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oh the crisis change the game looks to me and if there's going to be a recovery what kind. are the lessons to be looking. at. china votes to an active security law for hong kong as angry anti beijing protests and the city intensifying. scholars will investigate why cat homes have registered nearly half of all covert deaths in my country we talk to the son of one of those who died in care. in there and to the school he cared for to be protected. and this is what happened. and it's only molds recruiting its citizens to help the country avoid another outbreak of coded 19 by informing on social distancing violative.
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a very warm welcome from our team here in moscow this is r.t. international and i know. what china has approved a resolution to impose its security law in hong kong and angry anti beijing protests have again been intensifying in the city r.t. saskia taylor looks at what's at stake. with current of ours dominating the headlines since february many of the stories have to fall into the wayside but one making a comeback as the wild starts returning to normality the hong kong protests are now up to several months of response space to serious scuffles and the tame office thousands of protesters took to the streets on wednesday the day ending on a really sour note with around 300 arrests and police using pepper spray bullets because they suspected some of the protesters had weapons including petrol bombs.
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but. thanks. ok. we know that anti china sentiment has been building in the region for almost a year but that was reignited last week off to beijing announced plans for a new piece of legislation the national security all that has now been approved the bill has been approved by china's legislature and it is possible that could even come into effect would then a matter of weeks now that would ban treaty on terrorism really any behavior that threatens national security also this week m.p.'s were debating and not the bill
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about the national anthem and that would criminalize insulting them on could see people face fines and potentially even jail time so frustrated people poured onto the streets chanting things like hong kong independence it's the only way they see beijing and more and more as to fear and hong kong's frags which seems strange because of course it is technically china but since 1907 the area has enjoyed and large degree of or. anomie under its one country 2 systems rule not one country that has taken a perhaps unusually high level of interest in the end to the facts of hong kong is that you asked and on wednesday before congress section state my compared to clad the hong kong could no longer be considered self-governing no reasonable person can assert today that hong kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from china given the facts on the ground while the united states once hoped that free and prosperous hong kong would provide
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a model for authoritarian china it is now clear that china is modeling hong kong afterward self washington has said that it will take action if for now when the bill passes and this is what president trouble all that mysterious he had to say on the matzoh we're doing something now i think you'll find it very interesting but i won't be talking about it today i'll be talking about it over the next couple of days ok what's exactly on the cards and we'll have to wait and see but one thing is certain this is not going to do anything for us china relations the 2 are of course economic competitors something washington does not take kindly to so we've seen trade wars shop rhetoric but in the wake of that ninety's this fragility has really turned into an open tension as the u.s. the latest china for the pandemic against all of this beijing has said that it will not tolerate any type of interference. with the question of the hong kong special administrative region national security legislation is entirely china's internal
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affair no foreign country has the right to interfere if anyone insists on harming china's interests china will have to take all necessary measures to firmly hit back some say that beijing has good reason to adopt such a strict turn after all in the past we have seen u.s. government employees meeting with some of the hong kong protesters and and washington from the outset has very actively encouraged what it claims is hong kong's fight for democracy so it seems. the wildest of moving on and beyond 19 the strain between these 2 nations is not easy and at the moment it looks like hong kong might well become the battleground where the clash plays out earlier i spoke to one when the professor and executive dean of the chung young institute for financial studies at redmon university in china and he says beijing has every right to push ahead with the security law and to be concerned by other countries interference. i think they had every big country has its own money. the united
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states has routine has france has so i think they're trying to who has won this year is just to make up so this national security law is a formulated under the free work of one country 2 systems so which is the. supreme and hong kong basic law and it does not affect the hong kong to freedom so at present some people you hong kong i'm not what about freedom but do not recognize a chinese system do not and you can as a china and hong kong actually so i think this is a basic understanding that outrank has about a stronger response say they plans legislation what has the u.s. got to do with the hong kong case and might this be seen as foreign interference. so i think they have to as a chinese god i think india it is a very foolish of fortune penetration to endure barry. france so this is
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a typical foreign intervention so i challenge you to china's law or china's so it's a bit harder to imagine how old the white house reacted to how are you escalation if a country want to work in developed so i advise americans do not. to do such a 46 so i also asked some hong kong people to not to have a little hope for americans so in fact from the perspective of many countries in the middle east and in north africa syria iraq libya is it true the more united states in the variance the more child keep their arrow will be. katherine's for the elderly and the vulnerable have become coronavirus hotspots in scotland while nursing home on the isle of skye has made headlines off that it was revealed a quarter of its residents died from cave at 19 we talked to john gordon his father
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was one of the victims. in the last few years have been the main char. she could handle him and i was with him but important to many who were so we say them whoever you are had and she does. and for us it was very poignant last year made us wait when we often go in morning to see that he was a bit to pass and my sister and her family and myself were able to pre-select with them i'm literally surrounded by sturm and as my sister and her family myself were talking we could see without breaching his hands at the same of us beds for our hero he was in full p.p. with her blue gloves on and it was a really great moment because such was such a we are shooting them from it and we were in there the whole my dad's hand you know we were denying. them just in those final hours and when we think of the most wonderful in our society you know our elderly population. some places there's there's his we're with people with disabilities and they don't have
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the same ways that we do again and again with them and they are into these homes he cared for to be protected and this is not happened it was found almost all of the residents and 29 staff in the home farm nursing home contracted kovac 1910 residents including john's father have passed away since the pandemic started please allow investigating 3 deaths at the care home there are allegations the lack of testing and negligence in protective measures led to the tragedy. well according to the national records of scotland as of may 24th the country has registered 3700 deaths from kovac 19 almost half of those were in care homes scotland's 1st minister nicola sturgeon has promised an inquiry. of course there will be a public inquiry into this whole crisis and every aspect of this crisis and that will undoubtedly include what happened in care homes but home and probably had locked down probably affecting news earlier so as
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a family we were reassured that they were really weeding the way in terms of dealing with the pandemic in everything that happened and we felt that our father was secured by them and so it became absolutely shocking with an r.q. me when it became evident that there was such a high number of his of of coordinating within the home you know or there was a lot of stuff movement there were stuff coming in from other areas to work within the home. my understanding was there was a list of isolation the there should have been the staff weren't probably going to the n.p.p. that is becoming more evident and needs to be. really mapped don't in terms of what went wrong here year there has been huge feelings. italy has worried some with his plans to ensure people respect social distancing the government says it will work roads an army of volunteers snoopers so devinsky
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explains. how do you fancy a brand new role in a bid to help keep your country safe well given the current pandemic the idea of doing your bit may perhaps hold a lot of appeal but what if i told you that the position is one not paid and 2 you could be accused of snooping on your loved ones who perhaps not so peeling now well if it's early next week this is the cool that people will be expected to. we've seen early entry in you know when there's a gradual recovery productive activities and citizens are returning to populate cities day to day now is the time to recruit a loose citizens who want to help the country by demonstrating agree civic said. it's hope there's an old me of 60000 volunteers will help of the gatherings as its only tries to emerge from a virus that is killed tens of thousands nation white as the summer heat set up and
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restrictions are eased footage of crowds is trickling fees that infections could see again so much so that in the v need to area a video with images of patients in intensive care was broadcast on t.v. to convince people to comply with safety measures even within the italian government not all agree about a volunteer army whispering on what neighbors may or may not be doing the proposal of the so-called civic assistance makes no sense to me not only was the move not shared with us we absolutely oppose it public gatherings are a problem but this is not what citizens need what they need is responsibility and seriousness from their politicians we have to stop being a rational italian interior ministry which is responsible for maintaining order also claims not to have being consulted while another political party is cool to proposal muchness the government complains that this is up by one. civic or
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sponsibility about community services such as taking groceries to people who need them but can't convince people to sign up or are italians suspicious that this is essentially the job of an informant surely leask your sword i mean there is a concrete risk of a culture of also because they will put us against each other it will be a typical war between the poorest people. in iraq and we don't was still don't and stunted that paid a lot and who cause them bruce too much confusion about the work of these civic assistants who are already too many cameras around road people may get to the lawyers room and they begin to serve their dissent to me falsely civic assistance could be useful because in this phase 2 people are getting more relaxed over the safety measures. and my mobility so any disservice must be carried out by the local police state police and other law enforcement agencies there is
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a risk of developing a culture of suspecting everyone in any case we don't want for the truth we need actually. it would mean the control of the government is already very strong and this would only worsen the situation and it's not the 1st time italy has tried to recruit volunteer tattletales back in march the mayor of broome authorized a system allowing people to report on those not following the lockdown. other gatherings of people you think are contrary to the emergency health rules you could report of them directly to the relevant authorities who they see just official website. so are you ready to snoop for your country if not be alert to those who might just be watching the show all of the pinsky azzi paris. hilton town 750000000000 euro to recover our economy is ruined by the pandemic or about how the plan has been met by the e.u.
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member states after this short break. we go to work. straight home. part of something is better than 100 percent of nothing and so losing money is is part of the money laundering model as a model of business model and we look at these uniforms these startups and silicon
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valley like the ones you mention we work. that way fair goober or if we were lifts they're all losing money exponentially so many after the aster's well maybe the model is to lose money and so who is laundering the money who is laundering the money. welcome back the pandemic has put the global economy into shock the european union has proposed a recovery plan that includes hundreds of billions in loans and grants for member states peace all of us in berlin explains the details. european commission president personally on the line was in quite generous mood on wednesday she was talking about budgeting in funding up to 1.85 trillion a year 01 point one trillion of boxes the e.u.
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budget for the next 7 years but 750000000000 is in corona virus aid to help those countries that have been worst affected in making me announcements the e.u. commission president is very one for all and all for war in our union people in business and companies depend and rely on each other in our union cohesion convergence and investment good for all of. this is about on of us and it is really bigger than any of us this is europe's moment but there are those that are feeling a little less in the mood to share the debt which would come up with a sort of on the alliance plan they've been called the frugal for their made up of the netherlands denmark sweden and austria they aren't all that convinced by the plan and may take certainly some convincing if it's to get put into action those
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that are very much on side where this does you might expect that those that need that money the most one of those is italy their prime minister just said become today seem very contented with what us live on the line have to say excellent signal from brussels it goes exactly in the direction indicated by italy 500000000000 in grants and 250000000000 in loans and you could figure now let's speed up the negotiation to free up the resources sued the plan that was put forward by osa to fund the law and on wednesday has a rather a lot in common with a plan that was put forward as the preferred route when it comes to corona 8 by french president of money will not go on and german chancellor angela merkel just last week they put forward the idea of a 500000000000 euro fund with the debt being shared now that is part of the plan but has comes with an added $250000000000.00 euro that would be available in
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loans those are convinced about this world they come from the populous parties within europe who are asking just how is all this going to be paid for into a given moment that the introduction of new taxes to finance the recovery plan will inevitably impact on small businesses and consumers. this is completely wrong this is nonsense this is a huge price for citizens to have to pay so you're just spending as if there was no tomorrow. the european union's response to the corona crisis is. come under fire in a recent poll now people were asked the question isn't it italy france and germany did the european union and the institution's response to the corona crisis actually undermine the case for there being a european union after all 40 percent of those asked that question agreed with it here in germany 47 percent in france 61 percent in italy people let not very happy at all with how brussels responded to the coronavirus but when it comes
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to that budget financing for the next 7 years for the e.u. that is live on the line was talking about on wednesday don't expect it to be agreed anytime soon there's an old summit next month but i'm glad merkel suggesting that there won't be any agreement amongst european leaders until well the autumn she said that would give them enough time to have it reviewed and agreed in national parliaments and enough time to have it reviewed and agreed in the european parliament as well before the budgets due to come into effect on the 1st of january next year and the latest episode of artie's boom bust professor of economics richard wolfe explains why he thinks preston's recovery plan is indicative of e.u. panic you can watch that later today on r.t. international online any time. well the situation has been allowed to get your a your arse. for a unified wave or were economically
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a bit hard to with well i'd lost the reform and it's already getting a crash an. artist or an enormous river at me i think they are actually going to grow an enormous amount of money it may they're all very well not be enough they had all this somehow just like rule we're not looking at her long term consequences at all what. makes almost one in god from government very consequential in that way they're like the united states the damage girl huge amount of money crush of. very hard at what the consequences because unless you get your wish. there will be nothing to worry over our because recess really finally crash it's that we're really interested that makes them mad who are admitting that we are earlier predictions were out of jay
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that they had a hole to slip through their very very serious a problem for your. don't try and pass threatens to strongly regulate social media platforms that's off the twitter i decided to flag the president's posts about voter fraud as misleading with a sneer get the facts label the president accuse the social network of stifling free speech especially against republicans republicans feel the social media platforms totally silence conservatives voices we will strongly regulate or close them down before we can ever allow this to happen we saw what they attempted to do and failed in 2016 we can't let a more sophisticated version of that happened again. in a tweet that was called out by twitter trump said that allowing people to vote by mail would lead to widespread fraud the social network and i did a get a fact link leading to a statement saying that experts say mail in ballots are very rarely linked to voter
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fraud we got reaction to the spot from legal and media analyst lionel out of the 5000000 tweets that he's tweeted why is this so important regarding ballot mail in ballot why is that there's an old expression this is your only catch flack when you're over the target and some people think i did president things that there must be something to this i must have hit a nerve and twitter basically allows only certain forms of information only certain areas certain air now what twitter always says is where a private company we do whatever we want and where private company what do you if you nobody makes you go on twitter you don't have to go into it or i always thought they were we put a billboard they limit billboards you decide what you're going to put on that billboard if it's wrong a vigil right now and forced to to involve themselves so the rules up till
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now are going to have to be rewritten because right now the 1st amendment does not apply to private companies and by the week the reason why the hate is the most he used their platform for his benefit it's killing them. a mass of russia's capital has extended a lockdown in moscow until june the 14th but he's also relaxing the rules a little to give people a chance to exercise and some business is the opportunity to reopen artie's don't quarter hustle. well moscow's definitely exercising caution as it takes its 1st steps towards lifting the lockdown starting monday residents will once again be able to walk freely around the city on specified days of the week no permit required as long as they remain within 2 kilometers of their home and as long as crowds don't get too big people will also be able to resume exercising in the newly
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reopening parks and public squares in the city now most places around the city restaurants cafes beauty salons will remain close mayor sabean and didn't say after all that this is going to be somewhat of an experiment we're going there so this is a very difficult decision i'm going to read everyone will where they want and as much as they want to have something resembling a mayday demonstration in moscow there is no simple measure. pool we suggesting this in testimony and making a shadow that sets out when citizens living in particular buildings ok for well it will be a simple scheme but it will mean the know everyone can go for a walk at the same time live like this for a week or 2 and see how the situation develops as for mask and gloves those are still going to be mandatory for anyone on the street and of course these new relaxed rules don't apply to people who are a threat to public health that includes people who were recently diagnosed with copd 19 or have been confined to quarantine yesterday russian president vladimir putin said that the country avoided
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a worst case scenario in moscow or around half of the hospital bans are remaining empty and the authorities intend to keep the situation stable with these new measures thanks for joining us on nazi enter national we're back with the latest headlines from the scene it was. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to heal some air force. base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says
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no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. and we said. just that. is enough. but i'm also the most companies you know i've been a kid who says you know. when i began. to see people in the school you know because we didn't you know just. expose you to
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. them and then they hate to see the next. you see that in the middle you kind of. think. of them not to come to your list. so to. speak is the. i am asked as or this is the cause the report let's talk about some images let's
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talk about mame warfare here's an image and it says right here we don't have protection against maims we've been talking about this on the kaiser report how means are going directly into your own conscious mind shifting global consciousness and presenting a new reality in spanish for our spanish speaking audience notes yamas protection from today i lost me this clearly. you got that here's another famous image now on the crypto twitter sphere this is pink whoa jack and it's money go bur yes i know you're thinking i look a little bit like pink lo jack know jack jack well jack i think we're jack yes i do look a little bill if that's prince or go home to her money printer cove think whoa jack go burrow now was this. this is a printer roll or this started the american revolution because this technological
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advance allowed newspapers to get out quickly and allow the word to get out that we need to revolt and we need to change everything in the america to become independent who invented this my great great great grandfather hugh bax well that's right he invented this 1817 but after the revolution. and what's this fears of me i'm going to have this is a laundry press looks like a printing press sorry laundering money with a printing press i think whoa jack who's a conducting me more fair. what's all this mean stacy 5th yes all of these are not headlights and actually that's why i'm also wearing my only stark carrier due today because i'm looking like why.


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