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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 31, 2020 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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time after time they were going underground for a special episode with venezuelan foreign minister jorge ari outsider as the u.s. u.k. and you seek a regime change in a country with the largest oil reserves in the world jury in a coronavirus pandemic coming up is it the end of us a germany in the western hemisphere now iranian time because of arrived in venezuela with support from nato member turkey and why did boris johnson invite attempted coup leader one by doing to downing street as a freedom of information request revealed a secret unit in dominic grabs a foreign office to reconstruct a neo liberal that is
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a way of let's go straight to venezuela's capital caracas to speak to the world's most known oil rich nations foreign minister jorge who joins me now via skype thank you so much for being on the program once again obviously britain and the united states threatening china at the moment over hong kong but the murdoch wall street journal reporting that the u.s. government is threatening tankers from iran sailing to venezuela with sanctions what illegal threats have you received arguably illegal for importing one and a half 1000000 barrels of gasoline from iran and other supplies during coronavirus we already use the threats and the sanctions and maximum pressure from the usa because they won't allow a country a people to have their own democracy their own modern their own system and specially with too much oil and too much and natural resources which they need in
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the united states under a capitalist system so iran is also sanctioned because they want to have their own independent. and we have helped iran before we have a very close relationship. with each other and then we actually bought gasoline from venezuela because we have not been able to produce gasoline in the last months because of the sanctions because we cannot import the spare parts for our refineries because we cannot import all the chemicals that you need in order to produce the gasoline from coming from the heavy oil that we have in venezuela so we are importing from iran gasoline and also some spare parts for the refineries in order to activate them fully and the united states threatened the around that they would block by some way tankers that are already arriving to
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venezuela so we took some special measures it's a legal operation it's a commercial operation nothing international law can stop it from happening so in any case the venice ruling on forest scored to the the iranian tankers from the moment that they were close in international waters to our territory to our waters and they are already arriving into the center of the country in the refinery of and of course venezuela helped iran back in 2010 but the ambassador donald trump's u.n. ambassador kelly craft says maximum pressure may be applied to russia to china and indeed actually iran is proliferating chemical weapons with has a bulla from lebanon in venezuela and that the united states needs to. the united states cares for the people of venezuela it's a very up surd. holywood movie that they are trying to sell to the public
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opinion of the world trying to convince the people dipali. that there are terrorist groups from the middle east here in south america in venezuela and we with the help of iran well at some point they even said gee years ago that we had bicycles which had uranium from venice well in order to export them to iran for them to produce. nuclear weapons they also said that osama bin laden was hiding here in my god he died and before they killed him so they have they have made up all these stories in order to try to link venezuela to middle east terrorism you know that to convince the world that they have to invade venezuela either because we have a so-called humanitarian crisis which does not exist or because we support and we
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finance and whatever international terrorism that's that's all foolish that it's not true and we have we have proved it to the world i lived in my greeter island for a bitch sama bin laden or anyone else would be quite a quite a sight there i think of course venezuela also help the poor of london from where i'm speaking to you help the vulnerable the care workers with fuel but today relations are very different why did you summon boris johnson's top diplomat duncan hill what did he talk to you and why did you want to summon him to speak to him we read in the news about the creation of venezuela reconstruction unit in the foreign office of the united kingdom we were quite surprised we didn't believe it at the beginning but when we saw the documents of the of the cannery
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what we saw that they had the actual documents from the foreign office we conveyed the charge of the affairs duncan hill of the u.k. because. so there is an audit in venice were allowed the moment so we asked him if this was true why was this happening and he admitted it he accepted he said that in fact it was a unit that it's lead by a former ambassador to venezuela john savill the other 6 people working there that one is in charge of energy the other one is in charge of infrastructure the other one is in charge of climate change so i said but this is unacceptable at least we should have heard from you the official information that you were willing to create such a thing it's a secret it's a confidential unit it's not public it's public because the cannery asked for the documents so he said you know you're you're misunderstanding this this is not to
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reconstruct anything i said how can it have that name the unit of reconstruction of venezuela what is it you're going to destroy venezuela you're going to bomb ben as well with the u.s. and then you're going to reconstruct venezuela with your companies with your corporations as you did in iraq in syria in afghanistan in other countries in order to get profit from our. situation and he said no no that's not true but in any case he said at the end this units don't have enough of a budget so i believe that in the following months and because of this one public this unit is going to disappear so it is really a respectful we it's an inseparable and of course it has it has kept on doing harm to the already harmed relations that we have with the united kingdom yes the canaries added to carry on mendoza's been on this program actually but the website appears to still be that of this secret unit revealed by
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a freedom of information request and running it is a fully u.k. ambassador to venezuela john savile who easy you. 1st of known him when you were in previous high offices in the venezuelan government what's your understanding of what he wants to do to your country well i remember him he he was on bus when i was sworn in as minister of foreign affairs and for doing for a year we were. working trying to work together with him but i must say that i had to call him several times and i even conveyed him once to the minister of foreign affairs because he was interfering in internal affairs he was a very biased boss of the diplomat his friends of terrorists of the opposition in venezuela the radical position of the op as well on top of that and he was always trying to help them when there was even this political riots and
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demonstrations in 2014 etc he was trying to help the opposition in their strategy of regime change with the united states so his not a man who is a friend of the venezuelan people he's a friend of the venezuelan opposition of the venezuelan private corporations that want to take power here again we have cause invite him on this program he would no doubt refute being a friend of terrorists but then so would boris johnson refute that one is linked to terrorists what did it make you feel when you saw that one no the man recognized by the european union the united states and britain was pictured in downing street in london speaking to boris johnson this man has not been elected by anyone he does in our constitution does not one provision that i would accept this fellow for
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. president of venezuela so what they are doing in most of the country of the of the european union now. britain out of the european union and united states is a coup. in venezuela they are recognizing a parallel government a fake government trying to impose it trying to get their companies to rebuild what they will destroy and to take the venezuelan oil gas gold etc it is absolutely unacceptable and specially for the diplomacy for of europe which is supposed to be so politically correct and so respectful from the international law they have destroyed international law they have ignored international law the charter of the united nations the rights of the venezuelan people divinest island constitution it's really outrageous and we just can see that at
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some point all of those governments will have to apologize to the world and to future generations for what they have done in the last years again to venezuela well you say it's a coup we have no proof or evidence of british involvement in the mercenary attack on your country in the past few days donald trump said if he wanted to invade venezuela he would send in the army what what do you think was behind this coup i understand venezuelan secret service has infiltrated this company still the call usa a trump security contracts are actually hired by richard branson for venezuelan aid benefit concert what was behind this coup attempt behind that operation is the policy of the united states. that all the options are on the table when it
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comes to venezuela so they really saw a window to attack venezuela they thought that we would have a health collapse because of the coronavirus. which we don't we have the best figures in all of the continent and they thought that prescient motherhood and our government were not would not be able to deal with both the pandemic and the interference and the attempts of invasion so they tried to do what they know how to do in latin america to force with maximum pressure with violent operations trying to kidnap the president of venezuela you know that the united states has made some false and fake accusations against our president and other members of the government trying to say that they drug dealers traffickers drug traffickers which is absolutely absurd so but there's
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a reward for press in. death or at least if they have them they have him alive so on all this most and i was interested in this but it was infiltrated by the venezuelan and he was not only in for trade our vice president as you know that he is in the united nations general assembly in september gave the coordinates of the camp a mint in colombia in the wahid of colombia where these people were being trained by this civil corp company preparing this military operation we even gave pictures of the houses where this people were sleeping and they go colombian government did nothing with that and the united states didn't answer also to this so this operation kept on being prepared and it finally they thought it was the right moment and of course they failed because we have not only the armed forces the
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venezuelan people in one of the islands where the one of this boat came with the 2 american mercenaries it was the fisherman. who did who captured this man and they even tied their hands with. a string they used to fish you know it's a shame that they are all the options are still on the table for them and press in time said what he believes that this option failed but when i decided to invade venezuela i will do it with my army with all the. force and strength of the united states and we would be successful i don't think that even in that case even with that option they would be successful at all for mr i'll stop you there more from venezuela's foreign minister after this short break.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development only and. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back i'm still here with venezuelan foreign minister. well as you mentioned drugs reuters news agency big articles on allegations that president maduro his
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wife is a cocaine smuggler around the world around the world can only or is known for narco terrorism arguably we invite the colombian ambassador on what's your message to the president even marquez given that this coup apparently involved secret training camps for former afghanistan iraq veterans special forces canadian born u.s. green beret jordan good row on the colombia venezuela border since august 28th we have given intelligence information to the colombian government and at some point we have made this information public as i said even in the general assembly of the united nations and we have gave them even the location with coordinates of the places of the camps where this people are being trained we have told them who is financing this it's some drug dealers from colombia. we have told them
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what the ad companies of the united states are also trained to be involved in this and they have done nothing because they are behind this there were behind you remember last year. every the 23rd of that operation. trying to force so-called international assistance or aid by the venezuelan border with colombia pressin duca was there and the militaries and mercenaries were there as well trying to force this into venezuela without our permission so they are being used and that colombian government has no independence at all it's being used by the united states both to produce more cocaine to export more cocaine to the united states to attack venezuela to send troops to some long distance distance far away. wars from the nato so it's really not
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a independent government it is an instrument of the united states to attack venezuela at the moment we have no knowledge of where the money coming for these illegal operations is coming from but i know the venezuelan government alleges that the bank of england is guilty of theft of venezuelan gold no proof that when boris johnson was meeting there was a theft of gold what is the state of this theft of that is whalen gold by andrew bailey is the governor of the bank of england right now there is a not ongoing process in the judicial system of the u.k. we had to sue the bank of england because that money belongs to the national was serves of and a sweater and at the moment the venezuelan state needs that money
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and that gold the equivalent of that gold to help to strengthen our capacities to confront the coronavirus threats but the bank of england says the no that they are not sure who that money belongs to. it's absolutely illegal what they are doing it's a theft the same that the united states did with our companies and refineries in the united states territory with citgo a very big company that we have in the united states but that they confiscated is the same it's the same that europe and the united states did with international reserves of leave you know more than 200000000000 euros in international reserves that money disappeared it has not been used for the libyan people it has not been used for the libyan development nobody knows where it is so they're trying to do the same against even
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a swell or so we sued the bank of england we even had an agreement with the united nations in order for this money not to be given to venezuela these gold directly but to the united nations so that we could purchase all what we need to confront the pandemic but the bank of england is doing what the foreign office wants it's doing what the state department of the united states want and they are keeping that gold illegally completely illegally but there has been some good news as you would understand it as regards the united nations trying to intervene here yes of course i must say the secretary general good terrorists and all the united nations are trying to help known here in venezuela they have tried to. enter mediate with some european countries with the united states day working with us in some national plans to reactivate our economy to bypass the sanctions of the united
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states they have condemned the sanctions so i could tell you a good 10 of us me tell about the left of the human rights council and others in the united nations and the u.n. agencies are working with us and trying to help the venezuelan people and they are doing it were. the only government that there is in venezuela the government or press in the coffin of the as you say there is some dissent there within the un you mention citgo though what can you do about judge leonard starks decision to basically put a vital citgo state refinery company in the hands of a company called the 10 capita a new york hedge fund all the judicial process that has being going on about citgo is illegal that company belongs to pay their vessel to petroleum if they're going to swell up here in venezuela so that is that belongs to deter the millions of
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venezuelans it does not belong to $1.00 way though it does not belong to the 2 of the stake holders it belongs to venezuela so what they did was they didn't recognize the ownership of bear the vessel and they are trying to sell says it's it's really strange because it's like they confiscated to know the most neo liberal government in the world confiscated which is a communist term our refineries our company and now they're trying to sell it. to get a good prize for them so it's really a fest they have stolen our property that is venezuelan and at some point i insist at some point all what they have done is going to be reversed and we're going to have our assets back well the united kingdom and the european union recognize the u.s. court system and in fact we've been hearing that the e.u.
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foreign minister joseph burrell is claiming that i under deserve millions maybe of dollars of aid is being raised and also that one. no is the recognized leader of your country and. and they're helping the ordinary venezuelans what do you make of that this donors conference for pledges for the venice whether it's that they have migrated why did this venezuelans. migrate why they did flew because of the blockade because of the sanctions because of the economic situations they are not being persecuted there they are not refugees they are economic migrants and of course they say it's 5000000 venison and it is not more than a 1000000. probably 1000000 800000 venison and have left 1st of all it's not
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really donations this is credits from the european bank of inversions and another kind of loans secondly they give this to the governments of colombia of peru of chile of brazil which are opposing which are almost our enemies but i must say i was framed that we are receiving tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of venezuelans back we have been receiving them during the last months because there scaping from the coronavirus crisis in colombia and peru in ecuador and they want to come back home and none not even one of them has told us or has witnessed in those countries that they have been help not even with a plate of soup this conference already happened last year a lot of money was. approved and this money where is that money it's probably going to the financing of all these military operations to invade venezuela it's
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not going to help any venezuelans out of venezuela or in venezuela will we invite the trump security contract to still call us a what's left of it on to the show it has to be said that you've been calling for some kind of alba summit. after coronavirus the cuban government has sent doctors we've seen pictures of them in europe helping people in nature countries do you think that the fact that iranian ships have been able to come to venezuela has broken us hegemony in your hemisphere is a very important moment in world history as it is you know the press in term. stated that the more road doctoring which dates from 823 is right in force at the moment and that they own this part of the world
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and that they will not at mit they were not authorize other countries to invest in latin america like china russia or to or to have any kind of business with a latin america. especially not with venezuela with cuba but they have not been able to because they don't have the power to do so if there is a people that has their own model the own proses and that are independent and have dignity we will be able to prevail and they have tried to ousted percy and my daughter at least for the last 2 years with a very clear agenda they have tried to impose another government a fake government they have done this. operations with mercenaries they have blocked the venezuelan economy and they will not reach achieve their goals so it is by all means
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a prove that we are prevailing doctrine is not an automatic decision of press interim that they would have to kill millions in order to get control of our country and what the relations that we have with russia with china with iran and. other nations are also approve that we do what we can see there is good for our people not what washington can see there's is good for them well as i say my own pale secretary of state says no direct involvement in these coup attempts just finally on russia or in china they they didn't stop the destruction of africa's richest per capita country libya can you really depend on russia and china as allies to protect you against a trumpet ministration that might want to invade your country not really russians and china's our. allies i must say there's even a brotherhood with them but what they are doing is not protecting venezuela against
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the united states they are respecting the charter of the united nations the provisions of this charter the principles the purposes of this charter so they are respecting our sovereignty they have normal regular relations with us and they are trying to help us like they do in other countries in africa in latin america and in other places that's what they're doing they are not this is not against the united states this is in favor of the venezuelan people in favor of the russian the chinese people as well and we have the right we are an independent country we are not a colony from the united states so we have the right to do and to have relations with whomever we choose to when they are willing to have them with us as well for mr thank you. thank you so much that's it for the show will be back on monday to investigate how epidemics like ovid revolutionized geopolitics forever
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a result of which has haiti to napoleon and beyond and how capitalist elites use them for their own gain until then wash your hands join the ongoing you tube facebook twitter instagram and sound. clip of shields more used to be. my it's always ok it was a. moment. but not so. immediate. today they can put us at the. smithsonian by shifting the if into capital. city they say yes. yes.
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and in 1996 something happened different a company called purdue pharmaceutical came out with a drug called oxycontin and they started. and falsely promoted that opioids were rarely addict maybe only one percent of the time could you get it addicted to no. that was not true. and it is not true and never was true that was a false statement and the other companies jumped on the bandwagon of making money and the false lies spread and the false marketing spread that they are guilty of why about these tricks they cause the step.


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