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did the spite the fact that the big decisions on a long term trade deal and citizenship rights remain to be made the united kingdom formally left the european union on the pfaff the 1st of january this year but nothing really changed because a transitional agreement take 10 to by the time required to hobble out a long tail agreement that the government the u.k. government is adamant will be no extension of that sensational period however and 7 senses political reality is bailing him penge on the government's position last week for example they bowed to pressure from new labor leader sucky a stammer about charges for foreign nationals and the national health service mr speaker every thursday we got an carers many of them are risking their lives to the sakes of all of us just a promise to think that it's right that care workers coming from abroad are working on our front line should have to pay
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a surcharge of hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds to use the n.h.s. themselves. prime minister oh this is because food a great deal about this and i do accept i do understand the difficulties faced by our amazing n.h.s. staff and like in my view the personal beneficiary of people who've come from carers who come from abroad and probably say my life as i know exactly the importance of what is on the other hand we must look at the realities that this is a a a great national service it's a national institution it needs funding and those contributions actually help us to raise about 900000000 pounds and it's very easy and very difficult in the current circumstances to find alternative sources so with great respect to the point he makes i do think that that is the right way forward only one day later the prime minister conceded the point others are warning there were 5 some extension to that since. national period many aspects of the mcgauchie
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a sense of being made more difficult and the looming recession may be timed into something much worse up until know the prime minister is having none of it and aren't all jurisdictions are working hard to organise contact tracing on are so but the prime minister's off session what's the point rex that transaction extension means we are critically at risk crashing like what a data sharing dream were this critically under my article that each protect it from call it 90 where i am really cut the lakes of people in our community both have a narrow break city or politics i must respectfully disagree with your noble gentleman we're working very closely not just with our car with our colleagues in the government in northern ireland but also with our colleagues in dublin i had a very good conversation we leo of record the other day and we saw eye to eye on on
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the way forward there's a huge amount shared between the u.k. and ireland and it will continue to be so. i'm a normal world they come on a cruise a big gallop they say the just a slip a serious building in brussels waiting for the white smoke to map the sun in agreement in the negotiations the no of course the go she says of having to be conducted online but by skype than by assume and by all accounts they're not going well the european trade commissioner islands phil holden has even suggested that the u.k. is deliberately dragging its feet to cover of the impact of bracks that on though the call that recession i spoke to daniel kaczynski the tory m.p. from short tells us programme the euro skeptics like him and his colleagues who broke no delay in the transitional agreement the head of the new european pressure group and former labor m.p. roger casale says it would be lunacy to reskin no deal breaker and make the coming
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recession much much worse meanwhile s.n.p. parliamentarian neil wants a vital scottish some press may be sacrificed in the online negotiations these clear interviews are coming out later in the program but noted in glasgow we have to ensure emails and your messages thank you alex in response to last week's you on the pandemic and you economic policy featuring economists the key price interest credit then got says that is a big looming recession coming mark says scrappy chance to see billions norma says scriptwriting and save money maybe white says i have to say i've to speak for a lack of independence since beginning of this crisis we could have done so much more and quicker additionally would have had a substantial all well fund by now which could have helped scotland enormously jim says i disagree we would have been in deep trouble and i voted yes for independence
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linda says when a scotland going to be out of luck to katie says. when our scottish government is absolutely sure the greatest risk is passed and not before louis says when its people are safe and that's been looked on she didn't know it before not enough people actually understand this pandemic people don't realize how close it actually is. daniel kaczynski is an unusual conservative m.p. and now of the euro skeptic from structure he's also the greatest parliamentary champion of the rights of the polish community in the u.k. is he happy with the current state of the negotiations daniel kaczynski many people are saying it's time for a delay in the transitional a time table given the prevailing suck up stances why should opinion on that but i have the along with other conservative than these urged the prime minister to ensure that we respect that deadline of the 31st of december the biggest exports to
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the european union to my constituency salop design and engineering big manufacturing exporters they say to me our biggest problem is the ongoing uncertainty of what our new trade relationship will be going with the european union we want to get on with it it's the uncertainty which is how bring our ability to make whatever necessary changes are required and to plan for the future how the a list is that given the 20 walking groups who haven't been able to to meet physically have been doing all the conversations by zoom that the 2 lead negotiator as david frost and michel barnier above been ill is that really realistic to set this n.d. a deadline under the prevailing circumstances we joined the european economic community on the day our it was all on the 24th of january night in 72 and since
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that time we've handed over according to the house of commons library 620000000000 pounds of taxpayers' money these are staggering amounts of money and if the european union brunson good healthy new relationship with the united kingdom it has to be predicated on respecting the fact that we are an independent sovereign 3rd party and that access. that you are fishing rights is not going to be on the table in the way that they would like and we are not going to the fray agree to that hearing to the european court of justice and all the rules and regulations that they want to impose on the united kingdom we want to free trade deal we have a trade deficit with them of $71000000000.00 pounds a year so if we went through went to w t o terms alec they would lose out for far more than we were because their companies would have to pay far more in judy's than our companies would have to pay them so
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let's have a meaningful sensible free trade agreement but showing one another jew respect as independent 3rd party interlocutors the the irish trade commissioner in the last week has said that he doesn't think the u.k. are negotiating seriously enough heading for the dreaded no deal black said after all is that any truth and that allegation at no stage alec has the european union sought to impose the sort of conditions on any other country whether it's canada or any other country that they are seeking to impose on the united kingdom that is practically not feasible and it will lead to when no deal unfortunately if the european union don't change their stance to betray what the british people voted for to sell out at this stage to allow the european court of justice to
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override that decisions of the british supreme court would not be delivering breck's it and it would create a massive disconnect between ourselves as the governing party and millions of people across the country who voted for and believe in bracks said and continue to believe in it daniel petitions. you're been a great champion of the the rapes of the polish community in the united kingdom your contempt and satisfied with the way that the settled status provisions are working out and has the home secretary come out of the bases and marking earth contribution of the european nationals to the united kingdom well that's a very good question and by the way we celebrate the extraordinary contribution that poles make to scotland wales northern ireland and england there are
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now over 900000 poles living and contributing in this country and is the 1st ever polish born british member of parliament i take a great interest in how these people's contribution is celebrated and how their rights are protected i don't want immigration to be in the top 5 issues june in the election campaign i want us to focus on our differences between funding schools and hospitals immigration should not be in the top far 5 issues at the general election and if we can convince the british people that immigration is working in their interests and is being done in the sustainable and managed way then i can see in our lifetimes immigration not being the key issue or the election times that unfortunately it's become over the last 3 or 4 general elections and fight the way . you were celebrating as one of the country's leading blacks of teals at the end of january of this year the formal exit from the european union and you expect to
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be celebrating again on hogmanay the zambo the theft of fuss that the final seal was put on that exit by the salinger for a new trade agreement. well alec i've heard some people say to be. traitor to the polish cause because i have voted for bret's it how can an immigrant to this country vote for breck's it and they call it hypocritical i would answer them by saying there's it is up to us now to demonstrate that having voted to lead the european union we can have and will have just a strong military ties with these countries through nato and opportunities to engage with one another in commercial. transactions but also academic and other exchanges to the to the degree that the european union countries have done so
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thus far but without being in a political union without abandoning our sovereignty that is the challenge if we succeed then of course we will be celebrating and others will be joining us if we fail then of course the whole concept of having another referendum and taking us back to the european union is one that we will have to grapple with but i would not recommend that this path to my constituents in 2016 unless unless i was absolutely convinced that after an experiment of 48 years of membership of this organization it was not working in the national economic strategic interests of the united kingdom i stand by that decision and i look forward to working with the european union countries try a new position of independence and sovereignty and that celebration will be
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conducted with scotch whiskey polish fought on english sparkling wine daniel. i have to admit i should not mean it but my always drink scottish whisky because it's the best. alcove. thank you very much should be. thank you join us after the break will be discussed follow well the end of the year will be the end of the light for britain and europe. no shots. actually felt. a strong
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know. which your thirst for action. part of something is better than 100 percent of nothing and so losing money has is part of the money laundering model as a model of business model and we look at these unicorns the startups and silicon valley like the ones you mentioned we work. and waste there goober. we were list they're all losing money exponentially so many after the aster's stuff well maybe the model is to lose money and so cool there is laundering the money who is laundering the money. welcome by the stake in the world demick to blow the european issue off the front pages of the russia to solly of the former labor m.p. says the government still playing fast and loose with britain's interests and get
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a budget consolidate joins me from italy great to be back and it's great seeing. what is your key feels about the state of the negotiations on the. table through the transitional agreement that are going on at the present moment what difficulties do you say well my principal fear alex is the one that i've always had and and it's the one i think that is a part of the minds of creation of a good and the heads of states of the 27 e.u. member states they must be asking themselves are the british government in good faith i mean this was something that they can say public late but it must be this or in the back of their minds and this is something much in a campaign you know sation might you europeans can say it creates and we do it's very difficult to understand what the british government are playing absalom over
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what they think they are doing it's what the british government must do is to request and extension or italy or a little bit of an extension the british government must accept that but at the moment it simply is no process that happening and therefore. britain will leave without a deal but hope possible motivation for the u.k. government david frost shaft the lead negotiator have for not attempting to come to an agreement what would be the political motivation for for such a stance it may well if you have i think a case we can wrap up the economic damage of no deal breaks it by blaming it on the fallout from the candidate crisis so 'd people somehow will not notice because it will be so bad anyway that is totally irresponsible calculating
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manipulative. if that is what the game is and it will be it's behavior that we've seen for the 1st time we're now you're all part of the labor party have been pretty quiet about the issue. of an extension in the house of commons do you think that the new leaders of kill starmer just bought some clever and waiting is time or do you think the labor party i'm genuinely ambiguous about whether there should be an extension or not well i it that's a very good question. and yes the labor party is a very broad church and there will be different points of view but there's just elected a new leader we're going to overwhelmingly majority and he has a clear mandate in the i'm sure. he's a very intelligent man he will see the folly of the conservatives policy it's not request seen an extension and it is surprising that he hasn't been so stepped up
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and called for that extension and i hope he will do that there is a petition house who comes to shinku. extension which has thousands and 1000 people signing uniting close your views to sign it we all need to not just clap our hands every every day for the n.h.s. crocus and the wonderful work is going on around our communities when it's also be carrying the drum for an extension because things are going to get much worse for all of us if britain leaves the e.u. the end of the year we're going to do and one of your stammers early vote to lose has been to force the prime minister into concession on charges in the national health service for m.h.s. and care workers who are or are cs nationals those that give the new europeans a cottage meant that there might be further concessions on the vexed the shoes of settled status and other matters which are jeopardizing the prospects as
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a campaigning organization do you see that as something of a breakthrough for for hopefully more concessions to come here that is very encouraging alex and help say that although i would like to some it's a big. he called for an extension and i'm a little bit disappointed that he's not doing that i and he has been very very good indeed over long period of time to call he was leader as well very committed to the issue of rights free use of a centrist and that is continued now in which to the government he he took up our our calls so elusive a sense be given the vote in all elections as has happened in scotland very possibly therefore it's close governments have given you citizens to vote on and i'd like to see only you citizens have to vote in the you cannot and case only. finally raja consolidate the spite the best campaigning efforts of the europeans and many other pro europe argument is ations the reality is that the bread in the
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house brags that you see only the levels of hope for the future and your prime paling effort says the new europeans well what i often say to cliques in continental europe and inside the european union is if you want to find the strongest pro european be in europe you need to look nickel tell me united kingdom and especially scotland and so i think that it's a case of not knowing what you have until it's gone something else and we have to go in because i didn't leave it when they will rejoin the european union when it does alex i think people need to understand as i think many do in scotland i may say said so europe is not just the interests also community values i think we can learn a lot from scotland and the way with scotland understands that we have multiple identities we can be scottish it is europe. and we don't have to kind of almost spite our face by meeting year in units just because we think we have to be british
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rather than european we can be toast and i think when that particular penny drops i think the talk will turn roger casale from at the way thank you very much indeed thank you alex. in a fair vanilli pro european party i like neil m.s.p. is something of a rebel a strong scottish nationalist beg doubts about the european union how this here says the current state of play in the negotiations and does he think his colleagues were built to redeem their election commitment to stop rex that. joins me from here . the irish trade commissioner mr hogan suggested last week that the was no real serious and 10 behind the u.k. negotiations do you think apart now he claims that they're trying to shout of the economic impact of a new deal behind the huge economic impact of the cold pandemic of
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any truth or not you think well i think inevitably the user should not game they're always engaged in and so in the u.k. government at the end of the d. this is bluster because both sides realistic and know that a deal is in the interests of everybody ali you're above a rebel on the european issue in terms of the s.n.p. but your colleagues campaigned on one platform at the general election last december of stopping blacks it just think they have any realistic chance of achieving that objective under the public circumstances no i think that johnson particularly given all the people he surrounded himself with this government is a vote a delivering breaks it and delivering it by the end of this calendar year and i think it would take a greet deal of persuasion and
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a great deal of different things to happen if johnson rest any more political capital with his party we have seen over the last few days to truly bungled the dominic cummings afia that has already used up much of political capital by boris johnson both internally within the tory party as well as within the country and i think the mood to see it will be come hell or highwater but going to deliver breaks and by the end of the year even if it means leaving a w t. and less. the e.u. can come up with some kind of compromise in lieu of circumstances then i think that's what will happen a fundamental deal will be signed perhaps with an extension of the transition or the 2380 years that may be impossible to reach agreement on by the end of december and you're a. unusual position as a european union skeptic scottish nationalist scottish member of
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parliament in edinburgh if i were to say in order to bait the guardian not in order to bring about a reconciliation between the 2 negotiators at the present moment with alec neil in charge of the of the asians by his zoom could you come up with a solution which would affect a smooth economic transition achieve a removal from the european union but not put at rest jobs and livelihoods. yes i think i think there is a possibility to do that i mean i think the big issues that are running the customs union rather but that only the single market over the joints and governments very a antipathetic towards a single market as well if everyone negotiating in behalf of an independent scotland my view would be that an independent scotland would be far better off joining after but of course if the pair say doesn't really warrant big you know 80
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kingdom joining portal for the very if you for various small countries but there is maybe a compromise in the weird by. continued membership of the european economic area without necessarily including if the membership so the how are we to achieve compromise i'm absolutely sure of that the issue is the political willingness on both sides in terms of the u.k. and the e.u. whether they would want to do so in your judgment man come the end of the year hogmanay as we call it in scotland will it be deal or no deal. i think it will be a deal i actually think it will be a deal because. coming back to covert and the european economy is in its knees the eurozone is facing a major problem with a ruling by the german constitutional court that the e.c.g. and the e.c.b.
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european central bank have acted illegally by going over the top on quantitative easing the major constitutional issue inside the e.u. there's a potential collapse of italy the dropping of the euro zone the failure so far to reach agreement on a package for the poorer countries within the e.u. and terms of helping them through the coronavirus of coronavirus crisis so there's a whole lot and the internal plate of the e.u. and similar the joints and government is facing economic catastrophe if it doesn't take a substantial measures to rescue the u.k. economy from the results of covert so is the interests of both sides in my view to reach an agreement and that will have to be a compromise in the number of areas but i believe a good event can and should be reached meal member of the scottish parliament thank
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you for joining us from alex aman show pleasure. if there had been no what old time demick then good it would still have been dominating the headlines in the united kingdom the talk ongoing but they have going nowhere fast this leads to the very real risk that there will be no deal at the end of the sensation period the dreaded no deal blanks it just one year delayed to a 7 extent than has provided us with an insight into what are no deal breakers that would have meant fishermen with plenty of fish to catch but no markets to sell and farmers with no labor to bring in the harvest the tourist industry with no international visitors the chaos stop the fall of nationals as key aspects of their labor force none of this makes for an appealing prospect perhaps a only redeeming feature of a bracks under these circumstances is it can't be argued that caused
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a recession the recession is already and the evitable that it could have a session into a depression and that's up to speed on myself and all of the show is good bye for now i stay safe and we'll see you next week.
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you cannot be lonely with yeah you like. cold war $2.00 targeting china is off the ground gaining momentum some see china must paper that into the mix well others claim is an existential security threat to the washington world still others see washington concede he lives in a paper. problem drugs has come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invited to america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose in really big factor was the
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government's. offer. congress has to take the streets to oppose china implementing it security a little as painting approves imposing gates without the region's concepts. scholars will investigate why care homes have registered needy hauffe of all kinds of deaths in the country we took the son of one of those who died and kept. him in there and to the school he cared for to be protected. and this is not happened. it's a limos recruiting it fits a sinister help the country avoid another outbreak of covert 19 pie switching on the social distancing via the.


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