencies intervention. kept the excess mortality rates very very low in the way the same is also true in the mice and so from that point of view i don't think it's near anyone can really argue credibly that a more assertive containment strategy would have saved lives in
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a situation like this. a little more credible data that is used by decision makers to make decisions. that is not the case currently in sweden or exists very large states a base will once 6000000 they surrender. but the public health authority said that they're not interested in you know looking at those they said that i'm surprised about i hope that this is a change just. to turn away from available data so that it's good for both that. surprises me. more the day's top stories coming up after the break. anyone else chose seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all.
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get to shape our just didn't come out to. engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person or those. who dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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welcome back the u.s. congress is debating an amendment to the freedom act which would prohibit warrantless access to web browsing data earlier it failed to pass the senate by one vote he's senior correspondent more i guess you have takes a look at what power is occurring in the hands of america's intelligence agencies. what have you been looking at lately what have you visited maybe google will said something embarrassing on the for whatever you did wherever you are it is now all but certainly recorded with no expiring date and you wouldn't believe how easy it is for someone to scroll through everything that you've looked at. the n.s.a.
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specifically targets the communications of everyone in just survive to fall it collects them in its stomach filters the minute hand lies the minute measures them and it stores them for periods of time section $215.00 of the infamous patriot act basically allows anyone with a badge in america to look up everything you've done online whoever you are and wherever you are from without a search warrant the only condition is that the f.b.i. agent 2 or even a policeman must have probable cause how flimsy or even laughable that probable cause is doesn't really matter because you'll never be told and they can look at anything you've ever done. search and bruising history can provide a detailed portrayed of our private lives in the revealed medical conditions religious beliefs and personal relationships and it should be protected by fictive legal safeguards we have to explicitly prohibits the warrantless collection of
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internet search and bruising history when you consider that the usa freedom real 3 zeeshan act the patriot act was intended to identify and to catch foreign spies and terrorists it led to new and forstmann patients do all sorts of crazy and sinful things legally speaking to catch those people so what the n.s.a. for example did is they came up and they said any american could be potentially a spy or a terrorist so we should spy on everyone remember that the snowden revelations about how every american schools were being monitored and browsing history the f.b.i. should not be allowed to use the patriot act to surveil americans on line activity without a warrant internet search and browsing history is extremely revealing in nature and the 4th amendment requires a warrant to obtain this information senators failed by one vote the limit of the
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sheer scope of these powers so the f.b.i. for example would have had to get a search warrant go through a court before spying on someone as i said that they failed 59 senators voted in favor but 60 votes were needed to pass in the meantime your browsing history is fair game for any f.b.i. agent to even police officer who have access to f.b.i. data all they need to look at it is a hunch that you did something wrong hunch that seat mr president collecting this information is as close to reading minds as survey length can get. unfortunately the question is not where the you did anything wrong on the question is whether a government agent believes they have the right to look at your web searches it's all especially worrying now in
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a pandemic when billions trapped at home with nothing but a computer our lives become digital for our own good they say we are militant with face recognition cameras and laps and q.r. codes and drools temporary they say for our own health but there's one thing that the patriot act taught us it's that governments rarely give those superpowers up we spoke to josh byrne the co-founder of saif which is this is a secure social networking service he told us that these days sharing personal data online is like inviting the government into your house. it's incredibly dangerous and i think the whole notion is actually. so. so the foundation of this country with 'd the 4th amendment the government if they have suspicion that a crime is in maybe it's supposed to get a search warrant with probable cause and specify what they're searching for this
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allows for some shady loopholes that go on in secret courts 'd without oversight 'd where the government can abuse power and we aren't you and. i would say it's particularly more dangerous these days since more and more particularly with foreign to me but our lives are online so now the internet and the information that we put 'd in. the information that we share online is very private personal information like allowing the government into our houses and searching for things i wouldn't even say it's a potential he supposed i think it's actually highlighting 'd an existing abuse of power again since this is for extending. the patriot act or now the usa freedom act this is power that's essentially the governments have since since $911.00. well minneapolis police officers who were involved in the arrest of a black man who died during the arrest have been fired a warning you may find the following video upsetting filmed by a bystander on monday it shows how the man pleaded with an officer who was kneeling on his neck saying that he could not remove the officer kept his knees baffle
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several minutes. the f.b.i. and authorities in minnesota have launched investigations into the case on the day of the incident police said the man matched the description of a suspect in a forgery case that's a local grocery store and that he resisted arrest i've been reading he was ordered to step from the car after he got out he physically resisted officers officers were able to get the suspect in the handcuffs. and officers noticed that the mail was going into medical distress demonstrators clashed with riot police late choose day as people gathered at the site of the incident that in march to a police station where they damaged windows and a police car riot police used tear gas to break up the protest earlier the man of minneapolis apologized to the city's black community david baking from the local green party suspects feel for a ts would have responded differently if they'd been no video evidence. until they
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knew that there was a video out there they were telling us that the officers discovered that the suspect was having a medical condition. they knew darn well because the original statement came out about 4 hours after the incident giving them plenty of time to see the officer's body cameras talk to people talk to witnesses to that area at least very rough preliminary idea of what. it was what they thought they could get away with and that was to you know exonerate the officers by saying this guy had some sort of medical condition so yeah they were perfectly prepared to lie if they could get away with it the only difference is because the video they're already getting away with it and of course as more information and video comes out there's a lot more of the war. in their explanations. in
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a few hours a long must company space x. is to launch nasa astronauts into space on his own rocket for the very 1st time. 32.0. i think we really set the future up to continue to blossom this will be the 1st time humans have ridden on the falcon i even though it's flown many many times and so just taking in that experience and the sounds and all those things that we can relate to your cruise is going to be something important to do to launch as part of nasa is commercial collaboration with the private sector to u.s. astronauts will be sent to the international space station it will be the 1st time in 10 years that u.s. astronauts have launched from home soil since 2011 u.s. crew members have been hitching a lift with a russian spacecraft we heard from russian cosmonauts are like alex on down as it
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can. well you're seeing of course a lot of that. i don't think it will change the space exploration industry much if there are changes they will be minor you know we just have another organization capable of making spacecraft and sending them into space i think it's wonderful this new play it will push others to move further that progress is excel aerating the emergence of a new designer in the fashion business brings new clothes new styles into the industry and people benefit from it and the same happens with technologies. some of course was the biggest achievement of illinois musk is that he didn't use all technologies but cited to start everything from scratch he built the spacecraft using completely new technologies just like tesla you can work hard to make an old car perfect but it will still remain the same vehicle with an internal combustion engine or you can create a car for the new era this is something our space program is lacking. thanks for
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joining us here on our 3 enter national and don't forget to get in touch with nothing or both on all of our stories just follow us on social media and leave a comment on the back of betterman and. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. and i need another one of the highest amount of way to go for a suit because ballack itself mukti if i. was in this way got to doubt it so hard not to think of the mother disappeared this moment the work of a coward and i don't miss donnithorne if. this is the only thing that we do is
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music because everybody fights in his room waiting. on. the floor and you can feel the fee on this bill frist wouldn't call the ability to put the payment on the. what i think is this is the found that is a constant. and in 1996 something happened different a company called purdue pharmaceuticals came out with a drug called oxycontin and they started a myth and falsely promoted that opioids were rarely addict maybe only one
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percent of the time could you get addicted to it no. that was not true. and it is not true and never was true that was a false statement and the other companies jumped on the bandwagon of making money and the false lies spread and the false marketing spread that they are guilty of lying about these tricks they cause this. i believe that with every fiber of my being. back in 1906 the 1st promotional at campaign for an opioid was broadcasted we found that. we doctors were wrong in thinking that opioids can't be used a long time they can be and they should be we used to think they'd stop working all the patients would become addicts or they'd be sedated interconnectivity these.


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