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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  May 27, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is the new. rick sanchez hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez to all of you who are watching us from all over the world on this very special day whether you're doing it on regular t.v. or on the portable television app we are so glad that you are there the mayor of a major american city today is saying that it should not be a death sentence in america to be black those are his words that's a remarkable statement from an american political leader and it comes on the heels of 4 police officers being fired for what appears to be a strangulation death of
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a suspect who was african-american stories already making headlines all over the world and and this is the image that's already become iconic take a look at this picture right there this is really an important image and there you see it you see you see the officer's knee with what appears to be his full weight pressing down on the suspects neck while the suspect is on the ground and handcuffed witnesses say the officer held his knee on the suspects neck despite pleadings from the suspect and from bystanders for their part the officers are heard on the video suggesting that they tried to put the suspect in the cruiser but they were unable to do so. also as we look at this image it's important to note that the reason that this suspect is being arrested is because a merchant called police accusing him the suspect now identified as george floyd
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who you see right there with the officer's knee on his neck trying to pay with a $20.00 bill that the merchant believes was counterfeit so that's what started all of this ok what i want to do now for you strange show you part of the actual video and look this goes on for quite some time i've watched it many many times and it's tough to look at and the reason i find it tough to look at and i think the reason even though i'm not showing you the whole thing you're going to find it tough to look at is because it seems on its face the feeling you get as you watch it is that it's cruel that it's just extremely cruel to see a man suffering like that but if the officer is holding his need down on floyd's neck we can repeatedly hear and it's clear that we hear him saying many many many times i can't breathe i can't breathe sir i can't breathe he says it let me play part of this video for you so you could hear
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yourself. and you could almost see the officer right you could you could almost see him there taking the weight off of his ankle and applying it on the suspects neck they held him down for a process of approximately 5 minutes that's according to witnesses that's according to police officials who have come out today. and now it's also important to note i think this is important that the maneuver that is the maneuver that is being used by the police officer with his knee on floyd's neck that you just saw right there and said no way sanction by any police procedure and that's why when the when the
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police chief of minneapolis saw this video that we just showed you he saw the entire thing obviously many times he immediately called the f.b.i. and turned over the investigation to the f.b.i. and to the state bureau of criminal apprehension said within hours all 4 police officers on the scene were fired still as you might imagine the anger look at this frustrations in the air touched off by this incident it remains powerful thousands of people interestingly both black and white some sad some angry came to the area from where where where where mr floyd lost his life and they're there to protest many of them ask why this type of incident continues to occur time after time in america where more often than not the suspect or the victim is african-american. we're going to drill down on this for you on what police did
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and also what they failed to do here on the news of rick sanchez where we believe it's time to do news again. all right here we go with the list of the questions we think you'll be asking tomorrow why would no one in a uniform recognize a suspect in the process of dying. what is china's explanation for sending soldiers into india. and why is the president threatening to go after twitter. so let's begin though with the question that many americans continue to ask themselves why does this keep happening why do we continually have to report on and students that seem to depict law enforcement officers in america treating african-american suspects suspects differently than they would treat other suspects
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and where in cases like this one this one in minneapolis that i just showed you that treatment often results in the suspect death. we have an explanation coming up here of what police may have done wrong maybe what they should have done right but we want to start now with the facts of the story 1st and here to bring you that is our to correspondent michelle greenstock. hundreds of people packing the streets of minneapolis holding signs that say black lives matter police responding with tear gas. the spark to these protests was the death of a man named george floyd which occurred as a police officer handcuffed floyd pinned him to the ground and kept his knee on it for at least 7 minutes in a video that made the rounds on social media and in the news floyd can be heard saying i can't breathe officer and begging don't kill me. bystanders tell the
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officer to let floyd briefing he's not responsive right now he's not even moving and checked his pulse but the officer keeps his body weight on floyd's neck until he stops moving and for at least i mean after. that he gets in a. very good. friend of mine this way because he could breathe your technology he couldn't breathe. and that's basically the chance he had at cambridge. well floyd died in police custody it's unclear at this point if lloyd die due to suffocation choking or something else the police statement however says that floyd appeared to be suffering medical distress and that he died after being transported to the hospital for now the medical examiner's office says that autopsy results are quote pending further testing and investigation minneapolis mayor jacob phrase stated that the
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incident does not reflect the values of the police department as for the 4 officers involved in floyd's death they were at 1st relieved of duty status with pay but as the. mayor then announced they had been fired i believe what i saw and what i saw was wrong at every level no charges have been filed against the 4 officers and floyd family says they want them charged with murder for the news with rick sanchez michele greenstein are. all right so there you have it joining us now is overtired u.s. marshal matthew fog. marshall thanks so much for joining us sure we appreciate you sharing your expertise with us which is really important right now let's start with this so i heard the i watch the video many times you probably have to and i heard the all sure say that they tried to put him in the cruiser but they were on able to put them in the cruiser does that explain what they did then by holding him down
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in the way that they did can you make us understand that or make sense of that for us. right regard to the next the federal law enforcement training cynical georgia training but law enforcement officers around confront don't just 30 year there's no place in our training where it. was you to take your knee and put it on smart you can subdue them you could hold them down but it showed me on the internet that what this guy did he saw it should be in a man is saying i can't breathe. it takes me back to eric god in new york he was saying i can't work and a guy use a chokehold devil's outlaw about a piece of art this particular. thing that he did put it's new on the net there is nothing we have that allows that so we write he was wrong but then the fact that that man is saying i can't breathe you know it really bothers me is that the i'm also still of the round and watch this they knew x. actually see them but i didn't we did a one off to stand in that film like he what to tell him man let up but he didn't
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say it because he didn't want other people to feel like they were weak so no there's no there's nothing to not training that allows that and what happens is it just simply is charles out of disregard for life or procedures how we should be doing things and what happens is a lot of times he's also going to job they get all the training and always say yes but you know i like training this is how we do it here i have 2 questions left for you the 1st one is explain to us what they should have done ok you have a large suspect maybe he's physical as a lot of people are but can't get him into the cruiser what are you supposed to do that. you hold him down like they were doing and you try to talk to somebody this wasn't like it was somebody had a gun something and sometimes you want to have to you know you've got to have some type of compensation and sort of to mitigate the circumstance down to where the person gets up if you walk when you get up and getting in get out the car it was like that man was really. you know resisting so he pulled away so the problem is
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the problem is that the the knee on the neck that you're saying having him down is not a problem putting your knee out of his neck for 5 minutes that's the problem. when he's saying i cannot breathe when the moment you start to say i can't breathe he also should have let off of his neck should have back the way he kept saying to the point the way to make him stand i can't even if they say for some reason or another that a particular death was. process for us that's something. behavior that's it's nothing less than an assault and it should admit it should be aggravated assault and the police should have shot these officers right away because in a commanding environment the only way you can keep control you have to have swift action it doesn't mean necessarily going to be the victim which they should be but the bottom line is this should be swift action ok should have been shot but there is i mean considering the history of these types of things this is swift action or
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then hours they were fired within less than a half hour the police call the f.b.i. and told them to investigate and now there it looks like the incident of moving on this is different than other cases we've seen though isn't it marshall. i don't know if i can say it's different because i said new york reminded me of the same thing the case of bad boy what a man will say he was injured in the answers just don't you want to sing over and over getting these cases where people tell you being how you're hurting me and i have since i don't care so i think what happened that's what everybody is looking at the man told him many times i can't breathe you're hurting b. and also just didn't care at all doing what he did an excellent conversation thanks for your expertise thanks for sharing that information with us we appreciate it marshall. the mother so so many minutes now until we see a historic launch and you're going to be able to watch it live right here no matter where you are anywhere in the world stay with r t america because we are going to bring it to you there it is space x.
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dragon perched and ready to go whether you're watching on cable regular t.v. or the portable if you don't have a go get it so you can take it with you we're going to be right back. ah but no team no crowd. no shots. actually
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finally. understand you're tired of networks. 'd as. you know me 'd famous for my views. yours truly ready. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me of the mainstream media and from that higher vantage to glimpse the big picture question more. hey welcome back i'm rick sanchez yesterday right here on this newscast we were able to get reaction from town you know. john who is the director of public policy
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at hindu american foundation and what he shared with us is why china has sent almost 1000 soldiers into india where they are now literally and camped on the india side of the border now granted it's a disputed area that we're talking about still it's an action that's stirring international reaction. john said that china is doing this because they are trying to purposefully divert attention from their other misdeeds here to take a listen now he 1st and foremost is a distraction from what you're seeing in hong kong from china's code below the in the early stages of the spread of coronavirus at the same time it's partially in response to a sustained china's ally which is essentially a failed state that cannot assert any control over its sheer.
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harsh words obviously he's putting the blame directly on china and joining us now with perhaps a different perspective on this is com. pardon me he's a columnist for foreign policy in focus mr howe to thanks so much for joining us you heard the perspective that many in india are sharing and that's certainly what we're hearing in the indian media as well what is your take on why china would put 802-1000 troops on the indian side of this border. chinese do not the chinese say that the indians ready aggressors and this is going on for some time in this area last year there were a couple of sites the people throwing rocks rather and so. this particular area is disputed only through china in any that are also pakistan i do think however that you really need to look at this in
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a regional way and that is the chinese are reacting schoo a growing strategy mainly led by the americans to bring china out a series of potentially hostile allies south korea they're working in indonesia in the mode of government in india and this tension really goes back to the initiation of george w. bush and an agreement in aid to allow the indians essentially to build more nuclear weapons and it sort of set off a nuclear arms race in asia in south asia and that this is a reflection of that yeah you have essentially a conflict there a territorial conflict out and not just one country with nuclear weapons but 3 because you have pakistan border and then you have china and you have india now apparently the chinese say that the indians had promised and. been given the right
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to hold that land that there are dory but not to build it up and that's exactly what the chinese are saying they've seen them doing don't you think that's the precipice for this actually happening. i think that's what the chinese say i think is probably true i don't see any of the building roads in the region and building up some of the chinese students so i'm you know. i think it would be a mistake to get focused on this one incident it's a general patter that people are making the most of this right now are the americans and the u.s. state department issues you know are. china. and secretary of state my home peo is particularly and probably most anti chinese secretary of state with our hand again it's related in oh really tensions between india 'd and. let me just say let me stop you for
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a minute mr allen ok if that's the case if the united states is trying to make china look bad in the eyes of the world and hoping the then sort of the kind of do that why would china help them why would china send in 802000 troops something they have not done in 20 some years in that region. it doesn't seem to me to be a very smart thing to do i see some of the chinese actions in general in the south china sea for instance against vietnam philippines except how heavy handed i understand the rationale there looking at the possibility of being isolated the way the soviet union was during the 1950 s. and 196005 a series of anti soviet alliances and so i think that it makes a makes a pretty testy and i think that's what this is about i don't think this is going to turn into anything major that's my own feeling but you never can tell you know these are nuclear armed states. and sings. well you certainly know this region
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con how i have. my thanks to you and my apologies for screwing up your name twice. everybody mr knox is the irish. appreciate it thank you very much. now we go to europe where the e.u. finds itself stuck between a rock and a hard place the old veritable rock and hard place the old continent has been the us his right hand man really for almost a century now but the rise of china may have shaken that bond recently and with china and the u.s. now officially mired in a new cold war as we just alluded to moments ago the top diplomat has said that the time has come to choose sides. that europe has to decide whether it's going to stick with this special relationship this bond with the united states or change course maybe radically and start growing with china who's about to become the new
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world superpower all right we've got 2 minutes for this discussion but i want to hear what george galloway have to say he joins us now george what say if you. well it was an important statement and it's important and 2 ways 1st of all it does mark as you've alluded move away from the united states just 7 days after the great sacrifice of d.-day and the landings in normandy know 'd china and the united states being viewed as someone that you have to make a judgment between there's no automatic city anymore in europe support for the united states it also is important because. at least. the new asian send century has begun you'll remember are some of the fellows
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on the one. and that this would be a new american century well for the e.u. the new asian century has begun and the european union is going to have to find a way of maintaining decent relations with both sides isn't going to be easy because washington isn't going to like the small print the european union diplomats have said today yeah it sounds like they're making them choose now now more than ever it looks like the united states is pushing other countries it's either us or them and you can't choose both we're just going to have to see the way this plays out i was hoping we could have a little longer conversation george but we've had a really busy newscast so i look forward to talking to you again my friend i'll always enjoy my conversations with george. there's no question the president of the united states uses twitter as his vehicle for talking to the public but he's now threatening to regulate or even shut down twitter after the company started fact
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checking the president's tweets the president mr trump continues to utilize the social media platform this is where he has some 80000000 followers that makes him by the way about the 9th biggest user in the world but what will become of this showdown between the president and twitter for more on this now we're joined by our very own scott you know hughes has been following this story for us what's going on with this situation and how is it likely to end up scotty. orac sometimes i refer to twitter as being sort of like the devil social media platform and it's definitely been that way the past 3 days as arguments are like always very fervent and very passionate now president trump is used twitter since day one to get his own added thoughts and sometimes even announced a message in foreign policy directly to the public as you mentioned 8300000 dollars he's one of the most influential and engaged accounts on social media so on tuesday twitter mark 2 of the tweets from president trump about the potential fraud
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involved with the expansion of mail in ballots in california as misleading and by attaching a link directly under the president's tweet with the label of an exclamation point f link to say to get the facts about mail in ballots when up twitter says this is all part of a new policy put in place to limit the spread of potentially harmful and misleading content but this is where in regards to the pandemic president trump however is the only elected official currently for which this policy has been applied to yet and as expected the president and his campaign did not take being the target well and trump ironically responded on any where else but twitter now interfering in the 2020 president lections he tweeted and that the company is completely stiffly free speech and this is all in a series of tweets that he put out tuesday night this morning however president trump was even more aggressive and took it one step farther tweeting out advocating stronger regulations possibly leading and closing down twitter now the president does face a very hard legal uphill legal battle because twitter is within its rights to
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modify take down any kind and that includes even the president because the 1st amendment does not apply to non government entities are receiving the accolades from those who opposed the president for regulating twitter finally some of them said there has come under fire in the last 24 hours for who they hired to be the person in charge of the site integrity in essence a man who is in charge of fact checking the president you're well wroth mr rove has this long history you see of e-mailing and tweeting out and. trump an anti g.o.p. tweet actually saying that his team president seen as nazis and that we fly over stem states that voted for race is a tangerine for a reason you know it's about campaigns to his contributions are you quoting campaign in 2016 now today rick these have been the there's only been 2 tweets that have been labeled as mitt formation by twitter but like everything else you know this is going to continue to play out on the battlefields of social media probably before it even gets the halls of congress or even a courtroom it's got
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a thanks so much we appreciate that report card programming note now from us to you this is really exciting we are going to be able to bring you in just a little bit an opportunity for you to be able to see it's going to happen at exactly $433.00. launch if you will a historic launch something the likes of which our globe has not seen him in quite some time and this is important because what this means is for the 1st time we're going to see the unification of government with private entities putting these 2 men that you see right there up in space that's bob behnken and doug hartley can you imagine what they're thinking right now as are getting ready within an hour to be shot up into space to join up with the us the important thing is going to be able to see it all live right here as it happens whether you're watching us on
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laundering the money. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we've seen very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids it's invaded america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she did those at their dose after dose if your dose and really became his drug dealer who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers or the governments.
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greetings and sell you take. we start things off today with 2 of the most iconic american means of self-expression in self-defense i'm talking course about protests and gun since the 2016 bundy family great american takeover of them our wildlife refuge it seems that many white conservative or libertarian minded activists just can't seem to leave their guns at home when it comes time to start a protest especially. in the arab code 19 bloomberg reported on may 14th that michigan has closed down its capital and canceled its legislative session rather than face the possibility of an armed protest and death threats against democratic governor gretchen whitmer yes the armed protesters who made headlines back in early may for their want to be red dawn wolverine style approach to 21st century white right wing activism.


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